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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

so with the committee might wanna call a
nap town in this mug I see you niggas
Dallas and his bitch music playing in
the background will give my shit blur
blabbetty blabbetty blur but the market
is this man he’ll be doing take y’all
niggas outside
I used to go chill outside make you got
niggas music playing hey my bad let’s
let y’all get in the motherfucking
building homie talk boy in the building
you know I mean we just put out this
goddamn dragon double dragon out beating
the ass beating they answered I’m is the
producer your dick shoutout grub up for
believing in me again
yeah me put a live one together on the
ass nigga we filming who raised you
niggas behind the scenes that I made up
this trap and they’re going love you’re
gonna talk about that goddamn fight you
yeah I mean show North Alabama in this
motherfucker I see you on the takbir
niggas I snart I see you on the top
finger nigga let me go get my little
liquor liquor I’ll be right back
Hey be back in this motherfucker man I
got a final standing stand by
knocking Oh what’s happening guys see
what we got dope man you’re filming
balls bounce baller shit man we out
cheer baby next to the water baby your
feet big beautiful day at Cali baby
let’s see well sitting on the
motherfucking uh well call Saint Paul in
his mother fuck I see you nigga uncle
dick see I see you boy
I see ya bye yeah man we gonna talk
about this goddamn fight though man
thumbs up I’ll put the name of the nigga
that you thought won that fight last
night man give the speech I got there
Porter man but the name will you dog won
that fight last night meant okay going
his motherfucking no foul in this month
but I see you naked
I see
I think Shawn for anybody says shower
Porter Spence you think spin Scottie
got it the wrong City okay
Spence really couldn’t win either way I
think I said the split let’s just split
only because the boys Spence got that
knock down Spence when I got that knock
down he got his ass well I’m sorry
look look at that look at that boy
please man look at that boy face
sausage party fuck that so the man
taking that Rossy to see all the duty
modern warfare to see fuck y’all niggas
good committing in the building make
y’all niggas ain’t cold nigga they cools
down like my Cobra Commander face mad at
my GI Joe very good niggas niggas a
copic I legged it is Cobra from fucking
GI Joe how the boss in the building man
you know killing the guys with the
double drag yeah I’ll get that double
dragon right now I chose to man beat
they ass man you fill me and part 2
coming soon
you bitch yeah tonight niggas a king
cobra fuck y’all niggas good nigga see a
king cobra niggas ain’t cool ready I got
jokes today huh ok you got a lot of
jokes motherfucker
gee Joe you guys see the I’ll be honest
those weights
i’ll be–i’ll it baby w livers mother
let me get out that music go man get the
channel blurting shit man
ya know the kid don’t need no most
strikes baby and you’re stroking nigga
I’ll make one more strike I’m out we
paid a lot of money to prevent that fuck
yeah no one strikes buddy period so look
me personally I think thinking was a
hell of a fight I think it was a fighter
the motherfucking year yeah he look good
yeah I mean he’s a good a certain man
but I think that the motherfucking
hoarder took it to him like the whole
fight besides the 11 of the 12 I think
11 to 12 fucking round spin Scotty yeah
I mean he’s that clearly got him in 11
when he not gonna go make that nigga
gloves at the ground again in the 12th
nigga still was on his ass so befo that
man they was doing a lot of
motherfucking exchanging and shake and I
mean an insider shaking I mean
Thunderdome each other my nigga and
Porter was getting the best of the
Thunder stones Nick Terry you waking
that boys shit up boy look at that boy
face nigga what shit was broke up nigga
all the way up nigga
period so I did it a day man it was a
great fight I think should have been a
tie if anything my nigga I don’t think
that that that fucking expense one I
think it was a tie just because of the
knockdown I think that boy put it on
spent you since pinched face that boy
was lumped up never been cutting to
fight cut that boy up hey man get your
cut man get your motherfucking cut man
your nigga get your cut man don’t look
like you wanted me nigga nigga said one
big shiner I don’t know what he had that
boy had a boy boy boom up they got a boo
bop on this shit wait
Spence won the championship rounds facts
he did one the end of the fight
you better believe that he definitely
wanted to enter the fight but befo dad
that nigga’s getting his arms beat up
niggas body beat up nigger his cheeks
beat up niggas I beat up nigga boy I was
taking it nigga
period taking it had that boy backing up
he’s usually coming in and backing
people down he was getting back down
there and every time he got pulling in
the corner boy do that turn around again
whoop that turn around on his ass and
get through but it was a great fight
though man great motherfucking fuck amen
I say it’s a draw if anything my nigga
died cheated that boy period he’s been
thinking enough rounds for me I said I
haven’t seen the whole fight make every
round at four to one they had the niggas
fence double his punches I need to see
Spitz push that much nigga they had this
nigga I got 200 punches one round oh my
digger white so when the punches landed
like what 200 punches this nigga through
the whole fight now get let alone in one
round again so they were seen on the
scope cars the whole fucking night – you
guess hey what’s up we go alright go
grab that thing we got dope shit in the
right now get my feet wet and live in
Iraq now we got two mo dropping your
location working cook season man that’s
all we do is winch it up who raised a
nigga’s boy out of that dragon gang shit
boy you you see it nigga got it out
that nigga lost man period it should
have been a drunk he got his ass whupped
that whole fight nigga that boy Shawn
Porter was looking like Shawn Porter at
the end of the fight nigga not that boy
Spencer’s looking like fucking on mats
nigga with the nigger name – elephant
man they’re gonna go nigga shit was left
Elephant Man
y’all niggas y’all Millennials don’t
know who the elephant man is go Google
that nigga Google mass and the elephant
man my nigga
that’s who that nigga was looking like
at the end of the fight good thanks
brother Matt rose fair leave it look
like Elephant Man if we put the went Bam
Bigelow’s on that boy period and then
some good knock down here knock down did
it definitely I say the knockdown did it
you right and said the knockdown did it
I agree
mix it mark big shout out yep Big Jake
good shit man fuck what’s out
I love something right quick stay up
yeah there you go
yeah man you got one we bout to shoot
our shit you still sure you’re you’re
done okay very good-looking little sexy
around this motherfucker I’m mad at that
man I really looked at the task force
nacho Zack I really look like SWAT see
this doc the SWAT team swag going over
me I definitely look like about the
snoring shit motherfucking Desert Storm
fucking camouflage nigga snowstorm
whenever they go to war in Alaska Russia
and shit how you doing hey people is in
the building
yeah today what that big-ass Glasgow
okay I know somebody’s gonna have
the to Paco to fuck the hell hell
defenses off ya ain’t cool you said that
bizarre Adam camel fuck yeah bizarre
Adam can i nigga I got jokes tonight
committee is in the motherfucking
building a word of this wood is folded
the word is won’t be thanks that 50 cent
on them okay nigga got keep them coming
in you want to say what’s up to the
camera baby I know what’s up may be
behind the scenes with the lovely Nathan
model hey don’t notify you where you can
find me on Instagram and Nate xdesign
aex design the gun baby okay okay in the
video looking good I am mad at dad may
what you phone are familiar show
yourself oh wow hey I ain’t mad at that
little eye candy for goddamn much young
my TV baby yeah I mad at that slim goody
what else going down niggas they slide
down your black looking for you
daddy late said I’m in it that fight was
dope though man put the fires up if you
think that fight was hella dope if
there’s a classic put some thumbs down
if you didn’t like the fight you thought
it was a rigged up but you thought that
this shit it was decided before the
fight even started
it wasn’t good polemic fire that fight
was fired regime general re g IM e
general like you standing up in some red
shit or the red car behind this shit i
will follow you back when I get off this
Lobby live get it man
sunny day in Southern California may I
know you niggaz dealing with a lot of
rain a lot of bad weather
hey man that’s why I live in LA baby the
Sun is always out in the grass is
cleaner baby very as are we right way
I took the wrong one can you hand me my
champagne got there Julio hit me hard
the champagne DC in the building on the
leg tap in ICU nigga I see you my nigga
he’s sign I see you my nigga the mob in
the building man yeah man I ain’t never
seen Spence coca no shit like this
man I was a tough fight for that man
period I felt like most Lloyd Mayweather
just fighting against Maidana and
Maidana Mazzoni and everybody our flow
is gonna lose that light that’s how I
felt but I got knocked down on my okay
there you go swish make it let them fly
nigga let them motherfuckers live boy
I was worried I’m late any loss period
ice trail your mate
late tap in ICU nigga tapping in for
overseas I see you mate yawning ah yeah
man we joined this good California Sun
man you don’t know now you know me
period nigga by the water me me
Stephanie life up baby you did straight
up straight up nightshade
yeah yeah he showed that he had heart
and he showed that he could really you
know I mean take some motherfucking pain
yeah I mean it can still keep going
my boys putting whammies on that boy
kept it coming I think there’s a little
dance in the corner some music came on
negative his little shoulder leg but
wound did it move out huh came out got
to giving it to a nigga man
if anything it was a muhfucka drop to me
and it definitely need to be a rematch
fuck they definitely need to be a
before he could begin doing it well for
the Harlem shake up there the Harlem
shake on them niggas came out wiggling
after that nigga the wiggle wiggle
got the wiggle under stick came out
ready for y’all eyes you did for did the
wiggle wiggle yeah
55th in the building town business I see
you make it girls it go bad fight don’t
Floyd was in the building
seen a lot of people in the
motherfucking building you know they
said not the wiggle thing not the wiggle
the boy did that wiggle and did his
desire that way they could take that
wiggle he shook it off when that wiggle
came out and got busy on that boy knock
him down
yeah I’m just tuning in what we had we
talking about Shawn Porter and uh Earl
Spencer fight man who you think got it
yeah I mean it’s a debate man I clearly
think he should have been a
motherfucking job thank you my brother
I clearly think you should have been a
motherfucking cha little blunt back you
got a blunt bag man there you go front
back got to bad we tray all the shit I
have a little shopping bag yummy grinder
all that shit we travel bag
very nice beaches walking distance I
said it’s saying from it
the work
he said no way home he spins had the
sharper cleaning at work heard always
pressing Wow uh yeah cleaning work but
even producing a lot of enough work
period I’m a little couple you know I
mean tools of feels like he was throwing
nigga and getting clobbered nigga bout
30 hit combos coming out that nigga Tito
Tuesday fuels that shit that add up
actually dinero you watch it watch out
yeah and then actually the night out the
meat man
rematch definitely I’ll fuck with you
but definitely match your feed Big W
rematch all games way bout start shoot
Oh so my chips cashews office shit
somebody filling lose there we go the
music in the background now we are
talking that shit we are talking follow
me on a square she underscore legit
underscore shilajit
underscore how the shit
Oh only pain I go through is champagne
champagne goblet a plan who raised you
she said she said that’s my trend as my
translator yeah I turn up is real they
say goddamn that’s a big wake up right
okay okay go mother
I’m from the Bay Area in my family out
from out here 18 2009 it’s been 10 years
oh damn here but I came to look at it
see why I got this motherfucker
and then okay
you’re gonna hit that the guys gathered
there you go and is cleco in that bitch
go further man good TV man spot so you
gotta I’m great
know how to hire a judo bringing back
bring yellow hair back go to bad bets
that’s here for you guys
my name is clean and we are going on
shit I got some like the females man
let’s get a full-body shot a queen they
want a full body shot
three that’s how you got things you used
to be skinny I know it that’s a baby
that’s a baby thickness on you so we can
start working out all types of slim
goodies this shit okay
alrighty motherfucker fuck yeah the most
learnin is this
you know we do this shit yeah I like her
Queen all day and I know you with three
babies that Queen all day they say they
want to make the fourth Molly tapped out
cuz you ain’t got nobody got two people
oh shit man you gotta say something and
nobody you laugh hey you gotta start you
gotta do some bikini lines they gonna
start Tappin hey what’s up the hill you
Campbell told show let’s go fucker job I
give it a fish in the six baby nigga
said it give it a fifth 456 baby baby
it’s a dirtbags only a dirtbag nation in
the building I see you looking guy was
happening man somebody’s mad shit don’t
make that bone up in here may you got it
poppin in his mouth like a big dog puppy
you to do to vision man I’m a man
whenever rush
shit man
double dragon out now man all digital
outlets man you know I’m saying uh uh uh
hit the dams and shit for mailing lists
and all that type C we get it CD fast
like that – yeah we got two new visuals
on physical right now check them out
alive and downright motherfucker get my
feet wet
you bitch anything to keep it poppin man
raising money slow not alot oh hold on
my favorite about that cool I know my
friend that’s a hell is lil sweetman’s
wheel suite is very bits for a bird with
with almost by 80% color lets it is like
hella bitch you know them in you get a
lot of you know I don’t know robbery
nigga look is there grow we grow
allergies you know grow allergist nigga
what’s up with all these youtube beef
Megan YouTube niggas is still beating
man god damn is there we I fuck yourself
with you know because they cool this
nigga right here man Derek
Malory you ain’t cold air they could not
calm in a hick sing committee the
building but damn Mallory ain’t cool god
damn shit is there Wi-Fi flare brother
he said no this but you look like you
can be a comedy movie as a character
hell yeah I could be on the comedy movie
nigga yeah I got a little joke little
sense of humor
they roll up another one it’s already
rolled up and I’m looking for my tour
that thee somebody’s ran off with my
shit this is running off with my torch
damn baby just tipping a whole torch god
damn little mommy you took her near
talks hey good
how’d you taking it no this is I’m
talking about my toys nigga she took the
mother fucking torture baby hey baby
give my toys
two killers
black can’t open it because I know that
I’m hey I’ll see baby I do baby
let you shit mate look at the bills on
this bitch yeah yeah yeah man it’s lit
man we bout to start shooting in a
minute I want to tap in which I right
quick right
yuck mouth TV subscribe to your
motherfucking guy scribe to this
motherfucking GI Joe vests I got home
looking like taskforce GI Joe welcome in
between me and you I’ll tell you later
Nick oh here come look nigga here sit
gat look like will.i.am on crack right
yeah okay be playing like that because
we can’t vote each other capital and any
one of my bumps of shit there come for
you on this motherfucker man man fucking
with it don’t table way ante man weak
man yeah they go hard on niggas in here
it may say my name that plate but yeah
they said boy fuckers that would yeah I
got jobs bet 9th bubble job Oh got to
make a souffle not to flick it up nigga
period that’s where they gonna be
fucking up things get dipped up and
don’t take no pictures be held a man
like I gotta wear that again nobody seen
it haha nobody see where he said again
nobody seen it on the JIT on the gray
Hill we rock
– Michigan active we see your night
I know y’all niggas plan their nobody
ain’t this is nobody we have fun in this
motherfucker man I’ve been goin hard on
me I’ve been shit on my vest all night
he ain’t mad at that
coca commander in the building nigga
gotta die but my horn Samba was so fly
baby I’ll coordinate baby coordinated
baby and the spit cost more than your
car note nigga when you see the full
coordination house motor your car no
niggas max probably want you niggas
mortgages your did when you see the full
combo plate it
but yeah man niggas is beefing at an
all-time high
on YouTube this shit is looking like the
rap shit and I mean like one of goddamn
killed III had the beef DVDs coming out
of his new mother fucking DVD that B
motherfucking like gear with new niggas
be finish it TI verse flip me verse the
game nigga hell of shit nigga
fucking bangle smirk from them first GU
and a hell of shit man so this shit
reminded me of that man every day I go
on fucking the tool I see these I these
tools niggas born ain’t shit on each
other but niggas I see that the one of
niggas got the houses by the police
nigga like man this nigga sent the
police that nigga shit the police and a
third sticking crazy Bernie said the
nigga called the police is to get views
and set himself up this shit man you
period man he’s due to niggas going
crazy on these other but period a day I
see a new YouTube niggas going ain’t
shit on another YouTube nigga man I
thought it was only me man but the
niggas was mad when I said you know stop
you know putting people in danger for
the new T shit oh my god it’s picking on
me because they youtubers and I’m a
raffle nigga YouTube was his own niggas
minor YouTube niggas ain’t playing nigga
watch you thought you had beef and so
you got people to YouTube nigga boy
good luck nigga them to us
Nega yeah man there’s my shit it’s
entertaining though man I get your views
that baby whatever you got to do man you
know it’s that sound have a funny man
whatever don’t know where y’all heard
nor are you beefing with my lord I made
a diss track towards one of the YouTube
niggas man noise made a diss track
towards show blow joke
that’s what it really got deep for the
YouTube niggas got you making this songs
digging a video to go with it nigga
that’s a lot
laughs my G but it’s good crucial when I
was you to be turned to rat because your
pussy and a lazy fuck this guy this shit
crazy hold on it but we don’t live
we don’t live right here yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah it’s a shame because they
in see Santa career in a car scene oh oh
shit car see no interest in going at it
ain’t no that they said yeah I need to
solo drink gems definitely man a big a
Troy F motherfucking three hours listen
man we got to talk about that sure you
have said to everybody mad at the Troy
have shit man I’m mad that it was three
fucking hours man I think I ain’t never
got nobody three hours my nigga I’m sure
I was up there shitting on oi the whole
time hope of talking and again this fate
pulling up empty bottles and shit all
types of crazy shit trying to get that
bitches on the side ain’t ya sorry I was
a sloppy up their period man real sloppy
man period maybe by spinners nor just
just this lawyer for doing the interview
I guess you know the guy who got shot
I mean tax tone so that’s a I’m on
YouTube fuckin with it for 20 minutes do
that mean just the whole yeah I mean a
podcast right here Betty
a couple of times memory public as I
knew him with a them for hella long
since the shit was on cross week from
the Beverly Center they’re all your
officer label yeah they just be on the
roof and shit now now kicks his own
swing you have to bubble I write anyway
back to this goddamn Troy have shit show
yeah I’ve set up there and guys every
fucking question that he was moonwalking
like a motherfucker
what if shirt another man wore shirt and
you drop the oil on it
would you be the man I had to or you or
with the man that shirt have them like
nigga quit fooling all he’s got their
own puzzles he’s got them some cisco rid
of this shit nigga talking shit man wait
for this nigger talking shit been a big
over doing riddles and shit and clues in
blues clues and shit hey ok hey ok mad
nigga doing Blue’s Clues and shit hole
in a few like again talking shit but
period now I know he can’t say suck shit
because of the case but the shit that
you just said on your rap song may be
talked about but you’re definitely said
you’re gonna go on the stand nigga in it
whoever in financial man or whatever so
you already said that nigga so if you
can talk about that on a rat meat don’t
drink chefs and that’s what he was
asking you niggas you’re going hit the
stand more the story
nigga you kept saying what if a man had
to show you and the solar got dripped on
it and then did you bring the soda or
did he bring a soda like nigga no nigga
a she wasn’t gonna testify more to story
Perry is you snitchin they get period he
had to like trust that question up like
a thousand times and a nigga kept
moonwalking and matrix we got the matrix
Nik dies and all the questions doing a
matrix Oh nigga nigga answer the fucking
question man that nigga that’s why I was
three hours cuz he kept on trying to
dress that question up a thousand times
and the nigga kept saying stupid riddles
and shit and I mean like waiting fucking
fuck a riddle man are we playing a game
with something trying to find like the
gold fucking the riddle on a clue nigga
tell us what the fuck
say should you sit on your ass shit
nigga fear you that’s all Troy yeah yeah
yeah I tapped that like button to all
that shit so known for the beasts shit
than wrapping the BS in rapper you
already talked about it okay
no theta mama it’s the biggest crater
dick Mike had B because he don’t cut off
the radio shit oh shit
I see no man I don’t know I have a beef
with niggas man when he dig into my
history lessons and shit like bout back
in the day and should I say I’m really
good up there in this talk shit about
nobody so probably one there’s little
history lessons that he said about
somebody buddy offended somebody but I
don’t see him really getting up there
talking shit like
Mosu talk about you know current events
get out of me like if he didn’t talk
about a current of any ain’t shitting on
the artist got me so is what it is shut
up car scene oh man I fuck with him Iraq
with its it he says what’s enough face
you’re crazy
alright man so she I don’t want to talk
about that goddamn interview man I think
I’m out this motherfucker man get our
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