The New Slavery Is To Control Your Money 💰

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The New Slavery is To Control Your Money

Most rappers , Ball Players and Entertainers will finish up broke

All the millions they made were spent on Jewelry , Cars , Women and designer clothes.

The money was given in a contract for work from a white man

But the rich slave didn’t know he was about to give it back to the original owner

U go to the dealership to buy a car
The white man owns it

You go to a jewelry store to buy a chain
A white man owns it

You go to a designer store to buy Gucci , LV or Versace
That’s a white man last name
He owns it

The money that the slave is paid becomes a loan

Because he pays it back through materialistism , depreciating assets and bad investments

The owner knows that the talented slave was never taught what to do with money

So they know that the money will come back whether it be back to him directly
Or to one of his friends or family members that sell jewelry , cars or clothes

In the slavery days
The slaves used to pick cotton for their owners

But one day they became tired of picking cotton for the owner

So they all came together and told the owner that they will no longer pick cotton for him

The owner agreed to let them pick cotton for themselves but he knew that they didn’t have resources , connections or sense to sell the cotton

He knew they would come back to him

About a week later they did exactly that
They ran back to him crying about having all this cotton but no money

He made a strategic deal with them that benefited him

He agreed to pay them for the cotton at the price he wanted to pay

So they agreed and still remain slave

That is why football players hold out on contracts until they get the owner to pay what they feel they deserve

The owner normally agrees
Because he knows they will throw it back

NFL – Not For Long

I know homeless basketball players

I know tons of broke rappers

They don’t teach financial education in schools

They don’t teach money management
In school

They will let you commit to a $200,000 loan to go to college but won’t give you a $20,000 loan to open a business

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