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yeah boy speak on it and I can live-chat
went to get you not me let’s let them
notification bells go out mate subscribe
to your god nation after the smoker life
ok bro get this shit the smoke like 15
your dick yeah we going in tonight man I
need to see a committee in this
motherfucker ain’t sack gonna me
definitely need a nation in this
motherfucker make keep our boots laced
you’re on me yeah man late night nigga
no fuck with his goddamn I need the
speed heat there’s monk of a nice I fuck
with that name of cashing out I got on
the game today
I know veteran motherfucker need teach
me out uh the dripping his mother fucker
though it’s hard to drift late night boy
you know I’m oh my god Letterman you
know I always do the late night hike
when the kids asleep
you know I’m a wifey asleep
wait wait wait wait wait he up uh but
again hey my sleep man back then we’ll
try right quick see what y’all doing you
know I made late night man my bad gonna
smoke a lot radio – man I made some
technical difficulties going on far as
our editing man we are my new episode
with sling Johnson we filmed it with
another guy so getting the footage – my
main guy and we just hard to decipher
what you know I may have to put it
together well you didn’t film this shit
like putting a motherfucking cross wood
or a fucking puzzle together good luck
on putting that shit together so he got
a hand pick and see what story go by
what story and all this shit so it’s a
lot man so hopefully we had that shit up
this week man
you know next week we back in the mix
period we still on vacation niggas only
vacation time you know I mean holiday
vacation oh you know Thanksgiving and
all that shit you know definitely get
prepare for Christmas and shake out the
Christmas tree and all that thing going
yeah man
but again man yeah we smoked with our
radio man we’d be back this week
hopefully with a new one
we got hella shit
all the episodes this is a motherfucking
on better cut so we do have off days we
could do shit like you know I mean and
put them up and I mean so when we go off
for Christmas when we black out for
Christmas for a couple of weeks man we
definitely gonna have them episodes
where we could post you know I mean
definitely got episodes hella dope
episodes we just gotta add it up so we
good dude stay tuned smoke allow radio
good bitch yeah we got hella Kate oh
shit – tapping it with Kate oh just got
about three new episodes for his shit so
yeah we work in my name period we
working he said what are all those boxes
behind you those are pops no the Pops
make those are collectibles well that
collectibles you feel me those are toys
collectible toys okay
you’re not me motherfuckers man you get
the right one baby make a lot of money
off the motherfuckers matter no the ones
that got right there it’s the right one
get about four five years the
motherfuckers gonna be all work like
$1,000 each and they tear the big thing
Thanks nah but I I’m a cartoonist man
sir I love the pops marry remind me um
people that was in my art school man I
used to draw that and animate type of
shit you know I mean and that type of
John is shit so remind me of my art
school homeboy so I collect when they go
down EP I collect figurines period
fucking Dragonball Z all that shit make
uh ya know that’s big range yeah I got
to say man these ain’t easy to build and
said I take about the box half a battle
when you do a couple there’s a couple of
day out the box
niggas to be there through the tap in
the right quick may see where everybody
tapping in man with the time this
motherfucker I see you boy
they said wax went off on it on T I open
that that’s a classic
we gotta speak on that man speak on it
that was uh that was the ugly one man I
was only one man god damn North Vegas in
this motherfucker
we come sneak out of it Carson in his
bitch what’s happening with Carson I see
you nigga get out of me
okay Jacksonville Florida I see what the
motherfucking of its uh the bridge aces
nigga Bri v8 it everything Compton in
the house
Sam town is motherfuck I see you set
uh-huh okay Kansas I see you nigga
Sydney on tap in from overseas let’s see
you boy who does have matching like a
motherfucker with this goddamn shirt I
know that bladed got damn leg ahead go
got it up my mother go brilliant with
this motherfucker shirt you know where I
got the clout shit because uh without a
motherfuckers trace of a clap they do
anything for 12 man the first month
we’re gonna do anything for clouds back
Bobby bring your ass for the
motherfucking podium you cite the five
and baptized in the fuck I’m baptized
this bitch in the phone make period make
hate out your bag
exorcising demons that somebody bitch
holy water bitch put a hold on the white
bitch get the demon out the way bitch
mom the exorcism I’ve been got a lot of
heat coming from that side of the couch
bitch how dare you back by I don’t know
what the fuck that another fuck your
name is
ba ba ba ba ba bitch Odom’s rolled up so
you see the shit made the bitch got the
real the real deal real deal hood Grace
when you’ve got the little gold little
shits on it
know some real braids right then there’s
an equal braids there’s some real
Shaniqua likely shit Tanisha
Shaniqua Tasha I’m some real
motherfucking Kimberly braids right
there my nigga straight out the hood –
yeah a little gold shits on the boys
official tissue ah yeah I got straight
here y’all want to be white
slow down turbo this bitch said black
chicks want to be white because they got
straight hair oh my god
the dumbest shit out of heard all day
obviously he’s bit well you don’t learn
the right history in school anyway but
obviously this bitch never did no
research on black people big black
afro-latin afro India yeah I mean just
yeah you did the history man you got
people out here I have relatives with
straight hair that’s Indian and black
straight here like a motherfucker
straight here Danny no perm me no curl
kick no that shit straight in
I got Indian pure Indian family straight
head like a motherfucker no palm no none
of that shit they black black afro
Indian black Indian whatever you want to
come hey black a birdís or whatever
Aborigine whatever you want to call them
they black with straight fucking head
okay then you’ve got the Afro legs you
got the Dominicans in there I mean
another fucking Puerto Ricans straight
hitting some not all some natural
straight hair no perm Oh none of that
shit so bad Bobby shut the fuck up
you rap let alone that’s black if you
want to do the race card shit you’re
right that’s black your name want to be
Nicki Minaj that’s black you’re the way
you acting your whole attitude the whole
ratchet shit that’s black white women
don’t act like you if you want to go
there I’m just saying man it’s always
the motherfucker when they get put on
black oh no Maggie are you do you are
you gonna fucking rag doll by the bottle
retard open up my other bitch ain’t when
the car retired a minute you can’t talk
about nobody man but about other baby oh
the baby rag dogs your ass already you
don’t want the black females a rag dunk
they gonna be no rag doll you gonna get
your ass sleep slid on your waiting I’m
telling you you can’t ragdoll by the
Mickey Mickey whoa thinking whoa Joann
Wow whoa nigga imagine one of these
hood rat chicks but actual concert wait
for us backstage walk by and grab
embrace and tangle your ass up with the
brains man I’m just saying thank you
better watch it bad Bobby you probably
could beat up your mama but you can’t
beat up biggie wolf did you go do it
shit Nick my lucky shot
Monisha Monique Charisse fucked up by
Mickey whoa Mickey whoa Joey whoa shit
whoa whoa Joe shit on me woke you shit
up she won’t shit whoa whoa Joe sit up
then the fuck out here you know no black
shit the fuck you over
I just stopped by you ahead baby Barry
you can beat up your mama you can’t beat
up in black chicks with that drummer
tell you nothing when everyone fucking
bad Celine on a face they take the
earrings and sit up and pull a hair back
and put that motherfucking in a book
it’s a rap it’s all good oh I don’t
watch my big system beef Oh bitches up
at one time straight pull the
motherfucking the bad my sister have a
bag you don’t think she ain’t never had
a fight she bragged on these bitches
pitbulls make it but she back hey don’t
fuck with Annie she put that
motherfucker Vaseline on her face if I
come up and got them earrings and pony
her shit up you got problems nigga got
issue this you gotta hell it rings ring
on every finger like brass knuckles my
nigga good luck you got there raising
things boy fuck your life up another
that bitch doh
sanctify that bitch make holy water get
the hate out your blood get the demons
that’s bad it bitch you did mm-hmm
fuck that dusty bitch see you does say
it anyway I don’t know how y’all there
huh be a star anyway
but how did this bitches that’s the plan
now I see academics and them talking
about plants a power plant that’s the
fucking plant a bitch that just went
viral from talking shit on Maury or
whatever talk show she was on Jerry
Springer some shit like that now this
bitch down listen to this bitch music
and y’all cut this bitch never rapped
the verse another life down the
motherfuckers that seen that she got a
buzz when Michael put this money behind
write your rhymes in you see this carbon
copy shit that’s going down there y’all
like it yeah this bitch has a real
hip-hop career it has nigger I should
probably glad I bet I don’t know her
sales but I bet one of our singles is
probably play why you bullshit and I’ve
heard her shit the music that give it up
ain’t that bad ain’t that bad ain’t that
bad at all you know I made some day mate
y’all keep ladies fake-ass imitator
hip-hop motherfuckers come in as soon as
they get checked
they always want to put a motherfucking
race car so I keep on telling you man no
matter how many motherfuckers come in
and hey I’m hippity hoppity hop e they
always gonna take your nigga man and
that bitch basically said that shit so
many words you want to be white nigga
that’s what she said you got straight
here you want to be white nigga
that’s what she said and somebody worked
she could have said you know what my
homegirl Shaniqua did had his brains
like last week oh that girl that shit
popping I need me some whatever and I
fuck with my whole girl man you know we
from the ground away your nose that’s my
bitch I would accept that water you say
hey you can’t say only black people have
braids in that case you want to be white
bitch you bet it you show to hurt nigga
you’re reaching nigga
I don’t you trying to get something out
your backpack but you’re reaching are
you reaching like a motherfucker
you know what Beyonce did I really like
what Beyonce did it because when Beyonce
did that shit all these bitches start
getting braced notice that Beyonce came
with the brace to the back into the all
that shit makes me know how these
bitches Kim K all these bins got French
braids but the bitch
try to not say trying to not get props
ooh I got my game but not David do but
some some type of some nigga from I
don’t know what the fuck nature name she
saying but uh it wasn’t
Duke Ellington no no what the fuck type
of name was stuck my Duke Ellington
grades out of your key okay
it’s a man be honest a man is one of my
best friends my best friend but when our
family friends you know yeah uh j-rock
with each other that bitch came through
with them braids take a bag in one time
man I deGrasse up period the blond ones
that dad not just a regular black ones
but the blonde ones that is that what
she had I need the blonde braids so I
entered a Beyonce start that shit that
made it hot again for you chicks I mean
real chicks another never stopped
wearing brace period but I’m talking
about forest industry bitches
Beyonce make that shit hot and all these
little white chicks and whatever other
chicks doing it that’s cool there ain’t
no problem with it nobody said you can’t
wear braids bad Bobby but motherfuckers
said that doesn’t get your braids and I
mention equal brace Jim we’re not white
girl brace I’m saying why probably have
pigtails and shit ponytails and shit on
tights and cute little ponytails
that ain’t what white girls with that’s
our big you say black people don’t got
straight hair since wish now I’ve been
like bad Bobby is although let’s see
what y’all talking about is this would
you she was on dr. Phil ok dr. Phil I
don’t know her so but I’ll fucker huh
yeah help me alright the business on dr.
Phil Saint shit Jake’s ring whatever the
fuck she owned therefore disrespected
her money this bitch is the biggest I
mean since fucking uh what’s all grown
up from the town be nasty in there mr.
motherfucking white female little little
not like eg an M or L somebody little
young young pack out of yolks this sheet
of biggest obstacle V not seeing them
period fast now you’re about to go out
like be nasty be now she’s like yeah can
say nigga cuz I’m from Oakland and my
people know of thee slow down turbo
slow down turbo
and that shit they sit down quick so bad
Baba back bye-bye alien call it baby
bad Baba take a pay you got a crash on
and then book man well you are a white
artist and hip-hop don’t disrespect the
black car cuz that’s gonna get your ass
beat oh like a motherfucking politic
being against people that’s game you
know what I don’t like gay people are
Nicki out of here do you bear may be
proud to move out the country to get
lost a job all that shit you go against
the the letter community and LGBTQ are
autumn chicks that got mo mother fuckin
been a gang mo letters in the game so
they get though of hell is shit on your
ass but anyway you disrespecting a
motherfucker you hope and you ain’t no
coming back
so in hip-hop will you go against the
culture that you’re doing and you top
that shit oh man good luck far as the
black audience know you know you’re
gonna have you’re definitely gonna have
your you you know got your audience they
did what the black audience like fuck
you if you don’t pill to us manage am I
even doing it you know because you want
to do it to be the hip-hop Awards you
might do it to get the Grammys all that
shit then acknowledge me you want to do
all this shit me on world tours and shit
who are you talking with and I’ll be off
this white artists you gotta do shows
like oh man don’t shoot yourself in the
foot before you start the race you
didn’t like slow down you did well to
the next make let that little girl Henry
shit man you little kids hell off the
hook yeah how the disrespect
you said okay you say all my woman my
family got here to go down to my back
okay I dig that Amsterdam in the house
you better be smoking motherfucker
Amsterdam in the house maybe I better be
smoking some super skunk over there a
k47 shit out there
yeah got some shit out there my niggas
at the greenhouse not fuck with the
greenhouse heavy definitely shout out
the greenhouse yeah I’ve been on ice
today I’m a few times I love it love it
out there st. Paul it on the lake Cappy
and I see you nigger I see you brother
he said no yep showed he right automate
dude wanted to bait now I’m gonna tell
you this I was waiting for one of you
motherfuckers in the bank about the long
hair shit now first cosmetics let’s get
the cosmetics shit going actually the
Pampas is you could go back to the way
back to the 30s a kind of club type of
days and you’re gonna see black woman
with straight hair so it ain’t nothing
new period been going down forever
period did they get the idea from white
women fuck no you know an Africa you
next to India you’re next Indian people
you’re next
you’re not admitting you next uh Arabic
people damn straight hair you don’t
think like and then when you bottom shit
when you buying Harris from India Indian
people so that’s more to influence I
think then now skin lightening cream
what they doing it in Africa try and
make they self like and shit in the
bathtub scrape it off they want to be
white but I don’t think every black
person that got a fucking perm said I
want to be white no they want they shit
straight so they could do a style curl
it whatever they had to do but it had to
be straight and turn then they was able
to do their styles and all that
so the straighter always been in you
know I mean period straighter always
been there for women um when it start
going towards men was like the 70s like
the 70s different late sixties and
seventies the disco era get out me disco
slash introduction to hip-hop era you
know everybody still wearing iPhones or
shit black power shit
but once that disco era different 70s
that shit hit everybody to start you
know perming out you know niggas had
Jerry krills
females that held it straight here I
didn’t had a half oh no mo you know I
made it straight here going exact perms
of shit niggas at all types of wild
cherry juice born in a shit bed surely
I’ll take some wild shit what they hear
man so the niggers want to be white too
because they got think perms that shit I
was called pimping man niggas the pimps
that long-haired man long layin mains
you know me period
I ain’t no one pimp nigga that said he
got a perm because he wanted to be like
a white leg I wait all white men I wait
you know that still ISM you know main
period I think back in the day females
started man with straight hair
what’s cute so the picnic is using all
his tools brothers his car his head his
looks the way he dress is mine a color
using all the tubes the bitches like
straight hair she sleep sleep when
there’s a Pippin and I froze that shit
so brain that was shit but at the end of
day she could say that before no
you know I mean cuz niggas got in their
ass but she’s got black because she was
on their shit talking that shit now
that’s that’s what keeping it real goes
yo yo she like yeah you bad bitches you
talk about my braids but that’s it you
want to be white cuz you got straight
oh so white people is the only one with
straight here in the fucking world
I’ll wait
that was a strong one that was a strong
one that was a strong one
bad Bobby need to shut the fuck up and
finish high school that’s what she need
to do cuz she obviously don’t know what
the fuck you talkin about
period own to the next men done by that
bitch I don’t even like talking about
females like that anyway man but I just
wanted to you know I mean tell her shut
the fuck up man come to the podium we
get dipped with some holy water this
exercise has a monthly beams out your
body right now oh cool on to the next
man oh the game born Iraq dope ass
motherfucking album man got better good
game some love man that album is
motherfucking whoa actually came
left-field that was a dope ass album and
um love album – and it’s crazy because
Kanye came with the seventh song fuck he
discovered a little Sam I saw a Yowie
cheap motherfuckin short now a nigga
give you a 23 so I let him up fuck it
too long man I’m gonna send something
okay and push the T for the seven song
albums now they want seven so albums
Kanye just amaze away like literally
niggas was about to start doing like
five that means five to seven song Adams
because the attention pan is spinning so
motherfucking show it that a nigger
listen to your first three songs back go
to the next I want to know Johnny
whatever the fuck they’re gonna go crazy
on some new one to song listen they on
to the next Monday King ain’t gonna
listen for 23 songs straight but I did I
had I was riding a high ride back so I
wrote half the album on the first hour
ride and the other half roll me back
home so that was a long-ass album but it
was dope dope is fucked uh the
production was crazy man first thing I
want to shout out was the production on
that out
that production was like I don’t know
whatever that shit came up well it
seemed my he was sitting around
motherfucking a kindling to Kendrick
Lamar crew when they made that if these
walls to talk cuz that whole I’m sound
like that literally had that type of
like far as the singing madam hooks and
him saying is he had on that
motherfucker was incredible two features
the twenty one savage the nipsey
motherfucking dedication with nipsey on
there I mean with a J stone on there the
nipsey song I mean he got some shit on
their uncle fuck would you know I made
it remakes he did like oh man yeah a
manic gang for this one man born Iraq
that couples bullshit though hella
pregnant bitches and shit rolling
blesses should I want fill in the cover
but that goddamn album fucks the cover
don’t even look at that code just listen
to the album man I’m gonna forget how
I’m banging from beginning to
motherfucking in period man shout out
the game you got a dope ass album even
though I used to beef with him back in
the day we’ve been squashed and shit so
you got them bringing done that shit up
man a real nigga gonna keep it real
theory you know I mean game always
they’re dope even before we was beef and
I admired his skills you got me like
this just niggas them and he proved that
he’s a fucking animal so Dan today that
he does a lot of shenanigans shit that
people don’t like like a lot of artists
do shit that yeah I don’t write
especially me I want to and I mean
period but when it comes to this music
man yeah I gotta give props where props
is due that nigga dope they say no no uh
no uh you know I mean I wouldn’t even
give it up peer you all right no nigga
like that I don’t ride dick I don’t do
none of that shit period for what you
know me peepers web out of AA little
sodium diet you know me but this boy
woof ok wait to do the gas of the trash
that smoke a lot already ill next week
let’s see what the fam think about it
because we had gang mixtape and uh Cato
gave up mouth fucking cuz we gas at a
transit K don’t get extra – 89
you know 91 my pride you know 91 my 89
little sodium alright so I want to see
what he get this one this one that’s
full blast for this thing shout out the
game hey he said low-sodium hey gang got
a cool ass album yeah he said I liked it
23 song get a keypad you can take this
is on there yep you see yeah okay that’s
the only one that song that I heard that
and sound kind of familiar
but man he got some amazing
motherfucking hooks and singing and
Beatson and he’s rapping his ass off
he’s on his brother son I don’t know
what do you say verbatim with something
like that man man damn know how many
times I were to say that to my son but
not in a rap sacrifice oh my god damn
things that I’d already met honorary
member of the regime I’m crazy man yeah
hella crazy niggas a Harlem gonna check
him no disrespect man don’t disrespect
it nobody cares man but why do Harlem
like that man oh yeah that song dissing
his bros heartbroken like Oh
like damn my nigga said my dad and even
bury a us for money my daddy ain’t even
in the dirt yeah I’m like oh they’re not
fulfill that not from family members
look I mean not from immediately
no shit immediate family to me and my
sister them beef you know I mean like
right when my dad died we’d be you know
I mean it just now getting our shit
together so like hey it could happen you
know I mean period you know family you
know I mean family feels for real they
can happen then watch it with your uh
with your motherfucking on siblings you
know I mean with your brothers and
sisters that’s what happened to most you
know I mean because y’all gotta live
with each other day to day growing up
and shit all that shit you know I mean
so you know some time that she could be
hateful it could be love you know I mean
both wait but we all still family
regardless at the end of the day blood
is thicker than water so nothing is
perfect you don’t have ripples in
anything and doing life period rather is
family relationships whether it’s a
relationship with your significant other
your girlfriend or whatever relationship
with the people get folks relationship
with you everything on bump heads
eventually period it’s how you earned it
out and get past it you know I mean so
yeah my see he’s getting past this shit
by you know I mean like you know like
music is therapy you know I mean like a
motherfucker can’t really talk it shit’s
it to everybody but you’re going that
back they talk your shit you know I mean
okay man now y’all hear you know I mean
like so I think he was there purely
Cornell why he wanted to release some
shit in any and it took a long time you
hear that nigga disses brother ever ever
ever ever this is the nigga last album
you know you don’t get this you don’t
get these balls on this last
motherfucking album the oldest to dances
was dr. documentary bear the other woman
this city is is way back but big man you
gotta get this last man I see his
brother responded on IG I don’t know
what he said verbatim but
yeah he was finding that’s all I know
did he know yeah but um getting gotta go
back out besides daddy I’m going hard on
his son and his brother moco this is
dope I’m over the Delta Theory mm-hmm
good shit guy you killed it putting on
for the West definitely this brother
look like a Fat Joe rule oh fuck you
okay ICAC want to be a part of the sig
committee this nigga said his brother
look like a fat ja rule boy ain’t
fucking with you tonight
Agee what the fuck are you own brother
fuck is a Geo
you see through the love of Melly
all right plan with you there you play
too much but let’s get to this whack 100
shit man enough for the gang shit man go
get that shit get on me this dope if you
and lyrics and um you know a lot of shit
you know melodic beats and shit cruising
and shit
you know I mean you got a long little
Drive and shit ride that motherfucker
man you write that bitch all the way
till you get there period definitely two
hours worth of material yeah
all right 100 members GI oh I need the
committee in here now man I’m about to
get on that Griselda I’m gonna get on
that tomorrow man yeah wack ain’t
playing well I don’t what fuck is over
whack man why do it at the ti out there
like damn – yeah I met tick he’d put a
tip it was giving tips TI on the
commotion number said whatever the
number was at a LIFO two four five
regular we need to do was one 800 photo
phone tips then it was like a 1-800
photo to 255 but the other ones just one
800 photo tips like I damn
leave that boy wet bit up Lana
leave that boy alone man leave oh man
let that thing out of its own fucking
opinion but it looks like this then who
gives a fuck like why us concerned about
this man opinion like who cares
I got act like this shit is law like
okay imagine all the motherfucking
trolls only only the keyboard you know I
mean us hide behind a dance board
oh they fuckin keyboarder they didn’t
mean a phone they doing on his children
shit you know me don’t show they face
and their nigga hide we daren’t me this
nigga ain’t man he stay on this wiring
that’s how I feel that’s like fucking
feel man period who cares like why are
you so concerned about how this nigga
feel I don’t care me personally I don’t
give a fuck
that’s just another man’s opinion one
person opinion at that what make it so
fucking important and where niggas are
man I know it’s disrespect his opinions
are total disrespect definitely from the
pump to the nip thing
total fucking disrespect somebody
definitely should say something but that
need to be immediately inter cruel Mike
the game you know I mean like game or
this people like whack you know I mean
you know I’ll fucking pop you know I got
popped at it you know fucking nip nip on
the house you know I mean start them out
it need to be somebody that’s close in a
circle not niggas that don’t fuck with
them you know I mean period and then far
as the de nip disrespect I say it need
to be somebody from Bay camp checking
them instead of everybody else’s opinion
saying with the outlaw situation with
what with the pie I think somebody from
the the outlaw camp should check that
situation said everybody else getting in
business that they don’t need to get in
period so like having his own opinion
who gives a fuck who gives a fuck
everybody got a pan but we don’t focus
on nobody else opinion but this negative
pain now how many niggas disrespect
a day that we don’t just post on
everywhere on TMZ and shit nobody cared
by Adam 22 if I care about what these
trolls are saying but him I don’t care I
don’t give a fuck wouldn’t say no more
the first I was mad yeah I made of
course give out to me everybody mad cuz
it disrespect but I said man with his
own opinion I’m tired of people try to
make him change his opinion that’s
what’s a big I said the pea rock with
your theory I’m not gonna try to say hey
man you’re wrong don’t you don’t don’t
nigga still be like hey nigga this
outfit okay that’s how you film I’m done
I’m over I’m over the shit period he
feels some type of way about it feel
some type of way about pop that’s all
period now he feels some way about it
and that’s the illness one may slid to
he slid that nigga blade easily a tip
all along his motherfucking watch that
guy damn tip ouch he fucked tip up he
fuck tip all the way over there nigga
put that commercial what I did on the
second pose he put the one we went
intensify put the shit the shootout
didn’t EGIS it all types of shit about
how a nigga get caught with all them
girls 5,000 XE pills and all he doing
here and some probation my nigga he said
that’s unheard of that’s like a 30-year
case where he’s from
gang car with them type of guns nigga
one of them guns and they keep doing 5
10 years they got caught with a whole
truckload full of them motherfuckers
Silas’s all types of legal clips illegal
guns all types of how about shit a year
I’m not gonna say nothing because I
ain’t got no paperwork but that sound
fishy I don’t say nothing about nobody
unless you have paperwork now wag did
show paperwork and out of that case not
in the gun case but he show paperwork of
when the shootout happened when he
testified you know that II saw it’s on
you know get shot or whatever that could
be questioning you know I mean that
could be like you say that could be your
own that’s the pinna so where they
subpoena you to come to court because
you were there you know I mean all the
people that were there subpoenaed to
come talk about the shit I don’t know
you know I mean that could be a fishy
you know I mean but any nigga on the
stand talking any shit is testifying
period I’m gonna fuck up as a testified
is about something was there to testify
whatever you vouch and you still
snitching on the other party regardless
if you balance it for what happened to
your homeboy well what they did is still
dry snitching on them regardless and you
so why was full blown with this one yeah
II have receipts when a nigga got
receipts all you could do is like me she
shit me let me say you shitting me back
that’s how you say shit that’s all
you’re saying man like yeah goddamn I
brought that place they tipped in
respond five tip I would have put all
the paperwork on it nigga what okay what
maybe this what I paid my lawyer I would
have show the whole statement they get
woo this is where the cops are getting
here nigga
I’m paid nigga half a mil you know nigga
man I paid up no your mother fuck
dollars and lawyer fees when I got I
would have busted all that shit now I
want to prove why I got a year they spit
this I submit that I had to pay any
older million to yelling a million
enough fucking rest no no not a million
100,000 or some crazy shit like that
yeah dependent restitution or whatever
finds a hundred thousand and five so on
top of that that wouldn’t be like nigga
you know how much it cost them think I
had to get it that the motherfucking
Atlanta Johnnie Cochran there you know
how much this nigga cost let me show you
my bill negative I would have printed oh
that shit out whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo if I
was to nigga how did I get that deal
it’s called a good lawyer nigga in a
million dollars may be spent on try one
time you did shout out my nigga Oh Jack
sit with a one-man eating nigga like me
right there like what you pay man quit
that shit out of this gold man soda
thing would have cake what it costs to
beat a catch like this man hey biggest
and not the juice shit out money go
Jamie hey sit down period variation
showed all the lawyer retainer fees how
much it costs to beat that fucking case
late 1.5 but on top of the hundred and
five so one point six the check out the
mix nigga try one day said I’m gonna go
Jay that’s why I said it did it then no
I think I said the original juice man I
fuck with you but stay committee to
build a car the nigga oj the original
juice man yeah they got because they
cool mellow J out me didn’t ya crazy
skills list this man is not mean this
holiday season man this is a recipes
Johnnie Cochran oh my god if you say
that good man
I couldn’t get Johnny man but uh that’s
a decent Johnnie Cochran he’ll let you
know man these can be beat you know me
shut up my nigga Snoop Dogg man how’d it
go at the bar oh that shit of all the
niggas that beat murderers and shit that
took a hell of money to beat minutes how
many soup that’s the murder Nick and
they get no time still paid to a day
yeah I mean II probably did a date let’s
do paddy start gonna try and get a day
in jail tip got a year at least he
wasn’t here in the fares my nigga Oh Jay
he was only arrested doing the trap
period he don’t know none of that
then they got free write up that shit
they don’t fit you can’t acquit yeah
just think of free right after the
maybe they got Preston they get
everything wait for this nigga to get
out of jail they get that night nigga
period it don’t fit you must have quit
so he went sat down and really did some
time man summer can be mm-hmm
nobody did summer camp it’s in the face
how about called jail summer camp
because you see all you think as you
grew up with and I mean so this summer
camp in the fist you not me
that’s so mean to a lot of niggas in a
pricy meet up in there you never know
he’s seen up in there man but he’s
definitely not his buddies in there
no no it’s summer camp man back boys he
I’ve seen the nigga tip reply with some
shit some cartoons shit from nowadays
these days and some shit had some some
fans like begging for autograph I love
you a dinner on the other one had like
typing a shit fuck you whatever you
don’t believe me most people to you a
Libra man to tip the scale man when they
take the scale it son turned up my nigga
that nigga whack take tea he tilted the
scale my nigga don’t not a laugh this
scale to be tilted maybe we are balanced
niggas leave as we balance we understand
the bad and we understand a good nigga
but once they get mo bad digging man
took the scale Sonico their fuck you
talking about tit give them all by some
give more advice from the kids that
nigga that rat yo son get more bites
from him nigga with the dress you should
tell you strategically what to do right
now these days for the mean game man
your daughter the daughter you’re taking
it adopter get some advice on how to
make some memes and responses to niggas
you know I mean that’s trolling you know
get some game and kiss the lace your
shoes man give you a me my dad hit the
nigger with that hit him with that dad
there do the research fuck you these
kids are computer literate literary shit
he say whack is a clown if you think any
skills ever in his favor you a clown to
hold up slow that nigga I said me and
tip are libres we keep a balance scale
when a nigga tip my skill that mean we
mad we calm niggas but if they took the
scale we get mad that’s when we turn it
up that’s what I mean they I mean I mean
you’re talking about so I’m about a
Libra I talk about what no I’m talking
about us
our anger management they go once if you
took the scale we turn it up period
don’t tell our scale that’s what I’m
talking about I talked about will whack
tilted the skillet again no TI skilled
that tilting he need to turn it up
period we leave which we don’t tolerate
niggas tilting escape we want you to be
even piri-piri if you think whack it’s
on the scale of anybody that you are
this thing leave a game we some of the
most understanding motherfuckers because
we understand a bad in a good and we
even a shit out period we great life
coaches great relationship coaches all
that shit because we know the bad and
the good and we could give you a great
suggestion period so with him it’s like
bro you you let a nigga took this scale
that’s renegade motor that’s when all
the Libra should leave out you you know
I mean you took that skill nigga turn
into an animal serious finders wait for
him to turn it to the animal that I turn
it to when a nigga took my scale
Peter nigga took my skill no Frank Ocean
Madison rap there we go we going it then
we go on there and you know not to bring
up the game but eats up to my scale well
we uh when a nigga did that I got a
medal on it out the blue and we was cool
at the club nigga by the quickest
response in hip-hop history nigga 45
minutes think it was own motherfucking
our sick sickness doc neck all hip-hop
calm in 45 minutes after this nigga drop
this shit the quickest in history nigga
and then the next one was the first
video straight to YouTube out of rappers
out of hip-hop niggas nigga
period befo soldier boy name so yeah
buddy yeah we went there but he took my
scale so I had to go there Artemus take
50 said my perspective me
it was dope at that time was at the top
of the game
so I’m bagging a shit – like without
blood I did it shit happen the bull
should happen so we had to go there you
know me so it’s no more beef now but I’m
just speaking on a situation I took to
my scale you see how I responded period
tip the worst thing and I don’t went
through it the worst thing that ever
says you a snitch teary listening period
back so for you not to respond it and
clear it up you’re making it seem like
it’s official you know I mean so well my
fucking save your shit about tonight
when I got round meeting up with sure
that they’re the fucking of the fucking
rouse tonight I got right they keep
bringing it up you know I mean you
snitch you snitch where’s the paperwork
my brother and then secondly who’s in
jail so I got mouth case I’ll wait
should’ve been in jail for hell alone
when have you ever heard well you sure
his life go for robbery your mouth for
extra charges good at it I wait so when
you say fiction about you you gotta
defend it you know I mean period you
gotta defend it or what make it seem
like it’s real
you know I mean theory you gotta defend
it nobody ain’t gonna be because that
type of shit – snitch coat and my
neighborhood back for my day gotta get
you knocked off somebody would die off
with some shit like that
niggas ain’t you a snitch yeah I mean
you better clear that shit up
every time somebody say that even with
the turn it and it’s shitty cuz
situations shit because when having that
he wasn’t having that shit he went
explaining a nutty like and whatever
whatever that was but if this snitching
shit is serious show you how serious a
nigga call you a snitch is
it’s serious out here man you can’t just
be labeling niggas little small fucking
snitch and they ain’t that they gotta go
back to their neighborhood and because
their neighborhood a mother might want
to get them not even a negative system
allegedly there nigga in the hood won’t
get them you can’t walk around this
earth being a snitch like in the pen
they could roll it up get out of it
period hey yo yo neighborhood this won’t
come out freely and they think you a
snitch nigga what I go where do you do
that at nigga
oh yeah so let’s say you were snakes you
better defend that bro
because it’s either a deaf mark on your
back you know I mean cuz you mark for
death period if you’ve said what have
you snitched on their crew they niggas
is coming out to you if they went to
shit if you really snitch so you got
that snitch coat that’s why it’s going
to coat cuz you got the target on your
back my nigga period so when I say that
about you clear that up ASAP it ain’t no
time to play around
ain’t no trial that nigga’s you gotta
clear that up say man I was part of my
deal I had to pay 1.5 and they did they
made me do a motherfucker commercial
that’s it
commercial 1.5 but I ain’t gotta do
thirty-five forty fifty hundred years
sign me up nigga explain explain that
shit tit explain it no niggas gonna
think it’s really real you know I mean
that’s all i’ma say bringing up that
been doing not going through that been
through it before
get out me they always yeah prove it
cool that shit my nigga what a paperwork
me secondly but uh that was a
motherfucker man that boy wack shit
leave whack alone man let that nigga
have is a taste let me go manage the
game like the nigga man Ray J let the
nigger manage Blueface get his money and
don’t pay attention of what he talking
about like that
who cares it’s that serious
did Leo or : say that did jay-z say that
did like the big puff say that like the
big boys that really mattered hi why cuz
the is it’s a successful black man out
here you know I mean definitely got
money out here definitely dealing with a
lot of boss people out here but I don’t
give a fuck about alright let’s do
another artist I don’t give a fuck about
what jay-z manager saying let alone what
the gang manager say or Blueface manager
say I don’t give a fuck about what shit
to me those manager gotta say let alone
what fucking uh okay bye don’t really
you know I mean it don’t register like
that to me you know I’m a don’t register
like that to whistle oh my god I gotta
do something about it okay that’s that
nigga opinion that’s how you feel
whoop-dee-doo you know at the end of the
day that’s how I feel no fucking do and
it’s total disrespect but won’t be due
because you got niggas on the internet
this is you every day in your
countenance you can’t pull up and fight
them and shoot them up and argue with
them niggas back-to-back so why are we
doing this with him
you did that born not taking it too
crazy now that people just disrespect
they should have to issue definitely
definitely have an issue but the fans
and the outside is looking in relax
relax and that’s what happened with TI
he is outside of looking in and jumped
in it
you know even don’t what he said was
real you know I mean it is a legend
because the perfect thing that nip said
I want his song real big it was like
okay back in the day you know I mean the
status quo was how many records you so
you’re not platinum you want to go he
said okay nowadays you know how much
money you got you know do your arm some
shit and I mean can you move some shit
I’ll go independent oh you got your own
moves going on you and I mean
self-contained you know that’s the new
platinum on this era you got me so you
got kids that streaming that’s doing
crazy numbers multi-million is hella
money period ain’t got all the platinum
plaques on work on the wall on the wall
but torn prime example tec-9 the biggest
the biggest strange music one of the if
not beat biggest independent moving shit
that’s wrong
you know I mean period they’re not on
the radio all day probably in certain
markets but not all day in the prime
markets say ain’t got triple photons
five times ten times platinum albums
none of that shit he got a couple
Platinum joints a few platinum joints
but not a track record like that
everything they go Nick the same shit
you know I mean I look at the marathon
closes store and all money and record
label like strange you know I mean
strange got the merch popping like
motherfucker they got merged it they
leaders in the merch game um Nick on the
store what is the merch in it was
clothing lies I was all the shit the
first nigga to sell I’m slow
a hundred dollars then the next when he
saw the four thousand dollars that’s
legendary shit and it gets show money
nigga okay
I’m young mouth I couldn’t sell around
four hundred dollars right now P I can
sell out
he forty couldn’t sell my album for $100
right now apiece
no rocker can so for him to pull that
off that was unique and then double back
instead of the nigga four thousand and
jay-z buy ten of them motherfuckers
that’s less you Debbie
shit you bill not only your clothing
store you know commercial but you buy
the whole fucking parking lot and now
the motherfuckers got a rent from you
you build a whole community recreation
system that’s I mean Recreation Center
that does all computer you know
programming like not the old-school
recreative a nigga do to go to the camp
and all that shit camping and playing
basketball and shit no they teach you a
muffin tray you know I mean a trade
that’ll work now in the future
programming you know I mean coding you
know I mean building websites building
you know I mean acts all that should be
teaching the city and vector H being
vector eight that’s legendary my nigga
like oh you la nigga had a shitload of
money no disrespect to Noel a nigga but
we got dr. Dre we got smoke we got the
game I’m talking about the big boys we
got I skilled none of them dudes did for
the neighborhood what Nick did for the
fucking neighborhood man that’s
legendary snow I love snow but he ain’t
got his Snoop Dogg store or mall in Long
Beach I love kill kill got the
basketball team all that shit but he
ain’t got no ice cube malls or some shit
like that like magic Johnson only shit
in LA
you got Maggie Johnson theaters you got
Magic Johnson condo
you got Magic Johnson imagine also
playing Monopoly real monopoly out here
you know I mean you could name it like
dr. Dre he don’t got no recreation
center that that computer programming
and got no hole like it’s different shit
that the big boys is investing in the
investing in beats by dre you know
speakers and shit but the community
nippers was in a community that main
period trying to put on you know trying
to UM elevate you know I mean like when
it when shit is getting ginger fired
like everything getting ginger fire he
owned that property right what a change
you find that like he are we about to
turn this shit up
pinky we got this bro we got this right
before that should happen yeah yeah yeah
and you know I mean foot you know oh no
man if Danny legendary oh shit fucking
you know I know
little bitching so now one out I mean
you know he sold albums but he went gold
or platinum but being Memphis legendary
than a motherfucker and that’s because
of a business moves and a power moves
period i’ma ended on that Lubavitcher
and Young Jeezy was they artist now
Jeezy was signed to his own shit but he
was affiliated they all mind but Bleu
DaVinci was their artist it was another
it was a couple other dudes – I want to
fuck up no nice but blue baby blue rest
in peace it was a dual name debate
little baby I think is little baby or
something and who else but they had a
cool rappers none of them niggas when
triple platinum but Young Jeezy
BFF was legendary before Jeezy came out
EMF had a movement in the streets
alleged a street real like Paul smooth
everybody expected from the west to the
east down south nigga judge Midwest
it was our respect in the streets before
they either dead music imaginary moves
comes of money because investments you
know because the power moves so I think
Nick was a legend because of his power
moves the shit I was doing for the
community and for this generation I
think that uh he took a page out of my
book I paid you got a malcolm book and a
page out of uh like like Steve Jobs no I
mean he was into that technology you
know I mean period and he put all that
shit together man and make that shit
work so you don’t call that legendry I
don’t know what else you know there’s
there yet enough for artists like the
game game you alleged beyond legend for
a legend like the game we give as much
DAP and respect to more artists that
they say ain’t a legend man I don’t get
it dang got two songs dedicated to
nipsey on this out to not one but two
one would they phone it in and it you
know rest in peace on when a stone on
yourself and I mean at the end of day
your artists had to dedication songs of
this duel on his Highway and I got
prolific what she had on his tattoo she
got the clothing and the record label
but he’s not laughing doing all right
shout out wack man yeah I better quit
going for the banana and the fucking
tailpipe man I figured whack out man
it’s not I figured him out yeah he told
my he told his art as I mentioned I
doubt this shit
happy shoot come back up watch this shit
man I’m gonna do so much shit man all
y’all niggas got doing this man get
booked Terry
watch this shit it’s gonna be all the
book that’s what I do man
watch this shit and he just went and you
don’t hear blue talking though yo your
game talking you’ll hear rage ain’t
talking or wherever else he’s managing
you know here none of them tell you a
black top but what you don’t know what’s
goin down it’s a buzz going down so
people trying to book what you got going
on they want to see you out here then
what to meet you out here they want to
do this so the bag is run it up why hey
man why you not inquiring minds what I
know they want you over here they want
you over see they want to meet this guy
who talking this they want to meet this
who they want to know it’s going down
the bag game is going down yeah yeah
play them a bad game really run but and
the artist could just relax man he used
to be what artists have to do all this
shit you know I mean like man got this
breath yeah my artist but I manage on
niggas now we you know reap them off we
won’t be so listen that we won’t be so
but we won’t we
we gonna plant a seed and reap the
fruits that grow from this shit man
period and I think it’s purposely you
know I mean because I could see if he
did it once but you don’t it’s I’m
attaining god this is it this is it this
is a little motherfucker banana and tail
play bro it’s making his shit you know
me they’re trending he’s trending now
you want to hear what blue face gotta
say now you want to hear with gang gotta
say now the interviews with TMZ just and
a third man you just bringing it what
out no mother fuck it up without no
publicist this type of shit you need a
publicist you got a publicist $5,000 a
month to get this type of mother from a
promotion he doing this shit I’m gonna
my man fuck a publicist I got this watch
this yeah I’ll keep wild for the banana
and the fucking tailpipe I manage people
I knew that was the wing wolf period man
period man come on man yeah I gotta hear
yeah um I just nigga motive Takashi
right now he’s like god damn right we
like come over
the banana intent by the what takashi
was doing laughing all the way to the
bank on I gotta check it check it right
to the bank on you niggas I gotta do
this I gotta do that check right to the
bank on you news analyst marriages and
everybody else it was still in the money
but they all check it to the bank oh you
mean I got it but we are talking about
this nigga you feel me
okay so how people want to meet this
nigga now on the club’s want to book
this nigga now the overseas want to see
this nigga creates the interest you get
it it’s a hustle man I don’t see that
shit man yeah blood but yeah bloody shot
seen it with Takashi this shit is going
right back again man
it’s a black version watch it watch it
hey shout out the leg man you know the
hustle see game get interview it up when
I TMZ and that was trying to say was
like nah that’s him wack got his own
opinions that ain’t me are you trying to
cross me up and they’re gonna say that
came time to check the camera man don’t
we try to cross me up big game when
happening dude so I’m finally glad I
heard game stance on this shit because
everybody be like man fuck man the
elephant in the room me to speak this
show manager man he the Ray J somebody
need to say back that’s bad hey guys
shit do with me
so that’s what game basically said man
that’s blood that’s his own opinion man
you know I’m me you know me so and don’t
be trying to cross me up nigga so thank
God the gang fun because we’ve been
waiting black been told us it’s Apache
right you know we ain’t saying shit you
not me so he finally says something as
our beliefs party so that was good to
hear mmm-hmm use that what you say
man okay so Brett said the difference is
he dissing the RSC uh definitely big
time difference but he also dissing
tupac shakur man that the biggest I saw
Michael Jackson my nigga oh fuck what
should I say about biggie biggie
it’s my nigga you know I mean he always
had the rawness but the persona was
always pop the negative did everything
that niggas wanted to do was like pop
man no the only thing that niggas wanted
to do that biggie did was wear cool G
sweaters and for sake you know I mean uh
fucking silks and top hats but other
than that they’re tack tools that shit
on your belly on your back the ball
here’s the bad dentist all that shit
pop pop influence half this shit that
niggas are doing right now period all
the niggas working out getting buff and
cut up nigga all that shit pop period
the epitome of hip-hop and all angle
from image to make it a success to
movies everything they can period then
pay to me a hip hop now anyone bigger
than Will Smith and one bigger than Oh
goddamn no goddamn my teeth in movies
but far was a gangster rapper you know I
mean yeah he did his stuff period for a
short time he had he killed it yeah and
they could died at 25 man you niggas 25
right now still living with your mom and
nigga nigga nigga did that hole all that
shit and died at the age of 25 did what
most niggas they didn’t a life nigga
come on man they took well to get to
this age I’ll do my TV to get to this
age they keep giving book and pop was
alive it still be getting booked them
will be so imagine if pop was here man
I’m gonna be movie down every fuckin
movie that had to be a gangster negative
epoch period or some other shit Muslim
whatever any nigga
pop get chrono rolls he was crying and
shit all time stick so Pat doesn’t
remember uh goddamn money it’s a sitcom
paper wedding Jess’s he’s crying to see
cry – he’s doing all this shit my nigga
Terry but he was defending me on the
shit periods though bullshitting on pop
any shit on it you know I mean I think
they both equal you know I mean period
I think nip is the new generation pop
and I think pop is my generation pop
Terry and it’s both the same level
disrespect period but are we gonna make
this thing he changed his mind
no so unless you’re ready to go flex you
know I made his slider nigga
hey you know hey buddy just talking you
know he’s a brawny guy I’m choking on um
I don’t know about that but I heard
something about a hey who did so my
system I gave Roy 25 stacks on his
I like guerrilla he’s their partner he
said Trump won’t be President fight was
a lot of fat he said biggie wasn’t
legend city passed
um I doubt that I’m afraid not I was
around digging I was gonna tour with him
that name was a legend period I went to
the bathroom I quit but let me tell you
we’re not getting back about this tour
my busy biggie was left period
I saw hip-hop before big in New York
I saw hip-hop after big both New York
and nobody impacted New York like big
you got Jay rapping like Big Jake was
rapping hella fast jay-z so he’s he used
to rap like tongue-twister nigga like
the Fuchs niggas having a bit of it on
real biggie rap slow he slowed his shit
down period the being potty facts biggie
only I had two albums three cuz it was a
double and he’s still considered the
best nig only the east coast the best
that the kingdom the king of the east no
matter what Jay do they still consider
biggie the king of the east like gonna
put out a million albums Jay is the
billionaire he’s what behind say they
still call them biggie – king of the
East Coast my nigga – legendary from
three hours three hours now you want to
talk about three fucking hours
legendary period and I was dead nobody
like you had not their illest nigga
Nebraska be yeah wu-tang the elders grew
my deep hill this group grimy
but when puffin became that swag nigga
d’Elegance that nigga with the wrong
nigga with the thought my god the last
mace Julia mafia little Kim puff
competin man oh my that was more
mainstream and more fly by and gay like
that was awesome but you know it’s a
sick New York to a whole nother
hold on load that New York never think
period and I witness that never sing
period yeah hey Ice Cube alleged to
snoop a ledger before the election II
definitely man yawn yeah
y’all see it no brainers I preach it to
the choir right now yeah yeah I’m not
back I try to tell me what legend is I
don’t I know who legends is I just
talked to biggie is a legend but white
said nip a legend man I think um it’s
different I checked I was the die
tonight and Lord forbid he’s the legend
and he’s not mainstream like that but in
these streets and he’s independent
he’s the mainstream then and he’s
independent streets but period so he’s
legendary man Saint wouldn’t it okay
wasn’t privy pot but and he’s headed
penny streets he was the mainstream
nigga tear yourself is what it is man
anybody got the right today on the team
recipe snip they’re great no Oh Mac Dre
definitely a legend Mac Dre big-time
imagine me these is what it is man
shouts all my face news man Coolio came
to the Ice Show this weekend and I mean
shot Coolio main underdog yeah I’m a
real nigga doh now our youth out here
dysregulation ping tea party the truth
man shout out to my hunk folding that
you always show me love man on all the
niggas you know I mean that that that
got money yeah you know I mean sometime
cut they phone off man ot keep his phone
on for the negative entity yeah I mean
phony used to called me every out when I
dropped from thugged-out when I was on
rap a lot every time I got a call yeah
they’re here critique to shit with my
so nigga staff the set my first three
hours from dugout godzilla phony was
calling me a goat eating like so phony
the nigga i’m really in some way yeah I
mean I told the nigga night bro sign sob
RBE because they came across my desk
first you know I mean period I couldn’t
do that
it was already being put out by my
homies homie and managed by that door
and I’m like City nigga these niggas
just ultimate no nigga so we got a cup
conversations like that and I’m like you
can’t get the crew signed a solo nigga
nigga day and no one’s a from your city
so I trying to get him to do that but
there’s so many politics and shit he
said he kind of Wiggly but that’s what
type of conversations we have you know I
mean if I can’t do it I’m telling big on
that that’s so beyond the eat nigga so
you know the niggas out there I think
they don’t be looking out for God I’m
making phone calls and shit and trying
to make shit pop I do I ain’t no old
sourpuss over here nigga die don’t rock
with the else’s out what y’all heavy man
pick your dig oh you know you know I
mean I want everybody to get money yeah
I just seen an opportunity for 40
because they was from the Lael harness
and this before it blew up this before
the shit this is when I swear my nigga
being a man being a no 40 and I mean my
nigga being a told me about them and I’m
like bro hit 40 negative lately 40 I hit
42 but it was already in some shit but
regardless that’s what type of shit I do
behind closed doors you know I mean fuck
fuck la artists but they admit with
everybody well fuck wit I just want
everybody to get some money if I could
point you in the right direction I’m
gonna make out okay hey I want to be the
man I want to know thank you
these niggas is dope they need to be
signed to 40
cuz he’s from Vallejo and he’s the og
and they’re the underdog I mean they the
new new kids on the block that’s tearing
up all a fuckin tearing up the whole
county then what’s everything they can’t
fire my phony Crabbie’s niggas so yeah
you know and I bet they never even knew
that I bet so BRB you never knew that
I’ll call 40 about them I grab them if
you can’t grab them grab one niggas grab
solo niggas get water get a mic for real
my name real so shout-out to 40 but do
you know what I’m what I’ll be talking
about real bullshit I asking for versus
issue hey hey Nancy me embarrass we
barely talk about shit like that
Barry you know man the boss moves no
balls that’s what type of nigga I am I
want everybody to get money live here
ain’t no nigga like that no like I say
it man okay one more one more thing one
day one day one day cinnamon
bring your ass to the podium nigga
muhfucka holy water oh yeah holy juice
get the ha Jesus juice man exercise it
that system out to body body Jordan
Zimmerman sit your bitch ass down but
are you saying George Zimmerman is soand
Trayvon Martin family fuck 100 million
100 million
talking about uh they did a documentary
of some shit but basically just talking
shit about they son including Joe
murdering ass he tries to say
deformation of
and all this stupid shit soon a book
company that all types of people
whatever you so you bitch-ass nigga you
I told you niggas a Florida man why I
know always deaf well no body but if he
died besides bad ass I’d be cool with
that if he died instead of bad ass I’d
be cool with that if he died a set of
Nipsey Hussle I’d be cool with that I’m
just sayin man
god I need to take the dirt bags man
don’t take the realness man period I’m
just saying man you know always there
for nobody
but if he died he said and if I take
that I’m just sayin but he’s a fucking
no but you you bitch-ass nigga you soak
the gun action doubt the gun at all
types of wild shit for publicity by turn
to it it’s a celebrity man and let’s not
talk about the the white rain KKK people
that was funding it lawyers it and
fucking giving you all types of up
fucking GoFundMe zwip down there million
dollars all types of wild money and I
motherfucker discussion writer – black
kid salute yo ass the nerve with your
bitch-ass man why at it why y’all
Florida niggas and get rid of this nigga
man I’m sorry man y’all Florida niggas
is slipping out there man I respect my
soul’s manic talking to me Miami’s Oaks
I’m talking about you other hey hey hey
hey Chenango day they they off the boat
and they coming my handy hustlers go
back so that’s hey hey how about you
niggas that’s really from Florida
you niggas this Mike t-pain Tallahassee
type of nigga nah maybe you need to be
getting on george zimmerman nigga the
fuck just make it so mother focus 100
milli how dare you piece of shit
the fuck Modesto on the lake check-in I
see you brother
I met him a desk though yeah part of the
bay area to me man good for what I say
man Fresno
Tracy nigga Stockton all that shit part
of the beta me man big Sacramento are
actually part of it
I’m sorry yeah anything should have been
off I’m sorry
stay tuned it sticky Bettina building
they said t-pain gonna be sick
singing out of Tony’s shoes any minute I
should have been too kid I do I don’t
know how to fuck he’s still walking
around on two feet
anyway suit niggas for 100 million fuck
outta ya I’ll sue you for 100 million
nigga fuck out of here nigga civil suit
killed my son for having some skittles
nigga in the neighborhood why I live in
nigga fuck out here breath piece of shit
as me Zimmerman 500 100 100 not one not
two not three not four 108 and what I
called them up a little baby honey honey
em oh my little swing for them she is my
god damn oh honey em Germans oh the boys
over honey em Germans
mmm Angelus he don’t deserve to be you
don’t deserve to breathe
he said dr. evil he said dr. evil don’t
you niggas niggas I got a nigga dr. evil
me bro you took yeah the light man
listen man five that Dad I’d be under
the jail
man oh fuck that bad i don’t know-
take me to jail put me under that
motherfucker I don’t give a fuck he’s
out of here period let one of you
motherfuckers dare I’m under the jail
nigga I don’t give up fuck
period company avoid I will surrender
myself after I’m not yo ass down
nigga what yeah out of here don’t take
one of mine I don’t take you nigga out
this motherfucker period so that dad
should have been nigga put a renegade
squad together two houses down nigga
that shit would have happened like nigga
that same week nigga it would have been
instantly oh man this house got shot up
in George Zimmerman got shot eight times
in the leg and the foot in the neck oh
yeah man it happens like that man yeah
he’s seen a black kid walking by man
drive-bys happen down here now hey black
kids today I’m dry by now man watch it
maybe a little better really watch nigga
you better really watch buckle with me
boy period knocking shit that same week
soon as mmm we’ve got our jail they got
a whole house they got she wouldn’t look
like Swiss cheese
pit brick a Swiss cheese me in Beverly
Hills you know you’re in Beverly of them
there’s imagine them houses though
Swiss cheese that bitch boy did you see
the shootout that happened nigga at the
motherfucking border Mexico like a
couple days ago the cartel you see that
goddamn courtroom that courtroom was
Swiss fucking cheese I ain’t never seen
the whole building
nigga date oh that building up nigga
time building it look like Swiss time
block of Swiss cheese they got a toe
that whole fucking court building up
throw that bitch up make a cop car nigga
told that bitch up on the border by
Mexico nigga in Texas nigga they told
that bitch up but speaking of that
that’s how that nigga shit will be Swiss
cheese nigga the whole shit period be
fucked up where I’m su cartera that
motherfucker just like they did that
goddamn courtroom I don’t know who isn’t
that cook I shot that bitch the fuck
dude I’m not anything else water we know
that but this yeah it’s play too much
we’re gonna talk about that nigga even
though he gave me a shout-out on my shit
wait here to do that you can say L might
be wet yeah L might feel shit for real
Griffin California on the tap-in nigga I
got niggas happenin from work to a
security guard they go choose guard
nigga late night security guard fuck you
got going oh you as a security make it a
real Club security yeah the front don’t
got good I think we make a strip club
security the security hours they’re
going bartending you probably mix other
drinks to see good UK Tapani
motherfuckers man up new top boy that’s
him I’ll fuck with the new season of
tomboy man goat shit if y’all don’t see
the new season when I heard rate got
behind top boy I thought it was the old
season man so are you trying to see that
shit I’ve been seen the first season man
back in the day yeah I mean I went on
that bitch niggas a new season nigga the
new season is meny right you better
check that new season or top boy out man
check out my UK heat them oh yeah my dad
shots out then you know he says new
coming out with a nursery yeah I can’t
believe it’s nothing did everything you
saying yes I do do security I know it
I feel you did security good security
hours they know that shit that nailed it
you come from me
it’s stupid James they needed a guy said
without looking out I don’t think I do a
nursery house that’s a real legend Snoop
Doggy dog that’s the last NIC for real
I’m done with this shit mate
Zimmerman need to die centre Nipsey
Hussle Zimmerman need to die they said a
badass you know I mean everybody don’t
give a fuck about nobody else opinion
told kids are just somebody else’s pain
we’ll give this shit get out me bad
Bobby you need to shut the fuck up you
know I made him take the braids out
since you feel some type of way your
bitch you did gang got a dope ass out
and fucked up album cover you did it I’m
out this bitch make you have mouth TV
may speak on it live interactive chat
what a fuckin show ya champing it you
got chop it up uh-oh Milwaukee on the
league champion okay I’ll see you
Milwaukee Dallas ICU Dallas okay boom we
out this bitch don’t make yuck mouth TV
subscribe to you got made new up so
smoke live radio coming this week
new episodes the tapping in with Kato
coming this week or next week we smoke
live radio next week and I’m gonna
definitely tapping on a lot guys oh you
know my live guy got out theory about
this bitch right now get it I bird way
I’ll buy

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