Yukmouth TV | WHO Shot GHOST!!??? POWER last ep RECAP + MORE!!


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

yeah uh it’s a kid that did man shut out
the sauce walka good man welcome to
young mouth TV play interactive live
chat can I lean about the recap this
power shit
I need the committee in the nation to
tap in cuz we got a lot of shit to say
go we’ve got a lot of real shit to talk
about man + mo my niggas so selective
mob get in unless like the notifications
coming out a bite roll up let’s get a
drink get your blind get all your shit
then we going in petty I thought calm
yet is the studio every day each other
they got their same panel got damn wood
that we motherfucker smoke back a couple
days ago man shoutout to my guys up in
the sticks man we did a real big we said
Guinness World Book record with the 10
pound of blood you know me and I wrote
that motherfucker like 200 motherfucking
gabba gabba Leafs
yeah grab a leaf whatever fucking find
some leaks basically they took month
over four hours of rolling and it’s
smoke now they’ve been a situation where
month with his own smoke
I’m gonna been to Seattle where he had
it I got three pound bling like month I
mean his smoke I know I think they tried
it I think they did the five pound I
think I was there where they did the
five Pam
Seattle did the five pound actually that
smoke from that yeah it is awesome
action letter to make that smoke up from
that long guys big ass to way back down
there that’s about six feet imagine you
yo little loans nice no Frank Ocean but
hitting like a motherfucker
so yeah hell no man mother gotta feel
like a fan on that motherfucker to make
it really just blow the air him up I was
trying to really hit that blood so to
see that bitch ten pounds hit them up I
was breathing like anakata
mother mother so now he’s a AG like it’s
alive nigga die motherfucker was
breathing like my eighth time they can
hit that month but it’s gonna up and
down man Terry I was like Frankenstein
anyway man let’s tap in with a committee
to my let’s do them all for the roll
call see way by tapping here from let’s
get this shit going man man Wow tonight
you ain’t watch the power there’s
definitely gonna be a motherfucker spoil
it man so if you ain’t wise power don’t
watch this shit man turn off and I’m
gonna go watch the power and tune back
in we probably still talking about shit
but let’s see what the tap in going in
I’m get to tap in live way everybody
rocking out for him yes Fifi my little
computer data thing right here going
started really see y’all easy
close enough person
ok we live right here mutagen
oh shit how many mothers heard that’s so
open if you go
no mahalia something what’s the name
your place that’s open it gets laid up
tonight on my face
it’s money co-prime maybe puffy and
Macy’s will be so stupid
we love you in the trunk of the grace I
got money to make
there go better than this x2 there is no
no without pencil scribbling up the bed
quarterback a light window hey hey
cameras reckon three my sweat search
google play with this best part of my
out first my baby checks on the first
out so hopefully I’m so pumped and they
both smoke and okay Bogey’s p+ practice
don’t come on man yeah be got play too
much money just do the top and oh oh
sling a real nice bow bring it back say
you kill ghosts
yeah kill ghosts y’all niggas they cool
babe st. Paul meanie happens on the tap
here to come on the tap and I see you
nigga Pittsburgh PA on the champion I
see it nigga yeah I know salute make me
faintly damn overseas England England on
a chat there now fuck with child man no
disrespect man I just think like hella
soldiers like marching I think England
my back look fucking with the tap man I
look that’s jokes man you know we got
jokes out here man you fuck we got my TV
we got something called the sig
committee nigga sit on me I say going
y’all you could talk about my books I
said I got chief every bump on my face
and they Gita’s heard that you could run
that nigga a a bumpy face will kid we’re
gonna stick on each other but I just
thought I heard marching when you say
Engler tap it in my bag actually anyway
let’s keep it moving hey let’s give it
friendzone the champion I see nigga
Bulldogs and his motherfucking man in
that town in his bitch Arkansas and his
mother fucker phileo
v8 oh yeah I think he just had a foul
tip but what’s your big butt layin
digging bro don’t lay your nigga t ty j
1982 what the fuck was you at when they
got their filings on the side of the
Vallejo bridge
sighs times I bid you tap it in probably
where the fuck was you at bro did they
make you a back away let me see it Taj a
1982 knee it is he’s alive no Balaban
man is a motherfucker Frisco in his
bitch I see our nigga JT the Bigga
finger in Africa nigga coming to America
soon my nigga JC mate oh my this
motherfucker man no wet respect you know
we fuck with child man it’s like a big
part two three
it’s so many many bays that you know I
mean it’s like Kansas City can’t see is
a mixture of LA in the bay but we got
Kansas City that’s our brothers we got
motherfucking Seattle Tacoma that’s our
brothers Portland
that’s our brothers you know Vegas
that’s our brothers we got so many parts
of the bay that stretched out Ohio
that’s our brothers he doesn’t mean lady
yeah we fuck with anybody man baby
straight-up DC what’s happening huh get
that nigga impeached and get that boy
about it but period let’s load your DC
niggas man what’s up with the
impeachment my niggas figure that long
long time but I got pieces think it’s
gonna be a whole new election going on
out there be what sólido
I own this motherfucker – always done
you know we fucked with Ohio man set on
my mob niggas a Pacino freeze nigga well
fucking up young boss got a ball see you
got me
Kri fettuccine you know i’m a cappuccino
Jean only no the mob you know we got a
Ohio division as killing shit it’s the
hottest some of the hottest niggas in
the game period I’m looking at these
niggas like they hella dope I won’t even
put them niggas in the regime if they
okay the Rays name was handpicked by me
when niggas be out there talking shit
you know I mean it’s Luke the gonzo but
he was handpicked to you know I mean I
made you know daddy just my relationship
with my homeboys I put it all together
you know I mean that’s why ya did just a
little to the mind but yeah I handpick
I’ve been around the world you know I
mean state to state I see don’t niggas
as hot as world yep
you know I mean and did with an amputee
no situation they actually got me I get
out to him when I got out to I’m like
these niggas this is superior lyricist
just like when I met Tech nighttime I
just think it’s superior lyricist period
so when niggas be like y’all got bars I
hang around niggas their guy Barnes that
a murder my shit check not a murder my
shit and up there Whitney you know I
mean like I I won’t motherfucker that’s
gonna test my my ping you know I mean I
don’t want to be around motherfuckers
who I can rap better than I wanted
motherfuckers like that bring that vibe
that’s what made the chronic so dope
because you had Snoop Dogg you have
motherfucking RDX you had to lady rage
yeah you everybody
sprinkle Warren G you have motherfucking
man though everybody precedent shit
compete for any competition we all but
still sharp is still if another
motherfucker coming hard you can’t do
nothing but or you can’t be on the song
tell yourself that’s why I wanted my
circle to be nothing but don’t bash
lyricist because it keep me on my shit
period and I want the cool to be looked
at as supreme you know I made for us you
know I made this dope nigga steady like
you know what I had to add a click I
don’t miss anybody held a on weight you
know I mean
I was looking to build some shit like
that you know I mean because I held they
all wait death row they had a clicking
there’s a health a on wait
Snoop Dogg at all Pam and they get Nate
Dogg RBX nigga
well fucking everybody hell they don’t
wait you know I made they they could do
it and I made it in need tray the right
thing Ron they just took great beats and
they took it from there
so we got that energy reflects you know
I mean and everybody become like that
and I think like you know early on my
early days I helped a lot of my raising
these I’m gonna put that on you know I
mean put it on blast will help but I
needed to know how to write box how to
count bars and shit because they know
how to do princelings niggas gonna light
it so I talk nigga sided right they boss
you know I mean one one one two one one
one three yeah I mean like me like just
helping them know how to structure it
towards the 16 I was a 12 I was eight
like nigga have a whole notebook full of
rounds it’s ready around forever that
means so I had structure necks you know
I mean I didn’t do record deals with
nobody like y’all was honest unless it
was a big deal on the table which I did
with fast it was a big deal on the table
cause they wanted me but they couldn’t
get me so they got my artists which mean
that I was gonna be a part of this shit
and the lonely snowball think I was a
big-budget he left that and you know the
rest is history but other than that I
always gave niggas a freedom I never was
a nigga like else I got five years and
two options and all that stupid shit
right I want to empower my niggas
because even before I ever met meets
insane what being meth was doing I seen
that from the d-boy era you know I mean
that it was organized crime everybody’s
making money everybody look good not
just that you couldn’t saleable the
kingpin was because everybody looked
good you know I mean so a rat shit it
was about in you know I mean kingpin
shit about just straight black see but
anybody get money
endless operation we all get money so
the rap shit if you’ve got one nigga
that’s boggling and your whole crew
ain’t got nothing
your crew ain’t winning bro I noticed
that way back in the nineties like yeah
I got niggas ain’t pop I come from a
yeah I mean where everybody organized
and get money together we all went in
and eat so that’s why I came with the
regime cuz I come for that come from
organized and I mean from the lookout
from the nigga on the roof with the
gutter for motherfucker that you know I
mean that soda right now I mean I need
to dip dope fiends to what we need to
sell it to the Mafia to actually sell to
the money transition to this data third
been a part of that so it’s like I know
there’s a business you know I mean
everybody played a position and get
money that’s how I applied to the rack
yay you know we all need to live in
winning period we all need to be winded
pity so while we’re not talking in the
contract now I mean what he could do is
I’ve been hooking with my peoples and
you can get your own shit going you know
no big deal we got some big money on the
table that’s joint venture now let’s do
it or whatever that sign of artists
doing let’s do it cuz a lot of money it
makes sense but if you think that I
don’t like you hanging out with me sign
a two-year contract right that’s the
bullshit so and I put money off
everybody like you know me sighs and you
know of course techno
you know I was putting up a lot of money
for everybody you know I mean period I
had no contracts with nobody just
pushing the movement so that’s what time
when they got hit you know I mean theory
you know I come from that cloth we
always away you know I mean
I want my niggas learning niggas that
fake-ass change them they’ve changed off
my neck and this is yours and I mean
yeah I know
don’t I shouldn’t what he came look like
that around me boom
the shoot you did so backed up without
telling about I said with DD you talk to
him right yeah I plugged with Julian any
day niggas have some little fake-ass
shit like me and jewel down was beefing
me that’s my big bro man we’re never
beef no I mean period so thank you guys
Roma’s that I’m doing oh yeah motorcycle
chance you know I mean that’s bullshit
especially coming from the mob me period
I saw him saying that the mob is good
he’s straight mmm-hmm what else we
talking about
oh he say he just read there could be
Ramona who killed ghost let’s get back
to the subject matter fuck all the other
shit who kill ghosts man put your
motherfucking names up who you think
killed ghost man breasts that Ramona man
that’s what I was thinking man Ramona
just left to you know I mean she could
be down with the fucking mayor nigga you
never know man so put your shit up nigga
said he said take did it yeah okay
take did it the mayor nigga did it okay
the lady witness some Slauson
one shot ghost oh she did it yeah I got
some good shit ok Tyriq
that’s what I was thinking the whole
time but go ahead ty week okay we got
Tommy Tommy game goes one more chance
just like man somebody good in this
motherfucker man that’s what I said man
girls told this nigga why he killed a
uncle and he said man I didn’t want to
kill him but I gave this nigga one more
chance to prove to me you know him he
was loyal he still went against me so
I’m not tomorrow use nigga
you seen them eyes and the Guyana ghost
eyes I see
put into the trance think I was bubbling
his shit they were sweating and shit
this greatness eyes bubbling shit time
we was in the fucking club man period
did he leave how awake but you see him
walking through the alleyway that’s
after you not the nigga devil oh oh no
man let me let me let y’all get some on
tape on your mind knowledge that’s just
one let’s go boys that thing and they
say time did it the Sun did it they say
take a drink
there’s a tie week I’m drinking okay
yeah that’s some good clothes I said the
Sun did it that’s what I think man
because he broke that whole shit down
hey I get one more chance to tie
weak-ass my man you really gonna turn me
twice the first time at the crib and
then he came back to the club man you
really gonna turn me yeah man I got you
what’s that get to whoo I’m gonna win
enough oh you bet we’re gonna do it big
you know I heard his chief he went back
into that trans go smoke and he spent
off go so dad knew he gave his uncle two
times he’s gonna fuck him up the first
time he came back it said you’re not a
mean uncle still kept going that way so
he had to knock him dead nigger Jake
went coming this motherfucker man look
at the motherfuckin boat siding get his
dick violently you see the shit and he
already got a fucking Louie bowtie oh
yeah Jake how the main anyway let’s see
what else that I said screen let me slow
it down with Johnny right now because
hmm okay so breasts there you tell what
Ramona faces freshness how she kept
creeping creeping in and hearing
conversations and shit that she did it
like this is a government official
motherfucker why would she kill somebody
but take her use her to set the nigga up
yeah I mean so you never know but that’s
a good you know cool but uh I feel more
towards the Sun man
the Sun had that goddamn you didn’t
notice man he came dressed like goats at
the end with the all black suit on at a
I hear about the past a mother fucking
baton I beat that hain’t peepal ghost
whole season here going to a trance like
when he meant
Tasha when he came through that shot and
touch that that little street nigger
there there nigga who did that face like
transfer him eyes that nigga got there
tarik to demise like two times on ghost
he did the shit when it was in the crib
is I’m a damn man just tell yourself
minimize I did think of the seeing do
ghosts I know what murders nigga
and then we’ll use at the club you did
it again grit his teeth and did the
buyers again either I snapped out of it
and bounced so you never know it man but
we gotta wait to January motherfucking
fit see what the fuck is going on man
god damn let me see what the fuck
okay let me see you got telemarket
really we do ahead it might be a
character that we haven’t seen in a
fuck that I I think it was a white boy
good shit I think it was the white boy
that nigga was right at the club
why would they show all that emotional
shit with the white boy loading the gun
getting drunk and shit get fired
hey buddy his case is closed the mexican
chick a is closed this over everybody
like it’s always it’s like he
and he had to talk with her motherfucker
and you gotta think that everybody was
approaching that Club who was the close
it was coming straight across the street
the white boy investigating man and then
after that who heard the next
motherfucking I was at the club which
was the other investigators so I think
it was the white boy art I read them too
because fucking Tommy Keisha and Tre was
just walking down the motherfucking
street Tyreke was in the club the police
was pulling up the other one
investigated and other thing it was
running across the street ready to do it
so I don’t know what y’all think I don’t
know man
it’s up there man niggas that okay you
say my cool get some pussy in my life
somebody gave me a heads up already let
me fight the glasses shit so I was just
in suspense Oh daylight how does make
his own guy so when he met up with Tommy
somebody already said on the gram daddy
goes today who won’t watch it after
ghost is dead
somebody said I don’t grandma he’ll say
who they are but somebody like their 50
cent how can you end it like this
the ghost there who won’t even watch
this shit no more I am because I want to
see if he really died what if he didn’t
mm-hmm but look my thing is me and my
wanted with somebody’s shit even if he
survived from the drop you got like
eight niggas coming to the club you’ll
be on the flow with one in the chest
good I mean breathing her shit back
broke this shit on the ground
well Tommy you have a key she like Dre
got a white police go ahead every
motherfucker coming in a blast you on
the ground you can’t move
so if he survive everybody coming that
motherfucker they gonna finish that
nigga off or some Scarface shit you’re
gonna see the ultimate Scarface g18
a shot Scarface how the people killed
the nigger it’s gonna be like that what
ghost I bet they had the fucking sister
gonna put slugs in it everybody gonna be
papad together like in harmony watch
this fucking shit and go down on Jenny
way to fear if he survived if he
hey buddy he’s gonna survive he’s gonna
nigga you got eight mo niggas come to
the club and kill this nigga if he
survived and he’s on the ground wounded
what type of Bruce Leroy last dragon
catch a bullet in your teeth shit you
gonna do then they’ve got the slug right
in his chest breath he survived and the
hitters gonna finish the nigger pity and
they set it up for Tyreke that’s why he
was dressing a ghost soup and all black
on he’s gonna take it over and I think
that Tommy and Tasha I don’t know until
the time you find out ties to kill Kisha
I don’t know that beat a little secret
but I think it’s gonna be Tommy
sorry in case you know episodes don’t
society eat fuck too many people mm-hmm
which I think let me people chat talking
about ghosts on the floor like anodize
ain’t cool that’s so easy
FBI white boy did not do it
rest in peace Angela his sister did it
the sister did it huh oh he said that
when he seen part so I fuckin chef so he
had killed sex
what Oh No
although Drake killed sex and go
survives that’s a good one so Dre end up
bumping into sex
you killed sex and go survive hell no
sounds cute
that was a good one had to be the white
boy yeah that’s what I’ve been saying
like they’ve been sort of lead up to the
white nigger the whole episode I hit
being an office I’m going through all
this shit all the shit me and clothes
even the other month looking like trying
to believe I’m gonna shake it shut down
the white boy
watch this as much I want a good lead I
read the white boy sucks best number two
either Tyreke or the fucking white boy
that’s my bed period
I don’t know what I say
it’s Tiger you got a white boy man cuz
Tyreke was in the club the white boy was
walking right to the club Nikolai he was
there they’re gonna so how the drunk and
put them fire fire mogees up when you
seen him off I could take the gun out
you thought he’s gonna commit suicide
he’s drinking her she was talking to
piss my hell are you but an officer he’s
out of here but a killer soda because it
ticks me cheek and he did some shit like
this let’s think you seen anything walk
down the street we gonna kill yourself
you just cut the shit off you talkative
evening did some shit like this boom so
another thing happen and so you don’t
another scene happen everybody got mad
everybody you know girls had his little
you know victory lap you know I made
this shit at the club you seen it
walking down the street the first thing
you see walking as soon as a white boy
kill yourself but just me I thought that
man it was doing all type of gun cocks
this shit like he did this you like 20
at his face I I am i he’s out of here
you killed yourself so I think the first
thing I walk around see his face song
come on my nigga fuck the silver devil I
swear y’all say that up for suicide
fuckin the tip now he’s about to kill
yourself in my life I’m not fucking
lying there I thought the way
by the office cell by Nikki I might only
make it put them thumbs up if you to
only make it I thought the white boys
but I saw whole it okay doing that then
you gotta turn yourself in and jail
issue I fucked it I’m gonna kill myself
right that’s what I don’t like the white
nigga turn itself you know Monday we owe
you one day to turn yourself in nigga
I’m drinking like a motherfucking Coptic
he’s out here just think I’m walking
down the street keep our riders or some
motherfucker like do it let Stan wear
those pink hold on there I cool
y’all keep saying that it could have
been an okay do y’all think that ghosts
set up the hey when him and Tommy met up
and then nigga Tommy end up killing
ghosts uncle that he just bought a club
for you I’ve noticed that that nigger
that ghost found gonna float and it got
there uh the white house was his uncle
yeah I know that quar minds want to know
you gotta know that that was that man
uncle yeah that was that nigga uncle so
fat so that’s why Tommy was coming here
cuz like this nigga try to send me yeah
you know this nigga uncle you’ve seen a
dialogue he’s think we remember the
white boy the white wire hanging with
you I remember him in a hug are you
gonna see nothing else it was like nigga
I got you you didn’t keep that like
family hug and he was like I’m trying to
say dope father dad went to the police
he was dealing with some bad guys trying
to save them
sometimes the time save ghost gotta get
that peep that now this niggas shooting
and shit
Tommy go in and then he spent the time
we get shot married I’ll have some head
it was just
tell me it is a that’s my ghost walked
into warehouse not even trippin like
who’s gonna shoot me I said this shit up
well he was like this like ready you
know I mean girls walking about for the
night of the Dead
yeah whatever he’s looking around but
time if anything he did this by two
times and just walked up he’s seen I
can’t do Sheila oh shit he knew it was a
plan why ain’t like motherfucker oh why
you do this like it was another day
money we got hey we got cut you got cut
you gonna buy that period what like
goddamn why you doing it I didn’t go
over the body I wanna buy the clock but
why doesn’t happen
nigga goes to trying to wipe everybody
out cuz they had fuckin presidents or
whatever the mayor’s shitty was trying
to do he’s gonna wipe out his history
right he’s trying to wipe out all this
bad dirt so all the names I had dirt on
him he wanted them go from Tommy to Trey
nigga even nigga Tasha
everybody wanted Tasha I know you killed
Kisha yeah tell my son named it’s a big
way to turn his son in let me see like
I’m about to be the mayor okay ladies
ready to clear his whole slate for his
background shit if I beat that it’s all
about his background to be in position
now I’m saying I ain’t taking the case
I’m a time you win you do military care
I need you say you’re gonna take the
case if anything happen I feel tight we
go next
you cross me nigga Hey and then Vicki
motherfucker girl was my girl already
told me who snitched on him and got
anybody hit you Reagan
come on man you got had all his shit up
man he like breath he trying to do me
like he did
Kanan you trying to do me like you did
cat he snitched on Kenny got him out of
here and they got to ride off into the
sunset with all the money that’s what he
I think I’m them ghost eyes like
thinking in there go into a trance you
see ghosts it’s going to them trances
like nigga dead nigga – to have a
boyfriend ain’t going to a trance by
demise that nigga got them hives on this
episode I ain’t never seen Tyree kind of
ghost eyes look at the girls I look Adam
eyes Nick facts you know what y’all got
to say about it though they said it
might be a character we don’t know about
facts cool son shot him but he ain’t gay
that’s a good one I think he ain’t dead
that’s a good one son brother Sun
shadows but he ain’t gay that’s a great
one there I think there nigga survived
who’s saving a good day
I don’t know somebody I bow at the songs
this is season finale episodes like it’s
gonna keep on going like we don’t know
what the fuck going on but but my
question is who killed them if you dad
who’s the motherfucker that pop that
they’re gonna make that nigga do the
matrix the joint tail get out I’m the
same birthday boy did the joint peel get
out my nigga like you got lost in that
home I’m gonna make us a deal money was
a crappy mondo theory back doing so
Vegas shit out so he is to be a boss
the balls don’t be up yeah still have a
bullshit you know I’d like to get patted
and shit yeah here’s one I love you
extra comfortable look at this nigga man
who killed my fucking dog spit I don’t
know I’m sorry and what sister did it
you think Angeles and assistant day
that’s a good one
Oh some okay okay they said Mortal
Kombat fall the stage y’all niggas ain’t
cool they see committee in the
motherfucking building yeah things ain’t
cool man hold on let me do the tap here
right now uh-oh Tampa Florida on the
lates happy and I see you nigga don’t
play with me nigga I saw you some say he
was dreaming oh that’s a good one cuz
why didn’t your doing a fantasy fall
that lives like a dream and so you look
at movies like get out and then get hit
with a boy and a mobile a yeah we got
sure you fall down here get out remixed
going on with his death I’m starting my
G as it’s me that’s what I saw Michael
my face off me it’s having his bitch
lights on me yeah
everybody was just fine I feel that I
feel that that girl’s gonna wake up in
cold sweats
yeah I’m niggas ain’t cool made sick a
million ability mate said bones side you
said when the ghosts tell Tommy homies
on the burner phone what Dre was locked
up there’s about to hit Dre that’s why I
dress like a they ready to kill me in
I’m tellin you feel me and it still
didn’t work so that’s why this nigga
Jack out let nigga Jake out but uh Tracy
it didn’t work you know I mean so he’s
ready to kill now I mean the bitch see
that the case then what she’s ready to
go there you’re not me so everybody’s
mad – it know that nigga that
motherfucker he knows that she keep she
kill teaching hey baby you want to talk
about this shit I know you ain’t to talk
about it right now how you think I don’t
know but I’m gonna turn this is my wife
by now and shit how you feel about it
baby about power like we just sing Kisha
we sing Tommy we sing entire week we
sing the fucking white boy cop that got
fired no disrespect to white TV we’ve
seen a fuckin cop detective pull up we
seen their motherfucking mayor nigga
pull up we seen the new extras
love-interest pull up who do you think
killed that’s the question who killed
please think this is my wife on the
phone right now man so we don’t
interacted with my wife he masters out
candy turned out what else man baby how
you feel about it baby
Kairi but then I feel like this season
has been such a surprising that it’s
gonna be somebody we all need to know
yeah that’s what everybody said on the
shit everybody said it’s gonna be a
character that we ain’t even thinking
about that’s what somebody said right no
we never knew that motherfucking Tommy
was gonna kill Proctor how about that in
the condo how about that condom Scarface
seen on prime fuck up period I think so
so what do you think about the two
chances that uh that uh that go said
that he gave the dude that he killed and
the fucking time we took that and we we
both looked and we said that this nigga
gave him one chance at the apartment and
you got a nigga another chance at the
club didn’t we say that you’ve been
stressed me the fuck out into my life
that’s my wife on the shit I see been
stressing me the fuck out like what’s
gonna happen who did it who did this
baby you own it baby love you love your
opinion I see you in a minute baby love
you bye so my wife this tapped in and
said what she think about the shit like
we going through
family drama in his motherfucking house
about who kills his nigga
really me and my wife both had had a
double Caribbean shell we were no
carnival crew we had to line our shit up
like somebody gave me the yeah I told
you I somebody gave me a spoiler the
Lord that Colson won’t get killed so I
have a shot he was seated I didn’t tell
my wife he was gonna get killed I’m like
man I’m so I’m giving hints and clues
and shit through the whole shit so
everybody goes meet up with him he’s
setting it up trademiner kill him I’m
like thinking just thinking about him
die every scene there’s about it like
the first 15 minutes that when they
begin with the music of shit of the
house of music they think it was like
right there in the Korean life somebody
about to come behind and shot him in the
air I’m just waiting for this nigger to
die because somebody said it on
Instagram like he gonna die so I’m
waiting for the beginning of the
motherfucking shit to the air I just
think I died it finally ended nigger did
it did the matrix on niggas slash then
you get out of here get out this is the
key bitch down
oh I know you’re K&K me puss sucker
that’s why your son against you that’s
why your wife would get you that’s why
Tommy get shit that’s why the fuck this
is a dream fuck out of fuck you talkin
shit to his dream gotta get that no
matter how many nigger that guy that he
talks shit till his dream and made the
dream a moose oh no man what type of
nigga talk shit nigga fucking dream
fuckers you meant fuck out of here
I’m better than you it goes through
those in shit oh not only did he talk
shit to everybody from the beginning to
the end this you always want to be me me
look fuck the street punk man fuck I’m
meeting with 230,000 he taking a leave
it man fuck is you
he was talking shit about everybody host
Sheila he was shit don’t niggas cuz he
they’re like like a mayor candidates and
shit I don’t know what the fuck but he
was sitting on everybody my nigga the
whole shit is it just me I don’t know
let’s go
which I think about it yet dream distill
water out of vodka shot glasses I fuck
y’all niggas a comedian ability fuck you
City Committee and a motherfucking
building nobody gonna stop okay two
sides happening
hey Benny they thought Benny was the
illest nigga Nebraskan beaten and he
came with a knife he stabbed you
boy so to sit out of Benny I thought
Biddy was gonna coming to goalies like
me I know he live I nigga died – boy
don’t spray down like me now hey buddy
good luck they thought Benny was it okay
somebody just said – a new dude great
one I’ve been telling my wife that’s
what I wish she was still on his
motherfucking phone man
I kept saying I said watch it be the
nigga that was I can’t stop thinking
about you this husband he’s a problem he
did that to your own ice man listen
watch this go be the negative thing
that’s how deep we don’t know but that’s
a good another person that you know me
to put up in a lineup who won’t kill
this nigga because they had the whole
cast of the whole fucking season
and then y’all forgot he killed her the
fucking plug how to plug niggas feel
about it you never thought about that
it’s so much shit who killed ghost my
nigga don’t kill ghost none boo bad boo
stepping in make the boots happen and I
see you nigga I’ve got your boy no Frank
Ocean you know
there’s some Aizen he said somebody I
wanted to find shouted I did okay I get
you brother naps I see ya I gotta pull
all this shit down Oh nigga boy on with
some Brett on some city committee shit
press a proctor daughter did it
god I can’t put God name and fame
wow you haven’t thought of that popular
wowsers that was a good state committee
in the building man they said problem
daughter that’s dope
now see tight definitely tangles on one
I see Talia was in there motherfucking
shit to get man definitely owe a couple
people said probably propping her
daughter okay I got shot I got shot
yeah everybody was like it’s too good to
be true man what are you guys said that
this episode is too fucking good to be
true this thing about to get whacked he
told me shit about everybody’s niggers
on a government panel or whatever main
panel and shit
he doesn’t secure the building that then
all of a sudden uncle that we never seen
owns a building my daughter was one to
sing like the same uncle helps to try to
kill Tommy like come on nigga there’s
all types of wild shit that we never
seen in this episode and Noah bisoder
ever happened when the uncle come from
my nigga but a cloud come from and what
it was a lot of shit shouts or the
riders at how that keep us fucking
it’s like motherfucker no you gotta be
an old G that really know what it is I
mean it’s like the twilight zone you
don’t know what the fuck was gonna
happen on the twilight zone
gonna pop up with a whole mouth missing
eyes like talkin old bottom face but
y’all was all a family effort a buddy’s
family didn’t fucking daughter go down
the street we drown the street about 30
different times I’m saying down the
street nigga killed Twilight Zone oh my
dad we gonna drone industry one time and
those we used to own the wrong Street
and go to another Street why would keep
driving on the same street nigga we know
the same to say hotels in town we gotta
go to this house and lay down there
could be tired yeah
sighs oh man oh no motherfucking about
fucking dance motherfucker no I tell
some McRib yes wake up dead
took a rope from the Cryptkeeper ticket
good luck come on Twilight Zone was that
tough you did so just felt like a
Twilight Zone episode you know who was
gonna do it Kripke book died in which
way you choose soon we won’t die and
then you’re done tonight
you’re fun we’ll just pick up the desk
nigga you better believe the thing that
I didn’t that’s the thing I didn’t get
man I don’t give a fuck how many kids I
got the first time one of my kids say
you never been my father
no you spitted me out and you’re not my
father you’re not my son
bye-bye fuck you talk about you huh
fuck Tyree from the RIP nigga from that
Club the last Club I wanna meet up with
you nigga let any one of my goddamn kids
say fuck you dad you’re not my father
you never was my father I wish a nigga
would I wish any of my kids would nigga
what nigga just took that Tyree
but Tyree fuck out here nigga there’s a
consolation there I got other kids away
so you feel like that old bye-bye now
I’m the same no nigga well what it took
that yo nigga said you’re not my dad and
you never was yes
then they hit the nigger no more I need
to talk to you and then the negative
Tyson with the shit like maybe corner
all this shit because of this nigga
everybody like hide and see then going
through cases and shit because of this
nigga tell yourself in about the bunam
government type of situation like a
little bow for me ain’t gonna do anybody
feel him killing somebody because they
killed his sister and he get it tight
I’m here it was all about to read the
whole time it goes putting on for
everybody you didn’t get that goes
putting on for everybody
Tommy Tasha tight week tre everybody
more the story is you could do
everything for everybody I’m talking
about everything laying out everybody’s
comfortable Norris the first time you
say no it’s gonna be that type of shit
that have from town so I took this
episode as a life lesson
you know I’m a Mike okay look how they
did ghost look at how Tasha did goes
look at time we did goes look out Kanan
did ghost look I just think his son did
ghost look how the plug try to do ghost
I got fucked over with a little string
bowtie whenever
the one to coast he’s so mad that plug
getting money that you fuck off they did
water story so when they went long on
this shit man I think that Co should
have been done like that when they were
looking out for everybody no he did some
fuck shit he did through the kitchen I
mean the types of shit sent the police
to it shit but I think he was looking
out for his family and how some snake
shit when she threatened to snitch on
him I mean I know about the lawyer she
said that first did that bitch know
about you selling dope in it take care
and I will send a face with y’all shit
bitch so it’s a hard to go there I think
he went there like bitch you want to
play I
and then she trying to go there again he
like bitch you really want to play you
killed one Keisha I mean you killed yeah
okay she added it up I sent you there to
give her some you did something
different I say do so via sunlight via
the police lines of being kidnapped the
police put the bag on a nigga sent out a
police case trade set that nigga up the
fucking mayor nigga he shut his shit
down like that’s the suspenseful shit
they made like we just left Halloween
right they messed up some Halloween
Freddy who is she like ting ting ting I
just seen us nigga Shane’s blood with a
5 on the shit us ended with a whole
tribe a whole USA of them us
motherfuckers in them soups like it is
gonna be a part to this shit is gonna be
a part two three four five and all the
type of shit go see the dyes and niggas
take over only stays alive and niggas
kill them again
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man but thanks for the shoutout
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