UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5


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On Episode 5 of UFC 247 Embedded, title challengers Katlyn Chookagian and Dominick Reyes join a Jon Anik-hosted athlete panel alongside Ilir Latifi, who makes his heavyweight debut this weekend. After their session, champions Valentina Shevchenko and Jon Jones take the stage with local heavyweight Derrick Lewis. Chookagian gets in a quick workout, and then the challengers and champions take more questions, this time from reporters, at Ultimate Media Day. UFC 247 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two title fights taking place Saturday, February 8th on Pay-Per-View. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV

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[ambient traffic noise]
[crowd chatter]
>> Jon: Oh,
H-Town, Houston, Texas.
What’s going on?
Thank y’all for coming out.
My name is Jon Anik.
We appreciate
every last one of you
making some time to get
over here on Wednesday.
Please welcome Dominick Reyes,
Katlyn Chookagian, Ilir Latifi.
Alright, let us start
with Mr. Latifi on the end.
It’s good to see you, man.
So, you’re the underdog
here against Derrick Lewis
on Saturday night.
Do you prefer
being the underdog
or the betting
favorite in a fight?
>> Ilir: I started
fighting the 205 division.
Everybody thought I was
too small for that weight,
and everybody was
saying go down to 185.
And, you know, I proved
a lot of people wrong.
>> Saturday, let’s see.
I’m fighting a tough opponent,
but I love the challenge
and I have no problem
being the underdog, you know.
>> Dominick, right here,
and same for Katlyn.
What do you
have to do to keep
from being sparring partners
with these great fighters
that y’all fighting on Saturday?
>> You gotta put
yourself in danger.
It’s the biggest risk
makes the biggest reward.
So I’m ready to go out
there and throw down, man.
I’m ready to bleed
as much as necessary.
>> Same for Katlyn.
>> Katlyn: I think when
there’s a dominant champ,
then everyone goes in there
and tries to play their game,
and I think most important part
in there is to go in there,
and for me, and
just play my game.
>> Jon: We gotta bring
out a couple athletes
with definite ties
to your fine city.
So right now, one of the
most popular fighters
on the UFC roster today and
man does he own this H-Town.
Let’s hear it for the perennial
heavyweight contender,
The Black Beast Derrick Lewis!
>> Jon: Alright now, please
welcome the one, the only
Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko.
>> Jon: Derrick Lewis,
this is your city, my man.
I know these fans have
been waiting a long time
to see you back here
competing at Toyota Center.
You will kick off the
pay-per-view main card.
Any thoughts on
Latifi moving up
and what type of fight
might be coming your way here?
>> [bleep] I’m gonna look for
the knockout in the first round.
>> But yeah, it’s gonna be–
I have to put on for Houston.
You know, we been
through a lot,
with all the flooding
and all that,
and so, I gotta come in swanging
and banging the first round.
>> Valentina, I wanna ask you,
is there anything unique
that she does that you
haven’t seen before,
anything you saw that said,
“Hey, this is one thing
I gotta be really, really
careful about in this fight”?
>> You know, the fight is fight.
You have to be really
careful about everything.
Doesn’t matter who you face.
And I know Katlyn, she’s hoping
her reach and her like head
is gonna help her during
the fight, but she’s mistaken.
She’s mistaken a lot.
>> Jon: We’re now
gonna say hello
to one of the greatest
of all time,
chasing more history
Saturday night:
Jonny “Bones” Jones!
>> Jon, Dominick Reyes was
here earlier, of course,
and he was asked
about your boxing.
And he said that he
feels like that’s something
that he can exploit,
the he can capitalize.
He thinks he’s the
better boxer than you.
Your thoughts on that?
>> My job is not to go out there
and get in a boxing match.
My job is to be the better
mixed martial arts fighter.
Like I said, I’m very aware
that his best counters
come in boxing combinations,
and my job is to make
his chances extremely slim
through hard work, faith, focus.
And at the end of the day,
it won’t make a difference
on Saturday night.
It’s gonna be who has
their head together,
who’s more prepared
mentally and physically,
to get the job done.
And I believe
that’s me and our team.
>> Jon: Alright, let us
hear it once more, folks.
The champions Jonny “Bones”
Jones, Valentina Shevchenko,
and Houston’s finest The
Black Beast Derrick Lewis.
We’ll see y’all Saturday night.
>> Katlyn:
You know, I try to work out
a little bit later at night,
since I’m fighting later.
It’s right now 9.
I’m gonna go a little bit,
do everything we’ve been
working on, all technical stuff.
Kinda just running through
everything like a rehearsal,
I guess.
Get a little bit
of a sweat going.
Just have fun.
I always fight better when
I fight better opponents.
And Valentina’s definitely
the best opponent
that I’ve fought before.
Valentina’s dominated
her recent opponents
but a lot of her fights
were decisions.
She’s a counter puncher.
I’m not gonna just
go in like a bull,
just charging right at her.
I’m gonna be moving my head,
moving my feet the entire time,
so it’s hard for
her to find me.
So, I definitely think
she’s gonna bring out
the best fighter in me, and it’s
gonna be a really good fight.
[crowd chatter]
>> Hi, how are ya.
>> Good.
>> What’s up, how are you?
>> Good.
Let’s do it.
Let’s do it.
>> I gotta ask you,
you talked about
being the female James Bond.
The other week, The Schmo
talked to Ben Askren.
He called you a spy.
Can we denounce
those rumors right here?
>> I’m not a spy.
>> Where do you stand out?
Where do you have an
advantage going into the fight?
>> Katlyn: Definitely my reach.
I mean, my height is a huge
advantage for me.
I like to– sometimes I
like to watch Jon Jones
and see how he uses his length
and I try to mimic
some of that stuff.
But yeah, I just think my range,
my movement, my endurance,
and my height, volume,
are all advantages
I need to use
throughout the whole fight.
>> Valentina: I’m prepared
for the hardest thing.
I think my mentality, if you are
ready for the hardest things,
it’s easy to finish
the fight earlier, right?
Whatever she want
to use in the fight,
it’s fine with me
because I’m ready for anything.
I’m ready for any
thing that she will have.
>> Where’s this real
confidence come from?
I’ve been around a lot of
athletes, NBA, NFL, boxers.
You can tell when
someone has some fake swag.
Your stuff’s 300% legit.
So where’s it coming from?
>> That’s the only way I
know how to do it, man.
It’s legit
and that’s it.
This is is just me
reaching my dreams,
me reaching the pinnacle
for things I want.
I believe everything I’ve
done in my life has led to this.
I think that’s where the
confidence really comes from,
just feels like fate, man.
It feels like destiny.
>> Jon: Yeah, I
think he’s reaching.
He’s trying to hang
onto these ideas to,
like, talk himself up, and my
job is to take his ideas away
and send him into
the fight with nothing.
And it’s easy to do that
because, you know, when you say
things like, “Weidman beat
Anderson and I beat Weidman.
This is gonna give me
the magic that I need.”
What are you
freaking talking about?
The fact that he just
ran his face like that,
out of his mouth, is just…
He’s [bleep] really.
What I do,
why I do it.
[theme music]

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