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yeah yup my TV subscribe to your
motherfucking God may speak on it
interactive live chat
I know y’all love to speak on his shit
mate get it fucking without a long way
yeah man we’ll sell chai talk about
breaking news and I mean anybody want to
talk about it yeah why don’t you talk
about Nick so we go in a night baby
you dig break your nose let me out just
let me get up in this mob of it mm-hmm
welcome to the man cave
you feel me see that up there my little
studio slash man cave gonna create you
did it’s good this bro call out the way
Tim PNC on the tap-in I sleep nigga to
comb on your motherfuck I see nigga I
see but okay yeah it was good EPA may I
see y’all niggas finally out so on his
motherfucker brothers hadn’t it
mm-hmm what’s going on with Nick see now
we won’t talk about it we gonna speak on
it your dig let’s let the committee
that’s not the nation get up in this
motherfucker you feel me mm-hmm yeah man
tell this shit to talk about man we’re
doing smoke live radio this week so
let’s jive noogie I
as up man new episodes coming next week
so you know I’m gonna keep them up like
a channel if we yeah you know I mean it
will be a dull moment in his mouth love
you did you have a mouth TV subscribe to
your motherfucking guy you did baby
spilling his muhfucka street for the
weenie louisiana in this bitch got damn
grill breath sometimes be hard to
pronounce you sometimes I see the tap
they’re getting serious but you did see
y’all niggas make type in let me uh go
on this side again really see what’s
active start again give my interactive
chat going in no goddamn stop but I’m
trying it to my channel you to my
channel see how nice and clear boiling
it up
oh yeah
filly units motherfucker make the field
in this bitch I see you Bakersfield and
later my lady I see you nigger you did
mmm from sack to the bait y’all go get
that goddamn bi Double Dragon Nick at me
and goddamn gambling and gas and niggas
boy – the niggas method if you ain’t
feeling it out nigga
who raised you niggas yeah man
fuckin with it put them thumbs up if you
fuck with the album but then find
something fun with that album they’re
not go down look that bitch right now
the link is on the motherfucking YouTube
page if you don’t know how to get it the
link is right there they’re gonna sit
that link about straight to iTunes nigga
yeah yeah yeah see you nigga pops
collection in a bag hella pops okay that
I’m oh he’s up there good shit salute to
the motherfucking committee the nation
the game
Jagga gang bang bang nigga thanks to the
support man without child weighing shit
but get out me if you haven’t heard it
I still wrapped me to go grab that
that’s the latest ship and get my nigga
the double dragon of goop our well-being
again let me go check that thing out
knee my beneath videos right now there’s
the YouTube artists shit nigga support
the mob nigga Dragon gang bang bang you
bitch mmm-hmm I seen it up in there this
message is helpful beautiful okay niggas
Australia might I see I spell your
motherfucking tap here I’ll see you
mm-hmm I see niggas tapping in man we
gonna talk about it not snitching going
down lot of finger-pointing lot of et in
this shit you know honest they gonna
they used to be my little word back in a
day speak on his side to bring that back
yeah I say to speak only so much nigga
when I walk around grab the line nigga
they say yeah speak on it I’ll call Jay
glycine on it like anybody gonna be so
that’s my little work that gonna day so
I got bring that back speak on there
laughing speaking louder nigga speak
another major goddamn driver goddamn
driving but who the fuck is a driver my
nigga and how the fuck did he record all
that shit without nobody record not
knowing that he was recording on his
shit then I seen some shit without
Takashi baby mama she’s like yeah man
this nigga was recording everything and
shit like he was obsessed with Takashi
not knowing that this thing is recording
as a motherfucker federal motherfucking
in for me man yeah yeah there’s a cool
comedian ability my eyes mmm
oh yeah we don’t do the uh that’s the
next video who raised you niggas
laughing Bokashi looking like all that
shit we shooting at this weekend and you
niggas that look like the consummate I
want to be in a video this weekend we
shooting in their leg nigga if them got
them DMS hit the messages niggas go to
my IG race in general may hit us up
maybe neither looking like man we need a
couple of the likes man we can dig it
out throw that rainbow
we’ve only do your stuff yeah I mean but
yeah man we need a motherfucking Takashi
look-alike for this weekend then we
shoot in LA make serious inquiries only
nigga yeah we do a raise you niggas and
it’s funny that we been made that song
and then all this shit is happening
right now right when the album drop
that’s crazy we didn’t plant it like
that it just happened
you know I’m interior so yeah we
definitely doing a video nigga who
raised you niggas exam pokey tapped in
committee in a building jakers
Billy gene was not her love of facts
yeah they try to triple-t me on that
goddamn I know Frank Ocean yeah they try
to get on my Kampai how dare you say
Papa fucking nigger remind you of
Takashi never have never will they all
so goddamn 7up shit never have never
you could never compare no goddamn
Takashi – Tupac
motherfucking Sakura oh cool so I was
feeling that then they start talking
about Michael Jackson was disrespectful
okay man god damn man but if he actually
did something with them kids man I’m
they gonna be under to jail if they made
a under part of the jail that’s the
under underground nigga he will be under
that motherfucker and then some nigga
ain’t been trying to get this nigga for
eons but because he was too powerful man
so when they can’t take you out the
slander they can’t take you out of jail
you know what’s next man so hey recipe
some Michael Jackson man if he did all
that shit man he’d be here locked the
jail he won’t
he’ll be just in jail Bill Cosby locked
up period they couldn’t get him on that
– doctor doctor hit him with a double
dose and they can stay sleep but never
go back up why would they do that why
would they do all that to get rid of
this man
now come on man you know that you know
what they do when they get too powerful
you know all the people that’s powerful
when influence they get rid of them
quick especially when you get like
exposing people nigga you got hella
power and you exposing them uh fuck is
this turning milk and pick everybody you
like now I don’t be a motherfucking
slave don’t be this don’t be that own
your masters on your publishing on this
you giving niggas their gay ah man
industry don’t need all that shit was
right back to something so who won an is
she Michael Jackson estate a song I’m
waiting so come on man
steep it in rap my nigga deeper than I
wanna be deep in the motherfucking a
king of pop you did straight up no Kelly
stickers on film pissed it on kids me
that’s documented now you see Michael
Jackson on film you want some shit like
that to a kid man hey bye-bye Mike
you’re guilty yeah yeah man you’re under
the gym period oh come on man we ain’t
gonna go that’s still the shit man but I
was good conversation going good
dialogue if you didn’t see it man after
you watch this let’s go let them up on
your channel plague you’re gonna see
that coming up next me smoke a lot radio
episode 18 you’re going crazy you know
me nigga started like niggas trying give
me breath what nigga
felt like a new guy jumped in man the
Ganga son when he pack you up gonna jump
me up with two five your Mike
I won’t have it mad that I had to hold
it down recipe spike in like your dig
straight up but I was good dialogue doe
sound – uh take your third my partners
in crime ain’t the lovely Simone Taylor
you got them Kato phone you you know we
keep shit lit definitely tell that okay
yeah oh yeah yeah what happening now man
that was that was disrespectful I was a
smack in the face to both of a legacy
you know Takashi is he more remind me of
slim Jesus I said like I said bobby
schmurder when I was on don’t smoke like
radio we don’t remind me about you you
remind me of a slim Jesus a nigger that
was the tranny
and then when you got caught exposed you
leave me alone I don’t really do this I
just do it because it’s a vibe no nigga
you really let that shit they ain’t got
an answer to that shit period
so when slim Jesus got violated nigga
start you know I mean doing demo tapes
on his ass you’re like man I just
wrapped like this because it’s the way
this was poppin man I’m never so he
remind me of a slim Jesus man
pity you know straight up he’s not no
motherfucking Bobby shmurda mommy’s
murder took time for his homeboy you
know me to mow time so his homeboy had
less time so Bobby shmurda held a silent
never snitch not actually that’s all
cool went down silent maybe period so
he’s good I know him I don’t know about
the whole crew but I know he ain’t
snitched a rowdy of the rowdy negative
snitch I know that cashy making a driver
you got he’s got there my phone
conversations nigger Mel matrons phone
was tapped like a motherfucker met that
nigga Mel makes it was calling everybody
nigga bridge somewhere nigga whatever
that line is they get rid of that nigga
too late but god damn it the fuck that
phone was high you got Jim on the phone
yeah shaggy on phone yeah what’s the
bigger name I saw the phone I scored the
nigga roach
come on I shouldn’t be calling Charlotte
Rhodes but he wrote shit man yo son
y’all remember why he’s bringing his
cousin domains get like two three
hundred votes it over them to said no
yeah act like you know we got
so and then he left and then didn’t get
it he was wrong so I saw ropes I mean
and they could be stealing baby said
nigger ran off with this kind of shit
man you don’t come at me with that shit
that’s no cousin bro oh come on me with
that so I got some roaches me and nigga
be stealing on society shit you know I
mean so the roaches they called a nigga
ropes now cuz you know I mean nigga
sheisty but do you think of me belching
seem like you’d be still it so that
sound like to me all this place is a
runoff give me the bags out bye-bye now
thank you that’s what it sound like a
roach is that nigger that just keep
running off you know that’s what it
sounded like
let’s see what y’all talkin bout on the
month but the 900 facts it’s like this
any rap nigga that’s not from the hood
and hood lets you start claiming a hood
you definitely got a piece of taxes
these things they’re gonna be defending
you and let you claim they neighborhood
but nothing so when you see the shit go
down there la with all these celebrity
that’s claiming these Bloods and Cripps
maybe y’all gotta pay
well you can’t walk around our leg Nick
period or you can’t claim the say cuz
you’re not from this set nigga first of
all this is like you’re not mean a Guest
Pass so you gotta pay for that Guest
Pass nigga and we gonna have your back
long as you pay you stop paying they’re
gonna guest pass this fight that get up
at the spot you’re out of here maybe
your back a civilian and hey what
happens so you have to see your nigga
period that’s what goes down out here my
nigga you’re getting taxed buddy tax
tone you’re getting taxed own nigga and
that’s everywhere nigga that’s what all
gangs think if you ain’t from it yeah I
mean at all Turks
neighborhoods you know me whatever you
want to call it nigga yeah you’re gonna
get taxed period
cuz we allow you to come to the hood we
allow you to give money it was in our
name you know I come with a price tag
brother period oh you ain’t know you
thought he could do that for the free 99
shit me all these rappers getting taxed
man all these fake gangbang rappers
nigga getting taxed nigga
he ain’t only one man his shit just was
disposed man period
I hate what say no names man yeah I can
say yeah I mean I still got them shows
with these niggas so I hate about to put
nobody on bled just like I said the
nerve valadis rap niggas that’s only
lives that’s only platform’s going hard
on Takashi when you niggas was snitching
to remember I said last episode allow
your favorite rap business snitches yeah
I still fuck what am I gonna say no
names with y’all fuck with him to the
death nigga niggas got niggas just pop
it y’all rock with him in a black yeah I
said shit about these black artists and
they still poppin your favorite dish
your favorite that ain’t gonna get no
hints and clues cuz it’s so fuckin me
that snitch nigga rappers and y’all fuck
with them y’all banging music is it
because they black is because you don’t
give a fuck
9 times out of 10 they don’t give a fuck
because these nobody Niels don’t give a
fuck about the g-code so even though
jeez if you got caught up in some shit
these new kids don’t care it’s all about
what’s hot and what’s not yeah hi ru now
you’re in or you’re canceled nigga
that’s it you got money you don’t got
money nigga that’s it on the other shit
that comes in between what you’re doing
and get daily life you know come on fuck
loans you got money you’re making a mix
you’re doing your thing man except all
that shit so when Takashi get out of
jail he’s gonna be famous than a
motherfucker because some of your
biggest artists in the game next and
they’re famous for no motherfucking
black definitely black back back
Dewey I hate to say it I’m gonna say no
names I had new shows with these niggas
that’s gonna be my new one I say no
I haven’t shows with these niggas
so yeah yeah download with that that’s
why this is the interactive live chat
y’all get you know me chop it up mm-hmm
and say how y’all feelin things but I’ll
leave that to other podcasts and other
youtubers you know I’m either really
getting to deep dialogue with that who
don’t have to see these niggas in trying
to get a bag with a promoter that’s
booking these niggas and say hey I got
beat up any bookie and I just lost
motherfuck me a big bag for some YouTube
shit a cool dude a Jose yeah you have to
speak on me because there’s a lot of
rappers out there that I admire that
snitches yeah I mean period so is what
it is me part of life man long as you
make good music
they rockin which period mm-hmm I see
the name guy staying in a chat room I
gonna say don’t gonna say yeah I mean
but I definitely see what I’m saying in
a chat room I feel about niggas in New
York is really like a capital of snitch
niggas man like that’s the that’s the
new one going out there they saying like
new you’re gonna get the most snitch
niggas in the game my famous snakes
today died to hell they don’t know me
no no B I think it snitches everywhere
but New York is so then you know they
they they came Vince is so famous so
when they do it is documented but its
niche niggas all around the globe
nigga theory I don’t think New York got
its niche record I think they got the
most famous snitches you know I mean
definitely from my Sammy the bull
you know me out pull moon streets you
know I need to their to the rap niggas
you know I mean to hold Takashi shit you
know so hey it’s deep deep out there in
New York that’s my real New York niggas
man you know I things out there can’t
hold water no
nothing’s out there cold water and think
it’s cool out both said they don’t
snitch on anybody see if that was true
that was okay the fool and then I come
home and being a king and he came home
and still ill he’s still this nigger
they taking photos with his neat little
bow my game did shit the CAHSEE coming
home just like outpolled nigga I can’t
dig max it’s gonna be the hottest nigga
in the game I put that on everything
nigga watch watch mark my words I’ll say
yup said it watch I think I said how
many is paperwork facts yeah Nicky
yeah Nicky Barnes a big-time Nicky bonus
came out with a fucking mask oh he
didn’t even want to be singing they’re
gonna do all the PT and he was doing my
nigga he didn’t want to be seen that he
was like a ninja they came with a real
like uh he came with her like a goddamn
cake cake cake mask on but it was black
and they got a KKK girl at all nigga
black two holes enough two little eyes
they talking his she like Darth Vader
before he got his helmet rows out there
each and she’ll a mask on but at the end
of the day the same shit like the Chi
she’s made nigga stop fuckin on his
bitch nigga I’m telling you niggas gonna
get killed over some bitches made that
you could do anything
maybe you’re down there to run off with
a nigga money when it comes to a nigga
bitch you better watch it then they’re
gonna kill you buy this bitch and they
gonna snitch on everybody buy this bitch
my nigga you bet you you bet you bet
shit I don’t see heaven that’s why it’s
fixed he snitched because I think God
fishing was fuckin on his bitch while he
was locked up and supposed to have a
rule where they couldn’t look at each
other bitches of fuck on each other
bitches whatever he went down guy was
fuckin on his bitch he crossed the rules
nigga got the snitch know anybody nigga
if I’m mentioning the right name I think
it’s got fish if I’m not mistaken check
me if I’m if I’m not right that
sometimes I’d be hi my facts ain’t right
sometimes you know what I’m talking
about but sometimes the names ain’t
right that the Gospels did he snitched
on gone fishing
yeah let me know man ya ain’t girlie TV
where I got all the gangster Chronicles
and dialogue and all that shit like
doctor minute I read a million Fair
Gandhi was Bo just a lot but not a
million gotta memorize
let’s see you write okay cool
okay perfect so bruh was fuckin on this
bitch and that’s why he snitched on
Brian to check out anybody
kakashi alleged girl was getting fucked
on nigga
and they play him yo of his girl game
pound it all like the demos oh you were
ain’t shit Lenny played that audio is
Biscayne smash good luck
they knew he was going after that nigger
the first day he say he he carburetor
first day played audio right here this
was going down white and Puerto Rico and
shit this was waiting Dominican Republic
get new teeth and shit this is going
down at home buddy what’s neat thank you
cut my hair stay like the color
jail can I still have the rainbow while
I’m in jail love that I have the rainbow
while I’m in jail you got a deal I think
they get into good houses shit still
rainbow in jail like the dye went out
yet this thing shit still rainbow
yesterday teal black I’m like oh no man
you got cool
man packages the cooler keeping the shit
died in a jail out uh but uh yeah let’s
get to this other shit got breaking news
man uh Eric Holder man Eric Holder
attempted suicide a couple days ago on
the 19th of September he was rushed to
the hospital he survived definitely but
are they caught him in a Cell trying to
attempt it you know I mean so
everybody’s speculating and saying um
was it the powers that be that tried to
get him out here
you’re not me before he could reveal
people who was involved in the
conspiracies allegedly or was he trying
to get rid himself because all the shit
that’s going down he can’t take it man
so nobody knows what’s the real I was
going down at that man hey you know I
mean but he definitely attempted suicide
and it failed he end up in a hospital
get on me in another shit man that’s the
latest news on nipsey you know I mean
period yeah it’s crazy you know I mean
like at the end of the day man I know
like if you kill somebody man that
spirit got a hunch that spirit isn’t
your dream to see you yeah day dreams
and nigger that spirit is in you man you
gonna see that face for the rest of your
life man period you hunted by the
experience you hunted by that that that
last look at that body when you shot it
you’re hunted by that period so I could
drive a motherfucking same some time you
know yeah the pressure the pressure of
the street should be prior to getting
pressed on in a joint you know I mean
he’s probably pressing up in a joint
definitely definitely try to getting
pressed on there you can’t take it big
you know take it all right
neighbors love my nigga nigga that’s
coming to bring your food bigger that’s
coming to bring anything that got to do
with a county jail nigger that’s being a
worker you guys mopping and sweeping
nigga by your cellmate giving it to your
ass nigga you go down when we’ve stabbed
and shit up your athlete watch when you
go to dinner nigga watch will you go to
the motherfucking check I think you go
to the shower man you better watch your
look you getting this all day and
motherfucking night niggas yelling
through it cuz in jail nigga when y’all
got tears man niggas can go through the
other vents to the next tier over so
they yelling and hearing that shit why
he tryin to sleep I’ll do the best they
hear that they hear that my mission they
hear all that shit doing Vincent and in
jail you can yell a little Vince you
know at me so yeah you know
pressure-cook pipes you know first you
definitely cook fuck but y’all gonna
suck that up to get the real the real
break down the story I think it’s on
mediatakeout calm so y’all go there and
check out the real full story I ain’t
gonna pull this shit up and do all that
I just know that that man shark commit
suicide nobody talking about it you know
I mean so we need to chop it up and talk
about that you know I mean you know
still you know keep the marathon alive
Nipsey Hussle closed its totally sold
out I try to go buy some shit the
Pullman shit is out here go on a website
sold out out here you know I mean so
when the next lo come in definitely cop
it ASAP no rocky you know that’s ain’t
it I’m keep it a buck man um murder
trials just start man they take about
three to four years before they start
man so even don’t he’s saying that the
the Eric Holder trial is starting that’s
just the first date to get it going this
shake on stress for about four years bro
before actually
getting caught and get going unless the
nigga take a plea murder cases take four
to five years for the real the case to
really go down if you locked up you’ll
be locked up a phony is wait for that
shit they’re really golden like really
stark or you’ll be going like a couple
dates they’re gonna keep on pushing it
back for discovery and all this shit
you’re not meant for yeah I mean pushing
it back pushing the bag years and years
and years getting out a scuffle
detective our next shit together will
take about four years my nigga so this
eric holder case ain’t gonna be solved
nigga this year you gotta wait for it’s
gonna take yeah this is just starting no
murder case for that quick my nigga
period no take a couple years they even
get going about three years if the nigga
got if you got paper paper you could
speed it up yeah I mean yeah you got no
paper you just waiting on the system
nigga and you just waiting on your date
and out million other prisoners nigga
waiting on a date good luck nigga you
got a lawyer your money and all that
shit you know I mean they could they
could put it put it a little faster
because they could you know you got the
right to have your trial within this
down the third they could say hey you
want to do it now you know instead of
getting a shit together so it is what it
is but it’s gonna be a long long wall
situation it’s gonna be drawn out ain’t
gonna happen overnight you know for all
y’all that’s looking for him and just be
sentenced to life next month it ain’t
gonna happen just being realistic with
the shit you know well y’all know don’t
that’s why everybody’s like you know
what summer done sighs it’s taking time
that should take time bro that’s she
yeah two to three years
Laki yeah definitely about three years
off three years you’re caught you start
going and then when you do start going
doing court is like once every three
four five months like twice a year if
that slow process man
yeah but justice will be served
no definitely justice will be served no
dango on the link taffy and I see you
Oh New York don’t have fun okay I wonder
what type it still gonna tell mmm he
gonna plead insanity anybody gonna plead
insanity shit you know I mean he tried
to get off of manslaughter or some shit
like that and insane asylum some type of
mental institution he get put here ain’t
gonna do no no life
he definitely gonna get some years and
mental institution probably the straight
mental institution you know but they
don’t say that he was drunk because we
remember his story when I said that he
bought the weed earlier from his
neighbor he smoked the weed came back to
the neighbor house
bucked up and irate and asked the
neighbor didn’t put something in his
weed and they’d be like the high but you
talking about him he stopped fighting
and ever beat the neighbor he put
something on my we ran out of ability
Danny get with the girl and then the
rest of the day happen and then he
brought it to Nick so this after he had
that whatever you hit you know I mean so
they could go with that and say that he
was drilled he was also sharing me
without his mahir know so you know you
never know what the fuck happened you
know what’s gonna happen nobody you know
yeah it sounded like you had some shine
difficult some Sherman his weight
you know fucking mother
no daddy put the motherfucker fire
movies of it and my nigga put the wind
on a weed
I thought they dip the cigarette ain’t
no they couldn’t
dip a bud right yeah yeah fill me in on
that one that sound crazy connect dip
the button for now too high to dip it in
there let it dry out and do sell it
that’s a main shit right there you try
to kill Nick that’s that kill kill the
fuck oh you can do both okay cool
ain’t no ain’t no it trying to say some
kill bill money kill bill nigut
okay see how know nothing about no sure
mind I would dish never in my life and
never will nigga never have never will
7-up hey you did that’s what I thought I
thought over just cigarettes me so he
said just see he’s okay cool see
somebody else tapped in and said you
don’t even do it with just cigarettes
easy way to get somebody yeah man that’s
why I’m I’ll fuck with my own growers
you know I made that day I know and I’ve
been city today shit and I see how they
grow you know I mean because you never
know what they put in the weed – yeah
watch your weed you’re doing gotta watch
you eat
definitely that’s the defense you know
they got mint leaves okay so that’s what
you could put inside the we mixture of
the mint leaves with the weed I tell me
too much Breaking Bad yeah break up yeah
fucking gas go my G
you dig gasps : OH come you dig back too
late but yeah man nigga snitchin like a
motherfucker man uh let me look at the
docket man what y’all want to talk about
man this y’all shit we don’t talk about
what y’all want to talk about him see if
y’all can ally you don’t do the aisle
you slammed up yeah me how do you boys
let’s get the aliens going well be
talking about dog you got said dear
Chihuahua it’s a ditch why why just mix
with a motif so motif and deer Chihuahua
mixed together mm-hmm maybe like I ain’t
got no pig boy my backyard ain’t for no
pitbull pitbull of the gate I got two
good people bite right through that game
be gone they could bite another hey
buying a neighbourhood nigga so I gotta
get a little baby dog hey King kick down
the gate we say Cassie first Arsenal bad
girl man I seen the faceoff man
so lot of heat coming from the siding
yeah so night he come from that back
without heat coming from the couch when
they get period Cassidy was born ate
shit I’m sorry man
can’t see the king of the faceoff my
nigga pity my nigga arts that’s my nigga
he was cheese nigga cheese Louise he was
too much cheese and smiling and
basically repeating everything Cassidy
said I don’t like that either have his
own land when he was talking his own
shit he kept repeating yo yo suck my
mi niggas do I kept on saying shit
Cassidy said I’m like man get yo bag in
your talk shit back in your Mohammed I
leave man
you gotta get your Muhammad Ali talk
shit back man period you gotta have
motherfucking to line it I mean one line
is all that you gotta be quick with it
too and that shit talking you gotta be
quick with it my nigga quick with the
one-liners my nigga quick what that
Muhammad Ali motherfucking Dolomites
Rudy ray Moore shit talkin instantly
nigga instant shit talkin back period
facts you gotta be able to do that just
as been good as you wrap my nigga gotta
be able to talk that shit just as good
as you wrap my name pity and on that
first face off I saying I think Cassie
definitely talk the most shit now
Arsenal is the most disrespectful nigga
in the game it’s gonna be a
motherfucking headache Cassidy I’m gonna
say it’s gonna be a headache Monday it’s
gonna be a headache because Goods gave
you issues and goods dope but he ain’t
gonna Arsenal level man goods is a swag
rapper I think the crowd it wouldn’t
mean either and pockets swag battler you
know I mean Arsenal was the
motherfucking Swartz me you know me all
no gas putting the multis together
noonim punchlines all that shit boy he’s
very crafty with this shit but ain’t no
swag rapping against this pure gas all
gasp no motherfucking brakes and it’s
very disrespectful you know I mean I
remember when he was battling mr. fab
nigga I want to throw something at the
TV he was so disrespect the computer
he’s so disrespectful
niggas an Oakland wanted to kill this
nigga arsenal nigga after that battle he
fan had to walk this thing out but
security they’re gonna whole club want
to get this nigga he was so
disrespectful so I know what bad he
don’t get in it’s extra disrespectful
back and it’s gonna be crazy
so Cassidy better take this shit serious
know as you’re shit talking that shit
talking was nice and good at that that’s
great and Cassie is a legend in his shit
but out of all the motherfucking rapper
/ battle rappers I think he has a chance
to really make a impact there’s a lot of
rappers last battle rappers ain’t really
did you know I mean like they try but
they really seceded you know I mean out
of all the rappers last battle rap was
up there he could survive you know I
mean period I think he could adapt it
what’s going down I think he could
survive with this shit period so it’s
gonna be a great match I can’t wait I
can’t wait I can’t wait what else y’all
talking about they say you’re the best
this shit brought preciate you won’t be
ready this time he better and nigga
better better you better you better you
better be ready because they already
against the nigga man they are t because
like niggas giving him chances man that
got damn bus’ acid Bassel he eat clearly
lost the first battle that was paper
Buda was on stage he clearly lost that
disaster Gaston and they redid the
battle and then it you know I mean on a
secluded little area you know I mean I
was there I was there for that battle we
using some parking lot nigga got some
under parking lot and shit with the
cameras and a few people
and Cass wrote all his rhymes over nigga
that night came with a whole new three
rounds nigga fuck for arts the next day
and murdered the nigger like you know me
and refresh yourself so he adapted he
seen what it was and what he was doing
didn’t really work so when he came back
for the part two he wrote it for what
will work and it worked and that little
gathering good I mean we did this so
yeah I mean so I think he’s saying what
works you know I mean he’s able to adapt
I think he’s a nigger that could adapt
cuz I’ve seen him adapt over disaster he
clearly lost that first fucking battle
the paper beauty he’s seen what he had
to do that even came back well hold
three rounds nothing spit at that shit
was spit in that parking lot
not at all not one line okay but holding
three rounds and it was like the next
day so that nigga did not gonna sleep
that night I think it was that hot fuck
they’re writing all that morning all
that night niggas writing like a
motherfucker they yeah and that’s what
happened did you say I can’t call this
on me yeah it’s gonna be a good one
that’s gonna be a good one man about a
rap it’s time to fuck up set out URL
setup came to the dot you know I mean
battle rap even shoutout um little
fucker what we call it over there at a
rare breed you know I mean RBE shadow RB
they don’t anyone till – mm-hmm man I
just love it the competitiveness of this
rap failure you know I mean rap there’s
always been a competitive sport more
competitive than baseball basketball all
that shit that’s how it started off now
how it is right now people just make it
songs and compete with who can make the
best songs will be get the most view so
we get the most streams and shit like
that but it’s still competitive because
the numbers the numbers as if score and
I mean we’re joined here for 50 a year I
mean a 60 that’s to make a drink either
Jordan they’re hitting a 68 game you
know I mean that’s drink
damn Drake goddamn another championship
goddamn make a five-minute rolling again
like that’s drinking you’d enjoy killing
it dear
nigga got Wayne got Nicki they’re gonna
de two bulls rappers arms big appendage
so with this battle rap shit
is the dopest because you get niggas
going at each other like I don’t know
about job but I came in a game like that
happen a battle to make a name in the
streets and then your name was so big in
the streets that their industry
motherfuckers like yo we got a sign this
nigga so yeah maybe you had to start
like that I know I start like that I
don’t know about anybody else you know
but I started like that having a battle
niggas from junior high school to make a
high school to the janitor getting out
of jail to battling there is the hunt
for niggas the battle nigga cuz they got
sign me anything piss I went through
that phase they’re gonna be coming up
beginning as a beginner rapper you know
I mean you got to go through that so the
CDs dope as emcees man yeah sign me up I
rock with it Perry salute to all y’all
niggas after y’all stuff no Frank Ocean
gotta die anyway make subscribe to your
motherfucking guy that’s all I ask me
scratching a guy man
we getting our shit up B we get it up in
there we gonna know which I want to talk
about I miss the old school okay what
else y’all want to talk about I can go
into my doc I going through the doc I’m
going through the smoke a lot died and
talked my shit this interactive no I
want to talk yeah shit but I could go
into the doc II I’m gonna go all into
the doc I’m going through the doc II mmm
I’ll be going here another lose out
it depends on if it’s a huge deal you
know I mean I’m not doing no independent
type of loony shit man that’s too big
it’s too big of a name it’s too big of a
legacy mr. just freeze me anything out
so we’re doing a mixed thing shitting
out of that gotta be a big huge deal and
we got to do it right here you know I
mean to where we could get the producers
we want the features we want everything
we just need it to be huge
if they’re not huge I’m gonna do it okay
I gotta be grinder just keep doing this
shit okay that’s too big of a name too
big of a legacy just go out mix a type
out my we need the real budget the real
label behind this the real market ain’t
a real push you know I mean a real Brady
oh budget all that shit to really get it
out there you know I mean and that’s the
best thing about being signed to a
record label niggas be like man do
independent independent that’s great but
it’s hard to touch everybody when you
independent money it’s hard to get on
the radio
besides in your market when you’re
independent you get already on your own
seat man if you can’t do that then you
ain’t a hot nigga Terry but outside your
city good luck nigga and it’s hella
different markets that you gotta try to
get in and got they pay like none of
these nigga that you hear on a radio
besides drink of course and even a thing
you know I mean but no you need none of
these things you hear on the radio just
getting played for free especially if
you hear this shit every hour if you
hear the same songs every hour coming on
every out is paola negative labels
paying for that market for that label
for that artists to be playing on that
radio station another party pay for that
ours would be the same ours played on
another big radio station out there
another market payout for that so the
same shit they paying for these artists
to be played but at the same time the
artist analeigh will get paid
as the shit being played so you know
it’s like an advance to pay yourself you
know I mean basically so you only got
that money you know I mean to get on the
radio to have that marketing budget to
be in these different markets and I mean
I Heart Radio market without but nigga
good luck
you ain’t got the money to get your shit
it in the rice right placements you not
me like duh I guess I mean uh Apple got
the Apple playlist if you could pay the
beat on Apple playlist nigga that’s what
niggas go to first Apple playlist now
you get dumb shit on a half the playlist
they got super bonus thing you know shit
this streaming huge you selling you
number-one nigga period so that costs
money you digs up you know I mean you
need a marketing budget you need money
for all the shit streaming budget video
budgets all the shit you know I made
everything so you know that’s a good
thing about a label we don’t do it 360
but when you’re doing 360 you gonna pay
for all that shit you dig and we pay for
all of it too but you’re gonna pay for
it and then some because they taking it
show money your much money yeah
everybody everything dorsum it money
nigga good luck
Kendrick Lamar number-one rap album just
stay on the charts on everybody salute
to him they get number one over in my
new I don’t know how many weeks this
nigga been on the Billboard charts but
it’s the number one album that was on
rap out when I’ve been on the Billboard
charts for the longest it’s still
counting that shit ain’t even left it’s
still wrong you know I mean still doing
them this little uh
Kendrick Lamar tve the niggas la niggas
is doing it period
West Coast shit you did yeah bad get
some loud in Kenya man yeah I keep
saying drinking me I keep forgetting
about hey K dot k dot man he proved he
want them niggas to now Drake they’re
breaking all the records evening motive
the Beatles all that shit mighty drag
broke all records
that boy kendrick broke a record to give
it someone you did it up furnish this
new condo we buy that’s an escrow nigga
that we applied the wrong fucking uh and
alright I mean uh
Airbnb out nigga y’all help me with the
sponger it’s a renovating this shit
getting a nice you know here the deposit
I don’t know how y’all do that how you
got that shit set up me but I can’t do
ya wanna scoops it shoutout for your
birthday yeah album nigga your mixtapes
and they’re gonna get podcast anything
man you better go to that goddamn cameo
app on your phone download the Cameo lat
hit your mouth man look up the up mouth
and get a personal shout-out from your
kid you did you got it same as plug
shadow can be only you need mmm-hmm what
else going down out there
tinting wait harder to drain definitely
far as some rap skills but barring the
total package
like drink is the total like he’s a
triple threat like this nigga he does it
all it’s just more than rapid now far as
his rapping I can’t go got it but steak
a dreg the same time to shit act nigga
fucking every bitch in America overseas
and back he’s the man man the man man
man mob ties thinking Jake created a
Frankenstein nigga then they created a
Frankenstein big J Julia I mean a jazz
Prince create a fuckin Frankenstein they
get cash money a little Wayne create a
fuckin Frankenstein murderous shit got
your credit where credit’s due
Drake is the cheat code to the shit
definitely definitely a cheat code
facts that’s why if I trying to
harmonize a rap right now cuz he’s a
cheat code back then
gotta sing too fucking yeah trippin yo
what’s up think about Dennis Rodman an
interview on The Breakfast Club man I
think it dropped some gyms on that month
but even though I think he was trying to
get that Charlemagne on my mama man that
nigga by sex order the motherfuck he was
on the Isle of Man helmet do you trying
to take Charlamagne home I’m sorry
so I saw them make it up and say yeah
I’ve been rather was trying to take
shower man home my nigga my momma buddy
I’ve seen nothing that who are you who
are you gonna be after this like he’s
owned that nigga but like I think was
gonna saw the main helmet I don’t know
you are
what’s your name you know are shaking
the nigga handy Dennis Rodman was trying
to fuck sound amazing
oh my mama no Franco get that nigger to
the room big outside you’re gonna saw
the may heels thing 34:30 hella good
I’ve been thinking the shit that
interview was crazy the guy you know he
did all that nigga Dennis Rodman fuck
maybe he’s fucking all y’all famous oh
yeah all the bitches I had hung up on
your posters this shit jacking off to in
jail and juvenile hall nigga that he was
fuckin all of nigga nigga he said he
fuck who he say fuck I like god damn
right I went through all of them nigga I
thought Papa’s gonna get me then this
right man you won’t think that crazy
niggas fuckin all the bitches nigga she
this is Robert’s mother
everybody Carmen Electra nigger but
Donna who else he said
he said some other names I was like
nigga for real they’re good god damn Wow
like a rock star for real you’ll hear
Jordan tip another nigga side of hit
list like that name yeah pick it up pick
a bitch you know he got took my future
like come home bunny rabbit
no money that married herself allegedly
they’re gonna win us nigga she he
invented the fingernail polish for
niggas man besides the rock’n’roll nigga
don’t talk about food is black people
rock roll people always had a fingernail
polish back of the day I’m talking about
four niggas dinners Robbie
the first thing I’m wearing all
fingernail polish now all the grass
niggas got these fingernails powders
black what Dennis Rodman always had to
black he had brown on that the
Charlemagne shit I ain’t never seen a
brown he had the brown with shitty fans
Nils brown that goddamn thing is what it
is but he was he was connected with a
king job what’s the nickname over there
no career
Kim’s out Kenny challenge same name King
Charlie I need a politic nigger like
that man I know CNN they go like that
you know be all on that shit like that
but Kim Charlie Kim – nigga member Kim
Jong hoon Kim King Charlie Kim Jong ok
Kim Jong Lee
ok Kim Jong ok he was kicking with Kim
Jong you damn the Hat Kim Jong ready to
pop a Molly Ken Jong ok Ken Jong ok good
either ken Jeong got anything ready to
pop a Molly new period factoids fuck
hello bitches you know I may have a
smiley bitches hey boy that boy had it
fucking hit this I think was a sniper
and it was sniping oh yeah bad bitches
the busy dream of I think he named who
did he name I gotta pull that up man his
headless is man you go set out The
Breakfast Club good interview shot a man
was going up on a date
I’m benching the mix what they did after
that no culture oh yeah he said he was
smashing Ginni bus yeah yeah Jenny bus
my committee in the building man hey
nigga did say Jenny bus man I think
after he was smashing my bitches in
Jordan definitely I don’t know about
more famous but that nigga was
definitely smashing mo bitches enjoy he
had all the celebrity bitches nigga my
down and trying to get a nigga 20
million for him to have a baby with her
nigga if that again so nigga I don’t
know what is Nicki
god damn you crazy-looking nigga that’s
that’s my nigga before any Takashi’s and
anybody’s doing a colorful hair this
nigga was doing it but peered all types
of colorful patterns and with them shits
called put on your shoes and suede
colorways then they got all type of
color waiting on top you got every color
way to message the Jersey nigga how the
different color way he’s digging for the
hair do it again they made a French they
enjoyed a tiny rainbow Joyce yeah it was
the illest nigga Nebraska be why
up oh yeah we’ve done that I well I
gotta talk about it look at the dot go
you’re robbing this hill
all right big drama may not talk about
adrenaline wendyjane traveling oh yeah
fuck the Trump daughter that was the
main when I was looking for that nigga
did say that he was trying to get on
Trump daughter I forgot about him and
some hang around shit hey you want to
take a daughter like that don’t be
hanging out with just digging all this
digging dollar that’s violation man okay
be hanging out with it nigga be all of
my daughter baby behind my back back
better him that name is a creepazoid
he’s going to dinner with this nigger
anything yet you know what oh your
daughter who raised you niggas and boy
they’re back general anything is a
leader two dirtbags leading blacks King
dirtbag ain’t what Dennis Rodman got the
record of the dirtbag niggas man baby
don’t beg nation leader he said need
Rick Ross man hey they did doing good
man Rick Ross doing good
they don’t need nothing man they been
there done that a shit was oh I don’t
even know why they even talking about
each other
and he was right now they both got Rick
got some new shit out 50 got the power
new season out y’all need to be talking
about that don’t be talking about no old
beats that shit that was way back 10
years ago whatever that shit hello I
don’t even know how that came up niggas
trying to stir the pot we did you know
what Monday Cato phony save me you guys
started off your make
ocean to catch the fish something you
got started oh shit assumption make
waves or the ocean to catch the fish
something but yeah exactly what a nigga
doing making waves in the ocean to catch
the fish money Terry you know and it’s
interesting you know I mean ain’t my
talking about it’s interesting you know
it’s good dialogue good content y’all
for the banana pie you know because
that’s man niggas really big thing
they’re gonna pull up to one video shoes
when he award shows when he shows you
got it really handle it
right they used to do it I mean right
now nigga just talk shit don’t make a
meme about you they see you I know
problems what you DAP it out and next
thing you know the MiGs on a hit single
together so that’s the new feat they
talk shit on a gram they make memes
against each other you know I mean meme
it out they do interviews against each
other they see each other in person DAP
it out and then next thing you know they
got hit coming out so they’re no big
sounding believe in it I don’t believe
they’re getting email people pity
anything some demo tapes they ain’t no
demonstrations out there I really don’t
believe you me no demo nobody got hurt
not a fucking pinkie ring fell off not a
nail guy’s got broken you’ve got low
guys news never got broken Misaki shades
they got quick nothing not a hair off a
beer came off they get nothing
ah man niggas shit talking man ain’t no
real you know things that real these
niggas pulling up to niggas video shoots
and going to name off me trailers beat
niggas up they got some and jenni I’m
thinking yeah catch you slippin
backstage then good luck Nick whatever
it’s going down to you think
catching record label on the same record
label nigga at the office the same time
good luck me yeah it’s gonna go down
he’s gonna get mad with it bad that they
don’t see you and get Mallory matter
come find you they’re getting niggas
come looking for niggas back in the day
nigga my studio yeah hey guys nigga what
where’s bitches bitch live and income
looking flesh the nigga lookin nigga
dare you I know when I ain’t the school
backing out date me nigga coming up oh
yeah nope open the donors the enemy
they’re your worst nightmare ax a house
nigga now what what no means nigga nigga
come knocking on gets probably louder
guy man he’s coming to eat you gotta
turn in a nigga buddy Nick what my mud
mud cut the check for you man start
doing it Takashi Takashi in a heart hard
whoa I’m trying to call you hard hard no
I was gonna hook up I was gonna make up
I was trying to meet up with you hug
your heart you know me hard
you gonna hit the harmonic that’s not
niggas used to pull up you go I don’t
know about this new beef entertaining
door fitchburg on the leg tap in ICU
nigga in front of your mom’s wife and
kids max man that guy’s gonna drag your
ass out the house and they get mom and
then they’ll shut the door I ain’t miss
let’s pray for him they would call the
police are done because needs to come
back and shoot bottom in there what they
want – mom – wait sir then come home
bent up make an owner broke leg grow
bigger black eyes job broke a 8000k call
the cops thinking that whole housing you
shot up the back in my day I don’t know
about now and you take that shit on
chica belly lick your wounds
lick your wounds and bounce back no what
you come upstairs for a minute your way
to disrespect outside get all of that
but all that all that it goes down it
definitely goes down what else y’all
talking about man it’s the salt out well
manners had to get in and out you know I
mean and Tony oh boy yeah I want to talk
about that well I got dropped from the
Patriots my nigga anytime buddy retired
which I thank me I think that’s a coward
move yeah I think he’s trying to decide
to another team well you got a shitload
of money where you say fucking chop
thing I figure doing a lot of
shenanigans shit I don’t think no team
well fuck thanks buckle Kappa dating
their good luck maybe that one fuck Jill
Cinco he you know just single come come
back for the shenanigans nigut and it
was like on-field shenanigans are you
doing off-field shenanigans nigga I
could get niggas locked up and good
teams protested against nigga by now
by releasing nigga all types of
Instagram vibes and tweets and shit in
the building private shit that goes down
in the camp and a practice and all that
shit nigga you are tripping private
conversations with the coaches and all
these people just put it out there and
again this is way bleh bleh-bleh
I said man social media fucked up the
world man you see social media in this
fuck that does make a deal
social media fucking up trump is fucking
people knives up man
a nigga go right now man if you Mary
don’t like a big picture and see how
your life be fucked up when you wake up
take a social media fucking life look
like a bitch bitch if you won’t marry
you can wake up nigga to the nigga I’m
great sport on your ass you’re fucking
anything don’t post a nigga shit
ano shit you got beef with them a nigga
got a little beef you know post my shit
nigga fuck you baby you got beef with
you because you ain’t posting it his
shit Oh yo social media platform and it
goes down there social media in the fuck
niggas heads up late it’s like Manny but
LM a it’s like the menu should ever met
mental health issues I think you might
have CTE oh well you sound like a
yeah committee in a building I see y’all
niggas talking that shit there ain’t no
motion to talk about me so I’m out this
motherfucker may just want to tap in
with shot you gotta meet one time ain’t
speak on it you know I mean we build
that up and colder definitely try to
commit suicide they didn’t work you know
I made a neck you know on to the neck
she did
yeah come out TV subscribe to your guy
mouth this motherfucker bye-bye now you
gotta take out Isis sleep you did yeah

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