Yukmouth TV | BREAKING NEWS!!! TekashiSNITCH9 Signs $10Million Dollar Record Deal From JAIL + More!!


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what’d I tell you niggas selected nice
and committee get in the building
big boy stop and see the chat see which
are doing suck up a cloud of y’all
properly you know let’s get the
committee in the nation in the building
first you know oh yeah okay okay yeah
roll call let’s get the roll call going
mate okay let’s get the roll call going
make South Carolina and the
motherfucking building and accept these
skills alone AG in the building they’re
ready to break this news agency by the
fuck I’m out breaking the news nigga you
know you should get a motherfucking 6:9
mask I mean uh Trey you should have been
broke this news nigga did call me and
told me all the details got there DJ ate
I mean it’s AG Nigerian the
motherfucking building mate on a tap-in
okay bro I mean Little Rock Berkeley and
his motherfucking Detroit what up though
nigga yeah a tie Sano and his mother
fucker manager lights up is your mother
fucking lights out northern Cali made up
some bullshit PG&E got better get over
yeah shit making my nigga some night
give us light give me that I did Spock
good job Cleveland and his mother fucker
Tennessee and his bitch mmm to comb and
his mother fuck I see you boys murder
does my East Oakland shit I see you boy
Pittsburgh and his mother fucker recipes
to jack a man I see in my neck of
Birmingham Alabama and his bitch Portman
and his mother fucker Virginia modesto
nigga film on his motherfucker maybe I
better go how that JT man
film Atlanta nigga Richmond VA in this
Rochester my nurse bitch made 77 easy
Nick weird his motherfucking Texas trip
Texas and his motherfuckin Vegas and his
mother fucker we also on his bitch
the Adolfo and his motherfucker man hey
y’all in this motherfucking thing let’s
get straight to it mate
breakin mother fucking news me what I
tell y’all niggas man I said this nigga
gonna be able to come out and still have
a motherfucking rap career what the fuck
did I say now look snicker just got son
it’s old wrecking leg without he was
signed to just signed to knitting for 10
MS nigga there nigga got 10 million
nigga 10 big ones there nigga got 10
million my nigga he’s doing the
motherfucking rap album soon as you get
out of jail and then the fucking Latin
album soon as he get our jail
you got a ten million dollar deal nigga
I told you this niggas gonna be able to
rap you get money nigga he better come
out on some pot shit I’m telling you you
gotta watch how people treat this nigga
when you come out watch watch my nigga
this nigga got some 4/10 M Jimmy’s
infants my nigga nigga say who snitches
get stitches now I made snitches get
riches nowaday nigga that shit out the
window Mase snitches used to get
now these niggas get riches but I got
chin ends my nigga dayside the nigga but
ten million I told y’all niggas here is
gonna be of that number one rapper soon
as this nigga get out I told you niggas
gotta believe me I never buddy you got
sign for 10 million they bout to put
that nigga all in your face soon as he
get out that was security you got to
answer they’re gonna have security
sleeping with him nigga he good you say
about this man had bad on security you
bet he said would you collab with him
fuck no I’m still from the old school
you know I mean a G Co you know I mean
but the young boys shit everybody gonna
be in a booth with that nigga watch very
good 10 million dollar budget she signed
me up me those all the niggas gonna be
able to album too big everybody nigger
oh it’s a day megastar you know he’s
gonna be on the album you betcha
I makes it $100 Lee mangi styling the
the me goes off setting everybody nigga
maybe you name it nigga uh what some
other niggas nigga young thug nigga
nigga the other bigger boy the other now
the baby you got me
little baby nigga what all the niggas
gonna hop on these shit but everybody
got a tip million out of budget
you go forward anybody big he’s good you
did you say salute black TMZ I know
motherfucking black TMZ nigga I’m just
telling y’all boy who a guy signed for
motherfucking ten em nigga that’s huge
that went on when I stand came off that
motherfucker with bands nigga period
that boy hey he laughing at
he laughing at the end there he was able
to testify get out of jail and get ten
imps checkmate my nigga check me and
they say that this nigga was a UH
what they would a plan like this think
it was a hip-hop plan now this nigger
plan but they runnin it
thanks running but this guy using a
10-million Ali that hurts that hurts my
nigga ouch yeah you just called it come
on be the illest nigga Nebraska beat I
got his naked 10 million my nigga not
one not two ten nigga so synagoge oh
he’s go see nigga Ali said ten million
from the finish I’m done the committee
in the building yo y’all good with the
CEO Krishna also the CEO of his record
label they got the 10 amps
okay well shit they still gonna put
something that money over him though
I know Birds go mad
you cooled you action to album
definitely good shit we own this
capacitor shit man I know that goddamn
shouting man no shouting madam no male
murder hello Matt he just didn’t wrote a
letter to the motherfucking judge
somebody want to appeal all types of
shit man niggas is heated man Jim Jones
on brother’s club like I don’t want to
talk about no shit next question
niggas is heated and they get period
he’s got ten in German no Jim to know
that they got their radio station crazy
they’re gonna meet some of that getting
niggas out of jail that some of them
knew that in jail that you put in jail
put some money to do some of them
families actually done fucked up making
some of the kids and baby mamas that you
didn’t left and I mean had people leave
they families but period
that’s what niggas gonna say maybe even
broke up families nigga yeah I don’t
think like when these people go to jail
even daughters and sons and wife and
bills and overheads and shit won’t pay
that you know me I never think about
that my nigga most of the time but
niggas the head of the household and
take care hey now nigga locked up in
prison who gonna help that out you know
I mean so the nigga was real man he
really fuck with them niggas even though
he snitched man throw it how do you bag
you know I mean a man least for the kids
and a family man it’s gonna be hard for
them you know I mean it’s gonna be awful
why don’t people locked up you know
that’s all I’m saying you know don’t
take it out on the kids and a baby mamas
know he is a ratty little facts I wonder
if I’ll give it again before you get
no I never gonna have nigga what was the
illest security that you been bad the
air nigga what is it uh off-duty ponies
like ranges and shit
detectives are snipers they gonna have a
full sniper squad nigga presidential
make it ugly baby you’re gonna be riding
down the street your motherfucking uh
Escalade new running on the side of door
see how the bumper the suit showing and
soldered or riding on the back of shit
with a chop
you’re gonna be sliding like that
digging like the president telling you
motorcycle cops in front move cleared
out cleared out that’s how that nigga
pulling up nigga pull it off just like
that nigga good luck nigga shooting up a
police motorcade about them Trump good
luck getting that niggas boy there gonna
be a bullet pool house nigga everything
bulletproof the glass bulletproof the
door bulletproof yeah I never seen a
bulletproof bulletproof little balls
nigga gettin this nigga push our
goodness nigga now that money he said he
I Putin security oh shit well he’s on
your own like a motherfucker you got
Putin security nigga you that super
detailed nigga that nigga said PSD and
six nine on the way out crazy man
committee ain’t cool man
yeah motherfucker think we said
bulletproof guard sometime they
definitely gonna have on that body armor
that the niggas had when they robbed
that Bank in that leg like in the 90s
things that that armored bulletproof
shit on it was chocolate shit up nigga
putting the paint on the ponies and
ponies cars getting chop suey nigga
motherfucking shit was looking like
Swiss cheese big armored suits nigga
helmets walking down the street nigga
like he bustin on the ass lookin yeah
then police is like goddamn running for
a fuckin life nigga I think they did
they have to bring a tank out on a nigga
some but that’s the time to go ahead and
security go ahead and shit on anything
evil had that shit on Teflon
Teflon bad down as he shaped then it’ll
be the first with the Teflon Baghdad I’m
selling facts
TI and he said ti6 now I’m gonna do
Crimestoppers stop it bro yo cool MEK
committee it’s motherfucker Earl
new crown style giant cool man see your
quizzes been working for the face okay
gosh know what you say but we got to see
that CEO Chris been working for the fish
he told on everybody nice it’s not okay
oh okay CEO told nice it’s not uh-huh I
beg to differ
of that testimony and he was doing it
I’ve done a finger pointing each and he
was doing that I beg to differ but hey
man is what it is it definitely took
somebody to get the case start consume
niggas was getting investigated for 69
even came on board so that’s probably
what you mean you know I mean that CEO
Chris party was getting investigated
from the gig and probably start ratting
on there here’s a dam blowing six nine
come in and hey you got a tag saying I
British bulldogs British snitch dogs
coming off the top rope snitching on
English clothes – snitch black British
snitch dogs ain’t playing my tag team
with the neck tag me your brother each
team with the Michael Jackson glove I’m
done you can’t eat see with a Michael
Jackson glove that motherfucking leg
that finger point is late in the month
he said he eats eating with a Michael
Jackson glove man God niggas is crazy
but niggas wake up with the jokes
have you seen a parody now I see the
parity yet I heard he yeah I seen I
think it was on I don’t know what it was
on man the thing was on worldstar I go
check it out
Chris was there drug supply he was
informant before 69 got with Trey way
that’s what I thought okay so that’s
what got the case going okay this shit
mate that’s why the committee tap in man
we need that information man good shit
good shit man tapping in from work man
Jana out mate but breaking news makes
that you tap it in from work my nigga
snitched 9 officially got chin a was
digging one two three four five six
seven eight nine
a million 10 million negative fuck never
be on a rack nobody’s gonna buy gonna
buy a shit I beg to differ
that’s bigger differently English album
and a Latin album it’s come as soon as
this nigga get out of jail nigga fact
toys then they got a mega deal
so snitches get riches my snitch don’t
get significant nowaday man I should
have think of the past man all you
niggas trying to do the g-code shit I’m
gonna be salad yeah you’re just the only
nigga Maggie’s telling you make killers
it snitching
they got I’ve been through it nigga I
ain’t gonna say it some nigga
I never seen some situation heard about
some situations when a hitter the hitter
than told on everybody man how you gonna
be a killer do your thing and dance
Knicks on a motherfucker that pays you a
sent you to do it
that’s some crazy shit man period that’s
some crazy shit man but the head is a
snitch now nigga so good luck if the
killers that should make anybody just
Nick hey you’re gonna get outta kill you
you telling all right nigga taint man
she good luck out there my nigga good
the fuck luck
snitch nerve in a Spanish name snitch no
mm-hmm generation trash did the 10
million with the sesame street name
snitch records – definitely snitch car
and write a lot records all that shit me
Rainbow Brite Rainbow Brite strikes cup
just want to tap in on that let’s have
no breaking news boys got two names over
y’all laughs and you can stalking all
that shit boy nigga laughs into the bank
so is that nigga matter
right now ain’t got wait till you get
out that bag of calories right niggas a
military-issue uncle
they fuck this baby mom it was a wiretap
yeah they did fuckers be him
somebody did we or Europe yuck mouth
shit one I got problems personal issues
with my passport you know I mean yeah
we’ll get it together
no shit what about long you yo for this
string Hey niggas is telling extra
strange man you never know man niggas is
reporting strange man it’s a lot of
YouTube Wars going on man out there I
see niggas reporting niggas dreams
police appearing that niggas houses this
shit know what’s going on out there in
the YouTube world man Chinese get it
together youtubers youtubers man his
wild the two is loose
ATL on the tap in ICU my nigga my hele
niggas out here who aside so he signed
to his old record label I guess probably
saying recollect will him a trippy rebel
side to it so I guess they be signed to
nigga for 10 arrows
kids out there don’t take this as a lick
like me I’m gonna get with some big
motherfuckers and snitch on them and
think you’re gonna get 10 million it’s
not gonna happen they he’s a different
dude come on the blow hang around these
dope dealers stop rapping snitch a
hoarder motherfucker they sign me for 10
million do not think that’s the lick
money you will get killed
playing with these niggas dick anybody
ain’t like get on me no disrespect in
New York but y’all got a lot of famous
snitches out there man he’s still
walking around like nothing happened man
so you know I mean it ain’t like New
York man seven points in New York would
they let the famous snitches come out
and be a famous again they get like
other parts of the United States they
will fuck you up
period you know I mean you will get a
demo tape please please listen to my
demo Pete Pete Pete but please listen to
my demo
a lot of famous rats man period scene
American Gangster Frank Lucas you know I
made Frank Lucas came snitching on
motherfuckers with a KKK mask oh my I’ll
poke you gotta meet you back there
come on man snitch now and up there it’s
a lie come on there’s a lot of you know
that’s everywhere though that ain’t just
New York man New York just got the
famous once it’s a lot of snitches in a
buddy neighborhood just walking around
like ain’t shit happen so New York just
got the famous niggas you know the world
wide world right now
you know yeah I’ll go out right now and
you take a photo shoots Harlem there you
like nothing happened
mm-hmm Thanks yeah Sammy the bull Thanks
all the big boys are the big boys game
from out there man especially Sammy I
think it took out the Mafia what the
fuck and famous that shit got movies
books all types of shit there come on
so why you think that that would be cool
for everybody else to be released from
prison out there on the East Coast and
be not be hated and the cops are gonna
come out and beat public enemy number
one I don’t believe that shit willing
beginning like how the snitch is out
there just walking around like ain’t
shit happen they cold connect dig and
signed with label not signed but you
know doing business with record label
people and shitting you know managing
people and shit all tightening right
back in the loop you know I made
something I give a fuck about that you
know me so I don’t think they’re gonna
fuck about Takashi that’s what I was
mainly saying now they got ten M’s nigga
scoobadood me back to be buddy bebop
straight to the bank on y’all ass knee
on that baby mama – fuck you bitch you
testified on – you put all my shit over
that fuck your bitch Darla’s over bitch
I’m back baby’s mama how the mash they
stay down stop fucking all the side
niggas been little young ass nigga don’t
even look our age now nigga baby daddy
got the ten engine it’s left to a quick
bitch should stay down
hmm been greater later
but how does anybody get these ten M’s
and get a little too uh we’re gonna be
on probation so angle beer to go
overseas like the Dominican Republic and
all that shit like he would like to you
don’t be out here somewhere secluded
with armored motherfucking body soup
security nigga period where armor ball
houses housing they get on the walls
armored windows egged ain’t bulletproof
nigga remember fifty when he got his
money they’re gonna need a bulletproof
everything niggas a bride with
bulletproof everything they get under
get bulletproof vests on stage nigga
that’s the car you gonna rock the
bulletproof on stage nigga and do its
thing period fast the rainbow
bulletproof doors gonna be a hell of
rainbow colors this shit though but it’s
gonna be bulletproof
gonna be a real bulletproof nigga nigga
take a K bullets all this shit like the
most superior bitch Oh nigga old stage
these fats they figure deal
10 million my nigga then it figures
alright guess not guess not no guess
that counted wrong TMZ hey that’s it –
Mills ain’t worth you know your mic
don’t wear you got a price on your head
hmm hey lot of niggas got prices over
here supposedly make shit happen yet hmm
oh no they’re not doing a motherfucking
track you say you’re gonna have a bullet
pool panties y’all niggas crazy the
military laughing at them numbers
negative stuff frisbee out ten hams he’s
still a plant yeah I think he’s still a
I shit alright and they got them 10th
Ames then you don’t get out and doing
stuff later yeah I’m gonna be honest
concepts and everything the alibis album
it’s American album in its Latin album
they got by they’re both naked
yeah turning up y’all doing all this
shit y’all gonna get your hair all
painting and shit watch when you come
you’re gonna be cold y’all gonna figure
the most official thug nigga cuz he
actually went to prison to the face so
he you know he thought doubt he actually
went to jail did a bitch so y’all gonna
pick he helmet tough went to jail it
came out of state yeah good and
protective cousin you could do that
walking that Yard Man you come home
freshly clean man without no cuts no
nothing on your man you’re good you walk
that y’all are there you are on taxes
buck fifties and shitty all types of
shit come across your face nigga getting
out of jail nigga definitely Rikers
Island they got buck fifty your arm
nigga fact he was getting buck fifty and
fights let alone the snitch she good
luck my boy we got killed him on the
main line facts Nicky Barnes I thought
it was yes Nikki born them not Frank
Lucas biggie boss
I said Frank no my back Nicky Barnes you
know Nicky Barnes came with the mask on
KKK black man so eating like a
motherfucker eating like a motherfucker
boy woof BT fingers as many I want to go
home I want to go home et phone home you
want to go home but eating on there yeah
hey he said Mickey snitch – damn yeah
Takashi whoa no you niggas don’t like I
bullshitting he the win-win we thought
he ran the biggest Aiona nigga turn down
L to the biggest W my nigga
on that note I’m out this motherfucker
got my TV subscribe to your
motherfucking guy new episode of smoke
live radio dropping tomorrow with a
residue right Julian and my James man
it’s gonna be a dope ass episode man
guys stay tuned for that man I just had
to tap in on his breaking motherfucking
news man now boy I got 10 M’s naked eyes
ship out for haters I shit shit I step
your weight up next hey dummy get it I’m
out this motherfucking nation I’m attack
back in which
I just had to do a little breaking news
right quick in and out like a robbery
man yeah I go back to work nigga got it
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