UFC Vegas 2: Marvin Vettori Post-fight Interview


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UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori (15-4-1) talks with Paul Felder after he submitted Karl Roberson via RNC in the first round on Saturday night.

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letting some gentle the rear naked choke
submission come to the official time
four minutes 17 seconds round number one
your winner Marvin the Italian and now
I’m here with the winner Marvin Vettori
Marvin the emotion on your face says it
this has been a long journey for you
dating all the way back to March then we
were in Florida didn’t happy how happy
are you to get in the Octagon aw
six months of heart nor from January man
almost like you didn’t even have a beer
since January because of this you know
because I’m like this I’m kind of when
it comes to to training and preparing
for fight so just saying like I just
train so hard is my reward you know
that’s what I want is my life I was just
so happy
hyped up before the fight I almost
wanted to cry because this is what a lot
to do what was the dominant performance
you look good on the feet and ultimately
you got to fight to the ground was that
part of the game plan the entire time to
take this fight down and use that
superior wrestling and jiu-jitsu I’m
just ready all the time and I truly like
named Leigh like did you like North
North Gracie Barra North Ridge like you
know he’s just a different level
keep your larges humble overall I think
these guys are just different for the
grappling so when when he was like when
he said somebody told me that in the
media he said that he thinks he’s
grabbing it was better than mine I was
like he scared because he doesn’t he
says that so am I so you might scare me
to get him down you know but I know my
superior honestly I think I’m the best
in the world so yeah you’re proving that
more and more tonight that’s three in a
row for you and you sir know I heard you
shouting out to Dana you want top 15
next I think you’ve earned that is there
anybody in particular and what would you
like to get back in listen everybody’s
been dodging me right now I don’t think
you thinking hide anymore
have some supported by Helmand to back
up my name and man go like I want I want
names I want to climb when I Claire I
want to climb back to to tile a shot and
get my rematch with that Sonya
it was so close you have to redo it no
matter who says I wanna who says he
wanted we have to redo that he speaks
more about me than anybody else and I’m
not even ranked
so Kevin we’ve got to do it again and I
have to clear myself oh yeah
Marvin that was a dominant performance
congratulations again Marvin victorious
50 G’s on my fight I had eight fights
for today never have I just don’t come
to me for it I’m not the man go talk to
congratulations Marvin beautiful job
thank you for

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