Tap'n with KTOE | Exclusive Eastwood Interview & New Music Preview


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tap-in homies all kid don’t be tripping
up the questions a tap-in homie wrong
kid don’t be coming off the questions
and talk about be politic a bunch of
sports even test even trade the spirit
please give me holy realist tap banana
swathi talking to me nothing like the
mother shows here diverse in the show
holy rivers in the building and we can’t
be ignored
get the we simply spirits only rural
spilling everything aside by tapping
that little wet
jazzy tap in homie long cane don’t be
tripping up the questions I’m Maxine
port ranked ready yeah gonna hot laps
turn the shit up
tap me tap in homies Holguin don’t be
jumping off the questions I’m accent
pour drink better yeah robot voice we
could turn the shit up
tapping what up max your boy Kato fornia
smoke a lot radio powered but its tappy
and motherfucking time man y’all saying
this is a real real smooth ass interview
because this is one of my partners for
real you know I’m sending this
motherfucker I got Eastwood the Beast
wood and the motherfucking building yes
yes how such we’ll find this man being
this bitch you know main tap in there
was to do it okay though I’m proud of
you don’t homie I do want to say that on
camera because you know I know you don’t
get the recognition that you deserve all
the time and a lot of people don’t know
one of them when they’re out are you
brought with mics right
I pay homage to that because you’ve been
working hard you Simone yeah y’all been
doing your shit and y’all deserve
everything you’re getting so more power
to that man’s game is let’s get busy man
you know I know y’all motherfuckers need
to get I got I get my new audio got new
fans for the comfortable hello hello so
quick briefing yayoi-san of who the fuck
you are where you came from you know I’m
saying just a quick little origin thing
like well you know the new tapping in
motherfuckers on here alright for those
who don’t know man I go by the name of
the infamous Eastwood I’m a South
Central Hades baby you did I’ve been
doing this shit for a long time
I paid hella dues I was born at Linwood
Memorial Hospital so I’m really from
California I’m really from LA I really
do this shit you dig on a high level
my first level was basketball man I went
to anger what high school played with
Paul Pierce
shout out to par peers you see what he
did to the lead and I got a couple other
cats that hoped and went to college and
played d1 and you know made it to the
NBA as well but it’s too many names you
know today but um yeah and I fell off in
the rap game around 98 I got signed to
death I got signed to death row that’s
when sugar was in jail he got out like
mm once he got out
you know um we really ain’t the paper so
i verbally saw him while he was in jail
but we know I hate the paper once he got
out and he heard about me too
mixtape circus that fucking liquor up
and dogpound and youngest asses why he
you know these are people that I rock
we’ve grown up outlaws they recruited me
right after Park died nor ran into him I
ran into him at a liquor store in North
Hollywood I’m on my way to another
session and end up freestyling for him
in the liquor store and you know they
invited me to the studio after that I’ll
freestyle it again it from there like 50
niggas and after that it was Cartman so
shout-out to the how loss too and
everybody that I just named cuz they’re
a big part of my success right now I got
signed to death row I wrote left I wrote
80% of left I album with crooked eye on
a few other cats um you know I got I
wrote her last single before she passed
away called girl talk if you go watch
the video right now you will see to have
a cartoon character for her part but um
that was a very last recorded TLC single
and I had the honor of write net verse
or whatever rest a piece left on um yeah
man I got songs with pocket and dad’s a
snoop and corrupt and you know the
resume heavy and when the beef was on
with Snoop and death row I was one of
the niggas on death row were corrupt I
was about trying to make peace of that
shit he telling me I went when when my
hair was up my ass just being a young
wild nigga you know I fixed that shit
fast because I say that kind of shorten
my career you film me so shout out the
snow bitch and shout out the shit you
know I mean free that meant everybody’s
entitled to forgiveness but these are
people who who stamped me and helped
change my life he failed me sloppy fake
to not pay it forward you feel me as I
was as I graduated in a game on death
row I ran into young mouthing
young my fancy bow they put me on a day
record and I was one of the first
independent big albums that I ever got
on and shout out to young man for SIBO
phonetic Lords you feel me so you know
my foot prints is head in the game and
now I’m tapped into the whole acting
world which we’ll get into in a minute
but you know death row at a young age 19
years of age coming out of Fresno State
I had the scholarship all four years
called a gun case that’s how I fell in
the rap yeah
and I never looked back and I’ve been
signed aftermath with game No Limit will
master P yeah actually yes yeah that’s a
nice sound said man is some about this
motherfucker cuz only the bosses and
then oh goodness and the spend
independent love records a new man it
was all bosses yeah legends for real
from you from left eye to game in liquor
for every staff you know now yeah niggas
no hopping they phone and get text
reactor what and it’s not in this tight
though and they feel like that’s that’s
the way to go and I’m mad at them but we
come from different cut from a different
cloth that is hitting that shows a
character about your charismatic side
because yeah for you to be able to war
all these millionaire billionaire minded
motherfuckers yeah it gotta be a certain
type of bottom line bout yourself
yeah I think that is def I think it’s
just being real man I think it’s just
being straightforward being honest being
true to who I am you know understand and
not really like a lot of people go into
situations with a head in it with the
hand out my shit was more more it was
more like I want to bring something to
the table you know I’m saying I wanted
to bring something to the table whether
is my lyrics in my mind the way I think
you know just just different I wanted to
bring something to the table I don’t
want to come to the table empty-handed
and I think with each situation was sure
we’re game and then when we did to hold
him obese shit we masterpiece even with
my independent label that I turned up
jaded really yeah I feel like they all
just they saw that they saw that down
you know he’s bigger than just artist
you know he actually tries to bring you
know ideas concept different concepts
strategies you know what I’m saying and
just you know just my bring shit to the
Technic period how difficult was it in
the air that you started rapping when it
was about being a beast and being just a
motherfucker but yeah separate gangs
from your hip-hop because in the era
that we started doing music and
one thing like I saw you an example
everybody knew eazy-e was from cover
part which you never heard of come out
of my fucking mouth
right you know since so in the error
that you started rapping and started
being a notarized stamp the rapper not
just uh underground side yeah
how hard was it to walk that that thin
line of okay I’m a gangsta yeah but I’m
also working
yeah but I’m around I got see riders
yeah eight riders be right of you yeah
the thing was hard as hell and the thing
with me is that you know a lot of people
give me misconstrue it is here blood is
here crew can answer this question I’m
not a blood and I’m not a cripple
I’ll Philly eight with both sides I was
born with the Crips on the east side of
LA you kill me East Coast Main Street
you know uh he saw a delay I was born
over there with him
you know I mean so yeah when I moved to
Inglewood I had a Kangol blood homies
that supported me in this basketball
movement yeah so therefore I never took
a side I never chose a side because I
felt like the main thing was to be a man
you know and and to just you know just
face reality how I come so as I grew you
know that’s the way I was able to mix my
blood homies with my crib homies and
they supported me as a man because I
never picked the side if I’m going out
with the Inglewood Inglewood Inglewood
blood gang a blood gang tonight i’ma
ride with them if we get into some shit
if I’m going out with a Crip gang
tomorrow and begin to some shit imma
ride with them too so what is that what
is that telling you what is that what is
that insinuate I’m riding with whoever
I’m with so I don’t know fuck who you
got a problem with if you fuck with me
I’ll fuck with you and so therefore I
never chose the side but I fuck with
both sides let my man love and respect
for myself and by that being one of the
catalysts to what shapes you how do you
feel when the industry Shawn niggas that
was real and could handle this up with
this Street shit and commercialized
softer type of negatives to get a better
control over a button Apple I’ll offer
and it was like
yeah after corrupting the west coast and
yeah even Eastern I’m in the cold side
it’s a certain mentality and they suck
that motherfucking juice out of us to
give watered-down version yeah of
ourselves yeah and then shine yeah we do
but then we watch motherfuckers sound
like you yeah that’s what they can be
from yeah oh yeah exactly
they actually saying a remix to hit you
you know it’s nothing really you can do
about that visage stay true to yourself
and encourage you encourage what you see
that that may mimic your style and let
me kill you encourage you because you
got to think if you keep if you battle
war motherfuckers if you call yourself
great greatness always got someone you
just watching they want to be great too
so you can’t you know you don’t really
want to necessarily you know coming hate
on that just because you didn’t get your
love as that person what you do is you
maintain you are and I believe that your
chance will come and people will just
they will they’ll be you know they’ll be
notified that this is the truth this is
where all this shit’s things from and
but if you hate me they not even gonna
strip off that they just can’t go what
they like you film we should don’t had a
man rapper moaning I swear to God I was
and I learned I learned I had to learn
because I felt like to hate on a nigga
or to embrace it nigga would be what
which one sits right with me when I say
hate on a nigga means not give him his
full creditor or
you know the credentials that he
deserves to say that unlike this person
I think he’s no it’s a head on a nigger
I read it I just I feel better just
making somebody up you know what I mean
I did that all fuck that nigga yeah you
see he stole my snare and nigga took
this song he did that they learned it
just motivate you none of me because at
the end of the day it’s still don’t
change who you know what I mean
cuz I can describe your relationship
with the game um we again we cool the
shit we just we had moments where we
didn’t see eye to eye but at the end of
the day you know that’s that’s what bro
man I wish him nothing but the best and
I feel like he wished me them but the
best I feel like he’s gonna say anything
yeah so we got cheated out of a smooth
bass EP out of y’all I think we did I
think we did I hear it to this day and
that’s how I know we got cheated and I
can’t tell you right now I can’t tell
you what I should did not happen right
now taking shots at least eight songs oh
come on we have 50 or 50 songs in the
boat ready to go gross honest I do not
understand how that shit anyone else
like Drake exactly and that’s that’s
always gonna be a question work you know
in my head like why that shit didn’t
happen because that was magical we did
some shit like me we contributed to this
whole Beach that he had going on with 50
at that present point in time and we
went in headfirst through the acts no
questions it was just about loyalty to
the coast and you know I felt like we
deserved that we deserved at least the
album to be made you know I’m saying we
put out multiple mixtapes we put on the
gang of mixtapes bro and we bled that
whole system and at that time the city
and the coast was thirsty for some
random seeds right so you don’t know
Bobby that was rocking around that time
but the creativity was not the forefront
another fuckers existence so you found a
creative two creative motherfuckers then
don’t never strike out like a Mark
McGwire Sammy Sosa yeah
real time Sam well somebody had a hollow
back yeah but at the end of the day with
a deck though it meant it would have
been classic and I’m just I’m glad that
people still feel the same way to this
day because I’m still here it everywhere
I go
maybe I should’ve did this I ought to do
this and not be telling you know you
can’t ask me ain’t gotta go as gay we
know he had the blueprint to that
structure you tell me who just supported
that blueprint you know but it wasn’t
every everything happened for a reason
bro you feel me saying what’s not been
meant to be
okay so Shay let’s pin a curveball in
man you know we got y’all gang a recap
you don’t say it uh we don’t spits going
to the acting side of the wood you know
saying for you death row sounds a pop
motherfucking everybody talk work with
yeah but if we tiny Lopes from that era
yo for you to be in a movie with a role
similar to muhfuckas that actually you
know worked well and then at the time
you know nobody ever thought about the
real movie ever coming out because look
how long it drained so you know Sam for
the casting to be as dope as it was
shots out the D ship on the job he did
yeah let’s damn show stand-up show so uh
how was that experience like I know it
had to be kind of surreal not kind I
knew it had to been some real for in
fact you ended up getting another role
for the UM her son saw joint off the
jury you know I’m saying it was a
blessing to so what walk me through that
that that transitional experience an
opportunity night opportunity self did
you go to Atlanta for that yeah yeah no
I got I got okay okay so they were
shooting right and I got a call
probably after the first three weeks of
from LT Hutt and shout out to LT n
because if you want him then you know I
don’t know if this would happen but he
gotta be booming right now so shout out
to LT heading that creating a lot of
more rows no I got a call like three
weeks after they were shooting and LT
huh next to me he said do you want to
read for this row it was a Trayvon
Trayvon laying below and track my lane
is pop and shouldn’t tell me who was the
homie slash security who was very very
very close to shit again cock and he’s
the one who kicked off that museum fight
melee melee that got that got Park
eventually murdered but it wasn’t his
fault and the good thing about that was
you know the transition was good I was I
was happy I was excited I teared up who
not I mean because I knew this was a new
walk of life that really do and then I’m
coming in something iconic my
introduction to this acting world he’s
up this is this is a cock movie you know
and this is I get to play Travon Lane
somebody that personally know
conversations with character know I’m
gonna keep it a thousand my nigga what I
don’t know her didn’t understand I would
hit him and did all that but what I did
was I basically told him what was up
that I was playing him and he was
excited for me actually which made me
even more excited and I told him that I
want to take this chance to clear up his
name because a lot of people was
you know and still to this day they
think that is his for my pop died and
then you know that’s the heavy burden of
beer now I’ll give a fuck whether they
could talk about it or not you feel me
and it’s not his fault
you filled me the streets in the streets
guys the city’s gangster shit that’s
what you involved in that’s what it is
you got to abide by those rules maybe
you gotta make a song from his play vote
one of you like like glad that’s the one
I’m sorry you know what I feel about
that I don’t like it I don’t like I
don’t like the fact that I feel like
it’s a it’s a capitalize off of Hogg’s
death and it’s a touchy situation of all
what’s going on right now after losing
nipsey I just feel like the timing is
kind of fucked making the time yeah
that’s it cuz because it’s not I
understand the concept of speaking from
his point of view and I’m not mad at
yeah and I take it back so what I don’t
like is the timing okay cuz we end this
in a title what if we get some pot and
let’s die I don’t like what I’ll not get
him off fucking want to sit there and
make a song hmm there hold it for me
then that was not point that was my
promise you that’s the first thing I
said but is that on glad to bring that
out look out or do we credit him for a
device of type of thinking listen Bo
move yeah definitely credit him for that
stand up for what you believe in
push forward that’s cool my opinion yeah
Matt time to see always oh man sorry
Shannon Sharpe all you see mama tell you
like my granddaddy always used to say
you can walk up the street or you can
come down the block either way ago you
always some with yeah so motherfucker
sit there and think like from crippled
blood and a killer be killed my child in
South Central Street who’s they boys and
like you said to Tommy because if that
didn’t happen to nip to great yeah I
think it would have been received but
they get yeah the artistic side of it
would it be more in my brain say yes
yeah of the
I agree the morn was a different type of
mourning us I definitely get that
it was but but as far as him being you
know just believing it would he believe
in it being broad enough to do it I’ll
salute him on that I just don’t like the
timing of that right there in the title
hard-nosed I felt like it could have
been called remember Ares
you know I mean I gotta be part from us
now that’s just something in my mind
that’s how I caught a baby lion I caught
it down so that could have caught it
maybe lay that was it that was my only
thing he called it baby lane I feel like
that would have got you know that would
have got a better you know probably
response a lot of the people that
probably dislike you probably like okay
I get it
but when you say Papa must die and it’s
the guy you come here speaking from the
guy who it’s like come on and I just
felt like they’re less of slapping
people face because we still even know
we more than it you know I’m saying and
people are these are two deaf Snickers
and never get over exactly not me niggas
like I’ll never get over them so you
know I just felt like he could have you
know been a better judgment on that but
hey that’s his record that’s his
business and you know if he if he liked
it I loved it but it was just it is just
the wrong time
okay no it’s got the tapping on that
real Shikha these West Coast colleagues
and co-workers men and their bodies like
point guards and forwards and centers in
this game builder sometimes knowing the
gang shot is shot up off the wing we
gotta try to get him a pic Mandel that’s
how we’re doing song tapping let’s get
to the funky shit man when we talk about
so sliding down the 405
I got my boys with me we get off on wood
sure I’ll stay in the area nigga not
pulling up on the goofy shit going to go
fuck with no fucking trump supporter
little trump supporter you feel me I’m
gonna keep it moving
I ain’t vote for a nigga I don’t give a
fuck about y’all you feel me I’m gonna
do my thing but I was going home in and
I got a phone we’ll shoot and everybody
who know about that area in Westwood
first light going west I mean going east
on Wilshire is veteran so when you get
to veteran I get the veteran that’s
right in front of the Federal Building
you just
carrying the Trump supporters going
crazy Trump they own the big night that
megaphone they going crazy and donating
so my boys who 15 years old they old
enough to understand what the fuck is
going on now is the day that tariffs
thing had went down yes Mexico yes yes
so it is very emotional thing going on
yeah kill the current situation and it
just transpired politically right let
you all know that so so and then I and
then even just I mean it’s a lot of shit
but probably two days ago I just saying
that that movie when they see us by
Havel shoutout to Ava Nelson and their
whole cast I was that was incredible
beautiful definitely uh the world needs
to see that and understand what the hell
happened shout out to they call The
Exonerated five yeah shout out to them
you fill me L so I’m driving bro and my
son’s got a windows now they think this
is crazy they think this is kind of
exciting so they pull out they phones
and they start recording now I’m in a
gutter land and I’m about to make a
right or veteran this is right on the
corner of where they are now this
wouldn’t happen if the light was green
cuz I would have kept me moving the
light was really I got stopped when I
got stopped and my boy stuck rotate
Windows now today videotaping these
dudes day and they smiling because they
excited I don’t know if them people took
it as they was talking in you know as my
boys just turning them what with
everything that was the kids learned
again my kids my kids my homie so not
the homies my two boys fits in your old
um I don’t know how they how do you
looked at them I don’t know if they
looked at him as a threat or whatever
because they was laughing and just you
know I had the cameras but you heard one
say hey roll the window up and go back
to where you came from nigger my son say
dad you heard that how did I heard it
but I didn’t hear you all fully I heard
something cuz a lot there’s a lot of
people talking they said a much share so
now when soon as I looked out the window
I see that they been looking at
everybody’s looking at my Cornell’s as
if that racial slur may have been said
did I hear somebody else say yeah you
need to go back to where you came from
go back to your plantation when I heard
that I immediately rolled up the windows
hopped out the car my son throws the
window back down cuz I didn’t want them
you know to hear what I was about to do
cuz I really was spending just I really
even give a fuck after that when I
hopped out the car felt like kids are
disrespected I was disrespected
popped out the car and however that went
that win it was anybody who had a
problem with what I said or how I felt
could you know they could have handled
the situation so I’m seeing who they
represent and they represent Trump I
don’t fuck with Trump like that fuck
truck you’re not getting them since they
irritated me I’m here to take them them
fuck that’s why you hear me fuck Trump
no that’s what y’all believe in until
you’re arriving fuck Trump to make them
you know jump with me jump at me you
know they let them seem like I’m on some
shit right now yeah it’s a lady with a
megaphone she’s steady talking in the
back but she got like probably long ten
guys that’s just kind of like in front
of her but they ain’t doing that and
they just like they saying little racial
slurs oh look it’s these people it’s
these people that that fuck up the
country and you guys need to get back in
the car get your ass back in the car
just talking disrespectful and shit it’s
oh I’m hot and that the reaction you see
on that fucking camera you notice they
show the video when I’m already out the
car but they never show what made one
can time to cry yeah exactly yeah so why
motherfucker so quick to judge you know
he’s at in the morning on this nigga if
anybody disrespect Nick that could have
been anybody you disrespect my kids why
you would meet I don’t give a fuck what
race you are and it don’t matter
you feel me at that point I’m on your
head which I just happen to be some
racist motherfuckers who support in
Trump – nigga that was all a few that I
needed so all I can think about is my
people just being treated wrong it all
the people that you know all these
police shootings it you know omegas just
dying across the world that’s all that’s
all that trigger and I’m like I got to
weigh these my two boys these my Trayvon
Martin’s and my Mike Brown’s right here
yeah you feel me these my kids so I’ll
be damned if I go out like that you feel
me in her and in a bitch I was good
excuse me the chick who she said
something I did what I did or whatever
and then the chick who said some who I
spit in their face that’s what a lot of
my family you know a lot of my people
the women especially they were
disappointed in that because they know
my heart but when I apologized to my
family and the chick but when she said
something like go get your ass back in
your car and go back if you look at the
video I was on my way back to the car
she said that that triggered it at that
that made me hot all over again so I
went and showed her I wasn’t gonna put
my hands on her I know she was a woman
but I spit in her face I did the next
best thing that I felt like was
necessary at that present point in time
because off for her she was the one
saying racial
flourish – Rachel comments – they just
finally caught up with her so I didn’t
let that shit go you feel me but I’m end
up to the situation you feel me I don’t
owe nobody no explanation I talked to
God about it I asked for my forgiveness
you failed me and I can’t be moving but
at the end of the day my voice
understood that that was wrong what they
said and then I respect the fact that
you did stand up you know I mean for us
you know I’m a because I knew that was
wrong that wasn’t cool that was the that
was cool all I told them was don’t ever
spit on my face no never handle shit
Hodges head today because I handled that
out of pure anger but understand what I
pay and cuff them they gotta understand
this was my nose a strong father who’s a
strong funders and so the energy can be
misinterpreted yeah and somebody’s likes
yes somebody’s share yes and you know
same time you got to understand that
these are people that expense
likelihoods and expense wool and the
story has to get drawn out someone
fuckers have a clear – exactly you know
and until that my thing was you know
until you know all these blogs you know
they have my name in their mouths and
all these no Instagram posts by all
these political people all this shit
they don’t understand I really got more
love didn’t hate off the shit
you know what I mean and the people that
didn’t understand where I was coming
from I don’t knock them because they
didn’t understand what the point is this
suggests the foreign reason as to why I
hopped out the car and act like that I
didn’t just hop out the card act like
that because I don’t fuck with truck you
feel me
that shit don’t even make no sense me
I’m grown as fuck with a career you feel
me that I trip along none of that plus I
got my boys with me so whatever I do we
got to be righteous you feel me yeah so
I slipped that day but at the end of the
day I’m man enough to admit it and
and I understand that I slit and instead
I would never let people of that
character give me out of my character
again yeah that’s one saying that’s how
you tap in and that’s how you love a
fucking clear shit up
you don’t say ass of shit let’s get on
back into the motherfucking me to the
Shinto back onto this motherfucking what
kicked it off there’s music no oh shit
talk about the no move north so I got
that’s the inside yeah I got a I got a
couple projects coming coming out I got
um I mean as you know I followed up all
eyes on me would install you know before
I shot all eyes on me I did snowfall
before John Singleton passed away rest
in peace John Singleton but yeah I did
about about four things to snow falling
I was and I was I was historical because
John’s no longer he’s no longer with us
but you know in his in the whole story
is based on you know the whole crack
epidemic you ain’t how did you feel
Ellis doing snowfall in the lead actor
you know Sam was playing south central
person about centrally being fracking
Britain in England did that surprise you
yeah it did a transition of like we did
yeah sure and makin services yes okay so
I wasn’t alone I got spoke about that
one day on the job like you know you get
all we get all these actors and it’s
like I try to go get the darkest
pigmentation type of actor from Britain
London Whoopi would and give them our SS
Norris yes yeah typecasting going on
yeah you know I can’t you know that goes
with the casting the casting directors
and all that shit they think they have
the old eyes and who they feel fits the
bill you know I’m saying I all I could
do is you know just give my opinion and
you know what’s you dealing with a team
who listens and
you know I understand your your insight
then sometime those moves can be
adjusted you know I mean so where do can
have another role but the main row will
be actual god from the CMS is just to
give it that more pledges to certain
flavors if you want to feel that came to
duplicate a thing called it yeah and you
know saying you can’t just always dark
second motherfucker sometime you got to
eat that essence so that is their
mouthing mando that’s true you know is
whatever West Coast office that he fuck
with like this yeah early one Union Army
so he saw that and he helped me to be
our old man right now independence in
his day okay I got a pain question for
you now saying you first got your first
bag off of music you came rapping yeah
what’s the first thing about your mom
I pay their it up for you tap it we’ll
meet up no one I’m coming by here Meo
about your mom like I said wanna know
things they didn’t know about you you
know you know who’s your favorite author
what’s the fucking meal you’ve cooked
and fucked it up people you know yeah
yeah you are as a person yeah Keynes
said up here follow behind motherfuckers
that you realize Davison fuckin
motherfuckers are they made it in you
know I’m saying the right kind of
motherfuckers it’s like different images
so you don’t bleed somebody so you know
somebody’s don’t just be some regular
right in your face when this some you
probably won’t even turn off fuck you
know saying but bill you one day some a
gonna fuck my shit up
nobody would say that her mama Joe gonna
kick you like the fish that start
singing gospel and everybody I think we
don’t feel sorry for you know you can’t
sing amazing grace thing I’ll say maybe
I’d like to fuck with y’all yeah well no
ma’am yeah yeah what’s up what’s coming
up I got the seventh in Westlake Nino’s
revenge called in record
I totally gonna dance every card I know
the rich it broke now me that’s Richard
broke down I know what nigga record I
got that coming in I got a couple more
projects right now that I can’t really
speak on hold on it’s a solenoid well
both of them is super fun one is
independent and another one is straight
to the theaters but I can’t speak on you
inside like an inlet is so obvious it’s
a blessing song I’m praying everything
all right for that but my acting career
is opened up man all eyes on me Rome
open it up a door for me you know what I
mean and I’m taking advantage of each
step knows that because I know at the
end of the day I want to be able to be
behind the counter directorship myself I
put my shit together and may help put on
other actors I’m serious about this shit
none of me who’s serious about to crap
that’s my thing that’s my way of giving
through the hackman thing because I’m
not just thinking just you know just eat
it me me me me me you know I’m trying to
think I know if I can it’s a little fun
You Know Who I am has an actor a
professional actor and get it back then
that creates a bigger legacy you know
that creates a broader stream just
they understand that I’m motivated and
inspired something in there but I’m
actually a person who get to come to and
get that advice at I helped one word
would you describe yourself to people
blessed blessed I can say a lot of shit
today I’ll have to
I could say hombre class I could say
intelligent blessed gifted but blessed
you know the big blessed sums it up I’m
blessed bro
I come from nothing you feel me
foster care
they did not the system until I got
emancipated at 18 if the high school
would do it do the love of my grandma
when she rest in peace
no she died 2013 but if it wasn’t for no
I don’t know where we’ll be right now
because she helped me you know get to
the school begin it actually make it to
college so you know I’m blessed bro you
know no way at the end of the day I’m
super blessed that’s right
I want to wear down over for you all
right yeah we don’t make this muffler
glut4 bang and I’m gonna to pull up to
that motherfucker bang OH
you can bang one out for though you know
sure you want to do that you know what
that just means no whether you I miss
some did some real shit so I got one
with nipsey a Master P right now right
oh yeah and I’m doing this I’m doing
this for you because it’s the tap there
right now ain’t nobody heard this shit
bro but the niggas who did the beat and
nipsey Master P me nobody was in the
studio that night but the producers the
engineer in us and this is this is
blessed exclusive nigga called Gina this
video tap me another tap it you take
black Sonny
big about we taking bigger my whites
they ruin my shoes Kobe Brown own
equality you know where the ground is
going because these big big people make
money Bill Gates when I’m sleeping and
my cause be a boy my bitches are gonna
get my way from Jamaica
you know fluffy
please think of a variety right
get the taking
foolish day nigga buncha we follow we
taking trips to me they got my white
stay rolling in my shoes a blue-footed
nigga nothing he don’t do me like a gone
and crime and smoke I don’t drink tea
leaves in Kobe right on the cold
motherfucker win I don’t wanna get dirty
you know where the drought bad shit is
going for turning niggas color it’s also
got my eyes on you Tony
oh fuck with niggas because they eat
baby people bitch I make money Bill
Gates when I’m sleeping and my Cosby
imported my bitches keep my way from
Jamaica got a white male you see I’m so
funny they give me
in the
don’t eat
keep it hot little christening consider
buying breaking death
money money
funny I just want to live in boom
homicide oh what’s the pain addressing
making bacon there’s got a case to bail
I’m from LA when a question comes letter
sent you claims like the county jail you
can you won’t you ain’t no coming back
once you know that line is crossed my
killer instinct EEP a living witness
with the super busy
hey Bill baby swap that’s a gross thrill
I just run in like a sports fill now in
the North Hills this a meant like that
nothing garbage I got killers with me
that’s a bro kill ain’t no way

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