Stunna 4 Vegas: It Hurts to See Kodak Black, NBA YoungBoy & No Cap Go Through Legal Issues (Part 14)


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Stunna 4 Vegas opened up in this clip about being scared for DaBaby after he was arrested following a shooting at a North Carolina Walmart. He explained that both of their careers were starting to take off, and DaBaby was starting to get big buzz at the time of the incident. To hear more on how he felt about the incident, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I did what I think was the baby’s
biggest interview if you look at that
interview we did and we talked about
you know the whole home invasion
situation yeah you know we went into the
story and it’s like yeah he’s not
someone you should play with but the way
the baby was handling his business three
years ago can’t be the same way the
handles his business in 2020 because now
he’s a big star
yeah and and he’s a big target and the
lawsuit money is gonna be ridiculous if
someone tries to sue him
it’s just you know it’s one of those
things where I love to see artists get
to a certain level and you never hear
any kind of bullshit about him ever
period and they just continue to keep
making more and more millions they keep
keep stacking up and then you have
situations where people get to a certain
level and you see the bullshit increase
like like a Kodak black Kodak black was
on top of his game I mean you could say
Kodak and the baby depending on what
time you look at we’re on similar levels
both of them had huge songs both of them
had big tours a lot of features millions
of fans
where’s Kodak right now right now where
is he yet yeah he’s in a cage right now
for the next three and a half years I’ve
been in contacts
I support kind of Kodak I’ll fuck with
them but it’s just like you’re reckless
like you know think about Kodak black is
probably gonna lose at least 10 million
dollars sitting in that cell maybe even
20 million think about that I hate it
for them and I hate it for I hate it for
me that’s it you say my stomach like
think about that I see I’m not
exaggerating he’s gonna probably lose 10
20 million I’m sitting in that cell I’m
already knowing you’re not making
nothing during that time when I see when
I see artists go through that shit like
him young boy no count by any artist
that ever went through at night
dirt dirt like in DC when baby did that
scared for baby I’m like damn but I like
I will I was at the studio with my
manager TG and my life but I’m niggas
always bout vintage because I even
remember when that she had been out
panicking like like what the fuck why he
do that shit nigga this for me like what
the fuck like what it like TG like
extendable corny like we should we
straight we’re going to get a night like
him I was thinking cuz I I was already
getting numb and I know he not bout to
play with you but I was just thinking in
my head like okay I hope he didn’t go
flash shot or nobody like but he had
like he flashed out but he had a reason
to do it too but I was just hoping he
won for no reason but like when I see
the niggers going through that like that
shit man me got down watch how I move
when I’m at home and make me stop doing
certain shit out do you feel me like cuz
I boy I hate to got down me get right
here like I been wanting this shit for
like since I made my first song like
real for real life and would do anything
to get in the studio or whatever brother
like once I found out that I really was
in love with music I can’t see myself
like going to jail about it bro if
anything I run the dog don’t like me I’d
rather somebody try to like I’m saying
that’s what I want to do the line if any
but I’m saying like sitting in jail it’s
not what I want to do

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