UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6


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On Episode 6 of UFC 247 Embedded, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones enjoys sweet notes from his daughter, a small lunch and big guns. The two title fights are official — and intense — as flyweight queen, Valentina Shevchenko faces off against Katlyn Chookagian, and Jones squares up with Dominick Reyes at the ceremonial weigh-in. Middleweight James Krause steps up on very short notice to compete on Saturday. UFC 247 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two title fights taking place Saturday, February 8th on Pay-Per-View. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV

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[ambient traffic noise]
>> Jon: Today’s Thursday,
just the day
before the weigh ins
and we’re just enjoying
a nice little lunch.
We’ve got the whole team here.
Right now I feel great.
I feel really good.
I got to sleep really, really
good last night.
The weight cut is almost over.
Now it’s time to take all the
that’s the trash talking and
put it to rest
and see what we’re really
I think you guys know what I’m
really about.
Now we’ve got our minds right,
feeling good.
It’s time to go see some
Talking about support.
I’m opening my phone and
seeing some pictures
and videos from my daughter.
She sent me a lion
and the Cross,
and said, “I love you Daddy.”
She’s constantly giving
me that love, man.
It’s, like– it’s
It’s tremendous.
>> How you doing?
You good?
>> What’s up, baby boy?
Thank you for having me.
>> My home is your home.
>> One of my greatest hobbies.
Other brothers buy cars.
I buy guns.
Let me see that thing.
That thing is so sexy.
What caliber is this?
And this would a real awesome
home defense weapon.
And that’s so clean.
Oh that is a sexy optic.
>> Yup.
Whenever you come to Houston,
you’ve got a little piece of
So, we’ve got the Lion’s
but the best part.
>> And still.
>> Oh.
>> You see that?
Man, that is a beaut.
That is a beautiful pistol.
>> Thank you for coming out.
>> The man. Texas.
Mess with your boy.
>> It’s how we do it.
>> Yow!
[crowd chatter]
>> Next to the scale: Katlyn
>> 124.5.
>> This was easy work.
I’m excited.
Go get some pancakes and ready
to go on Saturday.
>> Next to the scale: Valentina
>> 124.5.
>> Jon: I wanna love you.
I wanna love and treat you–
love and treat you right.
Ahead of schedule.
Let’s keep it there.
Drink water and be a full
I’ll show him a full 205
We show him when it counts,
>> Jon Jones to the scale.
>> How is everybody feeling
>> We good, and you?
>> I had a great weight cut.
20 minutes in the steam room and
it came right off.
>> Yeah, it was awesome, guys.
I’m gonna wear my USA hat
representing all our men and
women in the armed forces.
Thank you for serving our
beautiful nation.
>> 204.
>> Do I get the pic?
>> I’m not done yet.
Great, you guys.
Thanks for coming.
It’s gonna be a great fight,
I’m gonna go to one of the
best restaurants in town
that serves breakfast,
and it’s gonna be a great
I’m gonna show my coach my
by giving him tons of food,
making sure they all have fat
Get in my belly!
>> Next to the scale: Ilir
>> 246.5.
>> 246.5.
[crowd chatter]
>> Next to the scale: Derrick
>> Let’s go, Derrick.
>> Woo!
>> 261.5.
>> Nice!
>> Three, two, one.
Happy birthday!
>> To start out with some sweet
>> Thank you.
>> Of course, happy birthday.
>> I look like a crazy person.
What is this.
>> Next welcome Dominick Reyes
to the scale.
>> And new!
>> 205.
>> 205.
>> And new!
Let’s go!
>> Feeling good.
Ready to go to war now.
Work’s done.
Talk’s done.
Nothing left but to do it.
>> Yeah, I usually just do
whatever’s simple and fast.
One time I tried to go crazy
and get all these different
because I see the girls, I’m
“Damn, that looks so cool,”
and halfway through my fight,
the braids were, like, falling
And the referee came to my coach
Mark Henry
in the middle of the–
like when we were taking a
break on the bench,
and he’s like, you gotta fix
the hair.
So he basically, my coach
doesn’t know
how to fix braids in the middle
of the fight,
so he’s just putting his hand
on top of my head
while talking to me in between
rounds, not doing anything.
He just puts his hand on my head
and then I go out.
My braids were falling all over.
I was so pissed.
I was like, “That’s the last
time I try to be cool,”
so I just get fake eyelashes,
and I’ll even keep them for
the fight,
and then after the fight,
I’ll usually have two left.
But whatever, they looked good
going in, so.
Then I go back to get them
the girls are like, “What
You literally have no idea
what just happened.
I usually just say, “Oh, rough
One more thing. Extra hairspray.
That’s how you know you’re
from the East Coast,
when you use a lot of
From the New York, New Jersey
>> Jon: So, coach Gibson over
being the committed guy that he
wanted to hold mitts as close
to his face
as possible to make it as
realistic as possible
and he caught himself a right
>> I’d be more upset if Jon
messed up my hair.
>> Jon: Oh, look at you.
>> I’m just kidding.
Just kidding.
>> Guess what, he said–
I said, “Coach, I’m so
He said, “Let’s go, finish the
I’m like, “That’s my guy.
That’s my guy.”
He took his hat off and became
serious right away.
>> Very small price to pay for
[radio playing]

>> What’s happening, Houston!
Welcome to the weigh-ins.
Thank you very much for coming
We got a hell of a card for you,
In the middleweight division,
there’s some unfortunate
as Antonio Arroyo has been
pulled from the fight.
However James Krause has stepped
literally on last-minute’s
to will face Giles here
tomorrow night.
>> James: Trevin didn’t have
an opponent,
so I said I’d step up.
I’m about 185, 186 when they
called me.
So, yeah, why not.
This is why we do this.
I’m ready.
I’m in shape.
I train all the time for this
James Krause and Trevin Giles,
ladies and gentlemen!
>> I got a lot of respect for
the guy for that, man.
I appreciate it and I think
that’s good, man.
I got another fight.
I’m ready, I’m happy.
>> Joe: Here we go, ladies and
Introducing the challenger
Katlyn Chookagian!
And her opponent, the reigning,
undisputed women’s flyweight
champion of the world:
Valentina Shevchenko!
>> Dana: Good luck tomorrow, you
>> Joe: Next, the main event of
the evening.
Introducing the challenger:
Dominick Reyes!
Official weight 205 for the
And his opponent:
he reigning, defending,
light heavyweight champion of
the world:
Jon “Bones’ Jones!
>> Joe: Official weight 204 for
the champion.
>> Joe: Houston, thank you very
much for coming out.
We’ll see you tomorrow!
[theme music]

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