Yukmouth TV | Loaded Luv vs AYE Verb Battle REACTION + MORE!! SPEAK ON IT!! Interactive LIVE CHAT


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

nation was happening the kid and the
motherfucking building me you have mouth
TV subscribed to your motherfucking God
man’s gonna let the motherfucking nation
getting a building the committee getting
to build it see where he buddy tapping
in on a late night it’s a late night one
just caught that guy damn low the loves
most aber goddamn battle see it in the
background over here but I don’t know if
you can see it but damn motherfucker
whoa shit that goddamn loaded Lux whoa
we will talk about it may speak on the
internet interactive my check white
chocolate with charm let the mob get in
the building you know I mean so we could
really chop but it’s late night yeah I
mean this vampire bad like Jim Jones
type shit you know I’m a vampire on my
vampire niggas fresh out the club they
leaving the club going home you know I
mean niggas just getting home you know I
mean drunk as fuck
get that mean still buzzed can’t go to
sleep tap-in you got it that man mmm-hmm
that new goddamn ax chopping a volcano
speaking of tapping in uh tapping in
with Kato did a interview with King
shine you know I mean dope ass interview
man um went deep about you know this
battle rap career you know I mean highs
and lows you know I’m a dumb don’t check
it out man smoke
yup mouth TV smoke a lot radio yeah man
I assisted him in the interview you know
I made a lot of money but whose life no
I think it was one motherfucking a con
man was like damn man let Kato ask some
questions man check this out man I
hooked up that interview man you know I
mean I was really supposed people smoke
a lot radio but we’re trying to kick off
Kato show so I’m like you know we only
run Kato shows on the run you know I
made period but Kato show we pull up on
you know I mean smoke a lot radio you
gotta come to us know me so whenever we
got to pull up we’re making a tapping
and Kato so we had to pull up on Kay
shine so we made it a tapping and
volcano volcano don’t know too much
about battleground like I do
so I assisting them and and of
you you know I mean so I’ve been asked
to do some real places because I know a
lot about this battle rat shit
I’m a period so Cato he was asking his
questions too but he ain’t really you
know I mean he know about it but he
don’t know all the history you know I
mean so I have to especially on K shine
so I have to just you know help them in
the system you know I mean make sure
that an interview was classy you know I
mean it was dope maybe I go check it out
though bass in the people cash are we is
that the BT Awards pre BT Awards you
know I mean was on a rooftop of shit
downtown LA you see the eye Beyonc
you know I mean we try to take this uh
this content shit to another level you
know I mean still not monetize on to the
fuck you know I mean this when I do for
my fans man extra shit man you did call
them fans will support me I mean at
least I could do is give something back
you got it’s entertainment man just
motherfucker subscribe to get god man
I’ll be good that’d be real straight up
with the mics all that shit man
notification buzz anything that’s not
last man my smoking our chain we’re by
the game over that 15 get out me 16 17
18 we try to get to smoke like that
honey you know me right now we’re
smoking out 14 you did we don’t keep
that shit lit up please share anybody
that tapped in I actually took the
subscribers from two thousand scribers
in February to 14,000 right now man so
some salute to y’all for tapping in a
really fuckin with me man scribe and I’m
really fuckin with the kid man let me
see what’s up with the nation in the
committee dog you know I’m in Milwaukie
tapping in uh-huh nine to five tapping
in like I said I just don’t sleep say
hello from Tulsa Oklahoma I see your
nigga our legs happenin lazy I see you
but Cynthia Z I see you boy
yeah that boy handle verse that rusty
loves handover back to it factory we
don’t speak going st. Paul they’re my
niggas I’m st. Paul always in the
building and I appreciate y’all support
man my nigga actually just talked to
Damji man like a
two days ago mr. Dinsey gave me a
shout-out man so setting up my nigga dmg
ma’am I rap a lot homeboy man you know
we do this shit man all out of my shit
you didn’t stayed up see what else
popping with the nation Saint Paul the
male born I spill ya night the mics in
the building solido
always dharma the motherfucking building
I see your nigga that makes it verb
killed loves to one thinking what batter
was you watched name one quotable beside
nigga super dude nigga stay with me we
go we go go into that later I’m doing a
tap here right now let’s see way bites
happen ear that babies tapping in vivo
those bigger Amsterdam yeah good Weed
I love Amsterdam that’s one of my
favorite spots to go to overseas man
after death even when I’m dissing
Germany I make sure we go in Amsterdam
after that period factoid that’s part of
the trick
like a weekend going Amsterdam but then
continue to tour name period the other
that man okay man let’s go in there we
got nice amount of people in the
building I’m really fuck with it man um
how y’all feel about the battle hey Bert
verse noted loves man um y’all tell me
when y’all thought one this is the
interactive live chat and I’m gonna go
off with job bakeware period one dude
said a verb to one hi I feel that was
his best life facts I don’t know man um
a firm to me his best line was uh was a
shit well oh you you you the rule to the
coaching Tim bark out your son sure the
tree bark out chin some shit like that
you said you turn a bark out a nigga dad
was the line nigga double down save on
the favor blinder tonight hey Ted a park
out an egg oh that one you say you the
buff fucking rule i Ted a bark out a
nigga down not verbatim with something
like that you know I mean I’m you know
try remember – shit
I got shit written down like other
people who really do this rattin we
actually break down they got the
reliance written down and shit they know
exactly what Anika said I mean I gotta
remember this shit like I remember raps
but I remember ki shit I know what the
fuck ever I’m sick I mean I know what
the fuck
got damn lonely lovesick that’s all I
know Hey Baby Center good one brick the
treat rip the bark on and then he said
some other shit what’d he say uh didn’t
nigga say down that was one of the ones
I that stuck with me but that got damn
low deluxe my favorite night of the
whole battle even though he was cooking
a nigger the whole shit
oh no let’s see what you I gotta say say
let’s third round was trash yeah it kind
of it kind of failed but now that third
round nigga that’s my favorite lon nigga
third round II think they treating it a
trick daddy daddy because it Trina you
can’t you’re dead trans my ass that
third room had to treatment you can’t
trick daddy nigga top of the line of the
battle ding oh no he said he said yeah
baby huh oh oh that was the one that was
the one that was the one you right it
might be sheltered America upon Omega
that was a line of the night you
absolutely right you’re right my bag but
that was my fate to trick daddy
Trini contra daddy but then it might be
so bad but not
follow me that was the line of tonight
was that longer tonight you fucked him
over down when you have some little be
right me fuck bill up with that one but
that’s some time at the Apollo Brian was
made he’s shitting on now name the a per
punch lines like okay he had this snack
to bark how to nigga or whatever I’m
trying to think of some more you know me
cuz I just watched it yeah so my memory
could be fresh it’s like I know Rick
down but let me see okay and see on the
lake tack there what about uh okay we’ll
talk about that that backflip oh no he
said the backflip verb mom was crazy
it wasn’t accountable it was crazy but
this is about the quantum bowls that hey
buddy remember man that nigga said uh
what that niggas it may be talking oh
that’s Mac just you just bring ass back
up analyzed in its looks you like that
like hold on because you know let’s
start at the lion’s den and all the
niggas in a lie damn that’s what you’ve
seen Birdman shit are you doing outside
my rap is this shit man shit Midwest
yeah fuck it up
spend a good name miles yeah miles out
there you had argue this shit but all
that shit really you know I mean of
course smack started it with the DVDs
but that was like the older you know I
mean of murder moves loves you know our
main party all these old him to new
came to the – damn that’s what you’ve
seen arsenal that’s what you sing a ver
that’s what you see
goddamn k shine yeah I mean
new niggas that’s what you saying uh
fuckin uh shot eclipse that’s what you
sing motherfucking had ice you die on me
all new niggas but that wasn’t honest
mac DVD you know I mean so yeah he was
talking all that smack to bring your ass
back up in that lion’s den yeah cuz bird
never rapped he was just a host he’s the
host of this shit he never rapped
against niggas you talking all this
smack bring us back up in the lion’s den
nigga I don’t know I think bird cooked
the shit out that nigga breath period
that boy up I mean I’ve heard but Lux
Lux Lux I’m be I’ll be fucking on my I
think let’s cook them but bird far far
back get 103 old I think it was like a
2-1 that last round you could damn there
get it you know I mean that last round
was shaky because he didn’t have a
couple months but I think it’s a 2-1 Lux
you not me to my left sub L you know
they said I love you Sydney battle right
man I don’t do poetry man that’s what
niggas that do poetry i her poetry nigga
I never went to poetry class level wrote
poetry alright boss poetry is different
from writing boss my niggas it’s tricky
is longer it’s like the line and I don’t
have one or two to three the flow that
should his own some other tricky offbeat
shit you know I mean you’re talking and
then you know Ryan will come out to blue
you know I mean you’re talking another
one but come out the blue no I ain’t
about to be talking and shitting
but lots of fine this shit then here go
around there for life spy again and did
another round come I’m not a poet
I got shit doing so that’s the good news
to do poetry man like you know I need
period straight-up spoken word gangster
spoken word my nigga that’s gangsta
smoking why don’t do that I don’t do
that shit but my bad
too complex for most people
yeah love selling complex right he was
saying so much shit like it was like
every goddamn bar light out all the
loves battles this is the only system
the one I got the most cuz it should be
so tricky I caught everything on this
one he made it real clear on this one he
didn’t do it extra so tricky that you
had to go look at the battle eight times
he went straight to that motherfucker
period so this would have loves best
battles out there period to me you know
I mean out of all this shit like it take
a long time and it’s a lot it’s real
tricky to get to it he got straight to
it and it was tricky with it like he
always do he oughta do the trick you
shit but his punchlines hit a little
different they had a little different
it’s time my nigga for real
I caught everything this time I don’t
know what somebody told him you’d be
talking but make it they slow it down
and let it hit you know I mean quit
talking on it astronomical shit and just
get straight to it state to a new theory
so you do still with something you go to
sleep every night you wake up
man check this out man well you’re a
rapper you’re gonna sleep at 5:00 6:00
in the morning sleep all day nigga the 5
o’clock in the afternoon in the evening
and go about your night you know go to
studio you know me go to a show go you
know me go go do your rap career make
your money and go back to sleep again at
3 4 o’clock in the morning wake up at 5
o’clock in the evening go get your bag
again so that’s the rap schedule we
don’t got a 9:00 to 5:00 when you got to
wake up at 8:00 you’re plus the clock
break you know mainly you know we own
ourselves – oh yeah yeah rap niggas is
up doing shows the shins like 2:30 and
shit fo Dennett 3 think it’s going to
the you know I mean after parties and
shit you know I mean all types of shit
right now going down far as a rap career
so we up in these hours you know I mean
I’m used to being up right now theory
straight up so this is this frat house
rat nigga hours niggas is either in the
studio leaving them up up your show
leavin a concert going to some other
shit after-party some big shit niggas
some school subject been just read ours
you did you said K gang both going he’s
gonna be late
hey man I’m ok gang they can shout out
my fuckin say right say right ain’t
playin with these niggas man period back
do it back the way man but uh how y’all
feel yeah I think one chase that bread
happy what do you say kick that bitch
chased up for that oh no man y’all close
to home
nigger like that look on me phone bye
bye chase the bridge oh yeah actually
right on my face okay
boom nineties baby surfers read down
this announcement whoa yeah definitely
seen that circle read out as me that’s
gonna be a dope that’s going to be a
dough I think we dollars is back period
that nigga coming back with a vengeance
I think this last few battles bit here
buggery dollars this is big-time up with
his own torch of mondo what the fuck was
I think put some fluid in his business
on turbo you know you could load the
fluid at the bottom the fluid that
bitches up my nigga going on here
smoking that TKO dumbass TKO you know I
mean guys co guys going nothing brother
period TKO burning it down the war
winner you know I mean we just swept the
goddamn clinch that TKO second-place
best hi best indica my shit y’all know
pulled out of number one a hybrid yeah
nigga said I know watch eyebrows make it
crazy let’s check it out what chest and
yardage a stone edge a stone out of
ms-dos fuck man we just did up go to go
mo fucking smoke radio we did a
motherfucking gasser the thrashing man
on the whole shit we did a real gas in
the trash and ok Jesse Stone album me
personally I said Oh best album man
don’t pass out shout out to all money in
for just keeping it the same temperature
like how they have four nipple like that
was a highly produced album I think J
Stone album was a highly produced album
that man got Snoop Dogg sharing my while
a Casanova shit
I think currency he got everybody on
there motherfucker minutes so highly
produced album here so salute all money
and they did it with that one straight
up straight the fuck up
yeah but yeah I think the only lessons
in where perform tonight for me and
that’s a night but on that battle rare
form man that was loaded loves and his
finest man appeared to me cuz I
understood everything he said they’d be
treated you got some tricky shit you’d
be like Iowa it sounded like a lot of
filler this time it wasn’t no filler to
me I felt like I felt every bar like I
think it was going crazy and he made
sure you felt it because he ended it
with that guy ah nigga stick nigga say I
think but he took the sheet took some
shit from uh from fucking bill collected
because when bill collect it was a
bounding of what’s my nigga name man
nigga with the glasses uh Davis I think
it was this was it I don’t know I think
you would anyway I liked you better when
you was a fat nigger nigger loves is
like I liked it better with the perm
there’s no better fat niggas bill
collectors like I like you better as a
fat nigger hey you better as a fat
nigger away URL it wasn’t uh RBE it was
that one where they grab with the beat
on they wrapped with the music on a
rapper with the music on like two
instrumentals and shit I don’t know what
it’s called but he like I like you
better as a fat nigga you was he snack
nigga Rick Ross with the snacks like he
was going crazy but it’s another league
where they wrap some music with music in
the background
marble water war zone is active every
war zone they can go check that out man
but bill did it who was here at but
against Dennis right what’s the nickname
Dennis Oh bill bill don’t be smug man
better watch my bill man I think bill
gave uh even though t-rex murdered
murdered him I mean uh not murdered him
but skin of his teeth
it was like an even batter I could say
that was a tire did they both went crazy
t-rex went crazy and that nigga went
crazy breath so I think that I was more
of a tired battle to me if anything
father is uh fucking bill collector
versa t-rex but that was a good battle
the niggas look crazy on these other
period back the way they’ll collect
gonna come back that’s one of our
favorite rap niggas ooh I mean battle
rap niggas too cuz he’s funny
I like the funny niggas man the niggas
like the nigger that got to calm me what
they shit as funnies fuck period that
like no I go hold your nigga daylight
daylight is still dope
with the deaq even though the theatrics
was kind of crazy he’s still a dope ass
wrap up a rock with daylight shit he
dope you know I mean but audit I felt a
nigga shit no to be shit on the stage
the hell this shit he went to the queen
of the ring and did you know yoked out
his joint
you know me knows oh yeah I don’t know
what he doing man allegedly but uh yeah
he didn’t like the actions that was that
I took away from the niggas pay
attention to him really gasps you know I
mean so salute the daylight we need
daylight to come back to gas and shit no
no theatrics this that motherfucking ski
masks we used to put the steam ass home
that’s how we need my nigga all this
shit came as a slave he’s kidding
the cameras hell is she
look at daylight though man we Adam
gonna smoke a lot radio you’re not me
real nigga you know you saying eg first
round was right was crazy
somebody said that we have when we just
did this interview with a Keysha man
hey Kent shot was wrong for letting me
fuck up Danny Meyer’s name man I said
Dave Myers okay shines like that shit I
say yeah man – one day my son may be
West Coast you know at me
West goes they say eg Gotti and I mean I
was talking about my name is from
Arizona man motherfucking a Romney I
thought about his battle with Romney
tear that niggas like get you got in
cookie but that’s the only man till he
name like get you Gotti and Nick you
know I mean period after our neighbor I
hear them too niggas is he gasps –
leaves gave my headache I don’t think it
said then go one I don’t know but yeah
they gave cakes on a headache
the interview is like man I wanna take
me serious back then was a bad one right
but once I talked to you the series the
bad guy right here got murder names now
you know get like that dough man like a
nigger throw out a wet album you know I
mean like not a wack album but not his
best effort it’s the money ain’t wrecked
you know I mean like you you’ll you’ll
get a motherfucker from your
neighborhood or something yeah and just
want to buy a album a compilation from
you you know I mean and you ain’t gonna
put your best effort like you doing yeah
I want you know I maintain this load
money he’s looking out for the homey
yeah I mean ain’t what you will get with
a label so you know uh you did so I
can’t understand him uh fucking out
putting his best foot forward when the
money ain’t right more the story you
know I mean so cash I was like nigga
Dave my Pammy Sony guy was fucking up
rounds one writing up the whole rounds
there I give a fuck because you ain’t
paying me enough once I found out what
my peers was getting
and I’m up there with them niggas I came
in with these niggas so how the fuck am
I getting this and then getting that and
I’m still in this motherfucking gassing
shit so once he said daddy got his money
right you know I mean he back after the
man so that’s what it is I’ll bend this
my nigga there you have been through
that shit to man the money ain’t right
man you you won’t get the low-sodium
diet my the money right yeah you don’t
get Godzilla pity the rough for the
money yeah ah back boys
Jerry you said okay shut up for the
interview way okay
real nigger Network
you want me to shout you out so bad but
no I don’t see a little bullshit and I’m
not even bro you’ve got like five
subscribers my nigga get your game up my
nigga don’t use us as a motherfucking
hustle break whatever you is but you got
ten subscribers my nigga
good luck no sound cute but actually I
actually like it cuz it was diet
low-sodium bullshit but you wonder man
don’t maybe we will cook your ass and
then look you hide behind your your shit
good Kenny we don’t even know how you
look but you see us on our shit every
week we don’t hurt ourselves money you
wanna mentoring that niggas that
keyboard gangsta javi how your keyboard
post everybody else shit but not post
your face and post you’re doing your
stuff how can I wrote you a few ago
smile em you ain’t never even seen you
breath how you look hey come even to the
field my nigga period and then way your
samanta tell you that you know superstar
porn star where she at man I’ll wait
nigga by yourself over there
hang on a player don’t talk down on the
play it’s raining down get baby
what pho tastes up never talk down on
the play tell you man recipes badass man
definitely met me you see you hide you
hide your glasses you see that wear
glasses and think I need this to see I
need this these are prescription you
dumbass nigga you got pictures with me
but no glasses all types of shit ain’t
no crowd my nigga just think of crazy
man you’re gonna be able to bicycle shit
you talking about glasses in here yeah
your glasses you sound like a bitch
though that’s it
byxis a late man take your last on let
me see how you really look that’s what a
woman was saying I know
nigger are you serious that real nigga
you lost already
well you’re some big shit don’t talk
about my brains next let’s talk about
breath we’ll talk about next breath fuck
out of here bro you sound like a bitch
TV man if you don’t get the fuck out
here I’ll kill you breath let’s reel the
lyrical murder I’ll go to your page pull
you up and destroy you nigga didn’t stop
it but let it stop the boy niggas a
committee in a building I wonder the
best boy yeah that’s the piece badass
him Oklahoma man good shout-out from
Oklahoma City man yeah that badass
tragedy uh we don’t speak on it tomorrow
smoke a lot radio definitely Maggie got
an update yeah I mean even though us out
there already but I don’t want to speak
on it right now I’m gonna say before the
radio show you know I mean so we could
all get into it I’m gonna go live for
the radio show so yeah I could interact
with us you know I mean so go to my I G
and I mean if you ain’t follow me right
now go to yep you know range in general
on IG follow me I’m gonna do a live for
smoke light right here tomorrow and I’ll
take questions from you I know yeah I’ve
got questions and shit you know I mean I
want to talk about you got want to speak
on answers actually I want to rely on so
I’m gonna do over live through station
tomorrow man you know I mean like shot
you smoke a lot radio we don’t talk
about shit man here you feel me you said
when we getting a video for finish flat
told this nigga gambling man he played
too much man he played too much but you
are getting a video for goddamn who made
you me who raised you niggas man that’s
coming and man gathering our release
party in Sacramento in the 29 there pull
up you feed me yeah that’s right here
I’ll smoke a lot radio tonight yeah
definitely man that’s a big home
we don’t have a few months others don’t
smoke light radio you know we just
basically uh right it is basically
trying to do us now I mean right now
maybe we don’t get the interviews in you
know I mean I don’t know I mean well we
got a surprise that addy wife will let
y’all know audit all the all the shit
you will see the model we have in a
building you know but we lining it up
but you know I’m a period goodness sure
together more entertaining foot forgot
you know me
get the fuck we got a rock with you know
I mean YouTube is a new cable
I got your mouth TV that’s my cable
channel subscribe to get motherfucking
guy he shot something out and see what’s
up yeah let’s kill tit yeah
okay shit
okay brother said JT the Bigga finger in
Africa you see the videos he posted of
course it’s a little to the bigger
finger man he that nigga made film oh
Africa he out there doing big shit man
sister Luther JT the Bigga figga man I’m
gonna tell you this about JT man always
been a hustler always been ahead of the
head of the curveball had it uh always
been ahead of the game man period
oh he’s bought money to the table always
doing shit that people weren’t thinking
about doing you know I mean like he was
the first in a baby to do his own
magazine the first in a day you know I
mean like a frisco you know I mean to do
a lot of the UH independent albums he
had like with knives and the gang you
know a couple other people jouvert now I
think and a few other dudes he was the
first to do I was like that so Jonas
awesome and always been on this house
with man Pierce a little bit Drake’s he
was bigger figure that’s my nigga if you
know get no bigger theory everybody else
give me out your polities yeah
hey so you have a faint Akashi man hey
man yeah I wait for this video man that
Devil Rays you’ve niggas man coming out
we’ll be real beefy baby we gotta shoot
a couple more things that shit don’t
shoot a couple more scenes and get it
together me but I get definitely man who
raised you niggas coming what actually
happened man you gotta break that down
man they said it conspiracy 15 years
this conspiracy your son may be home
soon 15:8 shit man loves eating ain’t
got an elbow a two-five with the elbow a
35-hour elbow your Gucci Gucci coming on
my dear princess is so bad he cried 280
so 15 180 so he probably do like 413 you
know I mean 13 little Laurel for 12
years and get out you know 12 years get
out 15 way good good good behave you
probably be out in ten nigga never know
380 all day all day my G and it’s in the
face oh yeah definitely 15 lady the fans
they were all day time they were all
this year period ain’t no fuckin fifteen
to life my nigga crazy he can get an
appeal yeah he definitely could get a
I feel that one oh dear hold over there
and are throwing up some shit right here
oh I gave him 15 with an air I never
heard of that one
oh no slowed up slow down turbo
they’re gonna nigga fits in with an
elbow fuck out of here man y’all better
post some fence on 85 oh shit okay fares
on 85 foot 80 okay but nigga city got 15
with an elbow I never heard of that one
Kenny pin charges okay he’s a kodak
black guy forty years now I’ve caught a
black facing sixty years
hey y’all things is throwing them
numbers in I gotta get facing you got
new East gun charges thirty years each
and I mean he’s trying to appeal on all
types of shit that nigga said Koenig has
got 40 years man he got shots for that
shit yet I don’t think you still going
to court I don’t know lady I got charge
but I don’t know if he you know was able
to fight it
the nigga said several forty years then
they could call down black ain’t serving
nothing but what he’s serving right now
so a couple new gun charges came that
has a maximum time of thirty years each
who’s to say he’s gonna get that TR
cases all the guns he had at thirty
type of sentences to letting out of here
so yes I was is and shit like all types
of military issue shit 30 years east
gonna go think I got it here and you
know Crimestoppers so you never know you
never know you never know man he said
they trying to bury Kodak black I ain’t
even a fan like that but they trying to
do their do do dirty
mmm-hmm you did itself dirty right right
come on my nigger like my thing is this
with rapper breath well I get millions
of dollars and did try to prove you the
illest on the data in the neighborhood
after that like you supposed to prove
that shit before you got a million
dollars Foley Messiah to a record label
before you even started doing this back
shit you’re supposed to do all that
ruthless done battle shit in your
neighborhood dick
don’t wait till you become a successful
multi-million dollar rapper and start
doing hood shit because niggas you
famous it thing’s gonna have you in the
hood cuz you got money you want to be
gangster now like nah that ain’t kodak
you better you’ve been doing shit since
alone there you gotta cases since he was
a little nigga not saying now talking
about all you other rappers that got
millions of dollars ain’t never been a
blood and equipping yeah the whole
wait till you you know moon la a movie
you know Chicago whatever you know I
mean become you know affiliated gangs
New York affiliated with gay
when you’ve never was raised in a game
why been so late in the game we did that
shit not me but I assume la niggas did
that shit when they was young and they
bang it as they oh ain’t trying to make
the strikes a guy ok when it was little
niggas they was knocking shit down I
soon when I was young and there got a
little old it was knocking shit down and
then come down and pass the baton to the
other knees Sunday so og niggas in LA
ain’t still on the Block trying to shoot
niggas up they went to Vietnam and
surviving a Kenny back with Purple
Hearts and 5 motherfuckers stars a
mother forget you know that means
strikes and stars they they came back
period survived lived we fuck with
niggas only passed 18th they survived
period hey hey I knew that she know mama
but the young niggas you know I mean
right niggas hey my street name Street
niggas trying to square up all my Sweden
oh my Street niggas man doing so much
like I love all types of shit working
this shit with benefits and health
benefits up get over health insurance
dental insurance they got all my niggas
on that tight right now the same done
dollars that was in the street so would
that be insane if you see the old geezo
kingpins working and getting benefits
and you know I mean it tax returns and
shit shit that they never did they gonna
blackball but kilos and panels and all
the shit they could ever move it goes to
that and a night ending my nigga and let
you know that this Street shit is it’s
cool but the illness down baddest is
it’s trying to get a motherfucking
pinching their you trying to get them up
with overtime it playing you know turn
ahead I’m up I’ll get out forward
what is the car that’s I don’t know what
it’s called for walking on
them shits go check out all that shit
gonna get that from the streets okay get
it from the streets maybe get shiny
streets thing you got pay your hospital
bill so bad negative
nope niggas get wise to switch up you
know I’m in period no disrespect to the
streets but right now good luck that’s
on the segment right now good luck cause
there ain’t no rules everybody’s a
renegade ain’t no coal you know I mean
it’s loyalty a viable today block
definitely but it ain’t no Coke so doing
die you know I mean can we be killed
survival to finish man so good luck here
your best friend a knocking down right
now still love jack what else I want to
talk about okay it’s a car for 1k yeah
no facts just three thing got no 401k
facts so you know I don’t have time to
I’ll be fucking up sometime you know I’m
talking about
we said for block they their own they
said what a super chat but ain’t got no
mush in amount of time bro Hank I know
super cheddar I got no that shit money
time I can do this shit for y’all to get
really you know I mean tap in with the
fans with the audience you know I mean
you might not even be a fan of my music
but love how I go in on this
motherfucking YouTube you fill me on my
lives I stopped doing it on IG because
uh you know I’ve been okay that
disclaimer I come dis nobody I want
people to share my music make shit up
videos and shit but the hate was so real
that you got motherfuckers dad you know
I mean that you everybody got their own
shit going you know I mean so muhfucka
see you doing your thing you do some
numbers in their report oh shit
so this is what’s going down so I go
straight to YouTube mother King you know
me they can’t cuz when you record on IG
you got to save it now baby porch oh
shit why you recording you can’t save it
so I did all this talking and flossing
and giving it as gaming you know I mean
we chatting and fucking with it with the
fans and everybody 4-month look at this
chop it like it never happened
slow down turbo ain’t doing any mo so I
want you to you know I mean not you know
I mean like a nigga got trying to get a
check cuz I hate too much these things
ain’t too much on IG something right
here don’t my lives I do my podcast all
the other shit and that’s something you
did so that’s why I want you to but I
have to get a check I don’t give a fuck
about that I’m here to entertain my
audience you know me check in with new
audiences people who never heard about
me good I mean people fuck with me get
out of me no Frank Ocean far as
musically and you don’t want to get to
know a motherfucker personality how
nigga kicking out nigga chill nigga burn
it down you know I’m er nigga talk that
shit man
dude you know so just bring me closer to
my audience
I mean no matter what it was rap
podcasts whatever it may be
now I’m either just shootin the shit man
fuck with me yeah boy no Franco see how
low we be in this bout fuckin a right
so 45 okay
yeah brush city 40 is the perfect
example what to do perfect example of
longevity he forty is a perfect example
of longevity and peaceful vibes like the
only one phony I beat two times and this
is what the illest niggas in Nebraska
beat he had to respond to that he had to
respond a biggie biggie says some that
he didn’t like D 40s and or whatever he
had to respond attacked and he really
responded to that allegedly but I was
dead you know I mean it was fine that he
got active you know I mean it got
resolved yeah I mean recipes biggie
you know why she Wallis when he did this
song that’s the only thing he ever made
a diss song about no Vaseline man what
about Branca hanging bitches man when he
went on a ride she bothers me that
motherfucker was crazy to beat the hook
party went crazy that’s one of the
dopest diss songs too nigga back to it
your phony animal a happy belated
birthday to the big home it’s super
thick is past you say don’t bring your
beer bro you’re absolutely right it’s
trying to get another one time get a new
blood baba so quick so easy man that
beat killed that motherfucker nigga what
phony murdered that bitch FOD killed
that this song nigger
but I went that put the flame to the
fire get higher up set out to the
committee of the nation in the building
I see y’all nigga
bang bang not a gay I see you boy 40
made a nice look not a game when it’s
nice yeah managed to lose the 40 that
bang bang on the gang is nice I got an
anthem there now he’s gonna have an
anthem we had a regular anthem nigger
salute to us the Moonies days yeah we
made official Raider anthem and a bow
teammates at nine a Hampton not a game
paint baby not again
bang bang not again bang bang not again
bang bang not again yeah fuck would it I
met at that but imma fuck out shake them
I’m afraid operator break their legs in
the Vegas play yeah yeah yeah
it’s a little faux-tina acid niacin but
we got the highest one for Oakland I
tell you that Jack don’t even try to
make waiter songs we might avoid
something that was pure bullshit though
my dear ain’t gonna be mad no made the
beat no thought of the shit hook all
that shit I never felt the song for the
beginning it took me how along and write
that verse man definitely thrown against
video you know sometimes you come to
them you never hit a home run all the
time man he sometimes hit a base is some
time to strike out I was a pure
strike one they ain’t played that
Warriors solo not one way again but that
writer they fucking that writer though
no now this idea he made all that shit I
just rapped on him man I ain’t do that
and that was that nigga that’s for his
album he made it for the mone shit I was
hey right let me go say yeah we just put
it down for the West and coincidentally
they just end up in Vegas my nigga who
thought that your fucking voice is gone
I mean not the boys birthday boy take
either a but who thought the Ravens
gonna end up in fuckin Vegas mind
they’re gonna real it is right we’re
gonna predict it it is run from the beta
I’m a raid raid lady Las Vegas because
it Ron but also you got Raiders and LA
in Vegas that drive to the bay that one
when I was in LA I was driving a leg
niggas from Oakland niggas women Vegas
everybody coming in still there so even
though they I talked to all my Bay Area
News they all driving to the
motherfucking Vegas when I had no season
start on that noodle Stadium period so
the Raiders leaf the sides of 49ers with
the Joe Montana shit going with the
eldership in the West Coast in the 80s
and the 70s was the evolution on the
west coast Fonda loved football team
killing shit the top two teams
pierre-pierre bananas was killing it
right after Joe Montana left the fucking
Raider start murdering them and before
that so yeah there’s a dairy teams in
the Raiders is the only team that went
from LA to the Bay LA to the bay like
down there twice they did that shit
twice like both of the big comeback to
the baby go to LA come back today did
that shit twice now niggas going to
Vegas so no team has moved like the
motherfucking Raiders
in the NFL at all nigga don’t know
England Patriots I has never been the
motherfucking New Jersey Patriots
Pennsylvania Patriots the motherfucking
uh the Detroit Patriots none of that
shit man like the writers we’ve been a
Monopoly board man period facts but
that’s what make us a legendary chain
because we plan I see it everywhere
around his motherfucker I still live
don’t keep your leg
you know like knocked a pin with the kid
man I’m gonna get the fuck up out this
motherfucker man
my gosh it do ya Vegas dope I’ve seen
that Stadium that stadium getting built
it’s a motherfucker man
yeah and birthday do your damn thing
when I have a Chino was a classic good
shit by nigga 90s baby hell yeah I’ll
fuck would I see you brother to all
money mo fucking insignia you know me
know that 49er song is dope very yeah
another song is dope yeah man I ever
smoked a lot ready on my fucking dudes
little soapbox radio-cana
you know I mean um shut out some doggy
doctor diamonds man a lot of people
thinking that he’ll when that uh my
hip-hop people in shit you know about
the podcast and shit
um it’s on my damn – motor story man um
dang got his nerve to call everybody a
coach about you you you call me Lee or a
culture vulture but she linking up with
no jumper we’ve got a huge platform like
the lad TV because of their platform
because of the numbers they doing
hook up with him to do your numbers so
are you a culture vulture name
– you know you got she looking suspect
you know me now we know Dane – is a bust
no no disrespect to him but it make you
a suspect and then look where you go
look the nigga that you call the culture
vulture runs this shit
so you’re on YouTube trying to get your
shake on and the nigga that you call the
culture vulture Leora runs this shit now
as the world turns my god damn you to
become father fucking I think Leo did
that on purpose because he’s seen things
going to youtube he said he couldn’t be
at 300 he could be had all these epics
and all these other regulators want to
play you want to play watch this cause
of both of my ass watch this your own
type of regulations and rules but you
can’t say niggas content as hell in
there right now
child shit whatever the kid shit going
down you can’t say now one letter in the
alphabet by word
you can’t cuss like that’s how this shit
go down with YouTube Nagamani time I’m
glad I’m gonna fuck about get mine sighs
okay I do this for my hottie insert a
favorite child
y’all rock with me but uh they’re niggas
a lot of times they live off this shit
right I respect y’all because y’all
gonna be able to sit up all day and make
youtube videos man you gotta be making a
shit all the money to pay your bills cuz
you ain’t working a nine-to-five you
actual whatever you act and you make a
YouTube shit all day cartoon all day you
get a check from that so I can
understand you you know having a
grievance you know I mean with the
checks being lower shit ain’t being
monetized instead of turn some people
channel got deleted like some of the big
boys things I got a million subscribers
when the big boys got home channel got
to leave
for nothing so I think you two as they
paid a lot of money to people they
finally realized that not naked I need
to be paying us I think YouTube is gonna
come with a fee a monthly fee
cheap and have a YouTube channel that’s
gonna be the new one
mark my words meant to even subscribe
and having your own channel you’re gonna
have to pay a monthly fee because they
dish I mean even though they making the
money off the shit you know I mean just
keeping the audience or whatever the
viewership whatever I hope they make the
analytic money I don’t know that bus
down but they’re gonna start charging
you niggas I have a channel mark my
that’s the next phase the first phase
you can’t say this you can’t say that
you better not say this thing you’re not
monetize the next phase me you got a
paint whoop a month to have a fucking
channel watch this shit I’m sorry that’s
a warm-up in my package thing creators
about the lead you tuned cuz it’s a
child the challenge yeah nobody made a
channel for me nobody like make this
shit for kids man so that’s the easy
thing you know I mean yes or no ain’t
nothing man make motherfucker but it’s
other shit now I mean shit this in
between the blue define I mean you can’t
do nothing my you better not say the G
word you better not say the n-word the D
word any alphabet people work man Peter
you said I say none actually you’re
gonna say no racial shit no
motherfucking political shit you better
not say nothing at you ain’t my time bro
you ain’t monetized any monetize at all
you better have a motherfucking show
with you just wouldn’t fucking Legos
but I was showing you just cooking it
mostly email for the crab legs and shit
all day and not doing nothing but eating
crab Nathan that’s good it shit like
that going way
well shit that’s really pushing the line
good luck my G they don’t even want you
to cuss them on his mother
maybe all this shit I’m doing right now
motherfucker you see like storm let’s
shout out the star watch him up we’re
gonna start my nigga hey watch your
language like whoa you too man you can’t
even cuss on this money no mo period so
they make it real crazy for YouTube
creators man baby good luck Chuck I
don’t get a check off his mother I don’t
give a fuck no they got my channel what
we’re gonna tap in with my people
oh cool get it that’s all just like
another you know I mean way to promote
my brand you know straight up it is
speeding up promoting the brand man um I
do this shit out my own pocket right
dude without being monetized and I’m
gonna check so this is strictly for ya I
gotta pay for camera man anything
artwork all the shit there period just
the yeah I give it to ya more period for
the 399 minutes though like I say don’t
try to do it just subscribe so you got
hit the notification hit the light
that’s on the wall don’t get no more the
story is oh yeah niggas got
motherfucking people behind them they’re
got niggas behind of man niggas that
shooting shit on a phone things as soon
super big computer layouts these news
got financial names behind them but
Terry that’s putting up that money for
them to do this stuff that’s why you see
niggas whole shit changed once I got
that YouTube shit is real professional
they got professionals behind him he’s
getting cashed out things got bags
behind me I got my own bag behind me my
independent I’m a when it come right you
know i magnin see there gonna be a
partnership I ain’t gonna let no nigga
put a bag on me and take all my money
take all my monetized money maybe
because you’re gonna pay for the
equipment oh cool Danny but I got
favorite motherfuckers
you got some money behind you better
believe it and can’t knock the hustle
right mad at that I’m just letting you
oh fuck I put my own money up to
entertain y’all bro dear you don’t know
their best to get this to you just know
that man I’ll go whenever I want to go
you see it’s motherfucking 3:00 in the
morning 3:30 I’m going maybe that part
I’ll go when I want to go need hey I
don’t get these lines every day I gotta
go every day cuz I ain’t monetize I
don’t get shit niggas this money time
I’m gonna go every day every day
probably like four five times a day
hey can I get a check they don’t pay
their bills money it’s just for me to
tap in with childminding my bills paid I
think I never have I got no podcaster
and he said my bills paid me Gucci big
big I do this a champion with Chang I’ll
fuck with child and I know what I’m out
this motherfucker man your mouth TV
scrap to get guy get smoking out radio
tomorrow the visual won’t post on Friday
and keeping this shit lit and uh in the
meantime between time go check out that
new tapping in with Kate okay shine
interview he goes in case I’m talking
shit nice interview assisted by the kid
that didn’t I said I saw swagger for
that logo but that lingo the kid that
did I got that from me
I get props now you niggas don’t get
promises will you get shit from TV but
uh Scotty you got a smokin already oh
come tomorrow we’re gonna go live from
the station man tap-in man on ya talkin

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