The Music Industry Is All Fake 🤦🏽‍♂️

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To get in this industry
You have to sell your soul

Selling your soul is to go against what u stand for and the morality of your principle for man given success and a lil bit of money

So many of these rappers be fake
They fake rich

When u google they net worth
They worth millions of dollars

But when you see them in the streets
They ain’t even got no car

They don’t own no house

They family ain’t straight

And when they run into legal issues
They all run to jayz or someone who really got the money they rap about to help them

They fake successful with them inflated social media numbers
Them fake stream numbers
They faking they follower count

But u only fooling yourself
Because if u set up a show and nobody come but you got millions of followers
Ppl know u full of sh!t

They fake happy
They be having silent beef in them camps
That don’t come out and speak on it until they get old and played out
Now they look like the b!tter n!gga

They be faking these relationships
They post them appearing to be happy
But behind closed doors it’s nothing but arguing and black eyes

Example Kylie and Travis Scott
Just broke up.

That b!tch fine ass hell
And she got her own money
But yet that n!gga still want out

But just two weeks ago
It was all good on the internet

This sh!t is fake

All these rappers be appearing like they down with each other
They appear to be best friends on social media

But in the back of their heart
They are in competition with each other

They don’t genuinely wanna help each other

And if the artist wasn’t hot or relevant
They would not even be associated

Nobody cares about you , your family or your best interests

It’s all a game to them
And they looking for a way to use you to keep their lights on.

I don’t care to be friends with rappers
I don’t need to be at your parties
I don’t wanna be at your tables

I rather sacrifice and work to get my own so I can live life on my own terms

Cuz I can’t fake to get cake

I’m real so I know how it is

The real always get blackballed
But the truth will always conquer lies

When ya a female rapper that don’t sell coochie it’s gonna take u longer

Because u have morals and standards
You won’t sell your soul

When u don’t scam or drug deal
It’s gonna take u a lil longer than those who do because your bills real

But don’t eeen trip
What’s for you will be for you

And u will be rewarded with happiness and freedom rather than being a rich unhappy slave

So many rappers have to put on costumes to become the person they say they are
Because it’s not really them , it’s a action figure n!gga

Superman ain’t real tho

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