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Spooky Ghost appears mid video at 11 minute mark…who was it PRINCE or BADAZZ?? Whoeve it was, it was a SPIRIT #GODblessTheCHILD <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

standing alone in the world is so cool
tap-in man wiping the got prints roasted
man it out maybe fight well let the mob
get in the building right quick man
matter of fact go give me some of the
Dragons rape oh shit no shit shit pop it
on in the back I got a commercial nigga
hold on the I ain’t monetized how the
fucking commercials on my shit I don’t
know what this shit is with some shit
just went across my screen no nigga
hold on they got my my child they got a
commercial die that’s my phone my phone
tripping it’s a little too Marvin to
building a dying PICU nigga one my nigga
yeah hello sup hey what in the building
let the mob tap in man you feel me
wifey bout to get roasted she fucked up
I just better go to sleep man my man
hold on man I got a roaster ass man
y’all gonna enjoy this man we have fun
in a minute man we’ve been talking all
this political Street shit and all this
other shit man
sit committee tap-in nigga let’s have
some fun tonight nigga
hey man we got got some fun we got
smiles me smile me can you snap
can you just bad fuck me
let’s get the mob in the buildin let me
tap him with my own channel so I could
read the boy boy you know I may get the
boy boys going she was up at the live he
live yeah why my wife gets prints
roasted definitely man let’s see what
the chatroom talk about yeah we got here
your bodies on how to be sober no nigga
I’m going through that right now how to
be so I’m trying to breath it’s hard
hard out here for a pen and my thing
with that one breath oh no let let the
mob tap me and we’re gonna do a rolecall
right quick Trinidad’s happening us the
scroll down man Trinidad’s happenin
st. Paul tapping in a Brooklyn tapping
I see our niggas Mississippi tapping in
I see our niggas Boston in the building
okay Fresno on his motherfucking okay I
see you nigga Maday okay Minnesota Miami
in this bitch 305 South Carolina
I see our niggas okay that’s my about I
see the whole dad’s closet right there
yeah that’s old closet this is studio
dissing pancake baby you got me yeah
it’s crime you see the older like hello
oh I did I like have a grimy I chose I
could do all new light features all new
closet anything I chose to keep this
shit grimy period this reminds me of
being in the hood just shit keeps me
hungry my negative period niggas me like
man just do that now they keep this man
cave exactly what it is it remind me of
the hood nigga period that’s what keeps
the hunger in a nigga if everything was
all lavishing they got one be hungry I
gotta have some type of home with some
nevermind here to get old so my little
man cave I’ll keep it kind of chunky to
bribe my mind me in the hood period
facts you know me you know I’m sorry my
plaques that’s only fly shitting this
motherfucker more mother than that is
junkie than a motherfucker and a
flat-screen and there’s of course the
studio equipment everything else but I’m
an ass junkie and shit period remind me
of the gutter and I mean a struggle you
know I mean it keeps me grounded my
nigga you know I mean so you need
something to keep you grounded remind
you of what you came from away you came
from you know I mean it we you don’t
want to go back to you know czars keep
that the element you know I’m a always
been a dope element the grind that the
struggle you know always bought the best
out of me you know I mean period so you
know got out of the environment you get
the vibe going yeah yeah that I but wife
you get roasted tonight my y beloved
Prince no Frank Ocean but that’s her
favorite artist you know I mean if that
nigga was alive and she had a hallway
pass I had to give it with that nigga
Hey so no disrespect I’m kind of glad he
out of here
no this is bet there’s no disrespect you
know my white love is nigga right so we
watch your goddamn wasn’t a call man now
is a hustle when rhythm and flow not how
someone flow rhythm and flow whatever
the shit with card it’d be fucking a TI
and goddamn chance right so this a
goddamn there’s a couple little some
daisies up there likes muhfucka
so some fat couple you know a couple
fairies up there you know I mean no
disrespect man a couple fairies up there
you know I mean a couple of Peter Pan’s
up there you know I mean here’s what it
is so I’m like yo there homie always
Prince vibes you that fuck you Tom Bell
man just ain’t no breakfast and never
these motherfuckers would never be
Prince that’s it catch if you will my
stomach feel heritage from those inside
she know you’re making a fake purse they
never said touching me with my stomach I
say you shitting me
I think this is your favorite artist you
don’t know that niggas it touches you
will must so you’re gonna go cry right
yes you do the whole first day see I
tell you you say that’s it new single
cigarettes coming
hey catch if you will my stomach’s the
hell no see at each others inside us SEC
right nigga the fuck I never like that
so like this your favorite artists they
can go back down down again it’s good
anything I don’t fuck is your favorite
eyes you don’t know that exact if you
will it my stomach come on man that’s so
big earlier hey
why have you got roasted over favorite
dollars I’m sorry man just in and out
there you know they quick in and out
like a robbery Ben
allow you niggaz I know y’all niggas got
girlfriends I love you know that got
different niggas you know artists that
they love how to fuckin forget de leg
though how you learn to snigger you
forgot touches be will my stomach see
how they Chandler’s inside I said okay
let me nigga the Sun guy ass nigga me
first of all read nigga dumped vanity in
a fucking Lake Minnetonka that depicts
his swing and their mother for the pill
da burnt rub on the bitch now some
sucker shit
the nigga daddy is hella mad as pops
nigga stole all the swag who passes pops
like Bing Bing Bing Bing what’s that
I don’t have to write I don’t write
nothing down like you young punks
friends got hella mad niggas toning of
dad hold Django nigga next night perform
the shit I said that nigga stole not
only do you say Texas you will must
expel the dance song they’re gonna kill
that nigga the fuck out of here then and
then one the sock his dad negative
niggas Ella matter his dad but still
sold a song this was the second that
book I’m pulling out burning brothers on
bitches in the ladies shit come on
nigger boys day you know me hate no
boy’s day and shit ain’t no Vandy six
all types of shit Prince was the sucker
that movie man I’m sorry man here’s a
real player real light that movie it was
all types of stuff cuz nigga I don’t
exist if you anime stomach was they up
there like hey draw a column tonight bro
hey hey
two times whoa hey hey do it on time
ticket more than zero got some shit
going down god damn fatties
stay in a little motherfucker the boys
day a man prisons hang on boys day daddy
C cabal their first is a hater that
whole movie hating on this day stones
dance song come on baby that did you
really makes that big but prince is a
legend this is a roast my nigga just cuz
my wife like that nigga she got that
nigga Wilson man so you know that nigga
released I said that shit tight if you
he never said that you’re lying just see
Google the legs and fuck the home brain
up I never liked that song I bet you did
I was a singer like this is Bobby there
I meet people out there got a
significant other okay see boom boy down
bro won’t I bolonia okay Apollonia
negative 86 it was 96 in there daddy six
naked I was Apollonia vanity six that
thing 100 and vanity six that effects
knew that it was a first evils no it’s
you say you’re feeling hey that was
hella gay Jackie moon is that thunder
gone though this whole or yeah a nigga
started nigga dad whole shit no no good
I’m rolling no just check it out what
Jeff said they just wanted tap here and
they got niggas no yeah what yeah girl
got a favorite motherfucker brothers
entertainer you know me whatever is like
I like this guy yeah bitch just keep it
that day no deals no none of that then
prints out of here man no disrespect
what’s a piece of the King you know I
mean hey yeah
to be precise out here this to know that
they’re gonna like and what did this
shit on my screen right here man did you
see this shit I don’t know what that is
but that was a wow that was pretty
prints popped up the lake a minnetonka
then you see that they do this seriously
popped on my screen but I just see this
tree pop to the top of my screen my
nigga y’all crazy
that’s the whole thing they said that’s
the Holy Ghost man you just see that
shit we gotta get that going again
was that the we smoke naw nigga what was
that man did I just catch that shit on
my screen that’s just a foo foo foo foo
I think Prince’s in the building nigut
that nigga is in the building
what a prince my bag nigga got a damn
bright summons you I tried to do a
seance nigga I say Trump on the side to
me times you know I could say Candyman
three times you say trouble inside like
eight times the principal pop up
hey how can you leave me standing what
the fuck was that at the top of my
screen money I might weaken away but
nigga what the fuck was that but I
thought it was a ghost in them in the
camera how my mama but did you see that
shit ma’am
Prince captain we summon Prince my nigga
we do the say I said nigga tap this it
touch a few little in my stomach
where’s the k2 on our ass bear oh no the
fuck is going on with my light up here
this is crazy
baby that was a crazy shit man I want no
special effects this is live looking
that’s he came through like what the
fuck was that that was a wild shiver
birthday young bump is the Uncle Tom
your mom Uncle Tom nigga you got a nod
y’all had a haters on his motherfucker
I fuck with the love though you dick no
Frank Ocean
you’re not tweaking that was energy and
peace trunk nigga said yes my house is
miss so – ok
Jackson energy I saw it
niggas a prince made pancakes yo I saw
that shit that shit was like like it was
about to come get me a some nigga I’m
about to do a motherfucking sage around
this house I kind of go save the house
money what the fuck was that I want to
rewind if I can rewind this shit man
hello man it’s great I can’t rewind I
was wild they got was spooky on that
note I’m out this motherfucker I just
hunted the whole house with that
motherfucker man
motherfuck God but recipes badass you
know my nigga badass probably in this
motherfucker too man so he probably
making this round so recipes badass but
I was the spiritual shit right there
I’ve seen that nigga that was some
and it’s like the uncontrollable weed
smoke I didn’t had any mmm this weed
smoke right here that should stay right
there like on some other shit like it
was some crazy weed smoke way hmm there
go weed smoke this is out here let me
see I just bounced there get that weed
smoke to stay right there at the top in
this light and it like Oh some other
shit niggas oh yeah god is good
I’m a spiritual do and that should let
you know God is real did you just see
that shit French man salute to you but
or just jokes but you have to come
through when this motherfucking live and
they touch it feel it myself
nigga so came to us come home I’d just
fuck with gel on the late night tap in
Maine and won’t shit man like the guy
get roasted oh she got get these dopes
she didn’t know the nigga said that nerd
you know what else poppin
I don’t know what the fuck that was it
felt like poltergeist I don’t know what
it was but I seen that shit I thought we
just we smoke I’m like this shit is not
moving it is damn hey that was some wild
shit some in this video right now so we
can remind and see if that shit was just
effect of that shit was some wild shit
man that was a motorcycle
hey sage time say some man look check
this out that’s the yacht to Oracle in
the Bay Area you know I made renewing or
Tony Tony Tony fucking uh invoke the low
knees there’s the underground MC Hammer
it’s gonna be a bald man this is gonna
be lit man a day before Thanksgiving
Mary buddy tapping at the Oracle theater
I mean Oracle Arena Oakland California
ultimate Bay Area then pull up show up
and show out man don’t do it you’re
no episodes smoke like radio dropping
tomorrow we go in I mean we go crazy on
this motherfucking episode hey I’m gonna
love this one man we turned it up a
little you did and that’s funny but it’s
real than a motherfucker man and I think
niggas been waiting for that that will
you know I mean a lot of people don’t
like to laugh motherfuckers wanna know
the real so this is a real last episode
man um check it out and be up there
tomorrow you know I mean you up might
see me subscribe to your guy in there I
always feel like somebody’s watching me
a ghost and his motherfucker man fresh
out the Halloween me out this bitch they
subscribe to you guy it’s bigger than
that but I do this shit for y’all man
the least I can do is just subscribe to
your guy like the shit notification
button the shit that’s all I’m on okay
no no no mind if I taste money I don’t
get no money to do this shit at all
period at all anybody else get money and
stay job this is a shit I do this be out
for the fans you know I mean entertain
you how to bring you out closer to my
personality my endeavors and
shit I got going so to show me that
child support me you know I mean and I
gotta do no donations none of that shit
like/subscribe Oh they’ve got
notification bill that showed me that
sure I rock with me I got my smoke a lot
fo teen smoke a lot folks in K I’m
trying good at the smoke a lot fifteen
smoke about 20k smoke a lot of Hunter K
right now we got smoke without protein
so I’m rockin with my smoke a lot full
team and I’d do this for y’all bro
period no check no none of that should
already got a check your dig yeah I
y’all Lygia y’all have fun my phone we
don’t write I got the nation of
committee we get busy
yeah bitch show me some love bro cuz I
do this shit out the love straight up
man so I’m out this bitch yeah my TV man
and somebody go tell my wife man how can
you feel my stomach she didn’t know that
lyric was in there I’m sorry I love you
baby but yeah that can’t be your
favorite artist of you to know that
lyric and I nigga just hunted meat so so
I’m out this motherfucker right now yeah

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