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Britney Ruby Miller uses her gifts and assets to focus on the foster care system. What would happen if we can find a home for all the kids in the foster care system. She shares how to give these kids a voice and hope through mentoring and internships. She shares how to create community wide strategies to help place these children into stable and loving homes within their communities. Learn more about what is being done: Britney Ruby Miller is President of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, Cincinnati’s preeminent restaurant group which manages a portfolio of high end steakhouses widely regarded as among the best in the nation. She heads an organization of 7 steakhouses in three states and leads a team of more than 700 employees. Leading a successful organization is important to her, but one of her most unique gifts is helping people become better versions of themselves through the generosity of her spirit & time.This is most obvious in the development & launch of one of her family’s top endeavors,The Jeff Ruby Foundation. The Foundation’s goal: to remove Cincinnati from the Top 5 Childhood Poverty lists by lowering the amount of kids in the Hamilton County Foster System. Britney is a frequent motivational speaker to various audiences and also serves as a founder & board member of The Jeff Ruby Foundation, board member of Cincinnati State Foundation & is a member of the Young Presidents Organization. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

that’s a great intro
USDA prime beef wine bourbon and
decadent desserts have the power to
reduce poverty did you know that movers
and shakers all have something in common
they all happen to love USDA prime beef
wine bourbon and decadent desserts
usually all of the above so we literally
use our assets at Jeff Ruby culinary
entertainment a family-owned restaurant
group of seven steak houses to set the
table to talk strategy and to
collaborate with change agents
it’s our family legacy to reduce poverty
through the foster care system and we
have one goal in mind to take Cincinnati
off the top five childhood poverty lists
why are children so important to us well
before my father Jeff ruby was a
successful restaurateur he was a
troubled kid he ran away from home when
he was 15 because no one ever wanted to
claim him in fact his mother had four
husbands he refers to them as his
forefathers but no one ever wanted to
claim this Jeff Ruby as their son until
a high school football coach named Jeep
Bednarik took him under his wing and he
went from failing every single class to
a full ride scholarship to Ivy League
Cornell University where he was the star
football player fast forward to 1987
when this now successful restaurateur
was in a horrific car accident he was in
a coma for a month declared brain-dead
and given a 2% chance of living but when
he miraculously walked through those
hospital doors against all odds he said
he knows it’s because he has a destiny
and a purpose here on earth that started
by becoming the Jeep Bednarik 220 or so
of my surrogate brothers in fact my
little brother Griff is sitting right
over there
hi Griff pictured here we flew them all
in from all over the country to surprise
him for a 70th birthday for me and my
family this isn’t just something that I
watched my father do naturally I’ve
inherited this gene
when my husband’s friend was sentenced
to 14 years in prison we took that
family of six in the same way I’ve
always watched my mother and father do
little did I know the amount of joy that
that family of six would bring the
Miller family
so I go back to that staggering
statistic that Cincinnati’s in the top
five for childhood poverty we believe by
focusing on the foster care system our
most vulnerable kids we contrasted
improve our community and break the
cycle whether it’s homelessness
addiction teen pregnancy you name it
every kid deserves a fair shot at life
in fact according to arrow which is an
international placing agency 80 80
percent of all incarcerated people have
been through the foster care system we
can prevent this so you at any given
moment there are 3,000 kids in our local
foster care system
what would happen if we found homes for
even half of them
think about what that would do for our
community think about what that would do
for the 1,500 kids who now have a place
to call home but after two years of
research we actually believe that we’ve
found a formula or a piece of the
solution to not only place every kid in
our local foster care system but every
kid in America bold statement I know
stay with me I’ll never forget sitting
across the table from the governor the
first lady there cabinet members and are
sharing this vision
and the governor looking right back
across the table with a twinkle in his
eye saying we’ve discovered that exact
same thing so what is it it’s really
quite simple actually there are four
hundred and forty thousand kids in the
foster care system in America but there
are just as many churches if one family
from each church said I’ll take one kid
place nearly every kid in America in the
foster care system into a foster home a
stable loving home
but our foundation is focused on so much
more this is the first piece of the
puzzle we support grassroots nonprofits
respite care wraparound care aged out
kids lobbying giving a voice to these
in fact it’s given us a platform in DC
pictured here I’m with former foster
kids who are now interning on the hill
writing policies based on their own
experiences it’s remarkable
so what does this have to do with you we
believe every one every single one
should have a vision for your life
now you might be saying I’m not Jeff
Ruby and I don’t have a foundation fair
enough but I think back to that Jeep
Bednarik who wasn’t rich or famous but
he had a vision and he used his own
gifts talents and assets to set the
table for a child to give hope to a
child to support a child so you don’t
have to have USDA prime steak bourbon
wine or decadent desserts though I do
highly recommend them use your own gifts
talents and assets and you too are on
your way to a lasting legacy Cheers

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