Yukmouth TV | ALPO Doc Trailer Review (SNITCHES get RICHES) MUST SEE!!


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now what it do a bit on this goddamn
live in hell alone man fuck with y’all
domain type in with my nigga on the
split-screen right quick we’ll get to
this shit man you didn’t let some people
getting a motherfucking building make up
a bit live in hell alone ain’t like blah
what happen till you back hahaha all
right oh yeah mm-hmm
is she getting lit and so you dig it
stepping in okay that’s what’s up give
me a little brewski my niggaz tap here
by back now to Daisy right now
Yatta up back in this night man
yeah let the crowd get up in this
motherfucker man we got to talk about
the snitch epidemic that’s going on man
we gonna kick it off in New York man
just when it’s called New York snitch
state of mind we gotta go there man New
York I got too many snitches famous
snitches out there niggas got movies and
shit documentaries and shit niggas the
fuck going on out there man P and all
these niggas is a life like nothing
happened no penalties no no
demonstrations niggas is alive well
walking like come on man like I said
it’s an epidemic
ain’t taking those shots of my nigga all
right take your shot look at look at my
fucking DJ AG in his mouth fucking man I
ain’t taking enough shots it’s just
facts nigga that’s your boy your boy
Rainbow Brite he out here at eats in a
lot of eats in point niggas out eats in
with the finger got out PO just came out
nigga yeah he been out of here ago but
just dr.mini then make motherfuckers you
know bring them back up
I’ll pull out here
you know me doing this one motherfucking
two documentaries and movie deals and
shit like walking Harlem like ain’t shit
happened but now at the end of the day
you know I come from where it snitches
get stitches and then snitches get
ditches man right now snitches get
riches the mo you snitch the more rich
you get pity I told my nigga ain’t no
consequence is not that shit niggas want
to hear the story about who you snitched
on nigga theory so regardless of outpull
having a snitch jacket you murdered a
lot of motherfuckers man period now look
check this out that’s why the mob when
they hit a motherfucker house man they
take out the family two kids everything
cuz the kids to survive grow up and come
hit us man you got survivors of these
people they kids they nephews that you
know I mean they grandkids or whatever
they got going with man that’s angry
family members you know I mean that
could possibly you know now let’s not
put it out there but possibly but
actually it never happened none of these
family members is trying to get at that
dough just still walking around with
motherfucking Pico Sony shit custom
Pecos shit nigga all white cocaine white
you know I mean penthouse 18 white nigga
come on man a saluting his guy man like
he’s a Vietnam vet that just came back
and got hella Purple Hearts and fucking
stripes and stars they got type to see
like he’s a Vietnam vet my nigger like
he’s a war hero or something my nigga
this shit man Ebert I know it is baby
breath he better not come to DC yeah he
snitched on a lot of niggas in DC man
period a lot of people I just listening
to Californian G’s good shit said Nicky
Barnes Frank Lucas outpost 6-9 all New
York niggas West Coast y’all end up in
the desert hey we all end up fitted
right nigga nigga snitch on the west
coast man you’re gonna end up in a
desert somewhere in Vegas Nevada some
shit New York snitches many famous Megan
and Frank Lucas autumn niggas I don’t
think it was harm what brand name was
though the fucking dude that came with
the got their masks nigga had to
make a mess on the court was brother our
name man cuz he was uh he was fuckin
with Frank Lucas what’s broke my name
man what’s brother brother Nate I was
fuckin with Frank Lucas man that got the
snitching on everybody cuz niggas is
fucking on his bitch he was bullhorn
what then nigga named Mandy got mad
yeah max ain’t never snitch fax my grade
there five years for not snitching again
and he and he had shit to do with it
Nicky fucking Barnes belt
Nicky Barnes that nigga came to jail
with a got them black cake cake cake
masks on and start eating niggas like
hey eat see a neighbor we got the point
that goddamn eats he figured a nigga
want to phone home instantly yeah Nicky
Barnes man oh yeah Nicky Barnes man they
make movies about this nigga to snake
all over the don diva magazines the fans
magazine was honoring this nigga like
he’s of war back like he’s a fuckin hero
man he’s a snitch my nigga went on that
motherfucker so embarrassed he had a
mask on nigga I got ear vit that nigger
was a Halloween snitch boo there was a
ghost gusta costa goblin on that cut
down stick move that nigga boy because
apple shit is man you know man
that’s what really got me only man six
nine goddamn Punky Brewster
you got out Poe a real fishing street
nigga man you know I mean to knock
niggas down got bodies I listen to this
nigga interviewees like man I scared of
the black man but I’m scared of the
white man I said shit I don’t understand
about you niggas man like back in the
day man we had two Black Panthers you
know I mean we had the fruit of Islam
the FOI but you still do but the Black
Panthers were tan shit up and the FOI
back in the day tan shit up and they
could make a police run cuz you know you
better you strap back in a day that’s
why I made it illegal in California for
us to hold straps because of the
motherfucking Black Panthers they was
testing the police they wasn’t running
you niggas gonna run from the police but
from your negative negative got ak-47s
and all types it I’ll tell me the police
oh god you ain’t scared of him but just
get his police with a 12-gauge in the
motherfucking fo5 this too good that
you’re going to war we’ve got 8 KS f
nigga a peace all types of rice where we
digger mac-11 snigger Mac nineties all
types of heavy artillery for your ass
you ain’t scared of him but you scared
his mother fucker with this gauge and
it’s got them gun my nigga come on man
this hand this to a nigga I’m just
saying if you ain’t scared to go to the
nigger neighborhood and shoot it up and
you know that they could shoot back at
show ass why are you scared of the
police I’ll wait and then if you don’t
if you’re a real silent nigger you know
you get caught you’re gonna do your time
my nigga that comes with the game they
don’t like AI get caught and start
ranting everybody out know do your time
my nigga comes with that if you silent
up and not connect it down because he
crosses you you sad enough to sit it
down when you get caught don’t be like I
am killed just nigga because he crossed
me and I didn’t he didn’t let me know
that he was rockin with my plug but you
afraid to go to jail so you snitching on
everybody I had a fuck that shit don’t
even make sense
I don’t make sense at all my name
because you killed that nigga for not
being solid and dead you get locked up
and now you not solid you did so but you
alive you ain’t killed so many rats
state of mind man shoutout New York man
y’all niggas its own one well my nigga
Kaito man we gotta get Kaito phone you
in this motherfucker man let me sit cuz
Kaito just watch the whole shit you
fight Kaito where does it go I think
Kaito Kaito phone yeah yeah search
shit fuck it anyway it’s a loop from
Europe this shit the downline rat state
of mind thanks my nigga
yeah hat motherfucking celebrities
snitches out there my G
these niggas done gots Nixon became more
famous ain’t never seen that should
happen every on the west coast
nigga dies a known for snitching
takedown niggas and Rico’s and
indictments and all the types of alpha
David’s and shit being filled out this
nigga come home and be worshipped his
the the ground that he walk on is being
worshipped fuck out of here only in New
York but nigga only in New York my nigga
I’m sorry no disrespect to the real New
York niggas out there I’m talking about
the snitches and their niggas I respect
the snitches you know I’ve made the
niggas says yo he gotta take a rate that
they they fucked this girl they robbed
him like niggas that’s defending
motherfucking Rainbow Brite I’m type of
niggas yeah I think should be ashamed of
yourself niggas snitch is a snitch nigga
period no matter if you make music no
matter if you make a dope movie that’s
your like a snitch is a fuckin snitch my
nigga period that’s it yeah I mean I can
see a motherfucker want to make a
documentary or a movie okay here’s story
but you Street nigga shouldn’t be
praising it Snickers and you’re trying
to shake his hand and take pictures and
shit ride a nigga walking in Harlem and
shit that should be the first nigga
people throw a motherfucking potatoes
and tomatoes and all types of Bibles
there boo then you’re throwing bottles
at your ass nigga
remember when the nigga up remember
remember when that nigga came home from
jail nigga I’m gonna get you sucking her
niggas Superfly the fly guy then they
got the big-ass glass motherfucking
goddamn glass high-heeled
parliament-funkadelic heels on with the
glass yeah fishing the motherfuckers and
then you got to walking down the street
now over that outfit it was an 80s nigga
niggas his own breaking it I got the
throne hellish it that that nigga you
got there walking down the street
running nigga the whole glass broke on
the nigga no glass he’ll broken again
limping this shit runner they got the
throne helmet shit at that nigga that’s
what they should’ve did the Alpo
thanks you should have been like fly guy
but then nigga guy I’m gonna get you
they start throwing healthy damn this
tongue that nigga he’s walking down the
street no they got the running the whole
fucking shoe broke next to the dead
doctor outpolled man I think it should
have been stripped out that coat and
hung by the hoodie my nigga Perry
straight up and I was no harm Oh nobody
I’m just something about how she can
handle it Oakland they’re good snitches
get ditches well from their period nigga
ain’t gonna be walking around you on
phone egged and pointing out where you
shot a nigga nigga without getting shot
why are you filming I’m just saying my
nigga good luck mm good shit my nigga
said the one thing about it man is that
nigga murder bitches over everything
like you hear most stories about niggas
murdering a nigga over bitch than
anything you write thing in a game that
you can’t fuck with man these three
things you can’t do in the game that’s
gonna always fuck your clique up can’t
fuck with a nigga bitch can’t fuck with
a nigga money and you can’t fuckin
snitch period tip three gonna get you
fucked up every time my nigga even if
don’t let her nigga be like that my
little hood rich you could hood rat man
nobody give a fuck about her
you saw fuckin on that bitch then
they’re gonna start hating on you period
I don’t go fuckin business bottom
bitches as a top bitch nigga I don’t
fuck with that bitch huh that with my
baby my mom gonna get please nigga don’t
start hey yo yo ass nigga cuz bitches
and money fuck up everything and then
when you ready
good luck nigga piri piri piri piri you
know no matter how you slice and dice it
so now we got the output movie coming
they talking about TI who else but it
got act as a shaker meant to this movie
to be this nigga so they talking about
who else they said Jake Cole they said
all types of motherfuckers about the
beetus nigga man all types of a list
celebrities and a list actors like nigga
who is not enough for this very year
what hey man TI no not TI man anybody
but TI me see I got a little history man
anybody but shoe man that nickels own
crying watches the city eating shit
anybody but T goddamn man anybody but CI
but it’s it please that the TI ever
snitch I don’t know nobody know that I
know he got out of jail and he was on
all types of crime stop position and
telling people to call the police when
they see crime and shit so he was like a
spokesman like like a police spokesman
when he got out now nobody see no
paperwork on him snitching on nobody so
I can’t say that but I definitely know
that nigga was on Crimestoppers I
thought no man of cording to basically
hit the when he got hit with all them
guns a nigga snitched on him in a snitch
on nobody
somebody snitched on him which was his
bodyguard or whoever you know hooked up
the deal he was being watched he got
caught and then he you know made a deal
to you know line up T I so T I actually
got snitched on you did I think I know I
don’t know about the situation when it’s
uh when his folks got killed out of town
I don’t know what happened in that
courtroom you know did he get on the
stand or whatever
you know so I don’t know what happened
with that but uh far as that gun case
some I snitched on him
so we gonna throw that the fuckin jacket
on the TI that he snitched but that
nigga was on crying watches guess that
was part of his deal but so crime
watches you telling somebody to snitched
you see any crime and anything won’t
gonna neighborhood call one 900 Crime
Stoppers like you tell the niggas the
snitch period
so that’s all I’m sayin not TI well you
never know man that’s a double-edged
cuz I never gonna be doing the
Crimestoppers a nanny beater nigga that
snitch in the end of the movie adds up
as uh you look like the superhero like
damn he’s on Christ I was there
play the movie where niggles of snitch
Wow aku hell of a shout-out to you so
that I to yesterday go happy man snitch
is that that is the epidemic right now
man is that all-time motherfucking high
belt here you may watch me to say watch
Magette dope watch how you move my nigga
all my niggas still out there in the
streets eating man watch the old niggas
man watch these niggas that’s close to
watch your plug make sure he ain’t being
followed and watched niggas watch your
surroundings make sure you niggas ain’t
watching you with binoculars in stick
your homies get homie in a club fuckin
infrared binoculars on nigga it makes
some niggas a record your own phone
conversations and shit but it’s crazy
out here my nigga he said what do I say
about snooping the calmness ain’t known
about snow I’m a huge new fan only
asking Young’s opinion York opinion on
what this news never snow I’m a snow say
it’s no they had to snitch oh no man
Snoop caught a murder case niggas but it
was a case I don’t think it was the
first nigga with Johnny Cochran no the
second nigga was Ahmed Johnnie Cochran
after OJ had him the second nigger the
second celebrity wrapped black celebrity
now Johnnie Cochran been moving but
black still there be the second nigga
having with Snoop and they beat that
motherfucker period so yes no that was
fighting a murder case ain’t snitch now
I know Reggie right and Nomad some
situation I don’t know until I see the
paperwork man I don’t even throw that
out there people you know so we’re here
but there will be getting a joint
technology ugh my fallible man up shit
um I didn’t go having tec-9 strange
tango let that happen but uh definitely
gonna have some features man that’s my
bro bro we definitely do some more music
together before I was just a whole young
mouth and check out that shit and never
happen sound cue sound cute they got too
much of a lock on tech over there
strange you know I mean to really let
him do a whole album now yeah they let
him get down but a whole album naturally
got to go through strange to you yeah me
so don’t buy D though definitely a dope
ass idea no it’s lunchtime some you
niggas on your lunch checking it out
mmm-hmm I say I cool my nigga breasts it
weird-ass shit what the fuck is you
saying I mean I’m cool my nigga but I
say I cool that’s my little language my
aku hey like I’m cold nigga I’m cool on
what the fuck you talkin bout I’m cool
on your fake ass comment nigga if you
don’t know me man don’t even pull up
everybody know to I cool shit is
everybody know what to see a committee
doing his motherfuckers you know they
know the lingo you did he say what the
fuck is aku but say what’s up with the
Pete Rock joint we cooking we’re cooking
up right now man again towards the
finish line man get any speakers and
shit together man
you know got a lot surprise features on
there man we bout to kill shit you know
straight up
they said yuck in cash man whose cash
man okay but say yeah my binoculars back
tackling me you got to deal with it
sometimes man I probably don’t pronounce
all my words right but my benaki land
mice language is crazy
wowzers you know yeah I like the
intelligent hoodlums niggas to be
toggled along guys words but still from
the hood I call that talking white yeah
I mean I just talked my pal talk you
know I mean I don’t know how to talk
proper when I need to when I’m in front
of the judges and shit and you know I
mean it and offices and shit with them
deals and shit or whatever in front he’s
promoters I got taught proper but
normally this is what i’ma doing BB me
and I ain’t gonna change for nobody
here you motherfuckers got act proper
and know that you don’t really talk like
that all motherfucking day you can act
like that me i’ma talk about how I talk
and when it’s time to do that I do that
– you did gotcha mm-hmm that one scene
Jordao sugar-free like a song right okay
mmm niggas goin in y’all niggas going in
to save committee is in the building I
thought the committee was only on
YouTube these niggas is in the building
early I think it’s going crazy
y’all niggas going great see ya I just
wanted to come in and out about that uh
that New York shit man I just want to
talk about it real quick in and out like
a robbery man I know niggas gotta go
back to work get it back to the cubicles
get back to that Mun mine you did but
yeah yeah you know talking to comments
and how I feel about this shit I think
New York is the uh the UH the hottest
state with the with their most famous
rats like they rats the fuckin famous
like hip-hop slave like you got rats as
famous as Michael Jackson out there be
now that’s the shame a nigga ain’t got
no famous rats and Oakland I can’t name
alive walking around doing documentaries
that shit okay name one New York
you forgot about Sammy the bull took
down the mild we for come on me I got
famous as snitches might come to say it
man New York snitch state of mind out
this motherfucker got it out by in the
video yeah

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