The New "I'M BROKE" Movement Called HENRY – My Reaction


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There’s a new movement taking the world by storm called HENRY – High Earner Not Rich Yet. You will see my reaction on this new movement and what I think this movement should be changed to.
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The New “I’M BROKE” Movement Called HENRY – My Reaction
0:12 – New movement of high income earners who are okay being broke
0:47 – Millennials only making $100k a year feeling strapped for cash
1:56 – Jenny is a HENRY – High Earner Not Rich Yet
3:11 – Rename HENRY to DUMB
3:46 – How you spend your money is your choice
4:05 – Why this movement really bugs me
4:33 – The amount of money you make doesn’t determine your freedom you have, it’s what you do with the money you make
5:44 – How to fix your finances in this situation

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This Video:

Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody I am just breathing
and welcome to the minority mindset al
welcome back to make it happen Monday it
has been brought to my attention that
apparently apparently there is a new
movement that has started of high income
earners who are ok living a very fancy
and lavish lifestyle and then at the
same time are complaining about being
strapped for cash I’m going to show you
exactly what I mean but before I do that
make sure you hit that thumbs up button
below because you took doesn’t show our
videos unless people hit that thumbs up
button and this video really really
needs to be seen by people so my friend
sent me this New York Post article with
the title Millennials only making
$100,000 a year feel strapped for cash
and it talks about the story of this
lady her name is Jenny Castillo Castillo
who makes over $100,000 a year but feels
strapped for cash now there’s a lot of
reasons why you could be strapped for
cash if you make a lot of money I mean I
talked about how even if you live in San
Francisco you could be making 117
thousand dollars a year and still be
considered poverty depending on how many
people are in your household but this
article is different Jenny owns multiple
homes and DC’s has vacation in multiple
countries and is still counting her
pennies now she says she owns multiple
homes in Washington DC and I don’t know
what that means to me that sounds like a
good thing because it sounds like you’re
creating income from your investment
properties but I have a feeling that
dad’s not what she’s doing so if we come
down a little bit it says that she has a
separate bank account for fun things and
self-care is something that she
prioritizes but you’re gonna see that
sometimes financial care is something
you should be prioritizing to see the
thing is Jenny is a Henry and if you’re
like me and have no idea what a Henry is
let’s look here henry’s are short for
high earners not rich yet apparently you
have to create an acronym for this thing
because it’s a movement that many people
are starting to follow and
want to feel good about these type of
financial habits
Henri’s are mostly Millennials who make
between a hundred thousand and two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars a
year and they’re all about maintaining a
certain lifestyle and then the article
goes on to say that the Henry’s taste
for luxury and pressure to keep up with
their well-heeled buds of social media
has them feeling strapped for cash Wow
shocker I cannot believe that there is
an acronym for this new movement of
high-income people making hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year who don’t
know how to use their money and it
sounds so warm and cozy and cuddly I
mean Henry it’s AMA Henry it’s not my
fault that I don’t know how to use my
money it’s not my fault that I’m broke
it’s not my fault that all my money with
duplications how am i Henry if I was in
charge of the world which I’m not I
wouldn’t call this movement a G & ry
Henry I would call it D you M be dumb
which stands for don’t understand money
or business because I think that’s a
much better explanation for what’s
actually going on here
so back to this article jenny is an
attorney like me and she chronicles her
lavish life on Instagram big surprise
with her blog with all of her fancy
purses and brands and all of her fancy
vacations now let me be honest for a
second how you spend your money is your
choice it really doesn’t bother me if
you want to go out and go on take out a
whole bunch of debt and be broke that is
your choice right I mean that’s the
great thing about being in America is
you have the freedom to do whatever you
want but the thing that bugs me
maybe bugs me is this next paragraph
right here quote Jenny says I want to
experience financial freedom in the way
where I don’t feel like every purchase
or trip is an actual serious inquiry
into my finances and then she says for
some people that might be six figures
but for me it’s not
and then this article says that over the
last number of years the number of hand
or D um bees have skyrocketed the amount
of money you make does not determine how
much freedom you have it’s what you do
with the money you make
that’s why 90% of people’s money
problems have nothing to do with the
amount of money you make it’s what you
do with the money you make now I get it
maybe you make $150,000 a year right now
but you want to be living a 300 or
$400,000 a year lifestyle there’s
nothing wrong with that but the thing
that’s wrong is you saying that you want
to be financially free and be able to
afford all these things and right now
you are living a $300,000 lifestyle
while only making a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars see there’s a
discrepancy between what you want and
what you’re actually doing which is the
real problem here if you want to
comfortably live at $300,000 a year
lifestyle which means traveling and
fancy purchases and fancy purses and
everything in between which add up to
$300,000 a year you need to be making
double that there’s nothing wrong with
that but what you have to understand is
how you go on mih make it happen because
overspending now going into debt and
living paycheck to paycheck it’s not
gonna help you get there’s always gonna
have you wondering how and why and why
am I always strapped for cash what you
need to do right now is cut all of your
expenses and for the next five years
don’t go on another trip don’t buy
another purse don’t buy anything
designer for the next five years and
hoard all of your extra cash you’re
making at least $100,000 a year probably
more because you’re a DC attorney and so
I need you to start hoarding as much
cash as possible and then at the same
time start using this cash to either
invest into things that will pay you or
start your own side business that’s
where you have more money coming in do
this for the next five years this way
you can build up this nest egg or little
machine that is now printing you money
this way after five years now you can
start increasing your lifestyle the
issue that most people have is they
start making more money and then
immediately they start living a bigger
lifestyle so you make 10% more but then
you live a 20% bigger lifestyle and so
you’re always gonna be caught in this
payments game really making money
spending money making money spending
more money you need to get out of that
cycle and even if you’re not a Henry
what you need to do is understand the
system because if you want to live
lavish you need to understand how to do
that and so you need to be able to live
below your means right now so you can
earn more that way you can progressively
start living better and if you want to
make the smartest decisions possible we
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before I let you go this week I wanna
know am I just like behind on the world
because I’ve never heard of this Henry
movement before or is this something
that is kind of underground and only
certain people that are not the minority
minds that know about it so let me know
if you’ve heard of this Henry movement
and I guess what your thoughts are on it
so I’ll see you next week and as always
keep hustling

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