Yukmouth TV | Nick Cannon vs Eminem JUICE WRLD Update + MORE


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I don’t by the way yeah yuck mouth TV
subscribe to your motherfucking God may
we live now
yeah me late night Yaga Letterman your
fifi got a had a fucking charger plugged
yeah fill me let the mile get in the
building may see what everybody’s doing
the night you fill me ya know late night
now I mean right optimal fucking Club is
he getting get IV uh-huh yeah niggas in
the building they straight up maybe we
got talk about a speak on it speak on
the right quick you feel me I see niggas
tapping in the hotel room is gonna be a
drink night not a smoke now y’all used
to niggas smoking like a motherfucker
not tonight
okay smoke divisible fuck it I got a
bounty meat over this raining like shit
so I will not go into my balcony until
later gate I’m ready
but uh yeah make them a man recipes to
Jack I see niggas in the building man
let’s do this motherfucking tap-in man
Youngstown tapping in ICU Birmingham
time for their Spring Valley Los Vegas
tapping in I see you on the top here
nigga st. Paul on the tack man I see our
niggas breath the tap head is serious
Dallas on the tap in Europe on the tap
head I see our niggas it’s also all at
home with me is get real serious mate
Brooklyn in his motherfucker
I see the mob is in this bitch me OK
nine-to-five tapping here nigga I’ll
sneak Ali in his bitch yeah man film on
this motherfucker salut yeah man Flint
city in his bitch make them my business
motherfucker man we got talked about it
me they gotta talk about it talk about
it talk about it cherry big enough me
smoke like a little shit man I mean that
sit on this part cheer all right there
we go oh yeah god yeah buddy
sir ill motherfucking thing make for a
lot of heat
Fairfield on his mother okay Detroit
this bitch make one up though I see you
Saudi Arabia oh my gosh come on mate
Saudi in his building may come home
that’s how powerful YouTube is man Saudi
Arabia is in his motherfucking man
salute mangai straight up man let’s get
to it man recipes of juice world off the
RIP we found more news on that it turns
out that uh he died I thought it was
from Wayne he died from actually taking
the overdose of fucking percocet pills
you know I mean on the plane when they
got lurked you know I mean by the boys
on the PJ now I was wondering this whole
time how they get seventy pounds on the
motherfucking plane and folks full
straps like what type of airplane is
that so definitely they was on a private
plane um the doughnuts is to his family
everybody his friends all this industry
homies his family everybody who’s going
through it right now you know I mean
it’s a serious situation they’re sad you
know I mean it’s sad that uh I don’t
know what the fuck they was doing man I
don’t know what they was doing at home I
ain’t gonna ask what they was doing but
seventy pounds my niggas Lord that’s a
lot of weed you know I mean that’s all
i’ma say now when they’re yeah yeah so
y’all speak on it man well I’ve had them
seventy pounds was on some other shit
that’s all I’m saved but period I will
no show that wasn’t no birthday
celebration they’re gonna need no 70
pounds to celebrate his birthday I’m
just saying but if folks craps I’m
saying breath you know somebody has to
shit talkin about the people was
investigating this guy whatever because
they blurb them at a fucking home I
guess he had a showing Australian a
blurb demon customs like come on customs
lerp anybody
ain’t no investigation first of all so
quit putting false info out there like
this nigga was investigated by the faves
for months months months being tailed
and followed know that happens that
customs you smell like weed the dogs
gonna be only a shit
you know I’m a and they’re gonna put you
through the shit there’s a dog so II
don’t mean our niggas being following
tail you know I mean period now the
reason why this happened was the pilot
the pilot actually you know I mean got
wind of the 70 pounds and the four guns
on a plane and he report to shit you
know I mean so pilot how do you feel
right now you know I mean now that you
know that you the shit that you did
resolving this man popping all the pills
trying to get rid of the pills because
of a search for some fucking federal
agents trying to get rid of the
motherfucking pills and die how do you
feel pilot was it worth it I come on man
huh tell me motherfucker rappers flower
weed and drugs and shit all day man I do
that that’s their norm you know I mean
fear anger that’s the norm what’s
different about this so I don’t like the
pilot the pilot should have stayed in
his motherfucking business you know I
mean period there were no drug
transaction t1 being Pablo at the
airport you know there’s going out there
to celebrate that do birthday you know
and the worst happened you know I mean
with a dumbass nosy-ass pilot you know I
mean period so pilot how do you feel
that a young celebrity that lost his
life because of you making a fucking
overzealous phone call you know I mean
so I blame this shit on the pilot period
him don’t what he did that’s on him you
know I mean um I don’t think he should
you know I mean I think if you got
caught with everything else fuck the
pills out ain’t nothing you know but him
being in that position probably felt
that it was gonna be you know something
worse with details some and he felt like
he wanted to get rid of them so you know
the worst happened
rest in peace but that goddamn pilot if
it weren’t for that pilot important you
know I mean it’s turn all this shit up
you know juice world to still be alive
that’s what I think you know I mean
period so fuck their pilot you know I
may stab them up fucking businessman you
know straight up now whatever they was
doing that’s a business but the pilot
you production on blast and now we have
a dead celebrity so that one cool fuck
the pilot period just my thoughts you
know I mean my niggas like what they
doing with 70 pounds that’s a question
to let you never know because you get
these overzealous we growers and ship
that love rappers here man take all this
you know I mean a probably give it to
him you never know
so probably was one of the oldest your
birthday man here fucking our old pals
for living man here take honey
fucking wooden stake 74 your birthday
happy birthday you never know what it
was so I throw it out that way but we
lost Jews world because of an
overzealous fuckin pilot and I’m gonna
put it on that period nobody want to
blame the pilot everybody oh man he
should have been doing this he should
have been that they shouldn’t know blame
the fucking pilot why the pilot was in
everybody business man calm your ass
period calm your ass down cuz when the
rock-and-roll stars is on the plane
doing heroin and all types of cocaine
and she don’t report that you know when
a rich ass billionaires on there doing
all types of cocaine lines and all types
of wild shit you ain’t reporting that
but with some rap guys gone on the plane
they smoking weed sold risk guys
everybody smoking weed shih-tzu but when
a rap guy got on a plane smoking weed
it’s a problem hey man what are they
doing let me put my ear to the door let
me put the speaker on here were they
talking about like tongue right so rest
and peace them oh fucking juice world
sad day and hip-hop from a nosy ass
neighbor man yeah I don’t know period
but uh let’s get to this real battle rap
shit you know I mean I’m being in and
out like a robbery
Eminem breath these niggas is only your
hand meat though bad that and a how neat
don’t you think is on your helmet
sorry but M is the battle rap master if
it don’t come out and spank niggaz nigga
you got the whole black squad the red
squad the white squad the blue whatever
squad they got nigga I’m wiling out then
all tag-team no your ass but M is one of
my favorite mcs ever M
you better go bruh I know you do this
shit but you better wipe the floor mat
with all these niggas breath period and
I rock with Nick I got people that’s
over there rocking with a incredible you
know I mean so we rock with Nick breath
but M don’t do no goddamn tweets they’ll
do no goddamn Instagram post memes and
shit don’t fit to your way out of this
shit but you can’t mean and post your
way out of this but you better get your
ass in that booth imp you’ve been there
nigga all my god right they went crazy
ass you tonight on the ship but come God
down l better go in the booth right now
and get dr. Dre on it so I know where to
come to this day
you better go get ready y’all better
come we’re in the Dre beat nigga
and just and everybody man come on man I
am you playing right now out there em do
a fucking tweet after nigga hit you with
it back there back there don’t want to
drink back the back you hit the nigga
the back the back two in a row nigga go
did and we gotta come out there him you
better dust its water off the shield off
and they can get your armor back on
they put a couple dents in your armor my
nigga not alone man that got them
Machine Gun Kelly but em there’s some
ain’t mouthing shit but whatever you did
in that movie you need to do it again
whatever you did in that goddamn movie
you need to do it again bro see that’s
that time me to go and throw up in the
bathroom whatever you need to do do that
shit and come out with lash niggas been
there you better
yourself this is the time you lose
yourself nigga my own spaghetti all that
nigga moms spaghetti oh that got a good
fuck that bus I’m gonna lose yourself my
niggas ain’t lost they lost thyself in
the nigga with the dress with ain’t shit
but the nigger with the dress went
apeshit on everyone and did oh my god
man I can’t if I named a personalized on
the sig the second one was harder the
first one here the first one was like a
little I love you
that second Z crazy though you do little
crazy though I don’t H I spanked in what
I do I try to do him like that but come
on man I’m a hip-hop fan man
this is real hip-hop has always been
about competition both so this is this
is a competitive competitive shit I
don’t know like niggas gonna pull up and
try to kill this dude or nothing ain’t
no beef like that its competitors think
of Nick Cannon like come to Wilin out
man and we can really do it so it’s fun
and competitive and you know what you
watch what em do man if he had that much
anger towards Machine Gun Kelly well
that’s what are you gonna do because you
got nigger Charley clips you got
motherfucking hit man holla you got got
their uh conceited you got the nigga
with the dreads
you got Nick Cannon right digging the
box they get Nick I mean a goddamn em
I’m sorry but you gots to bring back the
d12 you gotta you gotta breathe back d12
man you’re d12 men arguing nigga you 50
g-unit somebody new you need a tag team
period a tag team le man no Frank Ocean
now you gots to go what breasts it only
thing I could say is a Mariah must got
some good I can say Mariah I got some
good stuff they got his way here him got
his weight they can say him asylum Oh
hitman did go hard now the nigga with
the dreads went hard sue ya niggas my
heart in there let’s tune of the game
you know how to respond it is he better
he definitely not him spawn of this
you’re absolutely right
first was trashed pray for him that one
is better yet pray for him was way
have you heard the Obi oh we got one out
there oh oh yeah that’s what I was
waiting fo man I’m waiting for Royce to
get in the building I’m waiting for Obie
Trice all the niggas all the shady
niggas get in the building man and I
wait for Griselda think cuz they signed
to save you to me Nick you better watch
something if you get to Griselda Nick
hey if I’m gonna over to Griselda niggas
is over over there you know they side
too shady to niggas y’all better cooks
again nigga the gazelle the hardest
niggas of Nebraska via science that
fuckin Shady Records me period so I’m
just sayin though the tag team join you
can get ugly man mm got lyricist over
there nigga this litters a d12 nigga
everybody ain’t bizarre niggas like one
bizarre they call the mother d12 niggas
got lyrics nigga
period g-unit niggas got legs nigga but
the new addition to Griselda niggas bad
shit I think it’s called Conway’s they
may let’s go so but it’s knowing Brock
would Nick but god damn don’t get the
Grizelda niggas and it’ll be the
Griselda niggas the rack so behold aku
and got the Griselda nigga they forgot
you want a tag-team there he could
really do some real tag-team you know
your ass there you got the head is out
there boy it’ll got lyrical arsenal
niggas like the boys got Roy’s voice
fine known as a maniac out there and
they get like are you serious bleep hey
hey it’s how am played it’s how in play
and Emma Hannibal L could just go by
itself but if niggas want a tag team he
got a tag team squadron digging
good luck on that one nigga the battle
rap niggas got to do an album that it is
better good did a good zelda niggas but
you gotta do a whole mix thing to
respond to that nigga DS think it’s that
boy got some hitters over there bro I
can’t forget and em as a head of tool I
just took an interest in man it’s
getting real interesting man but all
that whatever they did even it was a
maniac but it was a fucking maniac in
the squad man if he tagged him that’s
gonna be ugly
I saw him Satan they gonna get real ugly
they said if ever and then once there’s
a good but really be fun they’re strange
music over pretty much DB stopping in on
late night I’d see you breath on the lay
type in ya every crew man Empress squats
turn nigga good lucky mondo
but then good luck brethren you know I
mean like it I’d be ugly but Nick I
think you know in all reality I think he
needed the tag team because Emma’s a
monster lie you gotta bring your full
force against m-theory so Nick not being
a lyrical giant like that he wanted to
tap in with his lyrical giants you know
I mean they fucking we gonna rock it and
I see the UH debate that Nick threw now
I’m a smart nigga that’s the Wilin out
bait okay you want to come battle wiling
out niggas come to Wilin out so he
doubled down a little while and a half
day okay nigga I told you coming a Wilin
out fuck it now I got the wild-eyed
niggas dis you now you gotta come so you
double down on Wilin out shit you got
Pete misses it’s a strategic MTV money
move nigga if you want to reply to audio
you’ve got to come freestyle with all
these niggas all wiling out that’s the
you know I mean so he’s trying to lure
this nigga into coming and wiling out
basically you know I mean especially
with the niggas from wildin out
dissonant you know I mean like come on
man we gotta just the elephant in the
room and we’re just gonna let this shit
slide like I think it is time I thought
a fade out there throw a little card
out there to skip for whatever the fuck
pass you grant to there’s the older play
on a negative you change the color
photograph for on a nigga minigraf fold
your way pull the old oh shit on you and
now maybe you’re letting it go on or
without breath graph for nigga your
grandfather a nigga went hard put an Ono
on a nigga graph for dang and went hard
on a nigga made skips you a hellish it
maybe maybe the hell this shit on the
old board draw tools I’ll fold y’all I
think you think that drawing everything
fuck them niggas boy dad whoo Hey
mmm got some homework to do man and when
he come watch this that’s not to say
yeah I keep playing with him like he’s a
bum rapper like he ain’t that nigger
like that like no nigger man excuse my
language but like he ain’t that lyricist
like that showed he won’t watch this man
when that nigga finally it a call hey by
a nigga well when that boy finally reply
watch – yeah I better watch it you got
Dre behind him drink make that bigger
plates in my intro and M make beats and
all the niggas did that nine all the
little d12 niggas make not little but
all the d12 niggas make beet soup nigga
d12 niggas make like 50 cent biggest
nigga d12 production not dr. Dre you
know I mean so at the end of the day d12
guy he and got he own the production in
a all guy he drop it
good luck good fucking luck that was a
nice look now that was a nice little
slap they slapped him bitch-ass nigga
that was a slap that one know what back
that one no you know I mean I want to
uppercut that one no you know a knockout
blow that was a bitch-ass nigga playing
with me so they smacked the same
hey it’s back the shit out al like it
sad they’re gonna be playing with me
nigga you think this is bed
I’m gonna come with the UFC shit all
this shit on choking nigga I’ll make him
tap out submit em coming with all the
UFC shit you can’t just come slapping a
nigga when he’s a UFC fighter and
champion pretzel at the inner tonight
bro all your bones they get you tap it
out over your neck well forget stressing
okay good look bigger that nigga’s a UFC
prime fighter compared to a nigger
that’s slap though you are sleeping hey
man fuck you you fuck your milk break
break put back broke every bone in your
fucking neck and again that’s em so
heavyweight rap nigga leave that man
alone knew that my alone okay cool
Coolio maybe I’ll am alone for real I
think I said give me some wanna be like
you they’re gonna come from the back
hand side
I’m tellin you said nickel cover the
back hand side of celery mmm on the next
Def Jam game yeah I was stupid I think
Nick playing a possum hell yeah it’s all
like this it’s the chess game man Nick
is grilling this nigga here too while
and how bro that’s why I got the Wilin
out niggers on the dish you know me rat
Liga’s Nick know why had a while it out
crew I’ll wait while there now yeah hey
man promotional run man fuck that we got
paid oh man man fuck that man hey my
even the nigga the dress even if you
ain’t a while without their come
but my artisan spank him the nigger
would wear the dress went the hardest
nigga I swear to God on both songs he
was saying some shit that made me like
he said that oh oh hurt he says some
wild shit about him now like down our I
felt that one money nigga would’ve
dressed when playing I’m sorry it’s
personalized is like gut gut blows you
know I mean other things came with it
fuck you nigga he came with the gut blow
pop and up OK dancing YC said all that
but no you like he knew him was somebody
he got a personal grudge like he said to
shit Knicks to the said the nigga with
the dress said to shit that Nixon is
like he was Nick Cannon nigga he was
saying all this shit that Nick needed to
say that missus is it just being that
the nigga with the dress was acting like
he was Nick he said all the shit it Nick
meet facto a bit you know see what y’all
talking about man watch your bug come
back uh-huh
he said Joe Budden is garbage he said
somebody Clippers okay y’all going off
right now yeah Eminem still fired facts
yet was hand brush they’re stopping to
M&M not trainee Steve that training okay
yeah yeah they got two different fan
bases definitely mm okay right up his
alley right that’s when I said man this
will do he’s the battle nigga he’s the
one that I’m sorry about calling Emma
Newman nigga a thousand town called
Eminem my nigga about 80,000 times a
night but up anyway
that nigga this is this Eminem man that
nigga this is this this is Lane like I
said this is Wayne the battle rap shit
the 8-mile shit he needs to lose herself
and he gonna lose herself watch when he
was spawned there that kamikaze shit he
did we thought Machine Gun Kelly had it
and that first response like and kind of
shaky baby then it came to kamikaze on
the album he was like goddamn okay but I
thought I shit but he did take Machine
Gun Kelly had a serious fo like a
lyricist like if that was Jay coming out
that nigga he would have went full
supreme and then the sniggering I’m
getting this take a low sodium diet in
this niggas nothing I could just please
stab in my hand again
nobody was feeling that you had to come
back kamikaze and go ate shit real Emmy
will nem me on the ass and he went crazy
you know but people still think that
machine one that because machine only
did one am did – you got to do – you
know I made people date you lost well
Drake them lose when he did – wait right
so what you do – it’s like nigga I’m
waiting on you nigga I’m gonna do
another one you still ain’t responding
that’s why I take it as you have me
period you know but I get man she
getting doping up in a rap game man
should get real spicy you know nigga
rage they teamed up which I should call
from the joint man like
it was like nothing a bitch you come to
the ring nigga box it out and they’re
gonna get kicked out of the Train
that’ll never happen man and put on for
Detroit way too hard you try they don’t
go against him like that man he still
got love in the streets man believe that
you know me him employed a lot of
motherfuckers some black everybody out
there and I mean a lot of people out
there get checks from him to this day so
they ain’t going against no M&E short
period you know that sound cute that I
happen to know but um boxing right now
why did they need to fight like that
that’s this lyrical warfare like we we
boxing with these lyrics you know I mean
like when rappers used to battle back in
the day and the cypher you know I mean
who ever had to dump is round one you
know I mean when I only got one oh I
lost it let me fight you know you just
lost nigga step your arms up nigga so I
think it’s more than that you know I
mean on some miracle shit I you know we
niggas ain’t gotta take it to the boxing
ring and shit like that nobody ever did
that of hip-hop you battle on the side
for you where you win you know all you
want but you got to fight me now I see
you win I don’t never was the the plan B
here that happens like when you shoot
dice and you take a nigga money he lose
all his money and he don’t want in front
of my hundred dollars to try to get back
I think I’m arrived the whole dice game
that happened on shit like that don’t
happen on rap hey nigga let’s fight I
mean i’ma shoot you am I not a nigga
know you lost
period there lyrically you know I mean
so long as they could keep it lyrical
you know I’m entertained and I got my
popcorn back fat I have my white cheddar
popcorn and I will be watching my white
cheddar popcorn
I’m enjoying this shit pop calling them
up if I want to join this shit
oh shit impact back here join this on
that understand nigga fumble daughter
trying to catch the power cord on that
shit bounced on myself I like trying to
throw the popcorn up Kenzie bounce off
your shoulder nigga you got no popcorn
so yeah shit bounce but open it your
soda hell is this shit out of this J
Prince want to call oh right put that
shit got a little baked bread back to it
that’s a Drake song at the puff slap
Drake got that one we had a warm pup and
we don’t you ever slap Drake again ever
ever ever there’s a yummy yeah a skinny
popcorn white cheddar my popcorn and
join the party
I might do way for him and he’ll do a
spiral right yo I can’t wait it’s gonna
be crazy
well yeah um motor story me being a
nigger that dis beat with everybody all
my beats I took it as competition
competitive shit I never wanted to
actually fuck somebody else the only
person I ever wanted to fuck up with
spot alone because he jumped me I wanted
to fuck him up
other than that I was fucked nobody help
with the lyrical shit game never won the
fire Emma not in this lyrical battle 15
everyone to fight him done lyrical
battle to shorten that one to fight I’m
gonna lyrical battle master P no one to
fight him on that lyrical battle now I
mean period so motor story is all
competitive and to get physical when
they get physical then think I got an
issue with you nigga and let’s go
but me and spot a little work that our
shit out we cool this fuck right now
period so we straight now I mean
straight but at that time that was the
only nigga I wanted to do something to
because they did something to me
yeah I mean period besides rapid you
know I mean it took the wrath lyrical
shit to a whole nother street level yeah
I mean but you know Jesus recognized
jeez and made him the coolest niggas
ever right now you know I mean you know
but know how cool you could be with your
enemies you know I mean you past enemies
that may be the coolest motherfuckers
you rock with you know I mean period so
it’s a little too spider but that’s the
only nigga I really had a problem with
and some niggas from my hood a nigga
that shot me young man had an issue with
that nigga period fact and now we’re no
rap shit
I’m a peer you but yeah that’s it other
that rap shit that be rap shit you know
it’s entertaining it’s competitive right
being competitive you know keep it like
that move across we get loose Dan
Coughlin acting the guy with a body shot
watch a replay that shit Crawford make
shit on the hotel you’re gonna ape shit
Kentucky Fried Chicken I’m over here
looking like motherfucking up shrimp but
all that got them Kentucky dumbass
buckets DP yeah Crawford up there
getting loose rbl posse showing up
ox hard this week we could so oh and up
there that left oh I’ll show up there my
guy guys
yo man lyrically the breasts that I go
to war with anybody but it saw me like
music is competitive it’s about who’s
the best musician so when it comes to
that yeah I’ll go call that you
lyrically you know I mean then if you
want to take it to some Street shit we
don’t take it to the streets but fun and
games Luke’s is just fun and games bro
period it’s like singing only Joe it’s
like the cat session Oh your mama your
mama’s so fat she did this oh your
mama’s so black like it’s like a ciggie
whoever wins laughs ain’t that type of
shit so it ain’t that serious to me when
it comes to his lyric lyrical shit you
know I mean and the fans know who won
very hard to tell no that’s it that’s
enough it’s the head to the show yeah
there’s so much shit going on with this
rap politics and this beefs and shit
niggas be like ass keep it on wax keep
it fun keep it game she I see each other
DAP it up bringing the Wilin out that’d
be dope on imagine him and then when
Wilin out freestyling on motherfuckers
that would be amazed that would be the
most watched Wilin out in fucking MTV
history period so he’ll know what he
doing he know he’ll be going there
you’re gonna get brought out of you
so they’re gonna have to pay him a
substantial amount of money to even come
on here okay sound cute but nigga with a
bag nigga his manager runs Def Jam ever
new managers the president of Def Jam
and they’re not coming a Wilin out MTV
shit without super bad super bad for me
to be freestyling for your views and
your ratings to go up that part super
bad I think you don’t need to leave at
least Assaf million I’m not coming to
wild out without less than a million you
missed all milli I come freestyle with
you guys you don’t give me a Millie Soph
Soph Millie I think M gonna take no less
than 700 to fucking no a hundred to a
million it’ll come near while you
putting on for MTV and Wilin out why
do that for free you can say in cash no
I don’t see why what fucking Nick I mean
uh Eminem come to your ship for the
freebie I would it’s a battle niggas
I’m yourself in my soft you feel me
no soft fuck that he said I can’t even
car seat the cars but it’s gonna get
blocked out mother’s car Sonia she
doesn’t get blurred out but Eminem was
the worst Smith ain’t gotta curse him
he’d go hard without cuz him dope him
dope this fuck yeah I quit disrespect to
Marshall yeah I could keep acting like
he know raw ass lyricist man watch how
you come yeah I think that I mean
Machine Gun Kelly exposed a lot of shit
so now a day we battle rap if you don’t
expose the motherfucker it’s not gonna
hit how I hit now when a motherfucker
suppose them off or get hit a little
different way different you know so if
yous rapping and showing skills in
rapidly rapid e that’s great but when a
motherfucker is exposing you with facts
like how Pusha T did with Drake with the
baby nobody knew Drake had a baby by
Instagram model that was a the depth
that was a one-shot kill right there
like the couch how are you okay
all the lyrical miracle shit but damn
nigga you just put the nigga business on
blast like that in the name of the bitch
and the name of the child as the name of
the song ouch that hurt
so will you expose a motherfucker that’s
the most deadliest response or deadliest
battle rap you could do that’s like when
they write the URL or fucking rb8
battling and they suppose it hey nigga
you worked at Walmart I just heard him
up agate old I just heard somebody tell
that nigga my nigga name and I’d be
killed Romney I just heard a nigga tell
Romney that he worked that motherfucking
Walmart they put on the wall
a mark Casto married a t-top he expose
them Perris I think I got the one who
called you know motherfucker that work
what she was said no I mean so will you
expose my butt I did I know that nigga
worked at Walmart so that’s deadly
that’s right ouch ah so you know I mean
when you come battle rapper
motherfucking expose them some shit that
nobody know about that’s deadly you know
I mean a man a Knick it was a smoke shit
that nobody know about it you saw mouth
its nigga raising a kid that ain’t his
all types of shit so you know nice
I can’t wait for Eminem this man cuz he
go there imma see how I go there and him
keep focusing on my ride my G like Nick
don’t even fuck with my ride no more
right that’s old news man I’m Mariah got
some old billionaire sorry nigga
somebody’s taking somebody that’s worth
hella billions seen this he’s on to the
next man a whole level man like you
nigga say anything about you or Nick
Terry Nick is like you know okay you to
follow my child but nigga please
on this level no ride drinks champagne
with straws and they get Chris down with
a fucking straw
yeah period high-class bubble baths is
shitting massages every day nigga rose
petals that shit drop as she walk and
they get like real coming to America
nigga high-maintenance good luck Chuck
good luck you know I mean but it’s
entertaining man I like it just dope
about motherfucking black squad went in
no disrespect to them they went in they
went to fuckin but em you fuckin with em
man you fuck with him and ain’t the
average rapper that you come home and
you got coming on Wilin out this is the
boy atta boy boys so I got dissing
Jayceon eyes or something like it’s
watch it watch it that’s all of us a bed
why you dissing jig fuck you every time
say the eyes say was my fiancee alright
nigga you said that the Jay nigga
Beyonce is my fiancee what you want to
do in a Yan day I put her up in the key
did nigga what and didn’t say J come to
wiling out thinking said let’s fuck out
here brother you about 5 million even
come think about your shoulder in my 10
names I come talk to y’all niggas I
gotta hear they’re good at me so yeah
and one of them boys may I keep yeah man
no millennial niggas only deal with
what’s poppin right now so negative was
say that nigga fucking was his birth
name I did the gucci mane gucci mane
gucci mane
it’s a nigga name man hello sir nigga
named gucci mane and say the gucci mane
nigga is way more puppet I mean way then
they’re way more accolades the Eminem
just because he’s popping right now
what’s that nigga named little /
listening it’s the nigga named little
punk okay they were saying that noble
any OHS would say that little pump is
shitting on him and him ain’t got the
accolades ain’t sold as many albums
ain’t got as many plaques and none of
the shit Grammys and other shit his M&M
got but just because little pump is
playing on the radio to know Millennials
be like oh he’s way more Papa fuck em em
ain’t on the radio
fuck the radio what was poppin before
how long was it bad him popping before
and then when he do drop he on the radio
like a motherfucker so let’s not act
like here on the radio with the big ass
I’m not afraid you don’t know how to
type of songs big shit so let’s not be
like stupid but people so focused on the
young people that they disrespect them
look past the old people that still
putting music out still beating they ass
so it was the old artist and I mean I
still beating the ass you know I mean
period so respect to him respect to Nick
I didn’t even think Nicholas don’t come
like that period Nick came crazy two
times in a row got killed
shit the other niggas went crazy man I
can’t wait for the response from him and
that’s all I got for the nightmare
period I’m out this motherfucker yuck
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motherfucking guy new episode of smoking
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week got Lashley coming up for the new
year no you know I mean a lot of shit
coming up for the new years man I’m out
this bitch man you have a good night man
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bye bye bye bye now

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