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boy boy yuck mouth TV subscribe to your
mother-fucking we’ve got you know I may
speak on it another one
you know I mainly buddy go weird man let
the motherfucking squad get up in this
bitch make the committee make the nation
now we do this shit man
yeah did yeah roll up one they smoke all
that shit get ready man yeah baby oh
yeah get this wrong calm going you know
we do this shit see where we might
company in front you know if you new to
the channel we all do the roll call
first you know I mean I hope you rollin
up like my nigga said roll up nigga your
dick open tapping in ICU nigga to sign a
seat tapping in ICU new yeah we got get
the rolls all going first name uh-huh
off the RIP Compton in the house without
it down get a Mississippi in his bitch I
see you nigga
Richmond and his mother fuck I see you
boy uh-huh Texas trip we click on this
sauce walka stealing his motherfucker
made uh-huh Miami 305 in this bitch I
see you maybe tapping in there get ok
Oklahoma City in this bitch ok yeah man
I see the mob in the building man is
getting lit it’s getting Linda’s piece
me OK deep East Oakland man to Arkansas
make sound business you know we go to
cities make and now I mean it i ha I
just melt is crazy baby they love us you
dig stopping in his mother fucker stop
the mob and I see Union City I see you
nigga and they say Union City again like
I did I see you birthday bro got real
Boger with a shake yo your City again I
see you on the top here about God some
Vacaville in his mug book I see you
mm-hmm one load from Pittsburgh may I
see you boy brush the pieces of jacket
make your feet feet straight up oh oh
hey hey hey hey hey oh you put a bit
ah you said yep that God made my boy
it’s AG and the motherfucking building
make sure you a scientist is fucking
with you break we in the building know
what’s up with him baby
yeah man got the biggie smalls thing on
a date maybe Jesus peace baby got about
that Jesus hey SUSE today you feel me
haha say yup there’s a goat man good
shit man good shit make this shit man
for lay on the building may be a ll a
check out yeah yeah man I’ve seen Iggy’s
in the building man that’s man for the
Modesto in this motherfucker I see you
nigga okay seeing his mother fucker I
see you boy mmm-hmm I’m smoking on
gorilla cool baby
you know la got some good glow going
around right now man you did dumbass
good little boo fucking speak on there
you feel me
so this way y’all talk guys shit man and
now you not me go with your topics mate
so I put up the first topic I’m a total
I love you mate which I think about this
tank shit but is it boo boo or my new
bow no no no no no no which one who
build them a new bow is that my little
bow to say no no no no no no I think
it’s both it’s football and my new bow
no no no no no no no hey is that table
just joking shit I got the audio we
gonna play
we got receipts let’s play
fuck is going on with take me now to
fuck and what the fuck sake my nigga man
god damn go to my gym to burn the gym he
coolly shit you know me humble do
they’ll be all cocky DAP niggas up and
shit but god damn you let one slime
breath don’t like the taste my god out
figure don’t like the taste man that
sound like a personal experience to me
he ain’t gay that’s gay gay
so he said the are to be engaged
continuing being gay you said the
dignity but see how the fuck you said it
twice you gay game it’s the fuck this
nigga tell melody you gotta be fully gay
to be sneezing be diet gate low-sodium
game you still game you did it twice you
liked it nigger the first time there you
should’ve did it nigga that menu was gay
you’re gonna go back again beside camel
shit didn’t like it go back fuck out
here football a menudo no no no no no no
no come on man you can’t go back but I
can see you molested by yeah yelling you
can do nothing but damn man feel grown
ass man and get you your white here you
your boy boy but hey hold on man how can
you even get hard off a nigger trying to
give you a trip to Boston now wait not
even able to your heart even let that go
down first of all so the nigga we’ve
been letting it go down this gay game
cuz they go how you get hard off a man’s
mouth first of all no Frank Ocean yeah
man rainbow committee you’re not mean
period so that’s gay gay for the nigga
even receiving it and then you extra
gauge but then they go giving it up side
ain’t mine at I’ll have to say gay all
day nigga
Peter I ain’t worried about you ain’t
get no money off you see we say gay gay
gay and gay gay nigga pity no disrespect
to the LGBT community
that people but I could say hey Hank
monetize I don’t give a fuck about them
negative San Diego monetize my said they
monetize anyway so we could say gay all
day okay and what that nigga said was
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
pity nigga straight up my name yeah man
you came then first of all you can’t do
it once there you go nigga fuck all that
right and talk about he was exploring
and how do you go to that they talk
about knives and shit how did it go to
Angela he’s a cold motherfucker man cold
piece of work she slid Danny and what if
you sucking dicks the fuck that come
from energy ball fucker would you been
taking a football man I ain’t got all
the bitches man Billy man but goddamn
that was a football acetone my nigga
and I know some real shit make nigga
sleep it’s a gay shit all day man and
niggas be checking itself like no homo
pause maybe we not yo me and the homies
going downtown to get some steak Paul’s
saying gay see like little gate
no shit that they gotta say pause this
shit for all day so that was a huge
pause moment that was one of Paul’s like
nigga no Frank Ocean no no none of that
nigga I was on him and then come with it
though you did ask me to say Paulie just
say nigger no homo what I didn’t say
none of that I think I just kept going
like nigga no pause nigga fuck nigga
pump ah slow down turbo
now this slow down turbo figured I will
know Apollo that start out ever
nigga the fuck water would thank me
anyway so he slipped up and said it you
know me niggas
slip up all day to say case shit on date
boss no Frank Ocean so that is a slip up
but I was a nigga that’s sound like me
that sounded like that nigger was
experienced you start talking about
taste and see the bitch it this is not
chicken this is dick it talk about tasty
shit well they were so fun yeah what a
cup row that sound like experience to
meet me I don’t know about niggas
experience day with me chasing fuck you
god damn that’s something a bit should
be saying not a nigga man like I tastes
like a bitch to say that I know
something oh my god
pause you not me but goddamn a nigga
shit I don’t know honey that’s the
places to ask my brother
that’s a tank I should gonna take called
a nigga shit in the tank saw the
Manhattan nigga on the brothers love me
dump them down on it
but nigga said man shot a basic men you
should capitalize on shit in a tank
measure because some sugar packages and
sell them up put the shit on the show to
sell it like dude show the man something
they’re gonna make merch out the sugar
packs they got a nigga sugar tank I mean
sugar the tank god they’re gonna say
maybe she make t-shirts sugar sugar
packs the sea sugar the tank man come on
man goddamn man yeah tap it man hit that
like button all this shit man you know
do all the particulars man you know
until they can get monetized man so look
we’ll get them done through chat rooms
and shit going there or that live chat
shit going all this shit I’m gonna split
screens shit then they’re gonna be doing
they put a picture of a nigga back there
all that I can go on there extra shit
and I maybe we’re gonna step it up
you’re doing
speaking of stepping it up man we got
the UH the cousin Capone and we we we
dog interview dropping out this Monday
being on uh on our digital soapbox and a
young male TV man so stay tuned for that
man we went deep on some Nipsey Hussle
all money in Tyler and Stowe
yeah I mean it was not it was not no
disrespect of a lad but it was not a
bland interview look at last time you
had a good first time you and nipsey
hussle ever saw the rock in the backyard
I know that shit me know no disrespect
to Burrell a minute another thing I’ve
seen but let explain is shit out of so
many yeah first yeah Tommy Crowley deny
motherfuckers explain yourself and did
he air goddamn Lord Jamar linear explain
yourself Vince like this no matter how
you cut it slice in a dice
but when it come to particular black
stuff I mean uh stuff that pertaining to
african-americans you know I mean that
that’s like dr. Sadie and I mean
something that’s close to heart you know
I mean you know I mean reparations
that’s that shit that’s close to heart
man I just think you said speak on the
TV and everybody’s like and he was like
an issue this was much like well I’m the
one that got interviewing people and
letting them talk about it talk about
reparations and this is bringing
awareness so I should be able to talk
about it ah no because we can’t talk
about Russian shit get on me we can’t
get our own opinion but if I was making
a shitload of money off of Russian
content whatever was poppin and Russian
if I was doing that on my YouTube making
all my money off that and I’m a black
guy I can’t go on my shit and make some
fucked-up Oh Gorbachev was a bad
president fucking Russian community
gonna be like what the fuck no what we
let you in our community to make money
you’re gonna talk about Gorbachev go
over top a little stainless faux hair
and I’m a nigger that’s making money off
of Russia motherfucker so you know I
mean if you reverse the shoes so believe
you should understand why people mad and
a lot of people mad you to just stay off
the shit Theory anything that’s close to
heart dealing with black situations are
african-american situations that
wouldn’t even speak on I keep doing this
don’t bash content you got don’t content
don’t interviews even though I’ve become
an interrogation room sometimes you got
don’t content nigga period so I mean my
white brother
that’s my Russian brother not nigga but
anyway you got don’t content coming you
know I mean on your channel your page
pop you know I mean you took out all all
hip-hop calm definitely what the fuck is
up with Jake so at dinner they made you
adult platform just stay out of black
business I think cuz they gonna start
looking extra crazy you’re not me
because I looked at you crazy
and then when I was speaking on the wack
100 day
Josie Josie my response to the wack 100
thing and somebody gonna be like well
why are you one like that towards black
you know I mean the last is something
that concerned me concerning my
community concerning my race so I had to
be mad at that you know I mean period
concerns me it was about me I said what
wax said was not about me so how can I
be mad about that now the people that he
talkin about they should be steam-heated
you know I mean that they need to you
know figure it out before is me I’m just
a nigger from the outside looking in my
opinion and my favorite feelings don’t
matter because it wasn’t about me but
the black shit when he talking about
these reparations that includes all
african-americans so I’m mad cuz I’m
african-american you shouldn’t be
speaking on African American business in
your Russian that’s it you know I mean
period because it included me my race
and I mean but a mother I need to do
that the way why you to do that because
whack didn’t talk about me
you dig black talked about somebody else
they click they cruel how to deal with
that Eva they angry or not nah I got
nothing to do with that my opinion don’t
mean shit even if I got mad I’m mad
don’t mean shit cuz they don’t got shit
to do with me you get it so I said that
on the show man you know you know II
have a horrible and oh he’s scared but
Latin included my race so I had to go
hard people in the said shit about
reparations in front I want to go hard
on the ladder that should’ve dope here
he’s got to dump this interviews with
artists celebrities all the Baptist I
wanna welcome the political
motherfuckers all the fuckin movie stars
comedians it shit is dope baby but
somebody need to check yet I mean
straight up there’s what
back in business man whack get waxed
there something about nipsey that
everybody I’m like yeah I mean like some
phone recording or something he had he
got him bond first free uh free Reggie
Jimmy if we just turned herself in but
uh he got a bow first and you know
double down you know basically said what
do you have to say again a lot of people
want fill it but like I said that ain’t
got shit to do with nobody but Nipsey
Hussle camp and wack camp you know I
mean these people need to be mad or
upset or you know figure it out
everybody else has got to obtain you
know I mean theory ain’t got shit to do
it you know and that’s how I’m taking
shit nowadays you know I mean if it
really ain’t got shit to do with me I’m
not gonna really go deep into my opinion
for what you’re not me for some you know
Street shit when it comes to Street shit
cuz Street shit is taken a different
weight and there’s you know talking shit
about you know what’s going down you
know far as in a median shit you know I
mean even talk was going down the median
you know kind of sick whatever but when
it comes to street shitting Street
politics your fucker gonna involve
yourself in that now you got beef and
they street politics and you have shit
to do with it but you spoke on it and
what you say it can either offend
somebody you know I mean I’ll make
somebody hella mad on the other side
without but you said could make niggas
mad now you all in the beef Theory so
from the mazi situation you know I mean
when I said that shit I stopped talking
about Street shit period that that’s
close to home and I’m a very straight up
so I’m cool I’m cooling or that shit oh
cool you know let the other niggas talk
about it but I’m too close I’m too
tapped in with the streets now I mean I
really you know I mean put myself out
there like that for other people’s these
other people’s you know I mean interests
you know me other people powered and I
mean let them out any problems you know
me not gonna solve without that grown
you know I mean let them figure that
shit out name not our business you know
I mean period but you know we blogging
and talking all this other shit you know
that’s cool but when it come to Street
shit man that shit get out man so I new
shit is midnight
my name is Bennet he said I was a race
oh no let me see what you say but cuz
you’re some so folks in it as a race
blacks have 1% of wealth in the United
States guns and butter bro whatever
percentage of wealth we got
we still rule this motherfucker right
now man hip-hop our entertainment is the
most entertaining shit out here man
period we got a real footprint right now
to where we can lean and do our thing
you know I mean it’s know Beyonce jay-z
that billionaires tough about be a
billionaire you know I mean we get close
you know I mean we need a lot more you
know I’m in theory you know it’s a flat
athlete million I mean billionaires
Jordan you know I mean uh you know you
more I mean shit you could keep going
just a few athlete billionaires too so
at the end of the day open with y’all
types muhfucka so we gonna figure it out
you doubt me we don’t figure it out man
one at a time everybody don’t get it
everybody angle them you know be a
billionaire at once but somebody gonna
show you the way
once somebody show you the way you
follow the blueprint and now you’re the
next billionaires so you know niggas is
makin a money everybody runnin agreement
you know I’m a period and then you gotta
think man my father’s got a following
year head start on it’s 300 for money
your head start period so when you talk
about that 1% in the well shit you have
for many years ahead of stock might see
I think I’m a relay race and the
motherfucker was able to run around them
all fuckin track like 4,000 turnips
before you even started running my nigga
we’ve won every every year for the next
you know I made uh hundred years you
know I mean he won because he gonna
as he won every Olympic because even
started running you know I mean the same
thing a hell of a head start so we
catching up money you got it you know I
mean really give us credit for trying to
catch up in a major way you know I mean
period they have four hundred fucking
years and it’s done right and they
looking at us like we did something
wrong you know I mean like I see people
that smoke the truck they like all these
minorities not just us you know I mean
all the minorities out here not just
black you know I mean the brown
minorities that detain minorities and I
meant something like the Asian community
the Latino Tino community you know I
mean even uh the Arabic you know I mean
slash and I mean that but it’s coming in
behind the stories and ship on a
property all types of shit it ain’t just
black people so they looking at
everybody with the side-eye you dig so
we make a noise you know I mean
minorities is making noise around the
for Haiti so is what it is small setback
for men to come back that’s all I can
say you know I’m nothing to help lead
actors no no there we go and then aptly
actors none of them do anything for the
hood of community yeah they do LeBron
got a whole bump up in school and I mean
I take care of everybody community feed
feed clothe all types of shit pup got a
school or charter school you know I mean
out there
niggas got a hold on Jordan just did a
hospital George’s did a hospital out
there know and Carolina speak at a
hospital in the hood you know I mean
where they didn’t have a hospital or
affordable you know I mean medical care
joined his dead dad you know I mean you
got to give them up a good time
you know I mean period you gotta give
them off over time divvy now you know a
lot of athletes and shitty shit without
the recognition you know I mean there’s
a lot of programs that go down that the
athletes do even a rappers man salute
the snow
snoop got the football program going
down for the kids and their neighborhood
you know at me and then he even got for
special needs you know I mean so he got
a football league for the special needs
– you know I mean that you know I mean
that’s you know mentally disturbed or
whatever or got it you know I mean uh
you know yeah it got for the minute I
mean for the foot for the people that
and I mean put out the kids a special
kids man so that’s dope so you got Luke
Luke doing the same thing in Miami with
the football shit for the kids you know
I mean so you’ve got a rappers actors on
top of people doing shit for the
community that nobody even like try to
you know capitalize it and make speeches
and protesters about they just doing it
because they love to do it for a
neighborhood to you for whatever it out
mean so you can’t just say that like
ain’t doing nothing it’s people doing
shit that you don’t even pay attention
so you planted sensitive drama the
internet is about drama you’re not
paying attention to the positive shit
that people do for the neighborhood for
the kids for the youth you know I mean
for the community get out me I don’t pay
attention to that I just named a few got
some athletes and celebrities is doing
you know for the neighborhood man so
respect that support that you did
straight up instead of going hey I only
think Nipsey Hussle was the only one who
had something for the neighborhood man
and did and gain back a lot of people
getting back bro period they just don’t
talk about it cuz it you know a lot of
people that talk about it on some PR
shit I think you know it’s like some you
know publicity stunt type of shit oh
well this guy just think this in for
Haiti and this guy just did this for the
poor poor the UH
Puerto Rico relief they put in a knows
that shit because they wanted broadcast
but it’s hella people that sent money to
Haiti that then far celebrities that
didn’t want to be broadcast like that
hello people send money to Puerto Rico
they didn’t want to be broadcast like
that because they’re doing it out the
kindness a take heart ain’t trying to
doing this shit to get points and
brownie points off this shit so a lot of
celebrities is doing shit on the under
get our main theory so that’s why you
could say hey doing nothing they are
they just say no on the motherfucking
and stand-in and you know yes the air to
everywhere else talking about you know
they’re talking about the other business
mixers they got going the shit that make
the money so they can do these you know
I mean these type of uh just put them
gonna be able to look
for people in the neighborhood period
you got forget man rap is the number one
genre and it’s employing everybody in
the neighborhood period I assume every
rap nigger like I did we employ our
niggas that’s a security you’re gonna
bake homie that’s hella big I’m above
nigga you the security nigga ain’t go
get no real fucking security that got
motherfucking license of guns we told
our nigga to go get your gun license
nigga go study get your gun license they
be able to travel you were you my nigga
my security the niggers on the road
iPhones roadies and shit that nigga’s
carried shitting or that shit detail
equipment the homie soon another ain’t a
nobody to do that so we employ
motherfuckers period farmers Merchants
simply employing a homegirl all the
whole girls that shit that you know I
mean get the shit out there to work the
internet you know that so we employing
people in the neighborhood period with
this rap career shit making niggas be
our managers wrong managers on time to
sit normal people that don’t do music at
all so right you know I mean look at
that so you know I mean niggas employing
a neighborhood because after what
happens I say 80% of the rappers is you
know that they niggas would and they get
a check you know I mean so you gotta
look at it like that too
you know I mean you gotta look at it
like that
that definitely employed money to that
track switching positions just they’re
gonna be the body gospel here that nigga
be your bodyguard check passport stamps
all that shit Divya but we are all
getting money bring the money back to
the money you know so it’s ways to do it
besides you know charity and all the
other shit that people you know talk
about it’s other ways that niggas is
bringing money to the hood too so be
careful when you say that we’re not
looking out for people in the
neighborhood or the community it’s a
goddamn lie when niggas got half the
neighborhood employee for them employed
sit him you know I mean going on the
road with them we got jobs and shit you
know so it’s out up to y’all
you know mommy mommy mommy mommy
speaking of that man let’s get the UH
shrink daddy man they say Trick Daddy
filed bankruptcy man how do I feel about
that man Oh y’all feel about that man
bankruptcies man y’all think he broke oh
you got thinking he had money
me personally how to win through that
shit to where nigga file a chapter 11 on
your ass to not pay the beetle my name
is oh oh oh time to shit on a credit all
types of shit on a mortgage Oh all types
of shit fuck niggas someone you are type
my mother fucker gotta take all the
money out and did put it in another
account act like they broke you got me
you’ve already little shit a little
statements and shit act like they broke
your file chapter 11 on your ass so they
don’t have to pay so I assume that Trick
Daddy over a lot of people owe some
people that he didn’t want to pay a lot
of money fuck that Chapter eleven yeah
you know sometimes you don’t have to pay
when you file bankruptcy depending on
the issue
now you can file bankruptcy all you want
then you better pay them taxes some
taxes ain’t going away but credit card
debt probably go away you know I mean
niggas that you owe you know I mean
probably go away shit like that but you
owe some taxes they go file bankruptcy
on his loan nigga okay I’m getting this
my money he’s sending you to jail near
something so I hate working with the
taxes thing
not at all that’s it though anything
goes the probably pull it off me so I
think he probably didn’t want to pay
some nigga if I would I don’t think he
broke this thing was only love it here
by my handheld seasons you know all
types of barbecue sauces and seasonings
and shitty selling online other sauces
it chick daddy negative talking trick
daddy chili sauce trick daddy barbecue
waves house keep daddy chicken sauce
take that string tasty
shrimp sauce like anything got all types
of spices this city selling online the
game broke you believe that see you fell
for a banana in your tailpipe oh cool
straight up fake the fucked up me and it
happens like that man
yeah and oppress their bankruptcy don’t
mean you’re broke just don’t want you to
take what your guy yeah you can switch
them accounts negative real quick man
back I think I need trick daddy also my
money somebody you don’t want to pay
yeah how can you be broken you own your
house they say – nigga houses work like
387,000 they get rid of it if you really
broke and they ain’t broke my nigga do
what it sold the house they make a bank
account says zero dollars in it you know
that new transferred all this my nigga
nigga say that the nigga shit night five
boys shit for the kitchen in the shin
the houses were life it’s a you know
said it again I got $150 or something
zero a man come home now the fucking
Ponzi scheme fucking fucking treat daddy
doing over there to Ponzi scheme hey
guys zero nigga $150 no no trainee
didn’t even believe that me is my nigga
at the fuck you make us a little ugly
right now
fuck you doing do you’re gonna pay
somebody to make an action ain’t gonna
work you know iris boys the move that
aboard a real atta boy you know you got
a letter boys but doing a real letter
boys this capital letter boys
you ain’t never seen IRS Lord lowercase
left right
I never seen a trace spill nowhere in
lowercase letters that’s the capital
letter boys all right capital letter
boys motherfucker be Bodhi shit like
honey it takes the motherfucker that I
owe a snake a big-ass bowl caps nigga
IRS name never been in lowercase make it
put a fire up if you ever seen IRS nigga
and a male they even when they sent you
a fax return or whatever in that little
corner they say I arrested them in lower
case of the dem big ass ah bigger are
the big ass ass like all capitals I had
a capital letter boys tear you you said
I’m gonna knock the IRS good luck
passport nigga ready to go what it would
have faced thinking like a mass and put
on when you do it nigga never take it
off and hop on the plane they gonna get
your ass boy you better knock knock the
higher arresting out good luck nigga
uncle make it stripping that nigga
trippin but it’s only gonna knock the
IRS out again giddyup oh yeah it’s
dripping yeah look uh you know with the
banana and tell play they will not get
back us out Monday they say they gonna
knock your pockets out I fuck with that
no Frank Ocean see see out on CC talkin
shit we be scared when it’s a refund
they get a happy where you get a check
when you see the check return she nigga
I know how to tax and turn always had to
pay but my wife work when that tax
return come for huh
see ya work earnings give some mama but
ain’t mad at that
you got kids to see you can claim you
got to crack down on the kid shit man I
think they like you wanting to claim two
kids a sick mother claiming everybody in
a neighborhood like me doesn’t like
claiming now I’m up fucking kid is
begging to lick on their they were nine
nigga so kid minimum Oded some kids baby
your to keep minimum nigga dates tangy
good way
nigga trucks that no more licks no mo no
claim the whole neighborhood nigga date
nigga and not cool your family nigga you
ain’t see kids nigger your uncle kids
day your grandkid claiming a bargain
that tax return they’re going one
she don’t face it
fuck that nigga married a bum when I say
about that man Nicky fuck with a real
Street nigga I mean on me instead of
fuck with celebrity name is man meat
parts they don’t see none no matter with
that I don’t think a celebrity could be
what another celebrity man period
because it’s it’s too crazy I’m um I
praised jay-z and Beyonce the schedules
you know I mean and you not see any
gentleman there you got to see each
other keep your relationship strong my G
so if your bitch on tour you won’t tour
you doing hours in the studio you bitch
when do you got got time to do y’all
you know II know you got a motherfucker
that ain’t in your industry you can do
all that shit and then you know she
normal she ain’t busy like you gotta be
able to you know keep that relationship
going going on vacations that shit all
this you can’t go on a vacation
bitch got a tour for motherfucking two
months coming up and all that shit it’s
like hey oh so that’s the loop them
because they gonna tour together is that
fuck yeah we’re gonna tour together
be taken up baby we got nannies they’ve
got phone Annie’s and we go donuts a
family vacation a period they figured it
out but the average motherfucker can’t
balance a industry relationship you know
I’m a period that’s why you see they can
and I’m a riot out of it that’s why you
see you know I mean you see a Keisha :
Jeezy out of the head you know it really
don’t match the reason why she should be
or in Jeezy man I mean a Gucci man max
because she’s a model
he’s the industry nigga he’s a rapper
don’t now she was a rapid she was
popping like cardi B good luck get out
me now off sick and cardi B that’s like
a jay-z of them thing you know I mean
they bring their kids on towards heavy
shit fo five nannies all the shit so you
got the mother mother do it together you
got me good but like the average
motherfucker good luck period you know
relationships take time man
a female once time my nigga like
brothers on the phone brother is just
chilling watching the movie Netflix and
chill everyone Showtime my nigga think
and get your time they could ever get it
from somebody else they get industry
niggas me handle it dizzy but and then
if you can’t get time from you we need
time to so we can’t get time for my
chick ID chick on the road nigga this
fucked up you don’t get time from
somebody else that’s why I’m not gonna
be fuckin a dancers and shit fucking out
it goes down like that because this is
who you see the most on a row so you
fucking a dance so you’re fucking up you
know hey you know cuz you don’t see your
significant other you know shout out JLo
said our Britney Spears all the motors
that married and did all time shit with
a dancers maybe should have been with
somebody else she was somebody else
Safari Nikki choice of niggas is always
been corny man like come on man like
like that’s the dress the elephant in
the room
man yeah act like she had like a stellar
choice of niggas now
that dough but Safari nice for like a
mini second you know I mean I was
upgrade and then this nigga come on man
like Nikki come on man I’m talking about
my status I don’t look out niggas lips
I’m talking about status wise lightening
what she yeah you know I mean I right
yeah I’m gonna go get another month you
know a shot yeah yeah you got my glasses
uh Carnival Cruise you know I mean you
know we’re no carnival close to my bday
Eddie yeah yeah roll up and they happy
right back
but Nikki always had fucked up nigga
selection period
I’m loving it my kid is back jack oh
look at what y’all got going where you
going on my here Brownback I’d let it go
give me a little shoddy bye Bob you know
refill my shit you know I mean get it
back in laughs oh shit I forgot my
motherfucking : let me get my let me
give me him better I’m better out there
I’ll be right back
ain’t got no motherfucking cold beers
man fuck my son any we stop man shit all
right man drink a motherfucking uh hot
beer fucking fucking fucking fucking
butter yeah which I want to talk about
magnets to interacting man let’s see
what y’all talking about okay
okay so she said she said from Nicki
basically from going from Nikki to Erica
Mena that was a downgrade definitely man
like how the fuck you go from Nikki to
Erica Mena put a baby and Erica you’re
gonna put a baby and Nikki maybe triple
breath by Michael I’ve definitely got
them but I shout out to Erica she used
to go to my gym to you know I mean Erica
Mena just gonna my gym – until she
started doing the reality shit out here
again you know I mean but she that a gym
there’ll be faithfully mm-hmm I’m safari
fuck with my homeboy so I really ain’t
got no no bad you know nothing to say
about him you know I mean we definitely
still trying it on someone without radio
but he would heat downgraded when he
went with Erica Mena and I think Nikki
downgraded when she know she’d been not
shit Nikki started off with me anyway
let that be what it is man let that mean
what it is man let me go what she little
man Romans that nasty uh you know he got
in that day you know Sam P Debbie you
got lady up in that thing man you know
that’s the room around a campfire man
and they saying that Ebro hit it right
this you like Ebro hit you come on
allegedly yeah they say he broke his
Nicki and they saying uh P Diddy and
well I recently like back in the day now
recently back in the day not gonna
safari days nicely with G dude allegedly
see the donut stuff – allegedly no
but shout out to the kid I’m one of the
most underrated rappers of all time
definitely on my top ten good shit my
nigga fuck with you
he said yes to get the fuck I bet he out
of here yaks ah Erica Mena and easy oh
shit she did fuck with these are handy
man but fuck down let’s talk about gucci
mane going apeshit on DJ idiot Angele
easy not easy
now I met Angela you personally when I
just did Yo Gotti show for the first
time heard these our enemy they was
coolest club man cuz a fly hit him off
with the the barbeque sauce they shouted
us out on The Breakfast Club and I mean
said they got the Medicaid and barbecue
sauce they called us the Lunas I mean DJ
in because the little ads and shot a man
like they don’t know the Louise anyway
all that being said and they call his
fuck all this I fucked over the sound
effect this must be bad I said the bird
better shit
why Chilly Willy man damn that bitch ass
nigga man DJ in you mean so what
seeing sure all right and it good yeah I
totally get that hook see how you don’t
know her mom well go oh yeah
now pull it up and you got Jenny say I’m
snappin it hey I told him I said he she
did the pump and bitch I told you like
you know you all know it takes me shit
on a
gucchi that nigga dollar give no fucks
nigga go she always been hard my niggaz
breasted piece of pretty black but
pretty black bought that nigga to Okla
that thousand times man healing pretty
black switching jury and shit with each
other I think pretty black and with my
Jacob watching he gave pretty black the
Mighty Mouse piece that was gucci mane
teens The Mighty Mouse nigga to change
yeah the one that pretty black hat so
they Solis gave him a watch that he
bought from uh he bought the all-white
blue diamond fucking uh fucking uh Jada
watch from bump J and Chicago cos boom
fuckin pretty back in Chicago
so Gucci Mane at that time had a lot of
white and blue shit on lot of light blue
dreary on that watch master perfect so
he gave pretty black to the fucking
chain The Mighty Mouse training for the
watch so he swapped it out man so that’s
why you see three black with the mighty
mouth Shane that was Gucci man you know
I mean so Gucci Mane was fuck what he
was an antenna like a motherfucker man
period and pretty black was rapping when
I’m like a motherfucker waka flocka
anybody name period so recipes are
pretty black my rage ain’t dragging on
you nigga the first nigga bought Gucci
Mane to the back good I mean so when
niggas got on the moon Gucci managed it
that’s when my nigga bought him out
there Terry
straight up a raging shit you did
straight up man so we probably booty man
you know I mean period he was a hard
nigga back there
Gucci Gucci is a real street nigger
that’s all i’ma say right he was like
the elders rapping at that time and
doing real scary Street shit on the side
like that niggas a real as Guney like
Guney Google my yeah so when he’s up
there topping this shit man ain’t no
they’re gonna did worse things
nigga from my nigga ain’t gonna even go
there Gucci was a man you nigger man
dick Manny Mania shit when I get my ID
I’m gonna tell you this exclusive gucci
mane story man it happened with my gucci
mane and my niggas man he was so
scandalous my
the skies nigga Nebraska beware he’s a
real nigga man I tell you that she when
I get mine sighs man and gucci mane
store Man Man Man Man Man he’s a bad man
that’s all i’ma say man look see without
pity but next subject gucci with all
this shit we don’t even like girls bro
hold ups what up punk your brakes and
they said you don’t like girls
oh come on you seen Diddy what all the
bad bitches but you took from brother
Dickie took his he took Lord Harvey from
his son that’s a scatter side and they
go left
what did ya the bitches but I don’t know
what he do on the side you know I mean
but he definitely have some bad bitches
minute come on man that nigga had all
these big mamas together like Oh some
I’ve said hey we are together do you
like who doesn’t like that nigga think
you got Big Momma’s mannix you- mad at
the bitch you live mad at that baby mama
nigga don’t really orchestrated like
that I think I’ve been orchestrated
since he came to the game with all his
girls and all this baby mamas and the
oldest relationships all the kids stick
that Albie short son yeah I mean come on
man that’s his son his son doing all
types of sheets okay I’ll be sure son to
a whole nother level and that’s his
girl’s son his baby mama son yeah not
his wife his baby mama son and that come
on man leave Diddy alone me that’s that
nigga a policy take that take that take
that take that
you dig he’s one of the richest nigga
every first nigut first black dude was
on the fucking TV channel father both TV
like come on man
Diddy is a whole nother level man I mean
app I mean something all hip-hop now
Oprah had a first
Oprah was the first period well own
their own shit
forest rappers pulp is the first nigger
with his own channel like MTV will vote
TV my nigga period give it up everybody
like the hate but they never give it up
to the things that niggas do that’s
great you know that’s like having your
own radio station or something nigger
that’s huge you gotta hit the own MTV we
need to loop neck that niggas ill
they’re so right all you niggas drink
watermelon so rap a lot of water that’s
the right shit like we drink it come on
yeah playing with ourselves man yeah I
know that man embossed dick no matter
how we choose to live his life behind
closed doors we all don’t know it’s all
assumption allegedly he’s the boss stuff
I’d say your dad
nigga I’m gonna tell you this man when I
was on a biggie tour with them niggas
bail I learned how to pop bottles I had
never seen champagne and said I went on
tour with the niggas in 95 like barely
why I’m talking about masses amount of
diamond pair yeah crystal and shit being
popped every night at the show I’ve
never seen that so when I came back to
the Ville my projects in Oakland after
that and niggas like let’s get some
Hennessy on my man a fuck dad I’m about
to get these bottles of mo Chris style
and dietary y’all niggas like what is
I have poppin bottles with my niggas
they never know what about it was I
didn’t know what a bottle was in 95
there I’m 21 we drink and shake them ups
and Thunderbirds that shit 40 ounces of
shit I don’t talk to the niggas Lee pop
so many bottles I bought that shit to
the hood top and nothing but champagne
bottles nigga have all my build niggas
on champagne bottles period that’s how
serious they was back in the day nigga
ballin out nigga pink that shit right to
the bay niggas was drinking Hennessy and
XO most expensive about it
so I want to push thousand a dime pair
your own nigga cuz it down niggas like
banner nigga with the mother mother my
nigga been putting on so number of
respect and then another reason why I
respect pup – – two more reasons tough
had a choice to put either I’m some act
in on that tour pup said come on to lose
biggie said I want the loonies it was a
choice either Mac 10 or the Loni’s they
chose us so we own that hold talk
because of puffing biggie and then when
they did to satisfy it will aren’t Kelly
nigga we are recording the same studio
fucking out of enterprise studio we
don’t lunatic music make I see puffy in
the hallway you know satisfy you already
out I’m like nigga I’ve been looking for
you nigga you did 502 bigot I’ve been
looking for you yep I want y’all to
remix man when you boy yet
yeah come to the studio tomorrow so me
running to this nigga in the studio guy
just want to satisfy you remix he was
looking for us but nobody was connecting
us you know I mean niggas hatin or
whatever I see him in person in the
hallway there I’m walking this way he
walking this way my nigga the fuck bro
you it what the fuck home to satisfy you
that bro I need time for the remix so
that’s how we got on the remix this shit
when I told story about the JLo be in
the studio me being nervous is shit but
it happened from that so that’s another
reason why I respect puff yeah I mean
because they had two times we could have
said fucking and I’m making it is this
satisfy you didn’t even don’t know remix
the day he gonna say it max in and
didn’t even do it alone he’s not me so I
respect that door on a business level
and I mean cuz he took this to a whole
nother level so it’s a little too puffed
man and whatever you do behind closed
doors allegedly minute that’s that man
business you know
straight up never said we didn’t respect
them but if a man okay hold up never
said we didn’t respect him but man is
one way and away in this light he was uh
he was on the island okay yeah yeah okay
what else y’all gotta say
somebody said on my whole soul oh no
they talking to somebody else they going
at it with each other
oh good shit man
ah game of the seven men need Oh mmm
this face pure this basement address I
know he got this face like it’s basic
truth is at the crib right like god damn
seven every seven measurements
measurements measurements and I mean in
Germans 7m Germans come on man y’all 7mg
miss Ali Ali not the instruments not
Benjamin’s emptiness that’s a million
men yeah
seven mm mg miss Tommy I forgot my only
go they got remember I’ve been in there
in German back then a couple watts ago
nigga Oh 7mg miss ouch he could survive
I’m gonna tell you why because they only
put liens on your property liens that
you owe on you know I mean like I mean
not just oh but you own so say if he was
to try to sell his house he couldn’t
sell it without paying the 7mc now I
mean so they could liens on your shit of
course they go demand money they can
party you know take fun uh some
royalties and publishing a percentage
not all a percentage you know I mean so
you could survive
you know I mean he W could survive but
god damn seven engines way and it’s not
going away
that shit ain’t going away you gonna
have to pay it off with brother it’s
your property private ship cost
brothers royalties and publishing the
shit that you get month I mean you know
quarterly where’s your record dude
they’re getting a cut breath baby so you
know but he gonna be able to survive no
income no prokovich it
they say tank is Rainbow Brite that’s
the new Rainbow Brite they fuckin with
the committee and cool the committee in
the building they say tank the new
Rainbow Brite I’ve seen them up okay so
how many ways you do up through hell the
rainbow emojis
this tank is I get it
Rainbow Brite man god damn tank I see
you got the gentleman there you the
solid CIA when you go there man no
Franco you could say either side of me
that sound gay
no Franco yeah nigga this a little you
know I mean shit that could be gay
that’s my name is I pause but he did
palsy to st. Paul’s nigga no homo no
nothing just went with it like that good
that’s the Paul session go there yeah
what Paul’s McCartney that was Paul’s
McCartney period say say say calls what
you don’t want nigga that was a pause
McCartney period Paul McCartney you need
to pause on that one brother say Freddy
no no I can’t even explain us we peaked
with that me you won’t mean it we play
okay say what that man said no that was
a pause McCartney theory you shoulda
pause the shit out of that my calls
no homo something like god damn Bronco
you own the gym you should know Street
niggas is in the gym maybe you should
know there you hang with Tyrese negative
Black Tie from watts nigga I miss I
recently get NYC nigga what had the
critic after the coca-cola commercial
need shoutout to my niggah tally but
time to read some real wife’s never you
know you should ask a recent letter
pause moment i night nigga pause
mccartney wrapped
say say say what you know that one him
breath very no no retreat no surrender
facts but he double down on that bitch
still go Manitoba nigga you need a sugar
factory there’s some type of shit to
thats there sugar packs
what does that have you sitting at a
Nicki Manny
have you seen an interview there you go
whoa man and you got a wife and kids you
know so that’s well it’s like Terry
Crews we should take crew do you got a
wife a show for real it was like that
like it’s Terry Crews moment that nigga
I know you got a wife but god damn bread
Paul McCartney
Oh David say say say okay you can’t say
that shit but and you can’t say that you
can’t say that bread you cannot say that
shit but I think it’s cool like chillin
he was sitting drinking you said it hit
your dream I know and we see no no no no
no no let me rephrase that
what she said he hits a dream damn near
choked on who drink I caught that nigga
you don’t know chump on his drinking it
does not talk about news oh my god taste
or not know about this motherfucker man
Bob night now ladies enough my nigga
we’ve been on him up on about Allison
and this but it’s always a but
I got one more blood yeah I’m fucking a
full woman I can focus out for a minute
he’s the road like the muffler pipes
smoke the brother I had to move the pipe
smoking in there smoking in his throat
oh yeah
he said Brody Ali no Franco Lee what the
fuck man they’re committing the building
me anything cool but Johnny’s never been
cool but still fuckers out of committee
you got thinking this nigga tone it’s
like a motherfucker better take next I’m
about to go triple rainbow oh my god the
committee of the building said a triple
rainbow triple rainbow my fun with John
there’s an egg bet yeah I got an early
ask Mike Elliott who’s there – sweet
penitentiary penitentiary to sleep and
they said too sweet for penitentiary but
y’all niggas ain’t cool they would amaze
you when the midget was doing all this
shit was too sweet from penitential yeah
things ain’t cool but it had to be a
nosy nigger like my age but all the old
niggas like 47 no tenant century 1 until
they get to sweet Johnny this crazy
yeah it’s too crazy well I don’t know
let’s see what else y’all got too many
ain’t cool
I need to come out for a show money good
man I hit the mother fucking da man
straight up man go on my goddamn
Instagram and raised in general you
wanna book shows hit them up fucking
deal man
you know I manage myself and the low me
seems that part
you know I’m a self-contained unit you
did a bit this weekend speaking of
shovels being a dim in the mall yeah I
made us too short
efore T DS a quick the dog pound
well missus somebody began welcome to
the West fest you know I mean tomorrow
and different Colorado and so pull up
I’m flip them up on a flower tonight you
know I mean the cha-cha peeing man fuck
with it man well yeah but Denver
tomorrow me like I like that shit up me
anything smoke out there man hey Denver
man reminds me a Callie laugh you got
okay okay so hates you a few times
okay get again nigga yeah corrupt cool
yeah corrupt won’t be there yeah oh yeah
we dumbass busy my nigga I don’t know
what these niggas talking about but but
uh you know back to trick daddy filed
for bankruptcy man home I telling my
niggas back right last couple shows man
you know we had to fire somebody because
the motherfucker they take you seriously
like brought was a blessing to be
getting booked every week ideas arenas
to be still getting money at this age my
nigga you dig when you put a hit out
since back then you dig so when niggas
buckets now we got take advantage and
appreciate it like we can’t act like we
don’t dig is like we drink smoke but
somebody I super big
you know I mean like they cook any
old-school artists my niggas how the
old-school artists a good book and a lot
of niggas and my cool was taking there
like a grain of salt you know I mean the
one taking this serious bro we are rain
is my nigger this is like a chicken
circuit you know I mean we ain’t at the
club now you know you come at the club
do your little bullshit but we’ve got at
these arenas the vendors gotta be right
and I mean everybody gotta be there on
time you know I mean it can’t be a
million niggas on the cash list all this
shit millionaires backstage can’t be
nearly this on stage okay be like that
or we will not get booked the king your
digs so that being said man but niggas
are still being able to make money from
from the old school because as much as
you gonna do see you know yeah you know
the glow yachties uh you know I mean uh
Travis Scott name is performing it’s the
circuit that love old-school music too
and we perform like a motherfucker you
dig at these arenas you know I mean
anywhere from 18,000 to 60,000 feet
because I mean so we gettin it you know
I’m a source of blessing you know I may
not be telling my niggas like y’all we
gotta go hard
you know I mean I take this it for
granted because they could look anybody
mighty you did calm your ass down
so we had a fire a couple people don’t
then take this shit serious you know
they took this shit on the grain of salt
make you fuckin with my career and I
mean our career our legacy our brand
everything but like that the shit that
that helped me go down not the main
niggas but the shit that help it go down
you know I mean these things I even take
this serious like that good did you see
well we do you see the crowd
nigga are you over your plan bye-bye now
replace instantly nigga
that’s the only it’s a trick or treater
truth day
drink drink a trick daddy I seen the
footage went through three beat up Trick
Daddy in Detroit that was maybe that was
Maddie as fuck Trick Daddy out of show
in Detroit and then nigga stressed that
I’ll call trick daddy speedy Gonzalez
that night that make happy wheels
allegedly trick tricking him if that
stays got the bean a buddy up one nigga
dipped off I seen one day to get little
who was it scrape daddy he was a first
nigga down the stairs and did all his
own niggas got the got the memo
lightning let’s go and they all start
running but Rick was the first nigga
down who got it was everybody got a
little little bit I know good times it
was smart back oh he was big on the
screen I think I seen y’all the entire
to a smurf my nigga got a little youth
down a little stairs and shit I don’t
know what happened when he got sick but
god damn we got a little little nigga
turn to a smurf make it was big pop
summer facts things that kind of Philly
like I said your daddy your daddy the
fuckers over charcoal s there do I think
game trying to still nip swag that’s
how do you know ain’t see the brakes but
they say you got brains now man so I
don’t know man but with the prolific and
it’s questionable because I every label
you could name those shit and you’re I
got a label that’s named something
already and you until a new leg will
call prolific that’s kind of leaning
over you know at the end of the
heartfelt letter law reminder now feet
died like damn that’s crazy man like at
the end of day yet dope ass rapping I
don’t think you need to do this shit
that he doing cuz it he’s a brand you
know I mean it he’s a you know he’s a
legend out far as he’s a legend in hip
hop Theory far as West Coast rap facts
you know I mean so I don’t think you
need to do all that shit you know I mean
me personally you lean on what he got
going but when your numbers go down and
it happens because everybody’s numbers
went down nobody selling what they used
to sell nobodies won’t platinum in Oh
like they used to
niggas is doing hundreds of thousands a
you know I mean or less no I mean that’s
the new game right now let’s you the big
boys with the big market in with the big
labels behind you you could push it to
go like the biggest niggas it’s on the
radio all day is only going go go used
to be looked at as a failure in industry
niggas look at as a wham right now
because niggas ain’t still in Armenia
right now is more of a digital strength
you know many so when the motherfucker
go go it’s a win so the gang music on
gold and platinum he probably ain’t
doing that no more you know I mean so he
probably looking for other ways to get
money you did I don’t think you need to
do that niggas you know do the gaming
you know put your own merch for the
record label you have before you may
know I think it’s a money grab but I
should to be sold out all the mercs
would be sold out right when he releases
it not an album now you ain’t put an
album out on philippi records it didn’t
start with an album dropping like what
artists drop they started with much so
it seemed like it’s a money grab you
know from the outside looking in misses
a little bit game though I still respect
him as a dope ass artist wanted to tell
this niggas on the west period I don’t
think you need to do that shit three and
BH from all money in they get he want to
fill in it he instantly once his idea
was like yeah I got some sucker shit I
mean you know not verbatim but basically
got some sucker shit man
so if the camp saying that you know I
mean gang got an answer to that you know
me on outside look at here
I think gang got his own way I don’t
think he never need to do no shit like
that yeah main like everybody got
respect for Nipsey Hussle out here in LA
you know even though he didn’t do no
were prolific we know were you worried
you got it from you got from look at a
turn on his head
you know we started shit off when I
prolific so gifted know I’m gonna go get
it no kidding
you know he started running off with
that like and that means so he really
meant that shit so then nigga that make
that work you know famous even though
you know you say everybody I mean wax a
Evans got the label you know I mean they
got permission for her but everybody see
it as the money grab because they didn’t
have their label yeah I never did a
prolific t-shirt until now so I hate it
on that man shoutout to the game I still
respect about the dope ass West Coast
lyricist one of hottest niggas on the
West Terry so so look to him like
sometimes I think people get desperate
you know I mean what it ain’t popping by
how you survive you know I mean people
get desperate they do desperate shit you
know I mean so I think that’s a
desperate move with him going through
the lawsuits and shit you know I mean he
trying to make some more right now
no I mean so that’s the way you can do
it they’re fucking you know me Kay not
to make a hustle but mmm and I feel like
a smack in the face today straight up
oh no out this motherfucker love chant
which I love fuck which I live for the
man cave I need a car to shoot that man
came and said speak on it but love
chopping up a child fuck with child man
new episode of smoke live radio dropping
on Monday with a cousin Capone we don’t
and I mean real motherfucking all money
and niggas lost the boy they just lost
some boys you know I mean there is no
rap cool you know I mean so they gonna
talk this shit man you know I mean
little some little net when we don’t man
so check it out on Monday nice smoke
without radio yeah mouth TV subscribed
to your motherfucking guy right now yeah

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