Stunna 4 Vegas Agrees with Vlad: Tekashi's Core Fans Would've Snitched Just Like Him (Part 16)


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In this clip, Stunna 4 Vegas speaks about Tekashi 6ix9ine’s core fanbase not being bothered by his snitching because they would’ve done the same thing in his position. Stunna then added that he thinks Tekashi’s true fans are messed up inside. He went on to speak about just getting started in his career and watching DaBaby’s career take off, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I’ll put it like this me personally what
I think is gonna happen is when he gets
out I think he go you don’t be a star
once again and this is why because
Takashi’s core fanbase his core fan base
they don’t care about they would have
probably done the same thing
haha hey no can see what I’m saying no
none of the real phone none of the real
gangsters that I know you know and I’ve
been around for a while so my best
friends are certified none of them were
listening to Takashi all of them saw
through it
those were not his core fans all the
middle-class white kids and everything
else that that you mean you tell me if
they were facing 30 years they wouldn’t
tell on all their friends of course they
so his core fanbase the people that are
really fucked with him and were going to
his shows and we’re buying his merch
they’re like yeah I would have done the
same thing
hey so happy for that rap motherfucker
to come home yeah makes me feel better
about probably some some telling they
told earlier like if you were too
conscious eggs not saying you fucked up
a song for real bruh fuck the inside
because where he D is broke but
anything’s probably fate the whole time
that’s how I for you and then they could
come home like that’s what I’m saying if
then they come home bro he was afraid to
hold the time and they just not trying
to say that but motherfuckers NCIS yeah
Center for Vegas man appreciate you
coming back
you know I’ve always want to do a real
interview with you after after that
first one cuz like I said we didn’t have
enough time to really properly prepare
it was kind of just thrown in with the
baby but congrats on everything because
having a big cosine will only take you
so far well they take you so far
you still do your old music let me say
something real quick bro
pay attention say everybody else they
got got a cosign mmm light you feel me
that’s what I want people to pay
attention to about everybody saying baby
likes stunting beginning care about baby
or whatever like the baby knows like I
say baby I don’t say that and baby let
me know
it’s too light but you got it look at
how he put him on and how long it took
him to get to where you wish you fear me
like but I’m still I’m still really just
getting started bro I’m really just like
like baby just now getting started you
feel me yeah so bright I’m not even
started you fear me like like come on
now I’m out of getting me I can’t wait
man doing your thing man like I said ton
of songs millions and millions of views
tens of millions of views sold-out shows
mm-hmm and just quality music on top of
that and a good work ethic from what I’m
seeing like you’re not just dropping a
mixtape once every three years you’re
just like in the street like I was like
I’m not big on dropping a baby drop when
he was jumping I was I was trying to
watch but I should have been watching in
doing the same shit cuz it’s not like if
every like baby like that’s who clear my
says like that’s who dropped like when I
get when I want to drop something I call
him I say brick can I drop you guys what
you want son did what you really call me
before you fit me so like but like I
also say he not gonna be the one to say
you need to drop he gonna he wanted to
see what I kept in me say John so yeah
it’s 2020 now you and baby are on the
same label you know billion-dollar baby
entertainment are there any other
artists yeah well where’s dumb squirrel
okay okay
he got he got his shit called a dump
baby last night like but you want me to
bring done to my black interview how you
did me then but I only remember what he
said but we all went out last night like
we wouldn’t be gonna lose and still I
would just Bobby tell me so but yeah you
feel me you don’t know about nothing
real soon cuz like a family just our
baby was hands-on with me until I got to
the point where I can move like this now
Duncan’s gonna be there real soon okay
I’ll check them out and then next time
next time we’ll interview him
yeah that’s what it is man keep doing
your thing pace

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