UFC Vegas 2: Andre Fili Post-fight Interview


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Andre Fili (21-7) talks with Paul Felder after he won a narrow split decision victory over Charles Jourdain on Saturday night.

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well ladies and gentlemen three rounds
we go to the judges scorecards here are
the totals judge McCarthy has it
29:28 Jourdain judge Cleary 29 28 for
feeling and judge Bell scores it 29 28
your winner by split decision
Andre Andre feely how are you feeling
with another decision that close buddy
what was going on your mind when the
scorecards were getting read I was
begging God let me buy a let me buy a
house this year man I don’t understand
like I don’t understand I really feel
like um I didn’t perform as much as well
as I could have but I’m also my hardest
critic I think if you watched that fight
and you see it a split I don’t I don’t
know why you’re watching
I mean I’d only drop me I’d really
didn’t see what he taught me with it I
think was his pit but no no was an
overhand left and I was going to ask you
that how hurt were you after that you
could be covered well you got a takedown
in that round it was very smart game
plan for you buddy I mean he hits hard
but I’m Samoan bro come on I got this
coconut Chan I got these whiskers on me
you can’t see him but I gotta ask you to
he was going to the to the body a lot
with that left kick I thought for a
second you stopped using your right hand
I was wondering if any of them had
compromised your arm at all or was I
just seeing stuff no no your my arms
don’t hurt I’m fine
he was just uh he kicked pretty hard in
the beginning and then he really like
doubled down on ripping that kick and
fighting the office of stands and so he
threw like two or three hard kicks that
didn’t hurt my hand but it’s real hard
to for anyone to fire a cross back if
you really pin that wrist to the chest
and he did a great job doing that so
yeah you showed you showed your mindset
in there man and you’re being a veteran
your 15th fight you got to take down in
each one of those rounds at crucial
times is that a game plan coming in here
tonight against your dad yeah I don’t I
usually don’t have big
that’s alright huh you look good misty
Oh wrestling i steam off my rest man
I begin my ass kicked by these guys
since I was I’m 30 next week I’m gonna
get my ass kicked since right before I
turned 20 man I better know some
takedowns at this point um and I was a
stud wrestler in high school and I
screwed up a lot opportunity so I used
that you know my second chance of
wrestling basically so I’m glad I got to
show a little bit of that I don’t like
to have strict game plans like to have
fun in freestyle and I’m getting I’m
really really getting back to that how I
used to fight when I was young and just
having fun and being in the moment and
you know it’s it’s act and react when
you’re in there and that’s that’s what I
was doing and it worked out thankfully
well it was another stellar performance
man featherweight division you’re always
a contender what do you want next and I
want a big name I’m tired of people
looking at me like I’m a regular UFC
fighter I’m not a regular UFC fighter
I’m an elite caliber fighter I’m one of
the best 45 hours in the world and I’m
gonna keep getting better I’m turning 30
in a week or two and I calm I’m just
getting started man I’m still young I’m
still getting better I don’t know if you
guys can tell from the pictures I was
looking at pictures of myself when I was
like 23 first kid in UFC I got all my
baby fat like I’ve been busting my ass
in every aspect I’ve become a real
athlete I’ve done every I put in all the
work and it’s time for people to really
see me as an elite fighter so I want to
beat elite fighters I want a big name
next well I think you deserve it and
congratulations on looking as good as
you do at 30 and enjoy the victory Andre
feely everyone congrats brother

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