UFC Vegas 3: Fighters You Should Know


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Shane Burgos, Roosevelt Roberts and Brianna Van Buren are just three fighters we really think you should know heading into Saturday’s Fight Night event.

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on the other side is a very bright
prospect in the form of Roosevelt
Roberts the predator out of Southern
California 26 years old Michael now in
and when he took up in the UFC he came
back to get another victory he’s the
biggest favorite on the card tonight
against a guy like Brock Weaver a lot of
people think is as tough as it gets
Roosevelt Roberts the ceiling is high on
him for the two minutes to work on the
ground as he assumed the full mount down
that was a slick transition now he’s
dropping his hips so that Brock has to
turned to his knees in order to escape
that fence with his toes there
it also looked like rock my to get away
with a fence grab there just keep that
drill Hey but now he’s right back on do
with the opposite arm and now it’s done
that one’s under the neck and tie style
yet bitola Roosevelt Roberts by
submission in round two
a full performance for the predator Wow
who’s back in the win column in a big
way rear naked choke in our – for
Roosevelt Roberts heading out to the
cage picked at FC gold in this final
fight in our tournament tonight here
Jimmy ant-man freedom near Van Buren has
been nothing but impressive
not arrogance if you can back it up is
that way a workhorse she has been
confidence in her skills and she has
dominated both opponents great takedown
redouble a great elevation great ground
and pound we haven’t seen much of her
stand up just she’s been so dominant
with those ground and pound positions
man Baron with some big shots for the
top she’s in big trouble that might make
a joke
tough angle to see from here Jimmy does
she have a grip she’s underneath the
chin this might be over FC stromae
champion on believable Jimmy’s dead and
Invicta FC champion
we are so good
urine Briona fangirl making hurt UFC
debut tonight Michael not many people
can say in this day and age in mixed
martial arts that they’ve won multiple
fights in tonight but Brianna did so in
Invicta have seen just back in the
beginning of May of this year when she
won three fights to take home the
strawweight title the sun’s a fight
right back down puts better than the
meat of the party was to for the one
advantage it strikes at distance
the Canadian badger
I’ll go put in place
so here he is one of New York’s best
12th graders Shane Burgos with decision
win over Cub Swanson back and make
itself a people us for that joe says he
could have pushed to place more this
dude is very very dangerous on the feet
very strong physically house outstanding
striking tech particularly with his
hands I mean he’s got some
nasty punches
truck right there Americana Khurana with
the right hand Oh
outstanding performance by Shan Burgos
now we see here the big punches landed
early transfers to South Hall comes the
overhand left and then he continues
doing damage going left hand to the face
throws a lot of body punches
ground-and-pound and this is all in the
first then we see here
excuse me third round not first and then
we see these big elbows landing man
those are some Travis style out Travis
Browne style elbows and then right here
to the body just to take the air out to
put a bow on it right here this finishes
the firing of body shot to a uppercut or
excuse me right straight to an uppercut
to finish the job
and the referee state steps in and saves
Americana well Shane Burgos after he
come Swanson in may was hoping for a top
10 opponent we’ve gotta think on the
strength of this win tonight that he
will get that wish

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