Your Money Manager Is Ripping You Off – Here’s Why

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Money manager vs. index fund. Which is better for you when you factor in fees. AK explains what you need to know
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Your Money Manager Ripping You Off – Here’s Why
0:10 – Are money managers worth it or should you use an index fund
0:25 – Why index funds are so popular
0:40 – How index funds work when it comes to fees
1:00 – Fees to use a money manager or a hedge fund
1:28 – How much fees will cost you when you’re investing a million dollars a year
1:55 – Comparing two investors
2:40 – Compounding only works when your money can grow without fees
2:58 – Most money managers don’t out perform the market for the long term
3:40 – How do you invest in a vanguard ET

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