Yukmouth TV| Road To RAP A LOT Part 2, (The DRIVER)


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

yeah ah boy some of the nation may need
the comitia nation get up in the
yeah they wrote the rap a lot part too
gotta get it in they think you did I’m
doing there forgot about this you know
in the meantime between time check out
the new episode of smoking that radio
main episode 18 man we gonna keep giving
out it’s good to get it let’s get the
committee in the building I know it’s
about lunchtime niggas bout to go on a
lunch breaks
yeah man fuck with it let’s get the roll
call out the way before I do this uh
wrote the rap a lap or two you dig
rabbit hole gets deep I see my nigga
coming in from Cincinnati I see you
nigga except watch Texas Mary I don’t
love this story my nigga I’m glad
Houston in the building man how y’all
doing with the floods man y’all good out
la tapping in I see a lot easy I see a
lot easy no freshman in the
motherfucking building man on the chat
man man hey ya ever your love my nigga
see you better daddy sir
the committee is in the building
yeah I’m gonna see that new episode when
I have my MCL shit up I set out a bump
every out of G family bump on my place
so that’s mad look every bump on my face
guys Lucci Mia Kato was climbing gym
maybe almost spit out my other tooth so
it’s good where you can climb yourself
my nigga period like I did a there’s no
they flaws that niggas know they
greatness you know I mean period who
gives a shit
I set the dog I’m confident baby there
you you’re doing since the Neto
Connecticut I see you nigga I see you
I see Connecticut in the muhfucka
tapping I see I see motherfuckers in a
building Lompoc in the building niggas
locked up or you out of jail but every
time I sees mom pop they got thinking
niggas in prison but fear you okay
northern no film in the building
Richmond in the building main okay
niggas in jail watching this shit makes
a loop man niggas getting them green
dots baby you got me salute to all you
niggas I played my shit on J play you
feel me
definitely make shout to all you niggas
that paid play play my shit on JPEG JPEG
JPEG whatever you play on JPEG me thanks
to the motherfucking love baby 14 you
get it say fall in ICU nigga nigga say I
got that same toys yeah you gotta have
one of these man I learned man like me
you in the wind and it’s like coalition
the wind is blowing you outside cuz I’ll
be going through a lot of exotic hotels
you can’t smoke in them so you gotta go
outside so I can find myself outside and
I’m in these areas that’s not like
California that’s not hot it’s windy
it’s cold nigga damn near raining you
don’t have one of these they’re gonna
even spark your lead up outside got
havin tours man I got damn Leyden
actually gonna be going out nigga we
have to huddle and shit put a little
hands around it how to do a football
huddle but I’m tired of that there you
hit this bitch is gonna light up
fuck that making sure this towards the
Singam Wayne could be blowing a thousand
miles an hour that she’s still gonna
write yeah there’s a coma I see you
never to come on the lake tap-in I see
you nigga yeah that’s wind resisting
like a motherfucker I just found that
out I’m like man goddam lighters don’t
work in the wind my nigga put the boy
fucking with it baby yeah man let’s get
some scrapple ah shit man I see y’all
all tapped in now my grill come out my
name I should come out yeah my shit come
out baby
you did ain’t ODB out here my nigger
nigger the things young my little young
mouth then you got missing teeth all
just shit I’m good baby
I’m good baby but yeah the grill is ill
the grill is ill nigga get it got it out
mmm-hmm debonair you to the my will shit
definitely definitely but uh also you
need these motherfuckers cuz won’t leave
me out my shadows man we’d be having uh
the one foot blunts the 12 inch boys
shoutout to P County pac-man we having a
1 inch boys a big-ass you know super you
know the other tall big boy uh fucking
raw cone the super boy filled that bitch
you can’t like that motherfucker up what
a lighter you need up one of these you
need a torchy boom boom so besides the
wind they get them big eyes so be some
big one foot boys you need a torch to
light that bitch man period so that’s
another reason why I got the torch big
ass monster joints and blunts we’d be
rolling nigga got ad vitur so lie they
gonna be up there all day good luck good
luck my fila
yeah super Beeler’s be caught I’ll call
them Megatron’s today you know nigga
call the paper plane a regular joint
nigga got some Megatron they got ammo
for your one footer some mecha try man
shout out the motherfucking wrong papers
I’m making them one foot motherfucking
joint other combs yeah roll hey we got a
one foot combs Nick
period yeah anybody tapped it ok let’s
get into this rap a lot I wrote to
ramble on part two driver
um part one that was a hitchhiker you
know me basically me dumb we wrote you
know I mean we came in a game drew down
you know I mean car you know I mean
basically he was driving a car he was
you know pastors or
you know I mean in his car and I mean so
uh he came out you know I mean with you
down make the underground wave you know
I mean came out with five on it did I
want to now we got our own car you know
I mean so we end up going gold and
platinum within a month five only one
goal I mean platinum in a month that
plaque you see right there that shit
wouldn’t go that whole album would go in
a month ago single platinum in a month
man this shit is the Billboard charts
well we came in number one for two weeks
in a row over Michael Jackson mac-10 TLC
two pie all these people are diamond
dough by the way it ain’t like this they
first week notorious big naughty by
nature my beef he forty grand Puba boys
the men mary j blige so for real my tell
brandy ol Dirty Bastard brownstone hello
John B Adina Howard and so on the song
my nigga
this is our first album out money gonna
be charted over Mike maybe two weeks in
a row he took Mike off the charts Nate
so that’s our first album after this
album um we start getting booked we
start doing soundtracks and shit our
first soundtrack we did was a thin line
and between love and hate that’s the one
without Martin Lawrence the movie thin
line between love and hate we did that
soundtrack the next soundtrack we did
was uh don’t be a menace you know me
that’s the one that’s a would uh with a
the fuckin uh Wayans brothers you know
me don’t be a minister South Central so
we got one on the air with Digital
Underground my next soundtrack are super
feature was with uh Quincy Jones he does
he usually do the back back on the black
you know I mean no he do the back on the
black this time he did a juke joint so
he had famous R&B singers all the
legends he had legendary rap
and you had the loonies on there now
this one we get grammy-nominated so we
do the song with Quincy get
grammy-nominated we don’t win but it’s
very nominated at least we Grammy
nominated my nigga period they can’t do
Quincy Jones that’s even better
you’re doing so we grammy-nominated with
Quincy Jones shit you know before that
we did the Apollo and with the Quincy
Jones shit when it being a Grammy
nominated Oh Oprah Winfrey there is a
serious on Quincy Jones right so Quincy
Jones you know he promoting this album
nigga the juke joint so he bring us all
nigga anybody that was on that song that
grant Grammy nominated nigga Shaq nigga
a fucking Coolio the lolis nigga
everybody’s out there nigga brandy –
what’s the name – Mila – Mila – what
everybody was there lick so we are open
again Chicago nigga don’t out one two
off the Quincy Jones shit you’re doing
so well niggas be out here talking about
yeah okay okay that brought open one
three my nigga Quincy Jones thinking
shot brandy Tamia
go deal and someone is so own but why
not just me two lonely smear no make it
a group you did agrees pop it nigga we
Liddy dumbass League I miss all 1995
meets in 1993 now this 1995 when we got
a lid so uh right after that we’re gonna
we’re big it’s really a BT tour you know
it’s really a BT fuckin tour so we’re
gonna throw a biggie
it’s biggie smalls to join my feet a
little cam mange plies Jodeci Naughty by
Nature I told you this story before who
was of course fuckin home
Josie’s on tour so you got a Devante
Swain he has his opus of group his
opening group on tour with us and they
opening the show every time and this
happens to be Timbaland and Missy this
is this open and group- period so I seen
a birth of Timberland and missing they
get way back in
five make it for any idea who they was
Nicky day was open enough us and Adina
Howard and then it came by sea nigga so
when that totally killer shit we doing
our one two I’m fresh off the black so
like I said I was a weed nigga on tour
it out me definitely man fresh off the
black had to get it digging him love me
it’s doctor minute you know I’m a night
I was definitely selling niggas lead on
to so talk get the going get on me a lot
of shit start going down bullshit half
and I ain’t gonna point no fingers ain’t
no et Takashi nigga a lot of bullshit
what’s happening on tour man they
stopped blaming us those loons are
opening that you know I mean so what uh
what I guess Missy and Timberland being
connected to the show to see they
weren’t trying to give it to them Adina
Howard they weren’t trying to give it to
her so who’s next to the stone of
bullshit at the lonely’s man so we just
catching all the heat man’s all type C
going down period security getting
beaten up hotels getting burnt down all
the shit we had nothing to do it what
they blame it on us so the one thing
that we did end up doing was came on
stage with a bottle now we’re not
allowed to come on stage with bottles
only Big E and M are we looking at Big E
like hella jealous man nigga company
popping bottles and shit we can’t do
nothing on stage okay have a beer on
stage think we held it man right so uh
we an Arizona man and we perform at that
arena and uh no brother no I’m brother
Manny like fuck that man bought a bottle
of Hennessy he’ll do like big you know
we’re not knowing man that we open an
act so we spill any act of harp on that
goddamn stage whatever is coming out
that that is gonna slip slip and slide
maybe it’s a rap
ain’t no nigga coming sweeping the stage
and mopping the stage to say no NBA game
where nigga have a sweat stain on the
ground they come mop it up maybe the
stage is going on ain’t nobody to come
sweep that shit I mop it up it’s out
there you got pie Pyrex bombs and shit
the flames and shit like niggas niggas
slip into the
plain nigger there’s a lawsuit so I
understood after being in the industry
but I didn’t understand I didn’t make it
hating on us not having a mother fucking
liquor man fuck that Jeffrey died
motherfucker so we always win it any
like he got us kicked off did it
we got always winning like nigga play
now nigga fuck that things popping down
pay me alone we bring it on Hennessey
nigga we woke up in a moaning nigut the
whole tool was gone they got bus driver
had all our shit outside
I’m out here to over for yeah they got a
little on this book or that bottle of
Hennessy they was not playing they wanna
play hey one player but a matter you
come outside in the hotel every morning
you see your whole parking lot for the
tour buses you come out you don’t see no
tour bus but sure you see hell luggages
shit outside
I come over got raided it something like
especially going down what’s going on I
got out here bro come get your shit but
make our flight any make us a flight
think we had to figure that so we get
booted off the tour we off the biggest
tour ever this is 50 dates we always
survive like 10 a month the 50 dates
really we’re like they’re gonna happen
but if that man let’s go for two months
nigga so so we get kicked off of that
right um right after that social Wars
happen now this is the notorious source
of warnings that everybody’s talking
about just the one was sure when I’ll
stay he’s and did his one two and really
like confirm the East Coast West Coast
beef you know I mean so um we got
nominated for group of the year the
loonies along with outcasts along with
my deep along with um the dog pound who
else got nominated I think it was uh
onyx or something like that anyway
outcasts in the winner
when you seen outcasts go up there had
to do that thing like yeah we’re gonna
make you know about the south so it was
a lot of tension in that motherfucking
building cuz New York one having it it
was mad at niggas winning awards they
wanted to win all the fucking awards
because at that time hip-hop was still
fairly brand-new and it was like the
introduction still it was the
introduction but it was like in the
beginning stages of gangsta rap and West
Coast starting to win when East Coast
was always shit no it was winning like a
now you got dr. Dre you knew him you got
motherfucking ruthless records you got
death row records you got no Linda
records I may not know living at that
time but you got a 4-tier now we got to
shorten it I’m doing anything you got
niggas but did they quit motherfucking
stick MCA you know everybody doing a
motherfucking thing on the west coast so
the imprint is being made then snow come
out with a dog pound
this niggas killing it you know I’m a
rage and all their motherfucker so this
is right whenever pop so Snoop Dogg and
them go up there for a reward I gots to
get the artists together I drank it too
hard sitting here something like that so
it’s no one up there that what’s up
fucking death row you’re gonna blow for
Snoop Dogg dr. Dre like New York was
that motherfucking source Awards was man
but that motherfucker was main knee it
was I’m surprised nobody got shot Pierre
it was a lot of beef going on that that
goddamn source Awards man I watch DJ
Quik go on stage with the duck the duck
bullshit was the ILI’s shit on on that
whole award I’m sorry
like everybody came out Junior MAFIA
anybody doing anything they killed it
anybody can’t did they thing when death
row came out nigga didn’t niggas had a
penitentiary motherfucking tear on the
stage nigga I teared nigga and each one
of niggas was in their own cell nigga
you’re not me and Dre old top and they
get a weapon a DJ at the top sale nigga
DJ and shit nigga
and each nigga came out one by one nigga
I’m telling you snoop came out
nigga – came out I mean corrupt came out
rage came out nigga – came out nigga DJ
Quik came out one motherfuckers he was
dissing uh fuckin uh MC 8 and then nigga
the last cell nigga they lit that bitch
up and it was a corner bored human cut
out of two pi now this is 95 negative
right before they got back at the end of
95 so this like an August they end up
getting packed like in September thing
like two months after that literally
literally but they had the cardboard cut
up and they get lift the whole sill up
nigga black and nigga seen that Tupac
cut out nigga just standing tall like
two poplars and that motherfucker it
looked like he was there nigga but it
was a cardboard cutout manga but that
the first time we knew that pat was born
a motherfucking death row but period you
there zero I don’t know man but once
that got them cell lit up nigga nigga
nigga we knew Platt was coming to death
row like two months after that I went to
death row so anyway um boom
turn this shit whatever working on our
second album I told you how that
happened now I was in a studio by myself
a lot and I got the rapper like deal so
we’re negotiations you know I mean
period for the rapper lot deal at the
same time I got the fucking a virgin I
mean big effing deal on the table and I
ended up doing the shit with the artist
and um I’m ready to go – rapper life so
boom doing a rap a lot shit trying to
not even doing it trying to do a rap a
lot shit I’m signed to see no records at
the time so my executive producer have
to sign off on me being his solo artist
with that being said man one we turn to
tuition till we start to a month month
time – six months six months turn to a
year a year turn to two years my nigga
so Jake Brett set me up with money you
know the flights hotels everything we
own with the project we
we rocket while we wait leave out the
wait for this nigga and dance thought
the project we rockin and rollin got um
thugged-out was only supposed to be one
hour we recording for a whole fucking
year my nigga still don’t get signed off
calling a whole nother year still don’t
got signed up that’s how I became a
double album niggas like I tried to be
like Tupac and do a double album 9 nigga
CH thank you brother C&H was wiggling he
did not want to sign off on me for two
years you know I got this deal on the
table right sign off naked two fucking
years he trying to you know I mean wait
out like they wasn’t that I was gonna
say fucking hand gonna sign off and drop
me that was down we are recording the
album nigga dead giving me money we into
a nigga be in waist-deep maybe you guys
trying to shit off period so CH finally
signing off after two fucking years
doing this two years I’m getting loose
nigga doing songs with rap a lot niggas
doing songs with my regime niggas bury
your niggas la niggas Kansas City niggas
yeah I mean take not everybody they’re
making a gun humble pie what it is which
became thug out the Appalachian you did
recording an LA native recording a huge
corn in Oakland again recording
everywhere money going to no high onek
everywhere to get this shit going your
dig straight up so two year process to
make them down to ovulation you know I
mean wait don’t see you next to sign off
so when they’re niggas enh finally
signing off the nigga put a clause in
there that I mean alone he’s normal and
they got the right to get a new Looney
yeah I mean to replace and so you wonder
why when my solo she came out the loony
shit stop it cuz of me it won by design
cuz of me it’s cuz it is niggas and I
got mad at numb for a gram with that
shit like how you gonna cope with a new
member nigga and I made the group they
got major name
are you going accept but this snake is
saying you know I mean and I made the
crew include your name won’t replace me
if they got the condom and anything the
logo the designs on it should I made it
they solved me my nigga and they kick me
out the group Thank You massage their
fucking oh well I’m out the pool side to
shit but at this time I already got no
moaning album already guy you know me I
got the mob on the album so he makes
this fucked up in the middle of the
album that’s my numbers on the how
you’re doing and then you hear me
talking shit you know I mean like I find
out mid album you know I made a heat and
I mean so a couple shots with that numb
you know I mean couple shots went at him
after the fact but no I was on the album
period that’s before I found out that he
said I come being alone ease know you
guys sign off at an angle dis you for
having to sign off but you say I can’t
be alone ease now I’m looking at numb
you know I’m inside out like nigga you
agree with this yeah I made some now I’m
caught a couple bars see constant bars
and our me boat I made a classic album
which is platinum but gold plaque on the
wall yeah I mean we just platinum to
this day thanks to the fans and shit so
my first album come out do for LD 80,000
the first week double our mom I’m on the
West Coast West Coast tour we pulled out
the rapper like tour bus and shit and we
hit the whole West Coast my nigga
I pulled a fucking rapper like tour bus
to Oakland Tech my old high school and
um I did lunchtime you know I mean doing
autographs son and get our meet with the
tour bus in the front passing out CDs
and shit I think that gave me my arm my
first week like literally the way I went
through the Bay Area with that tour bus
went to LA with that tour bus my nigga
got total West up my cells was lady the
first week my nigga period lady lady
lady lady lady you did
joining us did that out who and then go
gold and platinum right off the RIP it
took time so but it still sold a lot of
albums so that I’m successful trying to
work on part the next out the Lord the
New Testament so Doug Lord the New
Testament work on that knock that out
the part got niggas from everywhere my
same format niggas amel leggings from
the bay niggas in Houston you know I
mean these from the Midwest
without me same format I’ve been doing
knocking out the part you know I mean
with it with the dopest producers in a
game and rap a lot Mike Dean and I mean
mr. Lee you know I mean Tong Capone you
know I made this dope his niggas this
was the main three hours fuck with mr.
Lee Mike Dean Tong Capone and i-77 that
went to uh I was doing on the ship of
j.lo and shot ruling him you know I mean
that Murder Inc he was the top producer
but yeah but he was that rapper life
first something on my shit from new
killing shit you know I mean period
murdering shit so after that album I
don’t know we lost our deal or something
but it was like we is out of business
for like a year or two you know I mean I
don’t know what the fuck was going on so
that’s when I started doing United
ghettos of America so I shout out to the
how logs up manager G G give me a
situation at Bayside 400 K so go get the
honey cake for the album and DVD $54 50
for the DVD not the shit out the park
end up being a dope ass out of me shit
but before I could turn it in rap a lot
sent a cease-and-desist now at this time
flash it down and it ain’t even a
functional label we don’t even know we
that version Omar oh no what a fucker
yet you know I may all know where we had
so this is the transition when they got
to deal with a silent so I’m thinking
that shit we ain’t it let go nigga I
gotta go do my one two I know I couldn’t
do it yeah solo deal but I’m into a
compilation and a DVD so I did a
compilation and DVD right last thing
slow down turbo slow down turbo
ud slow the fuck down turbo
you know so this is how i actually end
up giving my um my record a joint
venture deal with rap a lot because I
showed the nigga JD I can go get it
somewhere else they’re gonna buy my
paper Nate I have my record label cent
stick guessing when I had fats over
their name i regulate of about this is
96 the Terry lick a little seed
everything here digging smuggle eyes
popping they my first did was been
getting second deal Bayside you know I
mean so I’m out here rocking a rolling
me I don’t know what they doing over
there well but I get it
so he’s seen my house don’t recognize
this so he bought Bayside out of a deal
basically and he bought United girls to
rap a lot you know that’s how I get my
joint venture deal with rap alive and
that’s when we start putting out the
United gals of America series you know
with uh the infamous Mac Dre rest in
piece of it to the cutting man you know
rested piece of motherfucking Mac Dre my
motherfucking cutting man period but uh
before that the low knees get back
together let me move on so we gonna end
it on you’re nodding your nose part one
good I mean because we don’t get to the
next episode after that that’s when you
should get deep but uh let me take it
back before that so I dropped two albums
you know I mean it’s still tension
between me now Missy and H so CH trying
to get us a deal
you want to bring him back to the table
we see the money he’s alone he’s there
yeah a nigga I don’t know what what else
you thought nigga it’s just people the
money is the longest nigga so you might
hear man I got a deal that Def Jam with
some other shit yeah whatever like let’s
do it
you try to do it man Jay
oh they’re good no no no turbo I
remember you gave me the runaround for
two years nigga now I got a sign-off oh
boy did that nigga just like he did him
man you gonna have me running around for
two years after this signed off nigga
well I ain’t gonna make you wait two
years nigga ain’t signing off
Nikki I gotta do that project to me dang
it how bout it nigga let my artichoke
mom participate with that shit unless
it’s on rapper laughs check me I’ll see
I come back around
oh fuck C&H up man so he had to do the
project if he wanted me in the group got
to do a project to rap a lot man so to
all the other shit that niggas was
talking and all the little head bumping
heads and shit I still bought niggas a
rap a lot and got niggas a deal man got
niggas a check and all that shit we put
out silver and black when we make I’m a
raider you know I mean that’s the hit
off the album the radar you know me
salute to the Raider fans and silver and
black the motherfucking black hole town
business nigga a they make your dick but
we made an anthem for the Raiders off
that motherfucker man shout out Steve
Lobel man he was the an off the out you
know I mean he looked up a lot of power
plays he got the song with Run DMC song
with Fat Joe you know I mean slew of
other people you know I mean I can’t
remember at this time but shout-out
Steve little bill you know that’s the
Nipsey Hussle of manager you know I mean
ex-manager you know I mean so Steve
little bill been a power player in the
game you know I mean so we end up doing
that how knock it out the park put it on
right the left you know me so we back
cool again get at me at this time so
anybody cool rock in the road when we
back going I want to you know then the
leg will just fold out of nowhere then
we go until you die to get those America
shit so we don’t catch up from where I
get my joint venture deal man
you did and take it from that man but
this is broke the rap a lot part 2 man
she boy yep mouth subscribe to your
motherfucking God make you did you know
tap in for the part 3 man the part 3 in
the final episode of road to Babylon man
shut up J Prince for believing in me you
know I mean give me a opportunity as a
solo artist I never wanted to be a solo
I always thought I was gonna be a group
nigga but he put that battery in my back
along with uncle pummeling along with
Rico for my daughter you know I mean my
dang it like you could do it nigga you
know I mean now you got your mouth doing
solos shit man so so Luther them
brothers feeding pumping me up making
them believe I can do this shit man
cuz being a solo artists the hardest
shit that you could do a rap my nigga
you gotta write a lot write a lot you
know so it’s like good I mean direct
right in the movie directing the movie
and filming it when you could just
direct it you know I mean because when
when it’s the team effort you just do
your job
but when you got to do it all nigga it’s
a whole different animal man and I’m
used to it because um I like solo shit
because you ain’t gotta have no
headaches no disagreements every players
on you every decision is on you you
ain’t gotta get permission you ain’t got
to get it hey do we want to do this like
I agree with something because every day
having a group is the hardest shit in
life you gotta deal with whatever
members you got attitude or egos or
whatever they’re going through a nigga
they bring that shit to the studio and
everybody got to go through it so when
you by yourself man you only going
through the shit you’re going through
when you by yourself you make decisions
by yourself you ain’t got to depend on
how another nigga feel like higher you
know I mean if he acted some type of way
so when I did go solo I rap a lot it
became the best experience in making
music to me because I’m more free you
know I mean like you you see my house
some thugs out to Godzilla 2 even though
the recent shit’s the j-jake based on a
build story I’m more free I couldn’t do
me I can spread my ring wings and really
and I mean talking my shit compared to
when I’m on it
you know I mean team digs displayed a
position to make sure the team win you
know but you know when you play the solo
sport like boxing you know I mean a solo
sport where you’ve got to win and I mean
by yourself you know I mean it takes
determination you know dedication
strategy all the shit so it’s a
different type of ballpark you know I
mean when you’re playing by yourselves
they’re playing with the team you got
help highlights imagine Jordan playing
against 12 niggers I mean niggas on a
basketball team by yourself it’s gonna
be a hard day at work maybe okay you
know that no nigga I’m out this bitch
make up my TV subscribe to your
motherfucking guy might blow the rap a
lot part 2 right now you bitch and I’ll
check out that don’t smoke about radio
so we gonna ain’t shit man the Tupac and
goddamn Michael Jackson the goddamn
Takashi snitch 9 to Vegas any winner
yeah yeah make support them up on your
channel make you know keep coming with
this good kind of chain keep rocking out
like a cutoff stocking get it I’ll just
multiply by now gonna have to know him
and go back to work

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