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Ivonne Petit

Topic: We can all be influencers about the climate change.

Ivonne Petit is a venezuelan working mother and wife who loves to read about ecology and sustainability. She also calls herself a marketing lover, a sales addict and a curious web analyst. Ivonne has gotten into new hobby: blogging, where she inspires, educates and activates her readers to think about the footprint that they leave on the Earth. Is a proud venezuelan working mother and wife, who lives in a beautiful country in the third planet of our solar system. Ivonne likes to consider herself a marketing lover, a sales addict and a curious web analyst. She enjoys reading about the topics: marketing, ecology and sustainability. She believes in energy and positive thinking. And it’s vital for her to speak, write and laugh. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

yeah Cristiano Ronaldo Al Gore Oprah
Winfrey Leonardo DiCaprio and me what do
we all have in common we are all
influencers in our own way
we can all impact people’s life I’m
Yvonne petite and I’m a Venezuelan
blogger from a very young age I have
felt a strange connection with the
planet I’ve always been amazed by it
it’s the life in it it changes its
evolutions everything it was until I saw
physics in the school that I realized
science was not my thing
so despite loving journalism and news I
ended up leaning towards marketing
specifically digital marketing that’s
when I realized that I loved social
network and I admire how they
reconnected us they revolutionized the
world and a new era was created that’s
when we start getting familiar with the
word influencer despite it was recently
added to the English dictionary the word
influence remains the power to have an
important effect on someone or something
but actually it’s been familiar to rich
or famous people or celebrities if we
look back on our history we can find
lots of influencers since the beginning
of times it has its weight in time we
can say like monarchy have been
influenced by since our beginning Moses
Jesus Christ
Pope’s Michael Jordan and even Santa
Claus but I think but when I think about
about me and who has impacted me the
first thing I think is my family
they’re pretty made a big impact on my
life they have influence who have become
and if I think a little bit more I think
of my friends and if I think a little
bit harder
and go back I think my teachers have
made a pretty big influence in my life
so that made me think that maybe we can
all be influencers in someone else’s
life and without having 2000 million
followers on Instagram okay that thought
actually encouraged me to create my own
blog when that spoke about something I
really love and I’m passionate about
which is the environment now let me back
up and tell you a little bit about my
life I grew up in a house where it was
filled with important people always
liked politics actors actresses
scientists researchers statistic and
almost everything that’s because my mom
is a journalist in Venezuela actually
she’s a really known journalist and she
always invite well invited home people
who were really interesting or had
really important things to say I used to
sneak around and hear it I loved it and
that made me think that I wanted to be
like her I wanted to grow up and be like
her but I’ve I didn’t want to be exactly
like a political journalist so I tried
to like find myself and I think I
consider myself much more of a free soul
you see I’m much more of a traveller
person I like meeting new people I love
meeting new places getting in touch with
locals getting in touch with local
nature so I just thought like maybe I
can do something about environment with
all this admiring thing of my mom my
country is a privileged country like you
can see we have a big diversity of
landscapes narrower landscapes people
are very friendly and it’s very colorful
and also we have a great
all year long that made me realize that
every time I travel I couldn’t help I
couldn’t help noticing or boy noticing
the trash and the waste and the garbage
everywhere I’ll travel I I saw some
problems and all these problems were
like done for by us they were all
created by us so the first time I went
to bath on a beach with my son I saw
this and I thought like what where am I
supposed to bat now like where should be
where should we go to the beach right
now and I thought and that’s the the
first thought I wanted to eradicate I
wanted to I thought
we don’t have to look for second options
we have to solve the first ones so that
made me like think and encouraged me to
create my own blog our habits the way we
consume the way we behave it’s all wrong
even when I travel outside Venezuela
I think the same like it’s a problem of
consciousness where it’s our problem and
part of the problem is us but at the
same time I’ve met incredible people
doing incredible things for the
environment one of them taught me we can
all change from the inside out we can
start it we can make small decisions
every day to change our lifestyles this
person made me realize that we don’t
have to have two million followers and
our instagrams account to make a change
because she made it on me so that made
me think that my blog would have
potential the planet is going through a
crisis that only exists because of our
excessive consumption it’s not only
about the climate changing it’s about
what we do every day to make it change
we can all create an empire
we can all create a wave cosmonaut
ripple at the beginning it’s really hard
but I think we can all be part in the
influence needed to solve this I’m not
gonna lie I had to make a lot of
research to do it I have to follow a lot
of influencers environmental influencers
to see how they were living their life
to understand what I was doing 1 & 2
getting to know how to change it but
when I start to take in those actions
and speaking about them I didn’t have
the answer I hope for people started
like rejecting or ignoring or entering
deep discussions like what impact can we
can one person do how can we change the
planet that’s impossible or too many etc
so with time I start to make him to talk
with people and I finally got someone to
listen to me then that someone made me
other person listen to me and then it
started with some of my family members
some friends my husband started to like
taking me serious and that’s when I
learned that there’s a natural process
of how people react when we talk about
climate change the first one is the
polar bear stage this is when we’re
starting to be bombed by all the news
about the Arctic is melting the Arctic
ice the polar bears are are going to be
extent and we are like a where we’re
starting to be aware that there’s a
problem then we go through the denial
stage which is when we think that it’s a
big problem but it’s so far away that
we’re not convinced it’s gonna get us so
we started thinking like yeah the sea
level will rise what a problem for
governments and thank God I don’t live
in the coasts so we’re looking at it
like so far away most people stay in
this stage because it’s like the most
important one but not so few percentage
of people come to this stage which is
the research there have been like their
you’re worth it and they want to know
more about it and they want to do
something about it so they’re starting
to investigate a little bit more but
what’s happening and what they can do
about it and that’s when they start
planning they’ll start planning how to
change their lives how to change their
lifestyles how will they change their
home habits and they put a date on the
calendar to change it that’s when we for
example in my case I started saying like
I’m gonna but less time I’m gonna take a
five-minute shower I’m gonna close the
water for when I’m doing my money when
I’m brushing my teeth and why because
water is a limited resource even though
it’s not a rural is a limited resource
and actually we’re wasting it so this is
a good part of the of the process and
that leads me to that action to the
action stage these are in this stage in
actually it’s my favorite one because
it’s when you really are starting to do
those changes you want in your life and
even though you might start with one
little detail
you’ll be working consciousness all the
time it’s like you start getting in a
new face of mine and you just don’t stop
you’re always looking at other details
that you can improve other details
people can improve other details your
community can improve to have a magical
friendly life and that leads me to the
stage of the people sometimes this stage
Sara suddenly appears normally we forget
about the people and our family and our
husbands because we think it’s an
individual decision but actually it’s a
common decision we live in communities
so it’s really hard to only change by
ourselves normally there are parents
husbands girlfriends friends that don’t
agree with your new decisions or your
news choices or even they can like argue
about it that’s normal
okay that’s going to happen it’s normal
we just have to talk about it and
can give that’s a good opportunity to
give that person information about our
planet and what we can do to save it or
what we can do to change it so in a way
we are already influencing people in
this stage because we put the subject on
the table a subject that probably they
will never have talked about it and for
last we have the idea that stage this is
when you already done it okay you have
changed your life you have changed a lot
of habits you have changed your
lifestyles or at least you have started
to do it to do it and you’re so proud of
yourself you’re so proud that you want
to share it with people and you are
gonna change their lives because you’re
gonna show them a different way of
living and if they’re open to
understanding – and to accept it
probably they will join you so this is a
very special way to understand that we
are all connected and how we can all
make a change even if it’s one person
okay don’t unders underestimate the
power that we all have the solution of
climate change it’s not about changing
things differently it’s about changing
what we do every day it’s about changing
our whole system this applies for all of
us whatever influence we have we must
use it because we need a significant
change and we need it right now and as
rowing dance once said some of us will
make tiny ripples others will send
crashing waves but each one of us will
change the surface of the water forever
thank you

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