Yukmouth TV | Kid Rock vs Oprah, SPEAK ON IT!!!! Interactive LIVE CHAT


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yeah yuck mouth TV speak on it
interactive live check check in with
John fuck with Jacque CI opinions on
shit we’re bout to go in on Chris Rock
mate I need the city committee to tap
the fuck in they came up to see keep
happening but let everybody get up in
this motherfucker make that we going in
me Chris Rock bring us to the podium but
it’s goddamn holy water you did the
motherfucker execute them demons out
you’ll hate a snigger straight up man
what we need to perform an exorcism the
demons that somebody boy
we guys to the podium would sprinkle
Iseman just hope you want it make you
feel me Chris motherfucking back spank
your ass I mean kid right not Chris Rock
kid right
well fuck I said Chris Rock High moment
kid right when you asked to the podium
drench you with this holy water man you
need to be saved
take the five hallelujah nigga I’m
fuckin demons out your body boy
how dare you yeah holy shampoo maybe
I’ll get our nigga some holy shampoo
some holy mousse all that shit st. Paul
Venegas gonna tap in man let’s see you a
by tapping in from a saint parlor and
ability mate little right tap it in icy
nigut uh-huh hey man the church say Amen
bring his mother fuckin dirt bag man
mother from the podium man Illinois he’s
tapping in stopping in the motherfucking
building I see your nigga
South Heyward and his mother fuck I see
boy Detroit what up dog my nigga Malik
out of jail Nicky not stop by my Nagin
believe my cheddar boy digging me out he
just hit me to me salute to my cheddar
Boyd niggas man they still out there man
West Oakland in the building town
motherfucking business me Duval County
always tapping in I see nigga Dallas and
his motherfucking Kansas City in this
bitch huh my tec-9 my regime niggas made
BG bullet woman all my KC niggas was
hiding huh yeah man Cleveland in this
motherfucker man
yeah man real mad shit Wes confident his
bitch make it salute to the
you feel me I see you boy
mmm-hmm bruh say what up Cuddy what up
nigga snacktime and his mother fuck we
just left side we just had to show up
there last night man shout out my
potting and grime get on me cuz Oh flap
get out me and shut out gambling maybe
hope that buckling down to ten nothin
start out up cool up Coolio the underdog
sleep though you know our main support
with the mouth Toledo was definitely in
his motherfucker
cash me on this motherfucker I see you
boy I see you / guys say it twice but I
see the ball County I see your nigga I
need the committee to get this
motherfucker no because we better cook
this nigga man period
hold that water your mother perform an
exorcism everybody in this motherfucker
I need the preachers evangelist I need
anybody’s motherfucker make church about
stop make h-town and this motherfucker
me what they care about though he told
Oprah with me suck his dick sideways but
how do you you motherfucker me out over
here straight to it hey nothing at a pin
mag it’s gonna be a quick in and out to
make me button go a whole hour on this
motherfucker man but Chris I mean kid
motherfucking Rock he gets on stage and
he has some type of show here on a drunk
Marana whatever you drinking this shit
whatever fucked up he ain’t even
performing a bull he’s just talking to
shit baby way fuck
she needs me something like name is all
one my nigga tonight this one I always
keep saying about these artists men
these artists that these white artists
you know I fuck with white people have
you know Frank Ocean but these white rap
artists then get away from the game when
the game stop fuckin with them that then
they start always talking shit about the
shit never fucking fails me naughty side
she was rocking with up said nickname
and I did all the beats and shit man uh
nigga that brought with it was him
calling them uh god damn anyway by this
I was just fucking with black dude I was
doing all the beats for Ray Sherman this
Monday your name and do the beats for
grace Sherman Mike well okay so she is
fuck what might will fucking actually
literally fucking allegedly fucking on
Mike we’ll get an order hip-hop beats on
the hip-hop shit it popped out at the
war shows of big uns you know stripping
the shit all types of twerking soon as
the biscuit kicked out the game stop
fucking with her she start talking shit
about the game I never want to do that
over sports to do that r- music I never
want to participate bitch shooter did
you was up there twerk it on the MTV
Music Awards and beefing with fucking
Nicki Minaj the fuck you talking about
you don’t want to be in this shit Austin
negative music I never want to do it all
of a sudden now you’re pop now you’re
gossip oh I don’t know what the fuck you
is country or whatever like bitch it was
all good just a week ago so good just a
week ago we used all your hip hop’s it’s
all good nigga stop fucking with you
with hip hop nice bad negative kid right
now he’s a rapper – yeah because don’t
know he’s a former rapper to former
white rapper get on me did a lot of shit
in addition shit he did some shit baby
you got a lot of rap shit so that rap
career filled start being a man he
really wanted to be a rap star so he
started going to rock and roll to
country whatever he doing and he started
going on this rant about niggas like he
fucking hate this hate black people all
of a sudden but she was doing black
people music it was all buddy-buddy cool
with everybody so you start doing your
shit as fuck
Oprah Oprah suck your dick and his all
this other shit it’s like man quit
letting these artists come in the game
soak the game milk the game get out the
game is shit on the game man we keep
letting them do it but yeah keep like
hey hey cool cuz no matter what they
feel like your nigga man no matter if
they do the music with you if they make
money with you they always in the back
of the mind feel like you a nigga and
it’s gonna come out
it’s gonna come out and always come out
Justin Bieber nigga nigga nigga nigga
this Justin people singing niggas songs
hey you gonna get fuckin hanging they
got the hanging nigga and he was song at
the motherfucking action at this time
harsher back in his big up a he was
young he didn’t know what he was doing
no he knew exactly what he was doing hey
nigga all that shit he was say you know
exactly what he was saying hey laughing
we accepted him snick any motherfucking
of Snicket Stiggy and watch this shit go
niggas got him and watch doing push-ups
but come on man like that’s it a date
man no disrespect to all the white
people that’s in this rap game because
it took them all from the rappers to the
businesspeople to the Jewish people that
own a record labels this shit that be
cutting the budget took us all period no
doubt but the disrespect you niggas
always do you always do we can lead a
game like that when you was rapping well
like that we use rapping buddy it was
not like that when Chris Rock I mean a
Kid Rock what’s back there I keep
calling it Chris Rock my back but Chris
Rock was a Ralphie trying to be down
with Run DMC all type of shit because L
Smith did the shit with my DMC walk this
way now I mean now we ain’t never heard
L Smith talk bad or rap a tough battle
black people after they did that song we
never heard Michael McDonald as much
motherfucking jazz music he play with
what J what I was born and all them
dudes Geoffrey I was born on them type
of doors never heard him talk shit about
the black culture of black people he
knows what type of music he’s doing so
why would he shit on the culture Michael
McDonald open one of the dope is jazz
you know me players come look killing it
always that respect you know at me
come where the where they a because all
you are the motherfucker they’re coming
this rat shit you know I mean doing
music with black people you got
disrespect say what might then my
gayness don’t he never said no no ran
against you no black people in black
music Mike Dee is white as a
motherfucking these letters right here
and he’s behind all the production of
all the hot shit period from rapper
logic Kanye West’s everybody’s doing
everybody’s shit Mike ding silent never
thought those niggers are fucking
he knows what he do and he know what he
apart of pig and he know but he can be
he can’t be a rock’n’roll star if he
wanted to or any of that shit he knows
what’s winning and what pays his bills
since he came in a game from being that
rock’n’roll shit fuckin like they could
play any instrument all the instruments
so he had to be a some type of band he
had to be in some type of rock and roll
type and start up and that shit didn’t
work so he started doing some rap beats
and it worked and it’s still working
you don’t hear my daily fuckers fuck
Oprah even don’t have the big went
through they thing about who who made
the beat and all that shit but that’s
the basic producer Tom anybody won’t
create it for shit that they gonna I
made that they did that’s right make
suppose give us credit even though
everybody giving the credit to my dad
but my name is a phenomenal white
producer so quit we can’t act like white
people ain’t don’t put this shit they
don’t listen fuck I just hate that they
shit on the coaching when they leave
period in medev wanted to dope is fuckin
if not deep you know I mean dopest white
rapper to ever come in hip-hop period we
fucking em hard nigga dope is fuck him
even said in work once upon a time we
let that slide because he Ella dope you
know me
oh the nickname the dude that is one of
AMAs fucking I said nigga name and post
Malone he said there were a few times to
that shit gonna come out my G no matter
what we doing this shit man they gonna
always feel like your nigga no matter
how much money you’ve got
what you can do for them no matter how
much help you to get motherfucker they
always gonna feel like you’re negative
man kid right you need to shut the fuck
up go get you some mousse and hop on the
caboose my nigga period wannabe cowboy
ass nigga knockoff as Tommy Lee wanna be
Tommy Lee ass nigga fuck out here Brett
fucking low-sodium Tommy Lee ass out
here that you can’t be it’s only one
time we leave there and he was
spectacular he was the one this this
vernacular and it’s activity he was
spectacular no fucking Tommy Lee boy
it’s only one time he leave my nigga and
it’s not cheap but period go back man
come on ain’t no Tommy Lee didn’t wanna
be timing me so bad period where she was
a a rock star that’s a rock fucking star
that’s the epitome of rock’n’roll Tommy
Lee nigga now see top of these epitome
of a rock and roll fuckin icon of stuff
not you kid right low-sodium as rock and
roll nigga not shooting you was on
whatever footage they showed this thing
up there don’t karaoke he ain’t even do
his songs I am a real American fight for
what’s right what are you singing up
there but you singing Hulk Hogan songs
and shit they make a hat I have a real
American plan he was singing this shit
man something like that
it was either I’m a real American or
what motherfuckers born in a UN what
Adam shit that’s not so song nigga so
what the fuck was he doing at his
concert anyway karaoke of other rock and
roll songs nigger that way yo so the
song he was singing up there was not his
fucking song period maybe same F rock
facts meth right my nigga they said to
show bottom on tour
probably so a lot of people fuck with
him you know I mean a lot of people felt
okay – I gave him a lot of love I think
right DMC actually fuck one of some
rappers sometimes spoke with Kid Rock
heavy yeah me period
but you think company came leader game
this is black day the first time he’d
been dissing black people since he left
the game
the n-word notice it the federal flags
are shit man so how could it be all that
and you was a rapper just a week ago a
millennial week 20 years ago you was
wrapping your ass up
now fuck Oprah huh stick your dick
sideways Nick we are hanging your ass by
your motherfucking ponytail by your
motherfucking blonde hair nigga talk
about Oprah Winfrey nigga
are you serious but you’re drunk kick ah
make a dropkick that month with your hat
off your head
wait better watch your mouth wait that’s
black royalty jay-z see your public and
smacky like you you’ll get it from
anybody but no no just got the streets
real celebrity mother puffy see why
would you say about open smack the shit
out of puff no for smacking eggs pup was
snacky Perry
no but the surround is that Beyonce ruin
his career he had to delete all social
Oh No maybe since thought about Beyonce
oh shit I know that Bell don’t let me be
one man Public Enemy had his back all
public any right it was public fuck you
was with the most black coat black group
ever in hip-hop and yo ass shopping fuck
Oprah Winfrey suck your dick sideways
how dare you mother fucking meth head
you to real Method Man you a real Method
Man literally
pulse Mac Drake fast max man shout out
to my man but yeah plus Mac shit out
don’t play with me like that theory yeah
pumping all the smacking niggas man so I
see map is a hell of a drug
I’m done but I’m done bro you know real
met the man no no don’t disrespect the
month we’re gonna showering alone
not the real method not the Johnny not
the Johnny Blaze I’m talking about that
Johnny Blaze the white Johnny Blaze that
the real Johnny Blaze bitch yeah he said
that way lazy fuck massage he’d be
blazing doctor I’d be blazing top maybe
blazing remember it was massaging yeah
man we got to put a performer exorcism
on this hatin ass nigga man period man
hold that bottom a Paul the holy water
on this hatin ass nigga me get the demon
X my name is out of your body baby
it’s like heat coming from that side of
the couch nigga hate option blood man
God don’t like ugly man get the hate out
your me amen
but Church they ain’t man shit get right
you disgust me
now slide you all your motherfucking top
hat time I open on that note how’s this
motherfucker man we gotta quit letting
these motherfucker retire rap white
niggas talk shit about the culture man
you’re not having it motherfucker
now having shit no movement yeah I keep
letting this shit happen man I bet you
$1,000 soon as possible oh shit in he
gonna be a rockin roll nigga and he
gonna be talking so much shit about
niggas watch this shit what a
Confederate flag on his back y’all keep
falling for the fuckin but not in the
tailpipe but I cool I see the shit of MA
the way I see this should happen a
thousand times I’ve been
I’ve seen since the 90s before I even
got signed I was you know hip-hop fans
mr. fucking Stephanie late 70s and 80s
oh I know I just seen it happen a
thousand times but soon they get kicked
out the game I say man we need mo
Aerosmith in the game mo Michael
McDonald’s and shit that people that
still you know they do music with black
people but they still respect them
you’re gonna get Aerosmith talking some
Mick Jagger big ass lips look like a
nigger you got you got big lips nigga
you got bigger than any nigga in America
things a guy so he never was gonna say
that he knew his lips as big as shit
nobody this is bigger than Mick Jagger
lips they got piranha lips nigga tell
you you can’t fuck with him and he knew
that I could never say black nigga went
big lips look at yourself nigga period
so Mick Jagger knew not to go there
you got me piranha mouth
pick my best I think is hella big idea
exactly but make never this never did
slack people man you know I made Michael
McDonald one of the dopest jazz
musicians you know I mean soul music
musicians but never talk shit about
black people man we need more of those
then you New Age white motherfuckers and
getting the game and shit on us man I’m
gonna make a shitload of money you’re
shaming yourself man cuz it was all good
when the money was coming in the money
got lower your mouth got love start
talking a lot of shit right download
shit about niggas shit that you’ve been
feeling since your baby was around
before he was a rapper you was filling
his shit but you can say it now you left
rap he does very sick fuck these niggas
wait to say to n-word
I can say fuck to nigger with the ER
fucking nigger fucking niggers finally
say it man got a favorite flag you’re
good kid back go have a motherfucking a
tougher method take your ass home but B
go do some karaoke and puffs of meth and
be Oprah out your motherfucking mouth
man go that’s the billion-dollar Empire
man and your ass ain’t got number the
motherfucking method stains on your
motherfucking Method Man pipe how about
that motherfucker yeah girl let them
control your mind but laughing at the
scene but I don’t give a fuck but I’m
gonna point it out I do give a fuck but
imma pointed out though
hey go let it go I know y’all haven’t
seen me going on this hey me go take our
coaches shit I’m just giving prime
examples dead laying on this shit make
all the money become famous so that shit
died down you back a nigga Justin Bieber
shit yeah something like I said Q oh
he’s a cute little white guy man oh no
Betty hey did because he was saying shit
word for word I was a kid can’t kick I’m
gonna get a nigger like he was saying
deep I don’t know what song that was but
that little nigger nigger song get her
nigger whatever it seemed like that song
is what all the white people know when
they household and they sing that shit
and we just don’t know I heard that song
we sent em to get Kitchen Aid or get her
nigger nigger nigger cake
oh that someone come from who sing that
yeah I know myself playing where did
that nigger nigger nigger song come from
that the fucking Justin Bieber was
saying but the KKK I know that shit
where did he learn that it who sings
that shit around the household around
young people like that I’ll wait
I ain’t never heard it get her nigga
hangar digger picketing I ain’t never
heard that shit that was like a little
nursery rhyme I think that they love her
that was a fucking nursery a white
nursery rhyme raceless nigga nobody ever
said that nobody ever saying hey
where did this fucking nigger song come
from then he was singing it cuz I never
heard it until just a beep Center but
they know I’ve bet every white
motherfucker that saw that new little
singing along with the shit
who sees this up around a fucking
asshole that’s what I want to know
nobody about that question
I bet motherfucking Kid Rock know what
that song came from one less lonely
nigga oh yeah well that’s slowly dinner
well who knows
Alabama nigga Oh one less I never see I
never heard that in my life
never one less lonely nigga who the fuck
some lesser myself what a fuck that song
come from under got know where it came
from but who invented that motherfucking
a little sings that
where did motherfucking Justin Bieber
learning that I’ll wait oh please say
the KKK okay I’ll take that the
committee in the building did you hear
about oh shit he said did you hear about
black Pete Dutch a blackface tradition
hell naw man elaborate it’s my nickname
uh fucking Johnny
sonic man elaborate do tell do tell my
do tell tuck them in type of song night
night souther yeah good shit mm-hmm dude
dude elaborate man about that Pete
whatever black made sure that you saw
about man elaborate man don’t tell me
and I mean the committee coming to
building the nation coming to building
lace on shoes man can’t
some game about this shit because we
don’t know I thought it was all good
just we can go back I know so much get
the motherfucking divas that’s bad yeah
oh the hey got your body there say hey
man he said why people just confuse in
general now not all white people I gonna
put that on whole white people I’m
putting that on that nigger and a
handful of the motherfuckers then you
know what other people like down south
and shit with the real you know that
still like stuck on the KKK values of
life you know I mean a police officers
who’s still stuck on that shit you know
I mean then but not everybody oh you
know why god damn Kennedy died Kennedy
knew the real Kennedy was given a real
man he was given a real about the
corporate bank system you know I mean
the corporate government you know I mean
the racism going down all the shitty
because the dress and all this shit he’s
gonna peel the veil you know I mean and
it really revealed his shit ain’t knock
that nigga down marry by Jung oh it was
at my manigott good luck that man got
knocked down cuz he knew he was like was
it Roosevelt before him I think I think
it was growing up Roosevelt was the one
that just did some whole crazy shit that
that made all of the racism might go
down well head with the police and shit
what happened something happened to
where he did something I think it
created the FBI all types of shit ATF
all that shit and it was focused on
black neighborhoods you know I mean so
Roosevelt go out boy come in way come in
fuckin on what’s her name fucking up
it’s a white chick named minute he’s
fuckin on the baddest white actress in
the game and he’s married but he’s
fuckin on uh
I think what’s her name man CIA okay
Brooke came with CIA and then yeah
anyway nigga Kennedy was the ultimate
yeah I think motherfucking fucking Obama
no nigga Kennedy was the ultimate the
old tomato bomb Marilyn Monroe he was
with Marilyn motherfucking room
and they trying to say that the mob
knock them down for fucking over
Maryland look I hear anybody sucking on
Marilyn Monroe no fuck about that
she’s a flip my Halle Berry Halle Berry
a flip I got went to jail nigga my nigga
Lawrence what’s my nigga named Taylor
the football player that died rest in
peace he told me how many baseball and
football niggas was flipping Halle Berry
let’s pass that bitch around like a
lunch tray my nigga football niggas and
back and and uh football niggas and
basketball news no football leagues and
baseball innings she won’t fuck with the
basketball knees so football niggas in
baseball innings was passing Halle Berry
around like mother for them a blunt
so all these bitches do its flips you
feel the theory of bang you did max know
Halle Berry a flip period it’s different
extra lifes are holding man miss to be
home like that Magic City this could be
home through the Football League this
could be going through the baseball
league this could be hold through the
acumen Mountain whatever but it’s
different levels of this shit yeah I’ll
bet you’re still doing low grade on home
for the hustlers in you know I mean the
rapper these bitches do high-grade Owen
they got hold for the government I mean
government officials and shit like that
I could yeah I mean need to do by right
you know I mean they get their pricks
and Kingdom I like high-class homework
you know I mean I highly was getting
passed around like a fucking frisbee
facts but alt you ain’t lowest a little
nigga name some Taylor not Louis tailing
the other nigga some Taylor but it was a
football player I was locked in uh
locked and um how they County when he
was a football player that got arrested
for running over the kids and shit
you know when it was time to nig about
his football skills my name was beating
up as Ferrell a lot of times Lords fish
no no a lot long as fish that’s actor
some Lawrence is left some Lawrence but
period but this nigger was like that
this bitch get flipped by all the team
they get everybody out highly that
there’s nothing
period Thanks Lawrence Phillips Lawrence
mother fucking Phillips lords Phillips
yes Louis VII I was locked up with him I
was on Celebrity wrote LA County yeah we
will be next to each other you talking
that shit a bike topping a shit yeah
Lawrence Phillips Lawrence motherfucker
Phillips I was locked up with him he’s a
football player so he’s selling me out
them niggas is flipp’n Hawley
like all them niggas hey buddy hobby
carry football playing niggas at a
baseball game
ya know so is what it is man hey let me
get back off that dog came back you
piece of shit
you piece of shit they murdered him in
jail I thought he committed suicide
bring that back because I’m locked up
with him in the county right so he
fighting I think he fighting a murder
case is some type of wild shit so he was
like in the county for like four years
so I get out and he still got like one
more year in the county so I got out of
here before him so he do one more year
in the county then get sent to the pen
once he got to the pen he got killed
yeah I mean that’s what I heard but this
nigga was the animal I just think of
doing mm did three thousand push-ups a
day pull-ups about a thousand pull-ups
on straight bar not we I sell in front
of us
we ain’t got no barn again we ain’t
coming out – no wait – none of that shit
we in celebrity row you lap down 24
hours a day you get an hour to go shower
I mean you get some time to go shower
you get an hour up at the motherfucking
phones yeah I mean that’s it
we locked in there gets 24 hours maybe
so this thing you’re doing pull-ups on
the straight bars straight nigga
thousand of them stinking going million
motherfucking push-ups he lifts this
motherfucking bag putting two
motherfucking fuck with him shit’s
called up the mat that you sleep on the
bed maxi lifting the motherfuckers
curling them up like waist full workout
in his gym I’m in his motherfucking
sales period workout bananas see going
Oh call high steppers whatever shit
caught me doing all that shit man Pig
burpees hard shit man he’ll work out
diesel dumb ass DS serious so I don’t
see him being on sucker
he was he was prepared for the pin to me
he’s preparing for gladiator school
shadowboxing all the shit in the pen and
shadow boxing in the sale on it so he
does the pen so I don’t see no nigga
like that you know I mean I think
somebody said he committed suicide they
what they’re Google yeah it was a
yeah I thought it was a suicide I heard
it was a suicide I never heard nobody
killed him
hey be locked up too long I’m out of
fuck this shit no but yeah how can I
contact you
anybody who won’t contact what you ever
want to do any business man hit me on
the gram at raging general regi it regi
am a general you know I mean it hit me
on the DM you know I managed myself
y’all need to talk to nobody cook me
pity yeah me magic little oneis manager
for the up mouth manager for the regime
you know I mean produced a fucking smoke
live radio
go alive but kid right Nina shut the
fuck up night
go get you some whole method and do it
real set because yo ass one karaoke I am
a man
that’s right fight for your life
this thing was saying shit like that up
there right here how dare you go there
with karaoke said say open suck your
dicks not wasting how much money she got
yeah with karaoke I’m a real American
karaokes you know what Oprah doing nigga
but meanwhile Oprah and her
motherfucking 100 million two hundred
million dollar home just one of the
homes one of the mega mansions 500
million she’s got some crazy shit she
own Titus meanwhile an island the Oprah
even motherfucking shrimp caviar and
shit my dad who who’s this guy kid who
oh shit nigga trolling that’s a lady
keep my name on his mouth who over
salehoo nigga it’s like what uh mo ba ba
ba gizelle baby man when I asked about
bheegi bheegi knockout whoo yeah BG
knockout man he’s on the land man he
said that a skinny co-signed who who’s
that I don’t know no BZ not now come
never sign us much BG my nigga but you
know that was like an alley that was
subliminal that was a little double
I never heard that guy so oh who did
the holiday when I got there but Adam 20
to interview Kid Rock oh well we met I’m
mad I’m glad he man I’m glad scared the
nigga with the rap shit with the URL you
mad nigga I’m glad oh no timeout this
buff I just wanna fuck with child man
yeah crap TV subscribe to your
motherfucking God made new episode of
smoke like radio coming with sling
Johnson man got new episodes of my
fucking out Kato tapping in with Kato
got interviews from Helen niggas maybe
tapping in man Terry he said of America
of gold standards and so citizens of the
banks Roosevelt yeah Roosevelt was a
maniac man he fucked up the America I
think period Roosevelt was our Hitler on
my mama
Roosevelt was our Hitler Roosevelt was
American Hitler wasn’t asked it was
because we all got incarcerated just
like you see police shoes imagine the
police shoes back then that wasn’t
report that wasn’t filmed that was it I
went through this shit before it was
cameras like in an alleyway police have
put you in the backseat a car beat you
with billy clubs with your ads don’t do
a high-speed chase and get caught then
you’re lucky at the end of your to your
teeth will you go to jail
hey now can all your shit out be no
address but period don’t be a
motherfucking date a white woman in the
cinah 60s on the other 50s when I sleep
with Dan right in 70s negative like
Dingle he’ll get your ass let’s buy some
ponies dating the white women won them
back then it was crazy but honest Amber
Rose with Wiz Khalifa shit nigga Wiz
would have got tortured wears would have
been hanging from a tree Perry it wasn’t
always cool like that
that shit was only like 40 50 years ago
back like I said was like a hundred
years at 200 that shit was recently
you’re filthy a lot of people that’s
living right now I went through this
shit yeah I mean the old G’s are older
people don’t wait to
it’s still living so that shit yeah
that’s freshening old people mind you’re
not me so that’s a man we are human
fuck this racial division shit it’s cool
to be tribal cuz we are from different
tribes and shit but we are here with
many slices up when we are that same
bone structure same muscle structure
same organs and guts and shit man we
just got a different color skin period
any like no animal nobody no no we know
because animals are very different from
each other
mine is different from their you know
I’m a gorilla is different from a
motherfucking uh dog you know I mean
they fucking bird is different from an
alligator or a fish so they are total
different motherfuckers we are the same
in different shapes in different colors
but we are the same motherfucker
now some people genes are stronger I
mean in a black the melanin definitely
stronger but we’re all fucking human n
is an egg no matter if the N is a red
ant but motherfucking little air and as
a fucking ant roaches the ropes no
matter if their motherfucking to fly or
mo forget his crawling you a
motherfucking roach a bird is a bird no
matter if you’re a hawk or your
motherfucking dove your pit bull or
fucking hyena your dog cat is a cat no
matter if you were fucking pet cat to a
big ass Miette you work at that’s it and
I motherfuckers got different shapes and
forms but they all in the same shit so I
think that we need to discipline a
humanity you know I mean period we all
human if we all bring shit to the table
we all brace you to the table we could
take it from a food chain I love Chinese
I love motherfucking up by being a fool
I love soulful electrician or
traditional American food I love
Mediterranean food
I mean just the fool let you know that
we unify you could love niggas food that
come from different you know I mean
different um traditions and different
people why you can’t let the people
that’s attached to it
now why people love chicken like a
motherfucker you see mother fucking uh
goddamn cheeto face ain’t gonna say him
cuz I get blood
did you see Don cheeto the president
this nigga every chance he give you can
see this nigga us on fucking up
presidential one whatever the fucking
check call us one whatever that
president this nigga eatin buckets and
Kentucky Fried Chicken I miss ensel it’s
a soulful you go to Roscoe’s chicken and
waffles that’s gonna be mo agen and
white motherfuckers in there than
anybody so we all love soul food that’s
black we all love Chinese food
that’s Asian we all love like come on
man so take all the messages out this
motherfucker we Iraq took on a black tee
box motherfucker we’re back take on the
Asian side this motherfucker we attract
take all the white people ideas both
fucker we all right so we all bring shit
to the table to make this shit go around
man let’s stop the division man and
appreciate what we all reach to the
table to make this America of what it is
maybe something I’ll make America great
again man America is great because so
many different races was able to come
here able to migrate here and biddle
communicate connect then make this shit
what it is the strongest nation in the
planet I’m in it on that one man yeah I
keep getting but nothing in the tailpipe
with this race shit how much shit niggas
that sign a copy but I ain’t got no
problem with Kid Rock race I got no
problem with white people I got time
with him and shit that he just said
about Oprah and all the motherfuckers
like him that say shit about black
people when they do black music I got
something to say about that but all
white people know cuz they ain’t all
like this nigga on this guy you know I
mean or that person that person a you
know like that now you got a lot but not
all man period I minute on that yeah
it’s like a stereotype it’s like all
white people everybody think all black
people gangsters in my chair hold your
purse like now let’s quit the stereotype
all white people ain’t KKK all white
people ain’t motherfucking a white ring
like this you know that shit like you
don’t notice like America is turning to
tan because you got so many white people
hooking up with black people
relationship wise and having babies and
shit so America it’s time to tan but all
the babies always get in the mix right
now even though all the Instagram
bothers you like it’s mixed with white
period I haven’t seen all these bitches
that day Thanksgiving dinner what they
white grandma and they wait mama and
ain’t black daddy
America’s tan right now but it’s a
combination of races coming together
brothers asian and black of my skin and
black a white black it’s this 10 an hour
but without a suntan cream so get you
Superman that’s the new the new shit and
they ain’t gonna be no Wayne black it’s
gonna be the tender mix breathe that’s
what we bringing up the mixed breed and
mixed breed is mixed with shit so how
can you choose a side in your own body
no no no I’m going maybe gotta buy and
fuck it right you piece of shit meth
pipe hit Nass I am a real American
karaoke low sodium diet motherfucking
timing League wannabe ass nigga bye-bye

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