Stunna 4 Vegas would Never Do a Song with Tekashi: He's a Rat (Part 15)


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In this clip, Stunna 4 Vegas gave his take on the Tekashi 6ix9ine situation and says he believes the Brooklynite was a Fed plant from the beginning. Stunna and Vlad speculated on what’s next for Tekashi upon his release as well as how he will be embraced. Stunna didn’t mince words, however, when he said that if you’re a 6ix9ine fan “you’re f***ed up inside.” <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

that’s not I want to lose my rack
correct if you belong to up before no
not being locked up and got out like
type shit I ain’t in no time
right yeah I mean I’ve been locked up
here in there a couple days I got locked
up a couple of times and find out every
time yeah cuz I even started getting
locked up until people knew me you feel
me right and there’s probably no worse
feeling when you locked up and they
looking at you like damn homie
oh my god bro bro I’m sure Kodak just
just felt the fucking sitting in that
cell or like a take a number one song in
the country and you never got to perform
it I heard I heard said carriages on the
Internet I heard he was like Sam some
shit like dating or trying to say he was
a bad guy I said I was just like reading
something when take a was like telling
the judge he not a bell by the time this
comes out we’re gonna see what happens –
Takashi whether he gets time server
whether he gets another you know butch
I’m sure like he’d get out of 70 12 now
they’ll speak keep that nigga bruh okay
Takashi gets out and he deems you he’s
like stun it I need a I need a verse on
my bro you a fucking ring I’m gonna say
bro you are a fucking rat I might I
might I might type that shit out one
time regular and then Cindy and then I
might put it in big letters in there
Cindy and then I might space it out how
other migos would be spelling of culture
and then Cindy and then I might just
send it one more time with a bunch of
exclamation marks some Bratton emojis
and stuff like ready mode for show
library I wouldn’t know you feel me
right I’m like and just I know he likes
a star and all or whatever but Jimmy I’m
positive all day no artists but if you
do I don’t know what the fuck rep
turning into like family but I just
don’t know like the niggas rap bro we
all know he’s already how can we like
the culture be too
we gonna fucking rap fuck right fucking
snitch fuck cap wrappers you feel me
like and especially this day Tommy like
back in the day I ain’t saying no
disrespect to none of them niggas but we
don’t know what like three because
nobody was none of them old rappers are
saying no Kevin my rap hey I ain’t
capital my shit you fear me like them
niggas rapping it we was loving a song
so we don’t know if what they was doing
was you feeling me like but today but
today if we like somebody find out you
don’t even smoke a blunt you a bitch as
like less I use you rap about smoking in
artist but you’ve never smoked they
gonna get on the internet and say but
it’s nigga Beach you can’t fuck this
nigga I’m unfollowing like they’re gonna
do it every time yeah I mean it’s one
thing to say that never smokes nothing
this to get on the stand and basically
tell on everybody that’s what I’m saying
how big like if y’all let this nigga
come back bro anybody started nigga love
bro I don’t know I don’t know what it
says that bitch gotta go make some Oh
some of his right like some of his yeah
he got to go make music oh girl you
could just do songs about telling on
people and then she’s gonna go up right
it’ll be so lame cuz I’m ready to go up
glad you were told and oh god is wrong I
would tell on you
there’s no gold you know don’t look at
me crazy uncomfortable you can’t do no
shows no way ain’t no way you can go do
a show somewhere let me do a show you
just nah he came he had he had it he had
that firm well Pat Graham he did not
have a firm background he was just
around a bunch of Bloods not as I’m
saying like I’m saying I ain’t sick I
said was I saying about no gangs and I’m
saying he had it he had people like he
could go to a show cuz he had people
that was gonna step out that you fin
yeah that’s on saying you don’t have it

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