Yukmouth TV | Stephen A (THE COON) Smith vs Kaepernick + MORE!! SPEAK ON IT!! Interactive LIVE CHAT


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yeah that boy you have mouth TV
subscribe to your motherfucking God make
anybody go in right quick me I fell
asleep in a coma Smith you feel me
mm-hmm we don’t talk about to speak on
it tonight an active live chat you know
I mean what a nation and I mean the
committee get tap-in we talk our shit
let y’all come and get in the building
get on me fuck with late-night you know
I do it late night you know I mean kids
to sleep you know I mean no kids coming
interrupting your downtime in daytime
they can be on the ground man you know
so that’s the only time I could really
give it to you dig my apologies for
yesterday – man we supposed to do smoke
a lot radio man some technical
difficulty as far as the station they
close early honest you know I made for
holiday reasons so we weren’t able to
get up in there but you know me I think
next week – you know me because the
holidays so we’re gonna take a couple of
you know I mean a couple of weeks off
for the holidays and shit be right back
up and now it began under some but your
dig I think we don’t do a episode for
next week though I don’t know depend on
the building open and what time we got
to get up in there or not you know we’ll
figure it out you did yeah man let’s let
the committee get in the building man
we’re gonna do the roll call see where
anybody typing in from you know we do
this shit right
okay burn the building he already
voicing his opinion we don’t get into
that in a million a minute you know
let’s get them up faggot a peon going
you know me I see brother just tap there
from I mean a motherfucking uh Europe no
no let’s make it right
Brett’s happen here from Europe
straight up me overseas me you dig D
seeing this motherfucker make you did aa
resident wait till Wednesday
it’s gonna be a big one st. Paul in a
muhfucka building I see your nigga
Oklahoma City on the tap man okay see
y’all niggas on two three hours ahead of
time so y’all niggas waking up prior to
get out of me get your kids ready and
shit the school and shit get ready for
work niggas up on the early bird like on
it you know me down south from the East
Coast madness nigga all the moaning I’m
in the moaning what it do main town been
dismay a they say for the old East Coast
a man in the building man see you nigga
the Bronx the city that never sleeps
nigga my in a building I see y’all and
apologies to y’all old man and why I’ve
got a lot of official niggas out there
man when I made that outpost you know I
mean about famous people out there being
you know I may be arrested shit people
out on the East Coast circuit and I mean
some type of way man so my apologies
master real lot official East Coast
dudes out there and everybody hell now
we’ll try this nobody out there I was
just talking about the people that that
became famous off the shit you know I
mean that’s all I said
and out of everybody like you got
snitches all around the world you know I
mean it was like Isis over there I said
famous snitches my niggas is in movies
niggas is in documentaries they got
books that shit famous snitches now you
know you got people everywhere they got
probably a memory
you know I mean some type of book you
know I mean but famous right okay we got
you know I mean up some about people
that really got the coke you know I mean
not just gangsters you got gangsters
with what books that shit all day I’m
talking about people that water coke and
got a book like it you know I mean or
movie and I mean and all that shit you
know I mean me and glamorized and ain’t
too many everywhere else is mainly on
the East Coast you know I mean they got
the most famous ones you know I mean
period now it’s famous you know I mean
street famous snitches everywhere nigger
that was heavy in the streets they
famous you know I mean big-time you know
I mean but I’m talking about like you
don’t get no bigger than the Mafia my
nigga you got Sammy the bull do it the
Mafia you don’t get no bigger than that
my nigga period that’s the biggest one
you don’t get no bigger than that and
there’s been movies and all types of
shit made about that period so you know
you get same with a fucking on a fucking
out Lucas I mean Frank Lucas and the
other dude fucking on the dude that
water mass so there was big dudes and
heavy dudes that was like heavily
published you know I mean movies you
know all types of shit made on dudes and
ain’t nobody you know I don’t know man
let’s leave that topic alone but my
apologies to anybody on the East Coast
on New York that felt some type of way
my back I wasn’t even trying to get that
child like that I was just talking about
the individuals I was talking about
period and even with the Apple situation
I didn’t want no harm or no danger to
happen to that nigga I’m just saying
back in a day that Shin couldn’t go down
like that he gonna walk down the street
safe now nowadays you can take pictures
photo ops cuz nobody give a fuck about
that shit ain’t no consequences period
so no never have been outpolled nowaday
you know i mean but i would just give an
example from back in the day what would
it have it’s a compared to right now
nobody will know no harm and nothing
happened to how a poll let this man go
out make his runs make his movie to get
his money you know I mean period I would
just stress him niggas from the cold my
age actually would have went down back
day period and ain’t back in the day no
mo it’s a whole new day and era you know
I mean the Millennials don’t give a fuck
about that shit period so home to the
next you Phoebe Meister look damn why do
i fuck with child a long way no
disrespect you know the story birmingham
alabama on the tap in toledo on the tap
NICU nigga east oh I see you nigga
pop your column we say he’s open the
building nigga huh
niggas tapping in okay niggas get up I
see you safe fall
I seen you brother mmm we build Kentucky
and it’s motherfuck I see you brother
yeah I see you Toledo yeah brush out my
work tapping in straight up the Bronx NY
okay cool let’s get to the shit man
steep in the Coon ain’t Smith my nigga
what the fuck is up with Stephen ain’t
Smith man I feel a lot of heat come from
an accounts my nigga like what do you
got against Kapernick my nigga now you
was all your shit but since that goddamn
workout but you’ve been the owner only
destruction campaigned against can’t
predict my niggas alright the workout
was no good nobody’s gonna ever sign him
he did it for nothing I mean I fucked it
up verbatim but he can’t do this he did
how dare you what I got the contract and
it was no different but it was only one
thing that was different and I got damn
contract was not the right contract this
nigga pulled out I had the paper like he
went as far as getting the fucking
contract to trying to prove his point
contract weren’t even the right fucking
contract so that’s only one thing that I
see nigga it was several things in a
real contract that he seen his lawyer
saying that one cool
so they didn’t sign of shit Stephen a
Smith you are not on the motherfucking
football team how can you tell this
nigga what the sign or not discern your
own facts oh you want ESPN whatever you
own but that’s different contracts
brother you talking about signing off
your rights if you get injured on the
sue if anything ever happened later on
in life you can’t sue that’s mainly why
they got the nigga to do it they like
yeah we don’t want this nigga we want
this nigga to sign off on some he can’t
sue ever and getting shit period and I
think when he wanted settlement it was
probably like you know I made a be quiet
you know I mean a hush now I mean but
and some others should hang up and he
probably could sue I think they asked
some shit in there some slick talking
shit and where they didn’t want the
negative sue and they want the negative
sign off on that period and I wasn’t in
no previous contracts period Stephen a
Smith was like yo that was the same
contract he signed back in the day and
then only had one change night may was
only two they pulled to that nigger
would uh Terrell tío on the motherfucker
station tell like brother Max is mo
black dick you what hey Howard let me
answer that you start saying you got fun
confident in the black people and you
know what states like oh like Stephen
Amy max is mo black than you I had to
say it
I’d say he owned their quoting pipe shit
biggie shit all types of rap portables
and yo ass is real white right wing with
the shit you are for the owners I
believe you you you you mad at you no I
mean anybody that go against any league
it out me peer you mad at niggas go
against the NFL you mad at niggas to go
against the NBA you know me black people
but motherfuckers in hockey fight all
day take a hockey sticks I hate to the
face on types you know hear you dispute
I’ll tell you what the hockey stick in a
face Mike come on man like niggas just
put an extra zoning that fat nigger who
was that fat nigga man who was that fat
nigger that don’t speak your word or say
you’re a beautiful man that nigga is a
now I don’t even know why they got that
fat knee going hear me yeah two NFL
players man on there and it was like man
what Kaepernick did I mean I’m with
Kaepernick but uh that’s talking about
uh the Rudolf thing that happened with
distillers in the Browns
I guess bruh bruh
what’s brother my name got burn a man
and get my facts right while speaking on
this shit okay
boom mouse mouse Gary
so mouths Garrett said it was a racial
slur say it wide about it you know why
why the scuffle was going down Stephen a
Smith hey buddy no no no not Stephen a
snip but the fat guy and you can never
say it was Larry right bro what’s the
heat in a moment man you think niggas
are just scuffling and swing a helmets
this shit without talkin shit with it
like what made the nigga start grabbing
helmets and swinging and all that shit
it was so wise man Terry there’s some
some physicality it wasn’t oh just a man
we just gonna start roughing each other
up without talking shit
so Brett said it was a racial slur I
believe it man and the motherfucker
what’s makalah ruled off didn’t I get
penalized he started all the shit now
the fat doe will not emit that Rudolph
start to shit oh he he was defending
himself and he had the right to know man
he pulled the helmet off first and then
brought Portis no trying to pull the
helmet off and then bruh pull this shit
off me and then bruh got mad the fucking
quarterback and came from around trying
to attack this do we
that’s what you get for being over
aggressive and talking shit period did
he’s a victim
damn they didn’t even punish they’re
still a nigga that man a nice man of the
fucking defensive line slap a nigga
kicked the nigga in the head a punch
them niggas what about the kick to the
head shit out that nigga helmet why he’s
on the ground man they’re gonna go sack
I’ll take this shit what about them
so at the end of day man the fat nigga
is a piece of shit man he’s a cone to
unfuck with dude man I don’t know what
what’s a fat nigga name they put his
name up here man
what’s his name Sambo no okay what
whitlock Whitlock is a fuck-boy man that
nigga is a fuck-boy he’s strictly on
there to talk shit and this would be
against everything I played in high
school and somebody called me the n-word
when I was on the field yes so you know
what happened motherfuckin period like
what are you talking about man like
you’re saying stupid whoa whoa would you
say it was in the heat of the moment and
he said the n-word well I think it was
in the heat of the moment then he made
up this lie and said it was the n-word
like come on Monday good a week later
okay you say a week later well they gave
impressed a week later your dumb ass to
say with the quarterback they thumb
press a week later and let him talk it
shit gave dude the same amount of time
to talk it shit at the same time seven
days later they both talk this shit but
you talk about the quarterback talking
this shit seven days later you talking
about the dude talking this shit
motherfucking up the miles
the mounds guy you know I mean so at
dinner date man um do you feel that the
NFL rightly handled that situation man I
think that ruled all for Randolph or
whatever the fuck his name is the the
backup quarterback should have
definitely got suspended for one game
and find at least one game cuz he
excited the whole shit oh dude being
suspended indefinitely I think for the
whole rest of the year definitely
because you ain’t supposed to be here no
motherfuckers with no helmets period
that could have been detrimental so he
is supposed to get suspended for all
them games but moved off or Randolph
definitely was supposed to get suspended
for exciting the whole shit there’s
still it that kicked their nigga why he
was down kicked him in the head he was
supposed to be suspended the other still
it that shocked them was supposed to be
suspended – you know I mean so so a lot
of people that I’m supposed to be
suspended you know I mean not just the
Browns team members you know i mean that
that retaliated you know so that didn’t
push you got a motherfucker kicking them
off or gonna head that’s two different
things he puts the quarterback shove
them okay
fell on his booty is but you got him up
like actually kicking him off we’re
gonna hand with a cleat you know I me no
suspension he got that off
so come on my G what you say sports is
just watching the soap opera I get it
I say he said a black delegation would
be like Tracy Stephen a Smith for max
thanks but mess many older damn it and I
guess there are no types of biggie
rhymes and shit all types of shit every
time anyway mo black in a Stephen a
Smith I’m sorry it is what it is they
got hella mad at surreal what do you say
a day how dare you say that to me almost
speak my nigga might let you got Terrell
here coming from this big-ass mansion in
Beverly Hills and whatever Brentwood or
wherever the fuck you live that the
coming to the station and just hear you
right you could have did that shit on
the phone but why do you need me here
this right here just being silent and
soon as I speak and cutting me off
so that speaking what I’m fucking my
hair faux bro understand high by at the
end I said a little dialogue and you
just went on the fucking rent cuz I said
you I said Max is more black than you it
sound like Max’s mo black thing you and
the cell like you would uh shut up and
dribble shit it sound like you you know
like the girl to launch it to set up the
dribble shit you know I mean it’s like
you wanted a gonna set up a play Bob yes
and I know people get racial slurs and I
know like Stephen a know you stating oh
my word come on man what do you got you
all kind of server
who cares what served a nigga war like
first of all who cares a cool to Kinte
sir Wow okay like you put that out there
in the media like nobody give a fuck
about that but you how dare you want to
cool the kid takes shirt
why not he’s black and it’s this black
culture why not why not
you got a down the building your
motherfucking pocket that guy
George Washington on it and he got he
took this lace I mean he took over over
fuckin of the idiots all that shit man
killed off Indian settlers shit to get
this land you got a choice Western in
your motherfucking pocket
what you mean you can’t wear a
motherfucking cool – Kinte you got
George Washington your pocket it’s
ticking annihilated a fuckin Indian
people slave people all types of shit to
get this land you got to do with bison
in your motherfucking pot but you mad at
this nigga having that coop to kick
things shirt on but difference do it
make its about its performance not what
a nigga when a nigga showed up is
straight the motherfucking swim clothes
like niggas went swimming swimming
shorts and swimming tank top and some
other fucking slippers long as he
performed how he had to perform periods
about the performance today about the
image about nigga bloody war in life but
today uh he was who’s the kid takes
shirt and that means the slave your
wager and what is he saying to the
What did he say to the owners he scooped
that kid say he’s a free slash Lake oh
man no oh never side him and it the
nigger manager you know captaining
manager hitting say three teams is
interested in are you talking on this
shit nobody you trying to control the
narrative try to make sure no team sign
this nigga I don’t know what problem you
got against this nigga nobody’s gonna
sign him he mess it up and three teams
call my nigga I’m just sayin but calm
down but period he said they hain’t cuz
he black fast thank do it I mean not the
thing was Steven I don’t understand why
he hate on black so hard now if you were
to get a root off the same shit because
Rudolph excited to shitty eat you know I
mean I eat want to fight he pulled the
helmet off first you need the
motherfucking the groin pull the helmet
what is him up he supposed to do all mer
game I can’t do nothing cuz he black
a white motherfucker messaging any
motherfucking athlete would have
retaliated not I don’t know but we tell
me any period not I don’t know if a
nigga would’ve hit a nigga with a helmet
but he definitely would have retaliated
Terry and it would have you know missile
punches or something thrown tackle
scuffle but he would have retaliated
parry with some shit like that being you
get kicked me oh shit and natural helmet
any athlete any football player on the
field will retaliate no matter what race
he was period a child he’s like he’s
this he was man the motherfuckin X my
home it all being my my boss and truck
it was like after I tackled it and then
after I walked off snatch this him when
I walked off he kept coming at me saying
that come on man what am I supposed to
do man period he got fine he offered the
rest of the season man he earned that
cuz you ain’t gonna call me a nigga
snatched my helmet off and they could
kick me in my balls they ain’t gonna do
what smack the nigga in the head with a
helmet fuck it I take that bringing down
the loss well I’m all fuckin example
don’t play with me like that nigga don’t
play with me like that nigga what your
boo bop boo bop the shit out that boy he
said Oh Steven ain’t definitely dunk
here today man Charlotte mango had that
nigga up under the bus man he done dug a
hole we can’t get out of my nigger light
you keep on going I’m doubling down I’m
standing like he’s gonna say you know
what I fucked up
you know the contracts wasn’t the same
we had a different contract that wasn’t
the contract his team had you know what
I could understand him one to control
the footage and one to have his own
receivers cuz what the ass and receivers
out there that’s purposely dropping the
passes not running around right and
making a shit with bullshit so he wanted
to make sure that his this performance
looked great so he bought his own play
its own you should understand that bro
Mama’s coming
finca fuck shit up you know me plus he
was supposed to shoot a Nike commercial
– so you definitely want to have your
own people here to Nike come out
something issue because they were
supposed to you know whatever it was
they end up getting shot few teams came
out they’re not all 30 or 20 teams or
whatever I think was like 30 I don’t
know how many times change but it was a
lot of money teams I was lying to
Atlanta he moved to another spot you
know ended up being like only 6 of 6 I
think 6 to 8 people from different teams
came you know I mean he’ll the media was
there how the people about 200 people
was out there including star can I make
stars out there 25 people came 7 stayed
ok cool so semistate 25 people came
seven people stayed good shit man fuck
with the nation man correct me when I’m
wrong my nigga 25 people came seven
people stay cool item seven people that
stayed nigga three teams car so that’s
like you know me period so at the end of
day man um I think Stephen a should calm
you know me like you got a real problem
against this man you know let the team’s
talk they shit you’re not a team on this
Stephen a you know on the team so shut
your ass up period you know oh no
motherfucking team shut the fuck up how
you know what they thinkin how you know
what they need on a team how dare you go
to uh-uh-uh high school high school
football field your own tryouts you own
receiver your own camera crew how dare
you and what kind of soup Shaka Zulu
Gupta kicked a shirt like you are free
from my slave how dare you
clapper knock look out here man you old
big-ass bow hit ass nigga fake-ass
puff ass nigga Steve Harvey ass afro ass
nigga man
boy you better stop it nigga you better
stop it breath period use a pure
motherfucking hater but how dare you
bring Terrell Owens on that
motherfucking – real
asommus opinion and don’t let that nigga
talk but when you’d let him talk he got
it off on your ass
maybe he said nigga you telling him up
I’m gonna stop and dribble to shut up
and dribble and he got that motherfucker
Max’s mo black than you nigga
that old that flared your neck up nigga
that flared York I love you wanted a
motherfucker take it your motherfucking
uh your tie off you want to loosen
attire oh here got hot maybe a full head
start sweating they’re gonna forget it
got real shiny it’s time for it this is
bigger this whole shit run that’s fully
got real shiny that’s his job I mean
it’s good to be young job to be a dime
and um depress the meter you know I may
need to get the views up anybody gonna
greet each other so you got my
motherfuckin agree and disagree I mean
this match don’t greet he gonna always
disagree but don’t disagree you so much
will you down in your own race bro
you know I mean like Max had Kaepernick
back and a fuckin of what we call it
Gary cow get it back more than Stephen a
no no Mouse dare not kind of Mouse care
he had his back morning Stephen a on
both situations even everybody mouse how
dare you you need to go for two seasons
not just six games indefinitely for six
more games to let them know that we’re
mean big business we’re not having that
in the NFL you don’t set your duck mouth
as you look like a motherfucking ninja
turtle reincarnated Oh ninjas sin Satan
oh there’s a turtle up West nigga you
rock the Donatello uncle guys did you
know he had an uncle yeah you got it
uncle and I don’t play that and I’m
standing on my word nigga turtle uncle
ass nigga brah you came out the
motherfucking shit talking that shit
fuck out here break like motherfucking
Donatello uncle breath when a big-ass
bow in with no motherfucking bandanna on
it but all the ninja turtle got bang
that is they eyes to see through it
again I got no abandon all big-ass
forehead I got here but nigga said his
hair like a fire auto me the Builder be
on old man oh he lost five years
yesterday I’m done with child niggas a
committee in the village Oh George
Jefferson bobblehead I’m done fuck you
niggas niggas good niggas a Kermit the
may I fuck with job but committee in the
building burns niggas a-coming to frog
man y’all even a cougar no I’m never
sleeping I need to calm the fuck down
man like you got a platform really help
athletes and it steady uh take all the
time that he got on that motherfucking
demise black athletes man I don’t know
what do you got but he never talk that
shit about the white athletes get on me
never said shit about Rudolf or whatever
there he didn’t say that he did not
excite it he replied he he didn’t do
nothing he don’t deserve no games he
don’t need to start that get suspended
he don’t even need a fine
like come on Stephen a man you’re
talking stupid ass shit man you are
fucking cone care you know it I got fed
up man period like I never did no
motherfucking live on Steven Naismith
but this just made me so fuckin fed up
with his ass man
own numerous occasions like back to back
with the motherfucking up the Garrett
situation the Rudolph and Garrett
situation and with the Kaepernick back
to back he was against the black players
like back to back Dana Farber no but
don’t team
need to meet this motherfucker than kill
and it’s still in an NFL motherfuckers I
don’t have people murdered on time shit
it’s still in the NFL you thinking that
this do that this took a knee is the
worst motherfucker that ever came to the
NF L in life nigga
are you serious you’ve seen what they
did with Vic just some Gong fights dog
fights my nigga they took that serious
breath lock that man up you did dog
this man just took a knee but I ain’t
even do no dog face you wanna make no
money on dog fights he’d beat his
girlfriend up in an elevator
yeah he gonna Club altercation if
somebody got killed that nigga took a
knee but it’s even a acting like either
biggest motherfucking NFL criminal in
life actually he’s clean he’s clean-cut
– he didn’t get caught driving it’s
snowing powder and shit no the other
shit that these other niggas is doing
smoking crack and all these other shit
these NFL players was doing and still
playing but Stephen a Smith act like
this is the most dangerous football
player that ever came to the NFL
Kaepernick and that goddamn Garnett
Garnett whatever the name is let me get
that again Myles Myles Garrett I said
Garnett mouths Garrett yeah Garrett did
the most illicit ever in the NFL in life
I need a helmet if you gon footage you
see so many times and anything I hit
with a helmet think that’s nasty nigga
helmet oh my god I think the first time
that ever happened in NFL that’s why the
guy in there rules if you hit a nigga
with a helmet it’s 15 yards and it’s
down to third that should that happen a
million times it’s act like that was the
only time this should happen in life
recently yeah
we’re history no my nigga period hella
people who got hit in the head with a
helmet in the melee
nigga Stumptown nigga nigga when they
didn’t had a real shit nigga pleat
through the mask
Wow make it stop nigga fing out you know
I made all that shit when you wanna the
POW that what should happen boy period
negative so what the fuck you tell my
act like that was the first time that
ever happened in life in the NFL he
should be harder than inner power
Stephen a Smith
leave it to him you know I made a nobody
say that shit was right he’s getting
punished how he supposed to get punished
and finally both speaking be fine but
the quarterback was supposed to be fined
and punished I mean he got fine but he
was supposed to be my fuckin suspended
suit because he started the whole shit
man every actor caused a reaction
without him doing that to do without him
even snack trying to snatch his helmet
off and kicking him in the groin the
other dude wouldn’t even did the shit
period so with that being said but
you’re gonna end it up and I’m up like a
Stephen a roast let’s see what y’all
guys say about it like that manifold
here shit my nigga brother said it’s
happening from the town from the corners
okay money guys see I said he does what
he’s told
okay I get that they said
yeah voice said the boy Tyrell always
said nigga a man I feel like Max is
blacker than you that’s what the
community feel that’s how you feel I
said man that’s not a black community
you feel that’s how we feel everybody
see I just beat everybody feeling but
that’s it all bloody shot that nigga not
by my homeboy but god damn you had to
kill me like that yeah they ain’t let me
tell me you played too much nigga period
to your funky mother few words yet he
shit that nigga dad I’m sorry
anybody that’s the analyze its max black
Stephen eh that’s the handle I was right
nigga that’s trending right now is
trending is trending my nigga yeah man
it’s at the light button type subscribed
shit the notifications all that slow all
that flashy shit man you did straight-up
us appreciate you out to all y’all
niggas ooh chat there with me I
appreciate you out man definitely that
Stephen either lacewing definitely man
all that shit with the baby here the
baby here she on the side the little
lace front join the baby need all the
baby here’s all this shit but a curl in
the baby air money period Brett I need
to calm down it’s starting to become
evident you know I mean a more like okay
this this is how you feel you know I
mean like we’ve been seen him out ran
some certain athletes and certain people
but back to back to back to back it’s
like you got an agenda my G you know I
mean that’s why I’m glad we got max on
there may even though max was a boxing
analyst he still has a as a neutral
standpoint to where he has you know I
mean way too good talking point both
both sides of the coin here saying well
won’t do this and they do this but hey
what about this this and that so here do
both sides and way both sides of the
coin instead of Steve it’s only on one
side of the coin and just really leaning
on it and make it the narrative the team
that are kind of numbers are you like
come on Steve and don’t do that to them
to do and he gets first try out my nigga
you only here on ESPN or every channel
or every fucking Fox or whatever you can
do whatever y’all is bad-mouthing this
tryout badmouth in this motherfucking uh
it’s all work out like come on man let
the let the coaches let the change
let the motherfucking owners badmouth
his workout not you bro later only you
ain’t a coach waiter team manager none
of that shit bro and a coordinator and a
recruiter so like let them talk that
shit if they even talked it you know I
mean but let them talk that shit like a
change song you ain’t giving them a fair
chance bro with that that that’s slander
you know I mean I think it was a lot of
slander that motherfuckers would take
you know what people say in the nose
I’ll say on the media and run with it
oh don’t never sign them well fuck it up
see you say we I mean like the media get
that at all they felt at the public feel
like Steve it well is this only Steven
Naismith with his own mother well with
this opinion you know I mean now the
public don’t feel like that everybody
still got Kaepernick back RJ was kind of
mad you know that everything I
rearranged this shit but you gotta think
when it’s a corporate situation my jury
first of all last-minute situation
second of all they did on the Saturday
well you know that no coach is gonna be
there at that the shit cuz there’s a
game tomorrow so you ain’t got no
coaches there to really look at the
workout so you got some good recruiter
up there and I mean so is it a real
tryout or not because you usually had a
comp is there to really see if they need
that for a shit you know I mean a real
good team there you know I mean a team
really could be like you know I mean the
owner you know I mean all that type of
shit will be there but since this games
the next day people obligated today
games they flying to different cities
and shit and getting a shit ready
they’re not there I just try out so
boom I’m have my camera crew make sure
people see this you know I mean I don’t
know what’s up with a camera fool they
can’t even get the coaches here
last-minute thing I’m gonna make sure my
shit look right okay cool
get my team my cool let’s shoot okay
okay shoot right there boom we gonna
shoot over here fucking problem
ah how dare him sugar our away 200
people that was that the motherfucking
gate didn’t think that no uh niggas star
you know I mean he didn’t think that
star god there’s YouTube show me film
none of this shit he went there to
really look at the shit and he drove
from Atlanta to the other spot he drove
the three different spots that still
made it if somebody wanted to really
make it they would have made it very you
know and he said their new location was
on the way to the airport so if anybody
left you gotta go to the airport anyway
you got it the airport even if you left
you gotta go that way to even you gotta
pass this shit to go to the airport that
made it even better for y’all let me at
this shit right before I get on the
plane they chose not to so it is what it
is man go up the Kapernick um steeping
the Combe smith man you need to slow
down turbo
nigga you need to calm your ass down man
max Luther you make keep holding it down
for real niggas out there cuz you
definitely got a coon behind it I know I
mean that shit on that with me Stephen a
coon Smith man go get a motherfucking
lace-front my nigga and shut the fuck up
you did
oh mama Cato voice nigga yeah my TV
subscribe to your motherfucking guy I’m
out in and out like a robbery
baby hey

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