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Phoebe live from the motherfucking clue
see what I do ocean views beg anyway let
the gang get up in this motherfucker
birthday weekend ya know leave a gang
got a deal
egg Dixon pill Becky you’re filming for
fuckin would it go me come my way to
make up and back Kitty buckle don’t see
you out there man
that nigga’s lid on oh boy chomping this
my own the puppet champion I see comping
on the tap in oh yeah a cruise like baby
boom night my ocean views my small you
did mmm-hmm hey buddy wish me happy
birthday niggas my birthday weekend may
be rule the motherfuck attack me in a
row cock birthday week Libra caring man
doing grown-up shit tired of spending my
money on nightclubs security and my
homeboys having fun
have you ever just barking Club out for
your birthday and you gotta fly nigga
down pay for hotels and limos and shit
it like y’all it’s my birthday nigga not
jobs so when you fly motherfuckers out
you know I mean paying all the money on
LLL make you show they good even bought
niggas outfits before the cut of my
fuck that I signed up for that party no
MonaVie take an exotic trips did I mean
see in the world you know I may not do
grown-up shit man my party but nothing
bill me I’m spending money on nigga it’s
on my birthday niggas they keep spending
money on me you feel me going opposite
way around niggas think it’s a birthday
my nigga hey man fly me from Oakland my
nigga night you gotta have me Doug at
the motherfucking up March me out man I
love the hotel when you let me off here
no no come on man shit man up shit man
Schumaker ground for me shit man shit
man here couple dollars – man you know
so we pop some bottles man come on man
like God did it let’s see on the tab in
domain happy birthday good shit make
Bakersfield on the tap-in I see you my
nigga I see you
Vinny’s that big doc yeah man Feliz
Navidad my nigger look like creepy Creek
you today no mate
ah shit falls falls oh yeah me he got a
cordon 850 you dig I’m just coordinated
Biddy open the building May 1909 was
happening he spoke with maintaining and
his motherfucker man la tapping in I’ll
fuck with ya – la not leave you see what
I got old mate that Dickerson yeah the
cruise is lovely man this motherfucker
is lovely man I can’t take out down to
the pool egg cuz they bang a hell of
music you know you two don’t play that
shit they have blur for niggas that
already got two strikes one more money
here are you trying to get the fuck out
of here bang so yeah there goes amazing
Africa damn app gonna tap in what’s up
my African brothers man overseas okay no
mess album is it dope I’ve been on his
birthday cruise man you filming
Saint Paul in a tap in ICU nigga ICU
GA in the building they said Bo Jackson
I got the Bo Jackson geography too big
but I like this blue only make the blue
looking real cool making shoe look a
real cool to what be good baby mm-hmm
criseyde in the building I see you
Vallejo lay on a muhfucka tap here man
yeah man yeah what’s been going down
make it’s the interactive life we’ll be
talking about man coos I know we just
spoke radio we got deep bike nigga start
arguing this shit down there subject for
too long so we didn’t get to touch the
whole docket so what y’all want to talk
about me come on this crows don’t see
what I’m doing oh oh wait baby see what
I’m doing mate
birthday uh birthday cruise buddy yeah
yeah Marcus pulses my first uh first
nights damn okay
black one honey what’s up with that well
whack 100 ooh okay yes for real we gotta
talk about something for real man for
real bring your ass to the table make ya
a time slide yo ass on your wallet but
the fuck is up with for real my nigga
yellow Missy Elliott going on me is that
real that motherfucker look like it hit
the ground man where your feet go my
nigga that motherfucker look like it
drags down the street if you walk my
nigga was that real with that computer
graphics that made a hella long oh yeah
doing my little object okay but yeah man
alone with that goddamn jacket that’s
curved or whatever the turtleneck I
don’t know what the hell he had on we
had a turtle on the mainland
mean turtle my cheek
breezy and sunny back of the ship all
types of shooting the background see all
this shit going down me
they got pool tables up with a manager
golf means shit going down this is top
the floor dough back downstairs really
going down more I take out of that too
but we fuck with it man
boots talk easy see straight up oh
you’re fucking with a dome a VC
straight up brushless to make it clear
in this shit for me to even see you said
well you’re headed to uh Ensenada Brooke
lol bone bone bone that’s old bro it’s a
fig record what you mean that’s all the
cruise is old nigga very fun I’m gonna
dip the cruise next year taking the kids
in the Disney cruise so your cruise the
fuck you Tom down aku oh yeah man
but Pharrell need the man I don’t know
what the fuck is up with GQ did they try
and promote some type of agenda but that
whole fuckin spread was fruit tackling
period like food football
tell you the fuck niggas used to look at
for real I he was a fashion dude
remember he came with the Bates and the
billionaire’s boy club on that flash it
then boy put on the Bananarama boy boy
you fuckin with his man could fuck with
his like that for real goddamn man so
now you want us to dress in bananas this
shit right come on buddy come on by day
we can’t be doing that jack
we can’t be doing that jack okay yeah
the music’s starting play over there I
can’t go over there I can’t yeah
then I will tap in with my other area a
little cut you feel me Bananarama
yeah but nanoram escheat going on my
nigga Dan the other pitcher just
recalled man fetal position you see
because a curled up it was curled up on
the table people calling me man
brothers curled up on the table man
holding his knee hugging his knee you
can’t be hugging your knee mate
period you cannot be hugging your
motherfucking one in the air there when
is my guys oh yeah man fuck with my guys
no no I’ll be over there
go fuck with my guys man my buddies man
shit shit yeah we back Wow
a little bit on the sounds tripping exit
is not the business is Atilla corneas
fuck swinging and banging that was
literally last nope not ready okay we
like argue like motherfucker you see man
I got no problems with the land man
bubble I need to stay out of black
you know I mean like it’s good at that
you you know doing black content you can
pay it off of it but father is talking
shit about the problems was going
through I think he should just you know
stay quiet period because every time you
say some shit like that
he goes back back lad backlash you know
I mean so how’s them I wasn’t doing I
just keep going my shit and won’t even
talk about that type of shit I don’t
even concern you period so why even
worry about you know they may go to
flame into torch the torch now you’re
lucky it’s gonna light that’s where I
got a torch that shit light in the
motherfucking life another old flame
right on these torches main phone okay
blood shout out well you let me know Roy
your torches
we ain’t fucking light 50 now wind and
this motherfuckers light main thing is
massage at the spa
definitely good yeah mega stopping in
which out from the cruise man seeing if
I can do it I probably tune in with
child again and I’m gonna check out some
of this YouTube shit making my content
together what I’m gonna talk about Matt
just want to tap into a live on cooler
job which I niggas know get our main
live from the birthday cruise me you
still chopping it up yep my TV subscribe
to your mother
yep but anyway we have this

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