The Real Gangsters Are Not In Prison , They In Them Corporate Offices 👀

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Stop bragging about how many times u went to prison.

That dont make u look big or bad or smart or tough

It makes u look dumb , vulnerable , and weak , broke

Brag about how u came out of the poor and got rich.

Brag about how u never went to prison. U legally can carry a gun cuz u ain’t got no criminal record.

U got good credit , u never been on probation. That’s a feeling that can be described.

Them white folks got it set up to give u one chance on a even playing field.

Once u get in that system ,
u can’t get no job ,
u can’t live in their areas ,

u cant do nothing but make the bare minimum to survive with your family.

So u can stay free and work for yourself everyday or u can go to jail and work for $2 a day.

That’s why u don’t see to many old heads getting in trouble no more. They know now what u young bloods will learn the hard way later! Rich is gangster

We did all that when we was younger
But u can’t make it to be old
By living wild

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