UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2


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On Episode 2 of UFC 247 Embedded, light heavyweight Dominick Reyes loads up for a travel day and gets fight inspiration from the Super Bowl. Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko draws energy from the water at a Texas beach, then draws in the sand. Challenger Katlyn Chookagian explains the strategy behind her commuter fight camp. On the mats and in the pool, champion Jon Jones is focused and calm ahead of his title defense. UFC 247 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two title fights taking place Saturday, February 8th on Pay-Per-View. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV
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[dog barking]
>> Lock ’em up. Lock ’em up.
>> That works.
>> Make it work.
Say hi to my mama
before we leave.
>> Do you want ketchup in these?
>> A little bit.
Unless we have some bomb
salsa, that’d be nice.
>> I think so.
Dominick is my third-born son.
We never accepted
them to be second best
at anything since
they were little.
We’re very competitive.
My husband and I, as well.
So I think it just pushes them.
If you’re gonna do
something, do it 100%.
I love you.
Be good.
>> I love you too.
>> Do your thing.
>> Oh, yeah.
>> Valentina: We lived in
Texas for two and a half years
before we moved to Las Vegas.
And I think being here
is to recover all
power from the training
and get some good and positive
energy for the next week.
Let’s go touch the water.
I remember when I fought
in Chicago with Holly Holm.
And we went to the beach and
everyone, Antonina, Pavel,
they went to swim to the lake
and it was freezing.
But, you know, I felt the energy
of the lake came to me.
So probably today,
they had to do the same.
Do you wanna swim?
>> Uh-uh.
>> No.
I have to find a volunteer.
[wind blowing]
It’s a snow leopard.
It’s my animal.
And the feet, of
course, my feet.
>> Saleswoman: Welcome to Wings!
>> You have to get anything
with Galveston sign, yes.
Being in Galveston, every time
we are here, I get something.
I like because you can
get t-shirt or, like,
anything and get the sticker
what you want, what you like.
And this is like all the
variation of the stickers.
>> Saleswoman: Thank you, y’all.
Y’all have a great day.
>> Thank you.
>> Yeah, good luck
in the pipe too.
We’re at The Den
right now in Houston.
We’re about to watch
the Super Bowl.
My team’s here.
We got great hospitality
from the staff
and I’m excited
to watch the game.
I got the Niners.
He’s so composed, man.
It’s awesome.
The beginning of these big
games, you see big plays happen,
because guys are just kinda
playing too hard, in a sense.
They’re not just
being themselves.
He’s breaking loose already.
Look at this guy.
You do what got
you here, you know.
And that directly relates to
my fight in a big, big way.
Okay, just fight your fight.
That’s really what it is.
You don’t have to be
something you’re not.
Just be who you are
and I’m seeing it today
in the Super Bowl.
It’s pretty cool to see.
Oh, got it!
[gulls cawing]
>> He’s like– he knows he
has to go in the crate,
so he tries to sneak in there.
That’s, like, the only
couch he’s allowed on.
He’s like, “No,
don’t put me in there!”
Come on.
[dog grunting]
>> There.
Mom’s gotta go to work.
So, I live in Long Island
but I train in the city
and I train in Long Island
and I train in New Jersey.
So, I’m kind of like a gym gypsy
training everywhere.
But most of the time I train
at Renzo’s in the city,
so it’s kinda nice.
I just take the train right in.
I like when my husband comes
because I make
him carry my bags.
And I can get
jiu-jitsu, MMA, striking,
pretty much all my
training pretty much there.
So, get a nice little relaxing
quiet time on the train.
At least I don’t have to
physically drive there
the whole time.
Like, Jersey, I’m
driving two hours to go spar,
so this isn’t too bad.
A lot of people, like,
complain about the commute,
like going so far just to train.
I mean, there’s
definitely, like,
a million gyms on Long Island
that I can train at too.
There’s, you know, right
down the road from my house,
there’s a jiu-jitsu gym.
But this is
harder than training.
You know, it’s
worth it to travel
to go to the best
places in the world.
I mean, I go to Renzo Gracie
and I train with John Danaher
and you know, I can
feel a little lazy
and train close to my house.
But, it wouldn’t be
the best training,
so it’s really worth it to
me to travel to get there.
[gym chatter]
>> Bring the inside.
Elbows inside.
Bumping, bridging,
breathing space.
>> Katlyn: Today’s my last day
before I fly out, so you know,
I like to do my last
technical jiu-jitsu.
I get to train with
all the same partners
that I’ve been
training with all camp,
and kind of, like, it’s my
last day to test my skills
and just flow and feel sharp,
see what moves I love.
>> Very nice.
Leg between the elbow
escape and then knee escape.
>> Katlyn: You know,
I feel really good.
I have super high energy now,
so I wanna like, “Alright,
let’s go before I’m
stuck in the hotel
and working out in that
boring quiet workout room.”
I wanna go here where it’s
good energy, good vibes.
Just wanna keep everything
boom, boom, boom fresh.
Ready to go.
>> Jon: Mentally I feel amazing.
I feel great, man.
I’ve done this a lot of times.
It’s weird, man.
It’s weird when you fight at
such a high level so often.
You know, part of you feel
like you should be nervous.
Part of you are.
But a bigger part of
you is just like,
“This is what I do,”
you know what I mean?
I feel like– sometimes I feel
what a soldier would feel like
who deploys a lot.
You know, it’s like–
with no disrespect,
it’s like after awhile you
just get familiar in that lane.
You know, where most
people are [bleep] bricks.
You kinda just get
familiar with it all.
So, that’s kinda how I feel.
Nervous, excited, ready to do
exactly what I was born to do.
>> Ready!
>> Jon: I think his mentality
is one of his strengths.
You know, he’s
never lost a fight,
so he’s very
confident in himself.
I think he honestly believes
that he’s gonna win the fight.
He has great knockout
power, but on this level,
there’s a lot more
that goes into it
than athleticism
and knockout power.
You know, I’ve been in
high-pressure situations
since I was 23, you know.
Fighting the top
guys in the world.
I try not to look at any
fight as bigger than the next.
It’s just another fight.
It’s just what we do.
You know, that fast lane
is what we’ve been in
for a very long time.
So, I’m extremely motivated.
I’ve given this
fight everything.
And last time I wasn’t focused,
I almost lost a fight.
You know, back in 2015
against Alexander Gustafsson.
So, I know that I have to focus
and give this fighter
everything that’s in me.
At the end of the day,
he’s never tasted defeat,
and that just– that gets
me on a different level.
>> Nice, good job.
>> Hold on.
>> How does that
feel after swimming?
How does that feel
after swimming?
>> I feel good.
>> Yeah?
You’re in shape then, alright.
I think a mental edge with
Jon is so much experience.
He has fought a lot of hard
hitters before, a lot of people
that have knocked people
out pretty consistently.
We just have to make
sure we respect his power
and we respect his
athletic ability.
But I think mentally, I
think the ability to stay calm
in that fire is a big
advantage for Jon.
I’m not sure exactly
how it’s gonna play out,
but I know Jon’s will to
win and his determination
and his incredibly
high fight IQ,
I know he’ll get his
hand raised at the end.
[theme music]

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