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GET RICH or DIE SNITCHEN! <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up with the nation may we in the
building talk about it old I say we
gotta talk about you did get this you’re
hearing me
let them up fuckin up committee getting
his mouth bucket with a roll call you
know I’m a CEO tapping in mmm-hmm shot
one time okay yeah I hear me my nigga I
got a little microphone go on and
shaking out here the kid yudo nabobs
okay y’all hear me test the mic one tool
can you hear me oh yeah y’all niggas hit
me but the thumbs up if you to hear me
if it’s lower than high put a thumbs up
if you came you came all right cool
perfect we all touched this little
little microphone shit that I hooked up
to my shit yeah that many fucking job
you did it’s good to tap there going I
seen my nigga DJ AG in the building we
got talking about it buddy we got a
sneak on it get it
hey Z in the building I see you nigga
uh-huh I see y’all niggas okay deep in
this motherfucker man
okay filly in the building makes a
little to the bigger game get it yeah
okay tap it in Macca lamento and the LBC
nobies tap in here nigga
yeah I mean okay PG County MD okay Union
City on the tap-in but lay on the tap
and I see our niggas Richmond yeah boy
I see nigga stepping in Casey in a
building nigga Indiana in the
motherfucking building no hopefully I
see your nigger gotta die Oklahoma
Detroit on the tap feeling what it dude
Oh nigga got it out what out though
Newark in the building cally you’re not
me see I don’t tapping in enough wet
hey within the motherfucking building
yeah I mean Phoenix the AZ in the
building Mac what I’ve made so one more
okay niggas tapping in there we got
really talk about this here get it
really got talk about some shit today
Jose I see how the Bama in the building
I see nigga in the building wait till
wine and his mother fucker Mexico on the
tap here man I see your nigga is hiding
his motherfucker me I need a child it’s
on them like down me like right oh yeah
little Tom on that motherfucker right on
the kid mm-hmm Jojo in this motherfucker
what’d he do though I see your nigga
they light a little closer though over
there you go Joe yeah we in this
motherfucking Oh mate don’t that niggas
lookin all the nigga knows this shit
trying to make it no yeah we got to talk
about it my nigga ain’t SAP no rocky
back niggas out here pointing fingers
like et my nigga I mean I’m just sayin
back and he ain’t phone at home Nick but
he’s trying to go over time for the yep
oh boy and they can say time for the yep
oh boy
no man we got to talk about Rainbow
Brite Punky Brewster
all that shit back next a snitch way
snitch way you absolutely right money
that nigger was on the stand pointing
fingers broke that nigger was about
lacks witty till he’s all linked up on
the little lead up on what a judge I
think it would little desperately Jersey
linked all on their motherfuckers relax
nigger like this nigga is too
comfortable singing nigga then he got
the point everybody out there get Jim
Jones cardi be like god damn do what
anything you doing my nigger like you
got to just really time telling on
niggas back I was filling that bread I
want to fill it out but it was way out
of pocket for that money take almost a
seven could just hold another height
if she got the kid extra low Joe okay
now they can’t even see it Nick hold up
too high for still too high for niggas
man I flooded maintenance you know it’s
happier no but yeah brah no snitch our
oh brother old snitch out here
what the fuck Jim Jones the cardi B had
to do with anything my neck I think he
got the name the triple red all types of
niggas my nigga that nigga is a cold
piece of motherfuckers snigsworth
know you niggas y’all niggas DJ
academics especially do you take koala
demyx it was mild than with them niggas
regular mob and ha
maybe the first nigga post and
everything they go you’re a snitch on
Casanova everybody my nigga he was on
one by negative skinny from the night
nigga dead nigga one on a whole rap
rappers listing all the happenings
niggas trying to take them all out late
gentlemen filling it up gentlemen on the
radio station and killed the nigger man
go to my IG man check out what he said
about that I had to post that man Jim
adios it niggas on radio ASAP
god damn that boy sir yeah toy lane and
nerve of you nigga you say you missed
this nigga to miss a nigga not locking
niggas up but you trying to take out the
whole fucking Brooklyn money for real
nigga take the whole bed-stuy down with
a migit
this Stuyvesant so I take all them
things down but little sees me dumb
people put you in you know a little
season to you my
man he’s like one of my old G’s man he
was a bright boy you gonna bid for
Stuyvesant yo ass baby
that boy was an agent sent by the face
to destroy hip hop um you never know you
never know who was the guy that he met
in the motherfucking our restaurant when
he was uh when he was busboy when he was
doing this shit in the restaurant and
they came at him like do here at me like
I don’t know and I’m a but shit you got
niggas say you had to image and then you
start doing a punk rock shit and all
that whatever that was what was it say
that nigga wasn’t a federal agent you
never know but I know that nigga was a
rock the world overnight
2017 is when gumbo came out by November
2018 nigga the whole everybody in that
video was locked up nigga and including
him one year later it’s all good just
again go nigga yeah that I shake what
you own a little barking barking shit
what’s up with you man
now you want to get all in the video
yeah Jake you’re the building kind of
bark this shit but you don’t need to be
barking it shit man call me a little
heads down but period yeah me still
that’s a Louie cabone are you good that
nigga serious about that Kali take that
collar I’ll be ready to bite you you
know that’s Louie nigga ready to bite
you a nigga blue flag his little do a
follow-up grand – yeah – in his mouth
and bring your teeth put my shit back
home it’s Vegas how the bougie
you know bougie ass nigga black backs
like you know Taco Bell that’s exactly
what this nigga ain’t black
Jake you have a funny bigger funnier
snippet anyway man cardi B yeah Carly is
like nigga cardi was minded like nigga
you I’m a brim not a trait you said it
yourself I’m a brand without a tray
busted I killed her called a good shit
man appreciate it and I appreciate the
love master Luke defeat Rock the
legendary you know me teamwork make the
dream work you did it cuz I’ll fly you
know I meet anybody else need mmm snitch
way snitch wait took the stand my nigga
nd it’s like a it’s like an episode of
power or something you got first episode
the next episode niggas a whole nother
episode coming here testimony three we
don’t know who we gonna name on this it
ain’t over
stinky he’s gonna keep going man keep
going nigga just take it over nigga you
think this shit over good luck
snitch wait I was uh checking out what’s
my dual name Bible hip-hop Bible one of
them thinks he has somebody on there
from New York and he was like brother
who was the first nigger Nate crew born
in jail because he was under
investigation since 2017
March of 2017 before kakashi even hooked
up the copy of them niggas in November
there was investigate these niggas since
March of 2017 who went to jail first and
start their investigation
that’s the question my nigga inquiring
minds wanna know no no Bible hip-hop
thing the Bible hip-hop you know I mean
uh podcast he had him do it on there
making up some good points you like shot
he was the first nigga going to jail
next thing you know everybody start
going to jail so we don’t know man
period but I know they didn’t leak the
motherfucker shoutout AG DJ AG
well use the motherfucking man my nigga
when it comes to that whole tray wait
like the court building you think you it
think you visited shouty nigga hell is
shitbird brother with this shit but you
mo with the shit in academics my nigga
ever saw some bullshit but you really
covering this shit and you being on a
neutral type of situation you know you
don’t know you know I may know is your
homeboys it was kicking them with the
niggas now you dissing them nah you like
really trying to you know I may prove
that there’s some good news I see what
you’re doing but snakes way snitch way
you know the vibes broken owner buys the
bird really do with journalism go you
gots to loop to that man there nigga
pulling up at the court at 6:00 in the
morning they be okay with the price name
with a Kanban out nigga
now you niggas don’t live from your
telephone and all it a little stupid
little ya ain’t stupid but it’s easy
that meant really going out there
getting that kind of 10 minutes to look
them up I get its AG not DJ AG it’s AG
man I keep saying DJ AG like a
motherfucker it’s AG TV my nigga like
that guy so what did Jim Jones doing in
the service name throwing in it I don’t
know you know Mel matrix I think he was
a part of the case you know I mean a
nigger from the burger gang you know so
they trying to say that okay since
mental matrix was you know at me Jim
Jones that you never know the street
politics man but I know Jim Jones was
highly upset you know all right gonna
say what he said you go listen to that
let you know his I do say what he said
very upset no matrix is upset she won’t
you did okay we talked about it on smoke
a lot radio – that shit about to drop
tomorrow new episode smoking out radio
we had to take third and that bitch
makes a little could take third
then fit in the winner of the journey
movement I ain’t even know that but the
inventor of the jerk moving man take
third was definitely up in smoke about
radio so we got that shit droppin to
marvel and we touched on that shit but
when we touched on this man we went all
the way off man we had a motherfucking
argument about all types of other shit
so imma let you guys see that but it got
heated man y’all better go look at this
shit but we got a dope interview with
him but when we start talking about this
snitch away shit man it got crazy
now you got to look at the new episode
of smoke light radio dropping tomorrow
make shameless plug but we went crazy in
that motherfucker and y’all going like
it’s don’t have people mad at me it’s
gonna have people mad at do you know I
mean like you know what side you choose
you’re not me period but I was sticking
up for my news that’s all i’ma say no
Franco shit man Gary know you’ve been a
snitch other people out facts that’s the
part three trilogy he’s coming down
comin on everyone everybody everybody
talk about everybody but a bone thugs
are singing like a motherfucker
everybody everybody everybody now I’m
gonna miss everybody I’m telling
everybody they won’t get this thing like
boom doesn’t our motherfucker be wear
them up go see a committee in the
building man you know I got a slide one
in there man then we’ve made some
serious man what did jumps at me
what exhausted me Oh guys no glad you
didn’t touch me man classes almost got
nigga better leave that Punky Brewster
nigga alone Casanova almost got killed
at the Berkeley nigga shots on the fire
maybe he lucky guy got his hands around
you need to be praying thank you Jesus
mm-hmm lead singer for the cops I’m done
my nigga that’s in the group the new boy
band the cops sick of idiot of building
guys know better be glad he breathing
facts and all that exertion man French
Casanova a couple times
remember there’s in the street nigga
following that niggas body but stuff are
you gonna fight 30 niggas niggas like
press up on him a couple of time there’s
on his helmet I’m sorry it was real
shitty hot though dear he was not no rap
lyrics in this real Street beef nigga
airs on cash head hey Gary I just go run
the blue – blue man you could never lose
with a little baby
it’s og glue you know me mm-hmm
Trinidad man come on man
Trinidad in the building late tapped me
and I see you nigga six nine featuring
the face lack of the convenient ability
things going crazy these niggas they
Smith’s not feature in the face nigga
song car lock them up yeah I think it’s
crazy man chameleon ability I did not
hesitate my nigga Jones going nigga you
got nine one one on it I’m done with you
fuck you baby put my shit on the next
y’all niggas ain’t cool man
meaning a builder make viable now you
know the box
mm-hmm you think cysteine I still gonna
make money off music definitely met the
new Millennials don’t give a fuck about
with these nigga donate ryerson alright
this is like gay all types of shit no
disrespect to the letter people you’re
not I mean but there’s some types of
foodie shit going on I don’t care no as
a motherfucker making hit music they’re
gonna rock with you so guys should come
out with a hit a snitch it’s telling me
that snakes in the rap game
yeah still fuck with I don’t think
that’s fruity in the rap game yeah still
fucking long as they got a hit they fell
off y’all gonna help you through the ass
nigga you snitchin ass nigga if they
fell off but if they own they music
surpass all of the drama all of the
rumors nigga don’t give a fuck about the
rumors nigga
perfect example are Kelly right we’re so
in love with this nigga music that we
didn’t give a fuck that this nigga was
really Wiggly allegedly but them songs
me ain’t nobody wrote that you wrote
that for later age ain’t no port number
nobody number I mean you could hold the
fucking songs ma’am my body telling me
though my buddies say yeah come on man
come on autumn songs snitched on period
tell me are you ready fuck you ready
it’s all about immersion my nigga no
grown-ass lady gonna be ready grown-ass
lady be ready hey go have some grown-ass
lady is she ready
that’s teenagers you’re a bunch of teeth
but shit yeah man I better get grasping
out here but that’s toddler music man
you ready that’s sort of teenager nigga
ass and you know I made this chick that
he been dating for a couple years is
like 14 age 16 are you ready mom is
sitting here as we kidding me you want
to come over here Eddie
that’s that type of shit that ain’t no
grown-up talk nigga
so we knew allegedly
that bread bread was the boy boy but
still we fuck with his music we still
fuck what is be seen that fucking tape
when I’m pissing on a girl my nigga we
said it was his brother because there’s
this music so the music if you got hit
just surpass the drama I hate to say
everybody do so if you come out with a
motherfucking hit it’s gonna surpass the
drama period I hate to say it but that’s
what type of society we hear right now
they don’t give a fuck about what you
did g-code and all that colds and shit
and I don’t respect that she went out in
the 90s early 2000 then 2005 enough that
she’s out the window the colder the
streets all that shit no Mike I know
Cole especially in his music shit you
filming that shit out the window Shindo
Mike man what the fuck is a crescendo
man somebody tell me Mike was making out
worries man you gotta love Michael
Jackson know Franco she but that nigga’s
making up words I’m some of them Psalms
my nigga tell me what is a crescendo my
nigga type in a definition definition
please I wait what’s the crescendo i
Mike got a moonwalk from the casino my
nigga no what was it a gun it gotta be a
gun my nigga B was struck by a
Shindo that gotta be like a chopper some
money he was struck glass shouldn’t
don’t any I had to be like the illest
pistol in the world
nigga what’s a crescendo gotta be like
some old diligent type of revolver type
of gun
fuck y’all want to do the crescendo
nobody know what the fucking casino is
exactly but I love Michael Jackson we
let that snipe might be making up his
own words and some of them songs my
nigga period something to do with music
he hit on with a crescendo me ah
samurai sword okay I knew it wasn’t
something of a Shindo okay boom we hit
the nigga with a samurai sword okay
bingo thanks for clearing that up
I know the could send oh my G but now
that people don’t care what you do so I
think Takashi could come out and make
the hit and still be accepted with the
today’s temperature fuck they like knows
either snitch on me that’s a new one he
said show me so fuck it we cool me what
he did he took the whole hood down oh
cool we cool nearly no uncle this mix of
us to maybe took the whole black out the
whole city out nigga you next you better
watch it is they gonna leave over to
ladies are going toward max that ain’t
no joke that probably literally happened
Tory Tom howdy miss them that’s gonna be
the first thing that door Motul toy lays
back though
mmm I feel you he said fuck black you’re
trying to take down the whole music
industry I see that man don’t throw
cardi out they’re the most successful
artists money the most successful female
artist right now what’d you say okay
mega style you doing yo stuff but nobody
doing it like cardi right now period so
the most successful female artist right
now from my you smile her name in that
shit like you yeah yeah hang out you
don’t even got a son with cardi he got a
song with Nicki my nigga if she was with
train waiting my nigga that be the first
person you have a song with right I did
Nick is this crazy Jim Jones is in
trade-weighted I’d be the first nigga
song with right I hate there they said
Jimmy out even trending I posted that
nigga on my page he definitely on my
page so Frank Ocean he dumped me on my I
see that interview was slick you got on
that shit quick NASCAR fast oh good one
the comitia the nation said they think
Nikki’s behind it because she’s people
work hard you think this nigga and Nikki
is on speed down from the face whatever
protective unit he’s any good
Nikki what’s going on with you man fuck
this bitch cardi man won’t you do
something when you get out they got got
that hit for you nigga I’m overtime
right now but when you get out come out
of retirement do a hit for you ass nigga
put this bitch on blast nigga that
happen sound cute oh I should sound cute
what up buddy don’t make speak on it man
listen when y’all speak on it we don’t
talk it period
they said I’m next yeah yeah I’m gonna
do it that nigga the Bison is on these
they academics definitely well
right there he held the pistols in his
camera back and he got us into demux
under the bus you never know I better be
cold everybody shut the fuck up he
probably thought act there too yeah he
was a new member you know we didn’t want
to let nobody know cuz he was
responsible for blowing up the group is
his mission was you know it’s part was
this you know keep us in social media
and blow us up with the marketing so he
was part of group – oh yeah I probably
get thrown in the sauce his next nigga
down P what up pepper and see my mom
nigga in the building mate yeah that
well yeah I think I’ll throw a kin the
juice man theory oh yeah man he had all
the pistols in a camera bag when we went
to the Barclay that’s how we even got it
in because I got a press pass and he
don’t come with a bag for everything and
we just grabbed the shit out his shit Oh
act man you better watch it bro you
better watch it
mm-hmm koala demux better watch it man
you better climb up that tree in high up
the motherfucking tree but demyx I don’t
but palm trees man the tall ones men and
Cali fill out the county high natal
that’s prime tree but Kyle is like
climbing the tallest palm tree my Jeep
no Frank Ocean man hideout my nigga you
next nigga they’re called a whack of
I’ll call koala demux bear cuz that
nigga try to go up in trees man my boy
slim for hunting impressed on that nigga
got that goddamn up that’s a a complex
come koala Dennis was in the bushes
nigga he’s ready ready climbing all the
way in the bushes
it’s like nigga koala demyx man that’s
what her name comfort I think was in the
bushes ready to climb that goddamn tree
better get away but so quiet didn’t
shout out to you member and niggaz is
using my ship all of a sudden everybody
like well they look fit in the room man
look fit in the room man we said they
don’t smoke a lot radio about oh five
last but talk about elephant in the room
the elephant in the room all of a sudden
I think you know you niggas ever stay
down spinning room fast and shout out
the motherfucking out black Jesus black
Jesus hit us with the rerun and I mean
on The Breakfast Club try to take on
spill well you know uh a stallion is a
male horse man we been there death Jesus
we been said that was smokin on radio
but but he took that uh
Breakfast Club on this interview like I
love mega stallion but I study it is a
mental horse nigga I love you brother
shout us out don’t miss it you know I
got that for smoke without radio man my
nigga young man from Oakland at luly’s
give it to us back all of a sudden shout
out motherfucking black Jesus doe the
new season coming this month mance a
little black power black excellent man
salute to my niggas back on TV get out
me smoke yours to my niggers you know I
mean no disrespect there my guy guys you
did so I check out that new black Jesus
new season coming this month it gets a
little too my niggas ain’t back ya know
mm-hmm you say why she might be next to
real dough you never know man what the
why’d you have to do it – oh wait shit
what did you do yeah you never know what
are they gonna pull out we got away from
that part 3 episode 3 like we watched
the wolf ain’t you know who are you
seeing rake wanna shoot you know we
ready for the next episode you see your
name Ghostface Valentin good we ready
for the next episode my nigga – it
reminds me we wait for the next
so the next testimony this nigga is
going crazy
but the illest nigga Nebraska be where
I’m Megan anything ain’t doing a song
with me oh cool ready he’ll be thinking
on doing that one too kid
oh cool yeah I’m gonna play too much
because they gonna do a song with yep
when you get out
psych not today so are you going for the
record number sneeze brother man that
nigga try to have white it’s bad enough
you took down the whole train way my
nigga like you ain’t satisfied with that
fuck that cardi B Jim Jones nigga tricky
slip for the night talk about nice
murder every nigga niggas resting in
peace she gonna be crazy on that yeah
just like this baby it ain’t no problem
you don’t even like take that ain’t
nothin matter with the kid
regular foe here like everybody else
daddy Dave yeah but anyway they’re gonna
show everybody nigga everybody
mags me ain’t even got out yet max be
you next nigga said I look like to
change little brother uncle now to do
that yeah that brace anybody see that’s
all shit that’s why I couple my braids
you know I mean we’re happy cuz
everytime I had my shit out I had my
braids on loose little Wayne Lee goes to
Chang I get
that shit all day my nigga so like he
might shit braid it up tough good shit
coming you know me and do my own image
you know I’m a period but you know shit
out me go miios yeah nigger
no way two days no yeah Oh loonies on my
hey you look different yeah I got grown
I grew up look like a nigga from 95 I
grew up so I try to my own spiel I’m up
about that niggas it’s nation at an
all-time high
y’all favorite rappers these niggas you
was defending you were defending these
niggas break like y’all hey why you talk
about now you know now all y’all niggas
talking about it was all good just a
week ago it was all good this week see
if we put your own highs that nigga got
paintings nigger they got Picasso’s of
this nigga snitchin
they got paintings nigger like drawings
and sketches of the snitch the et finger
out them trying to phone home make it
like idea but that’s our favorite rapper
though you millennial niggas man got to
know him hair like sometimes there’s got
the dopest music ever but you gotta
check they background you gotta check AG
car that mean if this oh you know I mean
positive numbers do not mean all good
scores on the G car and I mainly the G
Co school you know I mean sometimes you
want to know if a nigga what he talkin
is real you know I mean know not to say
what Takashi was talking when Rick but
if you’re not from it you ain’t gonna be
no nigga that just joined today ain’t
gonna be as loyal or have the seniority
of a nigger that was born in that die
forward that like nigga I’ll never do
this shit because either I’m gonna get
killed for snitching or you know I mean
I can’t do that that that’s against our
rules naked niggas died for that and you
raisin known that since the little nigga
you raised not the tattletale you raised
when you play cops and robbers then you
did not want to be the cop you always
wanted to be the robber
period so I was raised like this is
little kids not to be titled telling and
not all that shit and then when you in
the hood there’s real street activities
niggas a cold and I made this is a
hotter you know I mean nobody talk about
shit that go down here period you go to
the grave with what’s going down here
without telling nobody but we know we
not talk about it
when go snitch we tell the police nigga
in my neighborhood nigga the bill is the
big ass right city it’s a mini city
nigga and phase and people neighbors
everybody look out the window see niggas
get stabbed shot kill all type of shit
and they just close the window and my
name business cuz they know they
snitched niggas kicking down the door
the next day okay you can snitch on a
nigga that one nigga but you got a whole
city full of niggas to deal with the
next day so that they can go to jail but
niggas kicking down your door and
shooting you now you did that’s back in
the day no nowaday niggas snakes get
away with shit do what they do and be
the hottest rapper in the game
you know then still fuck with trannies
on time seem to be the hottest nigga in
the game or whatever back in a day night
you couldn’t even act like another nigga
back in the day man everybody had to
have they own Sam so how it is right now
niggas is more acceptable to know
Millennials they get taught the game I
think that’s why they run with the
renegade rules day you know me okay we
won’t accept anything and being gay we
don’t set the nigga win
that’s gonna suck gonna get noisy that
don’t music his music is dope it’s the
way the shit survived long as is the
vibe they accepted you did so I never
understood that shit you know amaze them
nothing getting a dose today all
medicine me a nigger that they thought
was about really divided Fifi
let’s see what Johnny I said oh look
Sherif edition now I had to break it
down right quick
no I asked some jokes had to break it
down though yeah hey your band brush
daddy right there this new generation
snitch on itself on social media so they
don’t give a fuck about okay cuz they do
it every day those thing they could get
it back ten packs nigga take a picture
on the ten packs that he sent it right
before he said it ten packs take a
picture the money he collected you know
what Instagram is connected to facebook
and that’s connected to the feds nigga
like you don’t know now you know nigga
collected on your trap star ass
overnight you put your business and
that’s why these niggas get raided they
be doing lies and shit like yeah they
got freed ready right there because you
did too much nigga Hey
no but everybody’s doing it for the
there you go to jail for the likes for
life they go to jail for life for the
fuck the likes my nigga theory you know
well niggas move in silence man I’ve
never seen a real nigga put that shit on
blast like real king fish from my day
didn’t even want to take pictures with
like drugs and money
they taking picture Club they flash in
front a Karthik take a picture like that
but in front of bugs in money
no no no take a picture of the money
they got me all the money like nigga
they discovered a million to take a
picture no no no let’s done they jury
they cause and shit they homes and shit
they fly as clothes and shit yeah but
not the intricate things will work and
shit on it Potsie pictures no evidence
my nigga cuz when they find when they
pray and they funnies pictures that’s
you you go to Jeff Perry you can’t fight
that you gave them a case with this
motherfucker a photo album that you got
in the jewel in the dresser what you
want to show all your homies you got a
man this when we got our first brick man
hey man this is some Rico we called man
he was on the east side man I’m going to
a party back to the date man and like
come on my nigga did then had that back
in the day and they want to did that
back in the day more the story my nigga
but nowadays you get the biggest niggas
that got the work of mondo work out
Miche other packs
500 snacks picture sure on a private
plane picture half a million dollars
picture touchdown picture Brennan would
have them packs pitch it come stacks
picture breaking it up I have money in
the month on the hood before anything
video all right going with a rapper
think I’ll get fuck about you let go
this documentary but you told the rapper
you had a half a million before you even
did a verse with the day I come on man
that commandment what are you gonna
please start rapping he’s fast man they
own that IG but they own this
motherfucker man say the wrong shit you
old mother fucking YouTube channel get
blur nigga
mmm-hmm so watch what you post my nigga
cuz you will go to jail for that shit
Gary if I’m making a statement you just
made a statement on yourself you’re
getting knocked up I don’t say shit but
you yeah I G say it on me your facebook
said it all nigga your Twitter said it
off yeah
Nina knows stop incriminating yourself
my G
period me y’all niggas it’s crazy that
technology got niggas falling off man
get back on your square my nigga y’all
falling off y’all square my nigga get
real gang goofy no you impressed
nobody but the face my nigga you think
you’re pressing these bitches these rap
niggas that got way more money than you
cuz that’s how you competing with
everybody trying compete with the
rappers Oh Meek Mill Meek Mill make a
shitload of money could post that shit
you compete what up y’all man got all
the jury got a shitload of money to post
that shit you were average nigga that’s
hustle admit trying to post they trying
to compete with these millionaire
rappers that just got millions on the
play he made a play today made a million
another plate made a million right no
you’re not a play just for meetings and
shin sign it or sign of signatures you
niggas out here risking your
motherfucking life to make 100k these
niggas fun and they autograph nigga
million here million here from the
autograph maybe from the signature you
try to compete with this baby stop it’s
mine you’re in the right bracket but
niggas is trying to compete with these
niggas you know everybody’s competing
with the rapper breath so beat you man
you know I’m ain’t compete with yourself
always try to do better than what you
did yesterday Terry long as you’re doing
that you’re good compete with these
niggas with multi-million tracking your
self trying to stay up and put yourself
on blast trying to stay up nigga you
don’t get cuffed up like Takashi
snitch man I never yeah I’m just saying
I need some oak drink I’m gonna roll
that right quick give me a little bit
more drinky in my system come on quick
and we’re gonna ride it out
chop think about this shit man the new
Millennials really don’t give a fuck
about the g-code so that’s why Takashi
he could come out of jail
and be a celebrity nigga yeah yeah I
discussed that me because a lot of
niggas do fuck shit rappers as long as
they got a hit yeah sceptic Nick so
let’s discuss that Nick I’m about to get
some old rugged drink gotta get some
drag got piss do all y’all shit I’ll be
right back Jack yeah
now i’ma let y’all niggas know man I
know all the niggas out thing is it’s
what the fuck shit man I’m say y’all you
know out of little niggas who I know you
know just from people who know these
I know trippy red it’s a real
motherfucker yeah you know fuck boy
ain’t no nigga Danny from the cloth he’s
a real motherfucker as much as we talk
about young thug with these dresses on
nigga he’s a real nigga that’s from the
streets money that’s an image that they
portray I repeat that’s an image that
they portray and it is what it is but
Duggers really from the streets but
period you know no matter how many
dresses that nigga where doctor
temperature right now you know I mean
all these niggas wearing blouses and
shit all types of feminist shit that’s
the temperature
it’s called a Venus wagon but that nigga
was beefing with motherfucking of sauce
waka and did not turn his collar down he
was with all the shit all the smoke
Theory him and sauce walka still poking
right now period
on some funk shit and I don’t want no
beef with no Houston niggas and online a
nigga but he didn’t curled up nigga in
my oh I’m sorry
Nicki with this shit so salsa vodka is
with the shit so you know I mean period
so don’t take our niggers dress you know
I’m me some niggas even know I’m even a
little woozy but we’ve seen it’ll get
active when he when he did look with the
shit you know I mean at that little
coffee joint and then they run it behind
the coffee shitting him in his crew so
he with the shit – so let me at the end
of day Russ nigga white boy
Russell’s with the shit boy you seeing
him get active nigga had an insecurity
get active be beat one of these niggas
up and they wanna move I know
let’s the nigger name man buddy beat one
of them you know Milotic niggas up
what day yeah I’m a period the security
got woody that happens you know I mean
so that’s the other day I will never
underestimate nobody no matter what they
what they wear period you know I never
underestimate nobody period you know but
their actions
now you snitching on the stand and you
wore dress you really a bitch nigga
period I ain’t never seen you on third
snitching but I think I see on the stand
so this is a different temperature you
know I mean like hey that thug wears
dresses mad lady so nice that walk just
stick just cuz I had a hot stick some
shit like that he said he had to wear
dress the hot stick nigga I said okay I
you would address the high to stick okay
Nick dug it out it out and I think he
making a making a comeback right now man
respect young thug may be making a
serious comeback all shit he been
dropping been late period but bus that
he was arrested hot stick that’s it okay
oh shit shit I could respect you know
you said that stick okay but slow down
they say daddy snitch – that’s what I’m
saying man who saw getting arrested
fires brother
sadi was the first day getting arrested
didn’t anybody start getting arrested my
nigga so way knowing bro
nice you got 15 my nigga nigga that
you get a probably a five-piece McNugget
actually getting out of jail soon as the
trial and again soon that’s why I ain’t
gonna ain’t shit like the more info you
give us the less time you get like for
real there you go five-oh names ease
your cutoff like eight more months nigga
for real I gotta do the air
tomorrow I made without all these name
the mone Higgs you name the moment name
it everybody be no more people for it oh
shit boy hey I’ll be on the morrow love
me there’s no some out bullshit man I’m
gonna snitch all niggas from DC but uh
Brooklyn they’re gonna love me breath
I’m gonna come home and I’m gonna still
be the nigga judge they’re too much tell
me niggas we say when they hella mad at
cook or during the cook slap the guy who
once got them stitching over here but I
do ask for that shit but boom quarter
German let the defense tumble they gotta
top this goddamn nigga telling the
fuckin mother Goose fictional story well
it was just dog right here man this
little dog right here many character
pistol man you see this little bandana
right here to hold pistols in it bro
yeah man this little motherfucker might
hit you with it man he’s with all this
shit man he’s it but he’s a crypto man
he was down with his dope man you down
with the blood so he was a Crip dog man
you see the little bang down and me that
day hold a chop up my nigga so he held
the chopper he got heat walked in with
the motherfucking chaplet after broccoli
sent a video to child right up under his
shit man like right there in a little
mini child
Wow you feel me he walked in them up
with a boo-boo boo-boo
you did right here and they they they
didn’t even check my nigga way need good
we did a wink that the nigga let nigga
really and they gotta chop on him though
they ain’t even no black you feel me
Netaji said about James J he snitched on
you blood my man fuck that nigga back i
with the bullshit I said fuck that nigga
but that’s how crazy this nigger
testimony’s what
you say Jake bought in the chat but in
the chat with his bandana man I’m done
money got my 9 8 Plymouth 9600 Clem
about 100 my nigga I got seen that man a
drop that I do to man of Jim Jones some
about uh you know what are you talking
about man I ain’t gonna say all that man
Jim like my dog I do but whatever you
said may I go look at that ain’t gonna
sit uvv but I said yeah big ass the
master loop my nigga salute to you my
nigga I still fuck with it man matter of
fact speaking of gas and man uh me and a
gallon you double dragon I helped him
drop in tomorrow when I get tonight at
midnight nigga after this motherfucking
live nigga y’all go and down east coast
you can get it right now maybe download
that goddamn double dragon man i still
rap hug the joe button but i still rap
my knee you know I’m hiding Marvin I’m
still doing my gasps shit what
definitely wrapped like a motherfucker
man so uh don’t get that new
motherfucking uh yuck mouth from Gatlin
double dragon on that dang fire my nigga
I ain’t gonna say just cuz I’m on it
yeah Gavin don’t and I’m dope nigga wait
wait no wait some nigga shit up but dumb
ass guys go check the new video out get
my feet wet
drop me just party out get my feet wet
dropping tomorrow I think yeah we got
some shit out there bleep do it
me and Gavin a yacht I raised him like
well my you know we do the shit yeah
hold on Dragon gang shit by mouth hold
on gang shit no I turn to the dragon
side hold out of my shit back
ETV backed away yeah nigga still back
man and no no no knees in head out of
control man I’m gonna check that out on
worldstar man do a hell of numbers beat
nigga ass on worldstar Vietnam boy the
looneys the looneys yeah I made me still
doing that thing so yeah thief II yeah a
lot of music coming man I thought it was
over yeah I thought it nigga just hide
in my nightie I rap too lady that part I
do this shit in my spare time
extra time you know I’m a theory
you know the vials mm-hmm Stokely 7600
Rose Rosedale nigga was handing boy town
business I see you nigga
late tapping over a million views hear
the lonely shit over a million bill was
definitely beating they ass beating a
ass man shout out a state of gold man
state of gold compilation drop it
tomorrow where there’s so many tools so
lot of shit drop it man state of gold
compilations drop it tomorrow with the
moon he’s on it and me and Gatling to
help him drop him tomorrow you doing so
Friday mate hey Freaky Friday it’s gonna
be a lot of fire drop and there you go
grab that you’re doing support the mind
your Fifi mm-hmm set up none Boy hey so
what’s your boy
just niggas a really doping man you got
damn dogs though he just wanna you don’t
wanna gonna blow no smoke in his face
but he just want to be around just to
get to the motherfucking hood after
smoke you feel me mm-hmm well yeah I’m
about the industry man I’ve been in this
bitch but I will
snitch night
hey what do you put a honey behind that
me snitch night is definitely in the
he dropped the mic like call
we and left the fucking building but
more to come though cuz you gonna take
the mic back up and do part three on
that no nigga I’m out this motherfucker
I don’t know how to stop this
motherfucker mate
how do we stop how do we how do we stop
stop oh you should stop screaming yes
oh no no I’m not cancel DUI want me to
leave me I want me to keep going but
then thumbs up it got want me to keep
going I can’t stand this motherfucker
hi second I stare this bitch for a
couple more minutes you had me fuck with
job you did put them dummies up man I
got enough dummies man I’m gonna keep it
lit period its motion and talk about the
Takashi your fee fee now that’s gonna
speak on it man so all you niggas
putting her thumbs up man which I want
to speak on we passed it Takashi shit we
know he began snitch so beyond Berger
here to be honest niche my nigga so we
know what’s going on brother what else
we talking about me throwing up there
man throw it up there man what we
talking about brother speak on it speak
on it you beefy but yeah I want my nigga
brush set by the like with my damn self
man speak on it what we talkin about man
was so good okay that’s cool my comic
book coming to my comic book dropping
next month man got mega duck mouth comic
book your dick we got so much shit
poppin man so much okay we’ll be talking
about this speak on it maybe I got to
speak on the network double bolt their
home or vote shit with GI and kill the
mic you know it’s a lot of shit that
went down but we ain’t talking
nothing let’s say how corrupt doing um
corrupt is great you know I mean he said
I think he did a post on his IG and said
that uh you know shout out to everybody
Konami thanks for y’all you know I mean
praise at the sir
he said he’s good you know I mean so I
think I had something to do with
dehydration you know I made from
drinking too much alcohol you know I
mean so he had to go to the hospital
that that type of tip but corrupt back
he got me Oh monie coming home make a
cold out of my shit me GT oh shit man oh
what else what else man yeah man I’m
about to start working on ug a valium
three since I’m doing so much Tony
I could’ve did too ugh man but I gotta
take advantage of this sleeping man so
gotta start UGA part three get this shit
going you know I mean the real shit man
you know I’ll be doing shit man and it’s
coming straight to youtube and just
coming DVD form blu-ray
you got a blu-ray boy and we putting it
on YouTube after you know me we get the
Muniz out party drop on YouTube but how
about I don’t know how many months later
but we don’t drop that shit period you
did but we working on part three you
know it being part four because we did
one two and we did the eye candy so
that’s really part three so you know I
mean but do part 4 you did and part 5
already got part five already here’s the
Lost Tapes
so I got hella footage you’re like I
didn’t put out like classic footage man
so you lost tapes and I’m gonna do it
tsumo UGA is about to come out on the
ended theory and did with soundtracks
you know I mean so we rocket but I’m
working on me and Pete Rock shit right
after that you know I mean there’s so
much shit on the table
shit loaded rapper do but podcasts and
shit heavy shit man we branch you know
marijuana brands that shit like you know
I mean just a lot mm-hmm but you got
multitask and do it off you know
Doctor Octopus man we touching
everything no Frank Ocean you did when
you coming back up north it’s a coma um
in a minute in a minute
well me and Gatling shit drop tomorrow
man why some dates girl up nigga niggas
gonna be starting booking me in the gat
Carrie Mae I better start booking us now
they’re gonna price going up tomorrow
when the average drop the price is going
up your stop bugging me and gambling now
me you feel me Double Dragon yeah mm-hmm
but with John Doe but I check out smoke
a lot radio tomorrow new episode take
third you know me we all with all the
bullshit all the function you’re not me
shit we go crazy on that motherfucker
man you know buddy good about this bitch
man you did yuck mouth motherfucking TV
subscribe to get god man I don’t give a
fuck about your fat
Porky’s look at bitch talk about ain’t
begging for subscribers subscribe to you
got it man long as I ain’t begging for
money man
I got a patreon ain’t got none of that
shit I got super chat niggas putting
cash snatch this shit out on do none of
that but just subscribe to your god man
that’s like Tammy my nigga the more
subscribers let me know that sure I
really fucking with me my nigga niggas
bagging out for money and put the cash
put the patreon
I said none of that shit man this
subscribe see a guy you dig out this
motherfucking young mouth TV yeah bye

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