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Major Williams Mayor-Elect Candidate for PASADENA Ca. sits down with K-TOE to Discuss Upcoming MAYOR ELECTION 2020…Tap IN, People LOG IN!!! #OnMyMOMMA #BlackExcellence <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

only realistic banana swathi talking to
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holy ruins in the building get the weed
simply strips everyone spilling
everything is certified tapping a little
wet jazzy tap then homie long hand
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all right how y’all doing man tapping in
logging in with Kate oh man I got a
special treat for y’all this time I’m
doing a little different we’re gonna
we’re gonna showcase other heroes and
other other influences in the black
community besides music and sports so I
got political mayoral candidate of Penn
State Dean a major Williams here with me
scrolling everyone thanks for having me
yeah man thanks for thanks for letting
me come on absolutely brand a little bit
man you know say a lot of people don’t
know you know I’m saying but uh he’s 41
years old he’s been studying the climate
of the political race out here for four
years we coming seasoning in the game
and I read a little of what you’re about
family yes I know that’s at the
forefront of your agenda no just give me
a little background on yourself you on
some level yeah so family is of course
my foundation of everything that I do
because it gives me my super power so to
speak you know so you have to have
always have a good foundation but my
background initially is in marketing so
I went to school for marketing in
Louisiana Tech University okay and over
the last three and a half four years
I’ve been working with in politics you
know behind the scenes from marketing
this perspective social media
perspective and so during that time I
had a opportunity to be around some of
the greatest political minds in the
world and so once you get exposed and
educated in a certain way you can’t help
but to hopefully act upon that and use
that knowledge for good and share it
with others so out the last campaign I
compress and I just like what’s next for
me and I was looking at the climate of
Pasadena I didn’t have any aspirations
ever to be like a true politician but I
always been the leader running
nonprofits and stuff like that but it
was something that’s like a natural
evolution and I just felt like no
candidate that was in the race or could
have been in the race to have my same
ideology my vision and ideals to the you
know solutions to the problems that we
had here in the city so I just basically
I used the analogy I took myself out the
stands jump on the field suited up yeah
and we’re trying to affect the game from
from a player’s perspective versus you
see people in the stands yelling at
everybody what they should do or what
they should should have done
you know and I just want to change the
narrative you know that’s exactly what’s
going in case you didn’t know he had a
sports background yes yes we might got a
mother to get him an Obama in a
three-point contest or something you
know when you get up there it’s so funny
about that December we’re doing we’re
doing a fundraiser so we don’t enter
very very Orthodox we’re doing a
fundraiser but it’s an NBA three-point
contest here in Pasadena so imagine
everybody think they got a jump on their
jump shot so so we’re doing this um it’s
five more dollars for the winner it’s
like 25 30 bucks to enter it’s gonna be
like 30 shooters there’s gonna be
involved all the doses follow us to get
in all the kids it’s free when how
beverages drinks especially influences
hopefully you’re coming out income as
well to definitely come out and I’m
gonna be a part of it you know so it’s
gonna be something different you know
the current marriage 80 he won’t be
participating and that’s why I said
earlier you know so we got somebody
changing the narrative somebody we can
look at that’s like us we can relate to
what was it special about Pasadena Bayou
man from Dallas Texas you know I’m
saying well what was it so special about
Pasadena that made you want to get your
feet wet so the root of all the big
decisions that I’ve had in California
all started with the girl when I came to
California 20 years ago I met a girl
third that I moved here and I never went
well my wife is born and raised and she
was born in Altadena just right here at
Jason capacity in yes so we were living
in LA that we were looking for a change
because as I was transitioning from
entertainment and sports doing more so
my marketing entrepreneurship she moved
her small business out here a year
before we actually moved out here and so
we was coming out here for a whole year
and just like you know you know glimpse
up the whole scene and I’m like man this
place is really nice it’s a different
pace from the Hollywood and Beverly
Hills and LA Singh and I think this
would be great for us and then we had a
child and there was like you know what
this probably be the place for us to
raise our kids and so as we had our
first child we end up making that leap
out to Pasadena and from there I just
fell in love with the city the culture
of what what it represents and then you
know once you once you’re a part of any
place you kind of always want to see it
and my thinking is now I see it having
so much potential and I don’t feel like
we have the right people in place that
can actually expand upon that and I tell
everyone we need someone we need a
different brand of leadership what a
different skill set
it’s not about these degrees and being a
city government for 20 30 years you know
because when they say politics they
typically make us afraid to go after
that but people understand because I
have a marketing background I’m message
differently we do politics every single
day and all daily lives
yeah what does that work what is with
our relationships communicating with our
kids it’s all politics they just touch
that word to it to make it I can scare
everything and to say that we can’t
obtain it yeah and so I want to break
the NAFTA to say hey I’ve been in
multiple industries and now I’m in this
political field and I’m just at I’m just
attaching my my ambition and my
competitiveness in this arena so I’m
super using the same blueprint okay oh
you know and um our thoughts toe Dax
body Bob you too friend of ours but uh
he wanted that he wanted to elaborate
more on your hip-hop background also for
sure a lot of people don’t know you
worked with no-limit closely right Jamie
Foxx track and Christie he was on a
basketball watch some of y’all might
recognize one of those episodes you know
yeah say hello leverage loom all night
so that was one of my one of my passions
is force music you know I was doing
sports initially and I I I started
working with No Limit sports in Baton
Rouge so in school that Louisiana Tech
University so I came friends with SOPA
Big Ed and it’s a serve own and
ultimately Master P yeah original course
yeah through the whole sports thing and
I was I was training one summer with
like Ricky Davis from Mercer
he himself Ricky Davis all these guys
was treating a game for real PA game you
know he was younger yeah yeah well you
know what when we first you know talk is
he had his hands so much stuff we said
man is discipline busy study right bald
until he actually got called up I mean
he wasn’t Kobe but yeah yeah yeah yeah
he worked hard enough to deserve that
shot it was any made history
so just from being around that synergy
and having a musical background as far
as interests I had never done music but
had an opportunity about being around
them so much to like write on the record
and then I was like okay then I continue
to do it and and so then it just
basically it was organic it wasn’t
something I was like looking for a
record deal
it’s just that through sports it put me
around the right people who happen to be
like moguls in the music industry yeah
and it just found the spirit it just
kind of you know jump from there Jamie
Foxx the same thing man his dad go way
back and me and his sister his that was
my high school football coach
oh and history teacher and man his
sister like this we graduate from high
school together okay so when I came to
Pasadena I mean to LA the second or
third day I was here I was at Jamie Foxx
house oh yeah so this is a 20 year long
you know relationship so that was easy
that’s that’s that’s real dope man I
want to talk about my other eye of art
you still do with your wife business
business that you guys started together
and I want to let him know about that
so I heart art is an art curriculum
company that my wife created probably
eight nine years ago she started out in
a in a like a back of a church and in
Culver City and she’s built it up to a
really amazing company what we have now
twelve contractors staff members as well
and we’re actually active online in
every creative art boxes so there’s been
an evolution couple years ago I came on
board you know she’s the owner first of
all okay I’m the supporting cast as the
marketing director she had a point to
where you know there was a ceiling she
hit and she was frustrated and I want to
of course jump in and say hey maybe we
should change it up a little bit and so
I was instrumental in to allow
necessarily and bigger accounts I said
let’s go bigger more corporate with your
services you’ve done all this great
things about this great talent in people
around you let’s package it and let’s
get it over to all the senior retirement
living homes so now we’re not when 12cm
retirement living homes doing the art
curriculum for the senior citizens okay
and went to different school districts
LA School District and or Acadia School
District only because I was able to
acknowledge in
make people aware of our talent and just
package together with the videos and the
content of her and also just our track
record being a great artist
she sold paintings to like some of the
biggest people in the world you know so
I just want to make sure that our
company continue to be successful if
that’s what she wants to parse over my
heart art dotnet you wanna check it out
it’s a great company she do remote City
paints and all that oh really yeah
sitting thing yes okay I wanted I want
to go back into more to your agenda for
us you didn’t in office let’s talk a
little about the Pasadena floor mm-hmm
so the Pasadena phone came out of
necessity it’s just basically me doing a
lot of discovery throughout the city and
talking to a lot of different people and
they’re just kind of looking back at the
spectrum of what was going on with
affordable housing and rain control now
I have a different take on and I would
do a perspective when it comes to like
rent control and affordable housing
instead of some people in I’ve gotten a
little pushback on this instead of using
all your energy to protest the landlord
about raising your rent
why don’t you partner with some more
like myself or we put that energy into
making more okay and so I have a
long-standing history of figuring out
how to make more income and up
semi-sentient make millionaires without
being able to create successful formulas
and tools that people can implement in
their daily lives and they can make more
money perfect example I went to a this
just great control pool and at this time
this this odor of senior citizen woman
she’s on the fixed income she was crying
basically saying you know she’s
distraught because a rent went up $75
now for maybe you or you or anyone that
may not be like a huge hike but for
somebody that’s not working that’s on a
fixed income
that adds up it’s detrimental it takes
away from anything else that they’re
trying to do yeah so after this meeting
and this is a different brand of
leadership when I say a different brand
of leadership so after this meeting I’ll
walk up to it because I know this you
know she has she has iPhone it’s not the
newest one of you she has an iPhone and
I asked her a couple of simple questions
I said would it be okay if I showed you
how to pay the extra second to fire and
she looked at me kind of strange right
you said what do you mean I said I want
to go on your farm right now and
download these couple apps and if you do
these apps you can actually probably
make the money that you need to pay your
rent right she’s still looking at me
find it but she was a reluctant she
would like to Lee gave me her phone
she gave me the phone I went to the
Google Store or the App Store and I
found a cup of survey apps I told her I
said you spent three hours out of seven
days at least three hours out of seven
days doing surveys you can make an extra
twenty five hours a week it’s four weeks
in a month monster hunt that’s $100 I
just helped you make over that write
fast well this was four months ago she’s
making close to 400 a month right now
because she’s just at home she just said
I’ll relax on the couch she said she
sent me the longest most amazing
thank-you letter I’ve ever had in my
life Wow Wow and so the point of that is
and I know it’s not like a whole lot of
but if you were to ask the current mayor
what do you think about that story salad
that’s great but that’s not our job
that’s not our role the difference
between a leadership back then in 2019
and moving forward is that we need
someone to operate outside of the black
and white definition of what the mayor
role in title is that’s the only way we
get there to empower each other and so
mind you that’s the small philosophy but
I can do that on a larger scale now
because I have leverage and I’m on a
larger platform so people can be a
vehicle to receive that message and
that’s what I’m fighting for
and that’s why you call yourself a
different kind of candidate a different
kind of candidate 100 percent all right
Vanessa that’s economic inclusion
absolutely you know because I want to
partner with them you know I’m not
trying to run the city I’m trying to
partner with you partner with the city
what new opportunities can you provide
Pasadena well if they don’t obtain now
well coming back full service or the
Pasadena phone yeah the Pasadena phone
is basically it’s a combination of a
capital venture fund and a crowdfunding
fun Oh put together okay it’s not
anything new I’m not a genius I’m just
pulling from other successful models and
I’m blending it and I’m putting the
title on top of it so when I use this
example the benefit that the Pasadena
fund is gonna bring in part of it how is
how is it gonna bring in part me so if
it’s 3,000 people they come on board
right and we have over 140,000 people
let’s just shoot low they are 3,000
people that participate
applicate in the pension fund the
obligation has 20 dollars over the next
15 months after 15 months those 3,000
people have access to a pot of money
close to a million dollars it’s $900,000
15 months so mind you if you break that
down for the individual person that’s
$300 nowhere in America can you invest
$300 and be part of something that’s
worth close to a million dollars it
doesn’t happen that way it doesn’t exist
so ultimately so now you have this pot
and it has two flexible functions the
Pasadena phone has two flexible
functions one of them if you came to me
if you had been a contributing I don’t
say investing if you’ve been
contributing to the phone for 15 months
and now it’s active and you came to me
save instance if you saw like a property
in Detroit somewhere right this is
dilapidated but you see that people are
investing because they’re gonna start
building up a certain area so it’s an
opportunity to flip a property right
yeah so fifteen thousand dollars to get
the house another fifteen thousand to
pick it up you know to fix it up maybe
don’t have that liquid capital Oh hand
off the bat but you come to the fund
manager remember the phone will partner
with you on that investment say hey okay
we see it’s a viable asset we’re doing
the research like any other Bank or
anyone else because we don’t want to ask
that you know the fun to lose money but
if we deem is something that’s positive
that we can make money off of we say you
know what we’re gonna give you 100% of
the money that’s 30 grand now safe
answer you flip it for like three times
or four times that which you will write
the final get seven percent of those
funds yeah yeah you get 30% of those
funds the beautiful part about that 30%
it’s more than enough but you’re going
to placate the process now by yourself
without the phone what did we just do
most also teaching it we just made the
low income middle class family that’s
been struggling check for check we made
them owners and landlords just from this
affiliation with this type of farm
that’s true empower if that’s true
partnership ammaji that’s just the base
of it it could grow into so many other
ideas and creating its creative as we
talk does one of the main things that
caught my eye when I seen 70/30 ratio
for us the partnership I was like okay
yeah that’s a real idea you know I’m
saying it’s a real idea that that has
that results the ropes like right now
not in the future right you know and
it’s something that’s already been done
I’m not professing to be a genius with
this I’m only taking from successful
transactions that has already occurred
there real quick
just never I said it’s two flexible
parts the other part is in your
neighborhoods now you have an
opportunity to gentrify your own
community yeah so when they want to
bring that new chick-fil-a there now you
can fight back say no we don’t want the
outside formula to come and build the
chick-fil-a we want to be regulation and
why would we as a city fight that so now
you have three thousand people have
ownership in the chick-fil-a in other
businesses and they’re getting dividends
every other month or every month or
whatever how have we set up so we’ve
created passive income and then it’s
just copy and paste because the phone’s
gonna continue to grow through the
investments and the ideas are continue
to grow because the more people involved
and more people are learning it exactly
so my fear is this in five years that
phone could be worth 500 million dollars
five hundred million dollars got a
candidate with a plan another thing I
want to touch something I know a lot of
the people want to know what is your
stance on the legal marijuana businesses
and how the minorities are kind of
getting pushed out of actually being
involved even though a lot of blacks and
Latinos have been suffering and going to
jail and for extending amounts of time
over the same crop that’s now gonna be
funding these cities in these states and
what is your stance on that farce opera
can equal the playing field where a lot
of minorities get a better chance to
actually have ownership in the american
marijuana so we are in a unique
situation here in pasadena because you
know they’re trying to wrap their arms
around what kind of legislation or you
know a regulation should I say
regulations they put on top of that and
for us it’s one of those things where
they’re pushing out the small vendors
and they’re trying to bring in more
corporate vendors that you know they
have more access to yeah and you know
I’ve been asked this question a lot
lately though like I said I support
business owners I support
entrepreneurship I feel like the
dispensary the dispensaries fall under
the same category with
more being entrepreneurial yeah but I
also think that the laws in regulation
should change if someone is actually
serving cron right now for an actual
Merl on the case or having joints or
something and this is something that’s
openly illegal now I think that
something needs to be changing it has to
be revisited but it’s something what we
know it’s a lot of revenue and it’s
something that’s taxable that’s why the
city should be more excited about it but
you also want to be careful about within
it with if you drink too much water you
can die yeah that’s an example I use
with my kids right you know there still
has to be limits there still has to be
structure yes and we have to pace
ourselves this is a new area for
everyone and no one is a complete expert
because I can be saying something right
now I may have to retract later on
because we’re still doing a lot of
discovery and learning more about the
effects of it and once we do we may make
better decisions based upon that but I
support entrepreneurship with the
dispensary companies ok let’s talk a
little what you do since we tell them up
the kids a little bit let’s talk about
the fly kicks for Kids charity so I’ve
been working with nonprofits for over
like 15 years indirectly I’ve been give
away clothes shoes hey pal are there
some kids because I shoes yeah because I
used to work for a nonprofit called
Erickson Emerson mental health and a
couple years ago a good friend of my
neighbor Darrell Darrell borken which is
an ex-nfl player he’s been followed on
social media we got buddies or whatever
he was like you know we should form
something legit like a non-profit and
make this like something you know make
it bigger than life and so we did that
and it was just for me just doing it
already someone taking notice of and I
said hey let’s form this company and
let’s make it real and so the premise of
it is just give away a thousand pair of
shoes a year to underprivileged kids
academic selling you yeah and just use
that as a tool to be a resource for the
kids and the shoes are the bridge you
wants to be able to get to get to know
because you remember how to use and get
new pair of shoes or fresh cut side
exactly so we wanted to it that was that
was the emotions that I remember that
allowed me to connect in certain ways
and I want to like just make it a tool
now to be able have a conversation with
your kids and then then address what do
you want to do with yourself
what are your goals what are your
ambitions and hopefully if we don’t have
the answers or the resources we know
plenty of people who may we will be able
to direct them to and that was a premise
of it it’s not like a big elaborate
scheme is to be able to give back and
put a smile on the kids faces because I
remember one of those did nice things
for me when I was younger man and I
appreciate and I still remember it to
this day
nothing like some fly kicks man you know
you know I want to say shout out to
Bonnie waters which is the president of
k-swiss he’s been very instrumental and
helping us out with a lot of kicks so I
was always right now burning a Swit nice
light ones you made yes this was another
thing I want to tap on which is very
important I don’t want to make sure it’s
at the meat of this interview but I was
looking at oh excuse me if I say it
wrong that the BL exit movement Oh Lexi
Lexi Lexi yeah okay that’s black by
exiting blacks exiting the Democrat
Party and that’s all the Latino and
black folk voters are sprayed and
liberal liberal allegiances right and um
I thought that that was eye-catching and
that that kind of stood out to me now
I definitely want you to real a beret
tat and educate them on that because a
lot of people get so caught up and just
thinking you know we blacks we gotta be
democratic right right you white you got
me no it’s right and wrong what makes
sense right so uh I definitely want you
to have anything meat it is for sure so
blacks it was founded by Candace Owens
and also co-founded by Brandon Tatum
which are really good friends and allies
of mine and I became aware of it more so
is that the Candis all that was just on
the revote
yeah sorry yeah yeah so that’s a good
friend of mine okay
um and so she’s the one she’s the
founder of Lexie and I spoke at the
first lecture rally here in Los Angeles
and the premise of it as I said it’s
blacks excellent Democratic Party simply
because and it’s also and it’s not to
become a Republican it’s not to do
anything you just said
look at the information we’re gonna
provide it for you make it make a
decision on if this works for you
because what we discovered and even me I
was a lifelong Democrat just by default
I grandmother grandfather mother still
lives right yeah but it’s a I wasn’t I
wasn’t given the opportunity to dive
into the understanding of certain
policies that affect that my community
directly for decades and decades then
once you actually process that and maybe
some people process that and they’re
okay with that and I don’t judge it but
at least I allowed you to get informed
on it and so that’s what the whole Black
Sea movement is about it’s about
identifying what the problems are like
what the problems have been and allowing
you to just think freely for yourself
and I feel like you said it’s okay
for like I said my mom is a Democrat we
don’t agree on everything 100% but my
mom loves me too that she doesn’t it
doesn’t matter to me on what party I’m
at because she knows the rule of my
genuine it’s in my heart and I said I
just you know blex it is really about
being a free thinker being a free thing
not being a victim not trying to rely on
the government and they said just work
hard figure things out
pull your books up as a bootstraps by
your bootstraps and just go to work and
stop you know just don’t be a victim
that’s what is mainly about don’t be a
victim and there’s no there there we
know that there are things that are out
there yeah that could potentially harm
or hurt us and hold us back but if you
put your energy into just focusing on
those things it’s going to do exactly
what you think that it’s supposed to do
to you because sometimes it can become
psychological yes but if you only focus
on what you can do and what you can
control you find yourself ten years from
now in a really amazing place and I do
really do think that it’s important that
we educate ourselves on both sides of
the coin before we decide to flip it in
just picked a pairs a pigtail so fast
right a lot of us sometimes it’s going
to blind on about it just because
grandma’s doing this right
pop fathers doing his mother’s doing
this when it’s a different it’s a
different dialogue that’s going on right
now for what our mothers in classrooms I
got to go
and I think is very important that
transparency is exercised yeah oh you’re
big on transparent that was a guy that
uh you know he wrote something and he
said you know I’m not gonna vote for
this guy just because you’re black I
said okay that’s great okay so if you’re
not gonna vote for me I would like you
for you to align the the ideals I have
why you’re not gonna vote for me no
right because I think that we get a line
to go against each other by default and
it’s only because I’m a Republican I
don’t hide that I’m very transparent but
I recognize that this is a nonpartisan
race yeah this is this really isn’t
about that because I’m a little more
polarizing than the average person in
the local race they’re gonna bring that
up and I’m just telling people tear me
down for me and ideas in my track record
don’t just tear me down because you’re
trying to allow me with Trump and the
Republican Party etcetera etcetera
because you just blindly hate this
person or this particular party it still
comes down to local government that’s
what a change happens and about ideals
get lost in that show it does it does
sing one of my favorite quotes by use
the voices of the unheard were no longer
being healed on my watch absolutely like
you ready to fight for us that’s that’s
what I got out of that agree 100% and I
stand on that I think it’s very
important for us to have a kind of
leadership like you said transparency I
get over 100 text messages a day this
the kind of campaign and I’m running no
one has ever ran before you know why
because I’ve been studying every
candidate all the since 2015 I’ve
studied every debate I’m a savant
I’m a studier I observe I’m very patient
I’m very strategic and that’s why I come
into this very confident so when other
people on the outside looking in was
like I dare you the audacity of you what
are your qualifications the nerve of you
I’m saying why not me why not have you
had opportunity to speak with me how you
have the opportunity to bring me your
issue and allow me to break it down so
we can actually come up with a solution
for it and so what happened in my last
meet the candidate forum which was
packed out right it was packed out I had
Democrats come Republicans come qapla go
in there was like came there to really
try to like tear me down they end up
holding my son
since they support me why because I know
how to solve your problem and no one
that’s there now is willing to do that
I’m telling y’all you need save y’all
ready to challenge him you better get
you black coffee cuz this is the black
coffee warrior and he will address you
absolutely we have we have the next I
don’t know when these videos will come
out but we have the next meet the
candidate tomorrow okay here in Pasadena
is gonna be at the stand of the El
Molino across from the Pasadena
Playhouse and once more a lot of people
RSVP em and you know and that’s we’re
engaging I also announced two weeks ago
that I’m not doing any debates in
everybody’s life oh he’s not doing the
paper I want to see you perform now
right no I said my debate sorry my I
create I produce my own forums I don’t
want a moderator asking questions y’all
in there watching us like fish in a tank
I want you I want to connect with only
the voters I don’t want to share the
stage with anyone else
yeah I’ve built up this I’ve been
running since 20-some March 2018 I’ve
put in the work so even new candidates
that just came in over the last 11 days
I’m not getting on the same stage with
them they haven’t worked this hard I
work to do you know they got work to do
so I’m gonna create my own outlets for
people to be able to get in front of me
and ask me their questions this is very
important to people you know you’re
staying on there somehow what would the
first thing you would do to change the
narrative with the relationship between
minorities and law enforcement man
connect with them
chief Sanchez that’s Perez I’m sorry
chief Perez us here I’ve already met
with him several times and I’ve met with
the founder of black lives matter her
name is Jasmine Abdullah as well and we
are I’m taking input from both sides on
how we can better foster a better
relationship and one of the things that
came up is a community board that worked
very closely with the police department
and their board as well too so it’s
going to take multiple layers to render
that relationship because
psychologically it’s just in a different
place even if you get a car come behind
you think about it even me being as
clean as you possibly can get I remember
the times my heart will flutter a little
bit right because not just here just
from the National order of what police
sonidos in the dictionary through the
social media but what I found out about
your friend
the police officers over the last year
and having some really good friends in
the department they’re just as scared as
us yeah you know looking at it from my
perspective but how do we convey that
message so everyone just soared to
resonate with that and we’re working on
that already nettle I not only have to
be the mayor to do that and that’s
something I want to do win lose or draw
yeah it’s to help that narrative that’s
that’s very important you know just
increasing the engagement in
conversation and just let these people
are human beings but we’re also trying
to be advocate here to make more local
people you know in Rome need them
involved we need local police officers
that live here and that’s what I’m
disconnect to because some of them they
don’t live here
yeah they so they don’t have the
connections on how to interact they know
Larry crazy
they don’t Larry just tripping yeah
crazy crazy but they just be talking
trash someone that doesn’t know that
they can get up you know in up ward and
think there’s something something
escalate into something that Larry shot
but if Daryl they grew up here Ben or
Larry for twenty thirty years he just
know that that is really nice that is
very important I’m glad you brought that
up because you’re right you got a lot of
our law enforcement but they drive way
too car County exactly they draw a way
to Simi Valley but they come in the dorm
buddies they come to Colorado streets to
regulate and they don’t know the
temperature of the community you know
don’t have a certain field which is very
important get them we have five six
youth in the building and they was kind
of in limbo what they want to do like
hip-hop sports how would you influence
somebody young to want to carve yourself
into politics to help you change the
narrative to get more major Williams out
there I would just detail them the
importance of you know their energy
their their ideals I let them know that
they’re important in this let them know
that this political process it really is
about the people if you get the right
people running the political process and
so you have to be able to teach in
different ways in this day and time so
you have to use really great examples
yeah and we have to start with examples
like people actually doing it so you can
pull it from me which is why I’m putting
myself out there on a pedestal
not on the pedestal put myself out there
in the light so people can actually
see it when lose a draw and I’m taking
all the slack from all different angles
but I’m built for it and I surprised a
lot of people because I’m from multiple
industries you know sport should get
told no you get let down you take losses
his hard work and entertainment take
losses knows auditions you get knows I’m
built for it so I just want to be a
beacon to be able to bridge that gap
though but I would tell them just to go
for it man it’s a great opportunity but
it you know it gives you an opportunity
to be able to help on it because you
know we got a lot of brothers and
sisters out there from the urban
community are more educated and they’re
giving herself opportunities to
exuberant it’s like I got told one of my
kids smart is the new gangster
absolutely you know it’s like some of us
got to learn how to stop hiding our
talents and our intelligence and put
that at the forefront then just thinkin
we have to entertain thinking we have
you know Putin giggles so to speak you
know I’m saying one real urban example
of that is a Nipsey Hussle has inspired
all of us on different levels other than
a music book what does nipsey’s and
legacy meaning you it means everything
because he was before a lot of people he
was a first voice of entrepreneurship
exactly you know thinking for yourself
excuse me being independent standing on
your own and really going after your
dreams and just you know having goes to
your dreams he didn’t preach overnight
success that’s what I like about him you
know it was a lot of patience there was
a lot of uh due diligence when he came
to executing his goals and plans and you
know his body of work his human self
showed you his blueprint then in
addition to that the cherry on top was
him being able to verbalize it to you on
so many different platforms in so many
different ways if you had a personal
conversation with him I saw nipsey
downtown we were at a cryptocurrency
Meetup and nipsey walked in by himself
you know yeah I think he showed up by
yeah never forget his yellow sweater and
we was right in the hallway it was like
a movie out of a movie at the same time
and didn’t know me from a can of paint
of course I was excited to meet him for
the first time it just embraced me gave
me a strong hug and handshake and
throughout the night we you know kept
giving each other acknowledgement of
whatever but that one instance this
imagine he did that with so many
different people yeah and what that does
for someone’s aura to know that they had
that kind of love for somebody that they
looked up to like that exactly you know
so I think he meant a lot and he still
you know still means even more to people
with with this passing so he’s
definitely a blueprint for any and
everyone to follow exactly marathon
continues marathon continues oh man I’m
so glad he sat out with me man because
oh this this is these messages and these
ideals they need to be put out there and
they need to be available to some some
people that’s not looking to know about
politics not letting it get into
politics not looking to do history and
homework on candidates from whatever
city yeah you know said we need to
understand the kind of leaders that we
can cheat ourselves otto by not being
involved and kind of leaders we could be
blessed with about being involved and
think about this too though this could
be fun I’m having the most fun I’ve ever
had in my life right you know when you
think of politics you think you have to
be just like this there is a tradition
that that comes with it but it’s about
those individuals I didn’t adopt that
I’m a hybrid I’m a combination of
everybody I’m a combination of this
person and this person this person and I
have fun with it you can tell my
campaign is different look on my wall
like no one is doing this I’m at the
Rose Bowl I’m passing out Wars I have my
own lip child you know I’m giving people
live job like we don’t all kind of stuff
young uncrushed
you know got the major for mayor major
for mayor lip child so we just doing it
unorthodox in a different way and we’re
just really connecting with people and I
tell people this is an amazing
opportunity the current mayor as a 75
year old white guy yeah the white
doesn’t matter but his impact level was
very low but he also along with only
8,000 votes in the city that has 84,000
ready to vote and so only 15,000 people
came out to actually vote in 18 to 44
years didn’t even feel compelled to come
and vote statistically we don’t change
we’re going to change
don’t get you about two to three down
and even if you not vote for major just
get involved yeah give them get in the
habit of getting involved because it’s
us it’s us to start coming to grab our
voice now everybody I can’t talk to us
we need to grab our own voice and I’m
let’s get out of it with some closing
statements of information and everything
from your site to store where to find
the art yes so once more thank you for
having me on the show I appreciate it
thank you you can continue to follow me
on all my social media is basically a
major for mayor
my website is major for mayor calm you
can also donate to the campaign it can
be a dollar it can be firearms it could
be ten dollars one of the things that
I’ve been pushing if you really want to
push these kind of candidates like
myself out there don’t get intimidated
when you hear the word donate I promise
you five dollars goes a very very long
way because it’s about quantity and if
we get a thousand to five thousand
people give me five dollars my campaign
is funded so your father’s really matter
and you can donate directly through the
website and the best part about you can
be here or not be here you can always
text me if you have questions about
entrepreneurship small business
development marketing I just you know
this this anything so the number is six
to six six two three three seven five
three there’s six to six six to three
three seven five three I’m told us as
well like I said I get emails every
single day and I’m for the people I’m
with the people I’m not running for
mayor to run the city I’m running for
mayor to actually be with the people and
to uplift the people and to empower the
people and to partner with them
and uh my name is Rachel Williams I’m
running for mayor of Pasadena it’s time
for a new brand of leadership and uh
leading with a new skill set and you
forgot what time it is
it’s time to think major I’ll tap leave
man that’s all we do don’t tap in with
Cato for you man appreciate y’all give
me a time I’m let y’all sit on that
information highlight major ain’t no
candidates giving up the real number and
if y’all want to chime in on the issues
he’s down had a black coffee which one
hundred percent all right bless you guys
hello everyone my name is major Williams
mayoral candidate of Pasadena you can
catch me on tapping in
Cato oh my mama

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