Yukmouth TV | ALPO doc trailer Review (Part 2) + MORE!! SPEAK ON IT!! Interactive LIVE CHAT


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yeah mouth TV subscribe to your
motherfucking God man we bout to do this
part or this goddamn out Pope review get
out of me
I did a part – oh god am i G and like
that’s why I don’t go live on IG no mo
because soon as I did that mob up
somebody flagged it looks like it a
grand didn’t put it on a channel so from
now on I’m right here my nigga Terry so
my IG motherfucker that’s mad I mean I’m
going Bob cuz I’d be giving too much
game my nigga in that game and the game
used to be so not told so when you
giving up this free game niggas they
take it put it on a channel nigga
monetizing it and get a check off your
ass you know I mean that’s the hustle up
to you to the motherfucker that
complaining about the rappers and shit
everybody becoming podcasters and shit
the YouTube was the same up but it’s
complaining and go to that rapper page
and still his shit his life
blurp it so he can’t use it put it on
his shit and get all the views my nigga
so it’s the hustle game you know I made
these motherfuckers mad you know me I
got we gonna talk about we don’t speak
on it they can speak only the Internet
in acting like chatting when we tap in
with child but let’s do it tap in may
see we’re by tapping their from before
we get this bitch started you film gotta
die uh-huh
moreno valley’ tapping in okay now lives
in his mouth like I see you naked mm-hmm
let’s get it going man and this is the
part too you know for the outpost shit
you know I mean like I said they blurt
me on IG
so I couldn’t be posting shit on YouTube
so this is straight to YouTube because I
ruffled a lot of feathers sent out to my
New York guys out there you know I mean
my homeboy is out there but I ruffled a
lot of feathers you know I made period
so we gotta clear that shit up since I
did clear it up already but we don’t
clear it up again on my goddamn YouTube
because somebody liked my shit on IG to
wait in the building ICU nigga cube
sitting in this motherfucker h-town ICU
nigga yeah mm-hmm nigga tapping in man
let me do it
let me let me do a motherfucking uh boo
Bob let motherfuckers on IG know that
I’m rocking out did the crowd this
muhfucka let the notifications go out
what’s Hayward in this motherfucker I
see you boy I see you my nigga I see you
but I don’t know going live right now
they don’t
yuck mouth TV YouTube 2 min right now
nigga be going in an active object let’s
go yo my IG motherfuckers type in TV Oh
who’s that folk look at Leon see you
lose that photo that’s the Maineiacs
piece right there
goddamn oh this is their this who astral
world i man so today’s outlet that we
don’t touch hand on on Doris Doris and
his mother fuck okay Fort Wayne and his
mother fuck I see you boy I see niggas
man oh man let me bring it down in the
tap and man you see 501 and his mother
niggas at 5:01 Cleveland his
motherfuckin Antioch and his mother
fucker baby you know I mean Tacoma and
his mother fucker make ya feel me D be
something in this bitch man it’s lit its
lit toledo and his mother fuck ohio me
nigga said yeah why not yeah why –
motherfucker mouth fucking shine teeth
in a TJ see it wanna be late yeah Boston
in his motherfucker Mesa low man yeah
man shout my nigga Benzino
real Boston nigga up there man
Louisville Kentucky and his mother
fuckers st. Louis was hattingh a nigga
thanks for tapping in man I appreciate
y’all man I’m not just shouting out and
it got appreciate y’all tapping it I
appreciate the nation appreciate the
committee that may type in fuck with me
breath period which one y’all gonna tap
on since this is a interactive live chat
man should we go now my FAQ I’m a tap on
the hop oh shit first because I got a
lot of apologies you know me too my my
niggas man um big apologies to my real
and white niggas man oh my my niggas man
New York period a whole East Coast man
because when I did that first
motherfucking post I said and why rank
State of Mind I should have never said
no shit like that my back my G and I
mean my back to anybody felt offended by
that shit cuz I got real ties out there
real mob ties out there you know I mean
I’m good yeah I touched down man we gooo
period so at the other day met a lot of
people felt offended because of their
title you know I mean what I said on the
title sauce which the title that’s why
the title got changed but since I did it
live I’m gonna do the apology live man
shout out to all my real my niggas all
barrels niggas Estero you did I just say
out there you have famous snitches now
it stitches everywhere snitches is
everywhere around the fucking world
but the motherfuckers is getting the
book there’s the documentaries the
movies is shit is mostly based out of
New York and I mean so that’s all I was
saying you know I mean no disrespect
that nobody in the Alpo shit really put
the stamp on it when I say I’ll focus
prancing around and shit but I got the
word from some real news out there that
was like yo man that nigga did that when
nobody was outside he did that like you
know I mean snuck in and snuck out I
heard you know I mean so you know real
real thorough niggas like nah we ain’t
with that shit like him dancing around
and taking pictures and shit
motherfuckers would have been on his
head allegedly you know I mean so you
know check out the real thorough New
York niggas and they like we don’t
condone that shit we don’t praise this
nigga we don’t rock with that nigga
you know I mean that’s him that ain’t us
you know I mean so I get it my nigga so
if I disrespect the yeah my back
you know that’s motherfucking Sammy the
bull that’s not us you know I mean
that’s fuckin Rainbow Brite that’s not
us I get it but you know I mean
you know I did a lot of dudes is in the
comments like they’re gonna it snitches
a Calif oh yeah
what about motherfucking uh but they say
they said in fcc they sit
what about shitty cuz why nobody killed
here but what shit because they got a
movie a documentary no book coming out
you know oh what about Alan is again
nigga said Moscow nigga see bicycles
missions a hell of a snoop doggs
bitching all types of names this city on
the west coast somebody was mad and
again no documentary no book no movie
I’m just saying I just said yeah I had I
just said other and why I had the most
famous snitches that’s it that’s all
what’s going man niggas get book bills
movie deals they’re your niggas come out
to the bag sniffs niggers don’t come out
to the bag out here now lay or the day
hey that’s what I’m saying but you know
that’s all I’m saying keep Edie TPP
police it okay TPB you’re right
yeah I got me with that we said keep me
do ya got me I got because he did write
a book down got me yeah got me DVD you
definitely got me on our buck all right
we got one out here but his story is is
connected to pack the one of the most
iconic hip-hop artists ever you know I
mean like I saw fucking Michael Jackson
the hip-hop clearly so you connected to
that iconic story it got to be told
theory and then wanted meant everybody
wants you to tell that story so I get
that but a negative this they stole I
get the the public interest for it you
know I mean like niggas wanna get his
story you know I mean no matter if he
whatever allegedly snakes and whatever
he did with his cases and shit niggas
want to hear the story about Tupac they
don’t want his story about when he went
you know did a deal struck a deal what
every struck is deal for nobody give a
fuck about that
all that shit neck said the Tupac story
niggas want to hear about that Tupac
story period that’s it you know I mean
so he ended up getting a book deal and
ended up being on a and here whatever
all the other fuckin TV channels doing
his interviews if shit or whatever but
it was strictly because the Tupac it
wasn’t because they him he didn’t snitch
on to pie that wasn’t this store he
snitched on some niggas allegedly I
don’t even know if he snitched
so allegedly you know I mean he had some
business with something because he dealt
with I got arrested anything you know
that’s his thing but come on man that
Tupac story had to be told and that was
the other side so they want to hear the
other side story more than yo weed weed
weed glamourizing you know somebody that
so-called said snitch and I’m a period
you know so but he got a book deal
you’re absolutely right he got a book
deal and they got a book like a
mmm-hmm you know super check have a meal
I’m not monetizing my nigga I throw this
shit on the fly I don’t think I don’t
get no money off this shit I get yep
mouth money I get Loney money money I
get regime money my nigga home Gucci
over here baby I don’t know yeah we all
get to that let’s get straight to that
man why are these due to what niggas is
mad at the entertainers that got podcast
and all types of the shit that’s going
down on the Internet
oh wait wow it’s like first of all I’m
not monetized so I ain’t no threat I am
a threat but I’m not monetizing I ain’t
gonna check off this shit don’t give a
fuck about you know I mean that ain’t
the same my day-to-day I don’t get you
niggas work for you to period so since
you work for YouTube you get a check of
your motherfucking money you feel like
your job is threatened because somebody
I really know how to do your job is in
the building you did so they do too and
content creators and doing all types of
blogs about rappers and entertainers
have a podcast and shit on YouTube all
of a sudden well we’ve been having
fucking videos but not a matter
obtain is a rappers have a podcast
that’s disgusting that’s disgusting our
shit now
these content creators and youtubers are
talking about our shit the entertainment
game the shit that we’re involved in
yeah they’re gonna sideline looking at
so now you got a motherfucker that’s
actually in the business talking about
the business and makes it more official
so they feeling threatened they job
threatened because you’re outside
looking in your brother have
motherfucking Shaq at ESPN didn’t have
motherfucking up there nigger that shot
the three-pointer and won a
motherfucking car you know me from the
Hat point
that state was in it that nigger like yo
man I fucking half-court shot I want a
motherfucking Kia and you know I think
Shaq and I think what’s really
concentrate on like they get y’all kids
shooting ass out of here man nobody
really want to hear that but if you
actually got shot you got Kobe talking
about some karma take shit on sports you
gonna listen the same thing with with
this shit but this podcast shit we are
commentators on entertainment business
that we involved in you know I mean so
when you got it’s like there’s enough
money for everybody let me firstly say
that no disrespect to y’all I’m just
like y’all know it’s enough money for
everybody I need to stop dissing it just
period so it’s enough money family body
you know how many sports channels it is
talking reporting on the same shit the
same game same points the same stats the
same player the same they reported on
the same shit every night different
motherfucking sports channels you think
these motherfuckers mad at man look it
is the end it made another partner with
that channel you know me so don’t give a
fuck about that but you youtubers on
here booing and crying and shit you know
I mean why the rappers want to do a
why this why that why you mad help you
YouTube niggas was hotep niggas after
him Pro black niggas that went from
their hustle you know I mean that shit
died down how you reporting on
entertainment okay what
don’t give a rapper or a real
entertainer the authority to talk about
his business or his situations on his
experiences in the entertainment
business our way
are you have manakish I’m not in the
entertainment business eat off this get
shit you can’t say that she was naked
Leo :
bought pounds of lead for you this is
smoke that’s still yelling Lori do you
can’t say that you did this that in the
third with with puffs and all these
other niggas like Joe button do you
can’t be with wit with the boxer
motherfucker you’re not mean Mike Tyson
doing this thing with other people you
can’t do that it’s still money for yo
y’all niggas make a lot of fucking money
I just found out what they make and I’m
mad I’m not monetized you niggas make a
shit load of money appreciate that
appreciate the subscribers appreciate
your viewers they still gonna stay there
they still want to hear from you too
it’s enough money for everybody I’m
gonna use this example again the sports
channels autumn channel survive because
everybody pulling the same shit right
but every channel has a different point
of view my nigga my point of view ain’t
gonna be like yours your point of view
ain’t gonna be like tea iced tea I
appointed you ain’t gonna be like noise
no a point of view ain’t gonna be like
Joe but Joe Budden shit ain’t gonna be
like Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson should
definitely ain’t gonna be like gills so
we all got different opinions a
different way to hit it so it’s enough
money for everybody why you got terrific
why this nigga why that digger why that
rap a lot of rappers they fell off all
we supposed to be making music niggas is
40 years old my nigga became
expand another shit what happened you
can’t make it here see hip-hop has
always been a yelling nigga game
thinking this is entrepreneurial shit
nigga YouTube is a new cable nigga you
recognize that we all know that so now
niggas got their own cable channels
negative social media has bought the
attention you’re not made of the of the
world to win a favorite entertainer or a
favorite athlete or a favorite fucking
whatever it may be
they favor cooker cook show a favor
whatever you get the inside when you
just have to look outside back in a day
now you get to see this motherfucker
actually cooking now you get to see this
motherfucker actually in a studio now
you can just see this motherfucker
actually hitting the mid sandbox it yeah
you actually get to see this
motherfucker with his wife and kids
social media made that popular so there
motherfucker stretched a wing gotta make
some more money on on a podcast shit cuz
motherfuckers love niggas personalities
you know me so the pot of cash you get
the world your personality tough yo shit
do your stuff down to you to is mad man
youtubers me I need to calm down
y’all niggas act like youtubers only for
you my nigga period is not YouTube is
for everybody but period yo YouTube
niggas content creator niggas y’all need
to chill but youtube is for everybody
anybody can make money on this
motherfucking man peer from little kids
little kids negative a little gang
channels make in the hunt how the money
hundreds of thousands now I’m a period –
a thousands a year off they post kids
niggas that ain’t even 12 13 years old
negative nigga support for thing about
seven eight years old nigga rapping
fucking in different toys you got a toy
channel waiting why you ain’t mad at the
kid with the toy channel that’s building
Legos and shit and you got 20 million
subscribers why are you a mad at him oh
wait it’s this hip-hop shit man any time
hip-hop coming to the game it’s a
competitive game hip-hop is hella
competitive but when black niggas coming
to games always competitive
complain about the little Asian ticket
you know I mean that’s doing mortal
kombat motherfucking tutorials that shit
and got this shit pop it doing mortal
kombat moves and shit all day now you
got hundreds and hundreds of
motherfucking hundreds and hundreds of
thousands subscribers
yang tripping on him but – entertainer
come in at tea I come in expeditiously
that no way come in straight chance the
Joe Budden come in everybody come in
doing this stuff like really like like
really sure you how to do this shit with
real production not just like I’m doing
here with your motherfucking camera real
production real sex real studios real
shit like each shooting a fucking movie
I’ve been on a set of fucking drink
champs it’s 80 motherfucking fucking uh
this is fucking microphones
oh you microphones over you it’s a
thousand fucking cameras from every
angle is hella lights it’s a production
nigga like you at a movie set naked
period so I think I America’s niggas
n’stuff the YouTube game up to where you
down there need to be a motherfucking
channel a cable channel to keep up with
the Joneses right now you gotta be a
real production cable channel man period
you see motherfucker static oh shit
that’s the same now you know
motherfucking nigga in his living room
and chillin I said lights cameras action
so yeah I should be proud because
motherfuckers taking it to another level
anybody that always took it to another
level I was like damn I need to step my
shit up it was motivation it never was
I’ll fuck that nigga you know I mean it
was oh shit we could do that let’s do it
you know I mean that’s when I always
take like okay that nigga got dead if
you could do it I can do it oh this
motherfucking do with that do what I
could do it we all we all gotta save
opportunities they all won’t loose a
motherfucking doors
it’s who take advantage of the
opportunities that’s what Pam so oh you
know I mean so they get mad at the
rappers they held matter – yah – hell of
it especially when a nigga do and go
Jaime and gynaecology shit with his
daughter they heated they so heated tea
I had to delete I mean not to y’all but
uh the ladies that interview see I had
to delete that shit they like I get so
much backlash you know I mean so they
believe this shit but anyway at the end
of the day man
what I got say about it man there go
young my wig disabled water is still
worn again that’s how you feel my nigga
there’s still water yeah I should have
kept that low though okay yeah
definitely I think is this man I just
don’t get it
that’s enough money fatty buddy YouTube
niggas calm down bro content creators
time family’s yawl on this ain’t rabbit
hope they got here niggas complaining
that shouldn’t get monetized they ain’t
getting made subscribers like they used
to give niggas ain’t getting a check
y’all need to complain with YouTube
instead of than other people that’s
making new content for YouTube how about
that you know I mean David niggas will
control your check not the motherfucking
rappers with a new creative podcast or
nigga with a new you know I mean a new
laughs you know I make it this is just a
lot like a nigga going live on IG but I
just might live on YouTube so thus ain’t
no production you know I mean so it’s me
chopping up with my fans because it’s
that type of game with the it with the
social media they get the note a
motherfucking fans want to get to know
you personally it’s more than putting
out of music in a video there the fans
can’t talk to you chop it up what you
fuck with you you ain’t got no you ain’t
got no face period that’s the game right
so YouTube shit the podcast shit is
another man Buster touch and get a
contact with our fans and fuck what our
fans the wrong way and let them see more
than just music see the personality man
you know I may see the seriousness to
see the intelligence of a motherfucking
whatever see me fucking up every word
impossible fuck it up everywhere you
know I mean whatever you never knew that
fuck up a lot of words anyway but you
never knew that so you never knew a lot
of shit about your favorite artists but
you got a reality show that then brings
you in the house of your favorite artist
you got a motherfucking podcast that
gives you the personality of your
artists we got IG social media and all
that shit and I mean the show the
lifestyle of an artist or entertainer so
I know you too
you know straight up my nigga so uh
youtubers and content creators don’t
feel threatened we fuck with Josh shit –
yeah I mean period from the big voice
that if people would just start man we
all YouTube is a new cable when I’m done
watching nor are we fucking watching
fucking state a culture
whatever I’m watching ah shit so don’t
be mad man period about shit – and I
soon y’all watch my shit – so with that
being said there’s enough money for
everybody anybody could play about
bullshit peanuts – elephant you get it
yeah what else Batman doe let me see
what else y’all talk about donkey
diamonds was complaining about that the
other day about rappers doing podcast I
got a partnership with dummy dollars so
I don’t know why he would do that
you know me period because at the end of
the day doggie diamonds as a partner
would uh what fucking digital so box the
shit that we do to smoke a lot radio so
that’s one of my business partners right
so doggy comes from hip hop you know I
mean so I don’t know why he would say
that you know I made period and that’s
the home you know I mean but he’s
probably talking about other people
that’s using as a hustle now it’s people
who was really genuine with the shit
that they vernacular spectacular they
want to do it because you know that’s
the type of light they do but it’s a lot
of motherfuckers coming in because ok
you can get this start this started
start to act together then put them
together you can make some money on the
podcast so he’s seeing it as a hustle
that’s what I’m taking it as because he
got this little soapbox shit there’s a
lot of rappers with podcasts up under
his umbrella man so I don’t think he’s
dissing I think he dissing him up over
this trying to use this shit as a bad
rag you know I mean it’s a motherfuckers
that can do it that made that music one
doing it ok music was doing it and it
fell off and now I got to do this so I
think that’s what he talked about me
personally I got to do no fucking
podcast and guys do nothing shit ain’t
got make an album no more TV
but I do albums because I love to make
music I do this live shit because I love
my fan base and I won’t you bring out
closer to your mouth from what I got
going on hey other than that yeah I’m
gonna check off this shit dude a lot of
niggas do so they’re concerned about
they check you did
straight up so that’s what’s going down
Terry I’m gonna check off YouTube I can
check out you know whatever else I do
but you to linking a monetize a part of
yeah guilty kid shit dope and even when
I was on smoke a lot radio niggas I hope
you thought shots ain’t guilty the kid
not oh hell no everybody know I’ve been
said my vernacular spectacular and he
ran with it that’s the homie you know I
mean period niggas man
everybody hip-hop is a borrowing game
and we all borrow from New York to even
start rapping how about that nigga then
borrow from the Bayeux types of slang
words and shit that nigga’s the made
cool leave the ball for mental a gang
banging anybody game bang so we all
borrowed the hip-hop culture we all take
from each other period
I just want niggas a gift acknowledgment
where they get it from me like I damn
anything a young mouth from the low
knees be sent some slick shit smoke like
radio podcast and motherfuckers funny
man they said low sodium
they said diet whoa now I got to diet
this at a low sodium I get loved because
it looked like the content creators the
scrambling but they taking you know I
mean they complaining about the niggas
but they actually taking and grabbing
like imma take this but take this word
I’m gonna take this I’m gonna take this
clothing line right niggas then copied
off his shirts all types of shit I’m
like wow you know I’ve been period so it
is what it is you know I mean when you
bring a slag to the table you know it’s
gonna drip it’s gonna drip man and you
can’t control where drip but when I do
drip just show love when what you feel
the splash from when you got splash that
I got damn my everybody doing the wall
but sauce so I can make that shit fly
period know all this shit now everybody
doing it niggas don’t even move doing no
song the sauce walking on that shit look
at anybody doing it like it’s dinner my
all the rap niggas doing it it’s trying
to act like they made it up but you know
where it come from to come from h-town
my nigga that sauce back to my nigga
Kerry hey I want to give it up no the
main rap nigga nigga did a it’s all
socket get out loader that nigga period
so that’s all I’m saying
they gonna be giving luck maybe they
take your shit right away to start doing
all types of dance moves this shit like
they made it up you see me and the fans
look like a baby
same with YouTube man they can take your
shit see some cool shit yeah I mean to
take it and
think they made it so that’s all I’m
saying the same shit sauce market going
through what everybody doing the walk
you know I mean all that shit nobody
said that it came from that nigger or
Houston yeah I mean whoever made it out
there Pig I ain’t saying that oh yeah I
can write motherfuck a little pump made
a Chucky cheap whatever you said it
you’re the first the first ball fuckin I
got on the quick key key key what do you
make a Chinese song so I do some shit
didn’t I this shit down there got
blackballed trying to take that shit
over and it’s a shit about sauce walka
–kinky –kinky time rap my sauce
everything the whole shit dance move a
thing to say shit about sauce and say
shit about the sauce factory know that
shit messed up at there today everybody
take it from cool shit period man come
on cool shit is always cool hey that’s
like motherfucking hip-hop taking over
the industry man niggas is rock and roll
this niggas is playing good times this
shit nigga rides man now niggas is
rapping bro cause it’s a cool shit
anybody gonna take from the cool shit
period ain’t gonna matter with that but
good no that’s what I’m saying yeah I’ll
fuck with all y’all podcast getting shit
off of a bunch it is quality makes even
oh I’ll call you koala cause you crime
in a tree I’ll fuck with koala giving
shit I fucked it up
Noorie shit I mean thanks for having me
on that motherfucker maybe I’ll go check
that Bay Area addition to drink chance
for me mr. fag too short got there
Benzino Yeti and it did hip revolt TV
yes it did sound of the Benzino again
podcast man I ain’t got no hating my
bluff and it curious enough and if
anybody should be complaining it should
be the rapper’s my damn another rapper
or what another rapper but it’s the
youtubers and a content creator that man
Audi’s mother fucking around
nobody says shit about Tyson shit yeah
y’all scared to tell the times will
knock your ass out and dump a burn on
your ass I said shit about Mike Tyson
shit all you youtubers complain about
Joe Budden shit noise shit out all the
other rabbits it I say shit about Tyson
either one being them
over the head the hardest Isis popping
more than anybody’s shit right now Tyson
is lip period now no peopie for more
than a buddy but he just is live he
lived nobody saying shit yeah cuz I
can’t see no that’s my nigga come on man
can’t see no man that big car see no
heat dope I fuck with car see no tyrita
nah she die fuck with starting at all
them dudes man
and the hip-hop people fucking all the
hip-hop crimes um fucking hip-hop our
sister uh MADtv what else man fuck with
all the hip-hop shit Terry
y’all niggas don’t suck up money for
everybody broke period straight up my
fuck with spinal oh shit
boss come on honey shit girls oh shit
all the nigga that’s funny and shit I’ll
fuck with all his shit
Perry is dull sending up money fuck
what hey Nick period they said I’ll add
the fish hey we don’t know till we see
some paperwork but that really does his
job you know I mean as much as it should
be the interrogation room he get don’t
pass people by the people that he’d get
to sit on that got their mound and
interview it’s amazing
this nigger they’ve got niggas from
Sopranos dated swimming naked
Goodfellas niggas like actors either got
the illest kingpins from the Cali bigger
from little diva
motherfucking freeway Rick he got the
interviews are amazing the people that
he getting to sit down on that
motherfucking chairs amazing period so
he’s doing his due diligent man pity
straight up but he gets sideways and
talk some shit outsiders and they’re
gonna gonna get check but blasters don’t
besides that man beside the
interrogation issues doe period my nigga
gulley TV making off bubblegummy TV
mentioned that out the gully for coming
to LA he really do his job
gulley TV gonna pull up on you nigga no
matter where you mad nigga cutting TV
just live somewhere in New York
that nigga pull up in Cali and lady
come out here pull up pull up there the
interview we did our stuff you know I
made pennies so shout out the gulley TV
because hand a nigga that’s just taking
niggas labs and didn’t put it on this
page no we will pull up on that artists
or all that gangster nigga or that
motherfucking that it was rumored to be
the tough time data by itself no
security nigga in this camera make it
rock out
stay off social look at gulley TV that’s
my guy guy I supposed to do another
interview with him soon man we missed
that one though
he said godly Elaine um God he does his
homework I appreciate people do their
homework you see not going on trips to
go buy chips Oporto Rico the many trips
to Dominican Republic trips to LA trips
everywhere to get these interviews you
niggas with these YouTube channels is
sitting in the comfort of your home
garage your own patio whatever the fuck
you do your shit at you take niggas
content from their lives and post it on
your shit and you talk shit about it you
only hit no airplanes and get no hotels
and shit and go travel to get that
content this thing is traveling and
doing production with this content come
already roughy like I look at girlie TV
like it’s the the digital fags magazine
or John diva cuz daren’t even would have
the interviews with the with the the
kingpins from every part of the United
States even some niggas overseas and
shitting and niggas in Mexico and they
all types of kingpin stories you not me
so that’s the only TV to me he’s like
the digital or visual Don diva mammy and
we need that in a game cuz donna diva
was poppin cuz of them stories anybody
want to hear them stories you know
straight up they say I saw a Campbell my
son Campbell man that son ain’t gonna
eat up on that dude man whatever I do is
disgusting but yes a lot of dudes out
there that’s dope man you know I mean a
lot of booze is out there dough but the
thing I mistake now one thing I’m gonna
say about her son is that he’s another
dude that started off as a hotel hustler
and did that
shit played out did he start hustling
hip-hop so he another nigger that was
you know black power African you know I
mean the hotel nigga dead oh hey amazing
shit no there’s nothing the matter with
that you know you give a knowledge
that’s dope but he went from that to
talking about cardi B’s and shit like
that like daily hip-hop news so he
switched it up to because he’s seen the
temperature now I mean so it’s a lot of
Pro African dudes that don’t do the
providing shit no more they do the rap
shit they do the hip-hop entertainment
no exist that’s cool it’s enough money
for everybody but we not complaining you
know like why I know African niggas I’ve
been selling books on the corner selling
DVDs and shit and selling them you know
fucking other Colonials and shitting
oils and shit why they all told him Iraq
right now when they was talking about
Egypt the pyramids and shitting and I
mean Kenya knowing that like what
happened yeah what happened yeah I mean
that shit got old it became a house
slave my senior everybody seen it like
to preach that church it’s a hustle
Brett you trying to get my money but
so everybody left that so now switch the
switch to you know hip-hop shit cool why
I wouldn’t
niggas that’s really in hip-hop while we
can’t talk about it but a motherfucker I
saw my pro blackness yeah I mean black
power black this black that if it’s not
popping no more that shit was talking
about three years ago I said a pop in
the morning hey gotta talk about hip-hop
events I get it that’s somehow so much
niggas niggas tryna hustle your asses if
it was really black power you still be
on that you wouldn’t be talking about
the latest shit has worn down latest
gossip and shit that you can read on
mediatakeout and shit like that you’re
gonna be doing that you will have to
empower and I mean so all that shit is a
hustle man period ain’t gonna talk about
the other shit but this is loud and you
know Pro black dudes man they talking
about hip-hop now yeah we not
complaining we know a man stop it this
is not my favorite buy it
that’s what work for you and keep the
lights on nigga get show my Monteria I
have no problem with that
comedians got we got hip-hop you know
Goffe got his shit poppin a body matter
to that man nobody mad at that even even
even Lord Jamar name this shit
I mean right niggas in New York don’t
say yeah I mean like we know where it
came from we know that’s the Bay Area
work now yeah I mean oh man what do you
say yeah I mean yeah I mean I mean
whatever the New York dudes just say
yeah me but they say yeah and I mean so
it shows called
yeah that I mean I got some Bay Area
shit my nigga so busy Boeing got is this
like reality shows last podcast shit
going on so everybody is is tuned in
with these artists life is like
motherfucking Love & Hip Hop oh oh oh
fucking housewives Atlanta take Tony I
saw him up again YouTube just like that
Brett what’s the five little man you
know what’s the problem man everybody
got a YouTube everybody got a Shoaib I
got a channel anybody’s giving their of
a fanbase exclusive inside on them and I
mean that they went getting just listen
to a song or just buy an album just
showing up to our autograph signing to
get a nigga autograph you really stand
out his nigga right now you can be like
other niggas a bozo he’s a goofy are you
like god that’s my guy god fuck with him
now and didn’t I think of music I should
not see so you know what it is man
blaming on social media man but don’t
blame known no hustle
cuz everybody trying to some money
you’re dead that’s all I’m saying
they’re not for the internet war is
enough of a fucking uh the YouTube wars
and all that shit that YouTube subscribe
I mean with the youtubers against the
rap looks like let me cut that shit out
right now man we black we’re in the best
industry we run this shit now hip-hop is
the biggest in the world man let’s lean
on that us this black Wall Street this
shit Oklahoma get on me and unless you
know Cowboys and make a lot of money off
this motherfucker without complaining
because as much as we complain about not
we but the YouTube is complaining about
all of us a new youtuber
you podcast a new park at all fuck that
is to me rappers doing podcast as much
as you say that you know I mean rappers
this is made a day you think rap niggas
is like ah so many rappers we can’t do
nothing about it we gotta live with stop
that we can’t rap but every I used to be
a rapper every year now it’s new bad for
every 30 minutes my nigga and they
coming hard to the motherfucker so how
can an old-school rap or a new-school
rather be like fuck that man it’s only
me it’s about me I totally make the
money you can’t do it at breakfast all
industry where everybody make money
podcasting broadcasting on YouTube is
the industry where everybody make money
I had a motherfuckers that just their
normal not the celebrities the normal
motherfuckers felt like they only could
do you to know niggas celebrities nigga
HBO got a youtube you mad at them yes
the ain’t got a YouTube you mad at them
Showtime got a YouTube on the fuckin
cable channel gotta you to yeah you say
that you mad bro you mad mad it’s cool
right but it ain’t cool but you did
relax man you don’t take noise shit you
gotta relax I can rap rap blob you can’t
make no music y’all say that about Shaq
well he uh he don’t hear spin you know I
mean commentating the game you don’t say
that about Kobe when he won’t hear
seeing a commentating again they retired
Kobe you came in a motherfucking place
no mo so you commentating I would say
that why I got so much hate for the rap
and nine times out of ten I rap is still
kicking ass still you know throwing some
shit out there he’s probably any poppin
like he was but he still be still
wiggling music the most about your black
ass nigga let me give some gang
youtubers the retirement plan for most
rappers DJ’s it produces is they either
be at a radio station you know I mean
being a personality or the DJ you know
I mean being a motherfucking DJ at the
station making some money so it always
goes to a radio station like a lot of
rappers that I’m retired and became
radio host
you know I mean a lot of people that
make beats and DJs and became the DJ or
program director for the whole type of
stay so that’s like our retirement
playing radio you know I mean so this is
the new radio my nigga period don’t get
we are the entertainment commentators
it’s like you have ESPN you have support
commentators we are the fucking hip-hop
commentators and motherfuckers respect
it when you come from a motherfucker
that really played the game instead of
month look at this with obtaining that’s
it you know that’s it that’s it they
respect it more from a motherfucking
that actually played the game I respect
ESPN you know from Shaq’s view then when
they had the rapper up there you know
like I’ll fuck it let’s say they had
Ludacris no little Wayne up there
because the line is always up there
I respect Shaq point of view more than
little Wayne cuz little Wayne is a
rattler you’re not a basketball player
even though you’re on the show talking
about basketball I’m a respect sex point
of view more because he’s out there he
was out there he got the championships
he know exactly the temperature on the
court you don’t want you know
temperature you know that time or
whatever you in your garage mansion you
don’t know the NBA politics and what it
takes to be out there so I will take
Shaq’s advice more than Wayne advice on
sports even though we know everything
about sports he loves sports it tell you
about everybody he’ll be about fucking a
a motherfucking a Green Green Bay Packer
one day there gonna be another team the
next day so get Wayne tell y’all about
it but I respect Shaq’s
anymore so that’s what’s going down now
with the youtube shit the fans the
subscribers they respect you know the
actual person that’s part of the game
more than you know
not even that because you got koala
demux what was the purely youtuber he
ain’t no celebrity and got shit to do
with hip-hop another pop it’s so hard
from you being a youtuber then he got a
situation so you could do 2 . na that’s
it if you could if you don’t you got
sister humor yo shit is dope good
production like you got the latest news
that nobody got you could do it just
like academics academics did it could be
period so no disrespect to youtubers but
I’m just saying this subscribe us
it’s gonna want to hear from a
motherfucker – in the game and said but
motherfuckers just out the game and you
can steal him from him or get out the
game and the game that’s why you got to
get our main of the shit called everyday
struggles and its standard of coaches
this shit it makes everybody like the
girl the politician chick
I think it’s put in every day on state
of culture she got shit to do a hip-hop
but you got an opinion it’s a different
you know point of view so you know it is
what it is you know everybody got a
point of view and everybody point of
view is different that’s what make every
fucking TV channel sports channel pop
hey you know it’s all about the same
shit so why is ESP and the Fox still in
if one supposed to be more popping than
the other it ain’t we always talk about
same shit we get money and it is what it
is sometimes we all play the same games
we all planned I mean like really
filming the same games and posting it on
our shit cannot complain ESPN they got
no problem of Fox 5 sports
I need we get our money youtubers relax
enough money for you niggas man they
want to hear from us nigga d’etat to
hear from y’all slow down turbo
understand they want to hear from the
actual people that was dead that’s my
boys shit pop so much because when he
bring the interview he actually talking
history with these motherfuckers right
yeah I don’t got no history with Leo :
and with day
– with JC with knives and shit like that
like these rappers doing come on they
can do them interviews and talk about
they back in a day moments and shit you
can’t do that that’s priceless you know
me so I slowed down with our boat Sun
outside mow shout out to Snoop Dogg
you know Snoop Dogg was one of the first
new dog and uh be real and they want to
talk about rappers all of a sudden its
new gonna be real shit was popping wave
you feel like 2010 still back to first
Gigi in I mean GNA know Gigi a gangster
no GNN gangster noodles network so snow
patters shit
wait be real out of shit way before we
ever seen a joke but before we ever seen
a academics or any of these niggas
they’re gonna be real and sniffles
already own that shit you know I mean so
come on he’s like a rapper rapper but
you forget about the rappers that was
poppin before became pop it that was
doing this shit already man calm down
slow down turbo look up won’t be real TV
started on your own you’re up on your
YouTube and go look up with Snoop Dogg
Gigi Gigi in started orgy in it no GG n
look when that started you have your
answer like some niggas been popping
before this shit even got popping before
some of you content creators even have a
youtube channel the niggas was popping
that’s rappers so come on man let’s be
love and love is do you know I mean it
we get a lot of yarn so yeah I should
aspire yeah GG n yeah them niggas BAM
Papa Snoop Dogg and then fucking beer it
was the first round as I knew my podcast
carry back toys you know so if you
really want to go there the podcast
start with the back I didn’t started
from the average Joe so when the podcast
go back to the rapper don’t be mad man
laying on YouTube niggas this is out of
money hey buddy don’t disrespect I’ll
watch all y’all shit you’re not me
no disrespect but we gotta get a lot of
everybody man
you know we able to make our own HBO on
Showtime right now
YouTube is the new cable channel nobody
watch cable niggas watch YouTube all day
they playing video games with the
YouTube playing in the back but there is
music whether it’s podcast mothers
sports shit YouTube is playing on that
nigga thing you’ve been watching cable
they catch the highlights on YouTube but
so you able to make your own
motherfucking ESPN channel you can talk
about sports you’re able to make your
own motherfucking MTV be able to talk
about rap this is the way brother come
on hustle back no don’t knock let me see
what y’all talkin bout because I’ve been
talking my head up they say Ray J the
new dev won’t okay they say Devon got
one – hell yeah good shit smoke a lot
radio me I check out that new episode
man we got hearing G up there man and
I’m ain’t giving us a real game or who
started gangster rap man so I checked
that out after y’all look at this shit
man but I just wanted to uh clip that
outpost shit to my real my niggas my
East Coast niggas no disrespect the Yard
Man every time I did a album my first
three hours dug out the Appalachian the
new the New Testament Godzilla I went to
New York before I get the mountains
while I was doing them out was my first
like I go to New York for about a month
the internet each album just to get the
vibe just it cuz New York no disrespect
but New York niggas was rapping on some
other shit so hip-hop is competitive so
when I get out there it’s real
competitive you know I mean it’s like
go home and go home west coast you could
be a pocket yeah I mean we had the two
shorts we had you know I mean the people
that just wrap in pocket but David’s
famous they pop and they lit but they
rapping his pocket ain’t no tricky you
know I mean type of rapping hurt you
know I’m in a really tricky of mine it’s
dope straight to the point you could
sing that shit get your shit off but I
was intrigued with that so before every
New York and get a dose of nigga the
fucking bounce squad shoutout to my
niggah snagglepuss man bound squad
Messiah to our record label virgin man
so I always had my connect since the 90s
like literally not mean to mid nineties
if my connect to one I’m always out
there rocking with the niggas and then
when I started my solo projects I made
it a made it a fuckin fuck that it had
to be a mission every time I did that
I’ll miss you get the influence because
I don’t know about other content
creators I mean I don’t know I don’t
know about other rappers fuck on to
Korea I don’t know about other rappers
but you always need something to give
you that today okay I gotta go you need
some influence so you just be when you
feel like you you you know I mean like
when you’re doing good and everything is
nice you know I mean you need something
to take you out of that you know I mean
so you’re doing good everything nice a
lot of money coming through we Benzes
and shit Range Rovers likes good I go to
New York to get the reality check and I
mean cuz it’s grimy as fuck you know I
made and it’s same time lavishes fuck
and I mean at the same time had that
Brian did I mean like you have to really
fuckin rat you couldn’t run everybody
can write really know and I’m gonna
bounce why do i mix tapes you know I
mean um mo P nigga all the mixtapes I’ll
go out there just look at mistakes
period fuck the radio I got there for
the mixtapes listen to the mistakes man
should have a big L on it all the total
niggas on it and compete with that as a
West Coast nigga laughs okay I’m not
trying to rap like them
compete like this hi this is the barn to
me this is a lyrical bar not musical bar
like far as musical bar was Dre you know
I mean it was them niggas out there at
my home but I’m talking my lyrical bar
it was New York so I go out there and
you know I mean observe and it makes me
step my shit up compared to just being
on a block one aisle rapping everybody
in my neighborhood it’s like nobody dope
it in me let me go somewhere but I feel
niggas is doping in me and let me take
some notes to stay to get dope you know
I mean so all my New York niggas man
just know that you know always been the
blueprint of dope-ass lyrics period so I
always go out there give my game up you
know I mean to come in and do these
albums so no doubt the appellation went
out to New York first
you got New York tracks on there I mean
I’m no Nev your tracks on there New
Testament you got New York tracks on
there dane grease p killer Godzilla you
got New York tracks on there
dang grease P killer so niggas be like
yeah why you rap my sharp it buy them
New York niggas man some horror story
man I got number love for New York so
don’t never think I disrespect y’all
because there was some day a few
individuals dead I just said that is
famous yeah I got the most famous that’s
it but I also got the most gangster
niggas out there they also got the most
my for your niggas out there the mob is
out there I also got the best rappers
out there three straight up so that be
assist lool damnnn out this
motherfucking unless you I want to talk
about some recipes to Bushwick it makes
got bars nigga
Keith Murray the up in cash the album we
told my deep is hella dope and all those
men knew y’all got dope ass rappers man
serious so always went out there to do
my homework before I started out them
and that’s why when niggas hear ya mouth
they say
and it went crazy because I was out in
New York now compete with these niggas
these balls I gotta go crazy I’m
thinking that I’m rapping against these
niggas period on my Houston song I’m a
Houston that rapper that hey I’m
thinking about New York the old tongue
but I gotta outdo my D I gotta how to do
mo pee I’ll do not I got this is my I’m
trying to wrap this is good i out doing
so you know hip-hop is always been a
competition man always been you know
still sharp me stealing man so that’s
what mainly Who I am you know I mean a
dude that really bust rhymes it should
that really go bus right I mean that
really you know I mean that really rat
that rhyme that really rap is what it is
many black man yeah it’s great
yep technical I do my homework but city
their homework before the map no
breathtaking are severe doing home I
disappear doing great yeah I mean period
that’s my uh my nigga chop black brother
shoutout the severe you know I mean
definitely but I think he’s doing good
um last time I seen him he was on
crutches I don’t know if he in the
wheelchair on crutches right now but
he’s good may still alive he’s great I
guess a rate climb you thinking boy for
real wu-tang wu-tang with some niggas to
had me going fire like they got got it
we got it go moon train is the reason
why I made the regime there was a
blueprint of the regime
I like oh this is it this is the
ultimate crew right here you got a nigga
some each different parts of the town
now that one that one block
I come from niggas off from one block
not it’s different positive town they
all came together made a movement their
dopest rappers you know I mean so I said
a blueprint and instead of being from
different parts of the city I want to be
a different person United State
so I wanted Midwest niggas East Coast
niggas down south niggas West Coast
niggas all in one mob because we got
every market you have to take hip-hop is
a market gang you know I mean like
insert market she won’t pop you can pop
on the west coast is your West Coast
type of music Southwest you northern you
know northern West but once you get
further east are they gonna pop out
there so we got the East Coast artists
we got the down south we got the Midwest
we got the West so it’s all together so
we all push this around we getting
pumped everywhere I was my main mission
like yo we do this crew that got
everybody from every coast we don’t get
pumped everywhere we hitting every
fucking mark you know I mean period so
that’s how I came up with the regime
fuckin with the whole time
so another salute to my you know me love
salute my stoop I you know I mean Tupac
Shakur he from NY – he made the outlaws
so between the outlaws and the
motherfucking wu-tang is how I came up
with the regime period before the regime
it was passing out her mom and that was
really the my free to go but again I’m
separated and made my own cool me which
is amazing it’s a shout-out New York you
got a lot of gang from y’all a lot of
gang from y’all bro good question he’s a
good question have you ever been linked
with Coolio Alanna dog man that’s my Chi
Chi yeah I’m cool – yo man this is what
it is man ah throne teas for the Mac man
my god guy sidle brush that shot outside
of me eclipse is my cousin blood cousin
Mastro recipes eclipse men I shut out
teeth lonely he just dropped into I’m go
get that
now I mentioned I’m so hyper nigga my
shit boy PM straight up yeah Coolio the
guy got man cool the old venom boss man
period Coolio all my face niggas man
Jake eggs nigga stinkweed beats then
weak old man like this that’s the
homeboy um
keep me out y’all
chicks man I heard them say my name and
it JT the Bigga figured shit because you
know I did some I said something about
Messi more you know everybody need to
help that dude
I guess dude’s got mad at me because you
know he’d be from with that dude or
whatever and do my name is some slander
but I got no beef with that guy you know
I mean I think he was just talking how
he felt but I don’t think it ain’t no
crime they said gang start out by I’m
gonna listen to that right fucking marry
straight up JT the Bigga figga shit on
my nigga feet so look like I always say
I don’t give a fuck about I do but I’m
gonna fuck about what should I say about
Jake see every time this nigga bought me
to the studio it was a back it was a bad
I ain’t never did a free verse – Jake
see a bigger figure every time I came to
the table every time he brought me to
the table like yeah now wasn’t what I
supposed to get for album nah but what I
supposed to get from right there beyond
shit let’s go I know he turned it too
loud if I know in turn – I don’t money
to you know triple that you know I mean
double that triple that but can’t knock
the hustle you agreed to the agreement
my nigga I agreed today you know me so I
can’t be the hot fuck him
I agreed today I’m out he came to the
studio cash me up
what he got that’s his business you know
I mean what is what it is so shut up to
JT and they got a real a real
independent guru man that bring money to
the table a lot of niggas gonna feed
verses and shit I never paid a nigga JT
paid me every time I came to studio with
him so when niggas be like oh man he did
I knew they never paid me JT paid me
every time man just like I said messy
mom a hundreds of thousands of a mess
involved man ain’t turned my back on
they theory JT actually paid me every
time I stepped in the pool I’m not
turning my back on that nigga breath no
my gosh
Gary I’m gonna fuck what’s our politics
is man I handle that
from one man handle grooming shit you
know they’re my guys but I respect
anybody I put food in my kids mouths no
Frank Ocean but you helped me pay my
bills and put food in my kids mouth you
got my respect for life my nigga period
until you cross me straight up so shout
out the Jade City nigga I hope you back
from Africa together happy birthday – I
seen you on your shit at birthday box
birthday happy birthday – JT the Bigga
figga gone also my nigga – no I’m down
so for over 20 years my nigga so it’s
like Cam’ron and Jim Jones they bump
heads you know I mean no niggas known
each other for a book and they write
back doing this diplomat shit so I the
other day man shit happens man
you know I mean period that house with
my dog I know but nigga if you don’t get
no big three y’all go check it shit out
– gonzo – feigning straight-up mob shit
what a game like no mm-hmm
mess a legend man um no matter what it’s
a lot of dudes that I know that do shit
you know maybe are enclosed or like all
types of whatever they do that’s your
personal life bro period long as you can
maintain and do you that’s you man I
think got nothing to do with that I love
you for our business your music like
that was one of my favorite Frisco
rappers messy mark if not Vee besides
coconut cool that first mess is down
there a second coat nut is my favorite
motherfucking fresco artists you got the
mess next period you’ve got a no-mess
big auto San Quentin you know I mean I
have to mess but yeah but San Quentin
was the first nigga that was putting off
the heat period msk man ain’t no kind of
took it off so and then JT
straight up farts lyrical not
business-wise you know me
old-school let’s not new school hey what
about check this out fuck with everybody
man I’m some old school this old school
favorites was them
period rabbit votes a number five no
right boat a time a fault no right the
photo number one oh no man rapping folks
a number one father’s you know I mean
that niggas that did it gave for Frisco
I mean then you get the others you know
I main period I gotta take a piss money
y’all all the blunt right quick
y’all want me get going put them thumbs
up but God want me to keep going I send
this shit down you have to do your one
two you gotta think about what can we
call it to that damn Paris you gotta
think about Paris Paris was the illest
nigga too
oh yeah a guy I was in the bathroom I
conjured up my list at the top five
Frisco and story is man that I really
got this shit going number one Paris
number two photo number three JT the
Bigga I mean number three number three
uh all BL posse I mean are number three
cold night I mean damn number one pairs
number two are BL posse number three
photo number fo JT the Bigga figure and
number five many more there you go
that’s that’s my lazy day frisco list
hey sell ski to go skiing – hobbies
messing mark or ejecting a bigger figure
you know I mean so that’s my top Frisco
Paris I repeat coconut pad is cool nut
um potay JT messy mark who can argue
with that
who fucking arguing with that nigga said
scheme schemes don’t – but I’m talking
about the niggas that make the history
of Frisco not now in that case I’m
talking about the history that got the
fucking mouth the fucking Mount Rushmore
of hit Frisco rap is them five facts
Paris I repeat
oh yeah Nikitina – Nikitina okay so
you’ll put Nikitina after after JT there
coz JT is responsible missing mob
everything so we’ll put Nikitina did
Jack see all Dan shit honorable mention
which the factor which the factor from
Frisco – yeah you know that it was the
factor so I attended a Frisco guy he
period I used to be on the ground in a
tenant oil
he said Celski predates all of them okay
Celski there
that’s my guy guy you got those cells
get up in there too – yep you got those
who took in there I said I’ll be here
I said I’ll be here definitely said RVL
my nigga get nuts come on
I said Nick too short a quarter frisco
nigga I’m somebody Oakland now he said
too short stop it
I’m something out come on here we go
but that Mac Minister Frieda Minister
Brett Mac and the artists breath chop
and chop freak my nigga Mac I see a lot
of niggas in here for Mac he said what
did spice wonderful Frisco be from
penguin definitely
yo tool – I told you man – tough nigga
damn it feels good to be okay so my top
five old-school we going old-school
nigga let’s start a legend my top five
old school down south artist nigga
Scarface Sheila
no Scarface I mean to get the fuck that
ghetto boys to lock crew ghetto boys 2
Live Crew little flip out I said you
said I was saying down south of Houston
Iron Man let’s rewind it rewind ghetto
boys to lapu Outkast Ludacris and
similar Missy hey from Miami think it’s
a minute Missy dopest theory I say a
little quiz nigga let it be with scheme
that the boy looking like a dummy flip
week I’m talk about the Navy that made
it pop out there but I get a boy’s 2
Live Crew UGK how the fuck did I forget
about UGK me Outkast
hot boys hi boys man Wayne his niggas
man gotta have a boy after we flip that
now I forgotten that he said mystical
8-ball MJG that’s the MC part of our UGK
no 0 hella dough I said top 5 yeah it’s
great that’s it top 5 nigga your knees
got niggas I said top 5 late the
blueprint I say all the dope is news
from the South Nathan don’t be thick is
hella dough niggas in the south killing
me yeah forgot goodie My Damn
ghetto boys – laughs cruel outcasts
Goodie Mob Ludacris money how guys good
in my house man
I’m kind of loaded you know I’m drinking
this shit man yeah no limit was belt to
go you crazy yeah
Big Mike he just wanted to get a boys
and their so when I say these groups
okay let’s do the LA University top five
LA time five LA to me dr. Dre Snoop Dogg
right now but dr. Dre Snoop Dogg
Kendrick Nick
Kendrick Nick and mmm I think of some I
say zip it I say I say exhibit because
hold on man we’re gonna place as if it
as though we’re gonna replace that with
corrupt nigga corrupt corrupt corrupt
young guy corrupt you know my mother
fucking guy man
okay he’s an animal man nigga been an
animal from the Rick oh fuck ice to God
and so last one NWA
yeah but I said dr. Dre so dr. Dre
includes NWA includes DLC includes Ice
Cube includes the whole package that’s
why I said dr. Dre but then I said Snoop
Dogg – so that kind of fumbled my shit
up all right Ice Cube number one that’s
the number-one nigga dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg that’s how fuck me up but
it’s clicks but is clay is clicks you
damned Kendrick Kendrick Lamar that last
one is meny but and nipsey man fuck that
and it see and nipsey man Nipsey meant
so much to LA I witness this shit Nipsey
Nipsey is the number 5 nigga top nigga
in that leg back the way they said Tyler
Craig that’s dope as dope
Nipsey nigga yeah
atomic Raider don’t Foley a from TAS
Rask ask rookie facts fact I see facts
facts the whole SMO famous thing NWA
who’s more famous than sleep though more
things that dr. Dre out other people
your name okay mr. Kendrick now the only
one you can really say is nipsey now I
love that nipsey guy you know I may have
it as feeling like the Staples Center
selling their motherfucker out you know
I mean the whole city that the motorcade
that went through the whole LA ain’t
seen nothing like that since biggie no
biggie didn’t even have that because
bigger didn’t do a spin over like the
motherfucking uh what they call the shit
at Madison Square Garden he ain’t have
it at the garden
so for Nixie to have his shit at the
Staples Center sell it out and I sell it
out but have everybody in there
motherfucker he’s the fifth most
important component out here Timmy the
gang was talking shit but no
disrespected again
I have seen movement for these young
niggas they looked at Nick at he was the
new to pop their back so that being said
I get Nick niggas is making it like he
Jesus you get the calling Nick Jesus
just shin let me call him Nick Jesus but
not least lassie yeah I mean uh making
guy manager making like honey Selassie
that’s calling Haile Selassie in Jesus
but so come on man a man how to impact
my G super impact let’s go groups let’s
go to groups dog path hieroglyphics the
whole motherfucking a TDD TDD crew the
alcoholics the whole liquid crew but
Rask ass is zipping all the niggas and
the low knees fuck what’s that I know
he’s in the lyrical warfare but oh three
times crazy man yeah I better get some
fucking letter three times crazy man
them niggas this maniac that good maybe
that’s is my personal personal view
three times crazy I say somebody else
but three times
West Coast connection definitely let’s
go oh yeah I was don’t you right I said
three times crazy they said the whole
ride is three times crazy good shit
we’ll talk the loonies top-5 it shit now
y’all niggas man you know hey I can’t
throw myself in there yeah I got threw
myself in there you know me throw us in
there max rate I wasn’t a group Cypress
Hill yes oh no man back the boys man
Cypress is probably number one Cypress
NWA hey no NWA
cycler seal do we get credit for bone
thugs-n-harmony now we don’t get credit
for bone does dog pound the whole liquid
squad hieroglyphics they gotta be
they’ve gotta be it gotta be back while
side dope but they carry many got out
shut up boy your blood bank
Simone these motherfucking up these
cones boy he’s calling his in they have
this mold know to back off these cones
while commercial break and look how they
come down my back up so she don’t get
stale baby boom what about cones make it
you wanna boys and your life mate mm-hmm
but nigga someone like rolling and
shooting and of stuff and shit keep it
moving this is the fast-paced think I
bust you down do all that we try you
know that you know they’ll order work
let me see got something bout my oh no
this is what I want to do you got to do
best groups in the bay and best groups
in LA can we do that can we do that best
groups in the bay and best groups in LA
then we’re gonna do best groups in
Atlanta then best groups in y’all I mean
you hear me down south
let’s do that that’s what we’re gonna do
man best groups in a Bay hieroglyphics
lonely’s three times crazy
Seidel cut though commit I mean cut
though committee with manager and his
crew cut though committee and the clique
I mean oh fuck you guys saw first to
click affording the clique number one
hieroglyphics number two the Loney’s
number three three times crazy number
four and I’m some of our early early
days early days earlier it did if you’ve
gone nowadays nigga why why it wasn’t
there just in the back I’m in Oakland to
me and that’s include the whole clique
filthy rich nigga J styling little blood
they get all the niggas they get Stevie
Stevie J all the niggas niggas I buy so
yeah man dude now let’s go to the LA we
did down like we already did LA we did
the down south
who’s the top and why five and why rap
whoops hmm Run DMC my deep
MOT component Noriega
and I want to say Griselda the whole leg
make it Griselda they get a record label
the staff and a cruel baby the whole
words every shit is going down they get
Benny to butcher 38 specially
motherfucking they’re gonna the whole
shit nigga
Grizelda nigga know what Oh hold on
g-unit I could not forget Giani ji
fucking unit as much as I beef with them
niggas them niggas is the hottest nigga
so make it work I work and the goddamn
diplomats so hold on
Run DMC g-unit diplomats mo P component
Noriega that’s a fire by dick that’s a
five right there I repeat g-unit
diplomats I mean up Run DMC g-unit
diplomats motherfucking uh mo peep
component off Capone no Jager dent MOT
so component no Yeager’s before mo P
Capone Noriega did MOT you can’t forget
the Julia mafia you got nigga you got
fuckin dodge effects there you’ve got
feet Viper sealed smooth you got come on
that’s my guy guy you got the brand
nobody hears you got Public Enemy a
stylish it but that’s how this shit my G
Wu Tang my bag money got forgot what
ain’t so will tell you can take the
price up run DMC but you gotta put Run
DMC up in the mix there you be next to
the dope – yeah will tell you daddy I
fucked up that list man okay and why one
more time Run DMC
wu-tang know what do you see would say
g-unit diplomats opponent oh yes
yeah killing me yeah ah goddamn so we
gotta take upon the know y’all for the
locks the last how did I forget the
Jada and fucking shaking styles deluxe
nigga one more time the likes thinking
relaxin oxidize the lacks is over
component oh yeah you got slid out money
I’m sorry noise locks it’s number five
definitely because when it was the
Warlocks alright good niggas been there
with the Warlocks killing shit bigger
when niggas ya mates when he was rapping
with nigga fuck it up brother died man
you know they from the East Coast man
but that was chosen to the corn our
amazing day was that yeah I mean so
that’s why we always going to New York
and get the new spiel you did Gang Starr
I say hey it’s brand new be is this
probably gonna be bad thing Public Enemy
is more of a factor than gang stuff you
know no disrespect to creamy and recipes
go rule that’s my guy
they get the Public Enemy EPMD I forgot
some shit man we got to do a top-tier
man anybody fucking chat right now me
met the red ain’t a group well that was
the name of a group I wait they say
black moon hey cool Hado
you said telophase I still love story
noface on the story it’s a big grand
Puba we talk about groups tasks y8o Hado
PDP bleeding out productions they hella
dope should have said that but run DMC
was more yeah I made me do it time cam
right now you got big L he’s part of
children with the corn with camera I’m a
so the phone every dope the front was
hella dope it’s a lot of groups out
there that was dope if I didn’t mention
yeah this is the top five they say the
top 20 top 50 top is the top fighter to
set my temperature like my back
they said Jews crooning Oh nigga do you
mix oh wow I know the outlaws in Jersey
money that’s why I said why dimensioned
outlaws we got to a fucking top 10 top
20 hit squad boss boys Rockefeller who I
have talked about record labels and shit
crews a clear who the top who’s the top
record label who’s the top record labels
in the game proves in clicks man let’s
go with that one crews and clicks right
nation number one number two cash money
Young Money number three
dr. Dre death row number four Puff Daddy
and bad boy number five
Jay Princeton and Rapala Records number
yeah I gotta go dad right yeah fuck my
high up can’t even drink right now
oh fuck about hi old buddy number six oh
so death that’s a good one that’s a good
number seven the face and the whole shit
they did without cast did he mob and
everything number eight
No Limit Master P what he did for
number nine you gotta go cutesy for
nowaday what they doing for everybody
for us amigos and everything and number
ten you gotta go with dr. Dre and the
Beats headphones and oh no no no we’re
gonna do that for number ten we don’t do
I skill what are you doing with the big
three and all the other movies and shit
number ten Ice Cube and all the shit he
got going on there from always the big
three and all that shit man
period that’s what we do it to the east
wild house lynch my records a lot of
shit three 6 mafia top dog here gonna go
up yeah hit me up y’all fucking me up
with all this I gotta do a top 100 money
I send so many got their name nigga said
good music that’s Midwest
he said swab house like I said three 6
mafia duck down top dog in cheese niggas
is going crazy on the kid my bag you got
this man
and name that shit from one to five my
nigga I’m gonna be John list off cuz
yeah I just going random names and shit
y’all do y’all list 105 right now and I
reach out let’s talk money
Terry jaw got me fucked up nigga nigga
yo this side quick you think I got one
name it’s easy to think of one egg
hey TDE hey hey yeah you know i naked
make your whole top five right now
1 2 3 4 5 making right now maybe that’s
all I have to do hard to do it on the
sly nigga make out top 5 nobody come
with a time 5-mile shit up I want the
top 5 down south
top 5 east coast top 5 west coast top 5
oh my gosh it up and I’m gonna I’m gonna
name it out now you gotta take a look at
look at him shit’s getting lower and
you got really thinking out man yeah I
need some homework now nigga why I do
your homework I’m gonna go give me some
more drink and come right back maybe you
have your child this together nigga and
we’re gonna talk about chat let’s take a
fuck my listener it’s a live interactive
chat nigga yeah check so much
I know I didn’t see he’s got damn time
fine so maybe coast mate
you did hey nigga day okay give me a top
five niggas it busy auntie come on bro
you cheating
I said top five it’s like I had to do
five only nigga yeah you got five on it
maybe I got five on it nothing easy : he
said ten see MJG pimpin king no fucking
rabbit y’all niggas is crazy he said for
real South Side mustard June on the beat
man are you for real yup King lows
daylight to cock Daisy alright but I
said Coast niggas a yeah top of
give me your top West Coast give me top
give me a top East Coast and give me
your top down south just like I did
nigga y’all hit me with different names
and shit like that’s easy
let me see you niggas do it you did why
must I cry your top five from the
buffing coat now keep changing my list
every to say you do your there let me
see what who you forgot about fuck okay
but say west death row ruthless Russian
big dog oh no man you ain’t even fucking
up my best said number one black Wall
Street top dog outlaws I future
no nigga and then what’s five nigga West
Coast junk my blacksmith eat 40 killed
corrupt salut I fuck with job
ok or breasts a birthday death row rap a
lot the baby bad boy I said bad boy ok
I’ll fuck with it went brush their luck
death row Cash Money no limit Dogg Pound
bad boys
top rap was not top reckon language
niggaz on small record label shit who
the top rappers from down south
these Coast Midwest to the fucking West
Coast niggas keep talking about these
record labels they got I had that I say
record label Diggy talk about the rapper
maybe like you just kept throwing up
extra rappers in my motherfucking top 5
nigga though you have a tough fuck
rappers up nigga Peary I play too much
nigga nigga thrown up break a leg with
that talk about a lot of niggas man yeah
top 5 nigga nigga say guys so much
bigger now you know how I feel nigga
that’s so much nigga time you asking me
too much we mix it man
yeah nigga remix in this top 5 every
time you make a post I do my top 5 News
Al Quran oh the dog man oh so soon yeah
got so much input on my top 5 this is it
at the live chat I think I wanna know
what’s on top 5 so I can see the tension
anyway nigga
he said see Bo yeah x-rated snow
Kendrick Lamar oh okay good shit nigga
fuck with you that’s the west coast okay
my top 5 worst rappers if y’all want to
do that yo top 5 worst rebels I can
throw that up there to money tear you
man make it interesting man fuck the top
5 rappers is too hard who the top 5
worst rappers in hip-hop pity all coast
this is all coast involved again who’s
the worst rappers in hip-hop period time
five maybe I’ll wait okay but just
saying just saying the worst rapper
okay so brush that top from the south is
uh oh no Gucci Mane currency Wiz Khalifa
Larry Joon he just slid his shit up in
how about that red okay rusty red man I
skew Slick Rick
Rakim e-40 LL Cool J I gots more than
five bro that’s it don’t bless
okay okay
breasted it’s my top five from the west
coast to PI Wayne
Kendrick nips in GZ oh that’s just his
top five period okay
West Coast top five Mac Dre yo snoop
SIBO forty good shit
wonder who said his top five just blew
face by itself
blue face oh no nigga said it first okay
now nigga do Nate where’s artist he said
post below and they hit the Arsenio role
with that woman maybe got into Arsenio
with that one my name come on he said
post my mommy and the thing that niggers
don’t get about damn – saying both the
coach of Oates’s man this nigga is that
when they shit ain’t poppin a goalie no
something else man and we clearly had
footage of this nigga post Malone and
biking shorts and shit all types of
fucking bandanas and shit and good sound
stages this shit doing all types of I
don’t know what music that was but it
didn’t work somebody like he just did
that’s the Halloween rut I got kids that
go to school none of my kids never had
to do a video for Halloween you shit me
he did that for Halloween you playing
with me nigga you’re playing with me
they got kids that had graduated from
high school they get middle school all
that shit nigga and I ain’t never seen
him how to put a video together with a
singing and shitting motherfucking biker
shorts and motherfucking leopard man
like I’m scoffs and shitting tank coats
and shit whatever you the one hard dad
hard-on I sound like fucking Bon Jovi
that shit didn’t work but nigga start
rapping and it worked till you could do
the same as melodies but on some hard
shit you know and I mean clearly said he
liked rock’n’roll and shitting whatever
you either listenin acting right he
clearly said what he really listened to
y’all right now Manny would he he missed
some different he did he had it we
explained himself to say hey man I
really meant that a rap you know I don’t
really listen to it unless it’s hard and
heartfelt but you know listen to rap
Miles’s hard shit I don’t listen to you
other nigga I don’t even listen to rap
nigga gonna rock and roll and all that
other shit when I want to listen to some
heartfelt shit so you basically told you
that ways roots works
you niggas a house the funnies niggas
but just Alana’s working man I mean
black motherfucker was doing punk rock
rock and roll heavy metal all that shit
when it was papa
we always knew way we all had them uh
putting glasses and shit all the little
gloves that shit shit the way that was
smoke you know I mean there’s no way
right you know I mean Mohawks and shit
like that back in the day all the way I
was rocking man yeah black niggas like
Wilson a shit up and making it real
stiff and shit back in the day hey I’m
holding it but the movement is black
right now and niggers act like they
started in that like a rocket rolling I
was playing a good time hella good talk
bands a shit how the bands and now you
make a rap and you win it and they act
like I’m a part of a team you know you a
coach the votes of my nigga cuz your
shit ain’t working you didn’t win what
you wanted to do what you thought your
people is gonna set you know and then
what that shit didn’t work for you with
this rap shakers is the most famous the
most popular and it wanted great you
know so go ahead and mercy for
motherfuckers that’s coming and milking
a rap game you know I mean now you
YouTube niggas talking about a man that
coming on
you too what about the people that
weren’t even part of right you know I
mean that never even thought of fucking
rap but practice papa right now so we
ain’t doing rock’n’roll work no more we
do going on that shit no more we doing
drag what’d you say about dad and you
got footage of motherfuckers actually
doing that shit it did work
I mean doing this and this working which
I think about that mm-hmm
oh yeah mad at snitch niggas the
automatic Takashi
yeah man Takashi can’t rock all the
niggas man Kid Rock was hella rapping
like a motherfucker didn’t start dissing
niggas is Donald Trump the fuck out ever
shit man so that’s a prime example man
motherfucker oh I did
what’s the bitch name man um I was
handling it turned up man the bitch uh
the white sheet and then she like now
she old country music or gospel music is
shit Miley Cyrus’s irony yeah Miley
Cyrus man she was turnt up like she was
with all the black shit that shit faded
out I’ve been back to country music and
gospel shit it Justin Bieber look at
this motherfucker his Scientologist this
month for the weirdest shit looking like
a fucking 7-eleven bum in the front of
the store but he’s a Scientologist he
ain’t you know doing a black shit no
more we had to look good and have a shit
you know I mean swag down order seeing a
black culture no more so he could be a
motherfucking up nigga just looking
right here Berkeley at people’s parking
shitbag you know just chilling their
10th I didn’t even watch hitting
push-ups and shit 6 nigga like niggles
intent on the guard make a law stick
breath serious over ain’t do nothing the
black community look he’s that far wall
man come on man wall got a black wife
man I’m talking about motherfuckers that
suck the game let’s see the game’s pop
it and go to it paul wall started and
shit Beastie Boys like you know it means
it’s real people really you know
name that that come from a cloth that
really just did this no I mean I don’t
know about the BC boy that probably was
rock band niggas I don’t know
and we refresh that but you know that
pong ball comes straight from the
fucking uh the shit was called swirled
up clay period and then he made his
group and then you know all the other
shit man so Paul was a different
character I’m talking about mouth I
guess start doing this because it was
popular maybe they had a grudge bands
you think it that one to be and I mean
acts um roles and shit things I wanted
to be you know I mean Grateful Dead and
them dues now they wrap it I’m just
saying that’s a culture boat no matter
how you cut it slice it and dice it up
some stuff and come to vulture do it I’m
just a minor here like the weapons like
come on man you ain’t never seen a black
mariachi band member
it’s not gonna happen because they
protect a culture you’ve never seen a
black guy doing the dragon shit you know
I mean in Chinese New Year up under that
dragon or even celebrating with the
costume law they protect a culture
so this is our culture far as the
American we make this shit this is our
American black culture now you got
African culture and she got you know
different like tribal culture but
farmers culture culture this is our new
culture that we invented that we got
going and everybody’s taking a piece of
it and everybody’s getting money you
know I mean period awful what’s the cool
shit so recognize who was hustling you
and recognize who really come you know
from the cloth you know I mean that’s it
my nigga ain’t no matter where nobody
get no money someone enough money for
everybody you could change you know
other music and let people all the music
a lot of times but uh just recognize you
know I mean don’t be giving shoutouts to
rock and roll and all that shit when you
making your money off it is posting
oh when I get sad I’m gonna hear some
harmful shit I go listen to Elvis
Presley I don’t know what name he said
right but come on my nigga you like I
don’t listen to rap I listen to her
really because you come from that my
nigga these niggas get you they made you
just like they make these boy bands just
like they make these days their final
motherfucker just like they made Kakashi
he had to look in this and I fucked
rappin about shit
takashi was a little damn member little
Russian band member rapping negative
Russian hardcore rock and roll or
whatever it was hardcore
pob type of rock-and-roll shit he
thought he was doing that about three
years before we start writing so they
seen a nigga he had a mix and they told
him to switch it up and start doing this
another rock and roll nigga or whatever
it was but that’s a culture bunch money
fuck what you say you know comfort of
four elements a trap breakdance
I mean dancing brothers breakdancing or
whatever it is
our graffiti you know I mean Cocteau
means whatever it is music DJ and mix it
master it whatever it is beat making and
rhyming you ain’t a part of this shit
right you know he come from that maybe
was it was doing good time drink wasn’t
shitting a garage with your band but you
know I mean he was trying to be the next
motherfucking Van Halen joe-joe did to
get out of it you jump you try to beat
her neck ZZ tough right now nice shit
out the window now anybody want to be
the next motherfucking G Z or the next
Gucci Mane or the next can’t Rico
whatever it may be the next me goes it
was all good cuz it yeah me I’m just
saying but and don’t disrespect y’all I
mean it is what it is she come full
circle but get respect don’t act like
nigga I’m a part of a culture I was no
nigga don’t coach a vulture you seen
what was poppin you seen that hustle
switch and you want to get your money on
so you just wish it out hustle a nother
matter with that
get your money on no
but don’t act like you started with this
shit like you came from the dirt with
this shit from the dust like this the
only music you’ve been doing all your
life because you’re lying
all them niggas I mean ain’t even niggas
for all the other cultures that did
participate in this shit there was no
other music before this became cool I’m
gonna keep it on that period ain’t just
white people with every coaching again
hear you I got all types of shit going
on with this hip-hop shit
and everybody poppin with it because
it’s popular right now everything got
hip hop in
so it’s closed the way you know but
y’all our guests don’t think that you
make this shit and don’t think that you
started with this shit when it was a
struggle when Michael Jackson was the
only nigga dye was getting played on MTV
no prints no nobody glad I don’t know
rap you know I mean they only playing
rock and rollin and heavy metal and
fucking punk rock and new wage shit like
you wasn’t down when it was born down
like that my nigga period so if you
wasn’t down when it was going like that
the struggle rap and I was popping in
you ought to jump in like a double dutch
my look like a jump in up with a double
Dutchman jump I want an ain’t cool on
smiley smiley sighs shit you’ll culture
vulture can you know that I recognize
that stop giving game to these
motherfuckers like that you know I mean
because you know an a solid you know
have a Miley Cyrus come get some off
other than hip hop a bitch you you wrote
that way you was doing it
who made the nigga let’s turn it his
name man I’m kind of tipsy right now
let’s minding his name that made them
niggas named man from my land a man I’m
talking to little niggas and they had a
producer but she was fucking with the
producer he was making her beats and
shit not all riff raff is hella crazy
man come on man with all that crazy ass
shit man come on niggas that possible
own why don’t you love like
and it was a pure punk rock new wave
nigga that shit didn’t work but so I got
quit giving love with second chances to
these right Sherman right
so the negative produced by Sherman
what’s fucking on Miley Cyrus allegedly
I don’t know this the room was a right
around a campfire um start doing music
and shit start doing a rap shit all the
little shit that’s yacon let’s go the
fish start doing some war shows and some
backlashes happened it’s your turn
Christian or some shit like that there’s
some whole speech about negative rap
shit like bitch it was knee-deep in this
shit bitch so you see they do it was
cool form but I’m gonna get ugly they
try to go against it in protest this
shit that’s why the niggas and the
niggas ain’t guardin or and whites
whatever they was that had to nigga
Justin Bieber and push-ups nigga cuz I
mean we all just say that nigga nigga
nigga nigga shit yeah all that shit if I
was a KKK we are that we got the
Internet my nigga stick in the hood
he saw hitting push-ups and maple but he
knew you better get his ass wood so he
gonna have the push-ups like man these
niggas heard that when I said nigger
nigger nigger let me hit a push-up to
slow him down and then stop walking
around you know I may try not to get
beat up but I heard that nigga nigga
nigga shit that Justin Bieber said when
he was a kid Sardar sir and I should
back that shit up because it was this
money on a lot come on my neck so these
artists will back it when they get money
off of him like gee I think you wrote
runs for it now all of a sudden oh that
was my biggest fail eggy she was no
biggest accomplishment farthest artist
wise because besides Young Dro I don’t
know who you put on in that clip that
that went big it was young dro and her
and she was big in the intro so I was
out your biggest failure my nigga nigga
tense a shit when his poppin and then
when I ain’t poppin when she fall off
and she’d get ugly Oh
I told her she saw making music so I’m
gonna would you try to milk the game you
try to bring a white bitch in here no
disrespect to all my white people out
there he’s trying to bring a white bitch
in here right I like you because you
wrote our minds diggin you said that uh
you made a Frankenstein maybe and when
it backfire Terry so it’s niggas too you
know your niggas would get these people
and put a battery in a back and then
when I’m on fuckin batteries blow you
try to wash your hands with the shit
like ain’t had none to do it you did
breath you create that Frankenstein
negative Thanks
diggity I’m trying to distance fuckin me
whatever my name is a fucking eggy bitch
right come on man you may have a brake
rotor lives
so I dinner day even with that being
said let me end it with this this is not
money for everybody
no disrespect hip-hop and took over
heavy culture so it’s enough money
family buddy just like you two’ll
becoming a new motherfucking cable
channel for everybody so nobody family
buddy but we could recognize when the
gang gets our just like our u2 was
recognizing the gang inside like Tim so
many muffled a podcast even the rappers
they like a new podcast every day we can
recognize that it’s motherfuckers that’s
using hip-hop because they should they
lane when pop just like y’all recognize
that niggas using YouTube because I
think they laying one time you know I
mean so we’ve always address the
elephant in the room but if it’s not
affecting your money if it’s not
affecting how you pay your bills don’t
give this shit man now we’ve always
talked about dollars you know me spin on
it the guy you feel about it whatever
but this shit ain’t affecting my bills
anything my kids my wife and then I got
going on so who gives a shit but we
could talk about and it’s definitely
affecting them post Malone is like the
biggest one of the biggest artists
getting paid
shit em the biggest nigga get paid in
this shit you think I give a fuck about
our little hives of what we talk about
their little fuck
but lag the biggest motherfucking
internet platform besides world stuff
you think you give a fuck about what we
say about him they’re gonna check nigga
nigga still gonna check and they gonna
keep gonna check no matter what we say
and our opinion is so who gives a fuck
now me like those get that money is what
it is man everybody give money off this
shit man you’d be surprised you know
they’re not their entertainment what
anybody try to be like that’s why I be
hidden uh the pro black dudes way I’m
here to Pro black like I hit the pro
black dudes I’ll be like yo how you so
Pro black and killed a white man but you
crowded Mercedes Benz and it rolls-royce
and all these letters because and shit
you got an Apple computer they got a
candidate I mean can’t and probably go I
don’t know what it is but all these
Americanized computer and automotive
overseas German cars and shit was like
fucking lightning so the same with
hip-hop man we can’t be like fuck the
white man but the white man is putting
these albums out you niggas assigned to
record levels doesn’t ran by white
people the executive was white and a
motherfucker he’s Jewish ready John I
don’t know what he is white is shit he
controls your check
so the program directors that plenty of
music is white like everybody is what I
got to do with some type of race there
are many other race even if it’s Asian
or whatever Mexican or whatever every
other race is making he’ll shit pop in
hip-hop you get it so as much as we want
to say the crap is us I think everybody
around the world make this shit what it
is cuz everybody make it pop but a
program directors to the motherfucking
managers the A&R to the label you know I
mean some Street sing to the to the PR
you know I mean the publicist that made
the DJ’s you don’t agree to the
video people put their shit to eat
everybody got it everybody to come
together to make some pop you know I
mean the fans to people create music and
different like genres I mean different
parts of the world like China you know I
mean Asia and shit like that
Europe you know I mean Russia everywhere
you know I mean they create an
Americanized type of music and I mean
mainly hip-hop so but that being said
you know hip-hop brought the world
together period straight up and that’s
what we got appreciate instead of you
know complaining a culture vulture you
know I made a big speech and I mean but
I appreciate out everybody except this
finally because I came from one hip hot
one deceptive and everybody thought this
shit was coming Reza loud like.oh weak
okay maybe thought hip-hop was dead
niggas period maybe one play hip-hop on
radio I said nigga Michael Jackson the
only motherfucker you played on MTV
period I did the first rappers private
was Run DMC walk this way and that had
to have Aerosmith on that motherfucker
you know I mean to really get played on
MTV but the first rap on a thankless Run
DMC walkers way personal on albums and
shit NWA ice-t 2 Live Crew they fought
for that freedom of speech that’s where
you get the parental advisory you know
me stickers that’s on every album right
now so yeah well it was from back in the
day made it possible for us to do what
we’re doing right now anyway you know me
so we all got there huh
you did straight up straight the fuck up
hold on we only got one motherfucking
this month I’m gonna look like I’m out
this bitch I’m my mate oh no man my
Bueller’s on it now but I’m seeing
comics from everybody yeah I said my
view only got one motherfucker
that’s crazy man that’s crazy shit I’m a
smoke one right quick fuck it up here
you know we’re going one more topic that
I got to talk about we don’t get off
this a coach about your shit man which I
want to talk about me one more topic you
know might get the fuck up out here you
know I mean one mo topic and we get the
out point ology when did a youtubers
against the the new motherfucking
content creators which I want to talk
about one more subject okay I got 105
watching okay cool I’ve seen one
partisan there I think I said one like
okay best uh compilations nigger these
millennial niggas don’t even know what a
compilation is but the Livio niggas do
not know what a kind of elation is
breath so compilation is like a playlist
for your millennial niggas but niggas we
put in playlist albums together with
multiple different artists different
producers this shit cannot be putting
out compilation man shout out a massive
teehee everyone who don’t piss up
compilation the bay area called the west
coast bad boys wanted to anybody wonder
feeling that motherfucker you got
shouted the bay area against cellblock
don’t pass compilation my G got shutout
me the Appalachian that was a
compilation I had a thousand niggas on
my album that was a compilation slash
out you don’t mean you got a shout out
compilations I gotta go today I gotta go
to the movie soundtracks because I was
down there compilations – I got goes
above the rim
I got goats the murder was a case I
gotta go to the one I was owned caught
up yeah oh oh
other compilation man the Bloods a quick
compilation man when they bought that
shit together in that leg when I first
heard of Domino nigga I was a dope ass
compilation nigga the Bloods and Cripps
combination it was all blood rappers
nigga one side and all quick rappers on
one side the Bloods of creeped out when
we first heard of Domino nigga that
motherfucker was amazing
period they said banging on wax was that
a compilation banging the west-southwest
riders that was the devil I fuckin saw
was riders that was a nice one yeah
Southwest riders that was a nice one he
was that Friday soundtrack that was cool
that one a compilation that was a
soundtrack I did a girl song girl come
about oh we got high for the soundtrack
Bergen was thinking about signing
crooked eye at the time so they wanted
to put him out on a song with us so we
did the girl which was telling four
poems I did you know from beat concept
everything shout out to uncle Punk
dude I’m a five on five hundred people
they came up with the whole concept and
uh me and I went crazy on it and then a
person said to the crooked eye the rest
is history
meaning no quicker was gonna be on it I
mean the version has some deals they
were throwing him trying to get him on
so they threw that boy on it I was the
first time my heart of them died it was
Manny I’m okay
okay so shout out to crooked on them
I’ve been rocking with that dude many
moles man my brother up man yeah go look
out his podcast too man crooked doing
his things on the podcast shit and
niggas is like man somebody was like yep
man you know I’m from Detroit man you
know man no you fuck with my cheddar boy
niggas man who I respect for you but now
you just talk about niggas but you say
about quicker that he say about annoying
me say that shit about ti your mom’s
Street niggas yeah I mean I got podcast
and said about snow Street nigga I got a
fifty/fifty got 50 – whatever the fuck
he got the fucking nigga with one eye
Jack forever
fucking hosting 50 got his shit ain’t
say nothing about them so when they can
say a little slice shit like that I
think it’s like personal hate because
you supposed to be saying I saying shit
to all these other rappers that did
gangster rap that you said to me
commentate my nigga in a game that I
played my nigga I’m commenting on the
game that I play take it as SPN you see
Shaq you see motherfucking uh autumn
niggas up there you see all the
motherfuckers up there the old-school
niggas Reggie Miller you see everybody
come and taking the gang because they
know the game and it’s a party can do
you did tell my shit I’m a part of
giving history and I’m a part of you did
I know I was this motherfucker fucker
Chava wrong way man yep
TV subscribe god good nigga and I’m
still not monetize I’m gonna fuckin
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little shit man we got a lot of
literature a lot of content may be
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