Yukmouth TV | Road 2 Rap A lot Part 3 | The FISHER!!


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yeah let the people get in the building
man what’s up with the nation man what’s
up with the committee man stepping their
motherfucking building mate through the
motherfucking tapping a road car right
quick mate let the mob get in the
building right quick before I do my
download my steal your fee fee like to
notifications go out let the bells go
out you know I mean y’all know how we do
this shit man let me check my shit
mm-hmm oh yeah there we go
there we go shit okay uh-huh
South Carolina first nigga to tap in ICU
nigga got it out mile-high in a building
ICU nigga gotta play games and watch it
up on the top – it’s a little minor you
know I’m gonna go in there you know I do
this shit man roads and rap a lot part
three my nigga I’ve been begging for it
just a fucked-up episode I don’t like
this one this was the end of the story
is fucked up sided I’ve been holding up
on this motherfucker I didn’t want to
tell this story for hell alone but I got
to tell it because I already told the
first two episodes so wrote the rap a
lot part three you know I’m a deficient
man you did straight-up let’s let some
old people get into building those month
of a roll call right quick the walnuts
in this motherfucker huh I see your
nigga I see it made the boat in the
building I see you nigger
mm-hmm these seeing the building I see
you up uh-huh Modesto in this
motherfucker I see you nigger I see you
boy mm-hmm you said can I borrow 50 $50
no absolutely not ATLiens in the
building mate yeah uh Mae okay mate yeah
man laying this motherfucker mainline
lazy I see you nigga I see mm-hmm when I
get my shit monetize and I start getting
all these cash apps and all that shit
I’m gonna shout our names out you know I
mean I’m gonna say it out for later when
it step up when I get monetized
all right monetize yes so I can’t shot
shot names out but I’m deaf people shout
out nigga cities they steaks whatever
nigga the committee is in a building
period you dick no disrespect I’ve been
a made nigga protester too like ain’t
maneet I don’t do all that shit hey the
game is to be sold not told this should
come man I just found out with these
youtube niggas be making they make it a
shitload of money man I’m mad now I’m
helping I’m angry nigga you niggas
making that much money nigga and I’m out
of time he kept throwing up all these
videos is on the snare fuckin with the
nation you know I mean getting the
subscribers up it’s you know fuck with
the channel just getting a viewership up
you know I mean this fucking with the
nation anybody like fucking it fucker
what are they’re tapping in with the kid
Terry just stepping it up for y’all man
ain’t no it came with a check my nigga
sir if I get a check man don’t be mad my
nigga does anybody else get one dude you
dig your up tapping in oh my overseas
niggas tapping in I see you nigga
hold on man let me get back on the login
yeah you’re up in the motherfucking
building get that YouTube bag yeah my
name’s getting a tool bag I know about
I just found out the number somebody and
they got came waiting your mother’s hey
I can’t wait to get monetize to get that
real mama I see you I see why you niggas
do this more limit I know I’m like
eating on this motherfucker all day
nigga because they getting the big-ass
check nigga
so I own this bitch all day nigga
putting up shit click baby shit nigga
they can say something like Jim Jones
snitch you’re going that shit nigga
talking his whole night story like hey
man today I wanna do some shit man I’m
damn near lost my wife like where the
gym don’t snitch shit you talking about
so they’re gonna be putting cleaner
I swear nigga said Jim Jones and melt
murders niggas I’m serious
they did I went to the page they got to
talk about life since you
places it children and kids like come
home my nigga bad uuu clickbait to me my
nigga with what a tea fucking sorry
click make niggas he shit on Titan see
but ain’t doing that you come to my city
getting real content man Theory get
occasional this the mancave edition
yummy you get occasional this but other
than that matters real production coming
to this shit man TV straight-up got my
motherfucking TV DJ ng summer just mind
that they’ve got nothing no summer just
bums and gotten else nothing else to do
Haji on the top and he said some of his
bums I got nothing else to do I can’t
believe that man because these YouTube
niggas think they rap niggas like
superstars nigga day yeah good day to
subscribers and their views and they
think it’s them now I nigga shit content
this shit you talkin about man that’s
why I love you niggas don’t even show
your face because it’s about what you’re
talking about you show your face and all
that shit topping it you might get
approached so a lot of motherfuckers
hide a face and they top this shit and
they ain’t doing a numbers you did the
ones that do show they face they feel
like they’d amigos they feel like they
motherfucking Drake or something they
lik they like nigga that committee what
these I go out with demyx that what up
like witty here welcome that’s what is
this shit off I could did this
helicopter like he shit on snake that’s
cuz there’s described is he got a
million subscribers a million this
million at all this shit doing
understand hundreds of thousand views he
feel like either nigga he’s a rapper he
feel like he’d a boy boy because it is
you know I mean a viewer shit
wit just cold but it’s about the content
that she was bringing academics a little
humor that you had you know that you
know saying when you doing your content
you got such a human busting jokes is
shit her Bragi tranny all that shit a
sense of humor is dope like you as a
person my nigga you ain’t got nigga
period nothing like that come home man
koala Demi’s and subscribers makes you
who you are be be humble you know I mean
be humble you’re getting that big-ass
check be humble that you come with
crazy-ass content that’s getting you
paid it’s not about you if it was
negative all that rap shit you did will
be platinum right I did slow down turbo
I could but the YouTube loses this
letter should go today brain you know I
mean they thinking that the subscribers
really tuned into them as a person when
they actually turned into the content
that they granted a channel so they be
feeling they so I see nigga song about
oh time to shine the swag these YouTube
niggas ever wars with each other who
can’t look the best who dressed the best
I looked at got that most money like
that’s going down it’s like some rap rap
battle shit going down right now my
nigga my oh man give it thanks and a
shout-out to your subscribers you would
thanks for the shoutout to the
motherfuckers like oh shit
you would thanks to the shout-out to
muffins and share your shit cuz that’s
what got your numbers up but not your
image not you as a person but the shit
you talkin the interviews or whatever
y’all do to the content that exclusive
shit that’s what it do period
not you I’m just saying that so pump
your brakes
YouTube niggas man y’all niggas need to
take a chill pill but yea lit appreciate
that but but not you as a person oh you
like that
take this car still I’m on my live right
now can I call you like another 30
minutes or is it important okay upload
candle shit we good so which one you put
right right perfect perfect we all night
shit I’m calling you out to this live
but as we as we have to as we all and we
have to same spot this week yes sir
oh my mom I hit you back that’s the bus
you know me my business partner there’s
no us so there’s little so much network
you know I made hum shut out the Kate
old man tapping in with Kate oh man new
episode of that motherfucker radio.com
right now me go check that thing out
you got a new episode coming this week
with the mayor uh the dude that’s
running to be the mayor of Pasadena you
know I’m in California so we fuck with
everything man we just know happens and
trappers it and prostitutes in yeah we
do everybody over here so like a police
thank you no police anyway make sure the
Kate oh man but we bring out your real
content man straight up man who episode
them up on the tapping in with Kato
coming this week new episode of smoke
live radio coming this week man we rock
it very like a cut-off you did
he said what’s that stacked up in the
bag oh fuck you talking about and what
bad school I know my own strength
by killing them by don’t kill them
hammer don’t hurt him that’s my shit man
yo mocha lotto man ride the wave oh you
bitch mmm-hmm straight up but I wrote
the rap a lot part three let’s get right
to it since we got a couple people in
the building fuck away let’s let
everybody else getting the building eyes
and tell the story okay from the last
episode we came from
when we did the Delta Lunas do-over that
rap a lot we put out silver and black
with the Raiders and all that shit I’m
working on the New Testament the Lord
the New Testament so boom working on
Doug Lord knock that out though I knock
that out rap a lot is don’t have a deal
for like to hear so why that year is off
I’m an active NIC I’m a proactive nigga
so I’m filming a DVD called your night a
girls of America this is at the same
time I linked up with Mac Dre for the
first time like all he’s heard of Mac
Dre been a fan of this nigga but I never
met him in my life
so I met him for the first time at the
mall at one of these malls that I did
like some type of autograph signing that
doing uh one of my promo runs I seen him
in the mall on eBay fresh out of jail
you know I mean we swapped numbers you
know he actually called me like you know
I mean like a year later now I mean I
said I need you oh my shit you know I
mean cash me out flow me out everything
you know I mean that we made
boss tycoon you know I mean so this is
around the time of rapid I don’t have a
deal you know I mean a year where they
didn’t have a deal it was a break so at
this time I’m filming you naughty girls
of America you know I mean and I went
and got a deal with uh the outlaws
manager G took me over to Bayside
Bayside gave him a huge deal so he was
like yo nigga you bought me to rap so we
went to Bayside we got a hundred stacks
and bait from Bayside joint venture
you know I made 50 foot of DVD 50 foot
of soundtrack for your naughty girls of
America part one so not that whole shit
out not kind not the soundtrack out that
Mac Dre got nigga three times crazy TK
by you own that motherfucking they get a
cocaine nigga everybody on that bitch
you name it they own that bitch kill the
first album murder that bitch got the
big momma not to put the bitch out this
is when rap a lot don’t got a deal nigga
say Prince hit a nigga with that cease
and desist so quickly naked and this
wasn’t a young mouth I will make you
Sigurd I think I was American and say
yep my position inter said you’re not he
goes up but it had me on the cover so
and I’m on a whole album I wanted a DVD
all this shit so Jay intercepted that
motherfucker like nine nine
everybody had a tumble thing but no no
no no no no no no no Jay said fuck that
he said a cease and desist like I’m
still signed to brothel I which I was
but they were didn’t have a deal all
right if you don’t have a deal my kind
of track is boy that’s what I thought
you dig so anyway he intercept the deal
Bayside and him come up to agreement
based on I gave me a hundred cake for
the project so they said okay since you
got it we want some honey cake you know
I mean cuz that’s what we predict off
the project we don’t made an actual
honey cake that’s what you’re taking on
a bad day that’s only ten thousand
copies so get out of me so they thinking
on a bad day so they charge a 200k for
it boom so Jay want me to come meet him
in Vegas to sign a new deal joint
venture deal so I go out to Vegas and
shit we go to the fight Floyd fight all
types shit boy is this when he got fully
at the time he’s our manager for we out
there we actually have Floyd Mayweather
house and I mean so we go chill at Floyd
Mayweather house and shit you know I
mean I bring a couple chicks through
they were all dragon tatted and shit I’m
my dismount was crazy I bought four
chicks the wall chatted with dragons and
we just me and uh being uh being my
nigga phone B so we go out there go
chill that floor house for a minute go
party in Vegas in the morning I go meet
up with Jack at his house down street
from force you so I’m going that
motherfucker thinking I’m getting
another check e booboo on my a it’s a
deadly man what’s happening mate so he
finally come sit at the table he opening
his checkbook and shit on me yeah I’m
about to get it you got it right
got a hundred-foot face I don’t know he
about to give me a hundred – yeah man it
was like ah
close the door close the book like nigga
you want me to teach you how to fish
again you fish everything I might just
think about the same – I won’t money
don’t want them to give me money I’ll
make my own money
she’s got a fish that I made so if I
closed the book he said instead of just
doing buying you out and buying the
project I’m gonna give you a joint
venture 50/50 deal now if I would have
said I want him to feed me he would have
just bought the project he wouldn’t let
me partner up get it so was a or b I
chose the right answer even though I’m
gonna check that date in the long run
I’m gonna get shitload of money
you did so boom I took the joint venture
instead of the artist sell the project
and get that advance type of shit boom
let’s go for the long haul in 90 days a
I mean the 90 days a payment 90 days
every 90 days you get paid that type of
hike so go and put it out those numbers
do incredible numbers especially the
soundtrack the soundtrack they’re
phenomenal numbers you know I mean
phenomenal phenomenal numbers for
independent phenomenal the DVD was cool
you know I mean cuz it was kind of
low-budget you know I mean I shot it
myself so it’s kind of low-budget the
first one so the DVD only so like 15,000
you know I mean the DVD but the album
was way over sixty seven seventy
thousand so that soundtrack was the
first one so 90 days passed I don’t get
no money 120 days pass I don’t get
I like chain was over my money you got
yo fucking Bayside holding up the money
you know
you know let’s work on this guy’s silly
you know you’re next shit you know so I
get a big advance to work on Godzilla so
I’m working on Godzilla knock that down
and um start on United girls of America
part 2 I’m doing the tourm Godzilla so
we turn on Godzilla during the Midwest
eat West Coast tour so we got the rapper
live bus going through Chicago going
through Detroit that’s what I did the
United goes part too cuz we bringing his
tour bus everywhere I’m filming
everywhere I go
Kansas City we everywhere that
motherfucking tour bus County so you’re
not a girl’s a part two was filmed on a
Godzilla tour so shoot your night of
girls parts we’ll do the soundtrack get
another honey k budget from jay printz
50 for the soundtrack 50 for the album I
mean 50 foot of DVD 50 for the album put
that thing got that thing sell more than
the first one 90 days past 120 days
passing like say what’s over my mum
nigga stop passing any phones and start
point meter lawyers and all types of
yeah in and on types it so now the G
gonna be star you know I’m a like right
before the G gonna be start
it’s like all-star weekend out there so
I come out there I’ve been hacked a
little rap a lot change but this one the
big boy changed was giving out so I’m
watching it I’m like man not only did I
get get my money but all these niggas
got the big this one pimp see got out of
jail so when Pepsi got a jailed niggas
got the big boy rapper like chains like
the big ones it was a little rap like
change that first but when Pepsi got a
date large them they made a melody so
bumpy Pepsi and Jane was the first ones
with him I’m looking like damn nigga
well my shit I did I start seeing
everybody with the motherfucking zero a
hold on man with my rap a lot peace I’m
feeling angry and shit
so I go down there you got me for
all-stars she’ll be fuckin with it I
ride with J you know I’m winded Bentley
Arnage you know me I’m Ryan kind of
picked with him
the motherfucking a glove box crab
motherfucking jury box the shoe open
it’s a big-ass rap a lot chain a big boy
like me you know I got you boy I guess
the rumors are spreading that I was mad
that I haven’t got the big little train
still I’m mellow man I bought it nigger
boy put that shit right out the door wow
you know I got you yeah he put some
partying shit
do I want to shit I’m still thinking the
back of my mind oh you know I mean I’m
old and shitload of money man period um
the rocket will temp see that I mean he
fresh out of jail and shit he drinking
you know he ain’t drinking at all like
drinking champagne drink it’s strictly
fucking cranberry juice now if anybody
know pimp see you know when he got out
of jail this niggas own a cranberry
juice diet clearly he’d go to this club
and drink cranberry juice straight up
all night no liquor period so building
with Pepsi you know I mean real ass
nigga man
real did a motherfucker man me and him
buddy a vibe that was so dope so dope I
mean he was like talking fuck nigga like
like 30 minutes to an hour like just
about this industry shit about Street
shit like he really likes my shoes and I
showed him where I was for him cause my
game and the knowledge that I got in my
upbringing you know I mean it and again
I soaked up you know I mean and where I
come from we related you know I mean we
had we had a you know me a mutual
respect so Penn
loved me it was a nigga dive love me Jay
loved me you know I mean um Mike Dean
loved me you know I mean like no Frank
Ocean but all right good relationships
would do it out there because I was a
silent nigger you know I mean not saying
that nobody else that rap a lot was
salad but I was a real Street nigga from
the shit you know I mean from a real
neighborhood that’s what the shit
yeah real family niggas it’s with the
shit you not me
so it’s absolutely all respect across
the board you know I mean Jay knew where
my family was Jay know what my
neighborhood I have my neighborhood is
employee and rap a lot a lot of real
niggas work at Rapala live in niggas
relocated to Houston and
I don’t kneel sit in a trapline
period so that’s like maybe that’s not a
second home period flat out so me coming
from the bill had seen y’all pretty
nigga cuz my biggest is dead
pity straight up Jaden J love me I could
call jf 4 in the morning he has to the
phone was doing . other niggas couldn’t
do that our rapper that i’m sorry not
too many not too many he answered a
phone nigga you got a call
what called office called hella people
red boy Big Chief you’ll never get Jake
right unless he had a real relationship
in love like period you know I mean so
going through the G gonna beef after the
Godzilla shit and after the fucking home
United girls come out Scarface and bum
beat was supposed to be originally part
of the first beef dad did a song called
I forgot what the song was called but uh
the son about some rats the snitches the
snitch me I think it was called snitch
nigga whatever and they had the coin
like 50 cent drop at the beginning his
son when they had the coin did I mean
drop the coin but they recorded the song
without that facing them get that
without that but when the beef happened
where allegedly fifty singlets you know
allegedly ratted on Irv Gotti children J
about the label and all this shit and
got niggas shit hit by the fence that’s
when you know J game in a car like it
sounded right on this nigga nobody out
problem with 50 cent until motherfuckers
record label start getting hit by them
boys and let a voice and it went down
period went down J is the Teflon Don
they come fuck with Jack but they
definitely hit shared night and they
definitely hit the fuck are they toke
death row offices down I was driving out
will shit when they did that nigga
busted through the motherfucking
building all types of shit
so they fuck death row up and I could
imagine what they did to Irv Gotti in
them so it got to it I bought to me like
you know I mean muhfuckas it snitching
you know I mean it and got laid on fire
man you know I mean it’s time to go to
war on some lyrical shit now they try to
with Scarface and bun beats good like
the big guys they dangle with that shit
so it went to me and zero so zero did
this one too I did my thing and you know
it just went on more about me you know I
mean because you know um I go there I go
there and at this time I seen the game I
met the game at the club at a Styles P
party and we had a mutual respect for
yourself you know I mean I knew that it
was a hot new niggas on at the Dre
g-unit I’m like nigga put on for the
West boy they got love your shit and get
it you know I mean I got a time with
your home in that shoot
you know I’m either like cold nigga
whooping I’m out of that and then like a
month later they get that I got I got a
million on it come out and he disses his
shit out me I just seen this nigger and
he said he wasn’t in it don’t we dampen
each other up like what the fuck that
means so did not come with the you know
I mean uh
game over part one and I slid all of
them you know I mean guys don’t want to
step in the rain would it through the
game over part to the guys own we in DC
when we do this song because we are gang
do interview he did an interview or
something it was like talking shit I
don’t know what he said about me or what
he said about bangs murder from them
with some I don’t know what he said but
he said something about bangin Smurfs
Adele and I was with mango Smurf and
domination in DC we linked out because
it was out there at the same time no no
no no no no no no no this just don’t
know know why is it wasn’t out there
they was out there but they was in and
out we went to the studio that night me
gonzo and my nigga that sounded like 50
from DC my nigga um my nigga name man my
nigga that sound like 50 from DC man but
um record the song the next day get the
video nigga shut out phone be megaphone
be lived in DC
his film game together phone beatdown
with Tom Capone
he’s a producer man so he was Tom Capano
understudy you know I mean I met on that
tongue component and you know I mean
Studios doing five on this year so phone
beeped and told Capone best friends and
he start hanging with me you did so funk
out there and do you see he live out
there so he had the camera shit we
filming this shit we do the video in DC
on the 48th Street outlaws
neighborhood man you know I mean I got
some real thug niggas out there they
with the shit and we had it nigger
that’s from the neighborhood that look
just like the game but he was small but
he was the boss he won no you know I
mean he was a nigger that you know me
had a lot of seniority and not command
over the neighborhood a lot of respect
so we was like can you do this you got
me so he like nigga you know me just cuz
you yep and I fuck with y’all music and
we love you niggas I’d do it man but
nigga I’m a buff so I’m gonna get down
like that my nigga so he let his door
man I ain’t gonna let niggas pour
Hennessy on his face though the nigger
the trunk hell is she the hell is shit
but he’s the boss that nigga doubt was a
gang look-alike was the real OG in the
neighborhood nigger that nobody a
disrespect so he did that on some comedy
committee you know some comedy shit you
know me and we in a neighborhood girl
maybe shot it in the neighborhood
putting on in the neighborhood
so he was witty yeah we got all the kids
we had kids chasing down the street a
little motherfucker raised them it was
on the scooter kids ivory involved the
whole fucking neighborhood that’s what
that’s what was so good about that video
like everybody neighborhood got involved
mark fucking scheisse mark scheisse my
nigga mark scheisse was selling dead-on
50 I had a nigga do the hook period so
me mark strikes a motherfucking gun zone
that got them up game over to man and
that shit made ways man cuz you know no
disrespect to soldier boy but we did
this shit in 2005 when when YouTube was
first invented
I think soldier boy came like 2006 seven
or something with it straight to youtube
video but we
first niggas I quote the first rap
niggas with it straight to YouTube video
that video game over never hit bTW none
of that shit that’s a YouTube video name
name one nigga that came before 2005 a
rapper that just put straight to YouTube
I wait we was the first my nigga soldier
boy want to take credit you came in
2006/2007 nigut game over 2005 my nigga
I’m just saying you know do your history
but I was the first thing on YouTube but
period first rap nigga doing it straight
to YouTube video nigga not for BT now
for video jukebox not for MTV none of
that shit straight to YouTube ok fast
it’s called game over to do the research
that shit was dropped in 2005 nigga yes
man YouTube started in 2005 my nigga do
your research we’re the first my nigga
the first rap niggas now independent not
underground but real certified rap
niggas put the video straight to YouTube
my nigga I’m just saying give me my
roses my nigga your big shout-out
soldier boy dog you definitely came next
I do but that guy moment to was up there
before that my nigga way before that my
brought back my brother so going through
all this beef and shit I’m still like
where the fuck is my mama you know I
mean I’m gonna put my life on the line
for this shit but i’m gonna- getting
approach zero ain’t gonna Propst bomb
being good approach scarface ain’t gonna
pro so i’m gonna get us getting
approached and get me you know i mean
jumping around and shit like you know
they at the same time my oldest shit
load of fucking money man
so Dre you know I mean when I should
happen so he definitely came to the
rescue and definitely you know I mean
handled it you know I mean on some real
mob shit that’s why I really stayed like
you know I mean it ain’t no label like
rap life period street signs like a
motherfucker period you know I mean
you’re some
trouble and some others stated something
they got a phone call be made and you
could period now I’m gonna tell you a
story about how powerful J Prince is in
Houston I was smoking weed and club in
Houston now this is when wheat is a
felony but Adobe will get you a fucking
felony in jail in Houston this is like
2003 2003 2004 and say 2002 I’m smoking
weed in the club nigga the motherfucking
real police is in the club nigga walked
up to me like yeah I got shit you out of
here you’re gone I got the rap of that
chain oh no the little one you taking me
outside like turn me around you see the
rap black shiny oh you think you cool
one he said how you feel how do you
think Jake pressure-filled
if I call him right now and tell you you
smoking weed in this motherfucking Club
with a rapper like chain know how you
think mr. Prince of fit this is our
officer I said I don’t know man right I
could put it home man give me a chance
like come on I don’t know now from Cali
because I’m calling mr. Prince right now
motherfucker man call Jade Prince at
3:00 in the morning speed down brutally
mr. Prince had one of your artists here
smoking weed in the club what you want
me to do with him okay cool oh you lucky
Jay Chris said let you motherfucking
walk you’ll be going to motherfucking
jail right now motherfucker
put the weed out now take your ass to
the club did nigga a personal speed out
the police called him directly mr.
Prince mr. Prince what do you want me to
do that’s the power my nigga absolute
power absolute I know that officer call
a record as a amount of light but that
know I’ve been cited version C no all
types of record labels I got pulled over
at the Times and had changed the record
label shit ain’t number in life life
please mr. Prince what you want me to do
cool ah you lucky motherfucker
I got a piss right quick roll up yeah
get your life together
but that’s some amazing shit
Badman call you back up in my life no I
want my life I need you back yeah but uh
basically man uh let’s get back into the
road to rap black fishermen shit tonight
girls of America volume 1 and volume 2
together made over 1.6 million now we’re
all 200k to base side let’s say a
hundred K for the first one in a honey
cake for the second one far as pressing
and distribution pressing distribution
another 200k 100k and an ergot on the
second project so I’m in the hole 500
but we made over 1.6 so that’s still a
little bit over 500 left that we got it
like 500 each that we got a goodbye so
at the end of the day I’m like man you
know what I owe you 3 hours bro
period oh you do we have had a record
deal for five albums with one option I
was at my third album which was Godzilla
and I was working on my fourth out which
was making it out of mouthpiece so I’m
like bro before I’ve been way too old
I’m realizing a game my nigga I haven’t
seen a game to where you’ll sue
motherfucker you were out of the
motherfucker and then switch the record
label you know I mean that they’re filed
chapter 11 bankruptcy switch the record
label you know I mean and change it to a
similar name but not the name that got
sued and bankrupt so I hadn’t seen this
shit a thousand times so I know if I
honored the nigga are sold in AP the
was never gonna get handled so I’m like
I own this nigga three albums period let
me get off the out let me get off the
label bro whatever you owed me a half a
million chop that up let me go and not
all these three hours and we agree and I
me and I made way over what he told me
like tenfold period since I’ve been
independent so you know I mean at the
other day fuck that little money down
loss just about the money I made going
independent yeah I mean I owe that man
three albums he let me go with my name
my likeness a lot of dudes on that
record leg one able to leave what they
name and their likeness you know I mean
I ain’t gonna say no name but I was they
believe with y’all come out for able to
still put you up my albums out you know
I mean still go to another label and get
a joint venture or whatever I want to do
you know I mean without only rap a lot
any money I owe wrap up a lot shit I
left clean slate
you did y’all owe me and I owe ya so
let’s even it out you know I left here
you I love and um it’s been greater ever
since you know I mean period so I became
an official you know I mean like he made
me official when he gave me a joint
venture but we both want that boat
reeling in a lot of fish you know me and
I can’t eat you don’t only nigga eatin
it I don’t make sense like why I’m doing
all this work really noticed fish in you
teaching me out of the fish but when I
reel it in I can’t eat it
shit it don’t add up but you know I mean
but you taught me the game the game is
priceless so sometime you could take a
loss just to make a win you did some
time you’ll take a back seat just to
become a driver sometime just to peep
the game so you came to learn rocking
with Jake Prince and rapid itis
priceless that’s why my game so solid
right now you know me and the freedom
that they gave me when I left because a
lot of dudes don’t get no free time let
me tell you this when a record label
feel ain’t built shoot and all this shit
they’re not gonna let you leave with
your name in your likeness good luck
you gotta come empty soulless Oh nigga
and all that name that’s why I press had
to become the symbol Prince couldn’t
leave with his name because the record
label on his name that’s like this
that’s what Prince became a symbol
happens to the best of them negative
Prince had to switch to assemble my
nigga come on my nigga you know so for
me to get off that record label only up
mouth you know I mean the trademark for
your mouth and able to go do record
deals without them kind of black and I’m
saying I owed the money on it was
priceless theory so we worked it out and
we still cool to this day and I know
proms a no issues you know I mean we
agreed to it
I basically paid over five hundred
thousand six hundred some thousand and
get off the regulator great because I
made way shitload way more than that
since I’ve been off the label so you
know rolled the rap lot part three my
nigga you know I mean all good things
come to an end you know I mean with that
being a legendary record label you know
how hard I was to be like man I got
leaders motherfucker and I mean period I
got leaders bitch if I he ain’t paid me
nigga I like me I sold all them
independent albums okay you give me nice
advances for these hours but for this
shit that you saying let’s go fishing
and I’m really pulling in or breaking in
a shitload of fish and I ain’t getting
nothing but advance to do it alright I
know you know I’m one born yesterday or
today picnic it so quick
instantly quick now I come from the
black like you brought but not and he
loved me you know I mean game recognize
game man you know me shit out to the og
but I believe that I couldn’t I couldn’t
do it with not getting paid I thought
him I asked for nothing this shit that
I’ve sold in a accomplished shit that
I’ve worked I asked another for free I
said hey man give me this give me a loan
this shit that we work for me imagine
you clocking and going to work and not
getting paid
ouch that up so that’s why I left rap a
lot or I’ll still be a rapper luck I
think that joint venture deal fucked
everything up you know I mean because it
really it really was trying to step me
up when I same time made me realize a
lot of shit that I didn’t want to
realize about rap a lot you know I mean
I’m gonna see about rap a lot because
this is the iconic label down love I
love the artist I looked up to the
ghetto boys and Scarface but I mean like
these niggas signed niggas from my
neighborhood so gonna the it did part
like fuck me up
damn man and I unexpected to him like I
mean so wrote the rap a lot three-man
lot of niggas man still large a prince
man everybody over there red boy Big
Chief Mike Mac everybody we go for my
hood a love egg by Auto produces Mike
Dean fucking uh fucking dumb goddamn
mr. League you know the niggas was
really rock with my project you know I
mean hurt him bad you know many like the
nigga seemed really ripe with my project
nigga fucking up my nigga name at seven
you know the niggas was really on board
with my project master little to give
niggas man yeah now I mean wrote the rap
a lot part 3 yuck mouth you know
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motherfucking guy your dick subscribe to
your motherfucking God back let’s get
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