The Crowd Gangster vs The Quiet Gangster 👀

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The 3 gangsters

**The crowd gangster

The loud gangster is a guy that always shows his gun online

He wears his shirt in a way so everyone can see it

Has to be around a group of cowards that gives him motivation to be a tough guy

This is the type of man that would rather be around men instead of his own woman

This is the type of man that won’t go nowhere or do anything without his pack

This is the type of man that has no heart when he by himself
But he turn into John gotti when he around everybody else

He ain’t never put no work in on these streets

He ain’t no real criminal

He just a wannabe

The B side of this type is

A crowd gangster will snitch

A crowd gangster is weak

If u catch him alone
He will cry wolf

He’s not a real gangster
He’s not a real man

These are usually the 18-25 year old men

**The old Loud gangster

He’s always the loudest person in the pack.

He prefers to be around people that accept his character and his mouth

He talks a lot of crap
He talks tough

He’s weak internally but externally he hides it by talking loud and confident

The loud gangster and the crowd gangster have a lot in common

But there’s a difference
The loud gangster is more like a coach to the real gangsters

Because his reputation is on the line
He will do something to set it off
He will start it off
And let the gangsters finish it

He is like jumper cables or a spark plug
He’s influential

Normally he is older like 40+
So he living off his old war stories

The streets still respect him
So they rock with him

He the OG

**Quiet gangster

The quiet gangster will rock with a crew
But he prefers to be alone

He’s a lone wolf
He’s the one that hunts by himself

The quiet gangster is like a quiet storm

He don’t really say much
But his actions speak louder than his words

A quiet gangster never shows his guns
He don’t want u to know he strapped

The quiet gangster is the opposite of loud
He doesn’t like attention

He’s a gangster but still a gentleman

He is infamously known for retaliation

He will be kool with u and still knock u off if u disrespect anything he stands for

He don’t wear to much jewelry
He low key

He don’t drive nothing that ain’t got tints on it

Don’t nobody know where he lay his head at , who he fuckin or what his kids look like

The quiet gangster understands there’s an art to mystery

and knows the outcome of to much exposure

The quiet gangster don’t argue
He never gets mad in public
He never announce his next move

But u can bet he coming like a theif in the night

Which gangster best describes you?

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