Yukmouth TV | 10 POUND BLUNT!!! Genesis Book WORLD RECORD breaking smoke out FLAME ON!!!


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Thank You Don hold on bro where’s this
how many pounds
if that works out
let’s read it without a city pool don’t
touch it
bro so I’m glad I got it on this will
holder to fucking Lord Jesus
niggas Christ
this motherfuckers crazy
this book of work this is the most we
rode in a motherfucking blunt ever
Guinness Book World Record the record
was five on it
now spin on inspector wait up bitch it’s
the world’s biggest fucking bat for you
ever seen
go cows hidden look at inside that
motherfucker look like a fucking Python
take a look he’s got a pipe down there
right there you see is breathe in the
motherfucker that’s we’re live but ain’t
no prize how long did it take the road
is bitch
four fucking hours and how many
motherfucker was where did you get the
big ass mushroom broke them all again
I’ve got a big ass right
oh no you suck on the back wheels
together full size release oh you did
God to finally pellicano leaves okay and
I look like whole bottom boy about 20
Gabby leaves
yeah beliefs a hundred fifty gavel easy
150 gaba leaves bucket it made it happen
though that shit is hitting i’m a good
nobody’s gonna be able smoke no fucking
tips this should go last all week
yeah we’ll be here dishing the hand is
gonna game tonight i gotta try this I
got the try this look that Jack
you need a tourist fucking with big
things like this mate big things popping
though shit knives it plays that all
that good torch
towards the belly baby
bleep r2 right there that good green for
him I didn’t like that dango fire more
fire bonfire bottom little here right
about I’m gonna make sure Staley book by
my grandma fire but come on
captain dialogue in the building big
motherfuckers in that motherfucker okay
so try this at home get how your life
thinking shit why you can this
motherfucker right here go take a month
to smell your line hey go take a month
to smoke literally they’re gonna take a
mud get the back yonder blower thing to
prepare yeah you gotta blow some like
roach and a day it’s hard
fuck away from man turnout turnout burn
up phone app don’t have turned out far
enough oh no it’s getting there yeah
nice I don’t burn up the motherfuckin up
the John Wayne jacket don’t burn up the
motherfucking double hears neither I
mean a double horsey
hey too close for comfort I can’t be
that close I feel like Michael Jackson
when he changed his nose hey nigga burn
like a motherfucker on that Pepsi
thanks great are you going to try did I
fuck that I got enough lungs for that
your love week
well you don’t smoke okay this is great
mushrooms what the fuck Wow smoked
mushrooms bloody foam
well being the up Scotty is straight up
yeah I don’t know about the mushroom
blue and he’s a lifer
ray get straight to it
hey thanks for helping this shit is
crazy right
y’all are witnessing history and the
motherfucking making Jamaican Jamaican
Bob Marley would be very proud are you
may owe them buh-buh-buh oh my gosh
somebody got some asteroids I know out
of the orbit orbit lungs I can hit
I heard a wine fucking bird like a
motherfucker boom but I tried that I’m
failures going he’s going oh yeah less
real okay cool I thought it was the only
one here baby Mike you my guy you don’t
have the muscle yeah oh yeah she ain’t
the only one okay I ain’t gonna be out
here look like a dope I know I did it he
did it that’s all that counts
we good we do ants it’s working it’s
working people in the house let me hear
you scream
this is working baby I never see the
smell we had disasters Ron do this shit
in Seattle we had a three pound joint
that motherfucker fell in half the whole
shit fell on the ground burnt up
motherfuckers damn near burned a hole 10
oh we had to take the tent down
okay secondhand hot shit got some ruts
in his motherfuckin I need the real
there’s a lot of fake roots in LA call
them stunts I need the real run Jesus
bless the blocks blessings to the black
my hotel holy moly
holy moly
oh shit somebody else got a pony let’s
see if she got actually Oh excellent
Oh that motherfucker’s hidden yeah go
hit that motherfucker in a minute man I
got to do it man
I don’t know I love that asthma shit I
don’t know about my suction game and Dad
that serious bang she doing a great job
bro we didn’t even have this little
thing right here we are always home that
so yeah about hate people hold the
motherfuckers film yeah okay yeah it was
a disaster thank God I got this imagine
somebody trying to hold that
motherfucker I try to hold it I was
fucked up
I see shadow gabba leave they don’t burn
the don’t burn it don’t burn it
don’t burn abandon
don’t burn a cowboy
don’t burn the cowboy don’t burn a
cowboy don’t forget boy I’ve got my
fucking phone in my hand I was just
digging in my pocket looking for it
that’s a hot moment
that’s the highest moment I just win my
motherfuckin pocket light with my phone
a let’s just write my hand
oh not know how goodness motherfucker oh
I got smoke bad

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