Yukmouth TV | TekashiSNITCH9 Part 2 + MORE!!


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

that boy spent the mob getting the
building committee can just roll call
shit go on mate mm-hmm back at his
motherfucker one more time man
y’all Tony me yup mouth TV subscribe to
your motherfucking God make you feel me
mmm-hmm let the committee in the nation
get up in a building mate talk about
shit you know me PlayStation 2 Yahoo I’m
going right mm-hmm
European Europe on the tap-in okay see
niggas tapping in you up on the tap-in
okay I see you nigga mmm y’all sound on
the champion I see you nigger
eight one six on the building I see you
boy mmm that’s that’s the wrong grass he
says Dallas in the building Compton in
the motherfucking house man come on
let’s get the Brokaw going mate
committee mag nation get up in his mouth
but you know we do this shit baby
yeah cheers to the mob cheers to the mob
he’s California to building st. Paul in
the motherfucking building I see nigga
mm-hmm niggas tapping inmate Youngstown
I started and yeah I saw you nigga
get out mate Youngstown in the
motherfucking building man recipe some
money could be hustle me
well one from Youngstown you did I
missed that last one I ain’t missing
this one I have my nigga to build a solo
Midwest happen in ICU nigga I see you
but make sure my tabs on this one for
you how do you have goddamn lights Saint
Paul in South Carolina and his
motherfucking hey I ain’t no
motherfucking for baby with some
Carolina my nigga
okay me yeah baby I thought I saw that
letting some of the babies and I think
South Carolina North Carolina one of
them uh fungus EPA or the motherfucking
building Manhattan and uh guys gonna
bomb first today yeah and then you hear
that punk shit man
doctor nigga trying to clown a nigga
when I got off the phone man not mob
James and I Reggie bright with some
calling there he like yeah shit night
it’s the callback me are you talking
about digging do some paperwork they can
second of all my eggs they hold on
Reggie white make that stuff said yep
that was snitched on him he was like no
I said maybe she’ll never catch up my
case may be locked up for how long man
no what are you talking about I had to
check i go go to the whole shit go to
bond first man go check it out i go get
you out of hole shit man but I want
ain’t shit man to clear that up nigga
don’t be here listen to the fake-ass
Romans my niggas be really not about the
kid back period you did let me check
nigga real quick fast NASCAR nigga and I
made but yeah man salute the Reggie
White salute the motherfucking up mob
James man I called it because they had a
Tupac to fuck
title uh subject going down today so I
wanted to call it on that matter because
we had a fucking damn they’re fighting
I’m smoking already I don’t see that
shit on Monday then add a final smoke
about radio about that shit man so yeah
I want to ask them what they thought
about the situation I was talking about
when people comparing Takashi situation
uh to PI
you know far I’ve done both get involved
with gangs and both them there and in a
career you know I mean fucking with them
gangs so I was here you don’t compare
them up again Takashi to 2 pi negative
you can never be too fun KP 1 PI nigga
let alone Tupac nigga fuck out of here
man so I have to check that but I asked
my James and him how they felt about it
he gave a great answer you know made
shit him mone broke that shit down like
that nigga Kakashi could never beat
motherfucking Tupac man he broke that
shit all the way down there so go boom
lifts that bomb first man it was a good
one today
definitely I study on the Builder HGTV
nigga mm-hmm here to call a nigga was
talking a shitty try to diss a nigga man
Domo my nigga you know yeah I know I got
haters because I missed your favorite
rapper that made probably disunited me
but god damn my nigga show some
paperwork we please speak that stupid
shit you dig their name who never got
arrested please I’m waiting on that what
still cuz when you snitch on somebody
somebody got arrested right I do okay
that’s the last time I heard you
snitched on niggas niggas give everybody
go to jail I didn’t I ain’t never heard
somebody snitched nobody go to jail I
never had my nigga oh cool but you know
it is what it is a probably business
favorite rapper whatever and rap shit is
so clicked up now you’re not I’m a
knight I noticed with the beef shit
that’s what I’m glad I’m not beefing
with niggas no more but I noticed with
the deep shit that these niggas numbers
is going down me vehicles is going down
like videos and numbers is going down on
these screens because when niggas was
once together it was getting up
everybody fuck with all your music now
there’s got you sighs so you’re getting
half of the fucking fanbase that you
used to have because now they gotta
choose sides so we in the castle culture
where niggas got you sighs I’ll fuck you
all fuck you good I mean I’m with them
I’m with them so on a council coaster
they’ve been try to counsel me a
thousand times maybe they’re dead
working kids still here 25 years plus
came in this shit 93 niggas 2009 saying
you add that shit up if you’re
mathematic yeah you know your
mathematics add that up baby still gotta
get got the new shit out the double drag
your shit out me and Gavin beating the
ass right now just drop that on Friday
you know I mean the state of go shit
beating they asked me and I’m on an
out-of-control video on worldstar
beating the ass they can’t stop me my
nigga so sometimes they can be back this
done hard always come with new jobs new
shit every time new cars new new labs
doing this shit for twenty-plus man so
mica throwing a nigga’s boob man they
mad at the kid they came way like get
him out in no nigga snack I’ll have Kent
period minutes Biggs baby yeah
ambitious nigga persistent nigga
consistent and gifted nigga Theory allow
your niggas ain’t gifted that’s why you
ain’t around Omo nigga get I mean you’re
grinding hard nigga I stay on my grind
they got treat this shit like the block
make it of the first thing on the black
hustling and the last nigger the leader
black so same with this rap shit fibers
nigga hustlin the last nigga leave big
same with scratches I’m stealing this
motherfucker be the last nigger to leave
period especially when niggas down there
50 years old and still rapping and torn
and shit jay-z your numbers is
motivation J is 50 and this thing is
still the illest nigga Nebraska be
change the illest nigga and rap 50 years
old I still beating the ass so I nowhere
near 50 period so I got time mm-hmm real
keep this shit going but I’ll be going
live because now you gotta be more
interactive with your peoples you know I
mean your fans they want to get to know
you didn’t wanna rock what you want to
see your personality and shit so that’s
my Instagram is so poppin that’s my
facebook so poppin and Twitter because
you get that personal relationship with
your favorite artists like your favorite
actor/actress athlete whatever the fuck
entertainer do name in government
official whatever Trump be doing crazy
ass please wait no Trump before the
tweets big and bring you more into me
what everybody you did you can say you
fell off this vibe on it in game beef
okay so how did I follow up on five on
it but gang beef
thank you talking stupid shit nigga Sam
killed dope
sound killed nigga see they say you fell
off when you not on the radio right bit
on honey nut was artist I was on a radio
you’re never a tec-9 on the radio you’re
never here these underground niggas is
beating a ass on
I do you never have period but they
still beat my ass nigga never had Trager
chief on the radio he’s still
underground beat my ass no way yeah yeah
but not everywhere he beat my ass
independently you did it’s a lot of
independent niggas you don’t hear on the
radio but still beating the ass breath
that’s me
I wanted them guys you did I want them
guys tell me I fell off niggas think if
you ain’t on our reality show if you
ain’t on video you want you doing some
shifty you have the niggas that’s
harmonizing this shit you flail off no
good I’m still here my friend like it’s
still doing arenas and their game TV
arenas nigga fell off nigga on the
chicken circuit nigga I’m booked every
weekend maybe arenas niggas the
difference but it’s a difference baby
the sound salute to you though it’s a
little to you my nigga it’s a loop to
you you see me my nigga see my tummy I
make all my money
mm-hmm but nigga said I fell off but you
tapped in with my life though you’re my
life but why you’re my nigga scared I
don’t get a little bite now think on my
life somehow you fell off
why won’t you follow the fuck off my lab
nigga bye-bye now nigga no haters
allowed nigga you ain’t know that hate
niggas could go bye-bye theory you don’t
need to be here if you want to hate my
knee are you trying to build a name
hating on niggas all that stupid shit
but you wanna just talk shit about
niggas on every every celebrity fuck
that motherfucker
you think niggas gonna actually follow
your no name ass because you talk shit
that’s what the motherfucking
Millennials they they can go throw the
motherfucking gonna be the next Kakashi
you see what the fuck happens to that
nigga be turn s Akashi if you want nigga
trolling niggas man good luck good luck
nigga say it did be writing a nigga face
and don’t say none of that take pictures
with a nigga over that as soon as I take
a spin off fuck that nigga man against
shit man be like this and I mean with a
camera out
shit tight around beat the shit on show
ass old camera gets laid like there
nigga I believe a ton of story I saw him
before he start talking that shit about
the baby he tried to go over there and
take a picture and I’m like nah bro I’m
gonna wait counting this money I’ll be
getting our bags and shit man back up
you know fuck this nigga man he try to
push me man you see that nigga push me
yeah they push you because you were
trying to take a picture when a nigga
counting out 30 minutes nigga back up
Nick period
thank I listen a bitch-ass nigga ain’t
pushing me Nicky
ain’t gonna buy my box nah they slid on
your motherfucking trousers
guys laid out his trousers nigga was in
his drawers got slid up his pants my
naked period patrolman
cuz you didn’t get a picture negative so
that show this shit gonna get you slid
nigga follow the blueprint of these
niggas boy be locked up and getting slid
anywhere you gonna get oh yeah I think
it’s crazy but so quick so easy so easy
it’s breezy you have to Kashi man let’s
let’s talk about that guide oh man
takashi wolf my man
god damn whoo nigga oh they got the
footage at a nigga game kidnap yo that
guy the footage of the man getting
nope ain’t talked about that one man yo
with your money I said get back in the
fucking car man get in the car son go
get your with the money at B
know where the fucking money at be don’t
go yo yo it’s calm calm down get in the
car get in the car get in the fucking
car yo get in the car yo yo yo yo yo yo
then it called your name man yo man I’m
really didn’t man you know we need to
tell me like nah man you don’t do that
shit to me oh not me oh they call them
what are you gonna say Bernie take our
breath and read what happening like now
maybe fucked up man I not meet bad wolf
like it maybe got talk to him man we
gonna we don’t take a phone right go
talk to him we’re gonna talk talk we
just want to talk to him get your ass in
the car get in the car kid Nick
they got to over and take the uber let’s
see my keys and over me and they’re over
Java got snatched out a dead nigger they
snatched em out Monday we can manage
with you man who is the man they was
looking for man I know it wasn’t shadi I
know it wasn’t shadi man will you manage
that man go with man’s ain’t in there
will you manage I know once I did my
nigger hey we can manage
yo yo yo his man’s ain’t in there maze
man’s ain’t in there there’s looking for
his man’s man nobody said who was man’s
was yeah I got robbed nigga I got robbed
a couple times negative area definitely
got thrown in the trunk
oh that shit yeah I got kidnapped they
kidnapped me – yes man I went through
the same shit so I could talk my shit
about it – period I don’t went through
the same she got pissed away with the
money right now still to this day from
that incident nigga yeah man
so I could talk about it cuz I have
experience hell yeah I got robbed
what happens when you got money but he
was getting extorted I wasn’t getting
distorted my name that never happened
never will
period yeah anyway back to the story
like I can’t talk interesting details
about getting brown I know everything
about that I got round up a few times
nigga if anybody should know your motion
you’re kidnapped are they sit there I
should know all the age of me and you
get details about that big fuck what you
should do what you said is yummy
take my word take here’s what you don’t
do it anyway make the nigga got the I do
came out man
it was what made get the car so get in
the car yo with a money I sell for the
money don’t let him I wouldn’t mind yes
see here you get pistol would like me
he probably did I got pistol with my
knee yeah wow what a money yeah all that
because we have the money but then one
my neighborhood my neighborhood they do
that to me
I just got slicker
that nigger neighborhood did that to him
because he violated
that’s called a demo tape it’s a
difference you know I mean that was a
demonstration you know I’m the demo but
it came again strict you need I strip it
some shit yeah I made some money got
took this and Juelz got took him but it
was a demo tape that wasn’t no robbery
they don’t want to rob that nigger they
wanted to demonstrate nigga you’re
violated so you get this demo tape man
please listen to my demo you did EP MV
voice you know that I was a demo tape
when I got robbed it was a pure robbery
there were no demo tape period I was a
demonstration he violated you heard the
nigga like yo hard hard man no I didn’t
mean it I was gonna link up with you
Harbor I’m gonna talk I’m trying to talk
to you hard hard I was gonna talk to you
cuz everybody was saying all this
distortion stuff bro I was gonna carve
hard you know I love you hard
I was gonna talk to your heart know you
know ask you to follow heart I called
you you don’t answer the phone
night yeah that’s it nigger that’s a
demo tape telling a nigga gettin kind of
sleeping and getting robbed nigga that’s
a demonstration and he got stripped with
the demo tape nigga that part yeah mmm
oh he fired heart okay that’s why heart
was mad not meat brobee’s like not me
bro you do me like that broke my heart
was one happening they get on right now
I’m having that Pearson Hardman we gonna
take me yeah we just want to highlight
them they hung up the phone
yeah like they made a phone call on the
spot nigga snitch way nigga academic
said some shit that why uh my Takashi
one fuck was sorry numbers because I
guess they was confident federal agents
like yeah I’m working with the face
DJ HD you got to tap in on this one this
should boy you know the vibes HD man who
the fuck was was academics talking about
that he said that uh
Takashi snitch non-stop fucking with
because these niggas was federal agents
and then their academics said the trial
start and these niggas was really
federal agents what was he talking about
it was not over this driver was already
working with defense and data uh I had
to bug in a car so the driver was a
federal agent oh okay mmm
man I’m wondering how did they get the
Jim Jones recording DJ a g-man says you
know all this shit man how did they get
that Jim Jones McCord who recorded that
was a male matrix phone being wired at
that time get a driver took the stand
ah so – lucassi talking about I mean I
saw a koala Debbie’s talking about the
male phone was tapped okay okay
mmm-hmm then they got Jim on the phone
that’s what they saying this shit was
tab yeah I’m like how did that Jim
conversation come out I was vivid vivid
DVD like Vinny no porno Uncle Jim say
violate the kid yeah I know Jim a dime
oh man straight blood man like why i
acting brand-new to the ship oh man
claim putting the flag up so we don’t
know what gang he was with so he
probably you never know allegedly you
never know you did yeah Jim Jim did know
he was being taped
you know he’s being tape
so he said it could have been Chris 6/9
first manager okay so Chris his first
manager was a federal agent – yeah
koala denver’s was only one like yo man
this guy try to call me they can try to
set me in snitch nine up he tried to
call me and get me to hook him up and
I’ll call snitch no no my go some way
you don’t rock with these eight people
and he’s like these niggas this federal
agents better alarmist and showing up
the trial start and he say he see that
these niggas is federal informant so
yeah man good shit koala demyx Dada
takashi snitch them yeah it says that he
cooperating oh it’s like he’s
cooperating with the feds okay
hey the rabbit hole gets deep mm-hmm
gotta die beste what’s up yeah what’s up
I see blood I see you nigga cardi B all
that shit man they ain’t McCarty yeah
yeah I don’t know what the fuck I ain’t
got no New York politics like that
that’s why I’m talking to DJ AG eat more
and insight with that just might you
know I mean I wish I could split screen
with you my team we could yeah I mean
really quarterback to spank though I
love you snack thrown out of you by
slam-dunk but we’re gonna throw how to
use through that a little you know I
mean the chatroom that’s a good thing
about the chatroom man
you know I me who’s the cookie total
know the nigga tone on the cooker home
what the fuck you talking back now you
call me right now black call me call my
Haji call my phone right now but period
we’re gonna do the split screen on the
phone would you call my phone I can just
have you on speaker right now AG call my
phone they could we talk about it leave
my phone my co-host on this bitch on the
speakerphone Jim Jones staff whatever
the nation don’t the committee let it do
a shout-out on Netflix you know Amy had
me on another motherfucking episode of
hip-hop evolution yeah I see that new
hip-hop revolution make the kid on that
thing man when they talking about –
poppin biggie man shout out hip-hop
evolution hey g-man was hiding in Berber
yo you know divides B word we got AG in
the building mate we got agent in the
building maybe what we talking about
maybe because there’s a lot of fuck are
we going on a lot of recordings going on
this shit man with lot of form is going
on holy doing back back use at the
courtroom today what would sure yeah I’m
doing up there now is Wednesday yeah
what what Roy AB doing up there we
support metal-matrix
oh he got took now took down in the case
– ok yeah ok
wow so ok the nigga he’s probably
kidnapped the squad in so what exactly
are the charges brought with you being
in the courtroom because I know my
everybody like I think the star was on
this shit like it was some petty drug
dealers and shit like we panhandlers or
some shit hair on this data third what
was the real case like for sure you get
15 years okay there were no drug dealers
you there you are TMZ man you are boots
on the streets by nigga we gotta type in
with you every time I’m broke it’s still
trait way a guy is one question is a
still trait wave ever yeah you know the
vibes you know the buyers my nigga Thank
You AG good shit
one Adri in the building on y’all last
mag I thought we’d do it on this
interactive live chat baby yeah Angie
gave us the real man you know I mean if
you want to know anything about that
shit man go to its AG TV men on YouTube
man he got the breakdown in the real
spill man he’s got motherfucking TMZ of
hip-hop man he’s there the court rules
with the cameras all that shit that I
got a shiny doing the interview call
this nigga Danny Brasco that came from
that guy man my god yeah I mean it’s
HGTV man he really do it shit Master
salute to that brother man definitely
nice but I get it man it’s fishing
there’s fishy cuz it’s fishy cuz who dig
up Takashi coming home man there’s a lot
of niggas saying that uh that he gonna
do some time like five years there’s
some shit at least man I think this
nigga coming home someone’s a trowel in
I’m sorry man but thumbs up if you think
he coming home so put them thumbs down
if you think you’re gonna do a five
piece of more thumbs up if you’re coming
home tomorrow charlie
thumbs down if they niggas gonna do
about five piece McNugget and protective
what’s that thing just think of coming
home I know he’s singin each other those
niggas that ain’t even in the case like
like I say that last one nigga the more
people you get the mo much this cut off
your shit hey man how I feel man thumbs
down you think you’ll do a five pieces
skittle I mean all snitches the all
niggas that I know that cooperated did
at least a two piece of a skittle at
least like a two or three piece not the
whole fire probably in two or three
piece depending on how many numbers is
on the UH the jersey the football jersey
you thinking y’all do a five piece mix
that’s realistic dope like motherfucking
up there nigga that be cooperating
instead of getting a twenty-five and
thirty-five to get a five
please miss little five on it a five on
it yet I mean because niggas ain’t
coming home tomorrow ain’t my Saint
coming on to Marcy hella thumbs up I’ve
seen a nigga point up fucked up it was
pointed up ladies coming home nigga
what do motherfuckers what did that uh
goddamn was it was it was it goddamn
Swiss I wasn’t for real that made the
Sun I’m tryin to come home
same Diggy I want to come what was the
brief eh that it was either rat a snitch
some nigga I’m trying to come home okay
some nigga I’m trying to come home sing
nigga I’m trying to come home snitch
some snitch nigga I’m trying to come off
the goddamn for real is crazy big waffle
real make that one sing nigga I’m trying
to come home is that the breathe nation
what what is this snitch nigga I’m
trying to come home what is it I need to
come at home here bags that nigga coming
home home et phone home let me get that
et finger
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh you got a muffin the
aliens came and got each evening yeah he
phoned home sick they’re coming to get
this nigga eager to be free give us free
how much died the nigga give us free I
was sad that nigger babe
he’s coming home Brett get my sleep i’ma
start the niggas fat they say he can’t
serve his psychic these Millennials
don’t give a fuck about that old-school
shit man you must be an old-school nigga
like me like in your forties man that
shit’s out the window man they’ll go
fuckin about the old-school G cold that
shit man used to be gay you guys could
be nigger that snitch niggas could be
nigger all types of shit but niggas
can’t be dang
be from the hood no more you can rap
about a little shit yeah yeah it’s a
it’s so much GI Joe shit somebody
actually think you shit nigger the GI
Joe action figures man toy soldiers but
it’s over GI Joe shit going on out here
my name I can’t breathe my new toy
soldiers my nigga you don’t see it my
new you blah I like speedy nigga period
you snitched on Billy I don’t know he
said Oh Billy I already say about Billy
Idol what do you say about Billy Idol
nah not the only thing that I had his
back in that Lane man not saying so
about say it ain’t so man this
generation is booth you’re a booth and
they’re gonna ain’t got no motherfucking
hey oh no Matt I read that shit the lab
rats is Alaska oh he said only place
that allow rats Alaska is that they hide
out they go hide out in Alaska I’m dumb
I got too many real niggas from my
lastly thank you to a like that man
salute that lasted me i trippin with ya
niggas crazy but why must I cry why must
I cry why must I cry you know that
Snickers the reason why I can’t get
monetized right yeah I got away hella
must give monetize cuz this nigga man
well I must have cried negate putting
them complements the guys copyright it
can’t use that I got this they going
about eight videos they’re like yeah be
with the wild my side cry nigga tryin
clown me nigga you won’t be monetized to
hell alone again well I must you cry hit
me with it
alley fuck you why must I cry as
Jamaican Zulu face ass nigger
nappy beard not be fucking afro ass
nigga off be – weirdo face ass nigga man
you blurt my channel maybe eight times
eight but a nice day that’s why my – I
see no commercial cuz why must not cry a
nigga book the shit out my channel
copyrights alright man you do I get it I
never play that shit again you saying
play none of that shit
never ever see I was new to YouTube I
don’t know the rules you know me I don’t
know you can’t play music even my music
my music is copy written by Universal
Music rule you know I mean which owns
Sony which owns version so I try to play
my shit like hey let me on my Shih Tzu
okay man how about let’s not play no
music fuck I think I know a couple dirt
bags in the building Kodak boys man
Kodak knocked up man we ain’t going keep
fuck with Kodak I like that man I know
yeah I like the shenanigans the knick
Committee want the jokes man but we
talking about six nine better
who’s doing the six nine boys all right
got that one I can’t do it I ain’t got
that one down man you got practice man
come back with it you know I’m the
master they’re doing different voices
men shout out love fucking Lionel Delano
mm-hmm definitely somebody’s in the
comments and that me and uh Cato change
our voice when we wrap you shit me back
it’s us okay don’t sound like him I
sound like me you know he said boots is
gonna make a movie about six nine
for real is that jokes up is that real
play you crazy nigger you got me fucked
up back
snicker crazy the big said he said it’s
on the gram oh okay so nigga bull see is
doing a movie another six nine oh my god
y’all niggas crazy Bootsy crazy –
alright my James and them checking under
he said man but she needs time to talk
about politics I think that la politique
is so deep is so crucial man that nobody
need to talk about that shit that’s why
I’m very careful when I talk about it
period that’s what I was telling these
people what I was doing all the Nipsey
Hussle conspiracies probably get hurt
out here but y’all niggas in North
Carolina and Virginia
Houston Kansas City y’all niggas
everywhere but LA that shouldn’t get you
touched on that’s a touchy situation no
Frank Ocean but and I mean and like a
gully TV man these niggas shooting
average is perfect out here now they
they shooting average is like Jordan out
here my nigga period so be careful my
nigga barely barely careful what did
niggas say they were gonna Bugs Bunny
with the big tool bear meat Bali Bali
powerful yeah be careful nigga talkin
that shit cuz we come out here for BT
awards and they I know that shit boy you
get slid on your shit I’m popping your
wait and I mention that our young dog
yeah I’ve got pop in a fucking shoe
store shoe palace now this is Hollywood
nigga Hollywood Boulevard this is like
the most Pakman it’s most busy
motherfuckin spot one of the most busy
spots in LA
brah they like it pop and the store
nigga period the niggas got away
broad daylight it goes down out here in
LA but be careful period back boys back
toys but gotta watch it out here at man
period Jazze PHA that’s my guy
got robbing the Beverly Center broad
daylight you know I mean period nigga
pull the 12-gauge on this a whole table
made all them niggas give it up but
mainly him cuz he had all the shit oh
yeah man find a thank you
it takes a minute for police to get
there they gonna do it and get the fuck
away before the police is called you did
that lays too big my nigga so niggas get
away with murder like this it’s hella
big maybe the Pope open with him
somewhere so quick cuz there’s so many
people so many cars so much traffic you
gotta watch it out here my friend you
got now why actually so many freeways
can I meet Oakland got two freeways
nigga the five ten and an 880 the girl
they got thirty three ways you could
wiggle on the five the 134 170 nigga
the 101 they’re gonna fall five it again
they’re 19 they’re gonna 71 to see think
a they got so many different ways of
wiggling they get a good luck good
fucking luck so yeah now Layton is to
get away with it cuz it’s big you gotta
hell the freeways hella people do it so
be careful when you talk about shit you
know I mean on shut out of smoke a lot
radios on Cato phone UT was in a
building with uh you know I mean copy
supreme you know I mean that’s this real
cousin we’re gonna definitely have him
one smoking on radio you see it smoking
out radio geared man go order that on
your mouth I’m a smoke like on smoke
smoke a lot records calm go to the Merc
shit and get these one my joints get I’m
a smoke a lot records calm then go to
the March area get these one-mile joints
and he’s smoked a lot radial joint Jeffy
fee support the mind
go get that goddamn New York mouthing
Gatlin though beating the ass right now
I want to play some let me see if I
could play 30 seconds of some shit like
a play I can get away with like 10
seconds of some
now get away with ten seconds nigga you
have a little dose e dose of what we
ah you too completely I still ride
that’s still a wrap baby gay guys sneak
why hopefully on blurp nigga put me on
mobile restrictions but go grab that
Double Dragon nigger that thing slapping
the grill my shit though all my music
nigga it’s grinding time nigga whenever
when they hit and they get niggas into
blacking them up fucking uh you got them
uh my coats they’re gonna my sailor coat
negative beanies the hoodies negative
niggas getting in the way for this
Winkle season I love the winter this one
I’m crying this one have not got my
albums periods grind cease this when you
let the beer get all nappy and shit you
know I mean it it’s my nigga wet clothes
for three days in a row nigga out there
on the block this that time it’s grind
season nigga this is the theme song for
grind season Nicki your niggas out there
wiggling getting our shit together in
the rain and the snow all that shit bang
this shit I guess the theme music for
the grind in the hustle nigga Double
Dragon II get the mob yet it I whole lot
of Dragon gang shit you see that thing
right there you see that thing right
whole lot of dragonss got your mad shit
yet it said I’m gonna get a Gavin
we made some my shit some nice shit you
did Sacramento
Oh nigga connect and respect it yeah
yo there’s a nigga crazy I’m gonna fill
up my little glass glass see boo boo we
have 45 buddy go fill up my goddamn shot
that’s one yeah I’m gonna take a piss go
get you a shot roll up I’ll be right
back Jack yeah
anyway man we got address the elephant
in the motherfucking room man why nobody
talking about these goddamn youtube
beefs my nigga this shit is looking like
the URL of some shit
King of the Dead the fucking zone
without as you to be going on my nigga
it’s a lot of you to be from the streets
about negative youtuber niggas is mad
mad mad mad and big man why you YouTube
niggas so mad at each other man it’s
enough money for everybody my nigga I
got a channel do your one so do your
step you know are these niggas beefing
nigga you got sick nigger named by Sean
Campbell nigga beefing with everybody
did you name me you niggas is beefing
man you got the the black power niggas
beef with each other nigga who was the
most black power
you got these things debated shit you
guys yeah it’s a lot of YouTube beef
going on they think is this beef with
each other they got seen my nigga died
be breaking down the African spirit be
breaking down the indigenous shit he
beefing with some other ho Technic is
this like a lot of YouTube beef going
down man
what the fuck is up with you you two was
man appreciate your main man god damn
god damn bro shit
yo yo that’s my nigga
hey buddy YouTube niggas is beefing like
a motherfucker buzz niggas is on my
helmet no Frank Ocean never niggas is
all my lines in your mine pit yeah just
because I said y’all niggas doing too
many nipsey’s conspiracy theory now we
gonna keep the Big Bird name a lot you
know me but god damn
but all these fake-ass you did it you
did it you did it you did it
you know you put people’s lives and
dangerous menace la man what’d I tell
you man niggas get shot up and killed
out here
for bullshit man so you putting that out
on people mad people love Nipsey Hussle
man you get somebody hurt out here man
so that’s not always saying they stop
going and he stopped doing right nice
ripe tomatoes fuck you boo carries
bananas doing everything I don’t know
fuck yeah fuck yeah oh my god damn but
just say no you’re right we put people
in danger that’s it but YouTube niggas
is crazy I can’t fucking stop and your
check little fifteen twenty thousand you
get your money if you get that $1,000 a
month whatever you get two thousand
three thousand a month five thousand
kind of shut you down
it was mad at – fuck take a shit they
wasn’t mad about you know me they give a
fuck about Nick you know I mean I stay
hustle they talking about that shit
still to this day that’s the house I
think of a fuck about putting his people
in danger by talking I should they tell
me they can fuck about date money so
fuck yeah nah nigga be careful with your
content bro piggy that’s not I’m saying
this la yeah let don’t play them games
like that period you gotta live out here
– no it terrier that’s all I’m sick and
the cab nigga the cab nigga live out
here he should know better
Tyrion I saw I was really talking to him
my brother you know better my nigga you
out here you did so very good enough for
that Tim zan you too it gives you smoke
oh yeah definitely man TMZ good ol fake
shit about me man the police had TMZ on
speed dial and if a guy story about me
because I wouldn’t make a statement so
they make the only statement hitting it
with TMZ and I mean you put people lives
and days he putting in threatening
people to get arrested on types of shit
big mess oh yeah Tim’s EP also fuck shit
took definitely Tim’s even get your mug
down period just lay it on your ribs
keep you slid on your ribs that’s a new
one by my backside didn’t they slid on
his ribs my nigga tell you you did
Minneapolis motherfucker I see you nigga
I see I see it he said so just Supergirl
yeah it’s crazy I tell you soldier with
the shit though you know hung around
enough la niggas long enough the
whatever you don’t know that yo he’s a
total different nigga now I’d say you’re
a young Drake oh like that they’re gonna
ask Bosh shot him in the back by jumped
out to pasture by yeah that’s a straight
go nigga watch it watch it
no actually that boy have been to jail a
few times he really live what he talked
I understand like niggas don’t you dig
Compton’s band I see comping in a
building I see you my nigga huh mm-hmm
committee in the building again six
months the opposite yes definite I told
you he gonna have a successful rap
nigga I’m telling you soon as he get out
soon as he get out now you’re doing a
song with the hottest nigger that’s
popping at that time then they gonna do
a song with the nigga and it’s gonna be
hot free Takashi news life week Takashi
shirts on all this shit but because he
was able to put them feel sorry for me
Teddy and I mean like sympathy shit out
oh they kidnapped me oh they they they
fuck my girl already
they took my Giri oh there was robbing
me Oh Evers it started me so you feel
the pity party they got the pity party
going for him but he’s a victim so he’s
definitely gonna be cool when he get out
and like no man like cubby TV save me I
know whoever said this I don’t even put
on my nigga gully man I can’t put on
gully like that I don’t think he said I
think he said he was walking down the
street without PO and he was getting a
lot of respect so let’s not put that on
gully TV but somebody said I think starr
said it that’s
start saying why everybody tripping on
6:9 and our poles walking out here
taking photo shoots when they like you
absolutely right and somebody was like
what if 6-9 was black would it be
different I think so I think so I think
so cause niggas make excuse to split a
favorite black artist and I mean that a
lot of that black artists got caught out
of pocket doing crazy crazy shit from
singers to actors and actresses and I
mean shit to rappers they all got caught
out of pocket but if you like they shit
you’re gonna defend them me gonna ride
with them so it’s been a lot of that
shit going on period a lot well like I
said they’re good music hah music
surpasses your uh your downfalls right
like your fault you know I mean like
prime example you know I made it keep
staying on Kelly’s shit we love our
Kelly we never thought until now you
know maybe we love Bill Cosby we never
thought and say them now so we’re gonna
love them all fucking until it finally
like damn that’s really how that person
was you know I mean – it’s proven you
know I mean so that goes up the kasha
period they’re gonna let it shit out the
they’re gonna think that he won actually
he beat the system they don’t think that
yeah we eat went in there he was the
image blood and shit put gonna look like
him like he’s some oh my boss type of
nigga watch when he get out yeah I’m
gonna be surprised watch when this nigga
get out he gonna be the top nigga in the
game I put that on a day nigga I bet no
Millennials don’t care about that shit
they don’t care about that new way don’t
care about that shit nigga make some
music they made some shit that make me
bouncing by about nigga
you know the vibes it’s about the vibes
period well only the suburbs you’re
right but a lot of Millennials is you
know I mean partygoers
you know I mean they wanna have fun
shield due date things so they tripping
on street politics man like so I have
said man
I think Street shit it’s really a myth
right now because the the Millennials
don’t run by it they don’t want to buy
no street code or no Chico oh my nigga
so the cause that we ran by in the 92
eighties seventies the early 2000 that
shit out the window but period and no
millenials got they almost set a little
set of rules and laws they don’t give a
fuck about what the old G’s doing they
disrespect them and I mean but they
respect everything they people doing no
matter if it’s snitching no matter if
it’s some letter letter people shit
ain’t gonna go there some letter people
shit you’re not mean or whatever it may
hey whit it long as they make hot music
along as they keep on doing it but they
like put them to do so that’s the aged
man right now man except that shit
period you know even the LG you know
that’s the septic you know I mean it was
intercepted back in the day people that
used to look at your strange now it was
normal they got they own back to him
they got it’s like a life right now it’s
this part of life right now but it
wasn’t back in a day so it’s a lot of
shit that’s cool right now and it wasn’t
cool back in the day I get the side I
don’t get checked don’t get a demo tape
but not now and a you know I mean hate
crimes of course it’s gonna be people
that hate people but other than that
ain’t no light you know I mean they were
I can with it period now these rappers
got a nothing to be disrespectful but AG
a stylist and I mean a gay person to
hang with a wife got a girlfriend
you know that’s the best buddy with a
wife my sword it’s more receptive you
know I mean it’s part of life right now
saying with these artists you know I
mean what they doing
we’re in browsers you know I mean look
more feminine purses and shit is the
life right now back in our day we like
this nigger okay it’s fun no disrespect
to the letter people but would you like
this motherfucker fro D period you know
I’m in fact back to it nowadays it’s
like it’s so normal so hard man
yeah nice purse nice purse their comic
the motherfucker now nice shoes like
high heels did I give them up for their
comment to new Millennials nice purse
I’m gonna get that purse I’m gonna get
that bag the Millenial want to get the
bag now yeah my mama get them here let
me go nigga a sedan we get the hills
from Howard as dope Millennials to man
you got some hard nigga killing
everything he’s getting jail cases all
types of shit but I’m talking about the
the partygoer don’t millennial that
little fuck
they don’t give two shits spirit I
believe but they’re not funny and our
brother said young we have a jokes
nananana booboo you must be a new
millennial nigga not funny
now you’re emotional if I step out of
this shit though yeah dolphin did he he
he his girlfriend got raped he got a
kidnap he got this you got that
and the famous nigga go to bat like he
ain’t doing no wrong nigga this nigga
named jim jones cardi B biggest name
triple red tribute but in the case and
in the case sooner but God what they
gotta do with it but are you so yeah I
said that fuck out of here but I think
this crazy man got niggas gotta better
matrix and when I watched him matrix I
just thought it was a dull bad movie but
when you watch that shit it relates to
whatever is going on right now money
Club din to the matches the no matches
is an Internet and I mean social media
you know I mean i hack that ever like
lost your phone your phone went missing
for a day and nigga felt like he was
gonna have a heart attack you were there
anxiety because you have your phone be
able to check your social media shit
yeah we’re in the matrix negative
they’re gonna lose this phone like Nick
I lost my bank account there’s some
critical shit they got there with my
you got to do that to my kids man put
the niggas on punishment take all their
computers and naughty little Gaby’s
surrett make it again dad mom what what
are you thinking no tea I need my shit
see these niggas without they phone take
that goddamn phone they’re gonna
computer it’s the right nigga but
everybody we call the matrix they get
period take my phone nigga I’m dead out
here good we are you say these kids
don’t even go outside man say that again
man my nigga said kids don’t even go
outside my son being a shit all day
playing goddamn video games but at
school wheezing football a lot of
athletic shit basketball shit but at
they give no homework and video games
and computer shit on types of shit you
said now goons clean Gang Gang and legis
Oh the committee in the building man to
fuck the phone in high heels the phone
never see kids outside man facts niggas
like riding bikes think they playing
basketball this shit is you know niggas
ain’t being adventurous now you gotta
take kids like on my experience I gotta
take kids on my hangout dates right I
gotta take my son to skate ring to meet
up with his homeboys I gotta pick all
them up and drop them off at Six Flags
like they got dates then see like meet
up days hang out nigga let’s catch the
barter let’s catch the train is suddenly
going at Six Flags I’m gonna Universal
ain’t on their own shit they need a
parents to pick them up and shit out
over we’re gonna get the over to get you
here like a-alice spoiled my nigga I
just have to walk 100 blacks the it’s
where I need to go they’re gonna be
thinking about over this shit do they
walk one day a name
my negative kids Alice spoil the
Millennials is how explore their what do
you want to work back you think the same
no mo for real that’s all they’re
stalling my kids don’t man oh yeah the
school is like my motherfucker they only
want a car I found by a college man all
these niggas is on the scooters all the
college they look scooters and bikes
they’re gonna leave one by card only one
take they go I got a big my daughter we
got an extra car outside man my daughter
could drive around and work anything I
got a bad guys to take a job at nice and
tasty no you want to do it you want to
over everywhere she I job to go for it
but that’s taking a chunk out you little
checky mind oh you did hey she got an
old car out did don’t wanna do no
license don’t know these millennial kids
man you did and this is my daughter
yeah whole binge truck outside of
showing you want to drive over every day
uncle lazy no kids ever lazy right now
but uh
Takashi gonna come out and be the illest
nigga Nebraska be but it still still
gonna beat rate well it still will be
trained away money anything we’ll be all
you did it back boys me you know
understand generation I’ll give a fuck
look at this nigger like a superhero
when you get out you know they gonna be
watch the celebration we’re just nigga
get with the mulaney’s the Malini’s
don’t give it to it
for real me
snitch wait Nebraska way in a bill and I
see you I see you Nebraska
I’ll late tap there I see you back no it
ain’t it’s a rat
oh no turbo slow down turbo
I don’t know it my nigga Brett’s nigga
doing more crazy shit than that and they
think there’s a lot of sniffs nickers in
the game that came home that rat and
everybody still fuck with me lots of
Kashi’s out here they should just like
broadcast like that live snitch is that
you know me hit that stand and testified
all types shit man rap niggas yeah I
mean hey buddy fuck with so and this
shit ain’t even known like that but they
fuck with him and the people who even
know what they still fuck with a mini
sweater so there are five dudes that
they’re supposed to be you know at me
yeah so it can happen cuz I see it with
the gangster rappers you know I mean I
got out of jail that appointed niggas
out and people still rock with him I’ll
poke the pointer niggas out people still
rocking them so why not Takashi will
make him so special that they don’t rock
with him but they rock with all these
gangster niggas I got out of jail and
did saying shit I’ll wait and on that
note I’m out this bitch
you have mouth TV subscribe see ya
motherfucking guy I’m gonna lecture
think about that one you got I think
about that man cuz somebody said what
Takashi was black there’s a lot of black
artists that got out that’s been point
fingers with the et shit and everybody
from everybody doing music with Home
Videos this shit
gangsters a lot of gangsters then got
out of jail with the et finger
they Castle old Norman shade got him in
parties and shared own movies and
documentaries on these niggas so what
make the Coxey different let’s be real
let’s address the elephant in the room
on that note I’m out this bitch got my
TV scribe to your motherfucking guy
right now
you bitch

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