Stunna 4 Vegas Asks Vlad to Name 1 Flaw About DaBaby: His Short Temper (Part 13)


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In this clip, Stunna 4 Vegas spoke about plans to drop his album Rich Youngin on January 10, with a tour to follow. He also spoke about going from making $300 a show to tens of thousands, estimating that he’s made $50,000 on shows alone this year. During the conversation, Stunna 4 Vegas spoke about DaBaby being on top of his business, and he asked DJ Vlad to name one flaw about DaBaby. Vlad responded by saying that DaBaby has a short temper, and you can hear Stunna’s response above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

all right so what’s next for you got the
album coming out January 10th January 10
let’s hope we don’t have to push it back
oh we we not know cause like I was on
top of it this time when I was giving
dates on Bigfoot times I wasn’t on top
like I’m on top like I got my own lyrics
to every song I got the producer settle
the trial is to cover all that like we
good we just waiting on the Tim your
family we wanted to drop before the
template the tip just the best time to
drop no story short but yeah we got rich
young and nine times out of ten ten
times out of ten we don’t have a rich
young at all we’re gonna let them eat up
resuming this time first Oh cuz I’ll
drop Bigfoot’s arms and went on tour the
month after I drop right because I
remember you mentioned in an interview
that not too long ago you were making
like $300 a show and now I mean that was
like our hell alone a couple years ago
that was like before I start fucking
with baby but I’m saying like they
antibiotic B so long ago cuz like that
the cheaper show out on D after $300 I
was a $300 was $2,500 and after that it
was but like I think baby sitting in the
interview but it doesn’t matter like
niggas know who was going on with baby
but baby it was like one point in time
baby was telling me like bruh like he
used to all like before like we even got
as close to we years now he was always
telling me I brought you a star Lord
nigger like I think you know how long it
took me to get somebody booked me for a
show for two days he like they and they
were booking me like every day you feel
me like I say I don’t know what my price
that shot up to about 7500 or 5,000 but
we for sure we probably made her feet me
I’m getting booked of $2,500 oh boy yeah
man it just shows too you know how far
you’ve gone yeah in a relatively short
period of time I know two years feels
like a long time to you but you got to
think man there’s a lot of artists that
grind for 10 years dollar shows and like
to finally get somewhere where they’re
getting a couple thousand yeah like
that’s not a
but I ain’t gonna say ain’t gonna say
this it was too long ago cuz like you
just like you just said it was just last
year basically before I got with baby
that’s what I’m saying like I went doing
no type of shows before they that year
right so I’m saying this 2019 in 2018
you’re making 300 a show and now 2019
you makin in the tens of thousands and
that’s a big accomplishment as a tense
okay intensive thing y’all know what’s
goin on tens of thousands with an S on
the end yeah shout out to be not insane
yeah game-changer so no I mean y’all are
doing it man and I remember like
recently I saw the baby was on Saturday
Night Live and it’s like damn
I’m assuming video but it just shows the
level yes to be at that Saturday Night
Live level you’re at the very top of the
music game oh yeah so they pick and
choose who goes there like I’m thinking
if a rapper even come out his mouth and
say the baby anything wrong about the
nigger braids just hate you fit it is
man what like but ever one things flaw
about this nigga real quick
I think there’s a short temper yeah
ain’t no flour no flow I mean I think
he’s too rich to have the kind of
temporary okay boom that’s what I could
say but that ain’t no flaw but that’s
like only people I can say that it’s
people in yo shoes you feel me like or
somebody that’s right at that label but
I can’t nobody else say well you gotta
shut cuz like you fit me baby don’t
start with nobody I know this so that’s
like euphemism for somebody that you
fear me like he don’t even promote I’m
on bullshit if you come up on baby on
bullshit and you just teach you like
brother like for you to say that that
shows you I’m saying out of respect
because I understand that you could lose
your position
oh god yeah nah but I’ve had that level
in a split second yeah now I
I’m not saying you’re wrong at all we’re
not saying you’re wrong but watch this
cuz they them to live it way different
from you so boom if I say you find a
flaw you can’t say any guy short temper
schreeten is gonna say shorts Hitler
ne’er not in the game
you came flavor that make a baby they’re
gonna say they love him because of that
you finish he’s not spared niggas he not
spreading it like a shrink they’re gonna
get so happy off the way he act cuz they
they love rappers who don’t cap you feel
me so boom but it’s certain people that
even like like like I say oh on one it’s
I ain’t tryna sunray some lace it’s
white people that loved it about baby
that hit pop your way right know your
family but in a certain people that look
at baby like damn you need to chew but
it’s also because like they probably
don’t know that then they ain’t about
nothing but his business birth and and
like like his fam like these are the
definition of what you fear me like what
you want to be

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