UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1


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On Episode 1 of UFC 247 Embedded, light heavyweight Dominick Reyes trains in Southern California under Joe “Daddy” Stevenson for his title fight and pays homage to another sports great. Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko finishes her globe-hopping training camp outside of Houston. Challenger Katlyn Chookagian pursues greatness alongside former champ Frankie Edgar at her home gym in New Jersey. Champ Jon Jones starts his practice with a prayer. UFC 247 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two title fights taking place Saturday, February 8th on Pay-Per-View. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV
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[birds chirping]
>> Reyes: So, riding this bike,
this is one of my last
sessions before the fight.
And, uh, it kinda sucks
because I have to
work so much harder
just to get my heart rate up.
This is what it
takes though, man.
Gotta work your ass off
if you wanna be the champ.
It’s the little things
that you have to do right
that nobody wants to do.
Nobody wants to ride a bike
for 45 minutes straight.
Going nowhere.
I’m going somewhere.
Getting to the top.
Conditioning my heart,
conditioning my body.
We’re gonna get there.
He’s gonna charge in!
Not today.
Jones’ weakness is himself,
his own ego,
as well as being very hittable.
I’ll show you how
hittable he really is.
Bam, bam, bam.
Let’s do this.
May the best man win.
Alexa, turn on the bed.
>> Alexa: Okay.
>> Reyes: Okay.
Get some packing done.
It’s pretty easy to
pack for fight week.
Got a couple hats.
Gotta rock my beanie.
That’s pretty much it.
We had a lot of greats
come through California,
but Kobe’s just kind of
stood out above the rest
for me personally.
I mean, I wore number 24 in
college when I played football,
and throughout high school, I
wore number 24 because of Kobe.
So, on my Instagram,
it says DomReyes24
because I’ve always worn
24 and because of Kobe.
There’s a little tidbit there.
And, uh, I hope this fight
I’m able to honor his
legacy and his memory
with an amazing performance
because that’s
what I’m here to do.
Alexa, turn off the bed.
>> Alexa: Okay.
>> Fedotov: Here now, you know,
it’s almost 8 days
before the fight and
Valentina in good shape now.
Just we need to do
some little more things
to be exactly ready for fight,
and we travel a lot.
That’s why we train
in different gyms.
For example, this
time we prepare
and start our
preparation in Thailand,
in our club in Tiger Muay Thai.
And that was very good.
Thailand every time it’s
very interesting, very good
because many sparring partners
from all over the world.
Have Thai people, have now
some people from Canada,
from Russia, Ukraine.
Just two or three days ago
we were back to Houston.
In UFC, it’s the best promotion
of MMA in the world,
and here not
have easy fighters.
All the fighters here,
they’re dangerous,
very skilled in all
kind of martial arts sport.
I know Katlyn Chookagian
is tall girl.
She is number one,
and that’s why, you know,
for every opponent, Valentina
prepare in the same manner.
We prepare all 100%.
Okay, rest, rest, rest.
[radio playing]
>> Chookagian: I started martial
arts when I was four years old.
At that time, I didn’t know
there was– what UFC was,
or MMA or anything.
But I just knew I
wanted to be the best.
I wanted to be the best
in my karate class.
I wanted to be the best
at the tournament.
And then as I got older,
I started seeing MMA,
and I’m like, “Oh,
I wanna do that,”
and then I started
seeing Ronda and UFC.
I was like, “I wanna
be in the UFC.
I wanna be a UFC champion.”
It was never– the goal was
never to get into the UFC.
The goal was to be a
champion in the UFC.
So, from my first
amateur fight,
this is where I
saw myself going.
If I didn’t see
myself in this position,
then I wouldn’t have done it.
>> Henry: Katlyn has
scrapped and clawed
and always wants to
fight the best fighters.
I remember when
she was amateur,
she’d hear about a pro
coming into the gym,
and she’d, “Oh,
can I get with her?”
You know, being around
guys like Eddie and Frankie.
It’s just so rubbed off on her
that she’s even brought it
to a whole ‘other level, man.
And I think that’s
what makes her so great,
is she always wants
to fight the best
because she always
wants to be the best.
>> Chookagian: My
camp’s been amazing.
I kinda rolled right into it
after fighting
November 2nd at MSG.
I think I fought Saturday.
Wednesday I was back
in the gym training.
When you get a title fight,
you wanna get in
the gym right away.
Train four times a day.
It’s easy to train, you know,
when that belt’s on the line.
The lead up to this
fight has been the same.
I keep kinda waiting for
that moment where I’m like,
“Oh [bleep], this
is a title fight.”
Luckily, I don’t know, I
haven’t had that feeling.
I just feel like it’s
any other fight, you know.
Every fight’s the biggest fight.
I mean, this one has the title,
but this is what I
work my whole life for,
so, I’ve been ready for this
since my first amateur fight.
It’s what I’ve been waiting for.
[gym chatter]
>> I got something for you, bro.
>> Can I wear it right now?
>> Don’t wear it right now.
Thank you for all
your help, bro.
We’re about to get some final
tech sparring, game plan,
put it all together
flow, have fun.
The last time I’ll be in here
with the squad working.
We gotta just– last dress
rehearsal, really is what it is.
>> Stevenson: This is exactly
why he got into the sport
and now it’s about
realizing his dream
and making it a reality.
He’s done that with the work.
You put in the work so that when
it comes to time to perform,
you’re ready for
anything that happens.
Let’s go, partner for partners!
What you guys are
gonna get to see
is just peak of
performance, strategy, ability.
It’s gonna be
beautiful violence.
He said over and
over in his head
that he was a champion
going into this fight.
>> Now you can make
that dream a reality.
>> Jones: Dear Heavenly Father,
I just wanna thank You so much
for bringing us all together.
Thank You for all
these mighty men
that make up this amazing team.
But, prepare for a good
ah-ha moment tonight, Lord,
just pertain great knowledge,
great flow,
and have no injuries.
We love You so much.
In Jesus’ mighty name
we pray, amen.
>> Amen.
>> It’s fight week, so we’re
focused on the goal at hand.
Every coach is gonna
get a little time tonight.
We’re gonna go
through the rounds.
Go over the overall
game plan strategy.
Just keep it fresh.
Have a good sweat
and have a good time.
>> Jones: Just going
through the motions.
All the cardio is set.
The moves are locked in.
I feel tight. I feel great.
The coaches are all
on one accord.
>> This fight is gigantic
for Jon’s legacy
because it’s another victory
on that journey to being
the best of all time.
I believe he’s already
the best of all time, but he’s
got so many more fights in him,
and so much farther to go,
that I think we’re in the middle
of his career right now.
>> Jones: Feeling great.
Weight’s low, spirits are high.
And, uh, ready for victory.
Champion 2020,
baby, starts now.
[theme music]

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