The Difference Between Rich and Poor Is Information 💯

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A black man has a power to make something out of nothing

We the only race that can work in the sun and won’t turn red or break out

Our white brothers and sisters can’t do that for too long without getting skin irritations or as far as death

The Willie Lynch system

Keep the blacks physically strong
But physiologically dependent on us to earn income

Greyhound chase imaginary rabbits around a track and never catch it

Black people chase money the same way

They came up with a way to keep black ppl enslaved by just barely giving them enough to survive

The greatest threat to an oppressor is an educated slave. U are a threat

Gossip , drama and daily news keep black people unaware

We start with less money , less knowledge , less resources than any other race

But yet we end up making more money and influence than any other race

A white man starts at the half way mark and a nigga still catch them and past them

Rappers go broke because of lack of investment knowledge and money management

They give u money and u come give it back to them

Rich people are producers
Broke people are consumers

Working hard won’t make u rich
Slaves worked hard for 400 years and still ain’t end up with nothing

Work smart invest and save
Spend what’s left over
Don’t buy into designer brands , foreign cars and large homes that u can’t afford

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