Yukmouth TV | Juice WRLD Dies at age 21….SPEAK ON IT!!! Interactive Live CHAT


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yeah that I speak on in an active live
chat but you’re boiling yep mouth make
tap-in you have mouth TV makes crap to
your mother fucking guy man we don’t let
the mob get in here man
you know bad fucking nose and hip-hop
man you know let y’all get into this
roll call to come up with a notification
bells go outlaw that thang thang go out
you did bitch I know you have Letterman
on the lake down they give them their
phone a moment I don’t think nobody
tapping in this lady got do it on the
East Coast and down south on this one in
the Midwest man nobody on the West
Tapani unless you want some real strip
club love shit right now they’re leaving
the strip club in Vegas and shit and the
guy my bag man long night Manley and
wife you just came to catch victory lap
celebration you know I mean from the
newer income property that we just copy
you seen my shit man it’s kind of new
property man by the lease that thing out
you know I mean landlord type of style
so we celebrating we ain’t get time to
celebrate we just win you no matter what
our realtor I got the keys to our
property so we went to dinner tonight
you know I mean catch big boy case tank
you know you see why I did it
you know on the grand I’ll go check out
my grandma regime general did it be on
the ground but oh yeah we have to just
celebrate you know I mean we’ve been
doing so much shit to make this
motherfucking property go down only if
you know the behind the scenes that make
this shit go down it was a headache I’m
gonna tell you the first headache was
the FOH you know I mean like they
stopped doing FOH except em out here in
LA you know me so anything out here in
LA they feels prime property so it was
like 10% 15% like that you know I mean
that’s starting to September we started
our escrow negotiate right before like I
thinking all this
like that so yeah all this is July so
you know I mean we didn’t get caught up
in a trap we had to get on me comply
with what happened to September because
I should our ball was already grown you
know I mean so leave them there last
month other than that later get the FOH
yeah I mean Laramie the 3% put it off
I mean I’m property dope shit you know
but uh fuck the property you know I mean
rest in peace juice world man I liked
his music music I heard on the radio to
lucid dreams that’s one of my favorite
songs because I like that that a sample
now I did it on the message from NAS
haven’t called the message to that same
sample so I love that sample and how he
flipped it on some melodic shit I love
that one so that’s always one of my
favorite like type of sound pieces nas
did it yeah so salute to that brother
but um and condolences to his homies you
know I mean he was connected to a lot of
people not a lot of industry dudes you
know I mean everybody uh should I paint
a little yachty smoke curve you know a
lot of dudes you know the young goes out
there you know I mean grieving you know
I mean send a shout out on the Rams and
Twitter and Facebook all this shit you
know I mean so at the end of the day man
we just keep on losing these young hip
hop artists this year man like lost
nipsey this year now I have to end in
the air like when shit wrapping up you
move and I’m a juice world like he was
the man I won a monadic boy boys like I
think when uh no disrespect and recipes
to that brother – I don’t know did he
die – here – no he died I think last
year but uh xxx tashi own may him I
think that was connected they was homies
his shit but um
that melodic wave that trouble instead
soshim had is the same way that juice
world that you know I mean very same
type of shit day and the same type of
click fuck each other’s shit you know I
mean so it’s sad for like you know
hip-hop you know I mean I’m og main but
for y’all hip-hop is how I said because
you eat Wonder Boys it was one of the
boys like he was gonna be the next
Travis Scott or gonna man the next big
boy he was on his way he was already
there and I mean period but he ain’t
Travis Cal level but he was climbing
ladder you know I mean he was doing it
it was just just a big fuck it this is
I don’t even doubt this you know I mean
celebrity yeah I mean because I don’t
know how to guess his place so I think
he was just as big but at the end of the
day man
let’s address the elephant in the room
man we don’t know how he died why he
died you know I mean they said he had a
seizure and a Chicago Airport seizures
like most rappers lab seizures is is
connected to niggas occipital link you
know I mean we got address the elephant
in the room man yeah who’s got to stop
abusing that Lane I mean period yeah I
gotta stop abusing the fucking Lane
period like I think like I don’t know
how many hours before he passed I mean
but uh he posted some shit about the fan
uh he had to do so walk the walk to the
you know I mean if she liked it or the
woke or you know the walk I mean to the
fan and she liked it or whatever you
know whatever that language is y’all
know what to do and I mean in so many
words he called the fucking syrup in the
fan and she liked it
yeah I mean so I’m on fucking spelling
to realize is that you abuse anything
it’s gonna fuck you up you know I mean
now we ain’t we don’t know what happened
in this situation but a lot of people
that sit that permit the scene and
your army have seizures you know I made
a promise to little Wayne like I don’t
ma’am I think is this man I’m I’m a 70s
baby ina 80 baby so when I was growing
up I never seen niggas had seizures
unless they had like something really
fucked up with them that that was like
physically fucked up with them and make
the mass seizures not off just off the
Rick you know it’s still off of that I
never seen him up a got a seizure in
real life as a youngster
nowaday you see so many young people
having seizures and dying and all types
of shit but they all got one thing in
common that serve that serve like at the
other day man we we we see commercials
that pump these medicines this shit
right they pump innate they talking big
shit on a medicine hey you can stop this
you could not have a baby and then all
the after-effects come in at speed like
they said that you like they say that’s
just like going once going twice a so so
like a motherfucker like you know me
like a bumper that’s trying to get on
some shit
they say that motherfucking the fucking
it was the fucking of side effects so
goddamn fast thanks they say it’s so
fucking fast but the introduction of the
product is so smooth it’s so clear but
when they get to the internet got cancer
hella fast they don’t want to see that
so when have we ever had a lean
motherfuckin like that nobody ever said
the side effects of late we then lived
through the side effects of lame like we
got god damn niggas died people’s
getting fat motherfucker having seizures
you got me that type of shit we live
through the side effects nobody never
real side-effects of lame I hang about
well you gonna die you can do this you
have a seizure
where’s the side effects the
promethazine nobody haven’t said that on
the fucking commercial we didn’t get
that memo
you know I mean so at the end of the day
I don’t think they know what they
fucking with you’re not me Perry
yeah they don’t know what they fucking
with man so I mean at the end of dad so
I leaned a couple times and that shit
tastes good did her mother fucking with
the soda I see why they own it then
that’s your taste good you can’t drink
that shit all day man I drunk a whole
cup like it was like full punch you know
it fucked my whole game up fuck with a
little flick little flip the first
nigger to give me late and we recorded
win story La Pampa studio time and
should the be playing this shit you give
me a full cup the fan of the ice the fan
of this tastes so good with this shit
nigga I’m talking about a tall like a
tall Canada Oh eat that type of
motherfucking Cup big boy cup down that
bitch I’m thirsty we smoked a we’re down
that bitch like it’s just a fool but I
just telling this that’s all I remember
I woke up studio cleared out nobody in
China sweeping up the floor and shit on
my yellow everybody I think it’s better
lefty banisters it’s 9:00 in the morning
hold on it’s nice day like yeah man you
got call you a cab there’s a cab days
that shit you know I mean so I was left
at the studio on the muhfucka studio
chair sleep the whole studio empty
everybody left me there but the janitor
may be off the lane thank you period so
yeah that’s gonna let you out and no
side effects like nobody say ain’t me
you know you know you know you know you
got to fight to sleep no nigga
lay out in a coma like coma sleep where
I woke up with the same like I wasn’t I
didn’t move like a coma sleep when you
de stiff I woke up with the cup still in
my hand and in his fame
like for hell I was like I this is a
mannequin the stuff there I get
comfortable shit like you know you’re
getting a deep sleep and comfortable and
shit puts a pillow me but you call
yourself a chef you know laid out like a
stiff like this they become sleep nigga
but I was with a cup of my hand and woke
up with the cup still in my fucking hand
man everybody go so that’s the dangerous
motherfucking drug man period got some
shit that is some shit you could fall
asleep is still waiting like we fell
nigger the same movement the same action
ah I could fuck that shit
what’s a real mob shit dope he said
liquid hair my factoids fact fucking
toys the guy was like this the guy who
cut my hair in a bun out of the hand
woke up with both in the same hands
hours later and everybody go and I’m
like that’s some shit boy I didn’t drop
I ain’t dropping blood I get cut the
boys device real sleep me you don’t go
to sleep I’m stuck in the same position
that I fell asleep in that’s some crazy
shit I ain’t never been asleep sniff the
whole bed oh that’s my wife
I’m busy sleep last element grabbing all
the covers take it anything I’m moving
all night I nigga never fell asleep like
a fuckin mannequin
it’s how I hit that lady at one time
imma flip I was a mannequin my nigga
woke up in the same position while I
felt asleep
okay- another habit of a while see a
video of myself reel it up I’m a wild
sleeper that ain’t never had a nigga
just if nigga I was a first and lamb
let’s get it
while they got sleep lol now the stiff
the whole night I did fuck that you say
you’re come with a very straight ice way
that you would’ve woke go that day these
are far side of classes matter ok handle
it no I can handle it they said that’s
the way you let me nigga no you can’t
handle it I can’t have it ok have a lean
man period that’s the most to me nigga I
got too much shit to do with my life let
alone in a day time
well I’ll own an hour whatever the fuck
the time is to be sleeping now no
somewhere I’m gonna tell you a story
that was dynamic I was like wow nigga
nothing Oakland nigga flip shoutout to
my niggah flip we gotta go back to flick
the motherfucker body boys it was one of
them niggas birthday parties I keep
talking about this birthday party to the
ultimate birthday party I’ve been in my
motherfucking life stea turned 21 just a
young boy he pull up in a bit he pull up
in his big body bands birthday the the
cl600 the two-seater belly boy like back
in the 90s this is ninety nine ninety
ninety nine two thousand some shit like
this the fucking clover G’s clothing G’s
in the body boy seen old autumn niggas
man so was the young boy birthday they
rent the whole motherfucking Club out
right you know I mean nothing but they
block they niggas and they celebrity
niggas with a fuckwit and nothing but
strippers fucking and sucking all
through the whole motherfucking building
and the DJ Screw
he got DJ Scoob DJ why these bitches is
sucking and fucking niggas around the
whole dance floor it’s it’s a it’s a big
ass orgy right so all this shit is going
down niggas is lined up this is like one
super bad bitch that she got a line in
the bath at the bathroom like going down
the fuckin block like a welfare line
like a both of LAX line when you go to
LAX that motherfucking security line
that bitch had a lax security line at
that door that’s my nigga Rico for
Rapala it let you know
so everybody’s lined up to get one super
bad bitch but anybody else was fucking
the second on the ground on the dance
floor right niggas was off the lane more
the story right niggas is off the lane
I’m talking about kingpin dope nigga I’m
somebody named Barack 3 fo honey on his
neck I’m talking about this length on
the wall sleep all this shit goes on
rollies anything bracelet on and they
just let their nigga to sleep
nobody touch them nobody grab the jury
yet no nigga
oh I saw about half a million laid on
the wall and it’s like multiple niggas
like that not just one it’s like
multiple niggas like my twenty or thirty
niggas like that just lean against this
o type of fucking and porno orgy shit
going down and the whole shit and niggas
is linked on the wall the bitches didn’t
touch them niggas and the niggas in
touch them niggas period sleep all the
ice on their wallet money anything nigga
nothing I touched them period ultimate
respect I said nigga I can’t I can’t do
imagine me wake up naked
fuck your jury they can take your
clothes think what suicide shoe be
wearing it I think awareness the fuck
back your glasses being laid on the
wallet hopefully your neck nigga good
luck as wake up knock down nigga pity in
1999 but definitely but we was partying
like it was 19 fuckin 99 man rest in
peace the Prince man said on my body boy
nigga shine a little flick shoutout
goddamn goddamn my clove of G’s but
they’re naked I wasn’t gonna live as far
as I’ve been to that was a hole diggy
paid but his whole black and the
celebrity niggas get fucked by like 50
ya bout 50 strippers in that bitch and I
were just running through niggas period
it’s just running oh this is why this is
why Wow and I was wondering niggas in a
welfare line I was like it the end of
the line I’m gonna bitch the last like
drop of the busines bitch had no lova
nune who’s that right just still run mom
but I would like to end of the welfare
line my nigga Rico he got in there be
foamy they got like Rico I can’t cut
with you like they can eat it’s crazy
out here
poking over that line position there
you’ll get beat up trying to cut the
line jump again rail there goes serious
about that bad bitch that business take
your shit down in that batch old niggas
niggas lined up making like a
motherfucker fast but not the time you
juice world deficit you know the whole
human thing I’m just talking about Serb
and laying man out and just how you just
sleepy somewhere I can’t get down with
that man I do too much shit to be sleepy
and slipping and slide right nigga I
respect them niggas ooh good right they
sleep and just drink the shit all day
yeah mood to it you know I mean but shit
what’s it like where the guy like the
nigga in the club with all the bitches
are stripping the fucking anything oh my
journey onward in the studio the same
way I can’t get down with that turbo oh
cool they said that’s why I don’t drink
yeah I knew the mill to that shit I’m
not a meal I’m a baby I’m a little baby
to live you know me well black family in
this motherfucker
mm-hm ask me to Belvedere Thanks oh
that’s it that’s a goodbye see a on the
bus around shit on a bus around shitting
a pass all that shit but the lane they
get Lane knocking niggas down man let’s
be real let’s address the elephant in
the room oh man hey Wayne a hat too many
goddamn seizures and I mean fucking
brick walls I had too many seasons and
now cuz the nigger fat by a lot of fat
niggers that I haven’t seasoned it I’m
gonna keep it a buck it’s one common
denominator and that’s that goddamn lien
man I need niggas need to slow down
you see this
this ain’t your brain on drugs Sabrina
we may help you indeed help you bro see
ya get that money yeah elodie we help
you elevate like come on man like okay I
have been in a narrative where Nathan
took some extra pills this shit but it
actually feels anything killing there
like that I already negative huh well
probably but not my era
now when the mothers came and I never
need this is dying off for XP you know
how many period almost room already
fucked up a week straight and then nigga
sleep for about a month after that
because you know sleep for the first two
weeks and I heard that up nigger pop
with a thousand pills in a row but I
heard everything it done until now the
new ecstasy actually that we had back in
the day came from overseas in the 90s
came from Germany was the British a pure
there’s no shit that they make in a
good luck you’re gonna die this shit
better got these little capsules a
little fake a smiley whatever powder you
think that is good luck
you probably died I mean but we have to
shit Dampier demand ray days we had the
real pure MDMA get on the pier no
bullshit no cut you’re a boy boy you
know I mean so I don’t know what y’all
getting out there you probably can’t
overdose on that die
good luck know
we don’t know what it’s like
buzu job talk about that’s that leg wait
they said look we’re here right he said
that jacket arm good shit man it’s cold
out here buddy
it’s cold man kind of crazy it’s the
biggest kind of nigga I ever had on a
bubble a bubble bubble goose with the
bubble collar my booty doe yeah I don’t
know man
mm-hmm but uh that’s a piece of
condolences yeah I mean of Jews well
tonight he was on his way to the top he
was at the time fuck on his way to the
top of yeah he was already at the top I
think he was on his way to Travis Scott
know you know I mean super time he was
on his way here he was one of the boys
man so it’s sad other Saturday in hip
hop that we gotta lose another one of
our top youngsters you know I mean like
Nick it was a top me honestly he was a
top youngster to you know I mean let’s
not and I mean let’s not disrespect you
but the top youngster man period so
rusted piece of juice world man um I
don’t know if it was leaning or not but
I know from that tweet prior to him
dying it sounded like he focal length
you know I made period so you know is
what it is but not sad day and hip-hop
man on shit is fucked up you know me I
know maybe my son up there playing all
this shit and I make there that’s what
really made me do is blog my son playing
all that shit like on repeat it’s a
marathon but I mean what would do music
you know I mean so it made me feel like
damn you know I mean these kids is
really hard hurt you know I mean really
feel this do you know I mean so let me
do a post about it and I mean give my
opinion on you know I mean let us all
give up hanging on you know
I feel about it you know I think I said
look a super duper flash Missy Elliott
super duper that the committee and the
builders Magnus gets laughs in the
administer sad moment a hip-hop man huh
let’s change the subject man I mean I’ve
seen them up fucking up goddamn by
Joshua versa the Mexican guy was named
Rhys Rhys Ruiz whatever do name is
please what happened he Jasper came with
that what toga afro but what came with
the Chaka afro boy loans owns owns owns
owns owns owns that shit yeah nigga said
I fell asleep it was a slow fight man
I’ve caught the highlights man IIIi I
heard you shit was slow and highlights
are slow to stylize is bullshit nobody
got knocked out you got me but the thing
about the UK fighters mr. aunt Anthony –
yeah why why I never want to come to the
States man that’s somebody put that on
blast man one of these youtubers man put
it on blast that a lot of United Kingdom
you know I mean I fucking fighters don’t
like the box in the US you know I mean I
don’t know you know I mean like the only
one they said was a fucking nut Linux
lowest he came out he did his stuff I
mean anybody oh hey man fuck America
Oh recently you know I mean of course
with a Deontay Wilder and uh the other
guy the big guy you know me that damn
they’re like I knocked out there he just
came the rolls from the day the who
thought that nigga was dead I may get
the ambulance there they rose from death
close to me gonna keep on boxes on the
flow thriller there you wake up from
that nigga thought he was dead
birthday like Oh momma’s brother Beyonce
water would he not get the gout like
Kaiba ah
niggas like man get the negative shit
you do with your nose and smell it
awaken the girl you gotta get all that
doctor niggas dick it’s cooking me rose
up or any other highway shit the shit
off and kept boxing like better that way
go really welcome to go much bigger than
Beyonce wild of man he was uh he was no
oh boy helmet the fucking fighter you
got the opportunity of a lifetime belt
you getting this money well but it’s
going we got the money million amazing
busting down his whole shit it’s
something busted now he’s been like shit
nigga I got HOH ways and property by
property taxes I got fuckin insurance on
all my car this shit nigga my buildings
like crazy
yeah man so the thing is what niggas
don’t know exactly what he said man the
most shit you acquired ammo bills you
got them all over here you got you know
I mean so okay you ain’t got that
new-car whatever
yeah that’s a car no you got now baby
and ensures you got now yeah you ain’t
got that new
and I mean another card another
motorcycle that’s another motorcycle no
they chose you got anyone got that new
property or whatever that’s the HOA
they’re gonna in property tax that you
got max in this shit you know I mean
another hom fucking gated community
another HOA property tax you got a face
so everything that you buy comes with a
bill maybe period like don’t think you
can buy a car without paying
motherfucking insurance and he busted
that shit down seriously I okay you’ll
cry a lot of shit but that’s the most
shit you won’t have to take on your
overhead even if you pay in a fool you
still got patience
you still got pay property tax and you
still got paid HOH knee no matter if you
bought the shit and hole you did so yeah
imagine money-wise me you know back to
it you did but we were talking enough
shit man i’ma let y’all go back to sleep
matters came in and out like rivalry man
arrested piece of juice world man
my son was up there bumping his shit man
on a bump box shout out my bump box
squad you did was shot banging that shit
on the bump box all night on my head let
me get some love man to be honest
soldier man out there man just like we
did for the MC
and I mean just like we did for uh
badass you know make damn with we long
badass like oh man we losing a lot of
artists this year bro there it’s not a
good look and as
don’t buzz this year big is being fucked
up too and I’m handed on that back you
got my TV subscribe for your guy yeah
oh no recipe see juice world condone
crew is family and I mean hey all the
artists that rock Williams a lot of
artists that have a hurt that’s really
close to that dude and so this ain’t no
joking matter
and I mean my son that’s up there going
through a bullhorn this shit I mean
everybody’s really filling the man
recipes to that brother man he did
got my TV scratched your motherfucking

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