TAP'N wit KTOE | Chop Black talks WhoRiders, SAAFIR, 2Pac, Digital Underground, Hobo Junction + MORE


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

only realistic banana swathi talking to
me nothing like the mother shows here
diverse in the show
holy ruins in the building get the weed
simply strips everyone spilling
everything is certified tapping a little
wet jazzy tap then homie long hand
don’t be tough enough to questions I’m
tap big homies Holguin don’t be jumping
off the questions I’m Max and we can
turn the shit up
yeah we tapenade we got shot black in
the building put a shot calling the big
to the next level in the game shot
calling to be oh we want you to say it
fall into these niggas can’t the brain
oh dude don’t you joke
they’ll perform you had a white t-shirt
oh boy your best friend gets brain
opt-ins oh that’s one of my classic may
be motherfucking white t-shirt to the
penis a white t-shirt to the crispness
oh my niggas know though
oh you reintroducing yourself on the tap
in a ka-ching akh ah yes what the fuck
hoorah yeah mister you know me I’m from
a group crew called the Hubble junction
which was led by my brother to show
their Oh mojo live on my brother Saphir
thanks eh yeah house basically the
youngest a whole crew big nose
you know IQ yeah yeah j.crew you know to
me the real fake the da
I came with my boss when I was six a you
know what I was doing I would just say
no but then you know even when I started
rappin you know but we had the breaks it
all started from the brakes the brakes
yes big zombie yeah we see everybody
what about that question that’s real
class Wes coach in here thousand that
question was like a you know
I went bully
and say fuck me
just keep it in like a smoke we got it
such a crazy experience south-central
don’t crave use experience in their legs
first crazy one was gear surrounded by
like that night here that night it was
like 36 transitive and you know we say I
mean you know cuz we right where the
drink some of there so we up dear before
we go
you gonna get everything ever made my
whole life
they said they think some girl was
popular from the gate it was never real
beat in this news like somewhere they
gonna fight but you know how when they
both speaking then they got a passionate
about their point of view there’s two
outlets man asked me point of views on
now what our life was about thanks for
the camera now here we go there get out
there man that’s the piece of to fight
man we just proud but notice to
misunderstand get our justice and if
they are Jews who ride
top that’s how I’m doing on the tapping
motherfucking me shot motherfucking

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