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yuck mouth TV speak on it mate inactive
live chat man let’s get the
motherfucking committee in the building
the nation and the building mate let’s
get to work
yeah a lot of shit to talk about me know
episode of smoke a lot radio drop it
Friday or probably even tomorrow
Thanksgiving nigga get it got shit you
never know man
so we definitely come with more content
you know I mean keeping the shit lit put
a motherfucking smoke a lot of smoke
without folk team won’t get this
motherfucking smoke a lot 15k smoke like
20k smoke about hundred K man I
appreciate all the subscribers everybody
fucking expiry but uh we don’t let the
mile get in the building
you know how me it was motherfucking uh
wrong call you know we do this shit
messy Larry by tapping in front why even
get started you feel me
mm-hmm you’re a happy holidays everybody
the beginning this shit to kick it off
man Happy Thanksgiving up everybody have
a good gobble gobble gobble get out of
me fried turkey all that shit man
dried turkey whatever you want had the
honey baked ham is the motherfucker main
stand in line at honey baked ham and get
that goddamn Turkey I got there honey
baked ham and the sides nigga I don’t
get the sides I just get the honey baked
ham man we cook over here man but I’ll
hide him up fuckers I seen walk out with
hella sighs man hey they hold
Thanksgiving was honey back though a lot
of people don’t cook nowadays out here
they’re like hey so you know a leg mofos
go out to eat all day and every day you
barely see my folks cooking period so
that’s a lost art tell your bitch to
cook up something man I’m just gonna
pull out him up with a hot dog as a
typewriter the instant instant meals
microwave popcorn and shit man means
that no clue how to cook a real
motherfucker meal now a date man so
microwave popcorn nigga did that
so you see I’m hungry hungry bitch
you said so that might way she’d be good
motherfucker what a TV dinners and some
goddamn slide sound in the building man
let’s get the mob in the building
Maybrook film a town businessman Union
City and his motherfucker been walking
this muhfucka East out Lance shit man
yeah man I read the ball tapping in I
see nigga side time tempe AZ this
motherfucker I see you boy I need to see
it convening this motherfucker maybe we
need a joke Smith my last couple lives
me real serious is shit man out folks
she gotta have a backlash nigga still
arguing on them comments laugh I posted
actually about two weeks ago I think
it’s filming him up like you know it was
a speech and Mississippi man Emily he
got a book like they just like the fit
in his shit like I think it’s going on
and on there so just let that rest you
know I mean I set out to the mob donate
services yeah I know how to get down out
here man oh yeah man that’s definitely
uh you know I mean rainy weather cooling
out Paulo you know me Paulo Christmas
month fucking uh pajamas honey type of
shit you know I mean but uh custom yep
my pop my nigga look at that yeah right
I for the my boy you feel me got the
motherfucking dragging on the back all
that but there that’s a custom y’all
come out got six five definitely with my
definitely boy you see my power
collection out there yeah I’m a doctor
yep pop don’t ask bye-bye bye-bye
I’m loving it motherfuckers
yeah man step up your pal collection
nigga got it out huh maybe say oh gee
yeah man come on man we chillin man it’s
it’s fucked up weather man you know I
mean it’s cozy weather right now nigga
pajama killed the Jama time period
Netflix in pajamas a hella week what
time it is right now
eggnog shipmates that sentiment period
that time dealer Saint Paul and his
motherfuckin late tapping I see you got
in this motherfucker that’s huge
yes no Isis fucked up everywhere niggas
got snow
it’s got rain it’s fucked up man it’s
chilling the house hibernate whether you
know me motherfucker making kids a lot
of babies in this way niggas grind and
going hard this when a house will step
up see the summer when niggas have fun
and blow take money but when it’s winter
hit this one niggas go get a money man
so everybody you know personating on a
happy out there the streets you better
believe me
so when niggas get the bag up definitely
you filming Detroit in the building man
I ain’t gonna be choice man shout out my
nigga my leak man just talk to my leg of
Malik from the cheddar boys a day man
yeah man I know he was out he out when
they got in jail man Malik me a butter
baby nigga make you called females
butter bag my baby’s a butter baby like
my bitches babies
so you’re Malik out she shut out of my
cheddar boy niggas man
you know yes you’re handing your eggnog
weather very hot toddies all that shit
bro period pull it out back the way to a
fact do it it’s a happy turkey day in a
chat man happy turkey day to everybody
ma’am I’ll salute Baba with uh deftly
what the warrior motherfuck even though
he’s stinking up them up on the court
I’m still a warrior near
you motherfucking warrior fans transfer
to the Clippers I see you niggas unloyal
negative stink
all the warrior fans became cooler
finish it’s a lead Ohio Nalle check link
tap in ICU nigga I see you ever slow
this shit man
let’s get y’all in the building make
sure you have man because ain’t got
nothing to do your knees at the crib
ain’t got none to watch I’ll go you tool
right now that should drive man let me
get up there man do my stuff right quit
messing with niggas doing that let
niggas type in for this entertainment I
might spill only a shitty south smoke a
lot radio we definitely just did an
interview with sling Johnson you know I
mean if commedia about me Nova black
Jesus bro you know I mean it all types
of other shit like you know I mean
motherfucker man K but you see right
there he actually has him up for the
show called the man cave on bt you know
I mean with him goddamn tank another
dude and another dude man it was dope so
we’re gonna talk about all that shit man
smoked a lot ready I’ll be stepping our
shit up man so look for that hearing
people to pop off either tomorrow and
Thanksgiving yeah some to watch some
Thanksgiving or definitely when you wake
up in the morning it’s definitely gonna
be on Friday your dig so we still mind
the man when niggas took breaks and shit
we took one week wait last week you know
I mean it was conflicting schedules and
shit in the building and you know we’re
in a big boy building man we’re in a
station with all the big boys stations
and shit like if you know the building
that we act you know I mean period well
we do our podcast that nigga you got all
the big country rock and roll stations
you got all the chairs and all the big
stations I ain’t gonna even name them
but you got the big boys where we at so
definitely man it’s a protocol to get up
in that thing as the schedule got
scheduled shit out so conflicting
schedules we weren’t able to do it last
week but this week we got a man in death
men shout out Peter shit out the homie
Peter you know I mean he keep us lit up
in the building maybe she’ll be able to
do our stuff on the engineer side you
know I mean big shout out to Peter man
shout out to steal you know me business
partner shout out the motherfucking of
Dongdaemun there’s been a sponsor man
the whole digital sold by screw
appreciate shout thanks but opportunity
minute we love it good dude straight up
but uh let’s get into this of mine yeah
shit mate my god
strikes fucking back we thought of Mario
he’s being cool on these niggas right
you thought they’d get Leona bland TV
shit shut up a ladder get a six million
dollar man
Carville add to 6 billion down the band
but uh sign up to the Six Million Dollar
Man have brought their talking be shitty
like man I don’t give a fuck man is she
happy you know it’s about being happy
you know both of them being happy I’m
wedded man would they need to change the
narrative but I’m happy if they they
like it I love it that type of shit not
verbatim but that’s either shit we
thought he was cool breeze you know I
mean all this shit like reality shit
going on like cold breeze snake in the
living room dancing and shit with his
kids and shit he’s Coleman right we
thinking I don’t give a fuck yeah we
hear about the tour coming right without
oh shit just think about it going toward
these niggas at the you know heard of
Jake bugg – ran up in your mom allegedly
and even heard you’d make a little
fizzle but didn’t your name is hazel
and if fizzling did it fizzle with your
baby missile and you like going o to do
you think oh they did they brought it
back to ‘county he really a big man he’s
a real soldier man if that nigga like
fuck anything man let’s look at this mug
money yeah buddy you did the et figure
no no no no no nigga
Bow Wow
from golden boy like going to niggas bed
smear bad way mean that Weezy baby
remember we did a album together
no boot no beats okay nigga
you gotta go through accessible chest me
fuck them niggas up my nigga like come
on anybody thought the Millennial tours
gonna had a whole squad like damn they
got over it they’re good no no uh-uh
good night nigga say it nah nigga man
that boo-boo y’all niggas ain’t going on
– no mo you ain’t got no money no more
period he’s the leader – groove my nigga
like when you got groups see you got the
Beyonce you got the mother you got a
respective you especially when you diss
a background singer a background dancer
you know little fears was the rapper so
you just come and be so full moon and
main niggas the nigger that’s singing
the whole song period and that’s
motherfuckin Omar you so he could be
honest theater group nigga so he
regulates nigga period so I think when
niggas do shit like that it’s always
energetic see especially with groups cuz
anybody want to be the lead singer you
know I mean you’re saying shit with no
addition you know you seen the shit with
the Jackson 5 like all types it anybody
want to be a lead singer and competing
to be the lead singer and when the lead
singers popping a by jealous you know I
mean Peary’s so or the leader the group
you have a group of rappers and you have
a month hoping there’s more famous than
everybody in the group people will be
mad you know I mean jealous not mad but
be jealous you know I mean you had them
arguments in the hotel rooms in
arguments that the radio stations is
shit that nobody see arguments at the
dinner table you think you made the
group you ain’t shit without us they
know that shit without me they go argue
already done this shit in the next show
you see muhfucka lady doing a dance move
right with ain’t no key they trying to
purposely fuck up the nigger you gonna
at me so it goes down like that when you
want to fry your fucking group
no matter what group rock’n’roll country
they’re you’re right they get everything
on beat
it’s gonna be the same type of vibe when
somebody get more attention to anybody
else in the group period it make more
fun to feel some type of way so I think
niggas in a group got at that nigga you
know I mean out of jealousy right now
I’m gonna fuck your mom they’re gonna
fucking begging mom like hey met like
that’s off-limits mom’s all moms nigga
moms all moms is off-limits they can’t
get baby momma yeah momma nigga yeah
yeah yeah your fucking sister
nigga your daughter all that shit is
off-limits my nigga when it comes to
your grandma cuz nigga try to fuck
around a fucking grandpa all that shit
is off limit my nigga my cousins they
off limits my nigga period facts fuck
anybody else in the world don’t be
trying to fuck on my sister my mom my
baby mama like and we are grouped and we
make money together
that’s violation my nigga that’s that
you fucked the code up you got
motherfucking uh somebody was on there
complaining talking about J book split
up the group nigga I was fears and J
book period both y’all niggas I think
tank blew out fans broke up the grump J
book what do what you was doing Jake was
wiggling with the nigga mama like come
on my nigga like yeah I think it was out
of pocket but my god damn they got
locate you go my nigga like I know the
nigga did a solo career they go with the
main back music you know that many told
my fuckers to eat the groceries and all
that you know me hey you BB like
groceries all that shit was poppin you
niggas mag scrunt
bumped anything mom yeah I do your stuff
like amo all the bitches L like you go
fuck you fuck some nigga mama that’s in
your group that’s me that’s hella man
and your mama man you been doing it yeah
bonnie like nobody’s blaming April and
nobody’s blaming her my name claiming
the group like yo mom out of pocket
nigga if I was a Mario I would have
cussed my mom out for two outs like the
fuck are you doing
period right what the fuck are you doing
fast very what the fuck are you doing
alright you ain’t got no old school MA
please go to bingo and shit that you you
know did casino know what that shit
would that you go fuck are you fucking
on my bandmate are you serious mom’s
mom’s when I got it for like two and a
half I was like so you can’t just blame
them you gotta blame – mom – and a baby
my baby my baby it’s the best sex I ever
had shit bitch what were you doing when
I was on tour solo I see this turning
this nigga so you don’t question a bitch
– it takes two to make a thing all right
Brian bass portable it takes to my nigga
anybody have to agree like it you’re
negative either rape the nigger mama
you’re raping a baby mama they wanted to
do it too so you gotta blame all parties
Oh fuckin parties back to it so to mom
out of pocket and the baby mom out of
pocket along with the bandmates
Omari I said fuck them up
ah drop the tour dates and shit on the
nigga birthday a little Finn’s birthday
little fears over here texting this shit
again lady with your baby mama some shit
like whatever he said okay nigga
millennial tour nigga me only no members
no members only me oh no members only do
you remember the Members Only jacket me
only nigga no members only nigga you go
to hotel with no Members Only jacket on
nigga penny is me only no members on
don’t type a terrible bus they get turbo
arrows Oh
move the shit pop out the check to the
bank Nick you fuck the big uns up there
you think you got over there
but my I’m up in the baby mother nigga
take the hat off and rode down a sleeve
and bring it back up group niggas better
play a position man I’m sorry I don’t
went through that shit to man niggas
gonna do better playing position man
nigga thought I got a rock with you
especially when I’m up against motility
and I’m just doing this shit to help us
all like on the strip but nigga I got a
solo career that’s popping just as big
as this group they gotta do this nigga
you see what I would Tyrese it and
fucking take a new Star Wars money
motherfuckin nigga what Fast and Furious
chicks think I need double which are
niggas getting paid for the show then
your penis is Bologna even though Tyrese
say so now one more album than them
niggas take I think Jane you wanna cut
out so Tyrese definitely I don’t know
about a Lejeune you wanna definitely I’m
so tired
you telling Jane well I think I need
double what you get allegedly not this
ain’t verbatim but he needs more than
what they gave for the group and that’s
what split up the group cuz Tyrese
wanted more but Tyrese is more famous
part of movie wise but group wise
genuine you know so on all levels this
shit happened me I think I need to first
started but niggas ain’t never fucked a
bandmates my old a debug I was just like
nigga I’m more famous than you that
happens no I mean TV but my thing is
when you a group even though I’m more
famous than no I don’t go to there like
them I need more money than you we
busted down as a group because we get
paid as a group now I mean
yep mouth and then this you know I mean
you’re gonna pay it as a group so we
busted down evenly I think all groups
should do that as a group nobody should
come to the table like I’m more famous
because it’s a lot of lead sing there’s
a people that they like in a group that
would be more famous but you still the
fucking group I don’t think you get paid
more like a well my thigh bone thugs
niggas everybody got a favorite but just
because you like that nigga more you
know you’re payable more than everybody
else in the group period we’re a group
we bust that bitch down period that’s
how this is supposed to go so I get it
you know I mean but it happens no but
dumping a scam is this shit but that’s
it you don’t do you don’t do fucking
nigga mama I’m gonna kill you doing it
but you got promised to the rest of your
motherfucking life mom you probably
drunk that night but I need to take care
of me take advantage of you but my nigga
we fighting everytime I see you make it
punches are thrown they can tell you
lucky I don’t put a hit man over your
ass and get you out of here allegedly
you know my mom is out here you know
raise a piece of my mom but thank God
what group would show ass again what’s
okay baby mama think Mama’s gonna do
what they do but my mama did when I came
out of the hole I came out up some nigga
them some Rock nigga to my group nigga
didn’t win the whole I came only my dad
and they’re grown niggas that my mom a
day could do that no little young nigga
my age and that’s in the same group I’m
in going no I came out of nigga I kill
you but you gotta get any fucked up but
oh my mama nigga the game fucked up fuck
your mama they go Mario got the ice box
cuz he ain’t feeling nothing he laughing
to the bank you don’t give a fucking
like I wish everybody’s cool man peace I
don’t know I hope everyone’s happy
I just don’t know everyone needs to be
happy you know I’m happy why he’s taking
that shit like a chew this nigga
chess game is matey like I think I play
chess then bluffing bluffing like a
motherfucker said by checkmate oh that
balerdi we know the tour was set out
without these niggas let’s say this
doesn’t happen in one day I wish them
the best
then you know everybody uh you know long
as everybody happy I’m happy
um you know I just don’t like the
narrative but I’m happy you know
everyone should just be happy in life
you know I feel once you find a
significant other you know whether it
comes from your brother or another um
you should just be satisfied with that
and just roll with that so he was on
that type of Rage a type of cinema no
Vegas talk and checkmate and they clip
the border y’all ass wait now things
gonna figure out what to do with a bear
mate you’ll get down there because but
oh no what y’all guys say about it cuz
this interactive live chat they said bad
news and abandoned van dinos okay per se
you said dot and I are still principals
I agree with you but died or not is
still principals man period said recipes
big drill my dad
thank you brother period said moms a
mister yeah I think it’s crazy committee
in the building baby stay recipes to
moms good shit man who say who mama got
here they got my mama got a club like a
jaybird yeah I’m Ariane him that well I
think some change it brush the dirt off
his shoulders you know a shoulders off
whatever that’s some hey no you but did
you show this out
does the shoulders up on that shit but
likewise his mom when I got coming up
here you watch this nigga watch me
moonwalk to the bank man thanks for the
shout out my G definitely my Happy
Thanksgiving anybody to turn in they’re
just tuning in I don’t know what the
fuck we talked about let’s get the own
own the own me in a Hellcat man let’s
get the burger man um oh oh me and the
Hellcat is a youtuber you know I mean
famous youtuber that’s famous for
showing off his cars Jerry you know I
mean just you know successful shit you
know I mean um not really famous for the
cause he like basically buying a new car
I’d be fucking Tommy doing YouTube
literally like big money turns out that
he’s worth 50 million he did a scam
I guess he came in the game as a like a
programmer so he came in a game like
building apps and people you know
websites and shit like that and whatever
social media handles so he’s an app
basically he came up doing that so he
created his own shit a fire stick app
illegally I guess it was illegally with
the no I don’t know if it was illegal at
night but he created a fire stick at
what people can get cable directly from
this company and made millions and
millions of dollars off that shit plus
real estate investments you know he
owned over like I don’t know X amount of
properties of Philadelphia and other
spots not me so big-time money and I
made an investor you know but I guess it
was mad that he didn’t pay his taxes you
know I mean so he and pay his taxes for
like six years and then came and got his
ass seized everything you know I mean so
it took his cars that shit you know he
was like a dad go two days ago driving
this how he saying drivers Ali I ain’t
for the last time you know I mean got
turn into the fence you know they took
serious shit they took all this flat
screens all his computers fucking drones
camera equipment anything I had to do it
you know like technology they took all
that shit phones everything so he
starting over from the beginning you
know a lot of people thought it was a
finesse like I planned even a shindig is
I think it’s real you know I don’t think
I’m well forgotten good on this platform
in life when she is a huge YouTube where
he got damn near 500,000 subscribers so
it’s YouTube check alone should be nice
to you know take care of anything that
he going down right now so he said that
the fans ain’t you know taking this
YouTube check so either spent posting on
YouTube and shit and you know you get to
monthly and shit so he probably
surviving off of that you know I mean
but shit happens man
you know when you don’t pay your taxes
they come they the Fat Joe went to jail
for taxes make it anyone anybody for
them taxes they can name what thousand
rappers that went to jail for they taxes
nigga period no matter who it was period
so he had the tax thing he was blaming
on the seat you know CPAs and
and then he started blaming on itself so
only inhale cat boss I’m subscribed to
shit he influences or motivates me like
when I see boss shit like that a
motivates me to like yeah I gotta get
some okay I gotta do some more
investments you know that’s what I’m
doing real estate right now I see me I
went on my trip you know kind of
shopping we got you know that last condo
I got it
period we about to finish up the escrow
on Tuesday you know I mean so you know
I’m on my shit period shit like to have
motivate me he was heavy in real estate
so he’s showing off his real estate on
this shit in a car so I was digging this
channel no Franco should be rocking with
so you know I mean hey like he said man
if you could make a million dollars once
you could make it again man so yeah only
in the hell can hell cab man he gonna
bounce back period you know straight up
he said a lot of niggas a lot of niggas
left him though and that happens man
with the money to air niggas is there
when the money going they go bro that’s
life but he didn’t understand it like my
cross me man a lot of people do this a
lot of that I looked out for their mr.
Luther yet but when that money go you
can’t look out for Nomo tango but they
just there for the ride but nigga when I
should run out of gas they ain’t gonna
get out the car and help you push my
nigga take off I go hop in another car
hitchhiking keep it moving while you’re
on the side I roll pushing the
motherfucker trying to fix a flat tire
so when your car stopped running they
ain’t gonna help you fix the flat they
ain’t gonna push the car and they’re
gonna happen to another car and keep it
pushing that’s life period you know you
gotta get solid niggas that’s down for
that from the beginning that’s why you
fuck with your day once was which way it
was broke not niggas that guy when she
leaned you got the money
you know I mean cuz they do no agenda
you know I mean they want to be around
the money want to be around the fun I
want to ride the roller coaster ride you
know I mean when I shit done they go on
to the next people they could just hang
around have fun with you know so yeah
there you gotta fuck with Salomon’s
you know I mean in money well let you
know silent away real quick yeah me my
you have cut your grass you know me
you always have to cut your grass we got
money you know I mean nigga say you
changed not they change you know I mean
like oh you change that you got the
money then you don’t fuck with us no
they get you changed cuz you want a free
check you want me to just pay your bills
for free cuz you know a famous nigga
don’t work like that but we all know
famous niggas know famous nigga I know
ever pay my bills unless we did some
business together now I’m just paying my
bills for free I know how the famous
nigga something that day you know hammer
you know I’m you know ambles the first
time you stinking from the veil I know I
can never go say ham and pay my bills
you did so at the end of the day nigga
really come up to you like he just hang
out with you and you pay his
motherfucker bills they don’t work like
you know straight up so this cuz they
know you and you got money there you
know how much family and kids and shit I
got to take care of nigga are you asking
me a grown-ass man grown-ass kid asleep
how dare you you got grown-ass kids too
so you know what the fuck it is how dare
you make it so niggas is about they sell
things about what they could get out the
situation if they can’t get nothin a
kazumi by by down period how cool is
what it is man no we caught him leeches
bottom feeders don’t fuck with the
bottom feeders man so only in the
hellcat lurked alert the heart wait a
minute I think that was around it was
bottom feeders you know trying to get
that money money out of his Hellcat not
the only okay you get you did so is what
it is
no hopefully you know what he’ll have to
do no jail time I feel sorry for him
because he said yes both his kids has
autism so he was like when he was riding
in his outie you know till his last ride
he’s having before he turns to face you
like yo I can’t got autism get on me so
imagine how they gonna feel when I have
to go lay down I think they’re gonna be
devastated I’m lonely you know what they
going through you know I mean like
physically you know I mean so what he
said that I’ll
you know I mean because my younger son
got autism well not autism but uh ADHD
you know I mean so I know what he’s
going through when he say that so that
that was heartfelt to me Terry you know
I mean like his treatments there’s all
types of things that you got to do with
these kids to keep them right you know I
mean when they got that you know I mean
so Justin I have a the person that’s
really looking out for you you know
making sure that nobody treats you bad
nobody looked at you wrong because you
got that it’s gone that’s devastating
especially for young chap you know I
mean so ya know but even I didn’t date
you never know loans ain’t no murderers
and shit like that man you could just
really don’t make your house arrest or
something you never know man longer the
law team pool you brought out some
ambassadors if she could put up some
good money for them to have a lawyer a
chain make a house arrest in probation
you know penalties you probably either
have okay how the penalties you know I
made restitution all that shit you know
I mean but I think you could go house
arrest if he ain’t got no criminal
record you know I mean but you got the
biggest white collar tycoons you know I
mean that the Merc the game and never
had a criminal record and they all in
the face donate time so is what it is
you know I mean why would they have
mercy on him I had the biggest rapper
still had to sit it down no matter if
you try to pay it today night you fucked
up you still got sit it down more the
story nigga pay your taxes but you feel
me Barry listen it miss payment the US
Attorney office just took a Pennsylvania
confirm nor deny the existence of the
investigation would be is similar clutch
mmm so a lot nigga standing finesse
because like you know you got the agency
timeout they never did it you know me
damn hey you never know I hope he ain’t
trying to finesse the game like the what
you got so much money my nigga white
hump and that’s a game like that and
they usually when the fans come a nigga
go to jail they don’t just come see just
shit and they do free you go to jail too
now he bailed out and then now he’s
doing his blogs it’s not to be because
he said they came and took all this shit
and he was in another homie Kariba son
man he’s came got everything I’m chillin
at my homie critic now ain’t in Dr no
more but I ain’t at my crib everything’s
done it’s down the third and I’m like
okay they didn’t arrest you they just
taking a shit ain’t arrested you my
so that was fishy to me he didn’t go to
jail you can get fingerprinted they just
took anything and can take you you know
so you never know man I said no one
you’re right the fans don’t come snatch
anything and don’t take you to they
snatching your ass too
hey we’re coming to repossess everyday
I never seem to have it they come get
your pants – hey go get your ass first
and everything that you got big in
second so he got he got it like so that
he bailed out what his bill was you know
I mean it yeah that type of said because
hey you never know man it will be a
finance miss Bessie when ain’t it ain’t
no documentation of it you know I’m you
know Dave applying finish it so you
never know man I won’t be any talk and
he like a couple blogs where he kind of
happy you know and then a couple blocks
where he like you know we’re taking on
and taking for the crew but it to be
fake he’s revealing too much gay he’s
saying what he did he’s saying you know
that he it was a loophole he didn’t
paint in seen it they that he’s like
explaining himself so and this side
makes his money so if he put in how he
make his money on blast and he’s saying
that this didn’t work that didn’t work I
didn’t do this I don’t do that I try to
do the loopholes it I fucked up it’s
probably good you know because this
service is damn they’re legal because
it’s a loco well you know I mean so this
little fast Nick at whenever you got
going with I think that may all the
millions of whatever plus the you know
whatever else he got going but that’s
the main money you know I mean when they
focused on that the fire stick act that
he had that I was doing it cable
channels and he’d getting all the cable
channel money and said cable channel TVN
ain’t money so he figured that one out
so we don’t know if it’s I don’t know
what that what his shit is man but that
dude in a shitload of truck I saw him
say man I don’t think he lying why would
he lie and put all that shit on blast
like that
nobody knew how he got his money I was
puzzled like this motherfucker get a car
every day when you get this money he’s a
computer programmer he program absent
shitty he made his own hat and made
millions of dollars off of shit period
on top of his other investments in shit
but that was the main squeeze
he did yeah so shout out to that brother
shut up to his children you know me it’s
people you know I mean hopefully they
get it together you know me Opie ain’t
gotta do no time you know I mean what
just never been done in life you know I
mean especially when they come to tak as
many gonna head down to pay your taxes
and if they seize all your money how can
you pay your taxes you dig so good luck
you know period but I almost gel on
nobody man that’s the bloody shit that
make you feel less than a human make you
feel like an animal you and like
everybody else and like Killa B killed
imagine a lion and the fucking jungle or
you could be a poodle in the jump one uh
as lies in its pools but imagine a
fucking pool – walking through the
jungle a pool would never survive and
it’s ankle and that’s what’s going to
jail you’ll pull through that portal
gonna get ate the first step on a
motherfucking jungle you gotta be a
hyena you gotta be a mind gotta be a
you gotta be an elephant you gotta be a
big boy to hold it down in that jungle
you can’t be no dear no lamb nothing
actually you only ate up period
the Eagles come on grab your ass Eagles
is more powerful so you gotta be a
sufficient type of animal when you go to
jail are you gonna get ate up it’s like
being the force in a while and a wild
force you like putting a house pic in a
while fucking force good luck
so jelly for everybody niggas for the
hyenas the Lions the gorillas the Apes
the niggas they go yeah the niggas about
that shit and anybody who’s under you
don’t get ate up smaller live
Terry by the games by the Sharks by the
piranhas good luck so yeah yeah be a
sufficient nigga to survive in jail
can’t you know food can’t be no copy ate
up is what it is you know
yep we back st. Paul on the legs a bit
more Destin Africa yeah the hippo
getting hit I’m up like a big but I’m up
again the hit differential artists of
the tool oh no man who said that this
shit mate yeah I’m tapping in brush
there what do you think about young bug
being a no young thug being named the
most influential artists of the 21st
century are you fucking serious my nigga
there you go now that nigga ain’t gay at
all they pushing his agenda to make it
look like some prints fraction and he’s
doing you know I mean fruity shit you
know I mean but he’s not a guy he got
bitches and all that shit so it’s on the
front on the front you know I mean
period so niggas is using that agenda to
make money man if you don’t see this
bread it’s crazy nigga coming up the
next they said he gay all of a sudden
Tyler Tyler the Creator is gay I’ve been
kissing boys he said not not me but
verbatim he said he’s been kissing boys
since he was 14 white boys
he said he liked girls but he always
take day boyfriends he always end up you
know f-word me but big boyfriend this is
Tyler the fucking Creator so at the end
of the day do you believe that all of a
sudden Frank ain’t never said he had a
relationship with you so niggas would
say this type of shit to get the
interests of the letter people you know
I mean to get the support of the letter
people to get the you know now all of a
sudden you’re the most influential
artists of the 21st century like what
because you’re dressed up like a game
I know a thousand motherfuckers that
make way more better than music then a
thousand before these new niggas I know
few people not a thousand probably like
a couple you know less than a handful
that make just as good music as well as
young dress misses you know feminine as
him but way more pop and I would say
like Lucifer is more influential than
young he’s settled way more albums and
he dressed with the you know mini we
didn’t know what the bisexual swag but I
say little woozy bugger
how did all the moon is and did it how
did I say Drake at all of them drink
because I was singing and rapping shit
is coming from Dre period so I say tray
which is the time artists right now I
would just say you know I’m thuggin even
on Drake level migos I say drinking
amigos and they might have fun on April
pray so this shit committee good shit
might be good shit there’s an exam lil
uzi scarf slow down turbo pose alone guy
rap hip artists of the year
oh my god at the am hey what it was the
AMAs the rap hip-hop artists of the
fucking here at the AMAs man when I was
stressing I smoke a lot radio and I
ain’t gonna get on a political mouth on
that shit but I’m gonna say it again for
y’all since out you know some people
like smoke a lot radio so people watch
it but in case you missed it I tapped in
on white culture always taking over shit
that black people invent you know I mean
not just music but everything they take
it over put a stamp on it now it’s like
can we do it so when techn I was talking
to Eminem shit right yo I love
gossip oh I’m not up on be a my hip-hop
coaches know you know you know my we
said coach avulsion no you know because
black people invented all that shit we
was the first a get stuck in and made it
more popular just like the underground
artists coming with the new shit in the
streets you the new nigga and the big
artists taking shit and take it to
another level it happened with just
black people so you know I mean the
white people did that should have died
was a time somewhere then it took the
crap from another motherfucking made it
just them to where we ain’t even allowed
in that crack no more so more the story
I was like rat we gotta be careful with
rap because rap is the most popular shit
and everybody’s getting involved with
all races it could be taken from black
folks to where they only looking at the
other races that do it instead of us and
then in history books it’s only the
other races that did it instead of us
now created it so that’s the only thing
I was leaning on my brother we gotta be
careful with this shit you know I mean
we got to really say that people from
other races or guessing hip-hop or any
other race to say you know Chinese
niggas they say yeah we make rap we as a
first name no you wouldn’t rap been
before you ever thought about it before
he ever saw me on video if they ever saw
Drake video represent 20 years ago
before Drake was ever invented
so it’s like I mean so you gotta get
love with love do I mean but history
lessons that shown that you know white
industries you know I may have took an
over crap that people to make you know
people not just black butt crack people
in there may but they snap on it and now
it’s them they were so we can’t let
hip-hop turn into that you know that’s
my thing you know no disrespect to
anybody who do hip-hop is for everybody
all music fabbi by a music unit I think
music is the main thing because we think
religion unifies everybody
No it divides because you got religion
is tribal you know I’m a music ain’t
tribal it brings everybody together no
matter what type of moves and afters
hip-hop but it brings everybody together
but mainly fucking hip-hop they don’t
bring the world together like hip-hop
and hip-hop got everybody together all
races all races ain’t in the country all
raisins ain’t inner rock and roll heavy
metal I’m sorry
erasing laying in the gospel I’m races
in on beat they all into this hip-hop
shit so at the end of the day we just
gotta be the gate gate keepers before
anybody else not white just any other
race just come and take it and like now
we made this shit you know years on you
know I mean 50 years later hundred years
later you know everybody right here you
know let them be right history with this
one I don’t know how many Mac L’Amour’s
you have I’m gonna fuck how many M&Ms
you have and members write better than
niggas here a better than some of the
top black rappers in the game so all the
back all the time back bright black
rappers and again besides a handful you
know who can really bring it to him but
at the other days the time baby but he
don’t have the right to say you know I
don’t care how many hours you so that’s
like but their lives but a lie so Helen
50 million do we got the right to say
that he’s not a guest but no ice was a
carbon copy of MC Hammer how you know I
guess so at the end of day if ups for
everybody but it was made by black
people and they were you know let’s go
to the other shit hip-hop is everything
hip-hop is for feet
breakdancing or any type of dancing keep
doing farts a hip-hop music house
dancing you know whatever
twerking whatever all that shit is all
hip-hop DJing and seeing
rapid okay coke when that shit first
started you had to lack community that
was really doing all the dancing on a
breakdancing article feeding so they are
a part in those levels of hip-hop but
when it comes to DJing producing
motherfucking and seeing and wrapping it
was all black people that made that shit
popular okay dancin was a part of the
shit but the music the actual running
form came from black artists period so
that’s hip-hop rhyming on music okay we
break dance and shit that’s a part of it
but as important as rhyming on the beat
and we created that not no other fucking
race man so don’t let them take that for
us period fast
don’t let that let them take it from us
even though other races involved with
the evolution you know you have white
people you had you want to have no Def
Jam if it wasn’t for fuckin Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons of white
guy and a black guy hooked up and made
the biggest fuckin rap label in life so
it took the combination of all races to
make hip-hop popular period like DJ’s
labels you know I mean everybody all
different races that make this shit what
it is but I’m talking about the creation
of it came from black people you know
but it took a unification of everybody
white black Mexican Jewish whatever you
are like whatever he was working at a
record label a fucking a radio station a
promo company whatever they all made
this shit pop and ain’t just the rapper
you know I mean Perry Street team
whatever it may be you know you know a
fucking kind of served like like kind of
like live nations and shit before the
hop nation without hey now he was
booking all these big shows so the album
is this booking these tours and shit
these are the these these conferences
these fucking uh like it’s so much shit
that hell
the whole movement go down at ages about
they get a rapping on a beat everybody
pushed it to a whole nother level it
took all the neck I’ve missed all about
the creation of rap you know all races
involved to make it go down and make it
go to the next level because Jewish and
white you know executives and you know
VP’s and you know and ours and all that
shit on the top labels so without sign
of these black artists and believe and
there’s some shit that they thought was
hit and nobody was believing it and they
did it they took a risk and made this
shit happen too so it’s a combination to
I’m just talk about the craft the
invention not the production not the
stock not the you know I’m a not the
distribution not the I’m some of the
creation hey from us and we got a lien
on that shit period we can’t let nobody
take that from us
it’s like they took all other music and
then somebody was like yeah Elvis didn’t
do rhythm and blues he say rock and roll
know what the fuck I’m saying like
negative carrier I ain’t gotta say
rocking or whatever the fuck Elvis was
damn dinner of allegedly there was so
many black artists that did before him
and I took that shit we came to gospel I
mean we can’t do country music we made
that shit we can’t do country music
so how can you invent some music and you
can’t do it no more
they got the whole shit locked down to
where they look at your side ways that
you can’t billboard sharp
shout out to they get a little knives X
can’t chart they do not accept it come
on man just like these western movies my
nigga will go deep let’s go deep western
movies Cowboys were black period Cowboys
weird it still slavery plantation shit
we as a Cowboys
Terry you had cattle to take care of
tool along with picking cotton wins the
Cowboys ride horses keep your shit
together we was a Cowboys black people
look at the movies John Wayne all these
niggas is the Cowboys I look at the
Egyptian movies you know that’s like
African descendants are people or even
Arabic every Arabic people you know I
mean like that type of this thing even
into you get white people plan Egyptian
roads like they from Egypt you from Rome
Greece Germany that type of shit you’re
not from Africa that’s like they
claiming it from China Nathan did order
a little boost Lee white Bruce Lee
movies with a samurai or whatever the
shit Tom Cruise play the white samurai
like it made it about some white some
erotic Caine was the best samurai
overall the Japanese like when it come
home but they will put these roles where
they are the most superior in these
situations where they never work you
know I mean not in Africa not in fucking
China Japan none of that shit Europe
yeah Russia yeah wrong yeah
Greece yeah
but nothing other places you claim
that’s bullshit
so it’s been going down with history and
music man so come on man they rewrite
history all the time
you know all the fucking time you know
things like oh yeah beat mispronounced
the Warriors you know I don’t know my
shit dirty but I don’t know there’s a
quirk for it
but I know the situation I gots playing
it from bottom to top and I fuck up the
name of it oh well you know what the
fuck I’m talking about
I’m a human nigga dude in the street and
they got that Brazil Indians were black
now they white no messages are black to
Yanni white they don’t promote the
dark-skinned Latins out there across the
border from Dominican Republic Puerto
Rico Mexico it’s a lot of people that’s
Latin Mexican that’s my color darker
than me speak that shit don’t promote
that I act like it ain’t no black
Mexicans like we around this whole
motherfucker breath they don’t wanna
promote that they wanna have like okay
what’s the day you even gonna anxious
black deep one Asian with a frozen shit
that can’t be here everything well I had
they lighter but they got the afro hair
like us and I’ll promote that then
promote the stringy hair real
light-skinned it anything white is right
you know I mean so watch what people
promote you know I mean conspiracies and
all that shit
it’s a program your mind well period
don’t fall for the fucking banana and
tell my I hate that I turned it into
some old deep shit we supposed to be
laughing hooting and giggling the shit
don’t Frank Ocean but I could get deep
man because when I went on that branch
about these things trying to take rap
you said it post Malone best artists of
the fucking year at the AMAs I’m in it
on that
it’s females that was hotter than post
Malone the whole year it’s been a hot
girl summer from the wreck it should
have been cardi B should have been mega
stallion some of that some type shit
like that
I don’t hear no motherfucking post
Malone like I hear these bitches back
doing shit shouts sweetie for the day I
don’t hear this nigger like I’m hearing
these bitches no disrespect to females
but I don’t hear this nigga like I’m
hearing these bitches all day think
about money get his businesses on
rotation like serious like I’m just
being a buck how do you and didn’t look
not okay never mind him Frank Drake been
hitting the thousand breaking put out
none back since he came out Drake still
badly it should betray anybody that’s
right still spanking niggas like he’s
nigga this nigga been on the charts
14 years the top truck nobody never
charted 14 years straight just take a
chopper ten years straight you’ll say
the artists of the years fucking post
something wrong hey rewrite history my
nigga Drake is the biggest rap artist
and fuckin rap history period bigger
than all these niggas man he’s the
Beatles of this rap shit
Drake how dare you give this shit to
post Malone fuck out of here no no like
killing all these niggas man rapido
shoutout to my niggah they got a winner
Terry right the hottest nigga in the
game then I was thinking again for the
last 10 years
fuck out of here post Malone you got a
good tool three-year run but 10-year run
by nigga you said Freddie Gibbs you got
out of the year he got a great out crazy
fuckin now whoo great album you way
buzzing long times work out
Cowboys Stadium yeah said of fact the
committee in the building man come on
possible jerry jones okay so that’s
what’s going down you know okay so it’s
pops fuck with jerry jones pool but look
at post Malone let’s dissect this nigga
snake it was in booty shorts to like
ruin it you know I mean Daisy duking it
you know I mean with a motherfucking a
little coat on the windbreaker coat on
with mud for the sleeves rolled up doing
disco boogie music no disco popping hi
could know if you are doing Duran Duran
type of shit right I didn’t work and
somebody like on the college project my
ass I look like a real video nigger like
he was really trying to do his shit that
was a college video oh you got a
headband scarf oh no shit
ha ha ha it really look like some eggy
so thing are you really trying to go to
him bro like they keep trying to excuse
these motherfucker and he said the
n-word you know I mean they keep on and
then he try to downplay hip-hop like nah
man when I want to get into some deep
shit I don’t listen to hip-hop I’m
listening to discuss you’re not hip-hop
bro this is a hustle for you white guys
you know I mean in other races you
really go you know I mean like come on
man let’s be real this just poppin so
you gonna try it out you went what do
you win but this should i yo really what
you fuck what you thought what would you
say you fuck with pop rock and roll you
go listen to fuckin guns and process and
all that that’s really what you do
that’s really what you want to do that’s
what are we seeing you in that video
haha this is your influences that’s why
you did that fuck the video and you try
act like you say I did if all college
fight it was at the play
no but you said who influenced you you
try to do the same shit that influenced
you right I did don’t be playing around
over here
post my Oh nigga like you can’t keep
letting these imitators come in here
take on crap and make up money and do
nice Irish shit when it shit don’t work
no more go back to that oh I was uh huh
like you got kidnapped and forced to
fuck with the hip-hop crowd no you did
it because it was cool it makes you
famous as soon as this shit started
working for a post Malone he gonna start
doing rock and roll and all the other
shit that he really want to do mark my
fucking words so don’t fall for the
banana in the tailpipe man that she look
cute and all these month wasn’t said to
hit work who Justin Bieber to him
everybody they show you what they really
feel about you in the inside but you got
some cool music going down so imma do it
hey let’s go hey Leo ass and say yeah
that fuck them niggas period just like
you know me shout out the Six Million
Dollar Man
Malak I hope he ain’t doing this stuff
and saying fuck the niggas you know I
mean with this little crew so is what it
is me I got wise for the banana in the
fucking tailpipe man all the time let me
see what new song about the interactive
live chat I’m gonna speak on that bus
hair what’s up with your boy miss he
told how he going big closet smoke mess
is mess bro that mess be masked man you
know long as he put out some good music
you just drop some shit
go grab at low is he putting out good
music you know let that land because my
thing is this how that grown niggas be
grown this I couldn’t that but I got a
lot of homies that the wild shit don’t
like probably know like in my mind but
in actuality a grown nigga that’s gonna
do groans shit shit you don’t do what do
you want to do it you know how I knew
you could tell me how
you could tell me what the smoker tell
me what to do you can tell the dealer
what to do as a grown man
you can teach the old dog new tricks so
I just sent my niggas I’d be careful but
and keep that shit away from me I want
to see so my duels are doing dogs you
know them crazy ass drugs and you know
hardcore drugs whatever I never seen
them do it because they don’t do it
around me
you dig but you know you got
motherfuckers who do do it you know I
mean and let it fucking life theory so I
never was no nigger like that theory
never I’m a weed and alcohol type of
nigga you know is what it is but you
know some to those people who do them
hard drugs you know do the dress on the
rest of you know that’s not like the
same with that but yeah people do dope
is what it is man know that niggas be
grown no not me no that’s so wrong
that’s too grown money what do you think
about young buck a 50 cent situation I
think 50 cent need to get over it like
what is buck doin – your pocket bro like
you try what I’ve noticed about 50 from
the rib that he’s a real emotional hater
right you fucked him over he’s gonna be
on your ass forever man no Frank Ocean
but he gonna be on your life a but
that’s what I noticed about the gyros
shit that’s what I know it’s about but
that’s what I know it’s about every
person he beef with he only asked for no
Frank Ocean Rick Ross you know yeah they
mined for the life but still talking
about Rick Ross situation that should
hello still talking about general
situations and armed guys situation
hello over a decade oles I come over
there so he holds a fucking grudge
you know I mean the worst grudge ever in
life I mean he taking it out on bitches
I think it was the 19 teairra Marie he
underlined all types of life and I mean
shenanigans the shit so more the story
is don’t take 50 cent off you take that
nigga off you’re gonna have a shitload
of mean pop means you gonna do hell it
means he’ll hit abused songs this song
was on type shit good luck good luck man
he’s the main Hager that’s it he’s paddy
man he’s a petty and he got all that
money man but he take all that money to
the petty bag
he’s petty of shit man and I think he’s
the negative ever forget they say I
forgive but I don’t forget
I think he’d never forgive anything
don’t forget nigga nice happy again but
I don’t forget he forget and still think
still no he don’t forget and don’t
forget theory that’s his move so left 50
do 50 man we’re gonna say mr. nigga do
this shitty win against g-unit Lloyd
Banks everybody so fuck what it is that
fish that’s gonna be sick I’m about to
get out this motherfucker make you dig
motherfucking Thanksgiving I got pissed
like a motherfucker I know your ankle
just sit here and just wait till I come
back me and keep the shit going man if
y’all gonna sit here and wait till I
come back
keep the shake on man put some fires up
and I put the blood down I’m gonna take
a piss come back and keep this shit lit
no fire desires okay cool we gonna shut
this shit down man you have a great
Thanksgiving man subscribe to your guy
free she ate everybody smoked about 14
you know I mean when we catch it there’s
smoke about 15 on the ass you fill me
your dick Oh new smoking hot radio
dropping Friday
your Fifi I do five oh jeez but c15
mosey me I need to sleep you hear this
shit man our fucking childhood nightmare
yeah good shit me when my yeah

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