Unemployment Is At Record Lows But The Job Market Sucks… Here’s why

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You keep hearing about how unemployment rates have hit record lows, yet many young professionals are struggling to find jobs. Here’s why
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Why The Job Market Sucks
0:10 – The news is says that unemployment is at record lows
0:33 – College grads are struggling to find jobs
1:30 – The value of a general degree isn’t high anymore
2:30 – Employers are looking for people who know how to do a specific task
2:47 – Average doesn’t cut it in the job market anymore
3:49 – Domestic outsourcing is more prevalent now
4:41 – Employees have to be better than before
5:22 – Degrees are the new norm not the exception
6:17 – What should you do if you’re trying to find a job
6:50 – How to think outside of just your job

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority

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