Your Next Season Is Gonna Make People Wish They Had Treated You Better 🙏🏾

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Every test is temporary
Everything is for a season

Nothing is forever

It’s gonna be a season when they hate you

And then another season when they love you

It’s gonna be a season when you and your wife beefing and not speaking

Then it’s gonna be a season
When y’all back happy again

It’s gonna be a season
Where your job ends and they let u go

Then it’s gonna be a season
Where there comes a better job with better opportunities

It’s gonna be a season that u will have to get a job in order to prevent your kids from starving

Then it’s gonna be a season that u discover the gift that god gave u and it’s gonna make u wealthy

It’s some people that rather starve
Than to take a job that requires a different kind of uncomfortable work so they can eat

In they head
They got to much pride to get out here and clean bathrooms or cook so they can provide for their family

In they head they rather struggle and be broke then for them to be seen working on a job

But before Jesus became the savior of the world he worked as a carpenter

Because he understood everything is a season

Before Tony Montana became Scarface
He had to work as a busboy in a restaurant

Because he understood
Everything is a season

Before Steve Harvey became the King of comedy he was doing open mics for $50 cash prize

He understood that everything is a season

Sometimes god will pull that rug from up under you and let u hit the floor

So u can humble up

Everything happens for a season
A season where u win and one when u lose

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