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yo yo y’all it’s the motherfucking kid
baby I let people get up in a building
man let me get this goddamn shit going
the fuck is up with the nation man yeah
tapping back damn buddy quick turn some
light on these motherfuckers are dark no
lighting going on shit this motherfucker
right on this bitch
yeah no babies on the tap in ICU nigga
I’ve been sick my nigga nigga been sick
ain’t even been on this motherfucker I
know everybody blood blood bitch sick
they got the grimy Jim Jones beard ain’t
got a shape up in hell alone and been
laid up in the bed cuddled up with a
pillow nigga
and now humidify hella Vicks on my chest
and my beer I mean my much dad yes tell
me finally caught one it’s lunchtime
after Owens time you fill me fuckin with
it man be fighting continue man a big
apology man fuck that ran I had to other
day man I was totally out of pocket
totally unnecessary and that’s not how
I’m starting my 2020 off man so um I
just call it a rant man I called it
listening to your bad thoughts you know
I mean you know reacting on you know I
mean yeah good thoughts of bad thoughts
all day but do you yeah oh do you blurt
them out now you might goddamn fuck I’m
thinking about so I was thinking about
some wild shit and I think what
triggered it is when I went live with JT
the Bigga figga and the shit got clicked
on IG so I thought it was instantly with
some bay area niggas who did it you know
since they all got a problem with that
dudes so I’m like I know fuck with
everybody nobody shall probably me so
that’s what made me kind of heat it but
at the end of the day man I’m a boss I’m
og I’m the big homie so anything that I
do and his business is always to create
innovate and motivate the next youngster
to come up there and
shit I’ve done you know I mean if you
got to take plays out my notebook on my
playbook to add to your PlayBook to win
the game man so–but that’s what I’m
here for
man you know I mean and I was on some
old petty shit so I’ve to admit when I’m
wrong I can check myself when I’m out of
pocket so I deleted that Mel fucking uh
but this is speak only interactive live
check my fucking job make see what y’all
talking about let’s do it at admin
domain st. Paul on the tap-in I see you
Yatta dad me I see you should count on
the tap-in I see you nigger uh-huh
Crenshaw is lost in the building I see
you nigga ressy piece of nip DC on the
tap-in nigga Detroit what up though I
see you nigga
I did getting live what up dog uh-huh
Houston champion in a sauce factory
niggers Rochester and watch happening
good shit mate got the East Coast in his
motherfucker man Alabama bam bam in the
building mate shitty might need to smoke
that album hey I got this South the east
and the west with me God niggas don’t
want to mess with me nigga be cool mr.
fat voice nigga yo down down hold on the
Tapia getting crazy she out on his
motherfucker most city uh-huh I see you
boy nine eight hundred gag man that’s
old-school nigga de town biggest for
hmm okay seeing his mother fuck that
Shane Saginaw Michigan Saginaw Michigan
in the motherfucker I see a boy in the
Atlas in his motherfucker what’s
happening with the end IDO the boy the
boy master theorem just moved to
Minnesota I got some Sun playing hoop
out there man so you can move the whole
family out there that’s a big look from
town main town biggest may a town and
the motherfucking building me Dallas on
the tap in North nacrobat mental I’ll be
out there on the 25th money can pull up
niggas card to ride the bike ride nigga
me what’s going down baby
the door still still an abrasion man all
my niggas who tied it with the dragon is
still in the regime my nigga period you
know I mean uh speaking of the regime
man we better drop that all-out war part
for we working on it we just now getting
started me in the kitchen cooking nigga
and we bout to bring in my back man
everybody back in the game nigga you
know welcome home it makes it done they
ka little kid he back everybody back my
nigga we back in full force naked and
we’ve gone hard and they period guys on
back Mad Max back they’re gonna old
school niggas is back the gang negative
news who I started with his back that’s
all I needed plus my new squad get out
needed new guys has been not the new
guys they they they’ve been my you know
mean theory but the team that came after
their nineties I called it the mother
nigga did new Millennials dragon gang
the team I put together after the 90s
nigga was incredible and it’s still
incredible man a Pacino goddamn nigga
young bossy nigga freeze nigga
BG bullet wound negative who else
cuz the flop in the mix drew down in the
mix Lee Majors pretty black rest in
yeah my new squad was crazy but period a
new squad I bought to the ship is crazy
man period so we’re just gonna combine
everything together man and give the
fans what they want man no bueno
captain you know I’m a monster ganja
nigga loyal from the soil nigga so I got
so many pieces that we didn’t add it to
boat on nigga so we ready their period
we ready you know motherfuckers want
that mechanics times yep but 2020 we
could down there make that happen
I’m doing my py cabin first supposed to
be going on with Mike Mosley – and I
talked to the mechanics about – so we
don’t get it going
he said no fast not fast thing rocking
with us man fat same fuck with us right
now man you know whatever he doing
blessed that brother he’s still got to
my blessings you know I mean I still
consider them
he just probably don’t want to rap with
no I don’t even think he rapping man I
think he’s moved on to some other shit
you know some lucrative shit that he’s
doing and it’s working so salute that
brother you know I mean there you salute
the fast rhyming nigga come on man the
whole game there’s so many other niggas
man period said we gonna ever gonna get
you up in filthy rich even did songs
together how songs together
man that’s oh man but filthy man that’s
my my homie man period that’s the homie
hear you that’s the homie man shout out
filthy shut out fod I went to five on
the fest we bout to get that shit poppin
we gonna get that shit poppin my my vest
is up and shit man you know think about
Cass dish to Arsenal um I’m here to dish
I heard the UH the goddamn battle I was
man it was teeth grinching like it was
like god i want to cut it off so many
times but I had to hear arsenal I’m
right now I ain’t gonna cut it out cuz
awesome still going rapper Cassidy was
on some other shit the first round was
dope he killed that first round Gilley
was all in the background all after the
year nigga yeah Philly nigga by the
third round that nigga Gilly was not by
that nigga no my nigga wiggled it to the
back yeah go time got Gilly and give me
a couple shout Gilly out see you ain’t
get no nigga physics I don’t know baby
kept doing guilty-pleasure Isaac Gilley
and niggas in the crowd was good next
nigga spit off hella fast there later
loony that nigga Gilly got little nigga
you see that nigger no monster I still
gotta grab it on the nigga Chester shit
boy it was mainly but I always know a
beast bet that’s my nigga man that’s my
guy guy I’ve been overseas the arts
knowing sick and watch this nigga battle
in real life nigga this nigga is that
animal they’re getting cold shit man
cool ass nigga man shoutout arse man
that’s my guy guy period that’s exactly
what the nigger give me the kids dick oh
cool get the fuck out of here bitch
clown ass I’m out of here be whatever
you see while o ni nigga disappear while
old faces was the manias faces on that
second round their faces while I was
making it to the defendant The Bodyguard
and they’re gonna look like man what the
fuck man
and they got the rolling his shoulders
neck and I like I had down there Rolla
was looking to the side looking
everywhere totally fuckin of bears about
a nigga Cassidy big he say who won yeah
you know one Arsenal one nigga Arsenal
won all snow didn’t do like that wasn’t
its best battle with me I think because
I think the first round was aimed at him
second rounds ain’t out and I think the
third round was just like a fuckin
freestyle he barely even mentioned cash
I think he was just going and just
metaphor and sheet no my hold on man
we’re gonna get back to cash man he got
back to cash at the end of this year but
the whole round he was gassing I’ll take
your mom and okay my nigga what about
this nigga you talk about everybody on
the Disney Gerber it was I like the
battle I don’t Peary I think Arsenal
could have went harder and I think
Cassidy just fucking y’all need to stop
booking him period I was worried at
first because I seen when he did the
freeway but after this last battle like
good you know he had a little bit more
action on the goods went even though
Goods guy but he was a little bit more
better this one is like nigga what the
fuck man giving this nick of money and
then how does think of Barisan
old-school artist now he ain’t from my
ever but air that came after me he’s
embarrassing them dudes period you
embarrass their freeway right now you
embarrassing you know me it’s the state
property do embarrassing did niggas that
came around your time you embarrassing
Rough Riders and Swizz Beatz right now
then you say you climbed up the cheese
bus I really rock with Swiss I said oh
okay okay come on baby
and then after that you croak your
Kroger a uni choke but jeez boss sound
like you wanted to throw up
and your mouth they get no Frank Ocean
but yeah that shit was trash man Cassie
you got to do better if they knew better
you do better but I’m brutally period
but it’s like um I think it’s like what
a Susur said I’ve been seeing Susur
there was uh this little shitty doing on
IGN shit with split screens and shit but
he basically was saying – uh it’s a
Billy the Kid when they had the argument
like man it’s a whole new day now man
I’m little bar for bar lines ain’t gonna
work and a little 90s flow that you
trying to debt niggas is did in 90s
ain’t gonna work in a battle rap arena
right now
that should’ve go on the album that
should rock on the album but out of
battle you can’t come there with 90 bars
money you got coming to millennial bars
nigga you got to be way ahead of what
the niggas is doing now you got it if I
battle rap I’m gonna do my homework my
nigga I’m gonna tap in with all the
hottest niggas in CD whatever they doing
I got an out do it now if I’m not out
doing what the top niggers in the game
is doing I’m not ready for this shit and
I’m a fallback until I’m ready
I’m not going just because I’m Cassidy
and I battled niggas back in the day
think that I’m built for this new sport
it’s a blood sport bra and the loser
comes out get it nigga you got Barry
niggas if I’m up look it kind of body it
Barry nigga is a blood sport
if he dies he dies nigga period period
no so at the end of the day man
is what it is man so you gotta be built
for this new shit man it ain’t the
average shit this is poetry my nigga
it’s not barf a bar that’s where caste
fuckin up he’s still up there trying go
football football that’s when Joe Budden
battle fucking hallowed it down he try
to go up there go barf a bar niggas want
filling it because it’s more of a poetry
this poetry is talking it’s more talking
in rhyme and every fucking rhyme my
rhyming every two beats they’re gonna
catch the rhyme at the beginning it
rhymed by for five bars later by out
there go to rhyme
gonna be talking to you throughout that
whole shit and Wow to rhyme a word to
pop up I don’t know where old in the to
but it’s more poetry more gangster
poetry my nigga where you shit known
each other
so once the niggas figure out how to do
it against the poetry my nigga then
you’ve got it there’s poetry it’s real
poetical it ain’t no barf a boss shit
when they got a beat on and going boss
naw nigga that’s wrapping this is some
negative poetical justice shit nigga
period he said it’s basically shooting
at dozens definitely but with some
poetic shit its poetical it ain’t on it
ain’t no one definitely goes be all over
the place before they land Hey look at
the start
dooba dooba dooba dooba dude I put the
gag hat and boom they do all the
theatrics and then
and finally rhyme like that shit there
my man all of it to that part but the
city was saying had you so entertained
you didn’t give a fuck of the run you
feel me
loaded Lux you gotta catch it nigga be
rhyming there all types of shit my oh
what the fuck you just say it’s poetry
in motion my nigga I know what this shit
is real nigga that got bars mr. fab went
up there digging it was a game trying to
play with poetry my nigga fat could
really rack really freestyle all day but
that’s rapping it’s not poetry my nigga
period you’re three feet it’s a
difference man so that’s why I never do
it I never was a poet poet nigga now if
I did poet poetry in high school and
junior high and elementary and shit like
pop didn’t you know I mean what the
nigga that really do this yeah get down
cuz I be a poet and I’d be a wrap on top
of poet so I can do it but that poetry
shit is way different so I wouldn’t even
step in the Rain Man salute the URL
salute to all the niggas of battle rap
nigga y’all niggas are gifted I’m
entertained and I stayed tapped in my
nigga I can’t wait to the next battle
period I get you gotti pursue surf sir
came and that motherfucker looking extra
like he won playing sorry niggas well
yeah I don’t never get you got it from
the West I love that nigga know Frank
Ocean man he represented West man you
know me who y’all got on that one
Milwaukee’s tapping in I see you okay
yeah we’re gonna get to that my nigga my
nigga crazy talk about this battle rap
shit right quick breakfast you know
we’re gonna get to it
well yeah I think one with the Sioux
surf and the motherfucking I’ll get you
got it
les said he got goose you got it two one
okay yeah I got super balls and
metaphors man thanks let’s say you got
stupid bars and metaphors but those are
two different thing it’d be bark bark
can I come metaphor word out but it’s
like ah okay they want some shit some
theatrics all that brush they surf geese
you got E so we got one circuit got to
get you got ease you know how to draw
hella good to know good shit man
definitely man to come with the Arts mr.
Maxwell said what it do my G all right
man niggas ain’t into the battle rap
shit let’s get to the elephant in the
motherfucking room everybody talking
about the us verse I ran man do you
niggas think that Trump just started
World War 3 put the fire emojis up if
you think that nigga started World War 3
and put them thumbs down if you think he
didn’t if he you know me geeky okay – mo
Fergie Chi
I haven’t saw that battle sir okay one
for sir yeah nigga said he just started
World War three I see five oh geez dumb
ass fire emoji yeah okay one nigga said
nah okay couple niggas say he didn’t
just start at night and start World War
three nigga so yeah I think Iran don’t
want no smoke okay he playing with fire
yeah he playing with a lot of fight
fight you see that you see the dirt
under the deflection no deflection man
he said I’m going with J to kick fake
new they gonna be no war good shit man I
like what you say says fake news ain’t
gonna be no war he said I just tapped in
and seeing the battle okay we passed the
battle bruh bruh
they want one smoke but they ain’t ready
okay I agreed they won’t smoke but they
ready baby seed Salim I saw them with a
nice salad
I’d say this nickname salamati is salim
haini whatever birthday he had the most
historical fucking burial Evelyn you see
how many people came out that was
thousands it looked like hundreds of
thousands of people saying fuck the US
side of mine yeah I said it right okay
so I love money yeah man he had loyal
supporters man that nigga went out light
I see no shit like that for bin Laden
when he died I ain’t seen no shit like
that in the streets I see that forbid
like what that man was loved out there I
think they touched the wrong man
I think he’d had to go so hard I think
he could have bombed they ass like boom
you know here’s some troops and shit you
hit the top commander
you know me air and Iranian
motherfuckers we got out here their own
stores liquor stores all types of suits
that’s head of this Tech and head of
that Tech in Silicon Valley that’s
building all the drones and shit fucker
United stay on you got good niggas here
breath you got it
daddy gotta fly here they’re here they
just calling people marry make it active
but get active you gonna be seeing all
types of shit happen right here nigga
coy hope with me have a funny better go
bomb together I can because what you
can’t get out ain’t no way to get out I
can dig it it’s a fucking maze gonna be
struck an amazing it blew up so man this
ain’t a joke though but that nigga of
Corti funny you shit up fuck one yeah he
said Louie you I spent too much on
military to lose any war man Larry you
absolutely right my guy and Larry right
then the motherfucker they’re gonna
person the bigger the distraction there
had to be someone with a large presence
I think it’s all to distract the fucking
impeachment and to get him reelected see
the man truck said this shit in 2000 I
don’t know when did he said it’s either
2011 2013 or wanted
but he said some shit to the effect that
Obama’s gonna start a war with Iran to
get reelected because what he said he’s
too much of he don’t know how to talk to
him or some shit like that in he’s gonna
do a war just get reelected so um boom
here we go and about be elections is
coming up who starts the war what I read
and I think the nigga dad fucking Trump
said it’s Trump so Trump been plotting
this shit soon as he get in the office
thing I’m about to get this shit going
nigga period
Trump went up there and stunning said
nigga will meet the oil we got our own
shit fuck we got a kiss they ass today
oh yeah we got out we self-sufficient we
don’t need the oil
said right Iran Russia China North Korea
busted us as allies huh good luck my
good luck China don’t want no smoke
maybe China don’t want no smoke bombs
ain’t even going plasti ye my Nikki
you’ve seen any of them about their
missile tests that they have when
they’re came right back down I mean
North Korea North Korea I’m gonna say
China let me get it right North Korea
Kim child whatever that boy Kim you
better get your missile game right now
gonna muffins going in the air right
back in the scene again thinking bombs
came here Hawaii my nigga you better
stop yeah no I said no clue you do know
my nigga shit let there let it let the
news tell it let’s see it’s Ali is they
don’t sleep on North Korea I probably
know Korea got hella military troops
that’s what they do do they got a lawyer
military I see a lot of motherfuckers
marching in line before that weaponry I
see a lot of missiles and shit on tanks
this shit but I seen I got a nuclear
plant they got a new I think I don’t
know man I don’t even know these
politics man y’all let me know do they
got a nuke all I know is that Kim Jones
testing shit Nate was coming back I
thought I loved it shit he said to
Chinese I’ve seen it dude
u.s. cannot handle trying
well we owe them so much money that’s
why we don’t want to go to war with them
it ain’t about no motherfucking no
military got the strongest military
force in the world so they ain’t fuck
what is when the kind of military shit
but we all China so much motherfucking
money yeah they can say hey we bought
the United States near you that’s
collateral they can make a dam their own
we all so much money to China dig up
whatever they get what we all the money
to y’all hella money to them man period
we show your dollar debt today ass so if
I could just pull the button on all
right say we give you no more money
you know I mean that’s how they beat us
economically you fill the a got a puss
one bomb nigga
cut the water nigga period so yeah we
don’t want to smoke with them but you
see that nigga Trump was the Eggman
Russia China you’re up yeah we need to
put a stop to this
you want to play hey there y’all niggas
need to get on my side man theory but at
the end of the day man is it propaganda
the demands put innocent lives in danger
because they fire back they shot the
missiles they shot them got their
missiles that one of them us uh a basis
out there you know I mean our Trump said
it was no casualties a none but for us
it was it was a base of shared base it
was their base but us people were housed
there US troops are housed there so the
shared base basically so he says go stop
selling iPhones now niggas is stupid
aku said what’s in China I’m not trying
to get involved they bet not is that
true they don’t want to destroy her
because they said maracas
marika they want control there okay
mmm you got shit we all die a lot of
evil man with bombs we all die good one
that my boy makes you back in the day
good shit
Saul politics said Big Bear status ok
money gonna cut say I’m peeing went up
but all the guys is going up and just
digging Trump talked about we don’t need
them we got our own oil there why you
raise the gas prices nigga nigga Shyheim
is free nigga you know Shetty that’s my
nigga man if you guys – chahee nigga
tonight they’re gonna hit me man
that’s my guy guy and I see my nigga
said damn jimenez on deck man Schumaker
i better shoot me these niggas numbers
man my IG is Reggie in general man go
hit me on the DM man shoot leave my guys
number nigga
Shahin original gangstas with that nigga
man he played in the hole who we go
until he got smoked damn near the home
movie he had more rows than meeting a
guy one roll the genie of the lamp ya
chump is an animal and then the left is
is so excited yeah he said the guy can’t
come today yeah like you don’t know what
you cheering my G like I was totally
unnecessary okay they burn the US
Embassy and raided in and made
motherfuckers are back away after they
said that it was a lot of deficit in
December I think it I don’t know how
many I don’t know how many but it was a
lot of desk yeah I mean it’s
specifically children and the door went
up there and said like 20 20 babies or
something got killed by the u.s. that’s
what had a really furious and I’m a nerd
in you know motherfuckers went and
trashed the embassy you know and I guess
a foreign minister somebody was killed
and that maybe bomb got dropped but god
damn man you see the footage of that
drone don’t gotta do shit
they gotta hit the ground Dave man they
got drones nigger that’s dropping shit
on shit man I seen a car man and I need
to first cut first truck the second
truck the third truck the one in the
back should of insulae nigga turned
around and got little this nigga went
around he could have got away and try to
go towards nigga got hit blew his ass up
I said man listen man I wouldn’t treat
second why those motherfuckers ain’t
bomb-proof and bulletproof
I know chump riding around us and shit
and a bomb hit that motherfucker he’s
gonna be good I bet you it why one bomb
proof and bulletproof
you got niggas riding around and
bulletproof sheets right now that you
could buy yeah I mean I come with all
types of shit
you feel me why was it bomb-proof and
bulletproof are you the head
motherfucking general and you ride
around on a regular suburban no
bulletproof no nothing no bombs no
nothing no no motherfucking we-
bulletproof tires and reasoning with
inflatable tires nigga
well if you ain’t got that if you’re
general you need to ride around the
fucking army tank something to protect
you period
you can’t be riding around the suburban
nigga you can’t not being a top guy and
its own with the trunk guy and good
motherfucking luck brother is it oh hell
naw he said bars uh bursts uh French
Montana what you think crash that
because he owned dummy your food Oh bro
I retrieved I would have bounced I would
have got little man that motherfucker he
try to get little did he went towards he
like somebody total man go check on them
Levi was he like backed up you start
turning I think I’m nigga told me go get
him you trying to turn around that she
got bombed by I said oh he had a chance
to get away
why die nigger to just bounce me under
gotta change the wiggle there goodbye he
said uh he said Akron in this thing
gonna he said he’s scared haha ok Akron
understanding to act right his
motherfucking my Ohio players was
happening there young me to donate
donate a pain and get chat so we could
condone eight ain’t got that ain’t
monetize my nigga but what I will do is
put my PayPal link on this motherfucking
on when I post this and what we wanna
donate man to help the machine go better
and I mean help me get better cameras
how we get better microphone so we get
better lighting and I man gotta be
better but for the whole presentation
anything you did and I appreciate
period I appreciate me I appreciate that
man definitely yeah I drop the cash that
man definitely man no problem you know
five oniy and download it I appreciate
everything buddy
period he said it’s war going on that we
don’t even know about yeah
it’s only what the media promotes you
know I mean it’s only what the media
promotion but um I think Trump fucked up
period I think we thought bin Laden was
a motherfucker okay I just feel sorry
for the US troops that stationed out
there that got to deal with this shit
face to face you know I mean like it’s
sleeping quarters getting bombed this
shit your base is getting bombed and I
mean you got to do that shit out there I
think you should bring all the troops on
period and if you got drones that could
just fly up maybe even send them from
the fucking water maybe just had a
motherfucking base out there in the
water and instead some shit over there
didn’t had I should come back to the
base I don’t think we need people on the
ground if you got these airstrikes going
down period so bring our troops back
home man because you putting a lives in
danger every motherfucking day you’ve
seen how many hundreds of thousands of
people maybe they will make on any new
US reporter civilian child anything us
we’ll get murdered out there breath it’s
not safe to travel so y’all think it’s a
joke but it’s fucked up for everybody
and it’s the people you’ve got people
that’s from there without me to come you
know that them came out here married
American or probably a American black
guy American white guy American medicine
and trying to go back home with that
motherfucker met him up at the mutilated
and had been a chick that break them she
might get mutilated to for marrying
American so it’s crucial for everybody
man period not just a motherfucker war
mongers and the sick people don’t got
shit to do with this that didn’t vote
for him to do that that didn’t give
approval no yacht in the United States
thinking not the United States his
cabinet of course but the Democrats
didn’t even know what the fuck he was
doing a nigga sipping tea
it was done if I sent a tweet that means
is it no man you usually need to meet
with the UN NATO or something I need to
have a meeting and everybody vote then
it’s done snicker said fuck all that
fucking UN fuck NATO fuck United States
but the Democrats boom nigga I run the
army nigga I’m sending my guys a bigger
chump as an animal got Gators they get
too much power my nigga
but Obama did some fuck shit – man you
know I mean like we can’t act like Obama
they killed motherfucking uh Gaddafi you
know I mean the African you know I mean
the billionaire you know I mean – dude I
don’t know if he was a Chilean I don’t
know some type of he was Wow
surely there’s some shit like that them
britches motherfucking after that was
turning African currency to all go solid
gold in it you know I mean you can’t buy
oil from Africa unless you trade would
go that’s was it that’s what he was
about to run with they call a currency
go and if anybody any foreigners wanna
buy something oh it was shit you gotta
buy it and go motherfuckers were like a
net negative US dollar don’t don’t know
ain’t work shit and we ain’t got no no
go we’ve been gay to go to you know I
mean dollar used to be backed by gold it
ain’t back by gold no mo because when
you got that bunch of gold nigga not to
be buying all you and shit we got cash
they don’t ain’t worth shit
that’s right nigga ain’t worth nothin
nigga ain’t do no that shit over here
after but I tell you what I can do with
this go you feelin so nigga was chasing
the motherfucking currency to all gold
and motherfuckers one having it’s Obama
a.m. dropped the bomb on that nigga
period factoid fact the way bomber would
happen dalle work shit anywhere else but
America Mexico and I mean do your one
two you’re probably a double triple your
money other than that man good luck
but then in Mexico to actually add up to
the same shit cuz a little double money
you get shit cause double the money
double the pesos you know you get all
these thousands of pesos and getting the
store and see some shit cost me two five
hundred to a thousand pesos for one item
yeah shit yeah came up negative
it’s what it cost is that Chris Connor
this ain’t my beef in my this ain’t my
I’m my own president okay nigga ok nigga
say that jacket cold good shit but we
gettin a ride money you getting there
that money yeah I think it’s better stop
wait I know these niggas on all these
got them 7-eleven st. ann’s all the
liquor stores nigga make your nachos
make the sandwiches nigga don’t play
nigga they put glass all your shit fuck
you up nigga be a biological warfare
from the inside yeah bet early niggas
alone but you still go to the bill
occasionally when I’m in Oakland
definitely pull up I see what’s up with
the mind gotta see what’s up with the
mind you say you up stakes like this
shit man my beard look crazy though man
definitely got gonna shape up man they
been wild sick look at all this shit man
even sick of shit back period but we
good don’t get this shit going no no no
Cuban wife you got me for Christmas and
shit go to kill b-boy I own a big bleep
you know yeah buddy
dragon thing I mean a good Ally champ
but whatever let me give the fuck
it’s a rap costume you did you say hello
everyone how are you
if you ever meet left I damn did I do we
me TLC I think we did man I think we did
I know for sure we came in the game with
fucking Destiny’s Child wheeze on this
chitlin circuit with den for hella
shelves nigga when we first came into
loonies a 95 degrees on a chitlin
circuit with Dusty’s child nigga right
before we got onto a big factoid
initially so I know I’m new beyoncé
notes as they came and again tell you
know nah folks in cake nigga not 18
cause a lot of money right now we smoked
a lot guests coming um we don’t get it
poppin um I really think we’re gonna
narrow down the guest adjust the super
duper boys you know I mean it’s the
super like big boys because right now we
only got an hour show so when we do an
interview is usually like 20 to 30
minutes so that cuts down on our show
and we can’t really do what we do
yeah I mean there’s three of us and we
gotta get our shit off so we’re gonna
chill unless it’s some super exclusive
you know I mean some shit that we gotta
do get on me until we get the new studio
we get a new studio – so when we get the
new studio we could go longer with the
film longer be taking the two hours we
go to two hours then hey boy I guess
every time period but one Oh ain’t
enough time to have a guest and do your
show it’s not enough time Terry so you
know when we go to the new location
shout-out digital so box when you get
the new location popping we going up
period but we’re gonna try to live it
the most fucking interviews until we get
more time better space you know you
smoke burning down be free you know I
mean it really be smoking out radio
because nigga we came at be real TV
burning shit down they got me stranded a
nigga interviewing motherfuckers with
dispensaries nigut we strengthen seas
nigga debate whatever they got with the
cannabis community we was doing
interviews with every show we have
somebody from the cannabis community now
I mean it give us gang brothers on
legalization or brothers on a equity
plan yet I mean to equity plan whether
you could you know going to the lottery
and when the equity you know I mean and
get you a pass to get you a shot so you
know we have people giving you game on
how to license how to do all types of
shit mass but we can’t bring that to the
radio station you don’t mean you can’t
smoke in that motherfucker we can’t so
it’s a different type of vibe you feel
me but we’re gonna work it out stupid
because he hip-hip-hooray
yo you’re a black tour bus used to be
crazy off the hook but the boss man Jay
fucker from down south the West Coast
Midwest and the East Coast them up it
was in DC when we hit DC that
motherfucker got broken into man we went
to every motherfucking hood where we is
in Chicago with that motherfucker man I
put that motherfucker up to Debbie the
glass lady house nigga in the hood nigga
got a glass my motherfucking hood goblet
big-ass super jug is still in there
classy but yeah I had that on United
girls but we using I rap a lot to bust
niggas going everywhere nigga that’s why
damn they’re filming the whole you know
how to get a spark too long nigga I’m
torn that got them to wiggling but
period are you still that rap a lot now
I don’t think nobody a tripod I don’t
think it’s a record level no more I
think Jay is doing boxing I think his
son and him got my
is it my eyes I don’t know what a record
label called probably caught my eyes but
they got my eyes and they running it
he’s son
the new accent you know they doing that
so jazz and jazz and Jake jr. is doing
it yeah dad
I think it’s Jake jr. I think it’s Jake
jr. they’re doing it now jazz jazz
manager or I don’t know if he managed
Drake but he’s definitely in great
camping but uh Jake James jr. you know I
mean he does it period shout out to them
what up with the new dog Louis that’s
coming you know we bout to do it with
spice this time man so it’s gonna be big
so I have to budget behind it you got I
mean like all the others had budget so
you know when we do it’s gonna make sure
it’s big a huge neck you know straight
up salute see both loops spice my god
guys rapid I was the shit though hell
yeah rap alive with historical gangsta
label man period you know I mean but
when you discover Drake you don’t need
to rap a lot more you got the hottest
nigga in the game and you’re part of
that jay printz is a part of the biggest
fucking career in the game you don’t
need rap alive you got one nigga that’s
all you need be good Jay got Drake money
you don’t need nobody else period you
need that’s right I wouldn’t have a
label no more neither fuck these niggas
then you just kick back hey fuck them
niggas shower broccoli Joe gave me the
opportunity first motherfucker believe
give me a solo opportunity when it
should have been see no records you know
but version wanted to do it yeah yeah
yeah I read his book he got me in the
book you know definitely read the book
mm-hmm Godfather song give me through
life man good shit man that’s what I
make it full of man cuz I was going
through some shit man
you know the rest of my life on wax and
I know we are from different parts of
the earth man but we are going through
the same shit man
just different areas man all got same
problems all deal with saying shit
you know I mean so I put it out there
man I put out my weak moments my
vulnerable moments you know hip-hop is
uh if I was like the ground niggas only
want to talk about that highlights the
Grand Mall you’re gonna see the
highlight you can see when a nigga got
eviction notice on his door you’re gonna
see what an 8k paid child support
you ain’t gonna seat with a nigga you
know I mean you ain’t gonna see all that
shit when a nigga get his car
repossessed you’re gonna see all that
you can see his highlights same with the
rap shit rap is gonna tell you the
highlights they’re gonna tell you what
was down back make sure to act like they
this big you know big boss super bollard
ain’t never been broke so it’s all the
image you know I mean but at the end of
the day man you Brad come from the
struggle you know I mean so everybody in
the struggle you know I mean everybody
had to have someone get they weighed up
to survive so when I put my stories out
there I figured niggas then went through
the same shit I did you know I mean you
just got to do for mama name that die or
a different grandma that guy you know or
you from a different neighborhood well
you got to survive you know I’m you know
you know I made but we going through the
same shit but it’s got different slang
wires probably different temperatures
different weather conditions different
prices on rent and more uses is shit but
I look at that man we the same
motherfuckers going through the same
shit long as we live in America period
so that’s why I put my experiences out
there because I know it’s a lot of
people that’s going through it and music
is um it’s therapeutic yeah I mean it’s
like talking to a counselor or something
with you when you got that music I’m
just ride and fill it you know I mean I
should have bring tears to your eyes and
make you like man fuck that man you got
me I got straighten up get my shit
together like it shit that’s what it’s
man period I got old school songs that
ain’t ain’t ain’t even hip-hop like R&B
classic like soul music that inspired me
make me cry ready to get my money on so
you know um they’re gonna happen either
way through hip hop – shit Hardy or
whatever whatever music that touched you
but I’m glad I’m up for this field of
music that I throw out their personal
experiences man I’m glad I could help
you in life man
period you know what you think about
Uncle Matt funnies fuck man
anything hella funny man why didn’t it
go kami shit line like that man uncle
murder calm down minutes by like four
years in a row he’s still talking about
k.michelle my like three years in a row
talk about k.michelle my motherfucking
hot 97 man like you act like you fucked
up my nigga now if it was May know who
allegedly was the one who you know I
mean right up in and says yeah it’s not
slapbox slapbox should smell like a
sewer drain slapbox it so he tear up a
murdered his ship which is his home we
they all rock together and shit Brooklyn
murder put it on the wrap-up now they
both doing the interview what I think is
there’s a sturdy Breakfast Club I know I
think it’s the hot 97 eight it was one
mother I want to say it’s the Breakfast
Club anyway
nigga man you know like me I don’t eat
you know talking it you know me I don’t
know what what’s up with her stuff she
smell like a sewer bro I guess what you
told me man why you being up here being
my dad like wow so up a murder act like
he fucked a shield man and it was the
opposite thing it may know fuck this
period my name oh yeah she got to
slapbox it was breakfast club okay cool
yeah she got pure slapbox man I heard
that from a lot of motherfuckers man no
and no disrespect to Foxy Brown but I
hear she had slop boxing you know I mean
no disrespect but I heard that she was
like a nigger like hygiene one day you
know I nigger ain’t gonna even go there
but I nigga I was on Def Jam one of my
homies who decided dead
one of my niggas lied to Def Jam man and
foxy didn’t want to stay in the hotel my
nigga had the crib in North Hollywood
man so she stayed there for like a week
he said that bitch then take one bath
one shower that bitch just wash up like
brush her teeth we should put a makeup
on it throw some new clothes own over
the phone
you see the bitch was not taking it back
or a shower for a whole week that’s not
what a female do females hella clean
like that take two they take one in the
morning and one before they go to sleep
I take two baths or two showers a day
facts biggest birthday chief three times
a day because facts right no fee bill
don’t go
take a bird laughing I don’t even know
if it’s a bird bad he said she brush the
teeth and do makeup on my nigga and kept
it pushing my nigga need watch they just
come out the back nothing shower no
Sheen ask my motherfucking bath towel
none of that so there’s a couple big
people out there that ain’t got they
shit together man but we love them man
you know I mean we love them but hey
it’s a hygiene together yeah that I yeah
that’s nasty Bo shut up Foxy Brown oh
man but yeah hygiene one together when
she came to the West they got my nigga
crib for a week and then take one bath
or shower oh my god damn I love laughing
browning v Brown was bad shit to me back
in the day nigga hurry kill the watch
you tell me she don’t take no shell yep
he said why hate on real shit that’s the
real shit if be broke if you want and
the motherfucking of shelter and you got
a shared bath and share shower when you
couldn’t make it they give so much of a
line that you couldn’t get there
that’s only excuse for female come on
man now nigga
we rock the same clothes for a week
nigga don’t brush our teeth on shower
donut that shit be grinding nicotine
smell like that smell like last week
still out here getting it but a female
disgustin when the guy who let that
slide aku niggas we dug boss we could do
that not female my nigga now okay
no no and fuck no aku i fluffy cooling
on that
y’all niggas trippin I think he said
that’s that Mark Twain niggas stupid 20
blunts a day was that studio session
like shit lives in Miami we did that but
uh to like poof naked in Miami at a
studio you know I mean everybody was
there but uncle Luke um mr. mix my old G
does that nigga know me since I look he
was living in Oakland when I was doing
this shit he was living in Oakland
downtown Oakland what I was hustling
that so this nigga see me on the Block
hustling before I ever act and then
about three three years later cuz it’s
like 1990 or 91 it’s Nick of living
downtown okay so he’s seen all my moves
and gained 96 minutes niggas to do lick
rat then you same niggas me and no you
seen this boat me and none was on the
Block nigga mr. Mitch nigga seen us out
there wiggling but period and then the
hapless as the low knees he’s like bruh
you niggas is hella stupid especially
you big is out on the black running from
task for beating up though things
theyíve niggas in the studio with us
yeah we got guy word bank you know okay
see this to a dirtball pure dirt bow but
oh yeah man it was it was nice though um
Miami know Miami’s always nice they took
us to the illest rip clubs got us right
studio was hella dope you didn’t right
after that we went did this song cameo
because cameo was out there in Miami too
so we can do really pulled up in the
motherfucker in pure cameo form with the
big ass cup on and everything bird huh
big ass motherfucking high-top fade
knock this thing down
and we did some show cameo – so it was
dope the caveat did the cameo song make
it on an album I don’t think the cameo
song made it on an album some reason for
some reason it didn’t make it I don’t
know if it was the if we could have
cleared it oh I don’t know but it’s
cameo song didn’t make don’t think I
don’t think but yeah we did shit cameo
now the United ghettos shit look at that
going to Winnie Jude I don’t smoke like
Jude I’ve been up there you gonna call
in you know Jew down in the yeah Aryan
man so you know smoke a lot radio in
that leg so when he touch down we
definitely gonna fuck with that nigga
say it I ain’t gonna say that name black
like he know I’m gonna put my niggas on
blast like Omega said the l99
and she doesn’t we had to ill not her
she was so can you see I’m like the only
celebrity out here with slots why ain’t
the only one out here with slapped white
man should get crazy man pigs don’t even
you see no the big somebody somebody out
there that be doing bird baths they got
mad at somebody clown like a
motherfucker that said she only do bird
bath on the whole word what’s the old
girl named into the night the week
what’s her name man who’s that new chick
out here that they going hard on that
that be center shows is fucked up and
then she she’s showing up late not
Lauryn Hill it’s a new chick and a
summer fucking walk there you go summer
walking man or the cardi B – okay summer
walking says you take bird baths you
know take a bad boy shots he do bird bad
wolf how you get up in that in that junk
though is that tonal punani how you
clean the junk though you out get a
bigger guy like that thing so man and
marinate like
chicken they let that thing so maybe I
listen water going them over come out
the wind come out dish all that type of
shit how you get your pen Annie right
now you just rub that’s just a wash off
how’d you get in there you’ve got to lay
that tub let the bump of an ocean go in
and out man come on with going that tub
yeah fumigate they fumigate maternal age
your sea salt water with this because
this the kind of Gator that they pussy
salt some type of salt nigga and they
got damn vinegar you better throw all
that shit near blue so bad the bad dish
all that shit up they did your mom a
teach you about it hey good the most
embarrassing shit when I little going
that motherfucking back and see a
big-ass dish string and pouch hanging on
the motherfucking bad thing like what
the fuck is back I thought it was like a
balloon assume they got to pull water
that motherfucking stuffing it out holy
shit my mama beat my hand stuffing out
the dish I thought the water pump yeah
yeah what a good nigga turn the fish to
a water good nigga fuck you talking
about their mamas hell a man beat my ass
with a motherfucking extension cord boy
you ain’t got your ass whoop she got
water distinction court nigga out the
bathtub nigga when you asshole akin and
what getting good to dry off negative
ouch that part Thank You Ali
y’all niggas only know these district
court is because we got wireless phones
you still got extension cord at hotels
and shouldn’t landlines and shit the
court that you plug to the motherfucking
phone that goes into the wall nigga that
for your new Millennials I ain’t never
seen that Oh nigga mom
my eyes they turn that goddamn dish into
a month for the water can I know what
that motherfucker was me know what card
what card he was doing what card he was
oh hi yeah cardi Helen nasty
is that car he’s there calling circuit
of shit on IG I’ve seen at the business
fort is it all right she has some ill
shit coming out of but that shit with
since I like it here would be back
Bismarck eat shit nigga every fucking
beatbox Dougie fresh
Doug these fresh human beatbox Biz
Markie all-in-one nigga that’s what a
bus sound like is the beanie weenies for
ah my nigga on the what the fuck yeah
cardi had the bathroom smell like foxy
he’ll now night out see the committee is
in the building early I miss y’all
niggas man the committee is back in the
building see committee
ah shit he said pigeons want a birdbath
me yeah you got soaked at homei naked
soaped the hole I say that again my
nigga I think tank they changed it bitch
soaked the hole
soak the fucking hole bitch Terry I
don’t know what the fuck you Pig disease
man I know this got their hat look like
the old-school niggas I had to lose a
little shit
remember MTV but nigga had a little
contact jumps the white dudes I don’t
know what that motherfucking song was
but this shit look just fuck I got on my
god damn power watch that straight
streamers have to take air strippers got
to take showers and they’re definitely
definitely check it in from Richmond
Richmond in the building may I see your
nigga I see your bar on the lake tap in
I’ve been in about an hour by the
internship buy a couple more minutes man
keep your universe clean Oh Olivia pie
good shit Olivia Olivia keep her
universe clean but these young bitches
be on the move so much bruh I see the
bitch one of these bitches I follow on
IG that’s one of the body bags right
this bitch like just make me unfollow
her period this bitch got on that thing
said she fucked fo niggas in one day and
they take one shower one bad one
birdbath all the niggas got at the fuck
after sex and they my niggas are eating
out anything she says fuck phone niggas
in one day how much fucking time do you
got on your hand the fuck phone info
different niggas now four times in one
day with one niggas normal that’s sexual
active but for different niggas for
different celebrities in one day so you
went to a breakfast got fuck you went to
a brunch a fuck got fuck you went to a
little uh a little get-together got
fucked and you want the duck the party
and got fucked
four fucking times in one day either
bitch Wow I follow your bitch ass no
more every – every time I see that bitch
now my evil stanky bitch when Ashley ass
bitch it’s always the balance the ones
you think bad and innocent that’s some
best of wildest bitch that’s a bitch I
don’t take no shower no bath and fuck
slow niggas in one day hey what’s this
bitch named name I’m gonna put on
glasses I’m hella matter
look fuckers her name alright anyway
yeah bitch need yourself to hold
definitely soak the whole candidate
phone niggas folk different niggas in
one day now if you’re a prostitute get
loose you will have mo niggas than that
but if you were one of these Internet
hello IG PopMatters there anybody
looking up to I do that mix and you know
fuck photo celebrities in one day but
your pussy got mileage bitch you need to
rebuild your engine that engine go out
and they got bad training bad
transmission alternator them blew out
nigga all tight that engine is blown
bitch get back blew out photons and it
imagine a week she didn’t say two week
she said that day they said walls gone
nigga throws a shit like this in him you
don’t hear the shit lame and sit don’t
win in order to do my middle and god
summer’s eve on the go man you man you
not me bitches be having our little
sprays and shit man that’s just a
cover-up they funk man if they still
they took a bird back not mean bitch
beyond some mean little bath and
Bodyworks praise the shit they spray on
and keep it moving and you just smell
all this lollipop shit but the bitch got
dumb ass fuck off the sex under that and
their nickel smelling dough with that
miss break them little smell all that
have to come maybe those months they
need to come in a big square that leaves
a stick that’s gonna stay maybe that did
that’s gonna smell like a sewer if you
got multiple niggas nothin at the bitch
that pussy gonna stank that’s gonna be
that uh k.michelle that’s that’s that’s
gonna be Decatur shit when you get Swamp
Thing that comes from multiple duals
coming in a bitch
bitches be on birth control they let all
these niggas comment them and they don’t
clean itself ain’t taking a bath ain’t
go no dinner stay let soak in the hole
and just get another up in them and did
they spread and they smell like the
fucking bottom of the sewer they like
wondering why nigga bitch in the fuck 8
niggas and let them come in you cuz you
on birth control they give you cool but
you didn’t clean your hole now the next
thing I did with all that fuck you like
cuz your pussy kicking up so much funk
you down there knock the nigga out
behind you gotta come with a
motherfucker man
clean 8 y Manuel somebody need to make a
clean twat manual for these actually
take my man teaching shit hey mama
probably more than thought to noon so my
man taught him shit
you bitches don’t know no better it stop
buddy boy friend big boyfriend take bird
baths and she liked that bitch I gotta
watch them go to work that’s how you do
it yeah that’s how you do it
we’ll wash it up boom we out tips on how
to take a birdbath the bitch ran with it
he said I know what a good sick ain’t
nothing wrong with a good sick
definitely definitely my nigga that
bitch had a bit a pimp named slickback
to try to teach you how to buff I can
take above fucking Birdman we got me on
the go bitch you gotta go
she’s got another nigga – slut get on
bitch bitch good Adams soak the hole so
the whole not firing a hole so the hole
bitch sit your ass in that tub bitch ass
down man some bitches only take showers
you got a question that soak the whole
bitch showers is for men – is for women
soak the whole bitch you can’t just be
taking showers bitch it out get up in
that dang thing they think yeah and a
half these bitches the turned off man
happy big smell like sword you’ll be
angry okay Michelle got yourself to old
man shots and this was crying and shit
gotta get the a shots take it out bitch
coach I look like somebody not this you
from Nashville you should be able to
grow it you should be able to eat beans
and rice corn bread and all the other
shit that the down south super thick ass
motherfucking bean bitches look bigger
than a fucking horse I mean no
disrespect but nigga down south h-town
the other seasons Clydesdales I’m
talking about
megastar you my ass shit she’s skinny
compared to motherfucker compared to the
real huge the Clydesdale there she’s
now your dumb bitches are naturally
built big and thick as shit yeah so pay
me shit if you wanted to ask you should
vacate it too
Houston or Dallas for a year got you a
good diet and I mean good diet plan
going on out there you without all the
ass you needed cornbread motherfucker
yeah you would have all the ass you need
instead you went to the dr you want to
be cheap you don’t want to go to dr. dot
with the name dr. Miami you want to go
to him you know what we’re go to doctor
but in LA
yeah I went to the dr and a dr joe s dr
on you and ii i said that surgery the
girl ass is so big she couldn’t walk who
wants to ask that big my nigga
hey you gotta think most of bitches with
asses in junior high school you know i
mean they grew up to have it you know
nice little super big ass but once they
get old after kids and shit that ass
become a dump truck there’s so much ash
you know lonely no more teary eyed have
seen biggest from way back there was the
best body bit and then you see the bitch
like out and of doing her stuff just on
the floor at a party bitch what happened
all the thickness turn to fatness man so
you know you got to manage that
thickness to you i’ve managed that ass
you start having so many kids nigga
started to a blip with a acid about this
totally lose herself better at the fo5
kid lost herself
mom fucking got a roadmap got GPS all on
the stomach all on the side i hits this
shit still got a ask though she’s got a
body like the motherfucking michelin man
I had that Michelin ass and I miss them
body bitch know that you know what else
going on for I get up out here man
one moment and put this little anger low
not know one mo before I go one moment
what we’re gonna talk about before I get
up out of here
he’s going to tap in want to apologize
for that rant the other day was
definitely unprofessional
definitely not no boss shit man so um
yeah I mainly wanted to do that
but we don’t went to all types of shit
war miners nigga Trump nigga Iran
k.michelle uncle murder vaccine no no
not young name ain’t foxy no
motherfucking mo you’ll need to deserve
you called foxy new your name is ill no
no that’s it
damn don’t motherfuckers always live up
today names though I’m young mouth man
I’ve got a fucked-up mouth man my mouth
give me a trouble all the time
they got talk shit and niggas mad at me
beef just for my conversations man so
I’m really young mouth no no I no
cavities no shit like that and I know
missing grilling and I’m be good but yep
mouth nigga from the shit I talk you did
Oh ain’t nothing you feel me
ain’t nothing but motherfuckers really
live by their name though Foxy Brown is
really too ill not now
facts facts facto it mmm-hmm thinks
they’re cool lotto breath damn right we
talked about Iran man brought you kind
of late a cake we talked about Iran we
said that are we in the beginning stages
of World War through I’m a shoe dad Liz
oh shut down the motherfucking social
media shift and getting roasted you said
committee niggas did it again yeah
always do it y’all shit niggas down
maybe I go hard on motherfuckers man
nigga shit they shit down man just like
the first or the last celebrity that’s
gonna shit they shit down from get sig
Donna roasted man happens a date man new
niggas quit their account every day B
why should hang that new man listen like
the first one get a count rolls or
whatever I think cable should I think
what’s her name did the shit to what
she’s going through it with a weed
goddamn ot Genesis fucking my sister in
the town man
Cole Messi set our whole IG now that’s
it UK look at the heard you got dev ot
jettison start doing means this shit on
each other bitch shut her hole shit
they’re not that bitch my little sis
said a hole shit down they thought I
fuck that thing gonna be dissing meaning
right now
she got a dope ass new song doe that’s
to come back like a motherfucker man her
kailani oh yeah that’s a nice one man
shot I’ll kiss you cold came on back
like she never left you did mm-hmm
you like that Oh teachers remix Thunder
casing man he better not be
disrespecting Keyshia Cole then I think
it was in a club I think on New Year’s
or something him snoop the game autumn
look at the singing shit hell all beat
up like nigga don’t stop there well I’m
just having fun there I think it as the
nigga jumping around man theory you know
he just joking
yeah man Kondo oh we just got the
application back from the people who
looked at it they loved it it’s a family
a husband a wife and I’m a child so it’s
more than enough room for them to
bedroom so perfect for their period they
love it they like it I love it
we bout to get them in their period on
to the next yeah I know
yeah I’m not loan my nigga period I post
some shit on my IG man when Rick Ross
it’s something about manless and that’s
this shit that we could touch now man he
said okay they call you by you know
making new car better than the one you
just bought think I always make me jury
better than a jury this by but that
house that she bought on that black
that’s gonna be your motherfucking
property they can’t remix that that’s
yours my nigga you milking that got your
land so he made a point that it’s this
look is better than invest in land
because you’re always gonna own it
theory and then gonna be appreciate it’s
gonna keep gaining it you know and
the jury the cause all that shit
depreciates let’s see if you’ve got a
custom jury piece now you’ve got the
these you know I mean to change the shit
by yourself you get your money get your
money but you got some shit like this
that’s custom-made good luck don’t try
to sit get your money that you spit for
this motherfucker back when you sell it
it ain’t gonna happen because they got
to melt this shit down this shit ain’t
gonna sell like this I got to melt it
down melter go you know I mean put the
motherfucking ice get all the diamonds
out and sell it like that they can’t
sell it like this so you feel me it’s a
look good on me but the average
motherfucker it’s not gonna work period
so at the other day the shit is costumes
you know I mean this motherfucking
rapper costume period now we playing
jiaying the road this gonna be still
worked with his work once I put the
diamonds and shit and do all that
diamond and wrist and shit I fucked the
watch up you put holes in a Rolex watch
now that ain’t even work what it’s worth
no more so you see these niggers with
all these aftermarket bust downs and
shit I shouldn’t work shit but the
diamonds that’s in it and a goal yeah I
mean that’s it and half them shit since
it’s a stainless steel so you really
ain’t got nothing coming but it looked
cute you know I mean but what the whole
purpose of buying shit is being able to
get rid of the shit when times is hard
you feel me if I ever go broke god
forbid all this shit is to sell period
everything and that’s what you get it
for if I ever go broke the condos for
sale the house for sale the cars to sell
the jury for sick and I’m back period is
that easy
it’s that easy
so you know
period so I did a date man you got to
you know invest wisely I think real
estate is the best thing to see quick
and fast results anybody can do stocks
and bonds and shit but you better be
ready to dump like a quarter mil and
that shit could really see some money
that to where you can live off month you
know what they pay to uh the residual or
the Quarterly’s and shit yo quarterly be
nice enough for you live your life and
pay your bills you gonna have to drop
them your 150 to a quarter million and
some nice stocks that’s gonna really pay
yo basically fifteen thousand a month
living costs that you need but then
that’s just surviving where’s the profit
you know I mean so look cute I want to
just survive and they don’t want to make
money period I ain’t here to survive my
nigga I’m here to make extra money and
be able to stack not make some shit that
where I could just survive just pay my
bills I’m on my bills paid and I want to
have extra money too you did fact do it
so that’s what’s up man speak on the
interactive live chat I’m out this
motherfucker man salute to everybody who
subscribed to you god man we’ve got this
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do it major get my TV I’m out this bitch
right now
got it

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