Yukmouth TV | Condo Shoppin With YUK & Tim Russ Part 3!! Closed On Escrow PROPERTY MINES YADA!!


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I told you bitch-ass niggas ain’t playin
with us but just bought this
motherfucker baby is mine yeah but do a
light shit man give my mother fucking
landlord get our thing
a landlord I gonna put this muffled uh
police you know me but yeah a mega squad
the new property man y’all whose
motherfucking condos shopping with us
now we condo only I see this
motherfucker one half our Jenner this
bitch is mine
electricity on in this bitch get the
cable going there man
oh you some motherfucking shit like me
you see see here my little bound to me
yeah we got a little balcony too easy
but this property is just police you
know I mean I already got a quit so this
one we just don’t put lease you know I
mean leased it out let it pay off myself
you know I mean build equity grab it out
you know I mean so this is some house of
properties man we won’t get a hustle on
man milk this shit out this motherfucker
your Fifi
yeah then again man currently shopping
we got comes to a motherfucking in my
friend when you own the fucking condo
baby y’all remember this should have
photogenic this shit ain’t got nothing
yeah man it’s ours
motherfucking people leaving us all
types of shit how the keys all types of
their tongue is the shit to go get and
left with some shit you know I mean
lovers both again all this shit David
there’s baby that bizarre the keys are –
it just Osmond massage it make period we
might celebrate its white Hennessey you
know I mean pure white Hennessey you
know I mean you get this shit from
Mexico message and we’re gonna celebrate
get out man fuck with it my arm my real
good temper tell rusty like cognac so we
don’t get that going but give mankind
shall we get mine come to a
motherfucking end my friend when you own
this bitch hey baby
doing a stuff but yeah and man and what
does say wha no motherfucking five name
my favorite number you dick
holy shit baby welcome to the landlord
okay you did straight up there so best
of money wisely man we can always buy
tea Juelz and shit later on in life man
but invest in some shit that’s gonna
make money while you sleep my negative
period I see a lot of people getting
commercial properties and shit that’s
but that comes with a 9 to 5 my nigga
you got an open-air clothes nigga got
stand at that register all day my nigga
now you better like sellin clothes and
then weaves or whatever you doing nigga
well that’s that’s too much work and
Digger gotta do me ain’t got no time to
be on the motherfucking clothing store
motherfucking from 9:00 and not from
9:00 to 10:00 that nightmare I won’t
shit that’s gonna make money while I’m
you know I’m a nun that’s gonna
appreciate values because even if you’re
doing a commercial property sure you
still Lisa somebody else properly so
that’s not your problem so you ain’t
buildin no equity in your shit you just
give them somebody else money so
ownership if you own the building that
you got that you got commercial that
you’re commercially using for a
storefront uh fuckin barber shop the
beauty salon nail nail salon whatever
you may have before yet I mean own that
you did gonna be paying off somebody
else shit your dick straight up and on
me personally I ain’t going to because I
when many hats too many goddamn has to
be stared out of fucking store from
eight to motherfucking ten o’clock at
night.i cool but this house shit this
real estate shit I could do that baby I
can do this we could definitely do this
real estate shit signing out
I’m waiting for my god era realtor to
pull up man so he could pop this goddamn
battle man I really celebrate but man
this motherfuckers soul man what it be
this motherfucker I sold brother
this motherfucker so this is so y’all
can see this is the same property I was
at smother fuckers sold get it power
moves man yeah tada bye
yeah nigga is it two months ago yeah say
me go down the motherfucking YouTube
they see me in this motherfucker two
months ago with furniture in it Oh tell
him is gone they going in this bitch go
baby give them a shout-out right quick
we did it yeah you bitch
dah dah dah we killed Carlos shot will
get passed come to a end
will you acquire that property bye-bye
now the other day

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