Top Finishes: Curtis Blaydes


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UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes has racked up an impressive list of fight finishes in just a little over four years with the promotion.

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there’s a big shot by Kurt oh and
another one and here’s Curtis teeing off
on them but it realizes look I’m just
gonna take this guy down now here’s the
end gets on top boom
hertzel boom again boom boom boom and
big Dan at this point he’d see the knob
bouncer not responsive huge shots and a
huge win for Curtis blades I think in
terms of the cardio right now Cody East
is struggling a little bit more that
Curtis blades where you can’t rest here
this is a bad position those elbows are
tearing him apart
he’s losing here yeah now he’s driving
him to the fence it’s not over he’s
still okay now it is Curtis blades by
yeah you see the right hand it kind of
hurts Cody Easton right into this blast
double leg before Cody ease could
actually even think about defending he
was on his back and then right here you
see these elbows and you see when you
stay in these positions you just get
beat up you keep taking these ovals big
shots are landing now and Chanel’s the
site man get off of me hands traps so he
can’t defend it he wants to stand up but
he can’t because he needs his hands and
that’s the problem she Mills not getting
to the problem the problem is the hand
control and blades is just better at it
right now that in shamil already nearly
six minutes of top position time for
Curtis blades who mixed in a nice elbow
there and that’s the end of the fight
mark honored had seen enough curtis
blades your winner by TKO shaw Jameel
after a team of just got busted wide
open and that’s what mark Goddard saw
that maybe we didn’t
oh gosh that was hard and that was the
perfect elbow I mean he opened his hand
and it was the tip of his elbow that
just landed right on the bridge of the
nose here look how he hits it with the
tip oh and it slides by the nose yeah
that is the worst elbow you can eat
right there ladies and gentlemen and you
see him grab his nose immediately
because it’s pretty much shattered and
once mark Goddard saw that up jaw he mob
had grabbed his nose when you’re
grabbing your nose you’re not
intelligently defending yourself and of
course nasty be stopping an actual or
after you
I mean that’s just painful round number
two to take comes here in Raleigh look
at that little level change make him
think that wrestlers coming in oh hey
just look stiff some juniors done
he’s already for sure he may not have
gone down but he’s done you can see it
in his eyes you can see this reaction
that puts landed right on the money an
absolute sledgehammer of a right hand
there it is again
Judy does well to stay on the feet but
as you say the fights over at this point
he’s out on his feet he shows a lot of
heart he stays up but Curtis knows the
end is nigh and he swarms all over him
oh I mean look at the size of the fists
of Curtis blades to go out there and
beat a guy like Junior dos Santos off
the feet congratulations
very impressive

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