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let’s go lab Joe hi
yep my GP may speak on it man you dig
we’re gonna let the mouth get in the
building your dick it’s like not super
late night damn there yep letting me get
it but uh anyway
speak on it interactive live chat with
the kid yeah so god shit
hey y’all control the tendon shit man so
this is a motherfucking platform where
y’all get to talk your shit cuz we ain’t
got a call they don’t smoke without
radio that’s why I did the interactive
I mean interactive check so what yeah I
can give you our pants on which I want
to talk about if we don’t land on that
shit Terry
so smoke my radio we stepping it up
you have my TV we stepping it up you
know I mean but until we get the fucking
live what causes can call in is shaky
that’s your papa
okay anyway did we get that shit pop
when we’re doing this live interactive
speak on this shit you did so we don’t
do the tap-in now no the East Coast
still up me I’m niggas dad yeah the
phone a moment West Coast niggas getting
the club Halloween niggas are Halloween
parties doing a macho mass parties and
shit get it Boston on attack there and I
see you nigga
waiting for life I see you brother
copping this buff but I see you bet
okay the mob tapping in okay EPA EPA in
his Beaufort he’s barely out to ICU
too much cursing my lungs man dragon
gang bang bang Digga yada that
yeah manners tapping in man I mean they
just feel that so Oakland freestyle man
you don’t kick it off with that man put
some thumbs up thumbs down if you ain’t
feelin that shit it’s a warm up little
warm up being a jail warming up sometime
you know I may I hit him with some shit
you know I mean for those the thing that
just be podcasting and talking my shit
I still rattling fuck y’all song by the
West Oakland is muffled bruh said black
it’s just a little preciate it man
please shaking love they’ll be seeing
this motherfucking me mm-hmm
okay mother tap in like a small tonight
anybody only Halloween night and I’m a
nigga’s trick-or-treating uh to the
freaky that me how the weiners at night
when bitches come out and they love for
gonna lie too right that’s let’s address
the elephant in the room
bids come out with pure nigga vanity six
Apollonia shitty there’s that Aldridge E
string again the whole porno nigga with
the crocheting shit what I don’t know
what it’s called man when they got the
shit with the teeth I don’t know what
it’s called the fucking I don’t know
word for it I’m known for mispronouncing
shitting fucking of words man so will
you get hit because a young fucking up
another word as usual yeah for the word
sometimes look at Crusader cook rosetta
whatever that thing is good to be with a
close sending g-string
it’s a motherfucking demo hook and a
mouth like a tail poke some bug it up
some boots that sore knees there
the Porto is a Halloween goods are wild
with the Halloween outfit met I’ve been
experiencing Holloway for the last two
weeks though it’s been all the way for
the last two weekends my nigga like
literally nigger like I roll we got a
show last weekend man well these a quick
two short the e-40 low knees dog Pam
we’re dead but we go to the Act applies
a Halloween party money mid-month me
hallelujah nigger I had a fuck we do a
Halloween party like gonna fuckin shit
was like oh no I’m told but uh see I
even gonna say today because mine got my
phone my phone oh okay it’s a 31st a
week let’s say October 27 30 28
mmm I told me the 23rd let’s say after
over twenty third twenty second there’s
some shit like that
no no let me say costume since October
started not one of my cruise my boat
cruise for my birthday all the bigs a
costume zone so given is what it is me
and fuck that that’s not only all season
with these businessmen let’s be real
these bitches is a whole different
motherfucker without the makeup oh I’m
so glad I’m married I have you niggas
ever woke up with a bitch with a whole
face on a pillow and she look like a
motherfucking actually never seen and
whose days say the bitch I sit in the
club last night with the face nigger
eyelashes everything is all that pillow
she’s stuck on they get mascara negative
foundation he’ll sit on a pillow
all that she left on the pillow man damn
they’re left a fucking wig on a pillow
you wake up my older fuck so bitching to
do a Halloween all year they get their
you man we just caught up to it we’re
all here they be putting all types of
masks on this shit is what it is
I’m the say my name bitch is been wildly
Instagram putting motherfucking up
stopping axis you know y’all ass bitches
y’all getting crazy with the apps
catfishing like a motherfucker man
people I’ll smoke a lot radio episode 22
I think it’s 23 episode 23 in the web so
we’ve gone in you’re going crazy on some
shit you dig but it’s not shit then fuck
what we talked about let me see what
y’all talking about let me see what I’m
talking about man what y’all want to
talk about I know what I want to talk
about fuck yeah I want to talk about
gimme a shot shit it’s interactive live
chat though the subject matter
I’ll open I’m a slam dunk it other than
I’m gonna go over what I want to talk
I’m here niggas five seconds to come up
with some shit
yeah I’ll come without my go oh no you
see you see LeBron a wig on the side I
don’t know who they can go crazy
are you coming with Master P yes
absolutely colonoscopy absolutely man
man young man Carson squash stop thief
and I mean is what it is we’ve been past
that shit that shit was like you
squashed that beef like and we’re like
2008 I would say 2009 2010 something
like that
shout something on the tea why yeah Ben
squash that shit you know I mean that’s
appears a real nigga yeah I mean when I
met him in person and he groped the shit
down like brother the reason why I never
responded to you niggas is that I felt
that you niggas overreacted
you know I’m a dad everybody when they
get a cool the work that everybody say
in the neighborhood that it’s gonna
spray now I make a song yeah I probably
made the word of whatever but it was the
saying around a whole day after yeah I
made it
you should have felt some loop like
empowered you know I mean instead you
felt like somebody was disrespecting now
how many doesn’t say oh no no no no I
dissing you know I mean by the rap
everybody said oh no no actually became
a ESPN at them all that type of shit ABA
NFL outside to say I’m mad at the NFL or
the NBA he kicked me like he really
busted that shit down with me like
you’re absolutely right my nigga we was
way tripping like we is awesome old
fucks absolutely right we DAP it out and
that nigga two times taller than me I’m
5 foot 11 anything like damn his 7-foot
he stood taller asked Nick it’s all his
shit and we met at a pool table in my
niggas studio so it’s shooting pool
let’s take a walk in long ass clue stick
I know I got hit this nigga with the
poster he’s way too tall
he’s getting all this pool stick and
then if the pool stick don’t work he get
in the pool balls pity no Frank oh shit
but I was ready for all that
they came and cool as smooth as a month
from the fam my nigga so so look the
master p meant no disrespect to that guy
he did little business
yeah and at the end of the day it was
like 50 cent yeah I mean when I got
called into the 50 cent beef
when I got called to the ship I’m
banging a 50 cent album that mean wow
Massa P you know bald oh shit angle say
took a bra dog shit I’m bagging holiday
shit I’m rocking all day shit my speed a
little bit
he had the West Coast bad boys before we
even did ice cream and shit they had to
hold Bay Area lick every nigga in the
bay was on the west coast bad boys
period so I was on that type of height
with Master P before me then dad day you
know I made that type of hike when he
got his deal with priority and it got
the big money I was on that high and
then it went day I was a hard nigga you
got me so say Rajini only you know I
mean was banging the shit out of that
first 50 out when you get rich or die
trying’ that’s the classic album phone
call from the label at a trying to go in
click frisbee the fucking out mouth
window and when ain’t so you know me
love but everybody I ever be free too
short I think he’s the epitome of
Oakland always looked up to him you know
I mean any of you coming out another
interview coming out to shore gonna bust
that whole shit down imma bust oh shit
that but no where have you come to get
my TV we got down low we got mud from
the concent but even with two short it
was a admiration and then determinants
of beef Scarface admiration Scarface one
of my idols nigga like one of my top 5
niggas in the game
you know me and it became beef it’s like
you know nice like everything that’s a
little come brother’s man and niggas put
out them domes I wouldn’t even be doing
this rap shit period so even though I
had beef wouldn’t it is not I’m talking
about think he’s saying no I’m talking
about show
them too was a part of my whole
Scarface because they signed Seagram in
my neighborhood you know I mean which
made rapid famous in my neighborhood and
I mean so you got Seagal and being the
fucking bill rapper everybody else like
who’s gonna be the next so we all got
obtain a star right now we’re selling
dope like a motherfucker like their
problems corny we’re gonna fuck about
rappers until it was a rapper from my
neighborhood you know yeah what I am
seeing him like popping like that
connect and that type of day you had
carrots one Big Daddy Kane it was hella
dope and I mean having all that shit but
the kingpins that the head is that the
killers in her neighborhood was more
killing in their back niggas the rap
niggas was getting this shit from the
neighborhood it they dressed like the
niggas woman neighborhood you failed me
niggas woman her neighborhood went
dressing like rappers rappers addressing
my face from the neighborhood by all
these cornball niggas that’s how the
kingpins and niggas in the hood live
that rappers so I was like rapping this
bullshit I’m trying to get this money
yeah I mean so to the next oh yeah
alrighty job with the spoon yeah yeah
you’re talking about that you don’t
smoke without radio we talked about
Heather she don’t smoke a lot ready I’m
gonna spoil it
new episodes smoking I ready he’ll drop
it on Friday I want to talk about this
Kanye’s shit man let’s address the
elephant and the motherfucking room man
I don’t know what to sleep listening to
that album money
why ultimate snore music like okay don’t
fuck that happen at I ain’t my nigga
right what the fuck that happened to you
but not okay I get it you know me I get
it but I don’t get this on my naked yeah
one on there that was lightweight cold
the one that was with no women like
sugar go be sure yeah put your tea on
the album that shit was whack
I’m sorry I’m sorry bro what’s brand
name that be doing all the goddamn like
MC Hammer and type of shit with the
crowd Kirk Franklin there did better
motherfucking holy music than that kind
of game like the only I would do Kirk
Franklin my nigga that shit was a
horrible sad album nigga I am the press
listening to that motherfucker that’s
for emo niggas niggas that’s where
emotional rated killing cell they pop a
thousand pills in this ended but you
wanna find Jesus and please end it
that’s your album that show fucking
album go talons trash trash on trash on
fucking trash Jerry
no no disrespect Akane Akane is a genius
with the beats his ideas with the
fucking clothes and with the shoes all
the shitty dough the sound was pure
bullshit my think I’m sorry
yeah born again born again my ass my
nigga I don’t like the born again Kanye
go back to the sample Kanye I like that
Satan Kanye or whatever
loominatee hagar ism is one big eyes
Illuminati pieces that shit Egyptian
pieces go back to the Egyptian chain
Kanye all this actually no shit like bro
you look crazy
let hella crazy and then when I seen a
goddamn big boy and you put the stamp on
the crazy shit I blow you crazy
is a craze Oh with a lot of money well
you can have a craze own niggas with a
lot of money think is that true like
they losing their craziest fuck it could
be that way don’t think that don’t feel
bad that you like this music buddy crazy
niggas it’s crazy shit they fucking
rocker but that be the genius
motherfuckers like the most craziest
niggas it’s the most genius
motherfuckers at the same time because
they could exercise they craziness and a
whole different dimension to where it
it’s music or mathematics like you’ll
get motherfucker that need written and I
may not be the best motherfucking I mean
lawyer you know I mean or the best
motherfucking mathematician or the best
motherfucking you know I mean scientists
or something like that that’s taking
Ritalin like he needs his medicine you
know I mean but he’s the smartest
motherfucker so I think that you have
people that need medicine that’s smart
but kind of yeah you need medicine
you’re not fucking smart I’m sorry my
my dad my brother I’m sorry
you sound like a nigger that’s lost you
need Jesus she definitely need these
because all this shit going through
sound like you lost my baby need more
than Jesus bro I mean think about that
I think Kanye been fucked over so many
times that he’s looking for a way to be
accepted you know I mean like well y’all
shit ain’t poppin like how you supplied
my nigga like a fuckup like the big boys
okay your shoes the selling America
selling whatever but yeah I’ll go
mainstream I wouldn’t eat strength your
sounds like somebody need to sell okay
it’s cool but not for Kanye
that becomes a problem so you get
desperate you start doing shit that you
ever did when they go Kay made Jesus
walk great but we’ve never seen you with
a Sunday service when you did Jesus walk
so assessment sound suspect okay
I’m a lien on Revelation after I said
the fucked up chump shit they give me
cancelled million old religion which
everybody loved UK hey religion I’m back
and now only you know use a legend to
come back but sell merch negative please
you look like a preacher out there man I
hustled ass preacher out there to me you
know I don’t know about you which I’ve
saved me let me see it’s not religion
bro you blind nation
I know it’s not religion bro Terri like
it’s a household nigger sure house
they’re definitely seen like a hell of a
marketing plan AG and the building is a
definitely market after a day my nigga
who’s gonna go against God bro who’s
gonna go against God like you could be
like oh fuck that fuck that but nigga
come in the picture with a guy like
Sunday service
Jesus King Jesus merged Jesus Sachs who
could dis that like hmm you could this
you can’t dis Jesus did you see that you
don’t see it there nigga use Jesus as a
promo tool my nigga like nobody said
Jesus is a mad as fuck at this Apple see
jesus what a proof of this you know if
they do like I’ll pull this shit
Cesar’s gonna prove in this fucking
album bro
Terry I don’t give a fuck
harmonic shit that you add towards God
towards dough itself fucking hustle man
it’s like the preacher my nigga the
preacher gonna say every scripture every
do all types of shit I’ve seen the lady
with the fake on that go like this there
she just crawls into the B so they doing
out types of miracle hustles on your ass
they doing shit but all types of new
building hustles then we’ve been stuck
here for the new building fuck fucking
20 years you still ain’t got a new
building but you’re getting new ones
lost every weekend I’ve been a new Rolls
Royce every month a new family venture
yeah got barber shops I got salons and
shit young guy properties is shit but we
still don’t got a month looking Church
so it’s the fucking hustle when it’s tax
free its tax free so when a preacher get
a church its tax free so I think is this
what I always asked and I’m a spiritual
dude I’m not a religious doing a very
spin spiritual because I’ve learned it’s
the house and I’ve seen the full
firsthand at a young age like oh my god
it’s a religious pimps you got a street
pimp that you know honey things slicked
back that pimp all the bitches a good
day money you got have a religious pimp
like a pimper congregation they say God
needs you our money 10%
where’s the fucking guy Bank of America
I’ll wait without money going then the
preacher pocket now I understand that it
takes money to do the lease for the
building it takes money for the choir it
takes money you know for the operation
takes money for you to pay your bills
this shit so cuz it’s all you do I get
boom get that to the side
this leftover money is that going to go
hmm so it’s a fucking hustle because now
your daughters and your granddaughters
and anybody else got these supplies and
businesses and shit and get money and
all types of shit driving the ranges in
business and all types of phones but we
ain’t got no choice shit
so you take it niggas 10% ties it’s
spinning only your family factoids more
the stories I seen that shit about might
yo as a kid we doing this church fun to
get a new building we in the middle of
North Oakland small car narration and we
put in a hell of money everybody I’m a
I’m a small nigga but everybody out
there this church was full that muffled
was when two people that shit was full
every weekend
no and fuck every weekend we went every
day a week besides Saturday so you get
ties happy fucking day besides Saturday
that’s like an air B&B anyway no
disrespect a guy you know I mean the guy
hustle but anyway we’re not gonna church
I went from like four years old to like
13 years old still not another Church
but what I’m seeing is business ventures
with the with the preachers that mean
daughters and sons and shit like that
they got shops and you know I mean all
types of cars you know I mean in homes
in real estate and taking all that we
still ain’t got a new fucking Church
ability I said I spend any money on
these so they take an old guy dies it’s
been on myself
I’ve been registers a little me there’s
a hustle here you so you know how the
Kanye the black culture extending out
for that Donald Trump so he can
with the church you did nobody could
deny God nobody’s gonna deny God
especially he played Jesus blasphemy
first of all
lastly fuck you even use in Jesus name
in your fucking socks Oh No yeah yeah
probably yeah probably see it as cool oh
he’s he’s sanctify he does guy he he
told Kim Kardashian to stop dressing
like that really really nigga
oh he’s against it he’s really he’s
really with Jesus he changed his life
really I’m under yeah I new spawn for
the banana and the fucking tailpipe
facts because at the end of day nigga
Kim K did a fucking point I made her
whole family famous can’t erase that yo
bitch famous awful porn when she was
getting fucked by Ray J I laugh in out
the room now you religious the old
bitches on every porn hub and every
fucking porno site ever how can you be
believed I’m just saying I know this is
back to the Kardashian Empire a man
under some millions off that porno now
I’m saying I think it’s too late to go
straight it’s too late to go straight my
nigga you already out there you out
there your bitch out there hey your
family they family out there make it
like come on well it’s the way to go
straight my nigga now you’re religious
so Chris Kardashian and religious all
these religious fucked out of you’ve got
Chris boyfriend ready to fuck up some
way to beat up the keys you’re talking
about here illegally
Jesus you got not Chloe but the other
sister buddy gonna ass with a daughter
ass whooped by Chris Jenna’s boyfriend
beat her ass let’s roll up and we doing
Sunday service oh shit act this is a
hustle my nigga chill hustle pure fuck
yeah Fort Wayne on the lights happy and
I see you for a wine nigga but look at
who’s no now I’m glad a good point
that’s it why you say that yet but look
at his fruit she’s very I’m not hating
on Kanye success I’m not even hating on
his album I just said I fell asleep
listening to it there’s no Hey Kanye’s a
great artist he fuck with rockefeller
jay-z Dave – he fucked with the
legendary doors in the game he thought
what might be my ex – producer I mean
that supportive done out the Appalachian
I made piri so I think I know hate
towards Kanye I’m saying this Apple it’s
not kinda gay I think this album is
Kanye trying to hustle niggas because he
fucked up and got cancelled with the
castle culture that’s all I’m saying is
don’t period Bindo been the head of this
like been a nigga day right I think 808
I know 808
no heart beats made the error that’s
going down right now into where
everything is like musicals where
everybody gotta have a high
I’ll atone or whatever I was the first
time we heard muffled go full out of
toner bad egg later heartbeats he
cleared that lane but all these things
that’s popping right now buried so at
the end of Airy innovative man go say
that he’s very ahead of the game but
this album bullshit Perry you like put
sucking toes and kicking come on man and
still still bullshit they’re gonna come
on man this wasn’t the best time this
shit was like skip skip skip skip cold
skip skip skip skip cooler like about
two tracks the new some of the fish the
lake track but that’s the best goddamn
track on that fucking I will tell you
the fish the lake I’m sorry I’m sorry
all that other shit lost me I was lost
my nigga I damn near crash driving so
smuggle that radio tonight listen to
that boring ass oh my god I love God but
I’m gonna listen to that on Sunday I
don’t need a rapper doing that now DMX
made it dope he made it how he praise
God like he made it you could sing along
with it like you can really get into it
like oh okay dear max I get your shit
and I meet dear mr. fucking I do a
prayer in the middle of fucking show and
saw crown or your ass like I really feel
doing Maxie really met me what he’s
saying but it’s actions lady but still
sell him praise this shit but still go
to jail a thousand times still be you
know that nigga recently got found in
the Bronx like in somewhere like asshole
naked like don’t doubt that’s why you
know put itself back in a rehab because
he you know went back they found their
nigga dope down in the car my nigga ass
hole diggy like and I mean the fetal
position but I don’t want to say that
yeah deal mix you know I mean I would
Dimas you know but still believe in God
so at the end a come on man she came
you can believe in God but if you lose a
guy for a hustle bro you ain’t gonna
never win my nigga you ain’t gonna never
win and that’s two examples of dudes
using a guy for ISO DMS he really was
that’s to say about God my nigga you
want to do this shit that you do you did
now we can appreciate guy go give me a
sign Lord you know you blessed me to
come up at the gutter whatever but you
don’t switch it up you know I mean now
that you got an opportunity to not do
illegal shit and do legal shit and get
hey you gonna switch it up and thank God
for you you know opportunity and for
bless you were to get to even do that
niggas could never be a DMX not a hatch
nigga it gotta be a gift
the average nigga came walk like DMX and
spit like it maxes a gift so it’s a bad
come and get my nigga so he’s praising
God for his gift but okay you present
God for you get for dinickel backwards
my nigga you can’t do that can he do
that but I praise God for my gift and I
slow all the way to fuck down
I could be in the projects when the
wildest shit you ever thought of cuz I’m
from the wildest projects in Oakland I
don’t give a fuck what none of these
niggas say nigga the wildest projects in
Oakland period 65 build six nine feet
straight up I’m gonna be doing wow this
shit ever I’ve separated myself guys
said get the fuck out of here I got a
little I changed my life a number one
back so when god bless you were to give
from the way out you’re supposed to
change your life and not go back any
supposed to keep going back cuz when you
go back you go to jail you can kill us
all extra shirt that she was in that you
try to escape you did
but shout out the DMX man I love him
that he was real enough to even take
yourself to rehabilitation like y’all
got a problem I think I get the shit
right cuz everybody’s concerned with me
you got Jay you got Swizz Beatz you got
all these big dudes that’s really like
and I may try and get you right and then
you fuck up so understand it at the end
of the day that’s two dudes that was
like you know me with with the Christian
hustle and it’s like come on my nigga
look at what you’re doing in real life
now I mean like at the other day man
lead by example my nigga you can’t say
this daddy third and you’re not doing
what you saying my nigga Hey they say
all this religious shit you ain’t doing
religious shit for the store period you
did ago you don’t did I
I couldn’t even say I’m cool now nigga
that was so real guy sitting in yeah you
can’t say I’m cool too real period
straight up let’s see what the mob talk
about which I’ll talk about no I ain’t
trying to disrespect nobody go period
Kanye is still the dopest one of them up
cuz Christian music can be listened to
more than just Sunday bro we’re supposed
to worship Him everyday absolutely right
so what’s the hustle how’s it a Sunday
ain’t you supposed hey let’s be real God
took the wrestle Sunday so we supposed
to pray on the Sabbath which is this
Saturday the Sabbath Sunday he rested
that’s everybody’s rest day we supposed
to pray on Saturday the Sabbath you
didn’t but if you wouldn’t really want
to be spiritual and you want to be
really real God rested on Sunday he
didn’t work on Sunday this
a bit is where we pray on Saturday you
know I mean what we do like you know
worship Sunday we rest but um let them
tell it you know
although he said no it was incorrect
hold on no incorrect jesus is our sabot
we lay rest with him Savan is Saturday
nigga are you serious
come on they’re gonna hit me with that
nigga said Jesus is our rest so Jesus is
this sadly come on don’t hit me with
okay so bird said God rested on the
seventh day was the Saturday got it all
how do I put it however you want to mix
it chopping slicing and dicing the
Sabbath is a day that we supposed to
pray not Sunday I’m just letting to be
let’s be real you know let’s be real
again what do we say in the Bible that
we come into a house to praise God
how wait the Bible said the charges in
the body that the body yeah mainly like
the soul yeah I mean is the you know me
the temple guy the body of the temple of
God they never said like you gotta go to
that temple the Holy on the top Mount
Rushmore whatever the fuck like they’d
upset that in the Bible that’s it like
God is it Jesus name one time in the
Bible that Jesus went to church I’ll
wait name one time in the Bible that
Moses went to church I wait churches
also period that Kanye hustlin niggas
Gary he got he got fuckin council for
the Trump shit did the big boy interview
a week talk about Instagram got you
bitch and all that shit
no I guess around got you know get Perry
got show bitch
nigga period fuck you talking about
nigga y’all been saying it I don’t care
how religious you are nigga I’m dressing
sexy Instagram got show bitch niggas
clearly okay somebody got real deep into
it I was in Israel for 13 years
this thing got a deep one he said I was
the Israelite for 13 years the biggest
organization in America I went to jail
14 days Oh No and the Most High told me
to leave when I got out I left
everything at the FBI raided the church
and now the haze okay so he was the
Israelite you went to jail you got out
in a raging Church that’s what you’re
telling me
so you saying that I was so much of an
Intel so much of a threat that you got
arrested so much of a Christian threat
that you got it resting you went to jail
you got out in the fans hit shot it can
happen that can happen but at the end of
the day no matter the passage of church
and actually if you want to jail for the
church that allegedly it’s still the
fucking house oh my niggas tax free
breath right let’s address the elephant
in a role making no motherfucking Church
preaching on a month for this man taxes
that’s all free money that they get
nigga where’s the Church of where’s the
fucking Bank of Jesus Christ oh wait
where’s the bank of God oh wait
when we pay 10% of everything that we
make have every week so who
I dig that’s pulling up in a rolls-royce
and there you got the mansion on the
hills and shit man you paying him
tax-free and I’ll pay taxes on that
money no yeah I’ll pay for the sugar go
down but the other money
why ain’t got a homeless shelter why
ain’t got a free lunch feed dinner free
breakfast program going
like ireally bill it takes a sinner for
Delphine’s this young people on drugs
why you ain’t got a football field
basketball field Recreation Center for
kids they ain’t got shit they’re doing
enable over sell dope they have so give
me something to do
YMCA boys club girls club all that money
you get our way so I stop with the
bullshit my niggas I hustle mine they
can depend is it slipping them off
fucking pimp that’s pimping these
bitches but I see the nigga on here that
was mad that we big up tomorrow
nah me Molly mo I know Molly mom
my nigga you know I’m ain’t period no
Hollywood sex traffic in it Little Wolf
check this out bro that’s my homie
period I know this thing before any
allegation has been made up on this
nigga whatever doing this personal life
that’s him so a nigger that’s my homie I
supposed to show my love to when he
going through the worst shit in his life
nigga what you talking about nigga fuck
you nigga
so if y’all homie going through some
shit like that
let’s show homie you know him before
anything ever for anything ever was
alleged about this nigga nigga caught up
missing shit you don’t say all fuckin
nigga fuck fuck you talking about nigga
you a sucka nigga
I never looked fuck with a homie like
you make me no bitch nigga boy
I had my back when it’s good and when
it’s bad Nikki tell you fuck you mom
Nick it’s on my arm I got ya yeah fuck
you talking about nigga real recognize
real nigga some bullshit oh you can’t
say That’s not me I don’t give a fuck
what nobody else is doing I’m not doing
but that’s my homie as you gonna stop
being your home because he caught a case
I’ll wait
hated oh cool next shit we’ll be having
what else we talking about
photos bigger than beer I think I said
they said when you say Kansas City super
like on the lake Lake Shack later
they’re super late me
hello later goddamn so Brooklyn
challenge my nigga my bad my bad for
being lately lately lately lately I did
I said about four weeks ago like a month
ago I was waiting for a nigga to mix it
the nigga took two weeks and didn’t even
mix it so I said I didn’t send it to
another nigga third week I got out the
bay area and we did the show in
Sacramento with Ice Cube Snoop Dogg
Warren G us negative Dog Pound anybody
so we go to the studio after that
Sacramento my nigga Q on a beef set out
to him we go to the Stoney on my name
pull it up today sit right there Drake
step down my dad put a fucking track I
managed to the video you know I’m in
tears so we shot it right on the spot
Sacramento at the studio and shit we
killed it and I’m in a period but why so
late is but I was way from the mixing
and mastering from some other
motherfucker you know my guy had gonna
say some other motherfucker my guy guy
he was so busy doing like this they got
days loaf in the studio and shit like
big people in the studio well I’m
sending him my little you know drink
lunch the shit we’re corn days loaf
right now so I understand you did so it
is what it is but bruh you know I mean
but took too long so that’s a lot of
shit take the long you know I mean
something like you late why you didn’t
know I’m gonna fuck how late are you
I murdered that mofo put them thumbs up
and I’m thumbs down if you feel that
goddamn so open my nigga Terry I’m here
I don’t hurt anybody shit nigga i still
rap man go check that out and tell me
which i think about it man Terry now
we’ve been doing this pie guy shit the
kids still get down
you did what song you somehow so Oh
I posted that shit man go check it out
on thislet calm nigga did their so
Brooklyn freestyle
what would a Casanova Casanova got sunk
also Brooklyn with a him of fabulous
he had a challenge to go down so
everybody was doing their challenges my
finger I just you know stepped in the
last place and I’m trying to do it you
know yeah okay I’m glad y’all feelin
that shit good shit money got
appreciated breath then why I seeing a
building on Lake tap here and I see you
boy I see you nigga good shit I feeling
that shit man
good shit man um I just wanted to show
niggas like no we we still do this and I
mean as much shit that talk on this shit
is much worse I fucked up oh we fucked
up another word again ain’t go fuckable
word when I’m rapping let say you that
today I fucked up nigga
watch this now go but this is just you
know just getting it was ready for me
and Pete right shit because that’s what
that’s how I’m coming you know just
barks you know I mean somebody let me
frisbee this out and you and I don’t
know so Brooklyn showers let me see how
niggas gonna feel about your mouth with
the bars again you know I mean so like
I’ve been playing it like imma let his
bro so I can being a pack of the niggas
and doing the pocket wraps and I mean
what it be slowly you know I mean or to
be this you know I mean like this
groobie and whatever it being pocket but
when I do luck you see on them JJ he’s
in you know I mean them fucking new
testaments but dugouts it’s a difference
between me doing something with somebody
else so I know let me throw the frisbee
out you know I mean because this is
gonna be the ten to join me at each ship
period let me see if they’re ready for
till they use the nigga being apart
matter of fact I used to think you’re
not even rabbit they used to nigger
podcasting is shit and he told us out
this he would’ve do so it was one of
you know I mean let y’all niggas know
with me and Peter out coming with you
know I mean period dumbass guys dumbass
boss yeah I like that y’all gonna love
me and Pete out period you know straight
up I’m gonna get the dog down yeah
definitely dug down me and Pete Baksh
it’s called crack right so we taking it
back you know me so it’s gonna be live
man I’m all old b-boy story for me live
shipment somebody on it let me get on it
that’s gonna match hey come on keep
flexing much that means placing much
anyone they’re gonna open that’s gonna
match our guys like you gotta get like a
key a bar you know I may want to niggas
be so missed it you got you too boy like
a mozzie like you gotta get a boy you
got get a boy on there with me girl I
come home and do nothing so open my eyes
anything from open right like it like
new come on you gotta get really like
you feel me you got throw it back you
doubt me I get a key to sneak Kiko neck
I think the only nigga that connects
with me is three times crazy any of them
keep bar AG period they come from that
cloth they come from my era need guys
like hi guys
I think they could do it you know I
think because how rap is different you
know I mean have we back three times
crazy and you know maybe they’re
hieroglyphics I’ll rewrap this different
SIBO ain’t from Oakland Nate we tell my
so Oakland I’m gonna say my eyes easy
boy everybody but thank from Oakland pep
love I said I won’t let this nigga
that’s the whole clique anything getting
that in a high road I said that yeah
you’re shit yeah kick a murder that
muffled I think it’ll be crazy yeah it
would be murder on that bitch that key
could be murder
folding ain’t from Oakland it is short
I love show but short game guys like
that Richie Rich would be dope Jay
stylin definitely check 9 8 from Oakland
again i play too much I think beat him
we de dope this fuck murder them you
dare ya mouth goddamn
any other niggas from the hieroglyphics
I say casual
that’s a casual but any nigga from the
hieroglyphics on that bar guy type of
shit fat mister fabrica probably go
there cuz he a bar guy definitely miss a
fat J Stanley
my fucking up I wish man this is man
stop it like that should go dude because
you got to get my North Oakland nigga
man you gotta get mine off oh you gotta
get my note you got demeanor general you
gotta get my fucking up mom fuckin the
Stevie Stevie gel see me joke dumbass
gas guy you gotta get Stevie John that
bitch Stevie Joe gonna murder that
dumb ass TV Joe yeah be yeah I don’t
nigga Stevie jealous most dumb ass TV
John that bitch she can handle that
mmm let’s let that go I’ll be on his
muffled all night reading holiday from
Oakland nigga dollar dang that’s a good
one filthy rich I think for the rich
should be dumped on there I’m talking
about me mr. Hill yeah
mr. it will murder where the fuck is mr.
la that’s my question wouldn’t miss a
that’s a good one I heard about mr.
Ellison’s wrap-around died man writes a
piece of wrap around silent recipes
eclipse I said mr. fat dang Lily
hmm – my wrappers the a ski okay yeah
say yeah overrated not underage when
they’re gonna overrated underrated money
and banks that’s dope Mac mom ain’t from
Oakland and from Oakland he said spice
one he ain’t from Oakland they say yep
overrated I never heard that I always
heard I’m underrated till they clump in
from Oakland that’s dope though guy said
it so Oakland remix don’t play like that
they say the white girl mind they got
better stop playing me anyway no so when
he makes his big time
that shit was out there frisbee he’d be
good Paris nigga said tears money y’all
got jokes committed niggas is so miss it
of course all of them all that her
nerves could be on that there’s their
Kato fall yeah oh my
definitely Kato could be on that bitch
but he ain’t from
negative got played too much at the end
a nigga’s never give me my product
because they still so much for my nigga
man where you still then you’re taking
borrow so much for my motherfucking like
you look old
you don’t want nobody nobody get your
cold front
you dig something and they may be
turning up by how well hip I first
started anybody’s taking anything from
New York laden is taking everything from
the bay Monday and I’m wondering is that
display a lot of Annapolis back tackle
this shit that they take from Terry keep
the snake three times crazy forty you
know I mean like a whole lot of niggas
man the whole day meant Perry we we put
on so many new movements that everybody
adapt to and take it today shit you know
I mean like get shit from underground
artists adapt it’s an ace shit where
they got the budget the mark and they’d
sign it’s a label and make it look like
they came up with that shit oh that’s it
came from the yeah yeah you my nigga
nobody talk like that nobody write like
that but niggas up there and everybody
the world know we want to bring it to
your regulator like you did it like you
know what work for like two seconds and
so when they will realize it realize
that’s the air you’re talking yeah you
play too much
period yeah they need to be playing too
much back what’s that talking about in
here don’t cash man take you from the
basis of nineties facts fuck what you
talking good shit
nigga say yeah give me a song with the
old quality voice
mmm-hmm let me give sickly breath I
don’t do drugs no more money the first
three out in the first two hours pure
ecstasy my negative so I don’t collect
see no more my nigga so when I was
yelling and screaming a microphone and
being held like emotional I was on
ecstasy doing them rhymes nigga in the
booth writing the mother fuck off
actually this is when actually first got
popular ad but I just put in first city
city and I had the line I guess so
everything was exceed out the crazy shit
out of you but I that’s the animal that
that boy is main the nude and seeing the
Miley that got out ain’t even the real
shit so I can’t go back to that you know
I mean as much as I loved actually back
of the tank and it made my music Halla
dope you know I mean period but I’m
great I’m rapping they got imagine
gritting your teeth while you rather you
happen like this actually as you bring
your team back this is what you get to
Facebook and niggas oh so tag real
spaceman is so screen 18 motherfucker so
yeah that’s where that crazy ass
hyperactive strong hyper voice came from
this the tail is my nigga my back
I don’t do pills them up so you don’t
get the belly up
take it back to the pill you up Megaman
shit I cool not too much shit a little
fold man be fun with these uh science
projects ain’t doing that backyard yeah
that’s the new pills man brush there
where Malik at I see Malik in a minute
man I seen believe you took my belief
from uh motherfucking up pretty Choi
late when we get back well Lee what up
though good question that I had to tell
yourself man yeah Reggie I had to turn
himself in man I don’t know the
particulars on this case but he
definitely was down with a digit or so
box our family where we do our podcast
at so he’s down with the whole shit him
my junior I mean my James I don’t
fucking say my junior my junior front of
my fingers high moment anyway my throw
Reggie White to turn itself in so I
think it boy got like 16 months he’d be
out in a minute
you know I mean but yeah that was doing
numbers they still doing them this man
period you know fed out gangster
Chronicles man you know a free-range
white shut out and then keep me out of
your sauce because you know I write with
the Dogg Pound everybody you know I mean
period I already talking this shit about
them you know I mean I heard you know
whatever it was but just know I don’t
stamp that you know I mean it wasn’t my
compote that’s them just because I know
them everybody know them don’t mean that
I agree with that you know I mean
whatever your problem is that’s not
probably so I bought them on my show I
was like yo that’s hot shit bro I can’t
digging is that because I got
relationships with these dudes
that’s not shy so it’s like on what
Angela Yee should’ve did I mean what
Charlemagne should’ve did what gucci
mane gucci mane stop going in on his
people is like i know not today bro I
don’t really rock like that man these my
peoples were stopped by something else
I was basically what I told Reggie right
like mingle go to else no you know what
something anything else though you know
gonna put me in that you know baby I
rock with these guys you know he was
whether he was cool with it
we had dope as interview I asked some
shit that nobody else asked him it was
Jerry hey ami James let me ask him shit
it was a conversation it was no
interrogation room type of shit so I
mean y’all go check that shit out if
you’re a seated scroll down again look
at the mob James and a motherfucking up
Reggie right interview you see it was
just a mild conversation that we went
crazy on the black shit bother the night
was just a mild conversation you know
I’m disrespecting nobody you know I mean
period oh these look so bad specs no you
don’t own it
he’s a partner down doggy divers but
he’s a partner with digital so box
definitely I mean him and uh all the
peoples but him to do got this shit go
and it’s lit period so shut up the dog
no just straight up I say I should sign
the writing nation well I do a lot of
shows with Live Nation
that’s all I had last weekend was with
Live Nation man so long as I’m rocking
with Live Nation I’m good gonna shut out
of hibernation I love the sign of rock
nation that’s a breast a sign of our
nation I managed myself though so I been
sign up to the big management companies
what they didn’t do was shit shit for me
that’s why I maximize myself yeah I mean
like when I could bring more money to
the tables in the management changing
got fired
I’m doing a job bye bye guys me
oh cool I came to say my cool shit
listen be in my life well the other shit
and look cute and look cute but um I
seen Jim Jones Sunday and I really do
know for him Jim Jones still playing I
was out the Empire might think I got a
deal with Empire like but you would
write nation my nigga so you’re good to
go to the parties cool I honestly it
really good enough for Jim the side of
the shit that he already had going I
said doing nothing for your Goffe
besides the shit that he had going you
gotta change but okay you already had
shows born Jim you already had a reality
shit go on now putting albums out you
know through your label what’s the
difference so let’s be real about the
situation and that should look cute
there’s a really elevating his career
you know that’s the question man that’s
why I managed myself I mean to me here’s
a cookie y’all go fuck you said make it
career Bazaar it no disrespected uh eats
what I was saying this period you know I
mean I fuckin design as a home oh my
gosh but uh yeah I could make out
career bizarre because you thinking that
you’re getting a bit benefits of the
motherfuckers that you sign so and then
ain’t that you sign up for nothing been
through that ball look you actually will
get bigger said the management turns
don’t have five on it I’m down with
Johnny’s committee in the building
independent is West best way to go fax
why are you smoking on definitely
Russian assassins right now but uh it’s
called the heart call G smoking hot cold
G Western assassins the dinner the heart
called you dumb ass I had a real OG in a
minute like I’ve been having so me
inside especially that young cool
addresses Matic so because we’re all she
in my life I’m loving in there so
Russian assassin parkour oh gee yeah
yeah boy jacket fresh it’s getting cold
out here Monday cuz I love India shoes
Alif eyes and shit man I did a little me
my neck fuck fuck eyelid dang going on
man but we good
good shit oh I was job no friend goes
you say you’re a busy boy in the lab no
not yet but I heard the saying was he
gasps its smoking gelato
I love you like a brother but I smoke oh
gee and many breath
okay he said he just did some research
oh no my nigga slow down turbo
niggas say he just did some research and
said that mr. Hill can’t dilly dog went
religious after rapper Ryan died never
knew that bro
you learn something new every day and we
smuggle a TI me only up my CV oh no my
nigga so that’s why we never heard from
mr. ill and dilly no more and deadly in
my DM about an interview for this shit
you know religious damn you gotta do
some gaming man that’s piece wraparound
I got this like a mother for me y’all
rolled up down to the drink no but
well weed in my lab take this out shout
that if the whole 5150 squat
but if Corey Holcomb gonna take them up
I’ll get 15 to 20-minute break with this
motherfucking logo just playing some
music they gotta take it a string
yeah with just a background right there
for like two seconds thinking rock with
the kid you did
nigga say yeah you ever go on culture
bullshit the fucking skulls you bunch of
my nigga never heard it at one oh no
people should not go to the lab TV slow
down turbo
but lat TV is a dope platform don’t ban
belad we just need to check belay and
let them know like slow down turbo
I mean you’re doing so much like Farah
speaking on black situations
I mean African American situation slow
down bro you rainy in Russian whatever
you are are crania I don’t know my you
know my dear now drink my jeah geometry
you know I mean class is bullshit that’s
the only class I failed with geometry
but uh anyway whatever you from Ukraine
it feel suspect like you’re rubbing in
our face you know I mean like okay dr.
Sadie we celebrate him he’s a hey he’s
not a doctor he’s a bunch of doctors dr.
Dre is like that damnable that you know
I mean like I just – stop that you stop
talking about black situations like on a
side note down what you’re doing your
platform your station is dope no no you
got the book the best when you sat down
having people that nigga was sorry was
probably as shitty like how did the
source I’m the big again double XL
together like he I get it like he pop
this column on a motherfucker
okay nigga this time oh that’s your
ghost I feel like nobody’s gonna ban me
and if this is one person fan base not
fucking with me I get three million
people a day on my I he was property
I’ll pay for that with the numbers but
it’s all black community my nigga it’s
all hip-hop my nigga go talk about the
other shit now you talk about tennis
shoes you talk about stocks you talk
about all the types of the shit that
straight as successful as we’re talking
about daily hip-hop of shit period
yeah you know it that’s why you lean on
that in that case you’ll be laying over
your tennis shoe shit later on your
sport you talk about NBA NBA shit I mean
no issue where you talk about stocks and
bonds that shit ain’t poppin a haircut
shit papi and you know it so they’re in
that have respect that’s all be saying I
respect for the black culture that’s it
being a White Russian Ukrainian or
whatever he is
and getting millions of dollars from the
game so you should talk about that’s all
the same period you know they should go
don’t ban don’t ban ballet cause if you
ain’t have a lattice fucked up baby I’m
gonna get love with lovers don’t black
guys know that platform but everybody to
do some out-of-pocket shit anybody to be
nobody’s perfect you know I’m a ain’t
perfect even though we God don’t
platform in part be fucked up a couple
don’t be down I don’t know that ain’t
cool I said keep it pushing Barry but if
you keep on doing it it’s an agenda like
bro you really feel that way
oh you just tell me oh shit so but that
be careful bro
labs on this you’re like well I don’t
care if the reparation people don’t
support me I have three million a day
and three black people if I people
brought not reparation people now you
get the hip-hop people against you nigga
good luck so I’m saying shall have the
sole big I see the so be sure to got
home nigger I know about so be town
business my town niggas which I know
about so beaten and it’s the first
motherfucking video network that we had
they’re gonna be folk BT for it was just
MTV it was an MC leaders the first black
network and Oakland to bang our shit and
they’re gonna bang ice cream man Bank
anybody shit they got the so be so
boy I ain’t no soul beat nigga come on
they’re good town niggas know what this
surgery is nigga Wow
fuck y’all niggas up with that one I’m
garbage we’re dangerous dang that’s a
good question you say
okay so what I said he basically said
well the last sentence response he said
breath basically said I’m really right
with my lab but do you think what do you
think about him we’re going to where it
is to reparations that far as
interviewing people talking about
reparations that was basically that
response like yo no matter what my
response is I’m bringing awareness today
I agree it’s great that you’re bringing
awareness but I don’t think you should
down wait I don’t think you should talk
about it I don’t think he’s a tough shit
about it we ain’t got another do it now
bring awareness I haven’t black people
talk about it the art is the shit will
tie the air quality the Lord your balls
and shit let him talk this shit cuz they
black no I mean I’m talking about
Revelation rules to say if they’re black
people that you got on there it’s really
gonna get the rubber races because I
heard that the reparations shit is going
to lineage right now so it’s a lineage
if you would it’s some mole of this shit
going down they receive you with it and
then it’s out the people doesn’t get
reparations out so at the end of day um
you got a dope ass platform but don’t
talk about a black shirt period like I
said like we could talk about we could
talk about Gorbachev we could talk about
all that shit and get blackballed just
like you out there so let’s like do that
she like glad is dope platform I think
that he got it poppin you know me fuck
with everybody not just rappers and all
in the change how many pairs and so he’s
little you know quick disrespected as I
think it’s a disrespect to smack in the
face you know when you making so much
money off hip-hop you know that’s what I
think water stored on to the next
and they said only watched radio
interviews on the Left which are the
interviews we go but even for you even
get your idea on the leg the lad is
pulling strings to get them top artists
and top people to make you watch it shit
so let’s salute him for that so I didn’t
that evil ad platform is dope we just
felt some type of way when you say
attack today that’s all and he feels
some way if we said some shit about some
Russian politics you know I mean some
right back at you hey fifty eighty fifth
in the building will my shoot don’t say
you’re over there able to save my niggas
but I’ll say over there on the corner
you want fuck I shot a video over there
nigga I know what y’all niggas do yeah
Saint Paul and his motherfucking st.
Paul man oh yeah man definitely check
man listen man this shirt Johnson on the
back of the shirt yes sir we got Chuck
Johnson on the back of the motherfucking
shirt but period
well so be shit you fill me and check on
the back of the shop boy your enemy now
let that be known the committee the
builders the best day I need to give a
ladder on solo but remix I need to give
a land I’m smoke on that radio and I
mean but I don’t want to because they
all responded so there’s no reason you
have any fear here are the spine you did
see we got some about
okay good good one good one going come
on hang over Vail what you just said but
yeah yeah
mm okay so brush it father the ladee fix
this with Trump being our president
the Russians are all involved with our
politics true story
yeah I agree with that I agree with it I
can’t argue with that but the lash and
disrespect the african-american
community if you making so much money
off the african-american culture that’s
always saying they’re good like we don’t
get the play okay back to it but still
she’ll be there yeah I get the chill
bill oh now on my nigga okay we gotta
come up no but I ain’t against
reparations he said instead of money we
should get education yeah niggas is
against what he said about we need my
fuck education nigga so that’s the whole
dispute he said nigga I think we should
be in a form of Education College so
hold up swell up no disrespect to the
Jewish community but when the Jews get
paid for might act out tax dollars out
here in America you never say man in
Jewish Holocaust victims should get
college education again we paying a B
all I take the house is going on that
not all of it but some percentage is
going towards that we pamphlet Jewish
reparations for how because that
happened in Germany
happen out here but we pay the jewels
they get a monthly oh we I don’t know
what they get when they get paid
annually I don’t know what they get when
they get paid so it’s like don’t
disrespect the Jewish people but the
Holocaust happened in Germany man how
the fuck is America paying for that yeah
I’m mad at black people trying to get
reparations from slavery and building
America it’s crazy man yeah it’s crazy
yeah craziest fuck you know Dan no
disrespect the pale skin and then I may
get benefits the dark aliens get
benefits they got reservations they get
cuz no they don’t just see knows that
get it nobody the American and give them
casino but they built you know within a
community ace fucking no bill to me
casinos this shit won’t get money but
that’s when a government-funded money
that they can build a casino then when
able to just do that shit for no money
the government money against so much
money from the government like fuck we
don’t go to casino my feet the whole try
and that’s how I should be going from
iana here where’s the Indians to like we
was here what the end is he did we was
who was there so why shouldn’t we get
paid no matter what you want to call
this African no Matthew when it calls
indigenous Aborigine and I mean whatever
you want to cause we was here it was
dark-skinned of charcoal skin the people
here when Christopher Columbus guy he
got shit when just tales can people hear
all types of colors
you know I mean it was the asiatic you
know me asiak is the more like skinny
you know me anyway
I don’t even know what they call them
because I think old points are no
African I’m you know deep history but
there was dark Indians breath period so
I entered a bro like you know everybody
get a reparations shit with us daus
games now let’s talk about dark-skinned
das him up a bit
exit out of everything period nice game
of us can be in movies dogs came up
fuckers the X dot at Porto Rico the
Dominican Republic Mexico
you know his dogs gonna mess game other
folks dark-skinned it
Porto Rican motherfuckers dark-skinned
it the medaka month because I don’t show
them on the movies and on that shit
because they want to play this like all
the life skin did or you know like you
know I mean like that’s the only color
but it’s not you’ll go to Costa Rica
some shit like that you’ll see a bitch
or nigger that’s darker than you
speaking that shit like what the fuck
and they from they’re born and raised so
at the end of the day man they don’t
show that they don’t want to show that
in the movies I don’t want to show them
the news I want to show that it’s done
skin people all around this world period
even dark skin ages does is dusting
people everywhere so they don’t want to
show that anyone act like it’s on these
like color people cool so we run with
that play you know that’s the Internet
my brother got a d1 brother iPad back
yeah okay
so brother said that his mom was uh damn
their caregiver so old man I was getting
2000 a month now
what race was that old man was that a
Jewish man was there any a man who was
it because at the end of the day we
don’t get that like come on like so why
should it be a problem what everybody
else getting it and we not getting it
are you talking about a Jewish guy
that’s the Jewish okay so old-school
Jewish man in two thousand a month not
on Social Security or some other shit
American dollars taxpayer dollars was
like okay that’s none of the radar they
don’t tell you what your tax dollars is
paying but now is broadcast that we
trying to rep eraser oh no I know did
you pay reparations fat au pair my
breast for any as you can’t reparations
the Jewish people they protest about
that but it’s not publicize you know I
mean it’s under the table I have we
don’t do this we don’t do this we don’t
do that Trump was the only new that went
against them as much as I hate Trump
Trump was the only nigger that went
against the Trump with the court what
they ask is like yo these $5 Indians
don’t look like Indians because it was
back in the day where you could be a
fight out and you go pay $5 negative II
Indian when that was getting they land
and they reparations this shit like that
would be a fight out Indian so it’s a
lot of white people that became Indians
and became you know I mean casino owners
this shit like that I mean cuz you could
pay $5 so Trump seen that shit was like
man I’ve seen casino owners that don’t
look like anything they would like me he
was in a court like a grand jury like
going to Disney motherfuckers way
yeah I see all you motherfuckers in
y’all don’t look like Indians period
straight up Trump won against that shit
straight up the folks Trump became the
president he was the coolest nigga in
America okay my night Trump I’m staying
in the Donald Trump I’m gonna Trump
Towers like remember I’m just saying
so trunk was on some shit before he came
the president he was going against all
the bullshit you know main period he was
the first motherfucker saying that the
$5 Indians won real Indians so I’m about
white people pay because he was a
billionaire like nigga now yeah I go
make no feet money like that nigga no
nigga let the Indians get any money they
got paying this shit I’m a taxpayer
you get it so Trump spoke against that
shit so Trump speaking against the shit
back in the day you know it’s the hustle
Timmy pure hustle pure how somebody
nigga you say I love truck Trump was an
egg back in the day I don’t know about
now but back in the day he was going
against all that bullshit nigga said all
of rap niggas rap niggas hanging out
when I’m at the parties this shit he was
a cool nigga I don’t know about this new
nigga but the back in the day Trump was
nicknamed Zittel nigga back then him
nigga period put that shit on blast man
that it was white Indians getting my
fucking benefits from Indians and they
not fucking Indians they’re white and he
put that shit on blast not in here not a
a white guy a white billionaire period
y’all fuck that man I don’t know what
the fuck oh no but then put a banana in
the tailpipe he’ll check this out this
nigga swiped in the motherfucking are
you I knew I knew white nigga yo casinos
thingy I don’t look like nothing
his nigger the first nigga to say that
trunk so let’s be real
he’d been blasting the biggest but they
still got take money got a nine month no
tell him Sharif yeah nigga said tell
they said beanie sigel day come on y’all
come with some wild shit now being
single day no matter where the races
will undo damage that done to our
community you know I don’t how community
you know mm-hmm we just watched to get
was giving back to the white man Oh hold
on my nigger SBT vtm
this nigga said no matter um
no amount of reparations will undo the
damage that has been done to the to our
people in our community will just rush
to give it back to the white man oh so
basically you saying that we’ve got our
reparation money and just give it right
back to Louie Vuitton I give it right
back to Gucci give it right back to all
that shit nigga fuckin a Balenciaga and
all that shit is good right back to them
great point are we gonna take advantage
and make a little Africa make a black
india black and I mean are we gonna make
our own neighborhood because at the end
of the day then you got salute the
Asians they can’t even took over blocks
you know I mean to say hey it’ll make
this motherfucker Chinatown and the city
make a Chinatown cuz they don’t that
much property you know I mean so would
have black people I mean black Americans
go grab a whole five block five six five
to ten city mile radius grab that whole
shit buy all the property
and make it a little African nobody
still has done that but every other race
man I wasn’t seeing a little Romania and
we got a little Armenia than fucking LA
right now and this is the same shit
that’s been in LA but it’s a little
Armenia they just bought the building is
right there you know I mean so someday
we’ll realize you know I mean with the
reparations if we get money that we
could buy a gang a little property and
set up almost shit a little Africa and
every city a little hip-hop whatever you
want to call you know I mean a little
India whatever you want to call it
whatever you want to call it but our
shit black Wall Street black Wall Street
right here black Washu right here black
Wall Street whatever you want to call it
but anybody buy the properties on the
five mile radius that’s how you advance
you know I mean that’s how you do what
the ages is doing what the Armenians is
doing with the but the white guys is
doing like almost some fucking laying
there like when I did my motherfucking
uh so Oakland freestyle said never buy
dance for you buy a house I’m going
through escrow right now nigga buy the
property for Airbnb shit I mean I was
back in the desk I was talking about
just about eight months ago
you think I didn’t listen to myself
nigga be far said that I’m going to
that’s for right now for Airbnb property
you know father would just gonna keep
going up so at the end of that you know
I’m just being this motherfucking
talking should I do it period I don’t
give you advice that I’m not taking
Perry you know me so how pretty on the
land it’s the main thing that’s why the
ages are so much of a threat right now
because they come into America and
/ they burn up all this shit me bound
property right now seeing a pen cash
instead of nigga getting it alone
it’s the Monopoly game right now my
nigga like real like monopoly like when
I’m up I could just cash out and then is
like it and they said shit down and the
major niggas came to America to start
everything everything fuck trying to
tell America fuck China calendar every
city I’m behind the hole all all the
houses all the condos what we get our
reparations if we need to do that don’t
be all know by no Gucci and relieve a
time stupid shit by some way I’m going
on that one thing we’ve been on this
month for the fall long time ok but if
we ever do get reparations my gang your
leg like Asians doing let’s make a
little bit half a fucking little hip-hop
or whatever in every city my fifth five
block radius so every city a five-mile
radius on all the businesses all black
over five miles in every city we got a
little Africa and every motherfucking
city a little hip-hop fucking called
little help out whatever
hip-hop town ain’t got the app content
hip-hop or whatever because if I was
kosher cuz we gonna be selling hip-hop
clothes ten shoes nigga all the shit
nigga weaned stops all that shit gonna
be right there in the pubs bars and shit
it’s a little little hip-hop and like
whatever you want to call it that relate
to us think I’m a Africa you know I mean
we don’t fuckin Wayne Tammy
straight up I don’t have know what I’m
out this motherfucker man
new episode of smoke alive radio coming
Friday cuz he Capone interview part 2
which I was sure box all coming next
week the building content my nigga
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